Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LOGO WATCH CAVS Nation...get use to it NBA CENTRAL and NBA...the CAVS Back Court called "KD of the Q" premiered Tonight at STAPLES...KYRIE for MAYOR and Rookie Sniper DION WAITERS go POSTAL on STAPLES Blue and Red..CAVS shock LOB City 108-101

Real Quick Clippers Nation you turn the Orange over 25 times and if you turn it over 25 times at New Pauley Pavilion the New Bruins will give you a Run for your Money let alone beat you.

But it wasn't about the Turnovers more less than about the Cavs Back Court I have been waiting to see since 2012 NBA Draft Day. When the Cavs took 'Cuse Sniper Dion Waiters (pictured right #3) of Philly HS Hoop Lore immediately the Bluedude was saying the Bulls need to get their Back Court together.  Well on Monday Night in Staples Blue and Red the Cavs unveiled their New Back Court the Bluedude simply calls "KD of the Q"...that is Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.

Kyrie for Mayor of Cuyahoga County Ohio went for 24 points and 10 helpers. Dion Waiters followed suit with a "Feed Me Kyrie" and Lets Eat so we can turn all this Lob City Stuff into Lost City on Figueroa as he had 28 Points and a 7 of 11 from the Land of Triple Me...Three Balls. Waiters waited on No Clipper Defenders and was dialed in and the Cavs took care of Business beating the Clips 108-101. Clips Nation I been telling you about VDN...Clips Lead Man Vinny Del Negro  who couldn't lead you to Sunset Strip. Trust me that won't be the last L you take from the Logo's Wannabes in the Cavs. What I mean is wanting to get to then Top but it is a Tedious Process in the Logo be patient C-Town Ohio the Browns and Indians aren't doing anything so Patience is of virtue.

The Clips were led by the BLAKEshow's 20 and 6 along with 19 from Jamal 206 and CP3's 17 and 9 helpers. Why is Jamal 206 always leading the Clips in Shots taken? Now you see why he can't stay with a Team because he has One Mindset in How many Shots can I get up before Coach pulls me. C'Mon Jamal 206 get out of that Bully Syndrome of NYC Fame.

Cavs Bigs Varajeo and Rookie Tyler Zeller played extremely combining for 30 Points and 22 Boards with Varajeo getting 15 and 15 of that 30 and 22. Both Teams move to 2-2 and the Cavs might have found them something.

Note: Stats from NBA.com

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