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They NEED 1 more...but the 2012 US WOMEN'S Basketball Team for LONDON 2012 is nonetheless LOADED like a Loaded Baked Potato...all the FIXINS

When US WOMEN'S NATIONAL Basketball Team Coach Geno AURIEMMA and US Women's National Director of Basketball Carol CALLAN needed a squad ti compete in the LONDON 2012 Summer Olympics they went with all the FIXINGS.

Led by 2004 Selections Sue BIRD, Tamika CATCHINGS, and Diana TAURASI to lead the team into battle for the GOLD.

Just looking at the 3 Captains....maybe the best POINT GODDESS in the WORLD in Bird, the most versatile and impact player on both ends in the game today in CATCHINGS, and a Top 5 Player in the WORLD in Taurasi......SPLASH USA Women's Team.

Looking at the 2012 USA Women's Roster coached by Geno AURIEMMA are as:

G Sue BIRD Seattle STORM
G Lindsey WHALEN Minnesota LYNX

F Seimone AUGSTUS Minnesota LYNX
F Swin CASH Chicago SKYY

F Maya MOORE Minnesota LYNX
C Tina CHARLES Connecticut SUN
C Sylvia FOWLES Chicago SKYY

The overall talent explodes on you looking at the roster and it has players that can play multiple positions and all these young ladies can Defend and none of them played at UCONN for Coach Auriemma....LOL.

The Team will be looking to add 1 more player and how could you not add BAYLOR's dominant and arguably the best Center in the WORLD (no hard feelings to CHARLES, FOWLES, or AUSSIE Lauren JACKSON) in Brittney GRINER.  Not since 1988 has the US Women's National Team had to add College PLAYERS and in that year they added two.

AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, the CZECH Republic, SPAIN, and BRAZIL will be APPLE Turnovers and the US Team knows they have their work cutout.

The GAMES for the LONDON 2012 Summer Olympics begin on July 27th, 2012 and the WOMENS Team will be 12 by then and expect Ms. GRINER to be on that squad.

Remember SHOWBIZ n it's SHOWBIZ n KL...but tonight it was KG > KL in TARGET..the HOUSE KG Built

I just did a nice post on K-L or K-LOVE is what the BLUEDUDE calls him about the putting him in the 2011-12 NBA MVP Race and rightfully so. On the cusp of KG and the CELTICS meeting up with KL and the 10K LAKES Boyz..SLAM Magazine went retro with a cover kinda sorta.

They did a SLAM Cover with GARNETT and his guy back then Stephon MARBURY calling it SHOWBIZ and KG. Well the new SLAM has SHOWBIZ and KL referring to Kevin LOVE and flashy Spain PG Ricky RUBIO. I though it was right on point as SLAM 99% of the time.

Fast Forward to the MATCH UP with either SHOWBIZ partners...just KG and KL and the HOUSE that KG Built..who do you think WON. Did K-Love go off on one of his 40 pts and 20 board barrages that have become so frequent you would have thought K-LOVE looked like the LATE WILT 20K or SHAQ-Diesel. Did you really think that TWIN CITIES or coming down to reality KG the ORIGINAL 7' (he wants to be listed as 6'11" because as he says 7 footers have a stereotype that he doesn't like) was not going to let KL on KG's Watch go off.

You chose the KG Neighborhood Watch Program ONLY at the TARGET Center right....the HOUSE that KG built.

K-LOVE went for a good 22 and 11 boards and against KG that is a yeoman's work. But with KL putting up HUGE NUMBERS the whole month of MARCH not good at all. And if you though KG was OLD and DONE....24 points, 10 boards, and 4 helpers as the GREEN TEAM Smash KL and the 10K LAKES Boyz 100-79.

KG let his teammates know before the game let me have KL and y'all come up big...the TRUTH 21, Avery BRADLEY 17, and DOUBLE R Rondo 17 helpers, and forget SHOWBIZ that was a KG and GREEN TEAM Production.    


MAKING NOISE..not in the HUDDLEgate...the Orlando MAGIC not because SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN is crying about not skipping town, or the MAGIC winning, but not being in the HUDDLE on a timeout.

See DWIGHT and his partner in crime who just weeks ago MAGIC PG Jameer NELSON and SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN didn't look like they were getting along since it looked like DWIGHT was leaving. Now he is staying DWIGHT and JAMEER are playing follow the leader or the DUMBA**.

Just this past Wednesday in the BIG GRANNY SMITH the MAGIC were getting blown out by 30 of all teams the KNICKS and the MAGIC wee in a Timeout Huddle. The Cameras caught and the MAGIC Head Coach's Brother calling the game for ESPN Jeff Van GUNDY...DWIGHT and JAMEER not in the huddle but away from the huddle as though neither one was on the TEAM and Coach STAN put them on Timeout.

Jeff VAN GUNDY talked about it as the CAMERAS were still on them and made light of the fact that not only do they do it but players in the NBA do it a lot. Was it right...the BLUEDUDE didn't think the players should be away from their teammates but this is DWIGHT and the MAGIC have spoiled this MULTI-MILLION Dollar live with that BS. There is a list of COACHES not taking anything away from Stan VAN GUNDY that he would have HIT the SHOWERS if they would have saw that behavior and his little follower...JAMEER.

MAKING NOISE...TEBOWmania in GOTHAM CITY...everytime I turn on the T.V. it is TEBOWmania. Now the BLUEDUDE would have NO PROBLEM with this but is he a starter or 2nd string? What in the MEDIA HEAVENS have we gotten to when we are holding a mid-morning MONDAY Press conference for a back-up QB? Is it because it's in GOTHAM CITY and its the JETS or GIANTS and in this case its the JETS?

Unbelievable and where is STARTING QB Mark SANCHEZ they love you so much they trade a PICK and CASH to get him. Which also tells me come here MARK...let the JETS put that leash on you and if we don't Win this season we will blame it on you instead of Mr. MEADOWLANDS MOUTH himself...Coach Rex.

The one JET who has to be loving this is WR Santonio HOLMES who just loves SANCHEZ to the fact that management reportedly had to call a meeting for both to meet to settle their differences. Only if GOTHAM CITY didn't have the BRONX BOMBERS or the G-MEN...where would they be?


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Campus HardCourt FINAL 4 BREAKDOWN from the BIG 600 V12...Mercedes-Benz SUPERDOME....#WeRUK #CARDS #BUCKEYES #RockChalk...the FINAL TIP

The last edition of BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK'S Campus Hard Court Edition for the NCAA Men's Basketball team coverage. The Kentucky WILDCATS have held their end of the stick up as one of the favorites from day 1 and the UNC Tar Heels did not.

Most everyone out there with sense and NO BIAS has the UK CATS winning it all and they should but this is also why they play the games. Looking at the other 3 school you would have to have the JAYHAWKS and BUCKEYES next in line to cut the nets down with the CARDS from L'VILLE last in the running.

Final 4 Breakdown sponsored by Don't show anyone your 1st Bracket but show them the revised edition:

March 31, 2012
Mercedes-Benz SUPERDOME....New Orleans LA

609PM ET


Key Players

 3   T JONES
 20 D LAMB

U of L


the SKINNY: The CARDINALS want to play at their pace and must put pressure on the CATS ONLY ball-handler in TEAGUE. The CATS can play at any pace but would love to force the TEMPO at a high pace to make the CARDS have to score the ball in the 70 plus plateau.

Look for the CARDS to try to neutralize the one guy that ate them up in the December match in KIDD-GILCHRIST who went off for 24 points and 19 boards. On the other hand the BIG GRANNY Smith's Russ SMITH hit the CATS for 30 including 3-8 from the ARC. The stakes are a lot higher and now and this is the FINAL 4 but the BATTLE of the BLUEGRASS STATE as well....MUST SEE T.V. is on tap.

WINNER: #WeRUK will win because they just have more FIREPOWER than the CARDS. Pitino and the boys will not go down without a fight.

849PM ET


Key Players



ROCK CHALK.......K....U


the SKINNY: Can the BUCKEYES get to the WITHEY/T-ROB Front line that has played BIG in the TOURNEY? Can the JAYHAWKS neutralize SULLY and force the BUCKEYES to become OUTSIDE then IN?

The deciding factor in the game comes down to 2 players whose NBA Draft Status is in limbo....the BUCKEYES Will BUFORD (a Top 20 Lock in 2011 NBA Draft) and the JAYHAWKS Tyshawn TAYLOR ( who had no DRAFT STOCK last season and is being mentioned in the 1st round in some circles).  What ever player shows up BIG for their team will probably win the game and if it came down to all it would be the BUCKEYES because KU might not have anyone to guard the BUCKEYES Best Player in Soph. SF DeShaun THOMAS.

Also watch SIN CITY's and KU's Sniper Elijah JOHNSON who has had his spurts and the lights have come on for him and the BUCKEYES do-it-all PG from FINDLAY OH...A-DAWG...Aaron CRAFT.

WINNER: the BUCKEYES because HIGH Street > MASS Street..... GO CRAZY BUCKEYES...GO CRAZY.....


thanks to ESPN and DICKIE V and the BALD DOME Index Prediction via YOU TUBE....    


LOGO WATCH #20....DURANT 66 and Uncle RUSS put a STAPLE in STAPLES Center...and it is now closed for BUSINESS

How many time does a TEAM, CITY, and FRANCHISE have to wonder when it is time to break it up and start fresh you know SUBWAY Fresh.

On Thursday Night the OK CITY Thunder not only sent a message to the LA LAKERS but they sent a message to its STAR the BLACK MAMBA...It will take more than just a Career Back-up Point Guard to beat us. The guard in mention is Ramon SESSIONS and nothing against SESSIONS he just bit off a little more than he could chew as UNCLE RUSS of THUNDERup gave him and whoever else wanted to step in front of him 36 points on 13-27 shooting.

The LAKEshow coming off of a KOBE benching, a BYNUM Three Point shot as he says there will be more in the arsenal, and not trading the SPANIARD Gasol. Enough is Enough Mitch KUPCHAK and Jimmy BOY BUSS as things start unraveling when you didn't hire PACERS Lead Assistant B-SHAW as the LAKEshow Head man.

The LAKERS are a prime example of a team that still was in tact to maybe WIN at least one more if they put the right COACH in place but they couldn't leave well enough alone. Now the THUNDER pick up OLD MAN GAME D-Fish for the Locker room and more stability trough the tough stretches of NBA Playoffs and now you see how it works. It is not all about the ROSTER when chasing a CHIP there are far more variables that the average fan will never see that goes into making that championship caliber-like team and organization.

Uncle RUSS leads the way with 34 and DURANT 66 chips in with 21 as they completely blow the DOORS off the STAPLES Center in the 2nd half. Kobe and BYNUM had 48 combined with BYNUM getting 25 of that 48. Now the LAKERS must stave off the Rival CLIPjoint for the 3rd overall seed in the WEST.

Meanwhile the THUNDER march onto the #1 Seed in the WEST and an inevitable match-up with POP and the SPURS.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

LOGO WATCH #19...K-LOVE of 10K LAKES putting his name on the 2011-12 NBA MVP Ballot

Just in the MONTH of MARCH...31ppg 14rebs and 5 helpers and the T'WOLVES are only 2.5 games bout of the 8th Spot in the WEST.

The emergence of LAKE OSWEGO Oregon's Kevin LOVE, the son of former ABA player Stan LOVE, has been unexpected at least for the pundits. Love has went from a rebounding machine to a serious threat from 23 Feet and it's that part of his game that has people in the know drooling of how good LOVE can be.

Once thought to be a very fundamentally sound player that had little lift and many thought would have trouble getting off especially in the paint have been DEAD WRONG. The former 2007 Gatorade National Player of the Year and the consensus #1 Overall schoolboy has transformed himself between a mix of former Supersonic and Suns Power Forward Tom CHAMBERS (minus the athletic ability), rebounding like the great MOSES Malone, with a hint or splash of the HICK from FRENCH LICK because LOVE can also see the Floor with the best of them for a NBA BIG.

No doubt will he be the NBA Western Conference Player of the month for MARCH but outside of DURANT 66 and King JAMES and has to be 3rd on the MVP Ballot and he will get serious consideration as the T'WOLVES finally have a guy that they can build around instead of the Ghost of BIG TICKET'S Past in Kevin Garnett.

