Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SUNDAY POWER RANKINGS Week 10...A QB Driven League...Are the BEARS the TEAM to beat in the NFC and on SUNDAY in its Entirety?...FALCONS rolling as well and TEXANS run the AFC...STEELERS making a Serious Move with the RAVENS not On Deck but in the Hole...DAWG DAYZ of Sunday Tackle Football #NovemberDecember

The Bears have been making a Mockery of late of every Team they have faced and that Bears D is Special. Can the Bears run the Table in the NFC yet it is Early but who is drinking from the "Monsters of the Midway" Coolers let the Bluedude see a Show of hands?

The Falcons continue to play Winning Football and right now everyone is coming to See the Peach Drop and the Falcons in January 2K13. The Forty-Niners might have to come East to get to #47 and they have the Team but can they beat the Dirty Birds or Bears in their House? Don't forget the Packers as that Packers-Bears Game 2 in Chi City will be a Dandy.

The Texans run the AFC and they still have the AFC's #1 Back in Arian Foster. The Test , though it is out of Conference, comes Sunday in Week 10 on Sunday Night Football vs the Bears. Two 7-1 Teams at the top of their Game and it will be Televised. The Steelers doing what they normally do because its 5-Star and Steelers Nation is in it. Ravens and Pats also in that mix along with the Mile High Contingent and the Broncos. All those mentioned above are Real Contenders and the Pretenders well you know who they are.  

Sunday Power Rankings for Week 10 are sponsored by "These are the Dawg Dayz of Sunday Football as the Injuries, Elements, and Pressure are starting to takes its Peak...Will your Team answer the Call or Pretend to answer the Call and Fade".

Top 16 Teams for Sunday Power Rankings Week 10
Note: In Parenthesis Last Weeks Rankings ( )

1. DIRTY BIRDS (1) 8-0: Just playing with a Nice Pace and they are the Most Consistent Team playing Sunday Football with No Real Blunders yet...

2. Da BEARS (2) 7-1: You couldn't even get top your Seat before the Bears were putting up 21. The D is Solid and the O is still a Mystery with 1 WR. Cut did the same thing with TE Olsen as he gets locked in on Guys and we will see how that plays out Sunday vs Texans.

3. TEXANS (4) 7-1: Disposed of a Gritty Bills Outfit and and now comes the Ultimate Challenge the Bears at Soldier Field for all the Sunday World to See...Wowza!

4. FORTY-NINERS (5) 6-2: They have to be thinking down the Road and we have to win out to see if we can get a Home Playoff Game. Bears @ the Stick in Two Weeks...Double-Wowza!

5. #PURPLEbrowns (6) 6-2: They played to the Browns Level for awhile and the Dawg pound could only muster 5 Phil Dawson's. Ravens did give up 100 More Yards on the Ground to Browns Rook RB T-Rich.

6. PACKERS (7) 6-3: That Bye Week came at the Right time now that OLB Bloodline #52 appears to have a Hamstring Injury that might be Serious....#PackKeyInjuriesBuildingWow

7. STEELERS (9) 5-3: They look the part and that Defense has looked Sharp especially on the Back End with the Corners playing well. The Run Game has been 5-Star the last 3 games and the Steelers look to get Polamalu and RBs Shard Mendenhall and JYD back this Week for Chiefs or after that the vs the #PurpleBrowns.

8. PATS (8) 5-3: On a Bye Week and the Pats Fine Tune Some things and that D was 1st on the Agenda...

9. N.Y. G-MEN Blue (3) 6-3: Took it on the Chin vs the Steelers but the last 4 Games they get 4th Quarter Heroics with the Teams they are playing making Big Mistakes on the G-Men and the Giants capitalizing...but not on the Steelers Watch...No Sir...Cruuuuu..STOP IT!

10. ORANGE CRUSH (10) 6-3: Peyton Manning is getting his Targets Lined Up and the Broncos D is getting their Feet under them vs a Heavy AFC Field.

11. BLUE SWAGGER Indy (13) 5-3: Rookie QB Luck is the Truth and the Colts D has been playing solid. They have a lot of momentum and they are playing with Heavy Hearts. The Colts will be there in the End I believe.

12. 12th MAN near Puget Sound (14) 5-4: The Seahawks needed that W in the Worst Way and now they have a Little MO going into the Stretch Run but that 0-3 NFC West Mark is still a Killer for them.

13. #FIREtheCannons BUCS (15) 4-4: Rookie RB Doug Martin went off and he looks like Ray Rice and Emmitt Smith and the Bucs Offense has never looked more Explosive. Can the Bucs go at worst 6-2 in the 2nd Half to sneak in the NFC Wild Card...they have a Shot.

14. LIONS (16) 4-4: Look what the Wind blew in and after that Bear Loss a Few Weeks ago everyone wrote them off and a 4-4 1st Half. That NFC North down the Stretch will be a Monster 2nd Half.

15. PURPLE PEOPLE (11) 5-4: Rookie QB Ponder isn't the Answer right now and the Vikes need to go with a Vet if possible. Throwing for 63 Yards in an NFL Game is unacceptable from anyone and he is in his 2nd Year. Vikes have work to do and #28 and #12 will do their Part.

16. AQUA BOYZ 305 (12) 4-4: Tanneyhill played well but he is No Andrew Luck and the Phins D is Playoff-Caliber. Can the Phins stay above water and make a 2nd half Run playing in the AFC East with the Pats coming up Twice?

Note: Records from NFL.com
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