Monday, November 5, 2012

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 39...#BlazerMania Rookie Point God DAMIAN LILLARD joins the BIG O...BEARS D the Sunday TAKEAWAY Machine...LA Coliseum Crime Scene...QUACK ATTACK hits MEN of TROY with a 60 Piece and gave up a 50 Piece #KenjonBarnerShow

Bluedude Sportstalk Sports Shorts is back and this week talking Rip City Blazer Rookie Point God Damian Lillard of Weber State taking the Logo by storm. The Monsters of the Midway Defense is their calling and the last time they won the Lombardi the game was is Nawlins....Uh-Oh. Last but not least is it Fair to say that the Oregon Ducks Football Team could have a Higher Scoring Average than the Oregon Ducks Basketball Team as they put Sixty up on the Men of Troy in L.A..

Everyone was taking Shots like he doesn't play anyone in that Conference and wait until he sees the Big Boys. Is he ready to make the Jump to playing the Best in the World? How about this take there are Players all over the World and you don't have to play at a Major University in a Major Conference to get to the Logo....right?

Rip City Blazers 2012 Lottery Pick Point Guard and Weber State Alum Damian Lillard has opened every ones Eyes as he did in NBA Summer League Play in Sin City. Lillard's Averages as we go to press...21.3 ppg, 9 helpers, 4 boards, and 1 theft. He led the Sin City Summer League he liked all scorers with a 26.5 pgg , 5 helpers, and 4 boards per with jaw-dropping moves and play. If that's not enough for you Lillard is One of Two Players ever in the Logo that have averaged 20 ppg and 7 helpers in their 1st Three NBA Games in their Career and the other player he joins wasn't too bad in the "Big O" Oscar Robertson of Indianapolis, Indiana's Crispus Attucks HS by way of University of Cincinnati.  More to come from the 2012-13 NBA Rookie of the Year...and yes the Bluedude has moved on to another Category.

The Monsters of the Midway continue their Onslaught on Opposing Offenses as they lead Sunday with 28 Takeaways. The Bears aren't led by Backers Urlacher and Briggs or DE Peppers but their Two Corners in "Peanut" Tillman and Mr. Jennings Da Bears Edition not the East Tennessee State Keith Mr. Jennings of the Buccaneer Hoops Team. Peanut leads the Bears with 7 Forced Fumbles (including 4 vs Titans Yesterday) and Jennings leads Sunday with 6 Picks. The Bears have been dominant and watching the Game vs the Titans Yesterday its nothing like having Fun and your Opponent realizes it's over before the 1st Commercial Break.

Crime Scene... South Central LA...LA Coliseum...Home of the 1984 Summer games and Men of Troy Football Team...Suspects QUACK ATTACK vs Victims  TROJANS

Did anyone see the Oregon Ducks put Men of Troy Coach Lane Kiffin and his Pops (USC's Defensive Coordinator) in their Place on Saturday Night in L.A.. The Football Gods will humble you if you think your Bigger than any Logo. Maybe its the Rocky Top Gods that were playing with the Quack Attack on Saturday. The Ducks put up 62 Points on the Trojans and 34 of that was by the Half. Oh Swoosh University has went Innovative with the Major College Football Scene along with them Scooby Doos. Not to be outdone the Trojans scored 51 and 24 of their Points was by Half.

The Stat of the game was Men of Troy QB Matt Barkley throwing for 484 Yards but it was the Quack Attack RB Kenjon Barner (pictured right) and his 321 Rushing Yards o 38 Carries for an Average of 8.4 Yards per Tote and 5 in the Men of Troy End Zone. Barner has put his Name in the NYC Downtown Athletic Clubs Annual Trophy Giveaway to the Nations Most Outstanding Player.

As for the Trojans and Matt Barkley they move to a disappointing 6-3 and the Ducks are on Target for a possible Date with the Crimson Tide, Fighting Irish, or K-State Wildcats and Heisman QB Hopeful Collin Klein.    

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