35th ANNUAL Big Mac CLASSIC a wrap...and it was the FISH that SAVED the UNITED CENTER...Bazz MUHAMMED #15...WEST 106-102 victory

When the BEST meet on one floor to decide who is the BEST...the BEST is suppose to RISE UP like no other. Bishop Gorman High School's by way of SIN CITY SF Sha-BAZZ MUHAMMED came out the gate swinging. With an array of DUNKS and RIM RUNS to the point the EAST from the jump had no shot in this one.

The WEST led by BAZZ's 21 points won 106-102 and DUKE recruit ra-SHEED Sulaimon added 18 and he was shooting from the WILLIS Tower formerly known as the SEARS Tower.

The BOYS and I with all the kids viewed this one from the cheap seats but very entertaining nonetheless. Anytime you get Cash Money from MAYWOOD, Bishop BEALE STREET with a Peppermint Twist, 1906 via Macomb Illinois, and 1914 via the HILL AAMU Huntsville Alabama together... it could be one. The McDonald's game though was rated E...for everyone.

As for the EAST they were led by of course 2 early signees from Coach CALIPARI and UK WILDCATS in ARKANSAS Sniper Archie GOODWIN and Tennessee RIVER BANDIT Alex POYTHRESS. They both slashed and dashed their way to 14 and 19 points respectively.

There were a host of PLAYERS that stood out and make NO MISTAKE about it ALL these young student-athletes are impact guys one way or another as they are the CREAM of the CROP on the SCHOLASTIC Level.

The 2 Student-Athletes....the aforementioned BAZZ MUHAMMAD and St. Anthony's NJ FRIAR Kyle ANDERSON and his versatile game. He didn't hit the STAT sheet but if you were in attendance it was the ability at 6'8" and 215 el bees to run the 1-4 and likewise on the defensive end. He was a BEAST in the OPEN FLOOR with the ORANGE in his hand.

NC STATE's Sniper Rodney PURVIS also looked like Coach Mark GOTTFRIED will have to pencil him in right away in Raleigh-Durham as he showed a variety of parts to his tool box.

Overall it was an impressive night at the home of the WEST SIDE  STORY Report and the 35th Annual McD's Classic will be known as the coming out party for the FISH that SAVED...WHO?...KENTUCKY, DUKE, or UCLA....BAZZ Muhammad.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Former NC STATE player and last years coach Sidney LOWE, who is currently an assistant on DePAUL Alum Ty CORBIN and the Utah JAZZ, was suppose to be the Coach that could put CAROLINA RED back into the MIX as a upper echelon Hoops Squad in the ACC. A late great Jim VALVANO former player and a member of the 1983 Wolfpack National Championship Team had all the makings of a guy that could get them back.

In 2010 he signed arguably the best class in college hoops in SF CJ LESLIE (Word of GOD Christian Academy NC), PG Ryan HARROW (WALTON HS Marietta GA), and Lorenzo BROWN (HARGRAVE Military Academy VA) and all things were go. A slow start derailed a lot of expectations for the WOLFPACK and LOWE was fired and since HARROW has transferred to KENTUCKY Lexington.

In 2011 the WOLFPACK hired Mark GOTTFRIED after chasing VCU's Shaka SMART and the hiring looked descent on paper. As Gottfried took over he has instilled the VALUES of the late great John R. WOODEN of UCLA and Gottfried Roots are their as well. The PYRAMID of SUCCESS hangs in the Basketball Locker Rooms at NC STATE and the WOLFPACK Players have bought in to a tune of an upper half finish in the ACC, the ACC Tourney Semi-Finals, and a SWEET 16 NCAA Tourney appearance for the 2011-12 season.

Now the GOTTFREID Recruiting Machine is in full tilt as he has signed a Top 5 Class and has pretty much sent a message to all that thought NC STATE couldn't get local and national talent because of UNC and can get them and he has delivered three.

Enter Sniper Rodney PURVIS of Upper Room Christian Academy NC rated #20 on the ESPNU Top 100, SF TJ WARREN Brewster Academy NC #29 on the ESPNU Top 100, and PG Tyler LEWIS of 2012 Nation al HS Champion Oak Hill ACADEMY VA rated #44 on the ESPNU Top 100.  Gottfried has used all of his connections and came up BIG as the NC STATE WOLFPACK should be ready to make a huge leap the next few years and challenge the TAR HEELS and DUKIES on the court as well as off.

As for Gottfried keeping everything in perspective and running a good's all on the WALL in the NC STATE Basketball Locker Room and anything used from the LEGEND of WESTWOOD has to be GOLDEN.

JORDAN BRAND CLASSIC 2012....Top Rated BOYS High School All-AMERICAN Game...has International, North Carolina, and ALL-AMERICAN Stars

The next best ALL-AMERICAN High School Boys Classic outside of the McDonald's All-American Game is the JORDAN BRAND Classic held in Charlotte, NC at the BIG CABLE BOX....Time-Warner Arena in the Queen City.

This years crop is no different than any other year as it boasts the best of the best Top 50 Hoopers across the US. Previous players in the JBC are DURANT 66, KING JAMES, the 2nd CP3, the BLAKEshow, MELO, and REKEhavoc among others.

Just like the McDONALD's ALL-AMERICAN game the 2012 JBC will have the consensus #1 and #2 player showcased in Nelrens NOEL of TILDEN SCHOOL of New Hampshire and Shabazz MUHAMMAD of BISHOP GORMAN Las Vegas Nevada. But unlike the McDONALD'S Game that showcases the Top 21 out of 24 players in the ESPNU Top 100...the JBC pulls from as far as the Top 60-70 players in the ESPNU Top 100.

The game also has a few players that didn't make the cut in the BIG MAC Classic like Brice JOHNSON ( Cordova, SC Edsito HS), Rocardo LEO (South Kent School Providence, RI), Kaleb Tarczweski (St. MARK's School Southborough MA), J.P. TAKOTO (Menomonee Falls HS Milwaukee WI), Steven ADAMS (Notre Dame Prep Fitchburg MA), and Danuel HOUSE (Hightower HS Houston TX). All the other players you will see are in the Big MAC Classic in CHI CITY tonight March 28, 2012.

The interesting thing about the NORTH CAROLINA All-Star Game is that half of the PLAYERS playing in the game are going to MID-MAJORS like Western Carolina and Murray STATE. It gives a chance to the PLAYERS that are All-Staters or DIVISION-1A Prospects a chance to play in one of the Biggest All-Star Games around.

One exclusive about the JORDAN BRAND Classic is that the KIDS playing in the game get to also showcase a Unique Colorway JORDAN 2012 Shoe or a PE (Player Exclusive) only made for that game. As you could imagine the how many players across the AMERICA and the WORLD would love to play in the game and get exclusive APPAREL from JORDAN Brand.

As of press time we still have 5 Players Undecided as to where they will want to go to school and the JBC will be held on Saturday April 14th, 2012 with the International Game at 2:30PM ET, the NORTH CAROLINA All-Star Game at 4:30PM ET, and the JORDAN Brand Classic at 7PM ET and the games will be televised on ESPN.          

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ROCK CHALK and COACH SELF on the PROWL again....signed a TOP 30 in Class of going for #2 in CLASS of 2013

Kansas JAYHAWK Basketball is sitting pretty well as they have made another run to the FINAL 4 and this time under a ROSTER not as gifted by ROCK CHALK Standards.

The ONLY piece Coach Bill SELF and his STAFF had coming back that they could build around was CHOCOLATE City's Thomas ROBINSON aka T-ROB. A 1st Team ALL-AMERICAN and in the running for the John R. WOODEN Trophy as the best College Basketball Player for 2011-12...T=ROB didn't disappoint and he rose up to the occasion and SELF knew he needed someone else on his roster.

Enter New Jersey Drive's Tyshawn TAYLOR, a former TOP 30 Schoolboy himself under the tutelage of Bobby HURLEY SR's St. ANTHONY's Academy FRIARS in Jersey City, JERSEY, a four-year starter for the JAYHAWKS. SELF has had his ups and downs with his Senior but T-DUB did his thing being crowned 1st Team ALL Big 12 and leading the JAYHAWKS to another BIG 12 Conference Season Championship.

As for the recruiting last season they lost Top recruit SNIPER Ben McLEMORE of the Oak Hill Academy FAME and ST. Louis, Missouri to an NCAA Investigation and that cut their DEPTH in their back court. One has to think though this is KANSAS and a surefire TOP 5 program nationally and they will not have another recruiting class like the one they had this past season.

The TOP JAYHAWK recruit i the Class of 2012 is Wichita KANSAS Wichita Heights HS PF Perry ELLIS ranked in the TOP 35 by ESPNU's Top 100. He anchors a class that is being touted as #10 in the recruiting ranks thus far by ESPN but hold on. With another Top 50 in SF Andrwew WHITE of the MILLER School i Chester Virginia they have front court help coming in. To round out the class SELF and the JAYHAWKS have a PF from the PORTLAND Oregon area and SNIPER Anrio ADAMS the #1 rated Player in WASHINGTON STATE from Seattle's RANIER BEACH HS where players like the STEWART Twins, LODRICK and RODRICK, KRYPtonate ROBINSON (NBA WARRIORS), Jamal CRAWFORD (NBA TrailBLAZERS), and Terrance WILLIAMS (former 1st rounder of NJ NETS now on a 10-day contract with the Sacramento KINGS).

SELF also has a 3-STAR from PRESTONWOOD Christian Academy PLANO, Texas in PF Zach PETERS and this is very important...WHY? Peters is the teammate of the #2 Ranked Prospect in the CLASS of 2013 in Half SNIPER/Half CUSTODIAN Julius RANDLE and the JAYHAWKS figure get his best friend and we will have a leg up on the rest of the schools. RANDLE will be trying to get that #1 spot this summer from Chicago Illinois Neal F. SIMEON HS 's do-it-all GRANT HILL-like player Jabari PARKER.

All is well in ROCK CHALK Land and BILL SELF still has the 32 Schoolboy from SIN CITY Shabazz MUHAMMAD on his plate as he will be choosing soon and the JAYHAWKS are in his TOP 3 last reported.

Imagine that the JAYHAWKS win the 2012 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and then get the FISH that didn't save SIN CITY in BAZZ MUHAMMAD......Bill SELF if you can pull one of these are the MAYOR of MASS STREET and Governor of KANSAS.


Follow the 5-STAR SPORTS...Half WRITER/Half BLOGGER on twitter @bluedudesports and on GOOGLE PLUS AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger.....and if you din't know now you know...go #STEELERSnation and #BULLSnation

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2012 McDonald's ALL-AMERICAN Classic....Is it the FISH that SAVED SIN CITY the #1 Stunna or is it Nerlens NOEL of TILTON Academy MASS.

The McDONALD'S ALL-AMERICAN Classic is upon us and like always there are some BIG NAMES not signed at the TOP of the list. This year's game also features 3 TOP 10 nationally ranked players signed, sealed, and delivered to Coach Sean MILLER and the U of A Tucson, Arizona.

The WOLFPACK of NC STATE University under the leadership of Mark GOTTFRIED and his ties to UCLA and the late great Legend of WESTWOOD John R. WOODEN also has 3 recruits signed in the Top 50. I know what your thinking most kids are always thinking it's all about CAROLINA BLUE as in UNC and DUKE....slow your roll.

The game will be played at the location of the WEST SIDE STORY Report on BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK....the UNITED Center....Home of 6-Time NBA World Champion Chicago BULLS. The BLUEDUDE and my SONS...3J...not JAMAL, JIMMY, and JASON, but JALEN, JAMIR, and JAMON will be there front and center to take in the action.

As for what to expect from both teams a lot of showmanship and razzle dazzle, splash plays, NO D, and everything at the RIM will be flushed or you will be on SPORTS CENTER and/or YouTube instantaneously.

