Monday, November 5, 2012

EAGLES take a RIDE in the Big V12 S600...the Mercedes-Benz Superdome to take on #GEAUXsaints and Mr. BREES...could we see BIRDS Rook QB FOLES and 25 Carries for SHADY?...BREES will throw for 400 thats a Given Equation...MNF NFL Week 9...This Game looked like a Burner in August...#PHIvsNO

This game when the Monday Night Sunday Schedule came out looked like a Burner with the NFC East and NFC South on the Line. It has quickly turned into what's the Eagles next move on the Game Board. For Who Dat Nation the Cloud of the Bounty, a Horrific D, and Commish Roger That has been a Bad Dream and even some good Cajun Voo Doo of a Roger That Doll can't get rid of that Bad Taste around NOLA. Stick Pins in him anyway Who Dat Nation and he will be dancing in his Office.

November 5, 2012
@ Big S600...the Mercedes-Benz Superdome "Home of #47"

BIRDS of the Linc @ #GEAUXsaints Nation and NOLA

EAGLES to Win: Where do we start with Handy Andy Reid? How about the Defensive Coordinator Castillo let go and he took a #8 Ranked D with him? Vick replaced by incumbent Nick Foles of Desert Swarm? Owner Jeffrey Lurie where are you at while all this is going on? C'Mon Eagles this isn't Waka Flocka and a Party....

Look the Eagles Offense isn't that Bad its the Turnovers its no more complicated than that. The Eagles are ranked 28th in Points Scored not good. But 13th in Passing and 11th in Rushing and 14th in Total Yards should land you at least a few W's North of .500. Give Shady McCoy the Pigskin and Andy and Marty stay the H*ll out the Way. Call Run Run after you put Desert Swarm Rook QB Foles in. D-Jack 10, Mac Attack Maclin, and Magnum P.I. Celek do what it do and run free in them Streets of NOLA with No Umbrellas in your Drink...looking for Pay Dirt Only.

That Defense that was playing under now Fired Coach Juan Castillo is now worse as he was holding the Unit together. The Morale is really low in the Eagles Locker Room and forget Suicide Watch the Whole Outfit is on Sunday Watch and keep playing Boys or you will be Gone too. Can they stop Brees because what the Saints have been going through they will not feel sorry for the Birds. C'Mon Eagle get on a Run for Cheese Steaks Heaven (Pat's, Geno's, Tony Luke's n more), the Broad Street Nation...Sixers, Bullies on Ice, and Phightin' Phils, and do it for Rocko and Adrian dammit. Play for Each Other and play for Bird Nation as the NFC East Winner might only need 9 Wins #RealTalk

WHO DAT to Win: You put the Saints D with the Birds D and what do you get..a Mix of National Lampoon's "Sunday Defenses GONE BAD" and the Waterboy starring Bobby Bouche. Having said all of that the Saints are not going anywhere but #9 will continue his Felony Assault on the NFL Record Books (Felony c'mon Bluedude this is a Family Show..I Know I Know I Know). The Saints still have a Prolific Passing Attack led by Moore, Henderson, Sproles, and Colston along with Big Red of NOLA...TE Jimmy Graham. That Run Game has the potential to get going vs the Eagles Tonight with Ingram and Thomas. The Saints if they start to have Fun they might put up a 1K Tonight by Ground as when #9 has the Pigskin they deliver Same-Day Air only. Birds get to #9 or the Philadelphia Daly or Enquirer won't be nothing nice on Martes.

Saints Defensively they were on Career Builder and Linked In the lat Few Weeks looking for Athletes and they called the Mad Hatter up the Road in Baton Rouge asking for MLB Minter, SS Reid, and DEs Mingo and Montgomery of the Death Valley Contingent the NCAA said no. Heck they had 'Bama coming up so No Deal...and lost. Can the Saints stop Shady McCoy and if Vick is playing he has o light up that Saints Defense that is not good at any level but Safety. The Sunday Royalty of Jenkins and Harper are the only Saints that could play on any Defense on Sunday in 2012. The Saints almost have the same Issues as the Eagles D and there could be some Major Fireworks in the Dome Tonight.

Winner:  SAINTS 44-38 as they have a Shootout with No Turnovers but it turns into a 7 on 7 they pus an Umbrella in the Defenses forget the Umbrella in the Drink.
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