Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA LOCKOUT @ 12:01AM FRIDAY......What is FLEX CAP?....How bout Competitiveness vs Profitablity......REVENUE SHARING Maybe the Problem

NBA Commissioner David STERN knew it was coming.....Deputy NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Knew it.......NBA Players Association Prez Billy HUNTER Knew this day was coming as did the NBA Owners and Players..........The LOCKOUT is COMING!....The LOCKOUT is COMING!.......and Dammit we are here.

At 12:01 ET tonight the NBA Players shut their Doors to the PLAYERS in what was to be expected. Both sides Today tried a last ditch effort to no avail and HOUSTON....WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

Now one may ask what are the Bigger issues in getting a deal hammered out....well the BLUEDUDE has come up with a Few Problem Areas that need to be worked and one HUGE AREA that another SPORTS is using and it's helped them in a HUGE WAY.


FLEX CAP: The NBA Owners want to impose this on the PLAYERS and really it is a HIDDEN HARD CAP because the FLEX CAP has a CEILING it's not unlimited.

The so called FLEX CAP would be bracketed by a Minimum and Maximum that both sides have yet to agree on. The Salary CAP was to be set at $62 Million this upcoming season as the Salary CAP last Season was a little over $57 million. The Only Difference between the New CAP vs the Old CAP is that the FLEX CAP a team can't go over the MAXIMUM Amount.......IE........a HARD CAP better known as the FLEX CAP.

The National Hockey League agreed to this and it was the worse deal ever signed by any PLAYERS Association in the History of Professional SPORTS.

Teams also want a 2-3 Year Deals instead of the 5-6 Years where teams are getting BURNED by so much EXPENSIVE DEAD WEIGHT.......and the BLUEDUDE totally agrees on this. This way Teams that have GUYS not performing up to their respective Contracs can easily be bought out or even terminated in a sense.

Looking even closer is it the COMPETITIVENESS or PROFITABILITY Teams are worrying about? I would be more worried about the PROFITABILITY in this case because it has been reported that 22 of 30 NBA TEAMS allegedly are losing money.

But has anyone said LET'S do some REVENUE SHARING like the NFL........WOW.........BLUEDUDE......REVENUE SHARING......there is an IDEA that maybe we can run with so that the BULLS, LAKESHOW, GREEN TEAM, and KNICKERBOCKERS can freely spend to stay COMPETITIVE and and those teams ALWAYS Profit because of their respective MARKETS.

I think if the NBA went to REVENUE SHARING it would knockout a whole lot of BIRDS with ONE STONE. It fixed the NFL and now the SMALL MARKET TEAMS are not left out in the DARK and can also get into Free AGENT Spending as well.

Only Problem is these NIG MARKET TEAMS know that their ADVANTAGE is their MARKETS so to convince the BIG MARKET TEAMS in the NBA to SHARE REVENUE is easier said than Done.

And you want to know how bad the NBA Lockout is this time.........NBA COMMISH David STERN was quoted as saying, "we're not closer (than at the same time in '99). In fact, it worries me that we're not CLOSER". This spells a larger problem than once thought of.

LOOK.......Forget all the has to be the NFL MODEL of REVENUE SHARING or BUST.......and Both sides have to be willing to BEND but not BREAK.

STERN was also quoted as saying," In my YEARS as COMMISH the LEAGUE Salaries have gone from $250K on Avg. to $5M on Avg"........BLUEDUDE your turn............and MR. STERN in REAL TALK in REAL LIFE........the WAGES of the AVERAGE JOB in this COUNTRY is plummeting why the COST OF LIVING is STEADY going UP.......There is NO CRYING BETWEEN 94 FEET by 50 feet........END to END......SIDELINE to SIDELINE.

BLUEDUDE SPORTS.....follow me on TWITTER @bluedudesports.......and/or on FACEBOOK at Anthony AJ HARRIS....HOLLA

It's a REDLEG......NO!.....It's a REDBIRD.....NO!....It's......the BEER MAKERS......Meet NL Central Leaders the BREW CREW

Most NL Central Predictions at the start of Spring training had the St LOUIS CARDINALS or the CINCINNATI REDS repeating as National League Central CHAMPS. But many observers had not the NORTH SIDERS but the Milwaukee BREWERS in a close 3rd place in the Division.

Enter the Halfway point in the Season with the BEER MAKERS on their way to a 88-74 Final Season mark which would probably get you either get you the NL Central Crown or the NL Wildcard.

The BREWERS have been playing some fantastic baseball and are doing it behind their 2 SUPERSTARS in First Baseman Prince FIELDER and the Up and Coming STAR in Left Fielder RYAN BRAUN.

Both Player are having Career Years at the PLATE and the BREWERS Offense is centered around these 2 STARS. With BRAUN in the 3-Hole and hitting .314 with 16 Bombs, 60 RBI's, and tied with Second Baseman Rickie WEEKS with 57 Runs Scored.

FIELDER the Clean-Up Hitter as he should be is hitting .306 with 20 Dingers, 69 Knocked In, and Team leading On base % of .425 and Slugging % of .605.

The Aforementioned WEEKS after having a somewhat breakout season last season hitting .269 and 29 HR's and 83 RIBBIES........he has finally come full circle as the BREW CREW'S 3rd best offensive option.