As for what the squads both teams have players undecided and here is the list:


SF AMILE JEFFERSON Wynnewood PA FRIENDS CENTRAL HS.....KENTUCKY, UNC, OHIO STATE among others..same high school that produced SYRACUSE's Hakim WARRICK and ARIZONA's Mustafa SHAKUR

PF Tony PARKER Miller GROVE GA LITHONIA HS.....OHIO STATE , KENTUCKY, KANSAS, MEMPHIS, and UCLA among others...coached and trained by former ALL ACC RAMBLIN WRECK' and Atlanta HAWK Sniper Dion GLOVER


PF Anthony BENNETT Henderson Nevada FINDLAY PREP Academy...FLORIDA, KENTUCKY, WASHINGTON, OREGON, and UNLV among others another player from the Toronto Ontario PIPELINE that included Myck KABONGO and Tristan THOMPSON who also played their prep career at FINDLAY

SF Shabazz MUHAMMAD Las Vegas Nevada BISHOP GORMAN HS...consensus #2 Player in America...UNLV, UCLA, KENTUCKY, KANSAS, DUKE, and USC among others.....lost to FINDLAY Prep HS twice this past season

SF Devonta POLLARD DeKalb Mississippi KEMPER COUNTY HS....KENTUCKY, Georgetown, MIZZOU, TEXAS, BAMA, and Mississippi STATE among others.

As for SCHOOLS that have multiple players involved in the game which could change on late-signing day....ARIZONA, NC STATE, and KENTUCKY.

4 of the TOP 5 Players in the 2012 CLASS NATIONALLY are playing in this game as in NOEL, MUHAMMAD, Isaiah AUSTIN from Irving, TEXAS a BAYLOR signee, and Kyle ANDERSON of ST. Anthony's NJ and transferred from PATERSON CATHOLIC aka PAT CAT near PHILLY PA because it closed. ANDERSON going to UCLA.

The 2012 McDONALD'S ALL-AMERICAN Game will be on ESPN at 9PM ET on WEDNESDAY March 28, will be preceded by the McDONALD'S ALL-AMERICAN Girls GAME that is on at 7PM ET.

Lists of COLLEGES players choosing from

MARCH MADNESS FINAL 4 is set...WILDCATS beat the 'VILLE and JAYHAWKS beat the BUCKEYES earlier in the SEASON but STAKES are HIGHER 2nd time around


These games will pit rematches of games earlier in the season when the WILDCATS beat the 'VILLE on NEW YEAR'S Eve in LEXINGTON 69-62. The WILDCATS ONLY led at the half 36-33 and then held on to beat the CARDS by 7. Russ SMITH of the 'VILLE led the CARDS with 30 points on 10-20 shooting and 3-8 from the ARC. Michael KIDD-GILCHRIST led Kentucky with 24 points and 19 boards.

At the time the CARDS were 12-1 going into the game and the WILDCATS were 12-1 also having suffered their 1st defeat of the season about a week and a half ago in BLOOMINGTON Indiana to the HOOSIERS.

The BUCKEYES traveled to PHOG ALLEN Fieldhouse in Lawrence Kansas on Decemeber 10th, 2011 and without a healthy JJ SULLINGER took an L 78-67. The JAYHAWKS also had their PG Tyshawn TAYLOR playing at about 75% in that one and it was his play that impacted the outcome of the game.

DeShaun THOMAS led the BUCKEYES with 19 and 5 helpers and T-ROB of the JAYHAWKS led KANSAS with 21 and 7 off the glass. It was the BUCKEYES 1st loss of the season and the JAYHAWKS were still trying to find themselves and a solid rotation.

Now the STAKES have climbed to an all time high now that we are 2 games away from one of these fine INSTITUTIONS from being crowned 2012 NATIONAL CHAMPION.

As for the TAR HEELS, Baylor BEARS, GATORS, and ORANGE there were be massive line up changes next season as that FLU BUG called EARLY Entry to the NBA will deplete most likely all 4 schools with the TAR HEELS reloading the most to date and losing at least their whole front court.

Expect the BEARS to lose both JONES III and Q-MILLER, the ORANGE to lose WAITERS, the GATORS to lose Bradley BEAL, and the TARHEELS might lose POINT GOD Kendall MARSHALL to go with the 3 front court players.

It is what it is in College Basketball but before we start talking who is staying or going it will be the 2012 NCAA FINAL 4 from the BIG EASY in New Orleans Louisiana.

NOTE: FINAL 4 analysis coming later in the WEEK...........

Sunday, March 25, 2012

LOGO WATCH #18....Who leads the LOGO in MINUTES played?...KING JAMES....DURANT 66....K-LOVE..who?

This list illustrates a few things about your team....what Player a Team needs on the floor the most...and that Team's Scheme is usually tailored around this player whether it is Defensively or Offensively speaking.

In the ladder half of the last decade MAVERICKS Sniper Michael FINLEY aka FINdawg lead the league in minutes played for about 4-5 seasons in a row. In order to be on the list you have to INJURY FREE and that important cog in the system. Who leads the LOGO in the 2011-12 season in Minutes played mat surprise you.

LOGO WATCH #18....who LEADS the LOGO in MINUTES played sponsored by NBA PLayers if you do not have a PERSONAL Chef you need one ASAP....and I know for a FACT the #1 player in minutes played has one and it's called BODY and MIND:

NOTE: to qualify you need to have played at least 35 Games.......

1. K-LOVE 10K LAKES 39.7


3. Black MAMBA LAKEshow 38.6

4. @KDtrey5 THUNDERup 38.5



7. KING JAMES Ocean Drive CLICK 37.6


9. the SPANIARD LAKEhsow 37.1

10. J-WALL VERIZON Center 36.9

11. Double R GREEN TEAM 36.9

12. D-LEE Planet ORACLE 36.8

13. MONTA Fear the DEER 36.4

14. the FAKE CP3 LOB City 36.4

15. BLAKEshow LOB City 36.3

16. D-WILL 8 the JOKER JERSEY 36.3

17. JJ HIT Factory ATLANTA 36.3


19. J SMOOVE 5 HIT Factory ATLANTA 36.1

20. GERALD wallace JERSEY Drive 36.1

If you breakdown the above list every player on that LIST is the most important piece to what that TEAM is trying to do an a night in night out basis.

Take for instance COACH THIBS of the WEST SIDE STORY Report has said on many occasions that LUOL Deng is the most important part of the BULLS because they are built on DEFENSE and LUOL anchors that D.

KING JAMES is the main FACILITATOR for the HEAT and when WADE County was out the HEAT didn't skip a beat because the KING is the BEST ALL-AROUND Player in the LOGO and does everything for the Ocean Drive Click.

K-LOVE of the 10K LAKES Boyz is the T'WOLVES Best player and the one guy that has completely turned around 10K LAKES and is their unquestioned leader.

Last but not least @KDtrey5 and the THUNDER go as far as KD takes them. This is a perfect illustartion of why people in the know were upset with teammate Uncle RUSS (WESTBROOK) for trying to take over so many games offensively when the THUNDER's Offense should always RUN through @KDtrey5.

STAT from the BLUEDUDE on Twitter @bluedudesports and on GOOGLE PLUS AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger

MARCH MADNESS East Region...BUCKEYES see the ORANGE and PEEL the ORANGE...then give the ORANGE to a SUGAR GLIDER to eat

Imagine that from what I have been told the BEST GUARD in the NCAA Dion WAITERS of SYRACUSE fouling out of his biggest game in his career with 9 points on 2-8 shooting. Then it was Brandon TRICHE and Scoop JARDINE, who supposedly has been dating AIR JORDAN's ONLY Daughter Jazmine Micheal JORDAN, to combine for 29 point to keep the ORANGE in the game.

At the end of the DAY it was too much JJ SULLINGER, Lenzel SMITH JR, Zion-Benton HS ILLINOIS, DeShaun THOMAS, and the Senior from Toledo Will BUFORD that led the way for the BUCKEYES to get to the BIG EASY and the FINAL 4.

A virtual back and forth in the 1st half with both schools locked at intermission at 29-29. The deciding difference in the contest was what the BLUEDUDE has said all along....REBOUNDING Margin. Finally in the ELITE 8 that NEGATIVE margin that the 'CUSE had in BOARDS came back to bite them in their BACK SIDE. The BUCKEYES out rebounded them 37-22 and 13-6 on the offensive side. All those numbers that go against a team will eventually come out and it may not come out to the NATIONAL Championship game but it will rear its UGLY HEAD.

Other than the Rebounding Margin.....the GAME was nail n tooth all the way to the end where the BUCKEYES just made more plays than the ORANGE. I still think if the Orange played a little MAN 2 MAN at times their superior athleticism would take over. but JIMMY B has been playing that 2-3 Extended 'CUSE Zone 'til the beginning of the FLOOR MODEL Zenith CHROMA COLOR TV with UHF and ANTENNAS built-in.

The 'CUSE has to be wondering WHAT IF we had the BRAZILIAN BIG FOOT Fab MELO and the BUCKEYES have to be saying WE SAW the ORANGE and PEELED that BI***....GOOD DAY

WEST SIDE STORY Report #16...BULLS have NBA's BEST Record at 40-10...and doing it without a healthy NBA MVP and RIP City

The BULLS entered tonight's game with the DINOSAUR Boyz at 39-10 and it took an Overtime frame and a a tip-in at the buzzer to get a 102-101 Win.

The BULLS have been playing at a high level without the NBA's #1 POINT GOD Derrick Rose and for the most part without Free Agent Sniper RIP City HAMILTON. But unlike most teams the BULLS have quality depth most teams wish they had and the emergence of CJ WATSON, John LUCAS III, and the well-rounded play of NBA Cast-off Ronnie BREWER has the BULLS looking like a real contender to the Dallas MAVERICKS THRONE.

The BULLS to date have the 4th Best Record 20-4 at home on the WEST SIDE of the 'GO and NBA's Best Road Record at 20-6. All those numbers equate to is Balance and DEFENSE. Coach THIBS has held everyone accountable from DAY 1 and the BULLS have been locked in under his watch from Day 1. There is no one going to save the BULLS from getting off their couch or a coach that is currently on their bench that could do better than what THIBS is doing. The BULLS are a real NBA Juggernaut and on the WEST SIDE STORY Report ..WE DON'T HOPE....WE WISH you would want to play us in WINNING TIME...just to let them BULLS out.

As for injuries D-ROSE is day-to-day and RIP City HAMILTON is listed as about a week off. JO KNOWS is also day-to-day and the BULLS best players have been getting a lot of rest of late which is good for that DEEP Playoff run.

I see a lot of people out there talking about who the BULLS don't want to see in the 1st Round of Winning Time and it is truly hilarious to the BLUEDUDE. You mean to tell me the BULLS will not want to see the KNICKS or the CELTICS and /or even the FEAR the DEER Boyz......y'all better start reading BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and get a CLUE...the WEST SIDE STORY Report doesn't dodge anyone or anything.....that includes the Boston HERALD, NEW YORK Daily, or the MILWAUKEE Journal Sentinel.

Every last one of y'all will be covering the SHOW before the END of APRIL know it and so does your NBA TEAMS.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

MARCH MADNESS...Which Kentucky WILDCAT Player would you pick 1st......New Jersey Drive's KIDD-GILCHRIST or the GO's Big ANT DAVIS?

Since we are on the subject of MARCH MADNESS and who the team to beat is the Kentucky WILDCATS. After beating the HOOSIERS in a game that was simply stated as ....We are KENTUCKY and we are going to score 100 are you to?...and the WILDCATS held up their end of the bargain and the HOOSIERS didn't.

The most fascinating fact about the UK WILDCATS is who their best player is. Freshman Forward Anthony DAVIS of Chicago PERSPECTIVES HS has been the unquestioned #1 rated prospect since he sat foot on campus in LEXINGTON. Now after seeing multiple games and the WILDCATS play numerous times the consensus is now you might have to throw Kentucky's other Freshman Baller in there to as in Micheal KIDD-GILCHRIST of St. PATRICK'S Academy New Jersey.

Look at the numbers KIDD-GILCHRIST put up last night on the HOOSIER STATE....24 points and 10 rebounds and the KIDD literally made every play on Defense and on the Hustle board. At nearly 6'7" and 215 el bees of Athleticism and Length and what is he. MKG is a Small Forward in the LOGO his next league and he is already NBA-Ready on the Defensive End and the Ceiling on hi offensive game hasn't even been realized.

As for the aforementioned Big ANT Davis, who had an Off Game last night vs the HOOSIERS, has been the unquestioned leader for the CAYS throughout the whole season and he still gets my vote as the #1 overall prospect in the 2102 NBA Draft. But MKG is closing and closing fast to the point of who ever gets the 1st pick in the Draft maybe in a real tough spot taking DAVIS or Kidd-Gilchrist.

