Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"MONSTERS Inside QBs"...Sunday's Leading SACK Artists through Week 9...B-Ware of D-Ware as the COWBOYS DeMarcus WARE is on the Heels of TEXANS DE JJ Watt...Orange Crush OLB VON MILLER is on the Prowl as well...RED JERSEY Collectors on Sunday

JJ Watt of the Texans has cooled off a bit and here comes a Few Notable Names on the Red Jersey Collector List that your quite familiar with.

As we go to press the Cowboys All-Time Sack Leader is at it again with 108.5 Totals Sacks for his Career DE/OLB DeMarcus Ware is #2 on the Current Red Jersey Collector List through Week behind Area 99 of the Houston Texans...JJ Watt.

Also joining the Fray is OLB Von Miller of the Orange Crush as he has 9 Red Jerseys Collections and both Miller and Ware join Bloodline 52 of the Pack at #2. Matthews looks like he will be sidelined for a Few Weeks with a Hamstring and for the Banged Up Pack that is the One Players they can ill afford to lose at this Juncture in the Game.

Who will be the 2012 Bluedude Sportstalk "Super Germ" after Week 17?

The Top 10 Red Jersey Collectors through Week 9

1. AREA 99 Texans 10.5

2. BLOODLINE 52 the Pack 9

2. WARE 'Boys 9

2. V-MILLER Orange Crush 9

5. WAKE Aqua Boyz 305 8.5

6. D. WASHINGTON Red Zone 8 (pictured right)

7. ALLEN Purple People 7.5

7. A. SMITH Forty-Niners 7.5

7.  Charles JOHNSON Panthers 7.5 Who?

10. ATKINS Diet the Jungle on the Ohio 7

10. CLEMONS #12thMan Space Needle 7

10. J. ABRAHAM Dirty Birds 7

10. R. QUINN Jeff Fisher Group STL 7

Watt replaced Super Mario who is now in Bison City and the Texans wanted #99 instead if #90...

Ware with the Bluedude's Money will be the "Super Germ"...

Miller will have a Full-Out Assault on the Broncos Record Book before he is done....Names like ESPN's and HOF OLB Tom Jackson and DE Karl Mecklenburg...

Bloodline will have tough sledding with the Worst Injury for a Speed Rusher a Hamstring...

Wake is not Responsible for the Aqua Boyz 305 Turnaround on D but it helps on 3rd and Long to have a Player the O-Line has to account for Pre-Snap...

Daryl Washington is a name you know nothing about and is a Heckuva LB in the Red Zone Defensive Scheme...

Jared Allen is climbing on the All-Time List....112.5 and #17 All-Time

Aldon Smith on the End with Justin Smith on the D-Line and no one in the NFC wants to see the 49ERS in Winning Time...No Body

Charles Johnson of the Panthers was called a Few Weeks ago by Panthers Coaches and has been on a 2-Week Red Jersey Binge...Umm Umm Good!

Atkins keeps that Bengals D in the Middle real tough but where is Johnson and Dunlap?

Clemons has to get it revved up again and 7 Sacks with 3 in One Quarter of a Game is a Smoke Screen....

Abrahams is #15 All-Time with 119 and the Great Ones...Allen and Ware with over 100 Sacks will continue to be in the Top 10 as long as they are Healthy and Playing at their Accustomed Level...

Quinn is Super-Talented and remember his Name moving forward as he looks to be the Former Titans Sack Studs Jevon Kearse and Keith Bullock of Jeff Fisher's Defensive Scheme....

Note: Numbers from CBSSports.com


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