Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 NHL Winter CLASSIC.....ALEXANDER the GREAT vs KID CROSBY....RUSSIA vs CANADA...... at Pittsburgh's HEINZ FIELD

The National Hockey League Started this event a few years back.......and it is one of the best in WORLD.........the NHL'S WINTER CLASSIC.

This year's Classic features the two faces of the NHL in Alex " ALEXANDER the GREAT" OVECHKIN of the Washington CAPITALS and SIDNEY " SID the KID" CROSBY of the host Pittsburgh PENGUINS.

The CAPS come in having won 2 in a row but 4-4-2 in their last 10 games but have 49 points which is 4th best in the NHL only behind the PENS, HOCKEYTOWN USA( REDWINGS), and the new BROAD STREET BULLIES (FLYERS).

The PENS come in with a league best 53 points and 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. The PENS have enjoyed their new ice, CONSOL ENERGY Center and have gotten good play for the most part from Goalie Marc-Andre FLEURY.

The CAPS have had lapses everywhere and this is not the same team the PENS faced last year. Defensively they have been a nightmare of such at times and they will have no shot at LORDS Stanley CUP if the Defense stays the same.

Both teams are primes though to make a run after the All-Star Game and have the 2 brightest and most popular stars in the NHL and probably the hockey world.

Let's look at how ALEX and SID size up so far this season........

The KID in 39 games
32 goals 33 assists 65 points and a +/- of 20

ALEX the GREAT in 39 games
14 goals 28 assists 42 points and a +/- of 11

As you see ALEX is on Career Lows from a scoring perspective and the KID is just flat-out consistent and is one of the more smoother scoring forwards you will ever see in the game today.

This is a must see event and from the latest weather forecast a little rain is expected but with #8 and #87 out there..........that won't stop this one from being a good one.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

BEARS @ PACKERS...will it mean anything for BEARS?...STEELERS try to hold #2 Seed....COWBOYS play spoiler to EAGLES...NFL WEEK 17

Here we go the last week in the NFL......WEEK 17.....and there are still some things to be decided from Divisional Champs to Wild Card seeds.

Teams that are already in the PLAYOFFS have to decide do they play it out with the STARTERS or do they rest some key players and veterans. BEARS clinched 1st round bye but if they don't beat the PACKERS the PACK is in and might see them again.

The STEELERS have to beat the BROWNS to win the DIVISION and if they don't and the RAVENS win........the BIG CRABCAKE Boys are the AFC North CHAMPS and get 1st round bye.

The NFC East is still up for grabs as the EAGLES host the COWBOYS in a must-win situation and the G-MEN and BUCCANEERS have to win and are in the vulnerable position of needing help.

CRUCIAL Games and CRUCIAL Scenarios for NFL WEEK 17 Games.......let's take a look:


1. MIAMI @ PATS: Nothing like playing one of your rivals when one has nothing to play for.....being the PATS. The DOLPHINS and Coach Sporano need to win and have to get help to get in. The urgency part of it has been in play the whole month of December for the 'FINS and for most November. The PATS on the other hand are trying to stay sharp as the AFC Playoffs have to go through FOXBORO and knowing Belichek he is not going to let his foot off the gas for anyone.

2. BUCS @ WHO DAT?: The biggest win of the year for the SAINTS and the one that might vault them into winning the NFC again was at ATLANTA last Monday in the BIRDCAGE. BREES and Company showed a lot of resiliency and to beat the BEST RECORD in the NFC at their place tells a lot. Greg ROBINSON and SAINTS D also looks like they have found their stride and that doesn't bode well for the remaining SAINTS Opponents. The BUCS NEED to WIN and need to some help but if you would have told the GLAZERS and Coach Raheem Morris that they will be playing for a PLAYOFF Spot in January they would all be ecstatic. The BUCS are young but hanging in their behind their young Brash Coach and SUPERSTAR in the MAKING QB Josh FREEMAN. This game will come down to who wants it the most and if the BUCS come out on top it would not surprise the BLUEDUDE and you shouldn't be surprised either.

3. PANTHERS @ DIRTY BIRDS: The PANTHERS are just trying to finish the Season strong for the PANTHERS all-time winningest coach John FOX. They have had injury issues and personnel blunders this season but to Fox's Credit they have played well on Defense and that 2-headed monster in the backfield just couldn't stay healthy enough. The FALCONS are a Super Bowl Contender even after losing last week at home to the rival SAINTS. Sometimes losing like they did is a good thing for teams to get back to the BASICS and understand that it is still a diligent process and never ending work to get that LOMBARDI Trophy. THE FALCONS have everything in tact to make a run and they should be one of the FAVORITES to get to BIG D.

4. VIKINGS @ MOTOR CITY: One TEAM seems to be going SOUTH and another slowly coming NORTH. The VIKES have had a terrible season and the Brett FAVRE experiment finally blew up in their face. But now the VIKES have to put that in the PAST and try to reload quickly as AGE seems to be catching up with them. The LIONS and COACH SCHWARTZ have styed the course and if there is a 2011 Season the LIONS will be a factor in the NFC and NFC North. Rookie Sensation DT Ndamakong SUH is a stud and the LIONS will have another high pick to go along with the NUCLEUS of SUH, STAFFORD, "MEGATRON" Calvin JOHNSON, and Jahvid BEST. The FUTURE has never looked brighter for the LIONS and I give them the edge in this match-up.

5. RAIDERS @ ARROWHEAD: The CHIEFS are a runaway train and when you are that young in key position and run the ball like they do that spells " NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY YOU IN THE PLAYOFFS". Coach Todd HALEY has put together one of the best coordinator tandems (CRENNEL and WEIS ex-PATS Coordinators under BELICHEK) as I call the CHIEFS the PATRIOTS of the WEST. They will cause big problems with the teams from a DUEL THREAT at anytime with young, explosive athletes like BOWE, CHARLES, MOEAKI, and McCLUSTER. The RAIDERS have had for the most part a pretty good season and RB Darren McFADDEN has finally blossomed into what the RAIDERS thought he would be from Day 1. The SILVER and BLACK for the most part are on their way back and still have a slight chance of getting in but need major help.

6. BILLS @ NY Football JETS: REX RYAN just rest your key players after you have the game won....BILLS make the J-E-T-S play this one out and don't let them off the hook. BILLS have made some positive strides this year and QB play has been a problem for them but FITZPATRICK is a good fit now lets get some play makers on both sides of the BALL to be a factor in the AFC East. JETS need to fine tune a DEFENSE that is starting look average at best and they need something positive to happen going in so REX win one by any means necessary.

7. BENGALS @ the Big CRABCAKE: The BENGALS have to key decisions to make.........CARSON PALMER........CHAD OCHOCINCO...that's the start of it and since owner MIKE BROWN won't fire himself they need to pull a rabbit out of the hat to be smart in the upcoming draft and quit taking chances .....IE ALABAMA OT Andre SMITH...and the funny thing BAMA Coach SABAN kinda warned teams about him and his practice habits...........DAMN Bungles. The RAVENS need to win and hope that the BROWNS send them an early 2011 XMAS Present. The RAVENS are a Super Contender and Ray LEWIS and Ed REED are getting close to calling it BMORE needs to ride this wave to their 2nd LOMBARDI behind Leader and FRANCHISE STAR LEWIS.

8. STEELERS @ DAWG POUND 2K10: WATCH OUT browns don't like you because you win all the time....2......2 LOMBARDIS in the last 5 years.....BROWNS last one in 1964 behind JIM BROWN and Lou " THE TOE'"GROZA.....and Big BEN is from OHIO and has had some well-documented problem off the field. Having said all this the STEELERS might have to play SAFETY and perennial All-Pro Safety Troy " HEAD & SHOULDERS" POLAMALU. The STEELERS can ill afford to give the RAVENS a week off and have to play the 1st week and then probably go to BALTIMORE to win again. The BROWNS are moving in the right direction and QB McCOY and RB HILLIS will be a factor and BROWNS played the RAVENS last week tough for 30 minutes............not thinking they have to go out their for the other 30 minutes...........this could be a MAALOX Special.

4:15PM ET

9. JAGS @ TEXANS: WOW.............two words.....expectations and you know the Stories of the 2010 JAGUARS and TEXANS. It started for the TEXANS around week 5 and for the JAGS 2 weeks ago as they could not make enough plays to put the COLTS out in INDY. Now the JAGS need to win and need help and the TEXANS and Coach Greg KUBIAK need to part ways because the talent is in H-TOWN but I think they need to hear another voice.

10. COWBOYS @ the LINC: Don't Tell the BLUEDUDE the EAGLES are going to blow this one too. The Game vs the VIKES last TUESDAY was a SHOCKER and the EAGLES are officially on the ANDY REID WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR US LATELY CLOCK. If the EAGLES lose this one.....the FANS have who to blame?.......DONOVAN........yeah I said it.....The New-COWBOYS march into the LINC beating to a different drum as in the " FULL GEAR PRACTICING in the MIDDLE OF THE SEASON JASON GARRETT" who for the most part has changed the CULTURE real quick in Big D and Jerry has to be Happy as he will give a token interview to meet the quota and probably give the job to GARRETT. Watch for "CHUCKY" ex-BUCS Coach John GRUDEN to be the dark horse in this search.

11. NY Football GIANTS @ FED EX: And the CIRCUS will come to a close for THE REDSKINS and I hope they make the right decisions and get rid of they have to get rid and I am talking not just players. The GIANTS need to win and then watch how everything plays out. Is this COUGHLIN last run as G-MEN'S Head DUDE?......we will see.

12. TITANS @ LUCAS OIL: TITANS and Jeff FISHER have to iron out some things after the season and the TITANS for the most part have thrown in the towel. The COLTS on the other hand have to treat this one like a PLAYOFF Game and if they do they will win this one going away. No AFC Team wants the COLTS in round 1...NO ONE

13. CHARGERS @ DENVER: 2 Questions.......Will BOLTS QB Phillip RIVERS win the NFL MVP?,,,,,,,,,,and can Broncos QB Tim TEBOW play well enough to get a W for the second straight week?


15. BEARS @ LAMBEAU: PACKERS have everything to play for and so do the BEARS......... kinda sort of. The PACKERS win they are in and AARON RODGERS is the TRUTH and with the best WR/TE combo in the LEAGUE you do not want them in the PLAYOFFS. Having said that the BEARS need to play them like they are also fighting for a PLAYOFF Spot and need to put the PACK out so they will not see them anymore. And if any of these teams need pointers on playing a team for the 3rd time in a season.......ask the RAVENS or is not COOL.

16. RAMS @ SEAHAWKS: SIMPLY PUT............RAMS Win they are in.....SEAHAWKS Win they win the tiebreaker they are in....this is big for both organizations to move forward and have an impact on the young guys.

BLUEDUDE will be fun to see how all this plays out.........will have PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS NEXT WEEK

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

QB Joe WEBB and the Purple People eat thru a Cheesesteak and the EAGLES....PHILLY also loses 1st Round Bye for the PLAYOFFS....BEARS get 1st Round BYE

Chicago BEARS Fans had Christmas twice in a span of 4 days as the Rival VIKINGS beat the Host EAGLES at the LINC and take away a 1st Round Bye and maybe no Home Playoff Games from the EAGLES.

VIKES QB Joe Webb who said he grew up watching MIKE VICK out dueled the EAGLES QB on his way to a 17 for 26 and 195 yards passing with a rushing TD. Not to be left out ALL DAY Adrian PETERSON had 22 carries for 118 yards and a score while WR Percy "I LIVE IN PERCYLAND" HARVIN had 7 catches for 100 yards and the EAGLES D had no answer for this 3-headed monster all night.

The VIKINGS Defense just showed up for this one and the EAGLES and VICK could never get on track on both sides of the BALL. Now the EAGLES face what they didn't want to face hosting a WILD CARD game and then having to go on the Road the next 2 playoff games to get to the Super Bowl.