The PITCHING for the MILWAUKEE is rather young and very good and this is the main reason why they have been atop the NL CENTRAL.

The STAFF, anchored by Right-Hander Yovani GALLARDO, has been holding up for the most part. the rest of the Starters MARCUM (7-3), WOLF (6-4), NARVESON (5-5), and GREINKE (7-3) will only get better as the season moves along. And as of right now I have the BREW CREW as the Strongest Starting Pitching in the Division.

At 44-37 with their 2ns staright Loss to the BRONX BOMBERS in the BRONX ZOO today.......the BREW CREW still holding serve atop the NL CENTRAL and only time will tell to see if the REDBIRDS or the REDLEGS can make a MOVE. AND you can bet Mr. BRAUN and MR. FIELDER will have something to say before it's all said and done.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top NBA UnDrafted LIST........PHONE didn't ring?........They get the call the NEXT DAY.......David LIGHTY and Matt HOWARD lead

It must be agonizing to the point when you have that gut feeling and your AGENT is telling you it's a SALM DUNK and then your name goes middle to late 2nd Round an still have not heard anything.

The Phone rings and it's your agent telling you if you don't get called in the last 10 Picks we will have to go to the UNDRAFTED Free Agent Route. What's the UNDRAFTED Free Agent Route?

Any TEAM can call you an invite you to their camp with no TIES anywhere to that respective team such as a Guaranteed or Non-Guaranteed Contract. And as weak as the 2011 NBA Draft was 2 names stuck out like a SORE THUMB and the BLUEDUDE digs DEEp to get his INFO......REAL DEEP.

Let's meet and greet the My Top 2 Undrafted Free Agents and the rest of the LIST:

David LIGHTY 6'6" 215 Lb Big Guard/Small Forward from the OHIO STATE UNiversity: If you would have told me LIGHTY was a 2nd Round pick I would have said ok within the first 5 2nd Round Picks. But to go Undrafted and some of the names that went on the Board in front of him........Unexplainable.

A 4-Year Player at O STATE and he came in TOP 50 in High School in the Country....His Freshman Class at O STATE......DeQuan COOK Dayton DUNBAR OH HS, Greg ODEN and Mike CONLEY JR. Indianapolis Lawrence North HS....LIGHTY was #4 on that List......and it was the #1 Recrutiing Class in the Country that year.

A Wing Forward by trade his game has come full circle and he is a LOCKDOWN Defender. Can shoot it from the NCAA ARC, can get to the RIM, and can create a bit off the BOUNCE. He will initially make his living DEFENDING like most NBA Rookies but he is NBA READY and will surprise some FOLKS in CAMP. This Guy was on everybody's MOCK DRAFT LIST...I mean Everybody.

As of TODAY LIGHTY reportedly turned heads at the Atlanta HAWKS CAMP and before the CBA Expires has been contacted by the CAVS, PISTONS, and SPURS also.

NOTE*****Ohio STATE Teammate SG Jon DIEBLER was drafted 2nd Round by the Portland Trailblazers an he is a KNOCKDOWN SHOOTER and that's it......a Poor Man's Kyle KORVER.....very one dimensional.

The BUTLER BULLDOGS have had a run like no other in College Basketball in recent memory and in large part to Head Man BRAD STEVENS an also having players like Gordon HEYWARD and Shelvin MACK.....1st and a 2nd rounder respectively. But look close they also had a BIG that should have been a 2nd Rounder as well.

Enter Center Matt HOWARD of the BULLDOGS. At 6'8" and 230 EL BEES he is as Fundamental as they get with limited range from 15 and in. But a BLue-Collar WORKHORSE that anchored the BULLDOGS Defense.

Just like aforementioned LIGHTY, HOWARD sat on his couch as well with NO PHONE CALL. He is set to go the Free-Agent route and is working out for teams like HAWKS and SPURS and he will find a FIT as soon as the NEW CBA is Agreed upon.

I like HOWARD to another undrafted Guy from the STATE of INDIANA nad is going into his 14th Season.......Purdue's BRAD MILLER. I am also confident that HOWARD can stretch his game eventually out to the NBA 3pt ARC.

The TOP Undrafted Players in the 2011 NBA Draft

Demetri McCamey ILLINOIS PG All-Big TEn 2 years in a row HS Teammate of SIXERS Evan TURNER Best Undrafted PLAYER
Rick JACKSON Syracuse C 2010 Big East Defensive POY
Jamie SKEEN VCU PF Very Good run in NCAA Tourney Former Freshman ALL-ACC at Wake FOREST
Malcolm THOMAS SDSU Athletic SF/PF......too athletic to not make a ROSTER somewhere played off of Kahwhi LEONARD
Jacob PULLEN Kansas STATE PG led the WILDCATS to Respectablity in BIG 12.....from Famous Proviso EAST HS in CHI CITY
Scotty HOPSON Tennessee SF A talented guy who never got it rolling in ROCKY TOP.......Needs some developement

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fightin' PHILS in 1st no Surprise....BOMBERS n CARMINES battling..... The D riding VERLANDER.....GIGANTES holding SERVE

The Mid-Summers CLASSIC is almost upon us and the MLB Races will start to heat up after the BREAK. No Team is running away from their Division and all Teams in the Passengers Seat are in striking distance or the Rear View Mirror I should say.