VITALS for Big ANT and MKG.......


Athletic and Length
Can hit Face-Up Jumper from 19'9" and in
on the ball Shot-Blocker
Excellent rebounder
Very Good IQ and Court Savvy
Very Coachable
Excellent attitude
Can play Both FACE-UP and BACK 2 Basket in Post


Athletic and fast for his size
Slasher and Creates off the BOUNCE well
Limited Range on shot
Excellent finisher in transition
Very good HANDS
High Basketball IQ
Excellent On the Ball and weakside defender
Plays well in SPACE

So who would you take #1....ONLY time will tell but I do know this...they are both entering the 2012 NBA Draft

Friday, March 23, 2012

LOGO WATCH #17 NBA's Highest Paid Players for 2011-12....Who leads the LIST and who is getting BAD CHECKS

The Big Question is always how much an athlete makes whether he is performing to standards or playing below it. The LOGO Contracts are unique because they are guaranteed contracts. Players don't get signing bonuses or upfront cash they get paid to play when the season starts. They may be able to defer some cash but in terms of how they are paid it's season to season no stipulations towards roster bonuses or things as such.

Now the 2011-12 Season is almost in the Post Season and the STARS will rise to the forefront like they always do. Let's check out who is at the TOP of the MONEY list we know the Top Players and Scorers are. One fact is that the 2011-12 NBA MVP will make Only $7 Million but his new deal will put him in the Top 7-10 in the Logo for years to come starting next season.

Now when the BLUEDUDE says a player is getting a Bad Check it simply means he way under performing the standards of which he is getting paid and that team should be able to recoup some of that money at least in the BLUEDUDE's Process of thinking. Players getting Bad Checks..STAT in Gotham City, Andre BARGNIANI from Jurassic Park Toronto, and Rashard LEWIS at HOME but Bad Check says Chocolate City WIZARDS.

The Top Money Makers in the LOGO for the 2011-12 Season sponsored by Do You have a Private Jet at your Disposal...the BLUEDUDE does from Thomas the Train called Jeremy:

NOTE: Contracts duration includes this seasons monies owed....

PLAYER/ TEAM/ 2011-12 pay/ Contract $/ Years Through

1. BLACK MAMBA LAKEshow $25.2 3yrs/$84 2013-14

2. Rashard LEWIS WIZ $22.2 6yrs/$118.2 2012-13

3. Tim DUNCAN SPURS $22 4yrs/$40 2011-12

4. BIG TICKET CELTICS $21.2 3yrs/$64 2011-12

5. DIRKiliscious MAVS $19.1 4yrs/$80 2013-14

6. SPANAIRD GASOL LAKEshow $18.7 3yrs/$57 2013-14

7. MELO MSG $18.5 3yrs/$67.1 2014-15

8. STAT GRANNY SMITH NYC $18.2 5yrs/$99.7 2014-15

9. JJ Hit Factory ATLANTA $18 6yrs/$123.7 2015-16

10. SUPERMAN of MOUSETOWN $17.9 5yrs/$80 2012-13

11. Elton BRAND 76ERS $17.1 5yrs/$79.8 2012-13

12. Z-BO BEALE STREET FED EX $16.5 4yrs/$71 2014-15

13. Fake CP3 LOB City aka LOST City $16.4 4yrs/$68 2012-13

14. D-WILL 8 aka JOKER NETS $16.4 4yrs/$70 2012-13

15a. King JAMES 305 Boyz $16 6yrs/$110 2015-16
15b. Bosh Spice 305 Boyz $15.5 6yrs/$110 2015-16
15c. Wade COUNTY 305 Boyz $15.5 6yrs/107.5 2015-16

Others of note just this season.....

@KDtrey5 THUNDERup $15.5
the TRUTH GREEN Team $15.3

Drew LAKEshow $15.2
Antwan JAMISON CAVS $15.1


Big AL SALT LAKE Palace $14
IGGY Broad Street PHILLY P A $13.5


The names that stick out the most are Players that have not in my opinion given their team the same play on the court as their contract reflects....MELO, Rashard LEWIS, Joe JOHNSON, Elton BRAND, and STAT. KNICKS Fans you would agree and if you don't maybe you need to look yourself in the mirror. Look at those BEHEMOTH Contracts...for one player who Tweet Pics of Gameday Meals and another who if he doesn't get his way storms off to his room and locks the door. I would give them fools 10 Minute Majors........on my watch.

What surprised me on the list most was DUNC and KG getting huge pay days but that is out of previous accomplishments and deservedly so...they are Warriors.

D-ROSE of the WEST SIDE STORY Report and Uncle Russ of THUNDERup will be towards the Top of this list next season.

numbers from

Follow the BLUEDUDE on TWITTER @BLUEDUDEsports and in GOOGLE PLUS AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger

the 1994 NL EAST n FALL CLASSIC Champion Montreal EXPOS...what could have TALENTED and LOADED at every turn for NOT.

The real true SPORTS FANS always reflect back in time at their favorite teams or games to get a perspective on what could have been. Unfortunately for some FANS and Cities reflecting on things in the past isn't always the best thing to do. See the BLUEDUDE Intellectual Property is my BRAIN and I can go back about as far as seeing a RAPTOR or a caveman in my backyard or shall I say the back end of my cave.

This team and story has been sitting on the BLUEDUDE'S Mind for quite sometime and I have to get it out of my mind and off my chest. What ever happened to the best ever Major League Baseball Team to never Win the WORLD SERIES and they probably would have. This wasn't from a monumental collapse in September or them losing a tight divisional race. The mighty 1994 Montreal EXPOS were stopped by that dreaded word of a WORK STOPPAGE....the MLB Strike of 1994.

To this day I recall maybe the best Outfield I have ever seen from left to right....Moises ALOU, Marquis GRISSOM, and Larry WALKER. All three of these EXPOS Outfielders were 5 Tool and the 4th OF was Rondell WHITE, who is currently married to former PALE HOSE and AMAZINS' Skip Jerry MANUEL's Daughter, who was also a 5 Tool player.

Then you move to the infield the EXPOSE had Cliff FLOYD, Mike LANSING and Wil CORDERO. The Starting Rotation was led by a Top Trio of hurlers in Jeff FASSERO, Ken HILL, and a young Pedro MARTINEZ. Then when you call down to the PEN it was John WETTELAND as the CLOSER and Mel ROJAS as Half Closer/Half Set-Up Man.

The 'SPOS were lights out and before the Work Stoppage on August 12, 1994 they were 74-40 through 114 games and running away with the SHOWS best record.

Ironically they were led by Moises' Father Felipe ALOU and how did Rondell probably meet Jerry Manuel's Daughter...he was the 3rd Base Coach for the EXPOS at the time.

the BLUEDUDE also remembers to this day in 1993 the EXPOS had 3 of the TOP 5 Baseball Prospects in the MINORS in then Outfielders Cliff FLOYD (1991 Chicago SUN-TIMES ATHLETE of the YEAR... ALL-STATE in BASKETBALL and ALL-AMERICAN in BASEBALL for Thornwood HS in South Holland ILLINOIS and had signed a baseball scholarship to play for the Wichita STATE SHOCKERS before turning Pro out of High School), Rondell WHITE, and Curtis PRIDE, who had an Hearing Aid in his left ear and was absoultely ridiculous himself patrolling the Outfield.

At the time of the Work Stoppage the BRAVES were ONLY 6 Games back and they had that Monster of a STAFF and a young one in Greg MADDUX, Tom GLAVINE, Steve AVERY, and John SMOLTZ. The BRAVES that season were led by that Pitching Staff, Terry PENDELTON, David JUSTICE, and Crime Dog McGRIFF...Fred McGRIFF.

Looking back on it as they played in OLD OLYMPIC STADIUM in Montreal QUEBEC...the 'SPOS were the TEAM to beat and the Odds on favorite to win the FALL CLASSIC as they were so talented and Loaded at every turn. For the People of MONTREAL it brings back bad memories with the good memories as they had their best team ever that year even better than the Late Gary CARTER, Andre "the HAWK" DAWSON, and Tim "ROCK" RAINES led EXPO Teams of the 80s.

Now you know the 1994 NL EAST Champs and Fall Classic Champions were the Montreal EXPOS gone but never forgotten in MONTREAL and the BASEBALL World.....go 'SPOS and OLYMPIC Stadium

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Front Line March 23, 2012...LOB City turning into LOST City...SPARTY smacked by YUM Center Boyz n more

Bluedude Sportstalk Front Line talks about the Hottest Issues in the SPORTS World Today that effects events tomorrow. Todays Headlines...LOB City turning into LOST City....SPARTY and IZZONE get put in YUM Center Cole Slaw....GATORS beat the GOLDEN EAGLES at their own game....and BUCKEYES sen BEARCATS a Message...Don't come down I-71 to the SCHOTT thinking it's your turn. The ORANGE get a STOP when they needed to as that 2-3 Zone had Water leaks everywhere but that BADGER could not get in for the KILL.

NBA NEWS...FIgueroa Street LA COUNTY...Downtown City of ANGELS....LA CLIPPERS aka the CLIPjoint aka LOB City:

It was ONLY a matter of time until everyone saw what the Bluedude has been seeing for months. Remember all them DUNKS and LOBS the CLIPPERS were showcasing on every ESPN Highlight and winning. Now the CLIPS look like the OLD CLIPS..the L.A. SPORTS Arena Version. The CLIPS that Danny FERRY of DUKE said after getting drafted by them..NO NO I WON'T GO.

The same CLIPPERS that stole the FAKE CP3..( the Real CP3 is my girl Candace PARKER of NAPERVILLE ILLINOIS Central HS fame via ROCKY TOP now LA SPARKS and Spain Professional Women's League)..and though they were immediately going to put up a BANNER in STAPLES Purple and Gold...NOT.

Look Clipper Fans when in doubt look at either your Owner Donald Sterling..or in this case the Head Coach Vinny Del Negro. I have been telling you all for months watch yourself and not the LOBS there CUTE but whose coaching you...VINNY. Since when does a Player Personnel Guy (Vinny was under SUNS President Steve KERR in Phoenix as a Player Personnel Director at the time when he left to become Head Coach of the BULLS) wake up one morning and say I need to be a NBA Head Coach.....WTF?

The CLIPS have quickly fallen into the 6th Overall seed in the WEST and ONLY a game above the 9th Seed. Until further notice the BLUEDUDE has renamed the CLIPS to LOST City until the FANS find you or you find yourselves.

Speaking of finding yourselves...Phoenix Arizona....the HOUSE that KJ and SIR CHARLES built..America West Arena...Coach Rick PITINO and his Louisville CARDINALS put the KFC YUM Center smack down on SPARTY and IZZO.

The SPARTANS could do nothing and I have to give Coach PITINO credit this may be his best Coaching Job to date at the 'VILLE considering what his roster looks like. SPARTY's LAWNMOWER MAN could do nothing and the game was lost early in the 1st half. Now the CRADS will play BILLY Donovan and Coach PITINO will have to go through one of his EX-PLAYERS to get it done. DONOVAN played under PITINO at PROVIDENCE and took them to a FINAL 4.

Wasting no time in the SAME FAST is FASTER than your FAST and the GATORS have seen this before as though the MARQUETTE Golden Eagles were going to beat us at our own game. The GOLDEN EAGLES could never get over the hump and the GTAORS used a balanced attack to smother MARQUETTE and Coach BUZZ Williams. Simply put..the GATORS style overcame the Golden Eagles Style.

In BEANTOWN the Ohio STATE Buckeyes and Syracuse ORANGE both advance and the ORANGE did it the hard way. Behind Scoop JARDINE and Dion WAITERS timely playmaking and shotmaking the ORANGE get by the BADGERS although the BADGERS had their chances.

Wisconsin PG Jordan TAYLOR kept the BADGERS in the game and if ti wasn't for the CUSE'S Jardine the outcome could have been different. SYRACUSE patented zone look like it had holes in it everywhere but in the end they made the play to WIN the game.