The GIANTS, PACKERS, and BUCCANEERS all benefit from the EAGLES huge loss and now there is more work to be done in the NFC in WEEK 17.

A bigger question now for the CHICAGO BEARS do they rest some key starters for the game at LAMBEAU that if the PACKERS win they are in or does Coach Lovie SMITH and the Boys play it out.

If I were the BEARS I would probably leave out #90, #54, #55, and #46 on Defense and maybe even rest CUTLER for the Home Playoff 2nd round game....INTERESTING STUFF THAT WILL PLAY OUT FOR WEEK !7 in the NFL.....STAY TUNED

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

WHO DAT? Nation goes into the BIRDCAGE in ATLANTA and hand the DIRTY BIRDS their 1st Home Loss of the SEASON

There is always a mention of a Super Bowl hangover every time the DEFENDING Super Bowl Champs struggle the following season after the SUPER BOWL. The Pittsburgh STEELERS always have that hangover and it's a natural progression for most teams not to have the same season after a SUPER BOWL because TEAMS play at such a high level they don't seem to have enough gas for the next season.

When the SAINTS started off sluggish and TEAMS seemed to have figured out the SEAN PAYTON Scheme on Offense doubters quickly went to the Super Bowl Hangover but guess what?..............the SAINTS went into their rivals house, the BIRDCAGE home of the ATLANTA FALCONS, and held them to 14 points and beat them on a last minute drive. Now getting close to the NFL Playoffs teams want to be playing their best ball and the SAINTS look the part especially their Defense.

Led by Middle Linebacker and CAPTAIN of the SHIP Jonathan VILMA of the U, the SAINTS Defense might have found something and that doesn't bode well for their upcoming opponents. Last Year the SAINTS forced a lot of turnovers why the offense rarely had turnovers......that was the key to their Super Bowl Run in 2010. Now they have got back in sync at the right time the NFC Playoff Teams will take note and they will be a tough out.

Offensively QB Drew BREES did what he had to do and bouncing back from some devastating turnovers to come up big at the end. You would think on this day it would be Falcons QB Matt "MATTY ICE" RYAN that would fill this script but it was MR. BREES.

Now with everyone healthy and ready to make another run.......Coach Sean PAYTON ha to be excited about his chances as no one in the NFC wants these guys........WHO DAT? there gone beat them SAINTS

NOTE****The FALCONS are still in the DRIVER SEAT AS THEY BEAT THE PANTHERS IN WEEK 17 they will be NFC SOUTH Champs and Home Field Advantage throughout the NFC Playoffs. The SAINTS on the other hand have a tough one in Division rival TAMPA BAY and both need to win.

SAINTS are NFC SOUTH CHAPMS with a win and a FALCON LOSS and the BUCCANEERS simply have to win to get in the PLAYOFFS if they don't the door opens for the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS.

Monday, December 27, 2010

CHIEFS in Playoffs....1st time since 2003...PATRIOTS have home field throughout....RAVENS and JETS get in but looking Wild Card

The Kansas City CHIEFS stamped their ticket for the NFL PLayoffs with a convincing victory over the soon to be let go Head Coach Jeff Fisher of the TITANS. CHIEFS Coach Todd Haley has done a magnificient job of getting the young guys to buy in and has one of the better staffs in football from a coordinator standpoint.

The CHIEFS took care of business early with the CASSELL to BOWE connection and never let their feet of the gas. The TITANS are in disarray and they need changes and fast. Maybe starting with the HEAD COACH, QB, and a DEFENSE that is talented but struggled for most of the SEASON.

The CHIEFS are in and looks like they will host a PLAYOFF Game at ARROWHEAD........and this is a very dangerous team with the best Running Tandem in the game with Jamal CHARLES and Thomas JONES.

PATRIOTS made quick work of the Host BILLS as QB Tom BRADY extended his record to 8 games with at least 2 passing TD'S and no INT'S. New England has clinched Home Field Advantage throughout and when they have done this in previuos seasons , 2003 and 2008, they went to the SUPER BOWL.

Behind Joe FLACCO and BALLHAWK Himself, Ed REED, the Ravens did what they had to do in the DAWG POUND to get into the PLAYOFFS. They still need PITTSBURGH to lose the LAST GAME of the season at Cleveland to get a 1st round bye and a 2nd round home playoff game. ARe the RAVENS Dallas -Bound?......We will find out soon.

The J-E-T-S get into a track meet at cold Soldier Field and come up short with a 38-34 loss to the BEARS. the one bad thing for the JETS in this one is...WHERE has the Defense Gone?.....if they play D like this in the Playoffs it will be a quick exit for them. The Offense played well and made plays all day but the D made Bears QB Jay CUTLER look like Peyton Manning....that shouldn't happen.

Good NEWS...JETS get into playoffs still with a loss but will be on the road as they will most likely start in the Wild Card Bracket and the PATRIOTS and STEELERS will be waiting.......really.

The Detroit LIONS will be ready for the next season as the LIGHTS have clicked on for Coach JIM SCHWARTZ'S Group. The beat the DOLPHINS in M I A 34-27 and have played inspired ball coming down the stretch. DETRIOT has to be proud of the outlook of the New-LIONS for the Upcoming Season....if there is one.

There has been a TIM TEBOW siting in MILE HIGH. The BRONCOS were down 17-0 only to comeback and win the game 24-23 behind SUPERMAN Himself, TIM TEBOW. Tim threw for 16/29 308 yards 1 TD and 1 Int. Maybe Fired Head Coach JOSH McDANIELS knew what he was doing drafting why didn't his Dumb*** play him then?...........He doesn't know and either do we.....Broncos OWNER Pat Bowlen and staff have a lot of work to do to repair the DAMAGE left by McDANIELS......and IT IS A MESS.

Peyton MANNING was his usual self in beating the SILVER and BLACK in the BLACK HOLE 31-26. The RAIDERS had their chances late but for some reason couldn't get their ground game going. Now the RAIDERS are out and the COLTS need a win or JAGS loss to clinch the AFC South.

THAT AFC Wild Card Picture is looking like a 2nd pair of games........the STEELERS and PATS will have tough match-ups in the 2nd round.

AARON RODGERS and the PACK Offense looked like they have been holding back and now control their own destiny with a win next week vs the BEARS they are in. The GIANTS are still at the EAGLES Game where they still can't figure out what went wrong. Now they need to win in the last week and need some teams to lose.

This is a lose-lose situation when a team has to count on others to get into the PLAYOFFS.........Soon to fired Head Coach Tom Coughlin has to be SICK.

Raheem MORRIS and his BUCCANEERS still have a chance and they just need to control what they can control by winning their last game. The BUCS have played well all season and the future is promising.......but COACH Morris is saying the Future is now........and it maybe.

The PLAYOFFS will be exciting as you have one favorite in the PATRIOTS and a Plethrea of Teams that could get to DALLAS......Only time will tell.....or should I say..............the CREAM WILL NOT ONLY RISE TO THE TOP......BUT.......STAY AT THE TOP.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Big Time NBA GAMES on Christmas DAY.........HEAT @ LAKESHOW leasds the List followed by CELTS @ MAGIC......BULLS @ GOTHAM CITY

If you ask PHIL JACKSON and LeBRON JAMES if they liked playing on Christmas Day they would say no. But HEAT Coach SPO says if you are playing XMAS DAY you probably have a good team.

GO FIGURE..........Let's check out the SLATE for XMAS DAY:


BULLS @ MSG: NOAH is out......BOOZER is in......this will be a dandy with DERRICK ROSE playing the KNICKS in the GARDEN vs the STAT-Led KNICKERBOCKERS. These 2 teams might meet each other in the PLAYOFFS and nothing like seeing where your team is at before 2011. STAT vs C BOOZ 5 is worth the price of admission alone......throw in Derrick "POOH" ROSE and you should have a MAALOX Special BABY

WINNER: BULLS......ROSE goes Off...SPIKE goes NUTS and gets Technical foul

230PM ET

GREEN TEAM @ O MAGIC: A few days ago this was a blow ENTER Agent 0, HEDO, and J RICH......and O-TOWN we have lift off. The C'S on the other hand are what they are......THE BEST IN THE EAST UNTIL the BLUEDUDE sees otherwise. DOC RIVERS has his bunch playing at an all-time high and they have one goal and one goal only...........O'BRIEN TROPHY PERIOD. We will see what the MAGIC do first hand SATURDAY under the bright lights. Look for O MAGIC Coach Stan Van GUNDY to go to a line-up where he has Jameer Nelson on the ball, Agent 0 at the 2, J Rich at the 3, HEDO at the 4, and DWIGHT HOWARD, no longer SUPERMAN, and if the BLUEDUDE had a nickname for him from the Jump it sure in the Hell wouldn't have been that. Remember SUPERMAN has POST MOVES and who cares what you look like physically.....ARE YOU A HOOPER....DAWG?
WINNER: GREEN TEAM.....and the MAGIC better be ready or thy will get bullied in their NEW DIGS

500PM ET

MIAMI THRICE @ LAKESHOW: think the BLACK MAMBA had this one circled when WADE got his new CHAUFFEURS. This will be a dandy and don't down play this one because It means a lot to both teams.......TRUST ME........I know this is game 30 thirty something on the schedule and WHAT?...........Got D***** WHAT? It's goin' down and and whoever doesn't come to play SATURDAY will get embarrassed. The HEAT HAVE 3...and we know takes 5 right BIG TICKET?.....the LAKESHOW can come at you in waves n the BLUEDUDE is anxious to see that DEPTH vs a HEAT TEAM that goes probably 8 in a tight game.
So after all the morning festivities get you a glass of kool-aid, cup a JOE, Sifter of sauce, or a cool SPOT out the fridge ....and enjoy NBA HEADS............and you knew this was under the TREE months ago


NUGGETS @ OKC: MELO VS the DURANTULA....and that's then the BLUEDUDE will be knee deep in LEGOS.......cause that's what's in the building.

BLAZERS @ WARRIORS: going back to what COACH SPO said, " if you are playing on Christmas Day that means you are a GOOD TEAM", somebody out there explain this one.......HELL....the BLAZERS and WARRIORS don't want to play this one on CHRISTMAS.
WINNER: BLAZERS...because they have more players and the WARRIORS have MONTA ELLIS and ......uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

HAPPY HOLIDAY from the BLUEDUDE wishing you and yours a safe and great HOLIDAY

NOTE******for those of you not in BASKETBALL MODE....COWBOYS and CARDINALS play in the DESERT on CHRISTMAS NIGHT ....and you are probably thinking BLAZERS and WARRIORS.........same SH** BLUEDUDE.......MY BAD

Thursday, December 23, 2010

BEARS and FALCONS must win to stay atop NFC........COLTS, CHIEFS, and EAGLES in win-out mode to keep PLAYOFF BIDS ...NFL WEEK 16

Both teams atop the NFC, the BEARS and FALCONS, face key games to stay in bye week position in the NFC for the 1st round of the PLAYOFFS.

COLTS trying to hold off JAGUARS, CHIEFS holding off the always surging BOLTS, and the EAGLES still have the NY Football GIANTS in the rearview mirror.

These are just some of the scenarios in NFL WEEK 16...........SCHEDULE PLEASE:

820PM ET

1. PANTHERS @ STEELERS: BIG BEN and the STEELERS are in win out mode to stave off the RAVENS to keep their #2 seed for the Playoffs. POLAMALU will be out for the game but the STEELERS know this is a game they must win to stay in the HUNT for the BIG GAME in Big D. The PANTHERS will start rookie QB Jimmy Clausen who has a daunting task of going against Dick LEBEAU'S 3-4 zone-blitz scheme. Bottom line is that the IRON CITY knows what's at stake and after this game they won't play again until January 2, 2011.