Let's take a look at all the Divisions and see who is doing damage as the last leg of INTER LEAGUE Play is going on into the HOLIDAY WEEKEND.


PHILS 49-30
BRAVES 45-35 4.5
NATS 40-39 9
AMAZINS' 39-39 9.5
Fighting FISH 34-44 14.5

OUTLOOK: The PHILS are riding where their CASH is......PITCHING...starters are a combined 38-25 with LEE, OSWALT, and Doc HALLADAY a combined 22-14. The BRAVES will stay close with solid pitching and need to get J HEYWARD in the LINE-UP. Just his presence alone should ignite the BRAVES Offense.
The NATS are a surprisingly 3rd with good solid Pitching and hitting and the AMAZINS' are staying afloat minus all the TURMOIL upstairs. The FISH did themselves in with a double digit losing streak early....and now it will be tough to mount a comeback even in the WILDCARD.


REDBIRDS 41-38 3
RED LEGS 41-39 3.5
BUCS 39-38 4
STROS 28-41 16

OUTLOOK: The BREW CREW behind the 1-2 of FIELDER and BRAUN are having themselves a season. Throw in some timely starting Pitching from guys like Grienke, Gallardo, WOLF, and Marcum....the BEER MAKERS are in it for the STRETCH. The REDBIRDS will at least be in thew WILDCARD Race with MATT and ALBERT in the MIDDLE of the line-up.
The RED LEGS have above average starting pitching and the NL's Reigning MVP in VOTTO they will be there as well. The PIRATES youth movement no more as they are showing the rest of the Division and NL that we are coming up...and fast.

As for the CUBBIES and's WACKA FLOCKA in CHI CITY....IT'S A PARTY in Wrigleyville and the ''s just dammit HOT everywhere in H-TOWN but the STANDINGS.


D-BACKS 43-37 2.5
ROCKIES 38-40 6.5
Boys in BLUE 36-44 9.5
DIEGO 35-45 10.5

OUTLOOK: The Defending WORLD CHAMPS are holding serve in the WEST and they are getting some help as the Rockies and DODGERS were suppose to be there and the ROCKIES pitching isn't where it is suppose to be and the DODGERS have well-documented trouble all over the news.
The D-BACKS are taking full advantage of those 2 struggles and will they catch the GIANTS?......probably not but the NL WILD CARD will be a 4-6 Team race in the end.
As for the 'DRES.....beautiful weather and nice stadium.........................FLAT LINE


BOSOX 45-32 .5
RAYS 44-35 2.5
JAYS 39-40 7.5
O'S 35-40 9.5

OUTLOOK: You know the DRILL in the AL EAST........YANKS, BOSOX, and now the RAYS......always will be there. It will come down to who is healthiest coming down the stretch and who can PITCH it and Catch it.

The JAYS and O'S unfortunately can try to stay close but these 3 teams not only chase the division but one of them are usually the WILD CARD setters as well.........OUCH for the rest of the AL.


THE D 43-36
TRIBE 41-36 1
PALE HOSE 38-41 5
KC 33-46 10
TWINKIES 32-45 10

OUTLOOK: The TRIBE was on fire than reality set in and it's been the VERLANDER SHOW in MOTOWN. Having said all that OZZIE'S BOYS on the South Side of the CHI are CREEPING and trying to get to the MAGIC .500 Line.

The ROYALS are having another disappointing run and at least ROYALS Stadium off of I-35 is 2k11 FAN FRIENDLY to get them to the ol' BALLPARK.

The TWINS have been decimated by the loss of MAUER and they still can get to the front they just have a little more work to do then the OTHERS.


HALOS 40-40 1.5
the M's 39-40 2
the SWINGIN' A's 35-44 6

OUTLOOK: No one is going to run away with this division and if it were a 2 pony race I would pick the RANGERS and M's. Both have Pitching and hitting. Injuries will play an important role in who gets to the PLAYOFFS.

The RANGERS dodged a big one in getting HAMILTON back in a timely fashion. It will be a 3-Team race and it's going top be tough because the WILD CARD will come out of the EAST.


the PHILS and BREW CREW have the best HOME RECORDS at 30-13 and 29-11 respectively

Bombers @ BEER TOWN for a 3-game inter-league and CARMINES @ PHILLY for maybe a World Series Preview......all 3 game sets JUNE 28-30

The 2011 NBA Free Agent LIST.........Who is the Most Coveted FA?......and Who is the most Overrated FA?

The NBA'S Top Free Agents to be Unrestricted and Restricted and who will probably be staying and who will probably be going. The NEW CBA will have a lot to do with WHAT kind of Money to dish out to these free agents considering the NBA is looking MAYBE at a Hard Salary CAP for next Season.

Here's the LIST composed by the BLUEUDUDE:

1st LEVEL FA'S.......which means the PLAYERS TEAMS most covet and willing to spend BIG BUCKS to get:

(R) Restricted means the Current Team holds the 1st Rights for players and can give them the most MONEY under OLD CBA ONLY
(U) Unrestricted means the PLAYER can go freely and sign with who ever he wants to sign with

1. Marc GASOL (R) Current Team GRIZZLIES: will be staying as he is the ANCHOR for all that GOOD GRIZ on BEALE STREET......will re-sign with GRIZZLIES

2. NENE' HILARIO (U) Current Team NUGGETS: This is DANGER TIME for MILE HIGH how can they let a GUY of NENEN'S Caliber be UnRestricted.........50/50 a possible destination for him might be the WARRIORS

3. DeAndre JORDAN (U) Current Team CLIPPERS: This is the reason why CLIPS Center Chris KAMAN is on the BLOCK....can't PAY Both of them Top Center CASH....will re-sign with CLIPS and re-join BLAKEshow.

