Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"MONSTERS Inside TACKLES"....SUNDAY's Leading Rushers through WEEK 9...Now he has the LEAD can anyone pass the AVENGER #28 of the TWIN Cities in NIKE Combat Gear?...BEASTmode and #FIREtheCANNONS RB MARTIN are Full Speed Ahead.

The Sunday's Leading Rushers through Week 9 have a common Theme in they will run until the Horn sounds or the 4th Whistle.

Super Purple People #28 and BEASTmode of #12thMan Puget Sound can;t be stopped as Both runs on Nike Football Scooby Doo Cleats, One is on every Fitness Magazine in Circulation, and the Other at your Local Walmizzle Super Ship in the Candy Aisle grabbing a Few 5lb Bags of Skittles and as he  cashes out "Taste the Endzone".

Not to be outdone is a Rookie RB from the Blue Turf Boyz Boise by way of East Bay in Bucs and #FIREtheCannnons RB Doug Martin with no Gina. #22 of the Big Pirate Ship ran right through the Black Hole and gave them 251 Yards. Arian Foster will have his work cutout Sunday as he will face the Bears on Sunday in Chi City. CJ2K is back in the Fold with a misleading 100 plus on the Bears when the Bears were up 100 Points after the 1st Frame.

"Monsters Inside Tackles" through Week 9 is sponsored by...What n Wilson Pigskins is The Twin Cities Avenger made of...is he Human, the Terminator 2K12, an AVP Droid....what is #28's Secret Formula other than being built like Thor?

Top 10 Sunday Rushers through Week 9 in Yards
Note: Attempts in Parenthesis

1. the Twin Cities AVENGER #28 #SKOLnation (168) 957

2. BEASTmode "Taste the Endzone" #12thMan (185) 881

3. Rook MARTIN #FIREthaCannons #Bucs (154) 794

4. Big AL #SKINSnation (164) 793

5. Mr. FOSTER #TexansNation (164) 770

6. CJ2K #MusicCityMiracleNoMore (147) 736

7. #foxboroRIDLEY22 #PatsTalk (150) 716

8. the ARROWHEAD Beast #Chiefs (132) 634

9. SHADY McCoy #theLINC #Birds (146) 623 (pictured #25)

10. CHARM City Express #27 #PURPLEbrowns (131) 622

The Avenger and BeastMode are cut from s Different Cloth....

Martin makes the Bucs a Serious NFC Wild Card Threat and to beat the Dirty Birds...

Big AL has slowed down nonetheless impressive... and get a New Whip

Foster will be tested vs Bears D or shall I say the Bears D will be tested...

CJ2K is back but the W's for the Titans are not...

Ridley will be a Key Cog in their AFC East Run and Playoff Run...

Charles is shutting down One the Chiefs are Terrible and Two the Coaches won't give him touches...

Shady McCoy just needs to hit Incentives in Contracts to get some Off-Season extra Cash...

Ray Rice n Ordinary Joe need to be Spectacular in order for the Ravens to have a chance....

Note: Numbers from CBSSports.com  

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