730PM ET

2. COWBOYS @ CARDS: REALLY..........THE NFL gives us a treat huh..........check these games out too....... BULLS @ KNICKS......CELTICS @ MAGIC.......HEAT @ LAKERS.........NUGGETS @ THUNDER.......see what the BLUEDUDE is Cookin'.
WINNER: BULLS CELTICS LAKERS THUNDER....... BOYS' @ ARIZONA.......YALL have lost your mind...the GRICH set that game up me


3. LIONS @ MIAMI: THE DOLPHINS Playoff push took a real hit last week at home vs BILLS. Now they just have to win out and need a lot of help. The LIONS are just trying to finish strong for next season. Miami has only to blame themselves for losing that many games at home.

4. RAVENS @ DAWG POUND 2K10: THE Ravens better beware that the BROWNS will be ready and QB McCOY will be ready as well as RB Peyton HILLIS. If the RAVENS play their game of mix and match with FLACCO and RICE they should win this game going away. The BROWNS won't quit and their last 2 games are at home vs RAVENS and vs STEELERS......SPOILERS perhaps.

5. NINERS @ RAMS: The BATTLE for the NFC WEST Crown and that's it in this one. Both teams are going in different directions as the NINERS are in a 5-8 crunch with still something to play for. the RAMS have a had a good season under Coach Spags considering where they were last year at this time. Can Coach Singletary get the GOLD RUSH in the DANCE?.....only time will tell. RAMS QB BRADFORD is the real deal and the RAMS should be proud that they didn't waste that pick and are moving forward.

6. PATRIOTS @ BILLS: BILLS Coach Chan Gailey has the BILLS playing inspired football since Week 10 and the New BILLS will challenege the PATRIOTS. The PATS on the other hand will be working out the kinks and getting ready for the PLAYOFFS. This one going one of 2 ways. A good game for about a quarter or a complete Blow-OUT. If you can't decide it doesn't matter.....PATS all DAY.

7. REDSKINS @ J'VILLE: The DONOVAN McNABB-less Redskins are playing for what? their Coach, management, please somebody tell me and quickly......what a mess. On the OTHER hand JAGS Coach Del RIO is right there and must win out to keep in the midle of a possible Playoff Berth. The COLTS have to go to the Black anything goes. POOR have the WIZ and 'SKINS........and the boot.

8. NYJ @ BEARS: In one of the key games for WEEK 16...Can the BEARS show everyone they are an elite team by handloing the JETS? The Jury is still out and Rex Ryan beat the STEELERS and now can point his team in the right direction by beating the BEARS and hving the confidence to go through the AFC Playoffs. One thing is for sure the BEARS Defense is risin up and the JETS D is a shell of themselves...STEELERS had them on the ropes and SANCHEZ will not make the same plays vs URLACHER, PEPPERS, BRIGGS, and that stout Bears D. QB CUTLER finding his stride.....and for opposing Defenses...with Mike MARTZ behind him.......that's scary.

9. TITANS @ CHIEFS: It's SIMPLE.........CHIEFS just have to win the last 2 or the CHARGERS lose 1. I think the TITANS have laid down and said to themselves NEXT SEASON...PLEASE......If the CHIEFS run the ball like they have been and CASSELL doing his thing the TITANS have nio chance in this one. What a huge step this will be under the TODD HALEY Regime to get into the PLAYOFFS. And if they do get in ...Watch out........ the CHIEFS are a dangerous team just now scratching the surface.

405 PM ET

10. COLTS @ RAIDERS: SILVER and BLACK still are in the hunt but need help. This is a winnable game for them and the COLTS have to win the last 2 with the JAGS breathing right down their necks. The RAIDERS have that ground game and if the COLTS don't get their RUN Defense in order it could be a long day for the COLTS.

11. CHARGERS @ CINCY: RIVERS, JACKSON, and the CHARGERS D............BAD NEWS for MARVIN and Company


13. GIANTS @ PACKERS: The PACK still have a shot and with RODGERS playing the GIANTS need to be worried. The G-MEN have their own demons to deal with after the EAGLES DEBACLE.......we will see what time has enough in them to overcome all sorts of adversity to put this one in the LEFT COLUMN. I have to give it o ELI, he played well last week it's just that it's 60 minute ball game and the GIANTS as a whole let themselves down.

14. SEATTLE @ BUCS: This a huge game for both and the SEAHAWKS can still win the NFC WEST.......The BUCS took a hit vs the LIONS. The winner of this game will be still in the hunt either way. Saettle has QB issues that will go well past this season. the BUCS have a youth movement and will be a factor for years to come.

820PM ET

15. VIKINGS @ EAGLES: EAGLES just need to win the last 2 games and 12-4 might get them a bye in the 1st round. The VIKINGS are in shut down mode and they have a lot of problems as far as their roster moving forward. A lot of questions will be raised around WHO IS THE NEXT VIKES COACH? WHO IS THE VIKES NEXT QB? THE EAGLES still have a dangeroius DALLAS Team in WEEK 17 but these games are at the LINC.

830PM ET

SAINTS @ FALCONS: The BIRDCAGE will be rocking and if you have these tickets they are PRICELESS.......The SAINTS are trying to see if they are a legit team.Ravens last week exposed their Defense and the if the SAINTS do damage in the PLAYOFFS it will be on the Offensive end. The DIRTY BIRDS are flying and to stay ahead of the game from a confidence standpoint.......they need to win at home again and if they do convincingly...the SAINTS will have to pick themselves off the grass...literally......maybe the best game of the YEAR....EAGLES, BEARS, and GIANTS will be watching.


ARI @ 9ERS maybe

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The well-traveled Larry BROWN makes another exit.....this time leaving BOBCATS.....Phil and King James say NO XMAS NBA Games...Heat Coach SPO Explains

Finally after a long lengthy meeting with BOBCATS Owner Micheal Jordan about 2 weeks ago.......Head Coach Larry Brown has decided to step down and let someone else coach the BOBCATS.

An NBA LIFER, Brown has coached 12 NBA Teams in 38 years. He is the only coach to have won TITLES in the NBA and NCAA, the PISTONS and UCLA BRUINS, respectively.

Larry and MIKE have not sided on many things in the off-season and Larry was quoted as saying a few days before CAMP, " I died when RAYMOND Felton left for the KNICKS". This was after Mike, Larry, and Rod HIGGINS (BOBCATS GM) had conferred with Brown on how the team should look and do in the upcoming season.

So after a 9-19 start the BOBCATS will let PAUL SILAS get a shot as he resides close to the CHARLOTTE area and he just added JORDAN'S Best friend in Charles Oakley as the lead assistant.

I, the BLUEDUDE, have been saying this for years.......Everything starts at the top....and if the top doesn't know what it's doing...then it's a DOMINO effect.

In other words maybe the OWNER needs to self evaluate the brain trust.....because to me they are not put together as a playoff team.......and recent player moves in the last few years have been atrosious.

Lakers Coach PHIL JACKSON says he doesn't like playing on Christmas and the NBA should take note as he says this, " It used to be a game or maybe 2 games, one in the east and one in the west, now they will have 5 maybe 6 games this year It's like Christian Holidays don't mean anything to the NBA anymore".

Phil is right but you know its about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else. ABC and ESPN aren't stupid.........all those people at the house with family and friends....what else you going to watch....MASH Re-Runs all XMAS. They know everyone will be watching TV and why not give everyone a heavy DOSE of NBA GAMES.

KING JAMES says he agrees with PHIL and says, " If you ask any player in this league they woul tell you I would rather be home with my family and friends.......CHRITMAS is not just another HOLIDAY".

HEAT COACH ERIL SPOELSTRA shoots back and says something that makes sense and nothing but sense, " If you play with a team that doesn't never play on a HOLIDAY".............DAMN COACH SPO the BLUEDUDE couldn't have said it better.

In that case PHIL WILL NEVER GET XMAS OFF neither will KING JAMES because they coach and play on TEAMS that MATTER.

MAVS Forward passes Larry Bird on All-Time List......11 Ohio State Football Players suspended including QB PRYOR...UCONN Women get # 89

The Best DALLAS MAVERICKS Player of all time passed "LARRY LEGEND"( Larry Bird) for #25 on the NBA Scoring List at 21,798 BIRD was at 21,795.

The MAVS forward has made quite a leap since The BLUEDUDE witnessed first hand his 2nd year in the league every home game. And if someone would have told me that DIRK will pass the great LARRY BIRD on the Scoring List one day.....I would have told you.......YOUR A DAMN FOOL.....and DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION?......obviously this one got by me......and very few things do from an NBA Standpoint.

Mavs HEAD COACH Rick Carlisle was quoted after the GAME as saying, " I got a text message from Larry Bird as the GAme ended, saying to congratulate DIRK and he's always been a Huge FAN", and coming from LARRY that goes a long way not the most quotable guy in the LEAGUE.

CONGRATS the DIGGLER, the MAVS, the NBA, and GERMANY must be proud.........but their are more DUETSCHE MARKS to get DAWG....GO GET IT

A report out of COLUMBUS OHIO is stating that 11 OHIO STATE Football players including STAR QB Terrell PRYOR are being suspended indefinately for getting Tattoos at a parlor FREE..........WOW...........See that's why a say give them some kind of stipend and things like this wouldn't pop up.

Heck the PARLOR was probably shocked that they all came in and PRYOR included and being a huge BUCKEYES Fan said, "BOYS Line-Up its on me, OH, and Don't tell anyone".......YEAH RIGHT......18-21 year know they will tell at least a few ladies on campus that they got that COOL TATTO FREE.......want to see it......HOLLA

GENO AURIEMMA and his UCONN HUSKIES WOMEN'S Team won their 89th stright game and passes the LEGEND of WESTWOOD JOHN WOODEN'S UCLA Teams for that feat.

I know you could argue that we are comparing MENS and WOMENS Basketball but the fact of the matter is that is a feat that probably no one thought anyone would get close to on the Collegiate level anytime soon.

Having said that BIG UPS to the UCONN'S Womens Basketball Team and get a few more to put the record way out of reach....GO LADY are the SHOW

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MAVS march into MIAMI n beat the HEAT 98-96...The MAVS might have found something....that something is Center TYSON CHANDLER.....22-5 3rd best in NBA

The Dallas MAVERICKS were not real active in the 2010 free-agency period but MAVS GM DONNIE NELSON is definately looking like he is the frontrunner for NBA EXEC of the year.

The MAVS are a league 3rd best 22-5 only behind the CELTICS and SPURS and are doing it with a mix of veterans anchored by the ageless one, Point Guard, JASON KIDD.

LAst Night's game at MIAMI the MAVS showed they can pplay with anyone at anytime and handling the HEAT'S Big 3 with no problem. Also the MAVS have that one guy down the stretch that all Potential Title teams need in 7' Forward DIRK NOWITZKI.

It's not surprsing that the MAVS are off to s goo start but no one expected them top be playing at such a high leveel this early in the season. They are real deep and can come at you in waves with 6 NBA all-star type players.

The ANCHOR to all this is Center TYSON CHANDLER. He brings the MAVS a Defensive Presence in the lane as well as a huge threat in transition. He also take a load off of Dirk as far as rebounding and defending a lot of the better BIGS in the League. This pickup might be the best pickup this season to date for what he means to the MAVS and the MAVS Opponents.

Lets take a close look at the MAVS ROSTER:

Jason KIDD



That roster doesn't look like a 22-5 team or does it.....throw in Rick CARLISLE and his staff the MAVS will be there in the long run in the WEST and will be a factor in the race to the WESTERN CONFRENCE Throne.

NOTE:*********DALLAS is lucky to have one of the TOP 5 Owners in all of Professional SPORTS in MARK CUBAN.......Good Luck MAVS in the 2010-2011 Season

BEARS and JETS have winning football in Week 15 thus catapulting them up in the WEEK 15 Power Rankings....PATS n FALCONS top the Poll

WEEK 15 saw the NY Football JETS make a move as well as the CHICAGO BEARS into the NFL Playoff Picture. PATRIOTS and BEARS are the only teams that have won their respective Divisions and the BEARS are looking to get a 1st Round Playoff Bye like the PATRIOTS.