The BUCKEYES get 20 from DeShaun THOMAS and a yeoman's job on the defensive end from steady eddy at point Aaron CRAFT to finally pull away from the in-state Cincy BEARCATS. Did the BEARCATS have any chance to WIN the games. Could they keep up that intensity they came out with in the 2nd half with for the duration of the 2nd

Now the BUCKEYES will play the ORANGE for a trip to the BIG EASY and the last time the SYRACUSE played a regional final in BEANTOWN they won and guess where they went to the Final 4 at?.........the BIG EASY...NEW ORLEANS

Thursday, March 22, 2012

MARCH MADNESS Sweet 16 Breakdown...MIDWEST Region...Can the TARHEELS win without their SNEAKERhead n WOLFPACK n ROCK CHALK tangle

The MIDWEST Region has come down to not who wins but FRANKLIN Street WRISTgate. Reportedly just this past Tuesday UNC's POINT GOD Kendall MARSHALL, who the BLUEDUDE likens to Jason KIDD as far as passing the ORANGE, removed his permanent cast of of his wrist for a removable cast. Now does this mean he will play who knows but the kid will give it a shot and the HEELS have to be ecstatic about those chances.

As for the Ohio BOBCATS they would be the FAVORITE if we were talking about the Massive HALLOWEEN PARTY on Campus every year that looks like MARDI GRAS on a COLLEGE CAMPUS. But we are not talking whose campus gets down just hoops only and BOBCATS...good luck. If this is CINDERELLA the TARHEELS are the BIGFOOT so figure this one out.

In the other intriguing match up the KANSAS JAYHAWKS bring LAWRENCE with them as they will be playing this REGIONAL Final in the CITY of the GATEWAY to the WEST...ST. LOUIS Missouri. The WOLFPACK will be ready it's not like they have not seen a team with an ALL-AMERICAN they play in the rugged ACC. Coach Mark GOTTFRIED and his bunch are no slouched trust me on that and if KANSAS plays like they did vs the BOILERMAKERS they will get an L.

March 23rd, 2012 747PM ET
Midwest REGION Match Ups....VITALS:

#13 OHIO


#1 UNC


the SKINNY: On paper this looks like a mis-match and a TYPHOON coming the Ohio BOBCATS way. This is why the PLAY the GAME and the BOBCATS know the HEELS will look different without their Point Guard Kendall MARSHALL. The BOBCATS must stay on the Offensive and go after the HEELS and make them make PLAYS to beat you on both ends.

As for the HEELS with Superior Talent and Size the HEELS have a distinct advantage but what will they look like from a Point Guard standpoint not ONLY in this one but the next one. OHIO is a Good Mid-Major but the 2 teams waiting are Heavyweights. The JAYHAWKS have an All-American and the WOLFPACK is your in-state rival with 2 BIGS who can play small in HOWELL and LESLIE.

WINNER: TARHEELS should cruise and the OHIO BOBCATS had a magical run but the HEELS have way too much firepower for the BOYZ from ATHENS, OHIO.

1017PM ET


SG Lorenzo BROWN



the SKINNY: This will be a dog fight especially in the paint with the powerfully-built T-ROB of KU and the Multi-skilled LESLIE and HOWELL of the WOLFPACK. The determining factor of the game will probably b at the POINT GUARD as the Jayhawks have TAYLOR and the WOLFPACK must take hi out of the game.

Both squads rely heavily on their BENCH and the Jayhawks need their 3-5 Options to come up Big as do the WOLFPACK to WIN the game. Look for Elijah JOHNSON to maybe cary that load for KU and Scott WOOD of MARION INDIANA HS fame the home of Lyndon JONES, Jay EDWARDS, and Zach Z-BO RANDOLPH. Jones and Edwards starred at IU Bloomington under the General and Z-BO starred for IZZONE.

WINNER: It's a PICK'EM but if I had to roll with a Squad it would be the JAYHAWKS barely because of PG Taylor but it's really close.

MIDWEST Regional Final #1 UNC vs #2 KANSAS

The TARHEELS will cut down the nets as they have way too many weapons for the JAYHAWKS and the UNC's PG Marshall finds a way to be seen and heard in this REGIONAL FINAL.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MARCH MADNESS SWEET 16 Breakdown....WEST Region...IZZONE meets PITINO early...BUZZ from BEER TOWN USA vs BILLY D Ball via the SWAMP

All 4 teams in this Region are Heavyweights and it will take monumental efforts for all of those involved to advance in this one. The Michigan State SPARTANS have been rolling behind their ALL-AMERICAN Draymond GREEN aka the LAWNMOWER MAN for all your landscaping needs. The Louisville CARDINALS have a balanced attack led by the enigmatic Peyton SIVA of Seattle WA GARFIELD HS Fame.

In the 2nd Tilt throw the scoreboard out and it is on and poppin' as Going SMALL goes against Going SMALLER. Buzz WILLIAMS takes his Marquette Squad against a really good Guard oriented GATOR Attack led by Freshman Bradley BEAL of the GATEWAY Arch. The winner of this region will take on the winner of the toughest region in the dance the SOUTH Region.

March 22nd, 2012 747PM ET
WEST Region Match Ups...VITALS:


PG Peyton SIVA
C Gorgui DIENG


SF/PF Draymond GREEN
PG/SG Brandon WOOD
C Derrick NIX

the SKINNY: From a BASKETBALL Purest standpoint where the BLUEDUDE is at this is a DREAM Match Up to see. Two of the BEST in the BIZ......IZZO and PITINO..strategy for strategy and who will break under the immense pressure first. IZZO squad is under the careful watch of Draymond GREEN so who is that DUDE for the CARDS of the 'VILLE....that is the Are you going to the ELITE 8 Question of the DAY.

SPARTY wants to pick their spots and they are real physical and the 'VILLE wants to press after every made and turn you over ASAP..something has to give and GREEN in the middle of that press breaker might be the answer. The CARDS will look to their Press and some hopefully timely shooting to beat SPARTY and MR. SIVA ohhhh does the CARD faithful need to see the GARFIELD HS SIVA ASAP.

WINNER: SPARTY..I think they have too much size and they have the best player in the TOURNEY outside of Kentucky's Anthony Davis in the LAWNMOWER MAN....SPARTY's Draymond GREEN.

1017PM ET


SG Bradley BEAL



the SKINNY: If you like the 6'5" and under type that can play multiple positions and GET BUCKETS.....this is your STOP. The CLAN from the BRADLEY Center in MILWAUKEE WISCONSIN will stop at nothing and take on their Head Coach BUZZZ Williams persona....CAN'T STOP..WON'T STOP...BUZZ...or Bad Boy DIDDY.

On the other foot BILLY D has some GYM RATS who can fill it up from DEEP and forget guarding the ARC you had better pick up these jokers from the TIMELINE. BILLY D wants to push the tempo and also they can play Half Court as well with 2 guys capable in YOUNG and MURPHY.

WINNER: The GOLDEN EAGLES...too much JOHNSON-ODOM and CROWDER..the Best Player in the LAND you know nothing about and he was 2012 BIG EAST Player of the 'bout them JONATHAN's.

MAGIC and Doc RIVERS would be proud of this one two very different styles and and very different players. IZZO and SPARTY would WIN this one but it is darn close and remember these 2 teams have to get there first.

WHO DAT? turns into WHO ISN'T? involved in the 2012 NFL DICTATOR ROGER throws the SAINTS into a SHRIMP Po BOY Samich

The LAW says it is and I don't care if all the NFL TEAMS were not listening but when DICTATOR GOODELL speaks you better put down the BEATZ by DRE quickly 'TE QUIERO.

NFL Commissioner does his best FIDEL CASTRO imitation and puts the SAINTS up on EBAY looking anywhere from a NEW HEAD COACH to EQUIPMENT. The funny thing is there is NO BIDDING....just BUY NOW. For one man to have all that power is besides the BLUEDUDE and don't tell me he is doing a good job (the late Bernie MAC Voice).

ROGER the DICTATOR has turned hitting the QB into the Don't Touch the MONA LISA....he hates my STEELERS and RODGER don't look at the BLUEDUDE like that unless you take CURRENCY EXCHANGE Payments. How does one human being get up and decide a fate of a whole organization and then tell the other NFL TEAMS i need you to sign a letter..STEELERS don't SIGN S*** he going to fine us at least 5 times this year.

Take a look at where he put Head Coach Sean PAYTON, former D-Coordinator Gregg WILLIAMS, and other SAINTS Personnel on this CAJUN Po' BOY SAMICH:

Sean PAYTON Head Coach WHO DAT?: Suspended starting April 1st 2012 1 Full Season and ordered to stay home and away from facilities. He would be the BACK END of the Po' BOY.

Gregg WILLIAMS former SAINTS D-COORDINATOR now RAMS D-COORDINATOR: Suspended EFFECTIVE Immediately until further notice which means WILLIAMS will be in AD SEG...aka the HOLE and NO SHOE PROGRAM...until your behavior becomes D-COORDINATOR worthy. Your the FIXINGS on the Po' BOY GREGG.........

Mickey LOOMIS WHO DAT? General Manager suspended the 1st 8 Games o the SEASON without pay LOOMIS is the SHRIMP on the Po' BOY

Joe VITT WHO DAT? Assistant Coach suspended the 1st 6 games of the 2012 regular season without pay.....CRAWFISH on the Po' BOY SAMICH

WHO DAT? as an ORGANIZATION gets a $500k Fine and will give up 2nd round picks in 2012 n 2013. The rest of th Po' BOY SAMICH...lettuce, Tomatoes, Seasonings, Sauces, and more

WHO DAT? Players will be investigated further for possible more suspensions which means ROGER will wake up ONE DAY and look down the ROSTER and the SCHEDULE and determine your fate....with no help...smokin' a CUBAN.

All that stems from their 3-4 Year Bounty program and WILLIAMS and PAYTON did lie about the Ordeal and if anyone was to get the LOCK and KEY thrown away it should be WILLIAMS the Defensive COORDINATOR and PAYTON should get maybe 4 Games. But how do you go about a process of justice when on the OTHER END there is one guy.....Dictator ROGER.

If the BLUEDUDE had 15 Bodies on me and I said I did it I would still have to go through the court of LAW and a JURY Process to find the findings and yea I would be Guilty but GOODELL runs a different show. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME...I will decide your fate JUST ME DA**IT. The DUDE is full of COSTA RICA CROCODILE Droppings.

WHO DAT? Nation the BLUEDUDE says APPEAL but working with DICTATOR ROGER there is NO APPEAL Process. So NFL tell me what your are..Not a DEMOCRACY....COMMUNISM...DICTATORSHIP....this is the US of A tell me someone.

And the worst part of it all NO ONE stand up to this DUDE and his PROCESS..SAINTS call the BLUEDUDE I will go in with my team and get these PENALTIES pushed back a little where you can take your TEAMS and ORGANIZATION Off of EBAY..........


March Madness Sweet 16 BREAKDOWN...EAST Region....'CUSE and slow-down BADGERS and the BATTLE of I-71 OHIO...BUCKEYES vs BEARCATS

We head to BEANTOWN for the EAST REGIONAL Finals for the SWEET 16 and some interesting match ups. The Syracuse ORANGE take on the methodical BADGERS of Wisconsin and the two school that are a bout 100 miles apart and don't even play each other..the BUCKEYES of Ohio State and the BEARCATS of Cincinnati in the BATTLE of Interstate 71.

The winner of the EAST Region will play the winner of the MIDWEST Region. Both #1 and #2 Seeds are still in the EAST Region and everyone is looking forward to a 'CUSE and O-STATE match up. Before we get to that match up there is some business to attend to as the other teams in the region are really good and battle tested.

March 22nd, 2012 715PM ET
EAST Region Match Ups....VITALS:





the SKINNY: Boehiem and the ORANGE want to push it down your neck for easy scores and if not play to what the BADGERS like to do slow it down. WAITERS and JOSPEH could give the BADGERS more than what they are used to from an attacking standpoint as both of these young men attack the goal like no others.

To the contrary the BADGERS and Coach Bo RYAN are methodical in what they want to do. They want a KNOCKDOWN DRAG OUT type of contest that is based on HALF Court possessions and crucial Offensive execution. The ORANGE need to watch out for BADGER PG Jordan TAYLOR who has game an is the one guy off the dribble that could give the CUSE issues.

WINNER: 'CUSE ORANGE...too much WAITERS, JARDINE, and JOSEPH as the CUSE get ahead early and never look back

945PM ET


PG Cashmere WRIGHT


SG Lenzell SMITH

the skinny: The BEARCATS want to get up down a little faster than the BUCKEYES want to. The BEARCATS Strength is their guard play as they love going to a 3-guard set. WRIGHT, KILPATRICK, and DIXON can go get it and it's those HATED BUCKEYES in front of them.

