Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"MONSTERS Inside the POCKET"...Top 10 NFL QB Ratings through Week 9...All the ELITE Sunday QBs are throughout the TOP 10 but which one is NFL MVP Material?...MATTY Ice, BIG BEN, MANNING of Mile High, or even A-ROG.

Ok Manning of Mile High looks more and more comfortable with his Weapons as Weeks go by but he is 10-11 in his Career in Winning Time with 1 Chip. I will let Chris Collinsworth and the Rest of the Manning Fan Club talk about #18 in Orange.

Moving on despite having not One Line Up of his Full Arsenal Packers in One Game A-Rog continues to do damage where damage needs to be done. Matty Ice continues to make Big Hits with the "Peach Drop 3" and the Falcons are put on Hold like Manning Mile High in wait until Winning Time to see what they do.

Alex Smith needs to kick it in High Gear as the Schedule Thickens for the Forty-Niners down the stretch and he must be able to make Plays and not with just Crab of Fisherman's Wharf or the Predator...Vernon Davis. Big Ben arguably may have the Best WR/TE Group on Sunday as they continue to dominate on 3rd Down and in YAC.

Brady and Brees are Stat Sheet Stuffers and sorry Clark Kellogg aka "Special K" of CBS College Basketball. Schaub will get tested at Bears on Sunday Night. Freeman of the #FireTheCannons Contingent Tampa is rising and fast die to his new found Confidence and #22 behind him.

Has RG3 regressed in the Last Few Weeks are is that Mike Shanahan having run his Course in Skins Nation...the Bluedude will pick both.

The Top 10 QB Ratings through Week 9

1. MANNING Mile High 108.6

2. A-ROG the Pack 107.4

3. MATTY Ice 103

4. ALEX smith Forty-Niners 102.1


6. TOM Terrific Pats 100.6

7. SCHAUB Texans 96.8

8. BREES Voo Dat? not Who Dat? 95.8

9. JOSH Freeman #FireTheCANNONS 95.1

10. RG3 'Skins Nation 93.9

If the NFL MVP came out Today would it come from this List is the Question of the Day?
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