Teams that hurt their chances of making a playoff run are in the State of FLORIDA being the JAGUARS and the DOLPHINS.

The NY Football GIANTS could not hold a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter to lose against their Rival, the Philadelphia EAGLES. Now the EAGLES are in the drivers seat with 2 games to play.

The KC CHIEFS are holding on for dear life against the always late surging CHARGERS in the AFC WEST.

Let's take a close look at the BLUEDUDE'S NFL Week 15 Power Rankings:

1. PATRIOTS: They were looking right over the MATT FLYNN-led PACKERS and were almost snake bitten. For the First time in weeks the PATS look vulnerable on Defense and Brady and the Offense struggled at times. I know they are the Super Bowl favorite.....but they can be beat in GILLETTE.

2. FALCONS: Business as usual......they slapped the SEAHAWKS in every which way now the SAINTS come marching in for a playoff tune-up instead of a Divisional Crown Game thanks to the RAVENS. The NFC will have to go through the BIRDCAGE and the Dirt BIRDS are almost unbeatable their.

3. STEELERS: Yeah they lost to the positive if it is such is that HEAD and SHOULDERS, Safety Troy POLAMALU, didn't play and the STEELERS D becomes a top 10 instead of a top 3 when he is not in their. The STEELERS might have fixed some of their REd ZONE Issues vs the JETS. Now the PANTHERS at Heinz on a short week shouldn't be a problem and @ DAWG POUND in week 17 will be tough.

4. EAGLES: Only the EAGLES can explode for 28 points in a little over 7 minutes left in a game to win the game. The EAGLES still are trying to cover up a glaring weakness that could spell gloom and doom for them.........THE INJURY-TORN Defense.......NO D.....NO BIG D..........RIGHT.

5. RAVENS: Even though they showed an explosive offense......the RAVENS will have to stop someone sooner or later or else.....FLACCO shows flashes but the real achilles heel is that defense that looks little worn down at times this late in the seasson.

6. BEARS: Smashed the VIKINGS on Monday Night and now get a Playoff-like battle from the visiting JETS on SUNDAY. Bears QB Jay CUTLER looks the part for once and the BEARS D is reverting back to the MONSTERS of the MIDWAY. They need a test like the JETS to see if they can beat a one-time Super bowl favorite this late in the SEASON.

7. SAINTS: BREES and Company played the RAVENS well an should have won the game.......the good thing is that the Offense has found themselves....the bad thing is the Defesne is not creating turnovers and getting off the field at crucial times. WHO DAT? Nation will be tested Sunday at the BIRDCAGE in A T L vs the FALCONS. The MEASURING STICKS will be out in force for this one.

8. GIANTS: a tough loss to the EAGLES.....lets see if they bounce back at LAMBEAU this week after the ELI MANNING PLAYERS meeting Monday that brought some feelings out for a lot of GINATS Players. The GOAL is to get in the PLAYOFFS....its just a matter now of how do you get into the PLAYOFFS. The Packers will not be an easy out for the the NY Football GIANTS.

9. CHARGERS: TWO WORDS........CHIEFS Lose............and they are in. No one wnats to play these fools in the PLAYOFFS ....they will be playing with really nothing to lose and QB RIVERS, if he gets in the PLAYOFFS, will be on a mission.

10. CHIEFS: They just have to win out. Sunday's play @ STL was encouraging and now the CHIEFS look like they might finish out with a bang. A very Dangerous, young team that could give any AFC Team in the PLAYOFFS goose bumps. An emerging young defense, the #1 rushing attack, and WR DeWAYNE a PROBLEM.

11. JEST: Still not a beliver......yeah they beat the STEELERS without TROY, which means you played a top 10 defesne not a top 3. SANCHEZ made enough plays to win the game.....But 1 huge problem........STEELERS marched on the JETS Defense for 2 long drives and the JETS look like a shell of themselves on DEFENSE.......C'MON SEXY some more of that SH**....the BLUEDUDE isn't and won't but any of it. BEARS will put them back into Reality.


Monday, December 20, 2010


SAINTS QB Drew BREES became the 2nd NFL QB ever to pass for 4,000 yards and 30 Touchdowns in 3 staright seasons tying DOLPHINS Great QB Dan MARINO. BREES under the tutelage of one SEAN PAYTON has flourished in his system and to SPREAD the ball around like BREES does and not have one main target is jut phenomenal to say the least.

PATRIOTS QB Tom BRADY passes the Late and great DALLAS COWBOYS QB Don MEREDITH for 7 straight games with at least 2 touchdowns and no Interceptions. BRADY has led the new-look PATRIOTS to an NFL BEST 12-2 this season.

DeSean JACKSON of the Philadelphia EAGLES is the 3rd player ever to have a Touchdown Recieving, Running, and PUNT RETURN in in the same game his first 3 seasons. The funny thing is D-NICE is just getting started and the EAGLES Fans will enjoy this CAT doing his thing for years at the LINC.

Duke University Head Men's BAsketball Coach Mike KRZYZEWSKI, COACH K as the College Basketball world as be known to call him, ties the University of North Carolina Legend DEAN SMITH for 879 Wins. Coach hits this feat in his 36th Season as a head coach and two stops, ARMY and DUKE, his last stop.

Coach K can pass Dean SMITH on DECEMBER 29th @ UNC GREENSBORO at the GRENNSBORO Coliseum. If he passes DEAN that night up next with the record is Bob KNIGHT, The GENERAL, with 902 wins overall.

CONGRATS COACH K....well deserved

In the LAST 20 plus years in the NBA there have been 3 sure things: the regular season is 82 games.....there will be a champion at the end of the season......and JERRRY SLOAN will be the Head Coach for the UTAH JAZZ. Having said all that SLAON tied the Great PAT RILEY with 1,210 Wins, the 3rd most-ever by an NBA Coach.

Only the GREAT ONES get to that many wins in the ASSOCIATION.......only thing missing now for COACH is the elusive LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy......


NFL PLAYOFF Picture after Week 15...PATRIOTS and FALCONS #1 Seeds........all other seeds still there for the taking.

If the NFL PLAYOFFS were to start Today the PATRIOTS and FALCONS would be the #1 Seeds in their respective conferences. Not looking ahead all other Seeds after the #1 Seeds are still there for the taking.

The NFC Playoff Seeds after WEEK 15

1. FALCONS: Ryan and the Boys will be a tough out if the playoffs go through the BIRDCAGE in A T L
2. BEARS: Forget the beat down at the hands of the Patriots the BEARS Defense and offense rounding into to FORM

Both of these Teams above would have a bye the first week of the Playoffs and each would host a Second Round Game

3. EAGLES: We know who can't beat the EAGLES and right now the G-MEN would have to travel to the LINC
6. GIANTS: Huge loss to EAGLES at home Sunday.....Something tells me they will meet again soon.....G-MEN Rise UP

4. RAMS: The Lowest seed of the Divsion Winners....will be an early exit but good season and something to build on
5. SAINTS: Have bigger fish to fry.........looking ahead to face the BEARS in CHI CITY.......that would be a barn burner

Still in the RACE:
49ERS 5-9

THE AFC Playoff Seeds after WEEK 15

1. PATRIOTS: DOM CAPERS might have opened something for those 3-4 Defensive styles...I.E......the STEELERS
2. STEELERS: Lost a tough one vs JETS.........POLAMALU is the Difference maker....REDZONE O Looked good

3. CHIEFS: Closing strong on their first AFC West Crown in 5 a wild card game as of today
6. JETS: Need to build on win @ STEELERS......@ BEARS Sunday......a playoff-like test for the JETS n BEARS

4. COLTS: SCARY Team if they get one wants to see MAnning and one
5. RAVENS: If FLACCO can put up a lot of points they may get there...DALLAS that is.......D showing its age

Still in the RACE:

With a lot of Football yet to be played.......2-6 Seeds will probably be on the move.....all the way up to WEEK 17

JETS beat STEELERS...COLTS still #1 in AFC SOUTH...PATRIOTS get a scare from PACKERS... RAVENS top SAINTS....NFL WEEK 15

JETS Head Coach REX Ryan said earlier in the week he will see what his team is made of going to the #2 ranked AFC Team in the STEELERS. And he found out right away on the Opening Kickoff as the JETS Brad Smith went 97 yards for a score and that was the difference in the game.

The JETS Defense could not stop the Steelers at all and Big BEN and Company put a 74 yard drive and 96 yard drive together for scores. The STEELERS Defense played well but they are a top 10 Defense not a Top 5 without the services of Safety Troy Polamalu. The STEELERS did not get to SANCHEZ one time and the JETS ran the ball for over 100 yards on the Curtain.

Both teams, now 10-4, have to win out to keep their respective position in the Conference. Good news for STEELERS is that they clinched a Playoff spot and win the tiebreaker over the RAVENS, who are also 10-4, because of the Division records. STEELERS have to bounce back quickly on a short week with the PANTHERS coming to town on Thursday.

JETS will get tested again as they will Travel to the #2 Seed in the NFC the CHICAGO Bears on Sunday for another Big Game.

Remember when the TEXANS beat the COLTS in Week 1 and everyone was saying including the TEXANS, "THIS IS OUR YEAR". Well move up 14 weeks and who leads the AFC SOUTH....the COLTS. Where are the TEXANS?.......DEAD LAST and sinking like the TITANIC.

The JAGUARS came into Sunday's game a game up and came out flat against the COLTS and now face a possiblity of having to win out and need help from other teams.

The COLTS on the other hand have life and no one wants to see Peyton MAnning and the COLTS on Wild Card Weekend with all that experience the Blue and White posess. Both teams are 8-6 with 2 gams to play and the schedule kinda favors the COLTS.

No one thought that Packers QB MATT FLYNN would methodically move the ball down the field on the PATRIOTS and the PACKERS Defense would stand up to BRADY and his short passing game........and all the aformentioned worked until FLYNN turned it over with a PICK 6 for the PATRIOTS to seal it.

The PACKERS Defensive Coordinator DOM CAPERS had the PATS Offense off balance for the most part the whole game. Running a 3-4 like the STEELERS, the PACK might have the BLUEPRINT on how to slow down the PATRIOTS and BRADY.

Now the PATS go to 12-2 and have Home Field Advantage throughout the Playoffs and the PACKERS are hoping to get some help from the VIKINGS tonight and the JETS on Sunday against the Division leading BEARS.

Neither the RAVENS nor the SAINTS Defense could stop one another in a game that saw plenty of Offense. The RAVENS made the plays when they had to on both sides of the ball a key moments in the game.

Ravens, now 10-4, and sitting in the Catbird seat to host a wild card game, will try to win out and hope the STEELERS fall somewhere in these last 2 games to maybe get the AFC North Crown.

The SAINTS, also 10-4, were hoping to win a stay a game behind the FALCONS to set up a HUGE Divisonal Game between them and the FALCONS in the BIRDCAGE on SUNDAY in A T L. Now they just have to win the game to stay in the PLAYOFF hunt.

The MIAMI Dolphins took a step in the wrong direction and almost ruined their hopes of getting in the PLAYOFFS with a devastating loss at Home to the BUFFALO BILLS. Now the only 2 teams coming out the AFC EAST are the PATS and JETS.

Head Coach TODD HALEY and his CHIEFS did what they were suppose to do in winning at St. Louis to stay 1 game ahead of the surging CHARGERS. A combination of QB MATT CASSELL and th LEAGUES #1 running attack in Thomas JONES and JAMAL CHARLES spelled too much for the RAMS.

Coicindentally the RAMS and Coach SPAGS still are the Divison Leader in the Disml NFC WEST at 6-8 and the SEAHAWKS and NINERS still have a shot......STAY TUNED.

RAIDERS take care of TIM TEBOW and the BRONCOS and are now 7-7 with the COLTS coming to town on SUNDAY. The SILVER and BLACK are mathematically still in and a big win vs the COLTS could vault them into WEEK 17 with a WIN THEIR IN SCENARIO.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Was it the Punt Return?.......or the Onside Kick?......Vick and his magic?...or was it the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS stuck on stupid?

