Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 40...DIRTY BIRDS Team #15 on SUNDAY to go 8-0 since 1978...what does that Mean? GOLD SWAGGER's Circle City Strangler...D-GRANGER out 3-Months...EAGLES n COWBOYS battle for PRIDE n Wild Card Hopes at 3-5

The Atlanta Falcons are in a Rarefied Air in the NFL as they are the 15th Team to start the Sunday Season 8-0 since 1978. The Numbers and what this means moving forward:

* 9 of the 14 Teams made it to the Super Bowl
* Last Team to go 8-0...2009 Saints
* 8 Games Left...4 Home 4 Away (5 NFC South Teams)

The Falcons have the Lions, NY Football Giants, and Bucs twice along with the Saints Twice and Panthers and the Schedule favors them down the Stretch. What looms large is the Bear and 49ers in the Playoffs as they might see Both, One, or Neither.

The Pacers aka Gold Swagger get the News they didn't want to hear as their All-Star 18 plus ppg Small Forward Danny Granger aka the Circle City Strangler...D-Granger had an reported Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Done this past week and it looks to be at least 3 Months before he returns. The Pacers have been using 2012 FA Pick Ups Gerald Green and Sam Young in Granger's Spot in the Line Up. Now Paul George and David West have to pick up even more Slack.    

It has come to this in the NFC East as the 3-5 Eagles and Cowboys face each other Sunday and both heading into Different Directions while heading into the Same Direction. Both Teams need a change at the Top whether it is Coaching or GM and Jerry of the Cowboys won't fire himself. Eagles Andy Reid is on his way out and there is no other way of putting it.

Both the Cowboys (18.8 ppg) and the Eagles (16.6 ppg) are struggling in the Red Zone as they both put Yards up and both QBs are 2012 Turnover Machines. Romo has 13 Picks and Vick is responsible for 17 Turnovers. This Game can simply be called the "Prelude to the Texans @ Bears Sunday Night" or the Fight before the Big Fight. As bad as Vick has played at least Romo has an O-Line. The Loser of this one can play for a High Pick in 2K13 April NFL Draft. Remember win looking to get into the Top 3 Picks in the Draft..."You can't Win the Draft...if you Don't Lose".  

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