4. JR SMITH (U) Nuggets last team with the NUGGETS:In Rebuild mode and all PLAYERS gone including that CORE of MELO' and BILLUPS..........look for the KNICKS, NETS, BULLS, and maybe HEAT to make a RUN at the Enigmatic SMITH

5. Tyson CHANDLER (U) Last TEAM MAVERICKS: After being an integral part of the MAVS 1st Championship CUBAN and President of OPS Donnie NELSON will make this #1 on MAVS to do with MAVS

6. Jamal CRAWFORD (U) Last team HAWKS: The man can still get BUCKETS.......the HAWKS still have J-CRAW on their list but at what PRICE?........Look for maybe the HEAT with less $, BOBCATS, NETS, maybe even the SPURS to make a RUN

7. David WEST (U) Last Team HORNETS: Remember when CP3 said if WEST leaves he is leaving, well a TORN ACL LATER WEST might not leave but his value coming off that Knee Injury Plummeted.....probably Re-sign with HORNETS for way less CASH then they originally offered at the beginning of last season. He should have took the CASH because of the uncertainty of the CBA anyway. Re-sign with HORNETS or maybe trade to WARRIORS

8. Kris HUMPHRIES (U) Last team NETS: Look is he MILLI VANILLI or is he Cash MONEY?........I know this he will not get the MONEY he might think that's out there because of TEAMS not free spending anymore plus BUYER BEWARE.......He had those STATS on a Very Bad TEAM.......and Kim KARDASHIAN SQUEEZES seem to be one-dimensional PLAYAS. Market not deep for K-HUMP....look for maybe the NETS, BUCKS, and maybe KNICKS across the HUDSON.

9. Greg ODEN (R) Current TEAM BLAZERS: the BLAZERS will most definately give him a Qualifying OFFER which will keep G O in PORTLAND until next summer......but BOY do the BLAZERS hope he stays INJURY FREE and teams up with if this happens....LOOKOUT.......because the BLAZERS have Offesnive FIREPOWER........only team that was a THREAT to the MAVS in the PLAYOFFS Re-Sign with BLAZERS

10. Yao MING (R) Current Team ROCKETS: The ROCKETS hope that MING will hold up but it just seems a man that BIG will not once he starts breaking down.......and breaking down he has been. Look for the ROCKETS to retain MING to see what happens....there is a lot of LOYALTY on BOTH SIDES of this LEDGER. RE-SIGN with ROCKETS.

Other FA'S to watch

Rodney STUCKEY (U) Last team PISTONS combo G more of a 2 than a LEAD.........He can play...possible re-sign with PISTONS

Tayshaun PRINCE (U) Last Team PISTONS has a few left in him at the 3.....SPURS will get him NO DOUBT

Thaddeus YOUNG (R) Current Team SIXERS he is the reason why the SIXERS have IGUODALA out there....YOUNG MONEY is ready for

Caron BUTLER (U) Last Team MAVERICKS: coming off a MENISCUS TEAR......the MAVS will re-sign him he is their 2nd best PLAYER and they add another SPANIARD in Rudy Fernandez.......can you say........HOLD ON BLUEDUDE.....MAVS REPEAT

Nick YOUNG (R) the WIZARDS best scorer and was coming to his own last season........TOUGH ONE for the WIZ......BULLS MAYBE take a long-hard look at Nick at NIGHT....KNICKS, NETS, and HAWKS maybe

Monday, June 27, 2011


The Golden State WARRIORS are in a position they are rarely in......they have a PIECES to start moving up in the WEST. With David LEE, Stephen CURRY, and MONTA ELLIS........and now enter Klay THOMPSON the versatile smooth Allan HOUSTON 2K11.

Now the question is will the WARRIORS have to move someone in the BACK COURT?.........They almost have to and THOMPSON is versatile enough to play the POINT and have STEPH and MONTA running off PICKS.

Now that scenario could be null n void if they can put a package together with MONTA as the HEADLINER and the WARRIORS go get them a serviceable BIG and a NICE 3-4 to go with the rotation of LEE and WRIGHT.

It should be interesting to see what they do with Jerry WEST, aka the LOGO, and Mark JACKSON running the show. The WARRIORS will be very active after the NEW CBA is intact.

The MALOOF'S and the Sacramento KINGS have JIMMER FEVER getting ready to hit the AREA but what about Tyreke EVANS aka REKEhavoc. REKE is not a conventional PG nor a 2........he is COMBO with almost a SMALL FORWARD FRAME and can get BUCKETS. So with REKE being a Shoot FIRST player where does this leave JIMMER?

The KINGS will have to be patient as the KINGS with both of those players in the mix will not be fluid overnight OFFENSIVELY. But just imagine the PIECES that the KINGS all of sudden have.....REKE, JIMMER, Omri CASSPI, DeMarcus COUSINS, Donte GREENE, Jason THOMPSON, and Marcus THORTON. Give this group a season or two and the WEST will be WON in SAC-TOWN.