Ok the G-Men up 24-3 on the Philadelphia Eagles at the half at the New Meadowlands Complex. Then the NY Football Giants go up 31-10 after a fumble by Eagles WR DeSean Jackson with a little over 7 minutes to play in the game........GAME OVER RIGHT?....WRONG.

Enter Andy Reid and the EAGLES Will to win for the City of Brotherly Love and the Meadowlands Miracle and HERM EDWARDS.

First Vick hits TE Brad Celek over the middle for a 60 plus yard TD to close the game to 31-17 G-MEN. Still in the 4th quarter and the ensuing kickoff Eagles Kicker David Akers onside kick is recovered by the EAGLES. EAGLES BALL.

VICK and the EAGLES Offense then march down the field to narrow the score at 31-24 G-MEN on Vick's QB Sprint Left on the GIANTS Defense.

With about 3 minutes and some change left the Eagles get the ball back and face a 3 and 10 and #7 sprints out the pocket for a 35 plus yard gain the MEADOWLANDS is real quiet and the MIKE VICK Experience is in full effect mode.

With about 1:20 left Vick throws a 3-step out to WR MACLIN and he turns it into a 10 plus yard TD and the score is knotted at 31-31.........ARE YOU KIDDING ME? FOX Announcer JOE BUCK would say later on the DeSean Jackson Return.

The GIANTS get the ball and can't do anything with it and run the clock down to about :14 seconds. The Rookie Punter for the GIANTS was instructed reportedly to kick the ball out of bounds and the EAGLES would either have to go Hail Mary or take a knee and go into OT.

The GIANTS Punter fumbles the snap and gets nervous so instead of kicking it out he kicks it right to...........IT'S time to meet and greet the #1 Offensive Threat in football....out of LONG BEACH POLY way of CAL BERKELEY GOLDEN BEARS......time to put your hands together for..........DESEAN JACKSON........JACKSON goes to his left and fumbles the punt MIKE VICK said in the Press Conference......"I saw the low trajectory on the punt and said to myself.....I KNOW THEY ain't kicking to DESEAN"..............Desean then picks up the ball going to his right and goes right up the middle of the G-MEN'S Punt Coverage untouched for a 65 plus yard PUNT RETURN TD with no time on the clock....:00.........the EAGLES Sideline goes beserk......and the GIANTS Sideline and the NEW Meadowlands is in utter DISBELIEF.....and so was the BLUEDUDE.

Not since the MUSIC CITY MIRACLE has a game ended on such surprise and chaos....HATS OFF to the EAGLES for wanting it the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS........Pick up your BEHINDS and get ready for the PACKERS in won't be easy.

NOTE**** New PLAY for G-MEN........let ELI MANNING stand in Shotgun formation and have him PUNT the DAMN BALL you idiots.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Steelers Safety TROY POLAMALU will be out indefinitely with a strained Achilles and ankle. The STEELERS reportedly will not use #43 unless they have to to win the DIVISION. With the JETS on SUNDAY and tilts vs PANTHERS and @ BROWNS the STEELERS are in the drivers seat if they take care of business tomorrow.

In the COLLEGE BASKETBALL Shock of the season so far.......the University of Illinois-CHICAGO FLAMES beat the #14 Fighting ILLINI of ILLINOIS 57-54 at of all places....the UNITED CENTER, which is about a 1.5 mile from the UIC Campus. I am not a fan of ORANGE and NAVY and when are they really going to get a real coach and staff to stop top recruits from leaving CHICAGO. I know they have Jereme RICHMOND, Demetri McCAMEY, Brandon PAUL, and a host of players coming from the class of 2011, which is ranked one of the better classes in the US.

But lets look at this problem closer....they let players like this out of CHICAGO:
Derrick ROSE
Chasson RANDLE (Rock Island but Illinois kid) 2011

need I go further.......see what I am saying ....and they lose to UIC......and taking nothing away from the FLAMES and their Staff...but man to a way in hell BRUCE WEBER and his way DAWG u lose to them in the UNITED CENTER....and you did

LA CLIPPERS beat the BULLS and Derrick ROSE at the United Center 100-99 with the CLIPS rookie Sensation leading the CLIPS with 29 point and 12 rebounds. Derrick ROSE lead the BULLS with 34 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds.

BULLS struggled at times and look like they might struggle here for the better part of 8 weeks until NOAH comes back off of his injury. Getting 25 points and 4 rebounds from BOOZER and 17 points from DENG will not put them in the left column too often.

The VIKINGS will probably be without the services of BRETT FAVRE the rest of the season as he is listed doubtful for MONDAY'S tussle at TCF STADIUM vs the BEARS. 2nd string QB TAVARES Jackson has turf toe and is lost the remainder of the season as well.

It looks like the Purple People will be looking for a QB in the off-season. JACKSON is not the answer going off his last game vs the BILLS.

The news keeps getting worse in GREEN BAY as they might as well just give the BEARS the NFC North with QB Aaron RODGERS doubtful at PATRIOTS. Without Rodgers they have about as good a shot as DONOVAN MCNABB coming back to REDSKINS..........Speaking of DONOVAN......could not believe what I was hearing out of Mike Shanahan's mouth yesterday talking about McNABB....really's your way or the highway huh?......why don't tell ol' #5 he isn't coming back because you want everything new in D.C..........

From the time you put GROSSMAN in for that 2-minute drill and said #5 was out of shape and the way you publicly handled the HAYNESWORTH Situation......they should b telling you ......your Punk A** isn't coming back think your the man should be sending ELWAY, DAVIS, SHARPE, SMITH, McCAFFERY, do I need to go further...all that money you have made since thy left....because it is still a FU**** PLAYERS League DAWG! what a BUM and enjoy SUNDAY'S Football BLUEDUDE Heads...I most certainly will.

A former BIG EAST Power is on its way back........the JOHNNIES....ST. JOHN'S RED STORM aka REDMAN are back

Ex- ST. JOHN'S Red Storm Head Coach NORM ROBERTS couldn't quite get the JOHNNIES back going the way they used to be back in the DAY.

Once called the St. JOHN'S REDMAN and coached by the SWEATER-Wearing Legend LOU CARNESECCA, the REDMAN were a national power as well as a BIG EAST Power with the likes of SYRACUSE, GEORGETOWN , and VILLANOVA.

Coaches and Players that use to call ST. JOHN'S home were mainly from the NEW YORK Area like:


.................just to name a few and some of the best College COACHES EVER TO MAN A SIDELINE coached the JOHNNIES

Now enter the most important hiring the JOHNNIES have done in about 5-10 years in New HEAD COACH Steve Lavin.

Lavin, a former PURDUE assistant under the great GENE KEADY, was an assistant for the BRUINS for 6 seasons before becoming the head coach of the BRUINS from 1996-2003, and did a well of a job recruiting and coaching in one of the top jobs in AMERICA the BLUEDUDE thinks.

Now LAVIN has hit the ground running and the RED STORM will haul in one of their best recruiting classes in years for the class of 2011..including 6 top 100 kids.......Check this list:


One thing LAVIN will bring to the RED STORM PROGRAM........STABILITY and RECRUITING....he was one of the best at UCLA when he was employed with the BRUINS and is a tireless worker........GOOD LUCK RED STORM .........the future looks bright under the LAVIN REGIME

***NOTE former PURDUE HEAD COACH and LEGEND among the college Basketball ranks GENE KEADY is special assistant to Coach LAVIN and his staff .....a HUGE PLUS from a Building a Top Program Perspective.

GM OTIS SMITH trying to make a move in the EAST......Rumors have the MAGIC getting HEDO and AGENT ZERO

ORLANDO MAGIC GM Otis Smith knows he has to make a move in the EASTERN Conference and the way the MAGIC Roster looks it's not better than the CELTICS, BULLS, HEAT, and maybe even the HAWKS.

The Rumors have started to swirl that the MAGIC are shopping BAD CHECKS the MAGIC GM Smith has written and their are some buyers.


MAGIC F Rashard Lewis sent to the Washington Wizards for G Gilbert Arenas aka "AGENT ZERO" straight up


MAGIC send G/F Vince Carter and PF/C Marcin Gortat to the Phoenix Suns for G/F Hedo Turkoglu and G Jason Richardson

The Trade benefits the Magic more here because of the Depth the y will have obtained and the Offensive Firepower.

The Wizards are just getting rid of the AGENT ZERO mess that has been going on for sometime now and ARENAS' Large Contract....which they thought at one point was immovable. Also they want to give their rookie stud JOHN WALL the ball and make it his team without the influence of Gilbert. Rashard Lewis also gives the WIZ a veteran scoring forward from the wing so that the WIZ BIGS have room to operate.

The Phoenix Suns get an aging G/F in Vince Carter but an expiring contract and A Center in GORTAT who can be a factor in this league when givin' the minutes. Playing behind "SUPERMAN" DWIGHT HOWARD was not benefiting either parties especially at Gortat's pay scale.

The Magic know what they are getting in HEDO who they should have never let go in the first place...but all is forgotten moving forward. And the addition of G Jason Richardson gives them an athletic 2G that can size up with some of the top teams in the EAST at that position. He, Jameer Nelson, Reddick, Duhon, Arenas, and Pietrus make a nice flexible Guard rotation for the MAGIC.

HEDO TURKOGLU is the most valuable commodity in the BIG PICTURE and the ability to move ARENAS to the point who can score the ball with the best of them leaves HOWARD singled out on most nights when the MAGIC start playing 3-BALL on teams.

Now the O-TOWN MAGIC are legit contenders in the EASTERN CONFERENCE.

Friday, December 17, 2010

10 points, 10 assists, and 10 rebounds.......the TRIPLE -DOUBLE......The BIG O , Magic, J KIDD, WILT, and Larry Legend lead the LIST.

The art of the triple-double is fascinating in basketball. Any 3 combination of points, assisits, steals, rebounds, and blocks and at least 10 in each of the 3 categories constitutes as a TRIPLE-DOUBLE.

The BLUEDUDE is going to take you to the All-Time List as well as the Current NBA List for Triple-Doubles. The 3 categories I will cover in Triple-Doubles are:
THE ACTIVE LIST (Current Players playing Today)

Most everyone on the All-Time List and Playoff List is in the BASKETBALL Hall of FAME and the Current List has its share of Future Hall Of FAMERS...Trust Me.