The BUCKEYES will want to establish SULLY in the low post and then come with that versatile floor game of THOMAS and BUFORD with the crafty CRAFT directing everything but HIGH STREET Traffic. The GAME will come down to how well do the players not mentioned play as the BUCKEYES have the edge there as well.

WINNER: the BUCKEYES too much THOMAS and BUFORD as they catch fire and the CATS couldn't find the water to cut them off.

EAST REGIONAL FINAL #1 SYRACUSE ORANGE vs #2 OHIO STATE BUCKEYES.....the #2 BUCKEYES prevail as they speed up the ORANGE after the ORANGE fall behind and BUFORD and THOMAS again prove to be the difference along with that BUCKEYE Traffic Cop...CRAFT.

VCU's Shaka SMART turns down the ILLINI...and the ILLINOIS JOB is what..a TOP 15 to 20...or worse?

I doesn't surprise me at all when the ILLINI get turned down by a COACH who just seems to be better than the opportunity in front of him. You can say what you want but the BLUEDUDE is in the know with many Big Time College Basketball Contacts and in the know about ILLINOIS Basketball.

SMART, who is a Wisconsin Native and his Wife a graduate of Northwestern, you would think would be the perfect fit. Here lies the problem with ILLINOIS. The PROGRAM has fallen way under where it was when current Kansas Coach Bill SELF had it rolling. Coach Self a recruiting machine and a pretty darn good X and O guy recruited CHICAGO well and the Suburbs as well as the State's Best players. Self also had major cities he can get to like Dallas, TEXAS and New York City....examples:

Darrell ARTHUR South Oak Cliff HS TX South Dallas
Russell ROBINSON RICE HS Manhattan NY
Sherron COLLINS CRANE Tech HS Chicago Illinois
Julian WRIGHT Homewood-Flossmoor HS (Chicago Suburb)
Daniel DEE BROWN Proviso EAST Maywood ILLINOIS

The point being is that the ILLINI need a COACH that can get to the NATIONAL Scene Recruiting and if the Coach can't get to that get the Top Players out of ILLINOIS like these players:

Anthony DAVIS Chicago Perspectives HS KENTUCKY
Chasson RANDLE Rock Island HS Rock Island Illinois * STANFORD
Ryan BOATRIGHT Aurora EAST HS Aurora Illinois UCONN

These are some of the players in recent memory that have eluded that ILLINI and went on to other SCHOOLS and have shined or shining.

WEBER'S problem was he had NO COACH on his STAFF that could get Chicago Public PLAYERS and I don't care how you slice it. You CANNOT have your Lead Recruiter from PEORIA ILLINOIS and have No Ties to the Creme De la creme. Not knocking Jerrance Howard but he was getting for the most part the 2nd Tier Illinois Players not the TOP. And the BASKETBALL GODS know Bruce WEBER couldn't close himself let alone a top level recruit.

Now the ILLINI need to bring in a guy who has NATIONAL TIES as well as CHI CITY Ties or they will be in the same boat as they are in now....the TITANIC.

Names that come to the BLUEDUDE's Mind:

Stan HEATH South FLORIDA Head Coach
Anthony GRANT ALABAMA Head Coach
Isaiah THOMAS Florida International Head Coach

C'MON ILLINI your on the Clock and quit treating it like a Top 10 Job and more like a Mid-Major and put one of those above guys in place and the ILLINI would take off.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 NCAA Men's Basketball All-America Team...WE are U.K....and FRANKLIN Street Chapel Hill well represented as is ROCK CHALK of Mass STREET

The BLUEDUDE has took it upon his self to go ahead and unveil the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball All-America Team. What is the criteria it is simple....Conference Impact, Regional Impact, and National Impact. Put all that in the simplest MUST have some GAME on you forget what everyone else is talking about the BLUEDUDE is in the know.

This years team has a lot of youngsters as there was a talented Freshman Class that took the College Basketball World by storm and mainly talking in Lexington, Kentucky where they have 2 outstanding individuals that will be ONE and DONE.

Franklin Street Chapel Hill North Carolina had a somewhat veteran squad and they have a plethora of talent as they were by far the best team in North Carolina and that includes the BOBCATS.

Lawrence, Kansas and Rock Chalk Fame had a monster coming out this season and another Monster joined that monster to become Bill SELF's KANSAS JAYHAWKS. Isn't that what they always do the JAYHAWKS is to destroy the Big 12 and run deep into the dance.

There are also some hidden gems on the MID-MAjor level and the BLUEDUDE will cover them as well. Like the MURRAY STATE's and the Musketeers of the X on the Ohio River.

Time to MEET and GREET the 2012 BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Men's Basketball All-America Team sponsored by your vote doesn't count nor does your opinion because this is the BLUEDUDE's Blog:

1st TEAM


2nd TEAM


3rd TEAM


4th TEAM


The BLUEDUDE's 2012 All-America Team that has 3 Players from Kentucky, 4 Players from North Carolina, and a lot of the players are from the Small Forward Position. The Versatility is everywhere and then you would ask..WHOI IS the BEST PLAYER on the TEAM?

Hands down Anthony DAVIS of KENTUCKY...My FRESHMAN of the YEAR, NATIONAL PLAYER of the YEAR, and a lock for the #1 PICK in the 2012 NBA Draft which doesn't constitute as being the best college player in America but DAVIS is nothing short of Spectacular.

MARCH MADNESS Sweet 16 Breakdown....South Region..the UK WILDCATS get a rematch...Pierre JACKSON vs Tu HOLLOWAY star in BEARS vs MUSKETEERS

We head to the PEACH STATE and the city of Atlanta, Georgia for the South Regional Finals of the 2012 NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney. The NCAA who loves Coach Calipari has the match up they wanted in INDIANA vs the UK WILDCATS. The other match up is all about fantastic guard play between Baylor and Xavier Ohio.

The winner of the South Region will play the winner of the West region which is beginning to look like the Tom IZZO Invitational. Few questions to be answered is will the WILDCATS be able to hammer the HOOSIERS the 2nd time or is this a bad match up for the CATS? Secondly can Baylor's Combo pint-sized Pierre Jackson continue to make an impact in areas other BAYLOR Bears players do not want any part of vs that dynamic Xavier Ohio Back Court led by Tu Holloway?

March 23 2012 715PM ET
South Region Match Ups....VITALS:


Combo Pierre JACKSON
PF/C Quincy ACY


Combo Mark LYONS
SF Dezmine WELLS

the skinny: BAYLOR wants to go end to end and force you to play their BIGS on the perimeter in mILLER and JONES III. Pierre JACKSON has finally stepped up as their leader as Coach Scott DREW has been looking for that since Day 1.

The MUSKETEERS are methodical and pick their spots in transition but they have the best NCAA back court you have never heard of in the slick Tu HOLLOWAY and his partner in crime Mark LYONS. The MUSKETEEERS feed off of these 2 individuals and the BEARS must pressure them and use their Depth to wear them down.

WINNER: BAYLOR...for the simple fact they have someone leading them know and they are starting to play like the Sum of their parts..a TEAM. Watch the EQUALIZER in this one....the MONEY BALL...the ARC....the 3 pointer..that could be huge for both especially Xavier not having all that size and talent on their front line.

945 PM ET


SF/PF Terrance JONES


F Christian WATFORD

the skinny: The HOOSIERS shocked themselves and the NCAA Basketball Word with their win in Bloomington on a last second shot. The bad thing is the WILDCATS have that Tape and some Kelly Rowland...MOTIVATION Bluegrass Remix. The Key for the HOOSIERS will be Cody ZELLER playing really BIG and their ability to make shots.

The WILDCATS who have been running on all cylinders the whole tournament will be stoked for this one and it will be hard to beat a team twice this talented playing at the level the CATS are playing at. TEAGUE will be the key as will DAVIS and JONES playing the 7' Footer ZELLER.

WINNER: KENTUCKY and I don't think it will be close as the Confidence and Firepower of KENTUCKY will be too much for CREAN and his bunch to overcome. Even a pre-game speech from his Brother-In-Laws Jim and John Harbaugh won't get him out of this one.

SOUTH REGIONAL FINAL #1 UK WILDCATS vs #3 BAYLOR NBA SCOUT'S Dream Match Up....KENTUCKY cuts them down as Coach CAL leads the CATS back to the FINAL 4 in the BIG EASY

WEST SIDE STORY Report #15....CSI MOUSE TOWN....SUPERMAN you stayed for this...Son of JEREL and the MAGIC get a night out at SPACE MOUNTAIN n lose.

I want to say this first of all...Orlando MAGIC are you Professionals or not. This is the problem with Pro Athletes when they are in a comfort zone. The MAGIC had something to prove you would think if the #1 Team in the LOGO was coming to your house.

CRIME SCENE....Orange County...Orlando Florida...MOUSE TOWN...AMWAY Center Basketball Court...Son of JEREL's House:

STATS...+8 in the 1st frame...+7 in the 2nd frame...-3 in the 3rd frame...+14 in the 4th frame the BULLS Scoring differential vs the MAGIC Monday Night and the BULLS win by 26 points. The FINAL SCORE...85-59 and the MAGIC ONLY put up 59 points like they were a #16 Seed and the BULLS a #1 Seed in the DANCE and Special K...Clark KELLOGG and Jim NANTZ were on the call.

What would you call this if it were..ONE SHINING MOMENT or ONE SHINING A** Whippin'. The BULLS took the MAGIC took a SPECIAL PLACE. What is a Special Place..the Magic Kingdom of course and the MAGIC never responded to the BULLS Hospitable ways. One may think that if you have ONLY Scored around 40+ points in a NBA Regular Season Game you would come out the next frame GUNS UP. the MAGIC come out with the SUPER SOAKERS....let' get wet guys.

The WEST SIDE STORY Report will never get down like that and when we come to your city WE PUT Jay Wayne Jenkins aka Young JEEZY for those of you who care. We don't come to the PARTY with Super Soakers...we come with a RACK full of ORANGES and an NBA Game that only those who have had Larry O'BRIEN and family over can relate to.

As for SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN and Son of JEREL or should I say SON of CARROT TOP Dwight HOWARD...y'all can do better than this...way better.

As reported the CSI Bluedude Sportstalk Trucks were on the SCENE at the AMWAY Center as thew BULLS pulled off after the game and the YELLOW TAPE was even on the BILLBOARDS in MOUSE TOWN.

a BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Original...da BULLS..WEST SIDE STORY Report sponsored by #TEAMBulls #BULLSNation #BULLS #WestSideStoryReport on TWITTER.........

As we leave you the final score....#1 SEED WEST SIDE STORY Report 85 #16 Seed Mouse Town 59

Monday, March 19, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA March 19th NBA Power Rankings...Is it a BULL'S Market...the Battle for the NBA'S #1 Overall Seed

With just under 20 or so games to play in the REGULAR Season in the LOGO Teams are starting to scramble a little. In the EAST it is a 2 Team Race for the #1 Seed as the WEST SIDE Story Report led by ADIzero POINT GOD D-Rose tries to hold off the BOTTOM...Ocean Drive Click led by Mr. INCREDIBLE and FROzone.

In the WEST the THUNDER have cooled off a little but they are the FAVORITES not the Heavy Favorites they were once thought to be earlier in the season. The SPURS and LAKERS have both found their MOJO and they will be tough outs as the LAKEshow back court goes from Sanford and Son to the LITTLE RASCALS in fell swoop by NBA Trade Deadline. Out is D-FISH as Fred Sanford and in is BLAKE and SESSIONS aka SPANKY and BUCKWHEAT.

Squeeze the Orange NBA Power Rankings for MARCH 19th sponsored by MID-Summer Weather in the 'GO might mean come June through August it will be HOTTIE HOT and I know the upcoming NBA Playoffs will be CALIENTE:

1. BULLS (3) 37-10: They beat the 305 BOYZ without D-ROSE and now the have the look of come get me and we are waiting for you. The BULLS tried to get the SPANIARD out of the LAKEshow to no avail but did they really need to make a change. We will soon find out as the BULLS are the NBA's BEST in the Regular season again.

