Friday, November 2, 2012

WHITE HOT travels to MSG to take on the LINsanity Less KNICKS and all the HYPE is for #HEATgang as the KNICKS rollout that 1990 AUTOMOBILE for the 2K12-13 NBA Season #KNICKSsignWALTnBlackJesus

With all that is happening in Gotham City and surrounding Areas the Defending World Champion Heat take on the New-Look Knicks or should I say New-Look Roster and don't look at the Age of that Knicks Roster you might queasy all inside.

Not holding any punches but the Knicks pick up all them Pieces with Mike Woodson running Team 5th Avenue and his Complex ISO Offense that Features 'Melo as the Primary, Secondary, and Emergency Option and when all else Fails 'Melo dribble the Shot-Clock Out. Yes the Bully will take your Lunch Money and when in Dyer Straights will also take his Teammates Lunch Money as well. Ask Nuggets Lead Man George Karl who was probably head over Scooby Doos to see the Logo's #1 Shot Clock Killer gone to Gotham City. Even LINanity is in a Better Place in Rocket City Texas as no one can step on #15's one it's His World and you just live in it. Who has the Record for Points for Team USA in a Half in the Olympics..Jordan, Bird, Shaq, Magic, Durant...Who? Me Me Me for Tonight's Game


The Heat come in looking like a Team better Suited to maybe win 70 Games than anyone since the 1995-96 Bulls did it going 72-10. How does a Team load up and get Better with Limited Cap Space and Roster Seats? Pat Riley and Coach Spo will not stop until they fill the AA 305 with Banners  and they look like the Team to Beat and sorry to say it isn't even close.

Knicks move their Roster around in Summer 2K12 going with Vets and Social Security Applicants. We will see if the Gamble plays off as they are One of the Older Teams in the League and those Old Bodies have to stay Fresh for 2-13 Winning Time. It will be interesting to see what the Knicks look like against the Ultra-Fast and Athletic Heat.

Tonight's Probable Starting Line Ups HEAT vs KNICKS

G Regular Mario   G MSG Loves Raymond
G Wade County 305   G JR Smith
F King James    F the Bully of MSG
F Battier        F Ronnie Brewer
C C-Bosh 1   C MSG LandLord Tyson

Yes the Knicks will be without PF S-tanding T-all A-nd T-alented "STAT" for at least 6 Weeks but MSG should be jumping as King James is in Town and the Champs.

Key Bench Members
HEAT: UD, Sugar Ray, Shard, M&M Plain, Hi-Top Fade Norris

KNICKS: Sniper Novak, J-Kidd, CAMBYman, Sheed

Game-Time 8pm ET ESPN Game 1  

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