Friday, November 9, 2012

LOGO WATCH Collabo...REGULATORS Report > WEST SIDE STORY Report at least on this Night...@kdTREY5 and AIR CONGO go Blow for Blow with LUOL and RIP City HAMILTON for a REGULATORS 97-91 Win...MOUNT Up!

On a Night of "What If" Team See Red had the ADIzero Hero it might have been a whole other Ball Game. Behind Regulators Top Guns in KD and Uncle Russ with a "Patrolling the Lane" of Air Congo..Serge Ibaka the Thunder escape the West Side of the 'Go with a 97-91 hard fought W.

KD led the Regulators with 24 Points and Air Congo...Ibaka shut down C-Booz 5 among others on his way to 21 points, 9 boards, and 4 Get them Spaldings outta here! Point God Uncle Russ played "Feed your Teammates" with 16 Points and a whopping 12 Helpers with a Floor Game that is LA Freeway Certified and Verified.

The Bulls  were in it the Whole Night behind Great Britain and See Red's LuuuuuuuuuuuuOL Deng's  Game-High 27 Points and 32 from the Land of Plenty.....Baaaaaaang! Rip City Hamilton showed off his Logo Certified Mid-Range Game with 20 points and 8 off the Glass to help Bulls Bigs. Captain Kirk also chipped in with 12 Points including 2 for 5 from Deep.

The Inability for the Bulls to control the paint like the Regualtors Ibaka was doing for the Thunder cost the Bulls the Game. Jo Knows, C-Booz 5, and the TAJmanian Devil combined for 22 Points, 26 Boards, 8 Helpers, and the 9 Turnovers are not going to get you on Thibs Good Side. That many Turnovers from your Bigs in Game will get you a lot of games on the Loss Column. Both Teams went National Lampoon's with turning over the Orange with a combined 42 and 22 of them from the Regulators.

In order for both Teams to have Season Success let alone overall Success into Winning Time they must cut the Turnovers. Both Teams move to 3-2 on the Season. The Game came down to Luol guarding KD with the Thunder up 2 and KD jabbed...Jabbed again...and went Hard Left and shot a DIRKiliscious-Like Fadeaway from the Charity Stripe....Game Time like only the #1 Regulator can...Mount Up!  

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