Now to the Lists.....first up


1. OSCAR "the BIG O" ROBERTSON 181 Triple-doubles in 14 years with 2 teams
2. MAGIC JOHNSON 138 Triple-Doubles in 13 years with 1 team
3. JASON KIDD 105 Triple-Doubles in 17 years with 3 teams
4. WILT CHAMBERLAIN 78 Triple-Doubles in 14 years with 4 teams
5. LARRY "LEGEND" BIRD 59 Triple-Doubles in 13 years with 1 team
6. LAFAYETTE "FAT" LEVER 43 Triple-Doubles in 11 years with 3 teams
7. JOHN HAVLICEK 30 Triple-Doubles in 13 years with 1 team
8. LeBRON "KING JAMES" JAMES 30 Triple-Doubles in 8 years with 2 teams
9. GRANT HILL 29 Triple-Doubles in 16 years with 3 teams
10. MICHAEL "AIR JORDAN" JORDAN 28 Triple-Doubles in 15 years with 3 teams
11. CLYDE"THE GLYDE"DREXLER 25 Triple-Doubles in 15 years with 2 teams


1. MAGIC JOHNSON 30 Triple-Doubles in 13 years with 1 team
2. JASON KIDD 11 Triple-Doubles in 16 years with 4 teams
3. LARRY BIRD 10 Triple-Doubles in 13 years with 1 team
4. WILT CHAMBERLAIN 9 Triple-Doubles in 14 years with 4 teams
5. OSCAR ROBERTSON 8 Triple-Doubles in 14 years with 2 teams
6. JOHN HAVLICEK 5 Triple-Doubles in 14 years with 1 team
6. RAJON " DOUBLE R" RONDO 5 Triple-Doubles in 6 years with 1 team
8. CHARLES BARKELY 4 Triple-Doubles in 16 years with 3 teams
8. ELGIN BAYLOR 4 Triple-Doubles in 14 years with 2 teams
8. WALT "CLYDE" FRAZIER 4 triple-Doubles in 13 years with 2 teams
8. SCOTTIE PIPPEN 4 Triple-Doubles in 17 years with 3 teams

ACTIVE LIST (PLAYERS Currently Playing now in the NBA)

1. JASON KIDD 105 Triple-Doubles in 17 years with 3 teams
3. GRANT HILL 29 Triple-Doubles in 16 years with 3 teams
2. LeBRON "KING JAMES" JAMES 30 Triple-Doubles in 8 years with 2 teams
4. KOBE "BALCK MAMBA" BRYANT 17 Triple-Doubles in 17 years with 1 team
5. KEVIN "BIG TICKET" GARNETT 16 Triple-Doubles in 16 years with 2 teams
6. LAMAR "L O" ODOM 12 Triple-Doubles in 12 years with 3 teams
7. CHRIS "CP3" PAUL 11 Triple-Doubles in 6 years with 1 team
8. BARON "B DIDDY" DAVIS 10 Triple-Doubles in 11 seasons with 4 teams

In 1961-1962 Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double for a season with 30 points, 12 rebounds , and 11 assists and WILT CHAMBERLAIN is the only player in NBA History to record a Double-Triple-Double in 22 points, 25 rebounds , and 25 assists.

The BIG O also had 41 Triple-Doubles in 79 games in that 1961-62 season.......SIMPLY AMAZING and a feat that will probably never happen again.

Of the Current List of Triple-Doubles only Lamar Odom and Baron Davis have no shot at the NBA Hall of FAME . the rest of the Players will be in in due time.

A wonderful list of complete players playing at the highest on the highest level...............the NATIONAL BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION.

Note: Stats from

The CARMINES are loading up to make a run.......with a dominant Left-Handed Lineup.....the BOSOX are early favorites for AL CROWN

We know two things are never going to change in BASEBALL.........there will be a WORLD SERIES....and the RED SOX and PINSTRIPES will be major players in FREE-AGENCY every year. With that said the CARMINES have picked the BRONX BOMBERS and the rest of the American League Teams pockets this winter with 2 key additions that should put them at the top of the AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Ex-Tampa Bay Rays Outfielder CARL CRAWFORD, who was said to be going in the MLB Winter Meetings to the front running RANGERS, ANGELS, NATIONALS, and the DODGERS, slipped pat all of these teams in what was kind of a shock to sign with the BOSOX. CRAWFORD signed a 7 year $142 million deal which will take him to age 36. And reportedly he was the BOSOX target from day 1 and the signing immediately makes BOSTON the prohibited favorite in the American League.

With the SOUTHSIDERS of CHICAGO not interested in re-signing CLOSER Bobby Jenks the CARMINES wanted to get a set-up man and insurance for problematic CLOSER Jonathan Papelbon. Jenks was their guy and this past Wednesday signed a 2-year $12 million deal with BOSTON as a set-up man and if Papelbon struggles JENKS will go to the CLOSER ROLE.

Looking at the Career Stats for both Free-Agent Pick-ups for the BOSOX:

CARL CRAWFORD LF Left-Handed Batter 29 years of age
4-time All-Star
Career .296 Batting Avg. 337 On-Base % .444 Slugging % 104 Home Runs 592 Runs Batted In 409 Stolen Bases

2010 was his best year to date as far as HR and RBI with 19 HR and 90 RBI 47 SB and finished 7th AL MVP Voting

He will be a real asset on the BASES and in the OUTFIELD for the BOSOX......SPEED KILLS

BOBBY JENKS Right-Handed Pitcher Closer 29 years of age
2-time All-Star
Career 173 Saves in 329 Games 3.40 ERA 341.2 Innings Pitched 334 Strikeouts 110 Walks 3 to 1 ratio
2007 was his beat year 40 saves 2.77 ERA 56 Strikeouts 17 Walks

Having added these two free-agents lets take a closer look at the would-be RED SOX Line-Up for 2011

VS Right-Handed Pitchers
1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF
2. Carl Crawford LF
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B
5. Kevin Youkilis 3B
6. David Ortiz DH
7. J.D. Drew RF
8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
9. Marco Scutaro SS

VS Left-Handed Pitchers
1. Jacoby Ellsbury CF
2. Carl Crawford LF
3. Dustin Pedroia 2B
4. Adrian Gonzalez 1B
5. Kevin Youkilis 3B
6. David Ortiz DH
7. Mike Cameron RF
8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
9. Marco Scutaro SS

The Best Line-Up in the American League and maybe all of Baseball......dominant left-handed line-up which means teams must try to throw LHP to the mound and if you can't.......spells a long day for the opposition.

There is no Doubt in my mind the RED SOX are the clear favorites in the American League and the odds on favorite to face the NL Favorite Fightin' PHILS in the 2011 MLB World Series

Thursday, December 16, 2010

BOLTS give the 49ERS no QB RIVERS, WR JACKSON, and the BOLTS Defense were all business at the MURPH......on NFL'S Thursday Night Football

The San Diego CHARGERS were all business tonight as they blasted the San Francisco 49ERS 34-7 at the MURPH in DIEGO. NINERS QB Alex Smith and the NINERS Offense could do nothing vs one of the best Defenses in the LEAGUE.

And on the other hand BOLTS QB Phillip Rivers went pass 4,000 Yards in his 3rd straight season and went to WR Vincent Jackson three times for scores of 58, 21, and 11 yards to just demoralize the NINERS and their was play time for RIVERS and JACKSON........4real.

You say what Vincent at Wideout....YEAH......that Vincent that held out for half the season......and now the BOLTS have to make up their mind to see if they want to KEEP JACKSON. Their will be a lot of suitors for JACKSON if he becomes available...he and LIONS WR Calvin "MEGATRON" Johnson are two guys NFL Secondaries want no part of.

The Northern Colorado Product is a match-up nightmare for most DB'S and almost all safeties and just from a physical standpoint let alone a guy like RIVERS tossing him the ROCK an telling JACK," I will throw it up just go get it", and JACK saying," I WILL Go GET IT just get it there".

Now the BOLTS, who have the BENGALS and the ORANGE BLUSH or is it ORANGE CRUSH....same thing left on their schedule with a combined 5-21 record should be easy pickings for the CHARGERS to win out.

The BOLTS hold the Tiebreaker vs the CHIEFS and the boys from KC lose once and the BOLTS win would be the CHARGERS 5th straight Division Title.

The 2 teams most AFC Playoff Bound leaders do not want to face are the COLTS and the PHILLIP RIVERS Led CHARGERS..........the BOLTS will be a tough out........ask the NINERS.

The MING Dynasty in HOUSTON might be least for now.....DOCTORS find another stress fracture in YAO MING'S left foot

A career that started in October of 2002 might be in jeopardy in HOUSTON. YAO MING, the best CHINESE player ever in the NBA and one of the best centers to come along in a long time, might be out the rest of this year and his career is in jeopardy.

YAO , who has only played in three full seasons in the NBA out of a possible 7 not counting this season, has another stress fracture in his left foot doctors found today. The injury is said to be in the left ankle which his last injury was a stress fracture in the left foot. The most recent injury is caused by the first injury doctors believe.

When YAO first came over he was the man that was suppose to take down SHAQUILLE O'NEAL. SHAQ then played for the LAKERS and he and YAO had some really good battles in the Western Conference. And for the most part YAO has handled his own and is great representation of his country CHINA, the Houston Rockets, and an AMBASSADOR of the NBA.

The 1st Overall pick of the 2002 NBA DRAFT, YAO has been a nice piece for the ROCKETS to build around. Out of SHANGHAI, CHINA where his mother also played for the CHINESE National Team YAO has been a CAPTAIN of his team for the LAST 2 OLYMPICS. In the LAST SUMMER OLYMPICS YAO held the CHINA FLAG and leading his country out in the OPENING CEREMONIES.

Let's take a close look at YAO'S Career Numbers since he has been in the ASSOCIATION:

From 2002-2005 YAO played in 80 plus games and from 2005-2009 YAO has played in an average of 59 games missing 23 games per season. Now his latest set back after only playing in 5 games of a possible 24 games this season YAO"S 2010-2011 Campaign looks to be over.

19 ppg 9 rebs 2 blks 52% fg 83% ft solid numbers for the BIG FELLA

MING has also been the NBA'S leading Vote-Getter for the All-Star Game numerous times and his Playoff Averages mirror his Season averages.

The BLUEDUDE just hopes YAO can come back and play another HEALTHY Season which right now looks like a long shot to even get the MING DYNASTY back on the floor.

GOOD LUCK YAO in your recovery the BLUEDUDE is pulling for you, the ROCKETS Franchise, one of the best in the NBA, and for you to play on the CHINA National Team at least one more time CHINA needs you so does OLYMPIC Basketball.

Bulls Forward NOAH out 8-10 Weeks......VIKINGS to host outdoor MNF GAME......White SOX Reliever JENKS to RED SOX

Its the news the BULLS feared the most......Center Joakim NOAH will miss between 8-10 weeks of action due to a thumb injury. NOAH had surgery on the thumb Thursday Morning and the BULLS loss will be immediately felt in the LOCKER ROOM.

Noah will be missed the most on the DEFENSIVE End where he anchors that Defense and the BULLS will have to make the Adjustments. Expect the POINTS to be filled easily but the rebounds and overall hustle will be hard to fill. Forwards CARLOS BOOZER and TAJ GIBSON will man the most minutes in the front court and the BULLS might have to go pick up a veteran to help that frontline.

The BEARS were suppose to play inside MONDAY Night at the METRODOME but will instaed play outside in the very cold TWIN CITIES at the University of Minnesota Stadium TCF BANK Field.

Huge problems have surfaced as this STADIUM was not meant to host game this late in the season. Problem such as:

1. WAter pipes frozen
2. The field is not heated and is frozen.
3. The Concession Stands wasn't made for freezing temps
4. The wiring for the CAMERA CREWS
6. The Stadium seats about 51k and the game has sold 63k tickets

This is just a MICROCOSM of what the NFL and the University of MInnesota has to deal with let alone if the field can't be safe for the players....... what then? GOOD LUCK Gentleman

The WHITES SOX have said all along that they will probably pass on Reliever BOBBY the CARMINES, Boston RED SOX, have offered a 2-year $12 million deal that JENKS has signed.

He will be a set-up man and INSURANCE in case PAPLEBON S**** on himself in the closer role......we have seen him do this's that simple......and BRONX BOBMERS....where you at?......BOSOX making moves to solidify their spot on the AL EAST.

KNICKS lose out on KING JAMES....but STAT...AMARE a better fit for the KNICKERBOCKERS the BLUEDUDE explains.

When GOTHAM CITY received word that they will be losing out on KING JAMES, the most coveted of the FREE Agents in the CLASS of 2010, the KNICKS went to PLAN B or should I say PLAN A, as in AMARE .

The 28 year-old Power Forward out of LAKE WALES FLORIDA High SCHOOL received a 5 year $100 million deal from the KNICKS citing his familiarity with Mike D'ANTONI System as the real factor for coming over. The KNICKS already had a sub-par nucleus many observers thought but STAT has made everyone around him better and has his teammates buying in BIG TIME.

That aforementioned nucleus of underrated Small Forward Wilson Chandler out of DePAUL, Free-agent pick-up Point Guard "Everybody Loves Raymond" Felton by way of Charlotte Bobcats, Sharp Shooting Small Forward Danilo Gallinari, and surprising rookie Forward and 2010 2nd round pick Landry Fields of Stanford Red.

