Friday, November 2, 2012

WEEK 9...BOLTS put up 31 on "Save NORV TURNER Day" and that Schedule gets tougher BOLTS Nation...CHIEFS played as though GAME CHECKS are the Only Thing playing for...K-STATE Wildcats and Coach SNYDER would have gave the CHIEFS 50 Tonight...#CHIEFSlookingLethargic #NorvnAJwatchLunchBreaks

They prelude to Tonight's Thursday Night Kickoff was how does AJ Smith and Norv Turner continue to keep their Gigs when they fired Mary Schottenheimer after he went 14-2? Smith and Norv have missed the Playoff 3 straight Seasons in Diego....Hmmmmm.

Well on "Save Norv Turner Day" the Bolts and QB Rivers rise up like the Sunday Gods thought they would putting a 31 Piece with Gates and Floyd as the Sides on the Arrowhead Nation that looked like the Trip was a success Last Night at Dinner. The Chiefs shouldn't be allowed in the District (KC's Downtown Strip full of Nightlife) until they get over .500.

Don't let that Score mislead you as it was Only 10-6 Bolts at the Start of the 4th Frame so the Bolts didn't exactly put this thing away before the Break. Rivers 18 for 20 and 220 Yards and 2 in the Chiefs End Zone. The Bolts Ground Game was above average with RB Mathews getting 67 Yards on 13 Carries. Here is a Arrowhead 2K12 Season Nugget for you. Chiefs turn the Pigskin over Four more times and the 2012 Season Total is 29 which has led to just over a Hundo. Yes and we have the National Lampoon's "Chiefs Turnover Extravaganza" coming to an Imax Theatre near you.

As for Turner and Bolts GM AJ Smith word to the Wise. Bring a Sack Lunch and don't leave for anything unless it's an Emergency. Also watch Security walking around with any Cardboard Boxes as though they are packing Things. If you see that they will be Packing your Items. Coach and Gents have a Great Weekend and don't pick up the Horn if it says Spanos on the IPhone or Droid. Norv if your Card Key Access to the Bolts Training Complex doesn' t work Monday tell the Squeeze let's make a Bee Line for IHOP to discuss Plan B.

Chiefs Lead Man Crennel and GM Pioli don't worry Belichek has Open Offices in Foxboro. Ladies and Gents don't worry they recycle some of these Guys like Soda Pop Cans which ultimately means you will see that Can or Gentleman again.          
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