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TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #49 along with a 2004 NFL DRAFT Top Picks BIG Ben, ELI, FITZ, and RIVERS with a DIRECT SNAP to A QB DRIVEN League...Did anyone go wrong in the 2004 NFL DRAFT selecting SUPER ELI, RIVERS, FITZ, and BIG BEN?...Who would you have taken at #1 or does it matter?

We analyze all the Time on the Past in Sports and the biggest Thing we always refer to is the Draft. With the Pittsburgh Steelers taking on the NY Football Giants this Weekend in Met Life Blue the Argument has come up. Did Teams get it right in 2004 with their Selections of QBs and a Player or Two in the 2004 NFL Draft?

First taking a Look at the 2004 NFL Draft: Top Picks:
Note: Notable QBs Big Ben, Eli, Rivers, and Schaub

1. Eli Manning Bolts (traded to G-Men on Draft Day)
3. Larry Fitzgerald Cards
4. Phillip Rivers G-Men (traded to Bolts on Draft Day)
11. Big Ben Steelers
22. JP Losman Bills
90. Matt Schaub Falcons (3rd Round now with Texans)

The Top 4 Picks (not included Raiders OT Robert Gallery 3rd Pick) was a Huge Success as 3 of those 4 Players were Franchise Type Players. Big Ben slid to #11 and Lead Man Bill Cowher and Player Personnel Director Kevin Colbert didn't miss. J.P. Losman just didn't pan out and a perfect Example of when you miss on a High Pick especially at QB it can set s Franchise back for Years and the Bills have missed more than enough.


Big Ben 3 Super Bowls Won 2 (Beat Fitz in Super Bowl XLIII)

Super Eli 2 Super Bowls Won 2 (beat Tom Terrific Foxboro both Times)

Rivers No Super Bowls but HOF Type Numbers (Now you see why Eli requested Trade on Draft  Day as Eli and Dad Archie sniffed out something in Bolts Nation)

Fitz 1 Super Bowl vs Big Ben in Super Bowl XLIII (43) Top 40 All-Time in Receiving Yards in NFL

Losman Out of the League...not a Complete Bust but a Bust...LOL

Schaub backed up Vick now Texans Franchise QB and a Super Bowl 47 Contender

BIG BEN, Super ELI, RIVERS, LOSMAN, and SCHAUB Career Passing Yards:
Note: NFL Rank in Parenthesis

Super Eli 29,880 (36)
Big Ben 28,566 (44)
Rivers 25,931 (58)
Losman 6,271 (223)

*Schaub 19,586 (98)

*Full-Time Starter since 2007

Now with the Match Up this Weekend in Met Life Blue Big Ben and Eli will renew their Rivalry and its not so much about outplaying one another the Steelers are 4-3 and don't want to move to 4-4. The G-Men want to keep their strangle hold on the NFC East by possibly putting more distance between them in the below average NFC East.

As for the Question did those Teams miss on those 4 Picks in the Top 11..absolutely not as they all have been as advertised or even better. Losman was a Miss at #22 1st Round and Schaub like in every Draft slipped through the Cracks and has Performed of late as an Elite Level Signal-Caller.

I would have taken Big Ben or Eli before Rivers and if I had a QB there is no doubt I would have did anything in my Power to get Fitz If I was close to that #3 Pick.

Note: Draft Order from from  

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