Will Take a closer look at the money paid out to those players in 2010-2011:

Amare "STAT" Stoudamire $16,486,611
Ray Felton $7,000,000
Danilo Gallinari $3,304,560
Wilson Chandler $2,130,482
Landry Fields $473,604

Not bad considering they only opened the vault for STOUDAMIRE and it's paying off big dividends for the KNICKS.

Last Night's Thriller in a loss to BOSTON showed The BLUEDUDE that the KNICKS are no one-show pony and that Felton, Gallinari, an Chandler are players the KNICKS can keep to build around STAT. I always thought STAT was a piece guy not a franchise guy. Let me explain:

A PIECE GUY is a puzzle of 3-players in which at least 1 or 2 of them is an ALL-STAR type or all 3 are the Core of the team in which that franchise is building around.

A FRANCHISE GUY is guy an Organization is solely building around him and these guys are usually TOP 10 in the Association guys.

Having seen AMARE never getting a banner in PHOENIX with a nucleus of STAT, NASH, and The Matrix SHAWN MARION, one had to believe that AMARE was only a Piece Guy. Now having seen early in this NBA Season you would have to say AMARE might be that FRANCHISE Guy as he has learned from Phoenix in how to be a leader on and off the floor for this somewhat young and up and coming KNICKS.

Right now I would have to put the KNICKS right there with the BULLS as the 4th or 5th best team in the EAST. But considering where the KNICKERBOCKERS are coming from in recent years that one large step in the right direction.

SPIKE LEE has to be elated that "MSG", MADISON SQUARE GARDEN, is back where it should be and now KNICKS Fans have a shoulder to lean on in that broad shouldered MAN-CHILD from LAKE WALES FLORIDA.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EAGLES @ G-MEN battle for NFC East......JETS go to STEEL CITY....PACKERS hope QB Rodgers plays at PATRIOTS..WHO DAT? stays the course

WEEK 15 Games will have a definite impact on teams trying to win the Division and get into the Playoffs.

The EAGLES travel to the Meadowlands to take on the NY Football GIANTS to decide the NFC EAST Crown.

REX RYAN and his JETS hope they can get going in the right direction against the rough and tough STEELERS.

The PACKERS and MIKE McCARTHY hope QB Aaron Rodgers is willing and able to play in FOXBORO or the PACK has now shot and hopes of a division crown will most definitely be gone.

Here is the NFL WEEK 15 Schedule starting THURSDAY:

820PM ET

1. 9ERS @ the MURPH: Its simple....the 49ERS at 5-8 and a game back of the Division leading RAMS and SEAHAWKS must win this game to stay in the hunt to getting in the playoffs via wild card. QB ALEX SMITH needs to put on his best three game streak for the NINERS for one to keep his job maybe and two to help COACH Mike SINGLETARY keep his job as well. The CHARGERS are 7-6 and a game back of the all of sudden sliding CHIEFS. MVP Candidate QB PHILLIP RIVERS and the BOLTS know how important each game is and they as well as the GOLD RUSH will treat this like a PLAYOFF Game.


2. BILLS @ AQUAMEN: Bills are definitely packing and have ordered the U-Haul Truck a long time ago. The DOLPHINS on the other hand after a big win at the JETS last week find themselves still in the PLAYOFF Hunt with a lot of Football left to play. Chad Henne played well enough to win last week and should be good enough this week to beat the BILLS. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has weapons and if the 'FINS don't put away the BILLS early ....anything goes.

3. LIONS @ BUCS: LIONS are playing well and the win last week vs the PACKERS has them motivated to finish out the season strong. A heavy dose of "MEGATRON" WR Calvin Johnson and RB Jahvid Best could be the right recipe....or should I say the only recipe for a LIONS Victory. The BUCS showed some resiliency last week and RAHEEM Morris still has his kids playing like they are the best team in the NFC.....well its the thought that counts. QB Josh Freeman and that young defense...minus CB Ronde BARBER, who played with LeeROY SELMON, JIMMY GILES, James WILDER, and DOUG WILLIAMS, will have to bring the same type of effort and enthusiasm to beat the LIONS who will give you at least 2.5 qtrs of good football.

4. CARDS @ PANTHERS at the big ATM: Look for some fantasy numbers in this Fitzgerald, Johnathan Stewart, and Steve Breaston.

5. WHO DAT? @ the big CRABCAKE: The SAINTS are starting to run on all cylinders and the RAVENS Defense all of a sudden is looking like a shell of themselves. QB Drew Brees is locked in and the Defense and CB MALCOLM JENKINS is starting to create Turnovers. The RAVENS on the other hand to a step back last week with allowing the TEXANS to score on 4th qtr drives of 95 and 99 yards and a 2-point conversion to send the game in Overtime. You would think Coach Harbaugh will correct the 2nd half mistakes that the RAVENS need to clean-up to go far in the PLAYOFFS. This will be a playoff type game and the loser will not Win their Division and will probably get a 5 or 6 seed not a 2 seed.

6. JAGS @ CIRCLE CITY and the PIT STOP: COLTS must win to tie the JAGS at 8-6.....if they lose they will not only lose a chance at the division but will not make the PLAYOFFS. The JAGS know they have to knock the Defending AFC Champs out now because there will be no later. The JAGS are one of the top rushing teams in Football and a heavy dose of "POCKET HERCULES" and a all of sudden consistent QB DAVID GARRARD the JAGS have enough momentum going in to knock of Peyton and the COLTS.

7. PHILADELPHIA @ NEW Meadowlands: SIMPLE...EAGLES win they win the division...G-MEN win...they win the division and will be home the first week of playoffs. Philly is explosive on OFFENSE and the GIANTS are the same on DEFENSE. The game will be won with what ELI does with the Offense to the above average EAGLES young Defense. If ELI doesn't turnover the ball and JACOBS and BRADSHAW get going downhill it will be a long game for EAGLES. If Vick and his Offense get rolling and the DEFENSE can contain the GIANTS run game and make ELI pass....EAGLES will win this game.

8. DAWG POUND 2k10 @ the JUNGLE: Who would've thought that the BROWNS would be going in the right direction and the BENGALS wouldn't be at this juncture in the season. BROWNS have alot of youth and changing the culture in CLEVELAND. The BENGALS need to make a simple QB...PALMER is DUNZO and he knows it. If the BROWNS get PAYTON HILLIS going and mix in a little pass game....BROWNS will win this one. BENGALS have no clue and in disarray. I remember all them comments after the BENGALS signed look. And the STEELERS were suppose to be 3rd in division...yeah right........and the BENGALS have their own DAWG POUND.

9. TEXANS @ MUSIC CITY: Both teams are pretty much out of the hunt and are playing for jobs next year. Both head coaches Greg Kubiak and Jeff Fisher could be gone at seasons end. HOUSTON blew that huge comeback to lose at home vs RAVENS. They will need to bounce back in a hurry to win this one. So much for RB CJ 28 and his 2,500 yards right? The TITANS have not played well all season and it starts at the QB. There will be a lot of questions to why both of these teams underachieved.

10. REDSKINS @ DALLAS: JERRY'S Homecoming would think. The men from D.C. haven't shut it down but it's been a disappointing season all the way around for them,. DALLAS has played well under new Head Man Jason Garrett and have gotten back to the basics: running the rock, forcing turnovers, and making plays in the passing game and kicking game. Early in the season looked like a good just on the schedule with no impact anywhere.

11. CHIEFS @ RAMS: "Battle of the Show Me STATE" CHIEFS need this one to stay ahead of the hot CHARGERS. They will know what kind of cushion they have as the BOLTS play on THURSDAY. QB Matt CASSELL will be back in the fold and play makers CHARLES and BOWE will be in full effect mode...AL B. SURE......FOOLS. The RAMS need to stay tied with the SEAHWAKS and will know the cushion as well because of the NINERS game THURSDAY. SIMPLY PUT........WIN and you will be in.

12. FALCONS @ 12th Zone: SEAHAWKS need to play their best game of the year as they need to stay tied with the RAMS and a game ahead of the NINERS if NINERS win on Thursday. Falcons have their own issues in regards to the SAINTS tryinfg to catch them and both of those teams meet in the BIRDCAGE in A T L next week. Its WINNING TIME in the NFL....and the CREAM SHALL RISE....or you will go home.

13. NY FOOTBALL JETS @ STEEL CITY: JETS are in Intensive CARE and being watched but the outlook doesn't look good. The DOLPHINS man-handled them at the point-of-attack last week and now they play the STEELERS at the big KETCHUP Bottle and that Defense. QB SANCHEZ better bring his A game or they will get tapped and quick. STEELERS need to be more efficient in the RED ZONE and if they do that they will be meeting the PATS for a rematch and a chance to go to Big D in February.

14. ORANGE CRUSH @ the BLACK HOLE: Raiders messed up any hope they had to win the AFC WEST last week in J'VILLE. But they still will have a shot a spoiling the rest of the bunch and making the AFC West run to the crown interesting. The BRONCOS are a mess thinks to BELICHEK want-to-be and ex-BRONCOS Coach McDANIELS. Even QB KYLE Orton if anything would give you good FANTASY Numbers looks like he has booked his vacation for the rest of the winter. RAIDERS give them fools another half a HUNDO

820PM ET

15.PACKERS @ FOXBORO and the BARBERSHOP: THE PACK can compete if they have one QB AARON RODGERS and if they don't have him the BEARS will win the NFC NORTH by default or by just having enough players healthy at the end. The PATRIOTS have been anointed the SUPER BOWL Champs already and their is no one close to them in the NFL. Ok..........I Can live with that.....But with the PLAYOFFS coming in about 3 more careful PATRIOT Backers....I have seen this picture before...then......BOOOOOOOMMM......GONE SKIING

830PM ET

16. Monsters of the Midway @ TCF STADIUM: Da BEARS will be playing outside at the UNIVERSITY of MINNESOTA'S new digs which can make for an interesting game. I remember the Purple People Eaters, TARKENTON, FOREMAN, RASHAD, the GREAT BUD GRANT, etc. at the OLD METROPOLITAN STADIUM and how cold those games were. So VIKINGS and BEARS Fans will like this venue the only downside is that the capacity is not NFL Standards. But t see these two division rivals playing outside in TWIN CITIES will be cool. The BEARS have to win this one and if they do the DIVISION will be theirs for the taking. The Packers will have already played so both teams will know what they are playing for. VIKES QB Tavares JACKSON needs to play better or he will be joining CHILDRESS on permanent vacation status.

WEEK 16 Impact Games
SAINTS @ BIRDCAGE A T L ******GAME of the WEEK*******

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PATRIOTS at the top of the NFL Power Rankings.....FALCONS, STEELERS, and SAINTS also at the top.....BEARS and PACKERS sliding

After NFL Week 14....the Playoff picture is almost set and we might have a Super Bowl Favorite............the NEW ENGLAND no ones surprise. But be careful before you go to the cooler an get some of that BRADY/BELICHEK hunch that everyone has picked the PATRIOTS...WIN OUT.......or else.

EAGLES at GIANTS meet n greet in the MEADOWLANDS Sunday for the NFC EAST Crown. The PACKERS are all but hoping QB AARON Rodgers can get through concussion tests and if he doesn't......PACK season over. The J-E-T-S go to PITTSBURGH for a check-up....and they better come to play because the STEELERS Defense destroyed the Bengals Offense last week.....literally. NINERS go to DIEGO to see if they can still get the NFC WEST Crown being a game out of first. The BOLTS need to win to stay pace with the sliding CHIEFS. It's winning time in the NFL and the CREAM shall rise or you will be officially on the clock.