Hopefully this GROUP can help the City of SACRAMENTO and Former Phoenix SUNS Great and current SACRAMENTO Mayor Kevin JOHNSON aka KJ.......YOU HAVE 24 SECONDS........get a NEW STADIUM DEAL done.

Out of all the TEAMS in the DRADFT with MULTIPLE Picks in the 1st Round.......the Utah JAZZ......who never show their hand and surprised people picking KANTER at 3.......pulled off maybe the best 1st round when it's all said and done.

The JAZZ get Enas and COLORADO BUFFALOES BIG Guard in Alec BURKS who can get BUCKETS ASAP for the JAZZ. Now you have KANTER, MILSAP, JEFFERSON, and FAVORS all at the FORWARDS.

Now look for the JAZZ to move and the most logical move would be to MOVE MILSAP and try to get them a SCoring 2 and try to get RIP HAMILTON from the PISTONS if he is available. The PISTONS in turn get them a 18 and 10 WALKING in MILSAP.

Look for BURKS and KANTER to make an impact right away and they will be right in the mix with the other DUO in CLEVELAND in IRVING and THOMPSON as impactful ROOKIES minus those STARTER MINUTES.

Friday, June 24, 2011

NBA DRAFT RECAP........a lot of SURPRISES......some questionable TRADES......Winners....and LOSERS on DRAFT NIGHT

The NBA DRAFT last night was like no other in the PAST with the LOCKOUT LOOMING and uncertainty everywhere TEAMS went for their MAN........and I GOT least you hear all teams use the same spill.

Let's take a look at the WINNERS and LOSERS on Draft DAY:


1. Cleveland CAVALIERS- They get their GUY PG Kyrie IRVING but Tristan THOMPSON at #4 is a stretch to say the least. Isn't he the same guy as JJ HICKSON or am I kidding myself.

2. Detroit PISTONS-JOE D has PG Brandon KNIGHT fall to him and wastes no time. Then they get Kyle SINGLER and Vernon MACKLIN in the 2nd Round.........GREAT JOB the D

3. They will spend $20 Million for MAGGETTE but they get Bismack BIYAMBO and Kemba WALKER to start righting the SHIP for JORDAN......HIS BEST DRAFT to DATE by far

4. Washington WIZARDS-They get EURO Product Jan VESELY to get even more athletic with JOHN WALL running the show. Then they add another WF in Chris SINGLETON. the WIZ will be a FUN team to watch next year.

5. Houston ROCKETS-They trade away alot of CAP and get FLYNN and MONTIEJUNAS. They they go get Marcus MORRIS who fell to them at #15..........good for H-TOWN.

6. Miami HEAT-they get Norris COLE who is a very good PG who I think a lot of teams missed. With really no CAP SPACE or High Draft Pick the HEAT still manage to get an A.


1. Toronto RAPTORS-they need help at the PG like YESTERDAY....and they go get a EURO BIG....which is cool....but based on NEED they struck out at least for now. especially with KNIGHT and WALKER right there.

2. Phoenix SUNS- Markieff MORRIS with all those players left on the BOARD.....the SUNS need immediate help at PG with NASH getting old and at the 2.......they get an D-

3. Portland TRAILBLAZERS-They swap Rudy Fernandez to the MAVERICKS for Jordan HAMILTON.....UHHHHH.....but they get FELTON from DENVER........They could have done better.

4. New York KNICKS-they don't get JAMES DOLAN making all the PICKS....who signed off on this SH**.........Iman SHUMPERT......will give you 32 in one game and 32 Turnovers the next.....a freakish 6'6" Combo G.......and that's it......KNICKS then go get Kentucky's Josh HARRELLSON.......WHY.......SPIKE needs to start making picks NOW.

5. UTAH JAZZ-Still they could go either way but right now an L.......Kanter.......and BURKS........#3 and #12......LOOK what was on the BOARD at the TIME and you see why.....they needed a PG and KNIGHT was right there.

6. San Antonio SPURS-Are they having a Fire SALE.......Unloading or trying to unload Key Parts of ROSTER.......2011 Draft PIcks......get a C-


Dallas MAVERICKS- At this point to add a guy like Rudy FERNANDEZ to your roaster and give up nothing on your roster...WOW....MAVS have to be the PICK in the WEST right now

Golden STATE Warriors- A back court of CURRY, ELLIS(for now), and KLAY THOMPSON.........Firepower for Mark JACKSON.

Chicago BULLS- Stay relatively quiet and get Jimmy BUTLER who is a PLAYER that truely fits the BULLS SYSTEM...and Malcolm LEE the lone 2nd round pick has a chance.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

NASH to the BIG APPLE........ROBIN LOPEZ SUNS on the MOVE.......T'WOLVES staying PUT.....JIMMER to the VALLEY of the SUN

Lets get to it.............

