Thursday, November 1, 2012

REGULATORS Report Take 6 with PLAYBOOK ..OPENING NIGHT for #ThunderUp and back to the SCENE of the CRIME of 2012 Winning Time...ALAMO City on the Menu as UNCLE Russ and @kdTREY5 lead in Game 1 of 82...OKC @ SPURS Game Preview...MOUNT UP!

Yes the Season is here for the somewhat New-Look OK City Thunder as they will be playing their 1st game without Super-Sub and now Current Houston Rocket Franchise Sniper James "Big Game James 2.0" Harden. The Thunder on Opening Night Tonight will revisit the Scene of the Crime from Last Seasons Winning Time in which the Spurs were up 2-0 only to have the Regulators come back on 4 Straight and win the Western Conference Championship.

The Regulators come in with the Same Core in Point God Uncle Russ Westbrook and Stretch SF Kevin "KD" Durant. They will be followed by Perk of Beaumont, Air Congo...Ibaka, Thabo of Switzerland, Nick of Rock Chalk, Maynor of VCU Rams, K-Mart...Jordan Brand Edition, and Three Rookies in "Silence of the Jeremy Lambs" of Storrs U, Perry Jones III of Waco U Fame, Hollis Thompson of Hoya Paranoia, and 2012 FA Pick Up and Lottery Bust Haseem Thabeet of Tanzania....Where? The Thunder have tweaked some parts and we will see sure enough how much Respect the Beard will be missed right off.

The Spurs will play Host to the Regulators Tonight and they are coming off of Win last night in NOLA on Hive Drive vs the Hornets.

 Game Preview/Playbook
November 1, 2012 9:30pm ET

SPURS: The Spurs come into Tonight's Home Opener having won last nights Game on Hive Drive 99-95 vs the Hornets. The Spurs Trio minus Manu of TP9 and Dunc led the Spurs with TP9 hitting the Game-Winner with under a Minute to go in the Contest. TP9 had 23 points and 6 helpers. Dunc was his usual self drinking out of the Fountain of the River walk 23 points and 11 off the Glass. The Spurs will be without Manu and 2nd Year Player Kawhi Leonard stepped up as he had 19 points and 6 boards. K.L. also led the Alamo City Boyz with 3 Money Balls going 3 for 6 on the Night.


The Spurs went 10 Deep Last Night an with No Manu and a Fresh Opening Night Regulator OKC Crew they need to Sharp and Focused or the Regulators will run through the Streets and River walk of San Antonio.

The Key Match Ups are TP9 vs Uncle Russ as Westbrook will come at Parker with Limited Depth behind TP9. The Spurs will counter with Patty Mills and Danny Green on Russ maybe even a little K.L. in Situations. Not having Harden takes a Huge Presence off the Floor and Weight off the Spurs as they now have Kevin Martin who by no means is a Slouch. Highly Underrated but he just has to stay healthy. Spurs might want to slow the Game down a little as OKC has Big Time Athletes and Speed at Every Level. If the Thunder make a 100 Meter Dash instead of the 26 Mile Marathon the Spurs will get run out of Alamo City Texas.

Look for the Thunder to play Uncle Russ of the Orange more this season with a Healthy Eric Maynor as #2 Pg on the Regulators Report. The Thunder have Quality Young Depth around Durant and Westbrook and watch for Combo G Reggie Jackson and Sniper Jeremy Lamb. The Regulators definitely have more Firepower by Numbers.

Next Spurs Match Up is who besides K.L. and Wacko Jacko...Stephen Jackson will guard @kdTREY5 as he will have All Pistols Firing like he always does. If there is a William H. Bonny aka "Billy the Kid" on the Regulators Report its KD. Look for the Spurs also to throw Danny Green at him in situations. Look for Rook SF Perry Jones III to spell Durant in Rotation to see what he can do.

Dunc will do what he does and it will be up to Perk, Air Congo, and Collison to contain him. The Spurs will come with Matt Bonner, Tiaggo Splitter, and Starter Boris Diaw and the Thunder will have to match their Energy and Smarts on the Spurs Front Line. Will Haseem Thabeet be a factor not now but in the Regulators Rotation for 2012-13 and if he is that Front Line goes to another Level. He is Ginormous and he to play Ginormous with that Size to benefit him and the Regulators.

Interesting Match Up as things sure have changed with no Manu or James Harden. I know this Presti had to move Harden but 2 1st Round Picks coming with the Roster they have now and Two Franchise Players in KD and Russ....Game 1 of 82..get on your Horses Thunder Nation its the Regulators Report with the Alamo City up first...MOUNT UP!
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