2. THUNDERup (2) 34-11: They were rumored to be getting SUGAR RAY from the CELTICS for Thabo SEFOLOSHA and it never materialized due partly because of SEFOLOSHA'S Injuries. Anyway the THUNDER must stay healthy and they will be the #1 Seed in the WEST come WINNING TIME.

3. HEAT (1) 33-11: They are on some type of cruise control now but make no mistake about it the Defending Eastern Conference Champion will have no problem finding that switch when TEDDY P says...TURN'EM OFF. KING JAMES should be the NBA's MVP and WADE COUNTY and BOSH will be All-NBA. Can they beat the BULLS with no Home Court Advantage....they did it last season but it's a new season.

4. SPURS (4) 29-14: Some things don't change they were #4 seed in the Poll in early MARCH and since have gone a modest 5-3 an still on the heels of the OK City Corral. MANU is the one guy that puts them in a spot to say...WE CAN BEAT ALL COMERS in the WEST and CHALLENGE anyone for the Dallas MAVERICKS Throne...MANU is that GOOD.

5. LAKERS (8) 28-17: They got young in the back court with the addition of SESSIONS which ultimately makes KOBE look younger. The LAKERS have DREW and GASOL to go with a MIX and MATCH of POINTS, SNIPERS, and CUSTODIANS. I thought Jim BUSS would mess something up at trade deadline and he really did a nice job not taking anything away from the LAKERS' Roster and getting younger where the LAKERS had to....LOOKOUT Below STAPLES is still all about the LAKEshow until further notice.

6. MAGIC (11) 29-17: DWIGHT is DWIGHT is staying.....going..staying....staying...going. Up until the 12 o'clock hour the MAGIC and the DEVOS Family decide to keep their SUPERMAN for now and the 2012 NBA Free Agent Market is officially called...The JOKER...D-WILL 8 of the NETS...Runs this MARKET. All is well if the MAGIC can make a run at D-WILL and if not the MAGIC will be the same for the next few years...REAL TALK...and going no where.

7. GRIZZLIES (12) 25-18: Throw the Record out I just like what they are doing right now and they will be a TOUGH Out in Winning Time and if they can get a somewhat healthy Z-BO back in time to get some regular season games under him before the PLAYOFFS....the GRIZZ are back in town.....the GRIZZ are back in town and HOT on BEALE STREET.

8. PACERS (5) 25-18: In neutral there for a minute coming out of All-Star Break but they are as dangerous as anyone in the EAST and they have the BIG ONE in the MIDDLE....Mr. HIBBERT. Can the PACERS stay in the 4-5 seed area and play the winner of that series get the HEAT in the 2nd Round will be the question.

9. 76ERS (9) 25-20: Remember when they started out really hot and I said they had a soft schedule and a lot of HOME GAMES. Well fast forward to about 2 and a half weeks and they have been playing at or near .500 ball largely due to playing better teams and away from BROAD Street. They still are youthful, athletic, fast, and a problem come post-season.

10. CLIPPERS (6) 26-19: They still look like Old Clippers a little as we head towards the end of the season. Doesn't look like the BLAKEshow is wearing down and CP3 has an injury bug somewhere? And also they have VINNY coaching and if it was VINNY from Jersey Shore I would actually give them a shot to get to the WEST Finals.

11. DALLAS (7) 26-20: I hope the MAVS are doing what i think they may be doing as in slowing down and staying healthy for a another DEEP Playoff run. The MAVS have definitely throttled down and it looks like if they stay in the 3-6 seed range they will be playing the GRIZZ or TEAM STAPLES....not good.

12. HAWKS (15) 26-19: anyone seen the $120 million Man and I know you have seen the $50 million man in J-SMOOVE 5. This is part of the reason the HAWKS are in disarray because of the $120 Million Man is null and void. When Big AL HORFORD went down and J-SMOOVE 5 was their next best player JJ's security blanket was gone. The HAWKS need a SHOT of DEER ANTLER into the HIT FACTORY in the 404 other than that...FLAT LINE___________________________________ with NO ONE to call for help

13. NUGGETS (14) 25-20: Watch the SODA POP Boyz they have added talented CUSTODIAN Wilson CHANDLER to the MIX and Dino should be back at 100% soon. The NUGGETS will be a formidable opponent once they can get CHANDLER back into the fold and they have plenty of weapons and firepower moving forward.

14a. CELTICS (15) 23-21: Where do they go..RONDO is still there as is the TRUTH, SUGAR RAY, and the BIG TICKET who were all rumored at one point in a Blockbuster Deal. the C's will most likely play the HEAT in the 1st Round or maybe even the MAGIC but does it matter.

14b. JAZZ (NR) 23-22: They have MILSAP, Big AL Jefferson, and D.H. at the Point....throw in KINDERCARE'S KANTER and BURKS and you are very young. The JAZZ in 2012-13 will be a problem and Coach CORBIN and Assistant Jeff HORNACEK know this.....MAAAAN.

15. SUNS (NR) 23-22: They have won their last 8 of 10 and they have found a nice rotation that includes former FEAR the DEER Southpaw SNIPER Michael REDD of HIGH STREET COLUMBUS Ohio Fame. Can the SUNS keep playing at this level to where they could be somewhat effective in WINNING TIME remains to be seen. Point GOD NASHty still doing damage and OHHHH if he went to Gotham City Last Season with MDA the KNICKS would be talking NASH saved MSG like Leonardo almost saved the TITANIC...right?

16. BUCKS (NR) 20-24: They have the new back court and the KNICKS do not belong anywhere near the RANKINGS until they fix that mess. Do you realize the BUCKS could be the 8th Seed and throw MISSISSIPPI Lightning MONTA and the BEER Town LEFTY B-JENNINGS at the MADHOUSE on MADISON. That could be a short term problem.

the SKINNY: With 20 or so more games to go the CREAM has risen to the TOP and the PRETENDERS are in the JELLO and JIGGLING in the SUB-ZERO. The NBA Trade Deadline meant nothing and I think at one point the BLUEDUDE was rumored to be going to BLOG for the KNICKS and shut down the WEST SIDE Story Report and the METS will win the NL EAST.

Now let's play that TRACK...LOOK at these RUMORS around the BLUEDUDE everyday.......I just need some time..some time to get away...#BULLSnation #TEAMBulls #WestSideStoryReport...let's start hash tag know the BLUEDUDE is Verified.


They get rid of the AUSSIE in Andrew BOGUT who can flat out get it in the middle. What did the BUCKS get back and you may not be able to win with him but Monta ELLIS aka MISSISSIPPI LIGHTING from JACKSON MS. The FEAR the DEER may be sitting in the 8th Spot in the EAST but to platy these FOOLS now you may have to go 2-3 ZONE Extended and play 8.

Not since SUGAR RAY and SAM I AM has the BUCKS and BEER TOWN USA been so stoked over TWO COMBOS like these BALLERS....HALF POINT GOD/HALF SNIPER. Do the math.....MISSISIPPI LIGHNING + BEER TOWN Lefty = a FEAR the DEER FUSION called Back Court Fresh to Death..and coming to an NBA Arena near you. Or is it DASHER + PRANCER = the RED-NOSED one on PED's.

Both were top flight talents in High School as MISSISSIPPI LIGHTNING came out of JACKSON MS LANIER HS a MISSISSIPPI Powerhouse. B-JENNINGS form Compton California spent 3 Years at Oak Hill ACADEMY in Virginia where he lit up the scoreboard. His guy back in L.A. is DeMar DEROZAN of the RAPTORS also from Compton.

This should be an interesting mix and especially under the meticulous one in FEAR the DEER Head Coach Scott SKILES of PLYMOUTH INDIANA Fame via EAST LANSING SPARTY Country. the ONLY thing the BUCKS have to do is fend off a Terrible KNICKS Team who may hold tryouts soon if they don't start going NORTH in the standings.

BEER TOWN USA get your TICKETS..the CIRCUS is in town with NO ANIMALS but BUSTA RHYMES and the FLIPmode Squad would be happy...WHEN DISASTER STRIKES....the FEAR the DEER Fusion will be behind it.

MARCH MADNESS...UNC's SNEAKER Addict goes down...the BEST Passing NCAA POINT since J-KIDD of CAL reportedly breaks WRIST....WHAT NOW?

To the UNC TAR HEELS Faithful....don't push the PANIC Button quite yet HELP is already on the ROSTER. After beating a game Crieghton BLUE JAYS Team of the MISSOURI VALLEY Conference the UNC Tar Heel get a BAD BREAK literally and figuratively speaking.

The BEST POINT GUARD in the NCAA TOURNEY UNC's Kendall MARSHALL aka SNEAKER POINT GOD goes down with a reported Fracture of the RIght Wrist Bone and that is not good news on FRANKLIN Street. Now what will the HEELS do...pack it in...or do what they set out to do..FINISH the deal and cit the nets down in the BIG EASY in 2 WEEKS.

Just over a month ago they received bad news as Half Point/Half Sniper Dexter Strickland of St. Patrick's NJ Fame went down with a Torn ACL injury he would have been the POINT to take over. And last season Larry DREW II unexpectedly left the program and transferred back home to UCLA and he would have been able to run the SHOW the rest of the way.

Now the 'HEELS just tell Do-It-ALL CUSTODIAN Harrison BARNES to take of his Scoring Hat a little and become Point Forward and at the same time let your NBA Draft Status rise as ypou become the 2nd best Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft behind that KG/SHEED Fusion called Big ANT-hony DAVIS of We are UK fame in Lexington Kentucky. Can he do it remains to been seen but also Freshman PJ HAIRSTON of GREENSBORO, Stilman WHITE of Wilmington, or even Reggie BULLOCK of nearby KINSTON.

What ever the case maybe the 'HEELS and Coach WILLIAMS have their work cut out as it gets harder and harder moving into the SWEET 16. Up next for the 'HEELS the BOBCATS of ATHENS OHIO and forget IF the Shoe fits wear it.....they been wearing those SCOOBY DOOS all season.

NOTE: Word from CHAPEL HILL is that UNC's Point God Kendall MARSHALL of VEE a BIG TIME Shoe Collector and every Thursday around CAMPUS during Basketball Season it is JORDAN SHOE Day and all the UNC STUDENT BODY goes CUCKOO for them J's....and wearing them BOYS.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

MAKING NOISE....the BRADLEY Center, JORDAN Brand, 1977 NCAA Champs, Coach AL, and there is a BUZZZZZZ in BEER TOWN USA

On the shores of LAKE MICHIGAN north of the CITY with BIG SHOULDERS...CHICAGO, is BEER TOWN USA Milwaukee Wisconsin. Home of MILLER BREWERY Company, FEAR the DEER the NBA's BUCKS, the BREW CREW, Harley-Davidson World Headquarters, and of course....the MARQUETTE GOLDEN EAGLES formerly known as the Marquette WARRIORS and Blue and Gold Candy-Striped Uniforms with the jersey hanging out.

Former Head Coach Tom CREAN, who received his SQUEEZE the ORANGE Cred from IZZONE and SPARTY Lead Man Tom IZZO, got the ball rolling with the ONe and Only WADE COUNTY Dwayne WADE of the Miami Heat. Then after WADE there were BALLERS like Wes MATTHEWS Jr. of the BLAZERS, Jerel McNEAL, Steve NOVAK, and Lazar HEYWARD to name a few. Now under Coach BUZZ Williams the Program has not skipped a beat.

The GOLDEN EAGLES now are in the SWEET 16 and they have just the same amount of Firepower they have always had and the BIG EAST Player of the Year in CUSTODIAN Jae CROWDER of Villa Rice GEORGIA and Half Point Guard Half Sniper Darius JOHNSON-ODOM. The Golden Eagles are a #3 seed and beat the BYU Cougars in Round #2 and the talented Murray State RACERS in Round #3 to advance to the SWEET 16.

As for Coach Buzz WILLIAMS, who alway has a nice mix of Talented Top 100 High School Players (case in point #1 Marquette Recruit for 2012 Steve TAYLOR from Class 4A Illinois STATE Champion Chicago Illinois SIMEON HS) and Big-Time Junior College Players such as JOHNSON-ODOM (Hutchison CC Kansas) and CROWDER (HOWARD CC Texas). This is COACH WILLIAMS 2nd Head Coaching Job as the University of New Orleans BUCCANEERS was his 1st Head Coaching Job. Probably his best Assistant's Job was in College Station with the AGGIES and Head Coach Billy GILLESPIE.