Steve NASH, Hakim WARRICK to the KNICKS for Mr BIG SHOT BILLUPS, Landry FIELDS, and Ronaldo BALKMAN and the #17 PICK.....this has STAT and D'ANTONI all over this one......not that CHAUNCEY not an elite PG....NASH has run D'ANTONI System for years....COMFORT ZONE and D'ANTONI can't wait.......SEAT BURNING UP

Robin LOPEZ is NAME the PHOENIX SUNS have out there and a SERVICEABLE BIG who I think can help TEAMS all over in this draft looking for a much for SUND Owner SARVER telling FOLKS NASH and a few others are going nowhere......the DRAFT Stick and MOVE...and will the SUNS still take Jimmer FREDETTE at 12

The #7 PICK the Sacramento KINGS all of sudden want to get out of it and whoever moves up to #7 will have a SHOT to get their guy because there will be plenty available. And if the KINGS trade the to the SPURS the DRAFT is at a FIX

T'WOLVES will select Derrick WILLIAMS and what they are doing i stockpiling young talent to possibly make a MOVE in free agency because they will have pieces a lot of teams want. JUST THINK......RUBIO, LOVE, BEASLEY, and WILLIAMS to name a few

JOSH SMITH @TooSmoove5 is out there and the HAWKS are dangling him for the #2 overall to the T'WOLVES......HMMMMMMMM he could play the but very similar to B-EASY...same guy...T'WOLVES and KAHN have a million choices.....WAR ROOM looks like a VERIZON CALL CENTER....and KAHN running around like a MANAGER that doesn't know WTF he is doing LOL

MORE LATER.................

WHAT in 10,000 LAKES r the T'WOLVES Doing?........NASH, J-SMOOVE, IGGY, and ODOM all on the MOVE.....BAD NEWS....LOCKOUT almost certain.

Before i get to all this GOOD Stuff....the NBA OWNERS are reportedly asking too much from the PLAYERS and it looks like they are about to go the ROUTE of the NFL.......LOCKOUT......and it will begin after JUNE 30, 2011.

Now NBA NEWS everywhere........LEGOOOOOO

The LA LAKERS seem to be really trying to improve their ROSTER and it seems Andrew BYNUM and Pau GASOL are not going anywhere but Lamar ODOM is the one being heavily shopped right now.

The Most recent trade rumor from the LAKERS: Lamar ODOM and Luke WALTON to PHILADELPHIA for Andre IGUODALA who has been a piece PHILLY has been aggressively finding a PLACE for.

ODOM will rejoin longtime Friend and AAU Mate Elton BRAND with ODOM being form Long Island NY and Brand from PEEKSKILL NY. IGGY will join his SUMMERTIME Workout partner in the BLACK MAMBA Kobe Bryant and they are both being represented by Rob PELINKA.

The DRAFTEXPRESS is reporting that the Houston ROCKETS want that #10 Pick badly and have sweetened their offer to SG Courtney LEE from the ROCKETS for the #10 Overall. Lee began his career as a HIGH 1st round pick of the O-MAGIC and has played in JERSEY and HOUSTON.

SPURS have Tony PARKER out there but the SPURS are also putting Richard JEFFERSON with him........THAT'S NOT GOOD.

The T'WOLVES have fired LAME DUCK Coach Kurt one of the worst HOLDING PATTERNS I have ever seen including O'HARE, JFK, LAX, ATL HARTSFIELD, and LAGUARDIA.

How 'BOUT the DUDE doing all the NONSENSE over there, David KAHN VP of BB OPS, COACHING after he tears up another DRAFT and hold him accountable like they did Kevin McHALE.

Big UPS to Chris MULLIN and BIGGER UPS to the WARRIORS new REGIME......for getting the BX'S Finest back into the building......and DAMN SNAKES on a PLANE ......that dude ROWELL was.....SNAKES at ORACLE.

GOOD LUCK to the PLAYERS in NYC TODAY as the NBA Players Association discusses with their players what in the HECK is GOOD and NOT GOOD........@blakegriffin, @MarcusCamby23, @rudygay22, @ATolliver44...GOOD luck at the MEETING

Reportedly if the Portland TRAILBLAZERS stay at #21 going Morehead STATE......PF Kenneth FARIED......Good PICK to go with those ATHLETES and ALDRIDGE.

Checkout this list for T'WOLVES Coaching Search.....Bernie BICKERSTAFF.....Lorenzo ROMAR.......I hope they don't go LARRY BROWN.....Will Kill YOUNG PLAYERS..........and ROMAR is coming from UW SEATTLE in the PAC-10.....Remember Lon KRUEGER, Tim FLOYD, TARK the SHARK, Stanford Coach MONTGOMERY..........T'WOLVES really? ...and then you see guys like IZZO and COACH K staying put.....because they have a good feel of where they are at an what's on that next level.

COULD STEVE NASH be on the MOVE......SUNS Owner says NO......JUST THINK....if NASH MOVES.......EMPTY ARENA right?

QUESTION of the DAY.........WHO IS GOING TO GET THAT T'WOLVES #2 PICK?.........Only KAHN KNOWS and if he KNOWS it will be 2012 in the TWIN CITIES.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RILEY says SPO is STAYING......MAGIC'S Van Gundy tell KING JAMES to handle SCRUTINY...TOP EUROPEAN DRAFT Prospects......BULLS picking Best Available

Pat RILEY has stepped up his game in wake of the LOSS to the MAVERICKS in the FINALS. My sources say he was asked about numerous topics and he had a Few MEMORABLE Quotes for some of his PLAYERS but not WADE.

