Friday, November 2, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA Power Rankings November ...Team WHITE HOT will stay HOT and be at the Top of the POWER RANKINGS most likely all Season...Which Teams also have a Shot at that #1 Spot?

The NBA Power Rankings will be a Semi-Monthly Ranking at the Beginning of the Month and in the Middle of the Month.

The Miami Heat hold down the # Spot as some Teams have already lost 2 Games like the Lakers the Bluedude will not hold that against you but you won't be in the Top 5. The Ranking will also go to from 1-16 as there are only 16 Playoff Spots as well.

The November 2, 2012 NBA Power Rankings are sponsored by...Heat how did it Taste to get the Ring, put the Banner up, and do your thing against the Celtics? What do you think not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not, 5, but 6 Ring Ceremonies feels like? See Mike and Scottie ASAP they might tell you or might not.

Note: Regulators Report -OKC Thunder  West Side Story Report-Bulls

1. El HEAT (1-0): They looked like they were on Recess vs the Green Team and Sugar Ray and Shard on the Arc and the emergence of Regular Mario makes them even more Dangerous.

2. LOS SPURS (2-0): They same old Spurs and is Manu really hurt or is he playing his customary 45-50 Games and then come on for Winning Time?

3. REGULATORS Report (0-1): There will be November to adjust without Harden then they should be at Full Throttle.

4. GOLD SWAGGER (1-0): Pacers are the Most Dangerous Team in the East and 1-8 in their Rotation is arguably Top 5 in the Logo.

5. WEST SIDE Story Report (1-0): They will play Hard and they have a Good Solid Core as they await #theReturn.

6. GREEN TEAM (0-1): They have some Firepower and Solid Leadership as they get Better adding New Pieces like the Jet, the Brazilian Blur, and Courtney Lee in that Back Court.

7. LOB City (1-0): 1-10 the Best in the Logo period. Can they keep everyone Happy and can the Clips stay atop the Pacific and the West with the Thunder, LAKEshow, and Spurs for 82?

8. LAKEshow (0-2): Figure it out Boys or is Coach Mike Brown the Coach for this Team? He added Bernie Bickerstaff and Eddie Jordan in the Off Season to stabilize all that Laker Talent.

9. KNICKS (0-0): They open MSG with El Heat and we will see what they can do minus STAT as the Line Ups Match Up wise are about Even...Lol.

10. Association BROOKLYN (0-0): Point God and COO of the Barclays D-Will is reportedly playing with Bone Spurs in his Ankle...Uh-Oh.

11. SEVENTY-SIXERS (1-0): Just think when they get Big Drew back with the Play of Wannabe Center Spencer Hawes playing Small Forward trapped in a Big Body.

12. NUGGETS (0-1): They will be the Biggest Surprise in the West and they have 5-Star Like Talent at the 1-3 Positions.

13. GRIND HOUSE (0-1): They will be a Factor in the West no matter how they start.

14. MAVS (1-1): The Mavs are getting Good Experience playing without DIRKilsicious.

15. JAZZ (1-0): Have Milsap, Jefferson, and Heyward along with Mo Williams at the Point.

16. CAVS (1-0): This will be the Coming Out Party for PG Kyrie Irving.....    

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