Thursday, February 2, 2017

NBA Power Rankings Take #2 February 2, 2K17 in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as the real question is with #Believeland struggling through January 2K17 who is the real threat to #Dubs24-7-365 in the east as we know who is the threat in the west? Is the C's really the 2nd best team in the East behind "Pocket" Point God Isaiah Thomas? Don;t look now here comes Gordon Hayward and the Salt Palace Jazz! #NBAPowerRankings2 #SqueezeTheOrange #DubNation #CavsNation #GreenTeam #SaltPalaceJazz

As we unveil the new NBA Power Rankings for February 2K17 the Cleveland Cavaliers his a few bumps in the road in January. Not to mention they listened top a trade for the "Bully" of World's Most Famous dba 'Melo Anthony for their own in the "Lake Oswego Monster" dba Kevin Love. Yes the Cavs did their homework and let the Knicks get the one-hit voicemail.

Now looking at the Eastern Conference closer the new Boston Celtics led by Tacoma, Washington "Pocket" Point God Isaiah Thomas is making a huge leap in the rankings as they are my #2 team in the East behind the Cavs. Yes Team Drake Drizzy dba #WeTheNorth the Toronto Raptors have slowed a bit and the East is all about mediocrity as we go to press and that is not a good look.

As for the Golden State Warriors cruising through January 2K17 with all that firepower looks to be the heavy favorite as they still are trying to find themselves believe it or not. Both the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs will most likely battle themselves in the West Semis only to see "Dubs" for the right to play for the parade route!

The NBA Rankings Take #2 for February 2K17 powered by #WarriorsGround:

"Squeeze the Orange"
NBA Power Rankings
Take #2

* denotes Division Leaders
( ) denotes January 19th 2K17 ranking 

1. #WarriorsGround (1) 42-7*

2. #SpurWars (2) 37-11*

3. #ClutchCity (3) 36-16

4. #Believeland (4) 33-15*

5. #Cs (8) 31-18*

6. #newClipJoint (5) 31-18

7. #SaltPalaceJazz (7) 31-19*

8. #TeamDrakeDrizzy (6) 30-20

9. #GritAndGrindMemphis (10) 30-21

10. #WizKidsDC (12) 28-30*

11. #HighlightFactoryATL (9) 28-21

12. #RegulatorsReportOKC (11) 28-22

13. #GoldSwaggerPacers (13) 26-22

14. #WestSideStoryReport (15) 25-25

15. #BuzzCity (14) 23-27

16. #MotorCityPistons (17) 22-27

17. #RipCity (20) 22-28

18. ##MileHighNugs (19) 21-27

19. #FearTheDeer (16) 21-27

20. #KnicksVHS (18) 22-29

21. #HeatNation (29) 20-30

22. #ForeverPurple (22) 19-30

23. #MavsNation (25) 19-30

24. #TWolves (26) 19-30

25. #StateBirdOfLouisiana (21) 19-31

26. #SeventySixers (24) 18-30

27. #OMagic (23) 19-32

28. #LakerGang (27) 17-34

29. #PHXHoops (28) 15-34

30. #BKNets (30) 9-40

360 Degrees

The Miami Heat made a huge leap as Team Spo has his young guys believing...

The 76ers behind Social Media Funny Man Joel Embiid has fannies back in the seats in Philly...

The "West Side Story Report" dba Chicago Bulls has turned into your favorite SOAP...

Watch the Rip City Blazers as Dame and C..J. are quietly making a move behind the "Only Game in Town"...          

Will the Jazz make it to the 2nd or even 3rd round in the West when go into "Winning Time"?

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