RILEY on COACH SPO: I am not leaving my POST to COACH and ERIC SPOELSTRA is our COACH next that a ringing endorsement or what?....COMING from PAT RILEY you could take that and spin it 305 WAYS....on your I-PHONE

RILEY on KING JAMES: He's got a go-to game. He doesn't need a Go-to move

RILEY on BOSH: I thought he was the PERFECT PLAYER for US. But he was judged on what he didn't do. Riley then says," BOSH will hit the WEIGHT ROOM".

Really never said anything about Dwayne WADE And I look at it like You WIN AS A TEAM....and YOU LOSE As ONE. All the HEAT are at FAULT especially the ones that get the MOST ink and want to be in front of the CAMERA when ALL is WELL.

Speaking of all is well Remember when RILEY took Stan Van GUNDY'S JOB and took the HEAT the next season to the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP. Well OLD STAN has never forgotten about that so he had this to say about KING JAMES, " STOP CRYING OVER SCUTINY". ENOUGH SAID STAN.......and STAN handled AGENT ZERO to a TEE....RIGHT?.....CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE before TRYING TO CLEAN OTHERS COACH.


1. Jonas VALANCIUNAS 7'0" 245 Center LITHUANIA Needs to add a FEW MORE EL BEES to Compete

2. Enas KATNER 6'10" 245 Power Forward TURKEY Excellent work ethic and the TOP Prospect from EUROPE

3. Jan VESELY 6'11" 240 CZECH REPUBLIC Very good Athlete for his height and excellent leaping ability HIGHLIGHT REEL REALLY

4. Bismack BIYAMBO 6'9" 240 Power Forward CONGO Very Raw but His Muscles have MUSCLES......TOP 20 lock

5. Donatas MONTIEJUNAS 7'0" 250 PF/Center LITHUANIA INSIDE and OUT will get it Unique skill set for someone his size.

The Chicago BULLS are reportedly standing by the #28 and #30 PICKS they have in the 2011 NBA Draft. And will pick the BEST PLAYERS that fit their style on and OFF the COURT.

Don't look for the BULLS to re-sign G Keith BOGANS or Veteran BIG Kurt THOMAS........they also have the 43rd PICK and they have their eye on guys who have some college experience (3 and 4 years).

The PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS are reportedly ready to deal PG Andre MILLER and have Nicolas BATUM, the FRENCH SWINGMAN, also out their for the TAKING.

Steve NASH might be on the OUTS if the SUNS decide to go and REBUILD......OUCH...the BLUEDUDE is scared of REBUILD

The T'WOLVES also have reportedly made a PLAY on LAKERS CENTER Andrew BYNUM.........for a NO GO.......THAT #2 PICK has the 10k LAKES Crew Puzzled

Then you have the JAZZ at #3....and you never know what they will do on DRAFT DAY.........Heck JIMMER at #3 isn't far-fetched coming from the JAZZ

The PISTONS OWNER has reportedly flew to the AUBURN HILLS to Check out JOE D's Work.....and JOE D won't of the best.......HEY JOE.....SEND RIP to the BULLS for #30 and #43 and cash.......BULLS Keep #28

SPURS have been awful QUIET......YOU KNOW they have a TRICK under their sleeve...POPS where you at?

2011 NBA DRAFT THursday JUNE 23 in the BIG APPLE

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE HEAT lead all teams to go get the LARRY O'BRIEN in 2012.......and LOOK whose 100 to 1 and 150 to 1...OUCH..MAVS 10 to 1

I told you sports doesn't stop and neither does BETTING ON SPORTS....which to me isn't a REAL GOOD thing but hey if you have the DUCKETTS........MAKE IT RAIN.

Not even a whole day after the HEAT lost to the MAVERICKS in convincing fashion......LOOK who is ready to be crowned in 2012.....AS IF there was any pressure?.......THERE IS NOW.

The ODDs on FAVORITES to HAVE A PARADE in their TOWN next season:

1. HEAT 5 to 2 WADE County, King JAMES, and BOSH




5. MAVERICKS 10 to 1 (2011 NBA Defending CHAMPS) @swish41,@teamjasonkidd, @jasonterry31, @Team_Matrix31_, Berea, @tuffjuice, HAYWOOD,@teamchandler6...MAVS enloy your CHAMPIONSHIP ALL SUMMER.......Who cares about this S***

6. GREEN TEAM 12 to 1 Big TICKET, P2, Sugar RAY, Doublr R


The Following TEAMS are at 100 to 1...which means don't renew season tickets or watch the 2011 NBA DRAFT

WARRIORS not the San Francisco WARRIORS
BUCKS not the Lew Alcindor/BIG O BUCKS
KINGS not the when the MALOOFS had REAL DOUGH not 2% of the PALMS

The RAPTORS are last at 150-1 and if you put them in the BIG EASt they would be 75-1


BULLS need a Shooter....and Playmaker...KNICKS eye FREDETTE....CAVS sold on #1.....BOBCATS LUV KU TWIN.....Which ONE?

As the DRAFT nears every NBA team and their STAFFS prepare for every scenario except this draft is a little different. See the NBA Draft usually is the most talked about thing going on in the Association at this time but not in 2011.

With the Collective Bargaining Agreement up JUNE 30, 2011...some teams and most all have their hands tied because some things are going to change like........HARD SALARY CAP........Non-Guaranteed vs Guaranteed Contracts etc..