WILLIAMS has done more than a yeoman's job in BEER TOWN USA he has solidified the GOLDEN EAGLES as a Top Flight Major and a POWER in the BIG EAST. The Late Great Al McGuire has to be overwhelmed looking down at his WARRIORS/GOLDEN EAGLES as are former Marquette Greats Dwayne WADE, Glenn DOC RIVERS, BUTCH Lee, the late great MO Lucas, Tony SMITH, and BO Ellis.

If you have the GOLDEN EAGLES dancing all the way to the BIG EASY in NEW ORLEANS it wouldn't surprise me and a real good choice with your DUCKETTS or HOUSE MONEY.

Follow the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK on Twitter @bluedudesports and put me in your circle in Google Plus......and MARCH ON because the BLUEDUDE knows your Bracket looks like a Good Bowl of NAWLINS GUMBO.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

CSI MARCH MADNESS....YELLOW Tape on ALL BRACKETS...forget the BACK DOOR...WE will come through the FRONT Door...and GET a W.

So much for nothing really happening on THURSDAY in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament it happened FRIDAY. CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION in GREENSBORO NC, COLUMBUS OH, OMAHA NE, and NASHVILLE TN. It was like SCHOOLS were really not even paying any attention to what could unfold after a smooth THURSDAY and credit to the Low to Mid-Majors they laced them up anyway on FRIDAY and it paid BIG Dividends.

Double Dose of CRIME SCENE.....GREENSBORO NC....Xavier OH MUSKETEERS and Lehigh MOUNTAIN have the IRISH and DUKE...NO PROBLEM...Knock Knock...whose there? It's a MUSKETEER and a MOUNTAIN HAWK....WHO?

#10 XAVIER Ohio beats the Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH a day before ST. Patrick's Day 67-63 which really isn't a total shock considering they MUSKETEERS have the best Point Guard in the NCAA you have hardly heard of in Tu HOLLOWAY. The MUSKETEERS stayed close at half and then made the play at the end of the game to win. The aforementioned Holloway ended up with 17 and 3 helpers as XAVIER moves on to face the Lehigh MOUNTAIN HAWKS.

As DUKE didn't get the nicknames of LEHIGH...they know now as they moved MOUNTAINS on FRIDAY or a MOUNTAIN called the DUKE Blue Devils. It was Guard CJ McCOLLUM of NFL Hall of Fame Canton OHIO that hit RIVERS, CURRY, DAWKINS, and whoever else wanted to get in front of him for 29 points, 5 helpers, 3 boards, and 3 thefts and like a certain shoe brand always says..IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING.

CRIME SCENE.....COLUMBUS OH.....St. LOUIS BILLIKENS and MEMPHIS TIGERS....Coach Majerus vs Coach PASTNER..advantage from a coaching standpoint...the BIG X and O...Coach MAJERUS.

The #9 BILLIKENS looked like and played like they have been there before as they STUN a loaded, talented but underachieving MEMPHIS Bunch 61-54. The TIGERS never really got it going all season and the BILLIKENS get 22 from G Kwamain MITCHELL and F Brian MITCHELL and the TIGERS were led by Will BARTON's 16. The TIGERS lost the contest at the ARC ONLY shooting 2-15 as the BILLIKENS shot 5-13 hence the score a 7 point margin for the LOU.

CRIME SCENE.....OMAHA, NE....NORFOLK STATE and MIZZOU....the MEAC Champs vs the big bad BIG 12 Power....advantage would automatically assume...right?

FINAL....NORFOLK ST 86...MIZZOU a shocker for the AGES and it was nail and tooth the whole way through. SPARTANS Guards Chris McEachin and Pendarvis WILLIAMS combined for 40 points, 6 boards, and 3 thefts as well as another 26 points from SPARTAN Center Kyle O'Quinn with 14 of the glass. the TIGERS were paced by 62 points combined from Marcus DENMON, Phil PRESSEY, and Mike DIXON. But that was not enough in the end as the TIGERS get out rebounded on the GLASS by -12.

Another Double Dose of CRIME SCENE.....NASHVILLE TN.....Ohio BOBCATS and South Florida BULLS.....MUSIC CITY in my BEATS Headphones by DRE. What's in ROTATION on the IPOD....IT SUCKS BEING YOU RIGHT in the MAIZE and BLUE and the OWLS of TEMPLE.

The BOBCATS of OHIO made another SCHOOL in OHIO very happy as I am sure HIGH STREET in COLUMBUS took note. The STATS were almost even which tells me one other thing...the BOBCATS wanted it more than the WOLVERINES period. OHIO G DJ Cooper led all scorers with 21 points and 5 helpers.

The Two Big Guns for the MAIZE and BLUE...Hardaway JR and BURKE combined for 10-29 from the field and 4 for 15 from the ARC and that's not getting it done. It's not that I place the blame on these exceptional young student-athletes but they lead BIG BLUE in KEY areas and they came up on the bad end of the stick when it mattered most tonight.

Remember Coach Stan HEATH of the South Florida BULLS previous stops..Kent STATE and PIG SOOIE in FAYETTEVILLE AR-KANSAS. Well back then at KENT STATE he was the SHAKA SMART and got his BIG SHOT in the SEC. He did well but not well enough to keep his GIG in the LAND of WALMIZZLE....WAL-MART.

Behind HEATH and a lesson on MAN to MAN DEFENSE the right way. The BULLS exposed and out hustled a TEMPLE squad that just didn't answer the bell when it was time to answer it. BULLS 58..TEMPLE 44. The Difference in the GAME what the BLUEDUDE simply calls..the EQUALIZER...the 3 Line...the ARC. BULLS hit 8...OWLS hit 2...+18 hence there is your game-winner.

YELLOW TAPE in 4 Cities....all UNIVERSITIES are INNOCENT until proven GUILTY by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK. RED ALERT to the POWERHOUSE MAJOR better smell with these UNDERDOGS are cooking.

MARCH MADNESS a LAND of LINCOLN Original.............


Friday, March 16, 2012

SHOCK to the HEART and your to give the #5 SEED a BAD NAME (GUITAR play)...SHOCKERS ridin' dirty n more MARCH MADNESS Day 1

I told you so the VCU RAMS were not playing and the WICHITA STATE Shockers knew it was coming just how was the question. Coach Shaka SMART and his VCU Rams up end the SHOCKERS 62-59 and the RAMNS held off a late comeback by the SHOCKERS to pull this one out.

Before I move forward I must get this off my MUSHROOM in SMURF VILLAGE. Why does 2 MID-MAJOR Powerhouses have to play each other on the 1st night when they could have spread both of these fine UNIVERSITIES and SQUADS across 2 different brackets and they would have both got to the SWEET 16. It was disappointing to see both of them matched up 1st round and I hate to see the SHOCKERS go because they are a legit TOP 16 team in the US of A.

The RAMS move on to face the Indiana HOOSIERS and Coach Tom CREAN and they will get a different 7' FOOTER than the one they faced vs Wichita State. HOOSIERS get by Mexico State by 13 79-66 and Freshman Center ZELLER gets 14 and 6 boards with 6 thefts.

The #1 Ranked 'CUSE ORANGE get by a stingy UNC ASHVILLE club and that porous rebounding margin the ORANGE have and being without the BRAZILIAN Big Foot in Fab MELO will cost them sooner rather than later. The ORANGE must make a concerted effort to hit the GLASS or they will be going home vs K-STATE.

Speaking of K-STATE they get 30 POINTS from McGRUDER and finally put nail in the coffin of Souther MISS. Coach Frank MARTIN has to be pleased about moving on but up next BOHEIM and that patented 2-3 Zone of the ORANGE.

VANDY handled the CRIMSON and Coach Tommy AMAKER and the BADGERS and Coach Bo RYAN cruise by MONTANA and they will meet SATURDAY. Look for VANDY's TAYLOR and JENKINS and the BADGERS Point Guard Taylor.

The ZAGS and Mark Few smash HUGGY BEAR and the BOYS from MORGANTOWN by 23 points. Up next for the ZAGS BIG 10 power the OHIO STATE Buckeyes and JJ SULLINGER. The BUCKEYES walked by LOYOLA MD by 19 ld by SULLY's 18 and 9.

MURRAY STATE as expected and the MARQUETTE Golden Eagles will meet SATURDAY as both teams win their 1st round battles. RACERS G Isaiah CANNAN and MARQUETTE's JOHNSON-ODOM will square off in this one.

In other TILTS New Mexico and Louisvlle the 5 and 4 seeds win and they will meet Saturday. The BUFFS of the new PAC 12 surprise the UNLV REBELS and that is a 11 getting by a 6. They will meet a lackluster BAYLOR team that looks like some of its players are more worried about the 2012 NBA Draft than the NCAA Tourney.

In the Nightcaps the Defending NATIONAL CHAMPION UCONN HUSKIES get an L as I expected as they have not played well all season to the MAYOR Fred HOIBERG and the CYCLONES of IOWA STATE. They have the enviable task of taking on that TRAIN from LEXINGTON KENTUCKY called WE are UK......and the NATIONAL PLAYER of the YEAR Anthony Davis.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

you have 24 SECONDS..CONVERSE React Juice SCOOBY DOOS to the MAYOR of helping getting the KINGS and the MALOOFS' new DIGS

Born and raised in Cow Town Sacramento California and a BASKETBALL and BASEBALL Star at Sacramento High School...Kevin Maurice JOHNSON was a STAR in the making and not for just the LOGO.

He starred at CALIFORNIA-BERKELEY in the PAC 10 and was ALL-PAC 10 his Jr and Sr year. He played minor league baseball but his real LOVE was for the Hard Court. He led the CAL BEARS in Scoring, Thefts, and Helpers upon leaving and totaled up crazy numbers in the PAC 10 as NO ONE could STOP K.J..

Drafted by the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS and to this day I remember that talented guy playing behind one MARK PRICE of RAMBLIN' WRECK Fame and he would barely get any time. Then about 2 years in he finally gets traded for Larry NANCE to PHOENIX and that's where the LEGEND of Kevin JOHNSON took off.

So quick and graceful to the rim and a MID-RANGE Game to die for and back in those days there were two players that would kill you in pulling up...K.J. and former Oregon DUCK and CAVS 1st Round Pick himself..Terrell BRANDON. K.J. was so quick when CONVERSE gave him a shoe endorsement (where he wore the CONS with REACT JUICE along with the Charlotte HORNETS Larry JOHNSON) they had a commercial showing a SHOT CLOCK then K.J. and saying.....YOU HAVE 24 SECONDS....basically to STOP KJ's END to END Game.

His 1st full year in the DESERT the SUNS also drafted a KID that was on the 1988 US NATIONAL TEAM in THUNDER DAN Majerle of Central Michigan. He along with K.J. became dynamic and the BLUEDUDE called them Back court DESERT STORM. The SUNS almost WON the Larry O'Brien in the 1992-93 Season when Charles BARKLEY came over from the SIXERS and lost to JORDAN and Company in the 1993 NBA Finals.

After he retired in 2000 K.J. went on the POLITICAL Route to help his City of Sacramento California and first he revitalized with URBAN Development and trying to fix the SCHOOL Systems in Sacramento. Through his Non-profit Development Company ST. HOPE he started a CHARTER School K-12.

Then in 2008 K.J. ran for MAYOR of Sacramento and won. As popular as an ATHLETE he was he was just as popular in his CITY and having put so much effort into the revitalization of Sacramento before running his campaign paid off dearly.

Now having been MAYOR fro some 4 Years he put his best foot forward so the HOMETOWN Sacramento KINGS didn't leave to ORANGE COUNTY CALIFORNIA and helped convince the CITY COUNCIL along with the KINGS Owners, the MALOOFS', to help finance the KINGS new arena. And finally after working on the KINGS New ARENA Project K.J. and the MALOOFS' got the approval 7-2 in their favor for the KINGS and the City of SACRAMENTO to get the KINGS New Digs.

Now K.J. went from HS STAR Student-Athlete to, CAL Berkeley Basketball Star, to NBA ALL-STAR,,to helping revitalize his Hometown of Sacramento, to Mayor of Sacramento, to help keeping the KINGS in their rightful place......and the BLUEDUDE said all that in 24 SECONDS.

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