Friday, November 2, 2012

LOGO WATCH Double Dip...BULLS n THUNDER...WEST SIDE Story Report @ CAVS...Rip City BLAZERS @ REGULATORS Report Take 8 for THUNDER Opening Night...LILLARD vs UNCLE Russ and KYRIE vs Bulls Guards Key in Match Ups

The Logo has its First of many Busy Friday Nights as does the Bluedude with the Regulators Opening up Thunder Alley for Night #1 in the Logo's Loudest Arena..Chesapeake Energy Arena. Then West Side Story Report has the Bulls traveling to see the Cavs, FAThead Fred @CavsDan, and Kyrie for Mayor.

REGULATORS Report Take 8...OKC Hoops:

The Thunder come in having lost at the Buzzer vs the Alamo City Contingent Last night so they will be on a back 2 Back but its easier when its Home-Cooking in Game #2 as well as the 2012-13 Home-Opener. The Rip City Blazers catch the Lakers on Night 2 of a Back 2 Back and send them back to Hollywood with an L. The Blazers are a Formidable Group led by All-Star Big LaMarcus Aldridge. They have New Lead Man Terry Stotts that gets recycled for Head Coaching Jobs as though there are no others out there Qualified for such a Post. Then you wonder why Former Blazers Prez Larry Miller went back to Jordan Brand.

The Match Up to Watch is Regulator Report Point God Uncle Russ vs #BlazerMania Rookie Damian Lillard and its will be LA vs East Bay in this one as Russ comes in Verified and Certified at the end of the Night Rookie go start my 2K13 QX56 on 24s after I give you a taste of Jordan Brand Thunder Alley Edition. Yes eventually the Rook will get his but Tonight on Uncle Russ' Watch you will be Car Valet of Thunder Alley.

Moving to another Match Up it will be New $50 Million Man (after David Kahn and the 10K LAKE Boyz put out that Big Offer Sheet for Batum and Blazers matched) Nicolas Batum vs @kdTREY5 and there will be no 26 Tonight for you Batum and I will bet 88 French Pastries you won't get 26 while guarding KD on Opening Night. KD put him in a Blender on Mix and coming out a BlazerMania Smoothie.  More from this game after they Roll the Credits....Damian Lillard vs Uncle Russ Please....Bang! Bang!..Regulators!...Mount Up!

WEST SIDE STORY Report...Bulls Hoops:

The Bulls take their Blue-Collar See Red Swag to Jo Knows' Favorite Place in the Logo..Cleveland, Ohio and it's Scenic Views like the Rock N' Roll Museum, the Dawg Pound, the Jake, and not to be outdone...the Q the House that @CavsDan built with all that Quicken Loans Cash. Getting a House soon the Bluedude refuses to give Cleveland any of my Dough just saying but FAThead has plenty of  my Cash (Cavs Owner @CavsDan also owns FAThead in case you didn't know the Bluedude covers 20% of Planet Blogging and Water covers the other 80%).

Back to the Game as both Teams come in 1-0 and the Bulls Problematic Match Up will be who can stop 2nd Year Emerging Point Guard Star from St. Pats HS Jersey by way of Krzyzewskiville and Anointed New Mayor of Cuyhoga County or Alderman..Kyrie Irving. As smooth as he wants to be and not as smooth as Sade "Smooth Operator" but Smooth enough to hit you for 18 and 10 and you have to see Bluedude Sportstalk immediately after the Tilt to see that you were Shaken and Stirred by Kyrie.

The Bulls have a Decided Advantage in the Front Court and the Cavs have Capable Bigs but Young Bigs in PF Tristan Thompson and 2012 1st Round Pick C Tyler Zeller. Another Player to watch for is Explosive Cavs 2012 Lottery Pick and Sniper Dion Waiters of 'Cuse. Looking at him he looks like a more Explosive Former Member of Run TMC Mitch Richmond. He will be heavily watched by Kirk Hinrich, Rip City Hamilton, and Jimmy Butler one would think.

The Bulls just have to play their Game which is Out Rebounding the Cavs at Both Ends, minimize the Turnovers, and get Stops when needed. These New Cavs are somewhat exciting an they re about a Year or Two away but they have the Ability to get to the Playoffs if Kyrie for Mayor stay healthy. Bulls Bench Mob building back up led by PG KRYPTOnate and PF...the TAJmanian Devil.

These are the games the Bulls should win and its 2 of 82 but if you win the Ones your suppose to and have a 60% Win Total vs Teams that Rival your Team you will be in the Middle to Upper Part of the Conference Pack.    


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