Saturday, November 3, 2012

MONSTERS of the MIDWAY travel to Music City to corral CJ2K...LIONS travel to J'VILLE with a injured MEGAtron...SUPER MARIO tries to Circle the Wagons in RELIANT vs AFC's Best...his former Team the TEXANS...Week 9 Early Slate 1pm ET

The Remaining Games of the 1pm ET Early Slate the Bears invade OPRY Land USA to stop CJ2K and all that Sub 4.2 40 Yd Dash Speed. The Bills try to slow down the Texans after a Texans Bye Week in Rocket City Texas as it is the return of Super Mario. MEGAtron is injured as he was limited in Practice all week with limited Participation and Jags Nation slow down that doesn't mean the Flood gates will open up for you on Sunday.

Early Slate 1pm ET
November 4, 2012

Da BEARS @ TITANS and CJ2K's House

The Bears have that Monster of a D and the Titans have been scoring with an Old  CJ2K back. The Titans Loss last week hurt but in a Wide-Open AFC the Titans just have to keep putting them in the Win Column. Facing the Bears though the Odds are stacked against like a Wall of SH*T Paper at Walmizzle on an End Cap.

Bears Offense needs to step up on the Road as they ned to quit relying on the D. Cut and Marshall have been the City of Big Shoulder's Cape Crusaders but keep putting them in the Left Column the Win Column and get that 1st Round Bye has to be the Plan with Chi City Navy and Orange. Can the Titans score on the Bears? Can the Titans also stop the Bears Offense that can sometimes have all Cylinders running.

Winner: Da BEARS 31-13...that D has 22 Playing on it with No Flags and CJ2K says enough is enough.


The Worse Case Scenario for the lions is a Hurt MEGAtron and with WR Burleson on IR the Madden 2K13 Plot Thickens. Is it the Curse that has finally hit the Lions or is it Sunday Football? Lions Nation you tell the Bluedude what it is. With a Win the Lions could put themselves at .500 with 8 to go. The Lions D has no Pocket Hercules to worry about so can they just play tough Hard-Nose D and get a W? Yes....

The Jags almost beat the Packers in Lambeau showing once again this isn't Major College Football and if you don't do your Homework during the Week you will take an L vs anyone. Can the Jags win of course they can they have 53 NFL Players. Will they win well the Lions playing like they have been playing in 2K12 Yes they Can....

Winner: LIONS 20-19 as they ned a last Second FG and they get to .500 with 8 to play....

BILLS and Super Mario vs Area 99 and the TEXANS

Super Mario (Bills DE Mario Williams) of the Bills said he wanted to resign back with the Texans but they didn't want them. So what does Player do when he comes back to the Scene of the Crime where his Former Team drafted him #1 and now they don't want him...Show Out.  Super Mario create Havoc and Dominate because you have been Non-Existent since you cane over to the Bills. QB Fitzpatrick can help you if the Bills cam muster any Points on the board vs the Texans D.

The Texans come off the Bye Week and they know Super Mario is over there and the Player that has replaced him JJ Watt is the Sunday Leader in Sacks. He isn't going to lay down either and the Texans D will not miss a Beat on Sunday. Can the Bills Spiller and Jackson match the Texans Arian Foster on the Ground?

Winner: TEXANS 38-17 as Watt and Company dominate from Opening Kick Off...


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