Friday, November 2, 2012

STAPLES CENTER CLASSIC 2K12-13 Game 1...the LAKEshow limp into STAPLES Purple and Gold 0-2 and some Doubt...LOB City is coming into Tonight's Game with CLIPS Super Fan BILLY CRYSTAL with One Thing on their Mind...the STAPLES Center TAKEOVER #SeeBLUEnRED Game Preview

First and Foremost Black Mamba don't go back to those Kobe Days where your Arrogance made you look like Dufensmirtz. Lakers Nation loves the Purple,and Gold and for you to call them out they need an Apology or even better yet a Win over the New CLIPjoint that is looking for some New Followers like Twitter.

The LAKEshow come in as though their Agent has gotten them Two Auditions for Leading Roles and they have failed at both. Meanwhile the Clips coke in with a Western Conference All-Star Team, A new found ClipperLand Swagger, and a Bully Attitude that they are the Team to Beat in L.A.. The Late Great Bigs of Laker Lore George Mikan and Wilt 20K have to be turning over in their Graves seeing this unfold and then only thing worse than seeing that is if the LA Sports Arena was back in tact with these News Clippers L.A. would really be a Metroplex Divided.

Staples Center Classic 2K12-13 Game 1 November 2, 2012


The Clippers come in with a Real Attitude forget the Hype this isn't NYC its LAC and like Rambo Lob City is looking for First Blood Tonight. They are Talented at every Level and even more talented than the other Staples Center Tenant.

Look at this Scoring from their 1st game and look whom led them...

2G Crawford 29
PG Bledsoe 13
C Jordan 12
PG CP3 12
PF BLAKEshow 11
SF Lob City Butler 10

Pick your Poison and on Any Given Night any of those Players can get you 20 with a Few in that list 30 plus.

The Lakers get a Huge Scoring Output from Kobe and Dwight but that wasn't enough in Rip City as they took the L 116-106. It will take sometime for the Lakers to mesh and for Dwight and the Spaniard The BLAKEhsow and DeAndre the Lob City Giants is their Equal and that's where Tonight's Contest will be won.

Never has the Bluedude seen such a Highly-Anticipated LAKEshow-LOB City Tilt than this one.

Game Time 10:30pm ET


PG CP3       PG Steve Blake

SG 206 Jamal       SG the BLACK Mamba 

SF Lob City Butler      SF MWP

PF the BLAKEshow    PF the Spaniard

C DeAndre the Lob City Giant    C "As DWIGHT Turns" 

Key Bench Members

SF Barnes
PG Bledsoe
C Turiaf
SG Willie Green of the D

SG Meeks
PG Duhon
SF Jamison
SF Ebanks
PF Jordan Hill
C Sacre

* NASHty out Ankle Contusion....

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