Let's check out the latest installment of the BLUEDUDE'S NFL Power Rankings:

1. PATRIOTS: I know....I know.....BRADY is the best...BELICHEK is the best coach since Vince LomBARDI....HOG WASH

2. FALCONS: we go again....MATTY ICE is the best dude...OK....ask the EAGLES or G-MEN

3. STEELERS: Yeah the PATS jumped all over them a few weeks ago.......see y'all in and yellow

4. SAINTS: Brees and Company gaining momentum....DECEMBER 26...the BIRDCAGE.....WHO DAT? @ A T L


6. GIANTS: ELI quit throwing PICS and BRO ........EAGLES are Waiting for you ELI

7. RAVENS: When they play the STEELERS the D is off the CHARTS....everyone else......SUSPECT as all get out

All those teams above could be headed to DALLAS......unfortunately the rest of the list...sorry FANs I am just calling it like I see it.....and if you are disappointed in your teams rankings e-mail or write to your team and see what should get some type of response either by e-mail or by TV.

8. BEARS: Someone check SOLDIER FIELD...have they found their TAILS yet....OH....the PATS took'em home

9. JAGUARS: Pocket Hercules and Garrard........AFC Playoff Teams wake-up......JAGS could be trouble

10. JETS: JOE WILLY SANCHEZ quit throwing picks.....u see the Dolphins film yet...check out the STEELERS TAPE.....DAMN

11. CHARGERS: OK make up your minds ......are you in or out.....the PLAYOFFS start soon BOLTS

12. PACKERS: up next PATRIOTS in FOXBORO....and maybe no RODGERS....BEARS love the PACKERS like this

13. BUCCANEERS: RAHEEM MORRIS is cooking something in TAMPA........and you might need tickets in mid-JANUARY

14. CHIEFS: Don't run out of gas now.......CASSELL is great isn't he?.....Yeah because he is an ex-PATRIOT...DOO DOO

15a. DOLPHINS: They won't go away and to their credit still might get in the DANCE........JETS don't choke 'FINS waiting

15b. COLTS: Only if they had been healthy all year what could've been....No AFC Team wants them in PLAYOFFS

JETS Coach ALOSI suspended and fined for BLUNDER...Eagle's WR JACKSON's Original TD Celebration.....COWBOYS RB gets autograph from VICK on the field

It was a weird weekend in the NFL this past weekend and there were some things seen that's rarely done if it all in the NFL. From a coach tripping a player in live action to a player getting an autograph from another player on the field after the game....STRANGE.....But were any of these actions right?

Let's go to the scene of the crimes.......

CRIME SCENE.............MEADOWLANDS New Jersey.........NEW JETS STADIUM Sideline.........Jets Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi was fined and suspended for tripping DOLPHINS Corner Nolan Carroll in Sunday's JETS Loss to the DOLPHINS. Carroll, a gunner, which is the wide out in the punt formation who is usually the first player to get to the punt returner, was pushed out of bounds and then as he was running on the JETS Sideline was tripped by ALOSI after passing by him running down the sideline. Carroll was then injured by the trip and escorted off the field by DOLPHINS TRAINERS.

ALOSI has since been fined $25k and suspended indefinitely for the remainder of the season without pay. I think he should have been fired on the spot. The Game is very violent on each play and to have someone out there with those intentions are to be removed from the game and coincidentally should be removed from the sideline forever. Completely uncalled for and the league should've taken an even harder stance on the FOOL.........JETS need to get an L for that BULL****.

CRIME SCENE...........COWBOYS STADIUM.........ARLINGTON TEXAS..........EAGLES WR DeSEAN JACKSON takes a simple 5 yard out to the house for a 90 yard TD but it wasn't the TD or the catch, or the run, it was at the 1 foot line where the play was spectacular.

Before getting in the endzone JACKSON stopped on a dime a turned his back to the goal line and did the NESTEA PLUNGE in the ENDZONE...........I know there is no place for that as the EAGLES took a 15 yard penalty on the ensuing kickoff......but the move was so original It's in my top 5 TD Celebrations of all-time. And #10 really should'not have been wasn't any more excessive as it was never seen before........REF was probably thinking DAMN..........what just happened?.....WHERE is my laundry to throw.......and as the REF looked at the REPLAY.......WOW....maybe I should've let that one go......YES you should've...ZEBRA

ANOTHER CRIME in the COWBOYS STADIUM..............which I have been thinking it really wasn't a crime but should've been done behind the scenes .....maybe.

After the end of the EAGLES - COWBOYS game the players met in the middle of the field as they usually do for conversation.......U KNOW.......Hey DAWG.......WHAT"S HAPPENIN'...How's the wife n kids....that type of chatter. But it was COWBOYS Running BACK TASHARD CHOICE who stole the show.

THE NBC CAMERAS were following VICK as he was talking to COWBOYS PLAYERS and CHOICE handed him a pair of gloves to sign right on the field.....VICK Obliged......and signed the gloves....then handed the gloves back to CHOICE as VICK Tapped him on his head.

Now I do not have a problem with the act but I think you go in the locker room to the post game team meeting, then you shower and get dressed, then run over to the EAGLES LOCKER ROOM SIDE to get VICK'S John Hancock. But i still don't have a problem with it but getting beat by the EAGLES and then asking their star player to sign something in front of a national audience may have been over the top.

But to CHOICE'S credit as he said after the game the gloves were for his nephew. For those of you not in the know....CHOICE was an outstanding Tailback at GEORGIA TECH University in ATLANTA G A when THE MICHEAL VICK Experience was in full effect mode. So like the other young NFL Players, who have played VICK in THE MADDEN Video GAME, they look up to the guy and are somewhat awestruck. And you know CHOICE is putting them gloves in his MANCAVE............there for my nephew......YEAH RIGHT.......he had the ZIPLOC waiting in the car for those MITTS.

Is RAVENS Defense average?....G-MEN'S Ground Attack.....MIAMI HEAT win streak at 9...MAVERICKS streak done at 12.

The RAVENS have a 28-13 lead at the start of the 4th qtr to an average at best Houston TEXANS Team at Reliant Stadium in the H. The RAVENS have to win this game to stay with the STEELERS, PATRIOTS, and JETS. But hold on..........The TEXANS put a 99 yard drive together for 7 and then go 95 yards with a 2-point conversion to tie the game with under :30 seconds to go to force the game into OVERTIME.

If the RAVENS don't win the coin toss in OT they would've lost this one. The TEXANS on the other hand are so explosive on Offense but only show that side of their team when facing desperate measures....which in itself is baffling and could an should cost Head Coach Gary Kubiak his job.........then he will get on a flight to Denver and be named the BRONCOS new coach........TRUST ME.....that's how it works.....KUBIAK was SHANAHAN'S Offensive Coordinator for years in MILE HIGH.

The RAVENS DEFENSE on the other hand if you were to rate them are a 12 on a 10 scale when they play the STEELERS and a 6 on a 10 scale when playing everyone else.........word to the won't be playing the STEELERS in the PLAYOFFS unless you get to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP figure something out......the TEXANS did an almost put you in a really vulnerable position.

A weird game because for the first time in NFL History a regular season game was played on a neutral site. The VIKINGS hosted the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS at the GARAGE in Detroit (FORD FIELD). And the VIKINGS left their run defense back in the twin cities as the G-MEN put up over 200 yards on the ground using the DUO of JACOBS and BRADSHAW, who both rushed for over 100 yards.

It's not that the VIKINGS Offense was ineffective but the Vikings DEFENSE has looked really bad this year considering how good they were last year. Interim HEAD Coach LESLIE FRAZIER is the Defensive Coordinator of that group and took his first Loss with the VIKINGS. I still think he is the right man for the JOB they just need to patch up the DEFENSE a little.

BRETT FAVRE streak of 297 straight games started ended as FAVRE shoulder just couldn't heal in time and he might be out the remainder of the season. That consecutive games streak started back in 1992 which is just flat-out unheard of in the NFL Today with all the injuries week to week.

GIANTS take on PHILLY and MIKE VICK this weekend with both teams at 9-4....VIKES host the BEARS somewhere...maybe at the UNIVERSITY of MINNESOTA'S New Stadium TCF BANK Stadium, which also means they might play outside......not good for either team.

The MIAMI HEAT and Head Coach Erik Spoelstra have figured out how to put things in the win column to the tune of 9 in a row. The SOUTH BEACH THREE have combined for over 75 points in all 9 wins. The MIAMI HEAT are the sixth team to win 9 games in a row by at least 10 points or more.

THE New Orleans HORNETS are 3-9 since starting the season at 11-1 under new head coach MONTY WILLIAMS.

Dirk NOWITZKI and the Dallas MAVERICKS win streak comes to halt as the visiting Milwaukee BUCKS and PG Brandon JENNINGS beat them 103-99 last night in BIG D. The MAVS hadn't lost since NOVEMBER 19 in CHICAGO and were 19-4 now 19-5 with the loss and stay a game and a half in back of the equally blazing SAN ANTONIO SPURS who are an NBA BEST 20-3.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Is it the RANGERS or BRONX BOMBERS?.....NO......its the FIGHTIN' PHILS....Free Agent Pitcher Cliff LEE to PHILLY.

ESPN is reporting Breaking News as the PHILLIES slide in the Backdoor to get Free Agent Pitcher Cliff Lee from the RANGERS and Bronx BOMBERS.

The PHILLIES got in on the TALKS reportedly after the MLB WINTER MEETINGS this past week ended in FLORIDA. The only information everyone had on CLIFF was that the RANGERS and BOMBERS were going back and forth upping the ante to get him.

So tonight around 11pm central time ESPN SPORTS CENTER reports that the YANKS are out of the running then 5 minutes after that they report that the RANGERS are also out as well. Citing that both teams were told early MONDAY Night that Lee was to be going elsewhere.

ELSEWHERE is now the Fightin' PHILS and now lets take a closer look of the Starting ROTATION of the PHILS as of their last game of the season:

1. ROY HALLADAY 2010 NL CY YOUNG Award Winner

Now add CLIFF LEE to that 5-man Rotation and you have hands down the 2011 NL EAST CHAMPS.........and back that up with CLOSER BRAD have got to be kidding me.

MERRY CHRISTMAS in the CITY of BrotherLEElove......PHILS Fans enjoy this should be a great summer.

NOTE******Remember LEE was picked up in the TRADE Deadline in 2009 to spark the PHILS to their 2nd straight WORLD SERIES Appearance then the PHILS dumped him to the MARINERS in last year's winter this........Look at the PHILS CLUBHOUSE.........Utley, Rollins, Victorino, Polanco, Howard, and Halladay to name a few........doesn't get any classier than those guys.......and obviuosly Cliff nor his family could pass that up.

AUBURN TIGERS QB CAM NEWTON wins by a landslide.......93% of NEWTON 2010 vs 2007 TIM TEBOW stats.....amazing stats from both QB'S

AUBURN QB CAMERON NEWTON won the HEISMAN Trophy this past Saturday despite the Scandal that his father CECIL created behind the embattled star.


LUCK of the STANFORD CARDINALS was my 2nd pick and don't worry he will be the 1st pick come spring. The Texas is native is a surefire top 3 pick and the 1st QB taken in the APRIL 2011 NFL DRAFT. I know he wanted the HEISMAN but he will get about $60 million in the SPRING.

CAM'S only the third player ever in Division 1-A to run for 20 td's and pass for 20 td's. Lets compare his stats to one Florida QB TIM TEBOW:

TEBOW:Rushing 895 yards 68.8 per game 23 td's Passing 3286 yards 32 tds 252.8 yards per

NEWTON: Rushing 263 attempts for 1409 yards 5.8 yards per carry and 20 TDs
Passing 165/246 2589 yards 10.1 yards /comp 28 tds and 6 ints

TEBOW accounted for 55 tds in 12 games and NEWTON accounted for 49 tds including 1 recieving

Maybe an edge to TEBOW but all of TIM TEBOWS tds were of the short variety CAM was hitting runs of 30 plus yards all day.......Tebow also threw for more yards and tds in the air. Both very unorthodox styles but very effective in the SEC.

CAM still has to close the DEAL and the HEISMAN Hangover is no joke as the DUCKS are no joke either...and will be wating and MOTIVATED to say the least.