Monday, November 5, 2012

SUNDAY TALK...PANTHERS and CAM were HOMECOMING for 'SKINS at least on the GAME PROGRAM...NEWTON gets ADVICE from FAMOUS Neighbor...WHAT?..PANTHERS Game Day News and CAM'S Apartment Complex News....Haha

I don't know if I have eve heard of an NFL Team putting the Words "Homecoming" on a Game Day Program but it happened.

The Panthers got a Hold of the Game Day Program vs the Washington Redskins and if they hadn't hit Rock Bottom yet the 'Skins Program let them know in Skins Nation they did. Yes the 'Skins was honoring 10 Great Redskins Players but they could've put that on the Inside of the Program. Still the Whole Ordeal came off to the Panthers as your in the Homecoming Game and Homecoming Bit whether you like it or not.

The Panthers said they were motivated and rightfully so as Grown Men in the NFL and maybe they can use this Situation and this W to start heading North in the Win Column. If the Redskins were smart what they should have put "10 "Skins Greats come Home" but little id they know they way they worded it got them an Angry Carolina Panther Bunch.

As for Cam Newton struggling he has been getting Words of Wisdom from a Famous Neighbor of his and how to handle the Situations in his Sophomore Campaign and the Locker Room. The Famous Air Jordan...arguably the Best ever to lace them up in the Logo and Larry O'Brien and Family lived in Chicago for Six Years in Two Sets of 3 Years. How 'nbout that usually you have a obnoxious Neighbor, a Professional-Like unassuming Neighbor, or even in Neighbor in Cam's Case you need to run her Trash and help her get the Groceries with," You one to come over sometime for a Glass of Vino" Neighbor...them the Ones the Bluedude adores. But to have Michael Jeffrey in his Ear Drums is as good as it gets. If anyone is reading this an can get to both tell them the Bluedude needs Jordan 11's in Cool Grey size 12.5 and from Cam a Signed on the Back Authentic White Jersey. Also thinking about moving to Queen City, NC what Building is that and what Floor are you on and it sounds Expensive?      
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