Now the wheeling nd dealing will probably be at a minimum especially for FREE-AGENTS to be.......but teams are still eyeing their PRIZES to Thursday's NBA DRAFT.

The BULLS have been reported as saying they need a SHOOTER and another Play maker along with DROSE1. The BULLS have one 2nd Round Pick at #43 and they hope maybe a Kyle SINGLER of DUKE (HE should be there for sure), Jimmy BUTLER of MARQUETTE, or IOWA State PG Diante Garrett.

Now the BULLS at #28 and #30 are looking at a plethora of PLAYERS:

Davis BERTANS of LATVIA 6-11.....SHOOTER.......can stretch out the DEFENSE
Justin HARPER of RICHMOND 6-10
Charles JENKINS HOFSTRA 6-3 Combo...the BLUEDUDE'S pick
Shelvin MACK BUTLER 6-3 Combo.....another favorite

The NY KNICKERBOCKERS, who I think are trying to throw every name out there in the BOOK for a SMOKE SCREEN laid down by SPIKE LEE himself, now have BYU Shooting STAR Jimmer FREDETTE in their sites. I could see JIMMER playing same side as 'MELO or STAT so the DOUBLES don't come at all or from somewhere else.

The KNICKS don't need to make another they just need to make the RIGHT have 'MELO and STAT......just get some good reinforcements.......FOOLS........DAMN BIG APPLE...always trying to out do everybody.........IN THESE STREETS.

Well Cleveland CAVS Gm Chris GRANT finally got to CAVS Owner Dan GILBERT and it seems like all along that DUKE'S Kyrie IRVING will be the TICKET at #1. I think he is clear cut #1 because of His CAN'T-MISS Ability at the POINT. the only Sure-Thing in the 201 NBA know KYRIE will do his thing.....FOR ONE......HE HAS THE BALL FIRST...........DUMB***.

The BOBCATS and New GM Rich CHO and HIS AIRNESS have already decided on their pick at #9....and they are working him out TODAY by himself.........and he is Marcus MORRIS an you can find him @KansasTwin22 on TWEET?...YOU SHOULD.....It's some COOL STUFF on this TWITTER THING.

Now the BOBCATS and FLIGHT #23 pick at #19 as well....and I have been told by my sources if @KansasTwin21 is there....he will JOIN his BROTHER....a possibility.

Hey DID anyone out there hear that the HEAT are trying to get into the 1st ROUND.......WHO'S DRAFT ROOM are they going to STICK UP.....And we know LE BRON won't be first because he won't SHOOT.

From last night's post the NBA Draft continued PICKS #21 - #25 #21.......MAN if only they could keep a GM around long enough for some TEAM Contunuity........The PICK here is a PF...they have enough SKILL on the WINGS and out front.....SO WHO?.........JaJuan JOHNSON from PURDUE......and I am serious.....C'MON someone tell PORTLAND that the BLUEDUDE made their PICK.

#22.....the Denver what a Difference a Half a Season makes....Good Run with LAWSON, FELTON, AFFALO, and K-MART. Can't Mention JR SWISH i mean JR SMITH...he's GONE......I hear so is NENE........So they will need another FRONT line piece and a GLASS-EATER/Shot-Blocker.........Morehead STATE'S Kenneth FARIED.......a K-MART CLONE.....will do

#23...Houston ROCKETS......need a PG or SG.........Kyle LOWERY did a YEOMAN'S JOB last season....but they are stacked at the WING and Big Forward SPOTS..........Norris COLE.......CLEVELAND STATE PG.....I don't KNOW

#24 OKC THUNDER........maybe a PG if the try to DEAL Russell WESTBROOK and I know it sounds crazy but could happen. DURANT and Fear the BEARD HARDEN need shots and they won't get them from a SHOOT FIRST PG like maybe Boston College's Reggie JACKSON.....UH-OH SPAGHETTI OH.......He can play

#25 Celtics aka GREEN TEAM...they need to get big as they are depleted on their front line with SHAQ retiring......Jermaine O'NEAL on his last LIGAMENTS.....and Nenad KRISTIC going back to GEORGIA's Trey THOMPKINS or Jeremy TYLER of USA who played INTERNATINAOL last season..

Check out PICKS #26 - #30 wednesday morning before the DRAFT THURSDAY............C'MON get that New CBA DONE Gentleman

Sunday, June 19, 2011

LAKESHOW Wants DWILL5 or CP3 not DWIGHT.....TWOLVES and KAHN want another SPANIARD also....more 2011 NBA Draft NEWS

Just when everyone was thinking if SUPERMAN wants to leave the O-MAGIC Phone Booth two of his destinantions has to be the LAKESHOIW or the BULLS.

The LAKESHOW because it's the LAKERS and the LAKERS have what the MAGIC want....something in Return that's a HUGE ASSET moving forward.....Center Andrew BYNUM.

The BULLS because of Dwight not being shy about his fellow ADIDAS MATE DROSE1 and his best friend Carlos BOOZER aka CBOOZ5 who is also a BULL and wanting badly to play with him. Maybe this is the reason BOOZ didn't show up BIG in the HOWARD.

Now the LAKERS with conventional wisdom have turned to COACH Mike BROWN and said are you running the now we are back to NBA 2011 Standard Offensive Sets......Screen and Roll.....2 and 3 MAN GAME with overload side SHOOTER......High Pick n ROLL......or High Pick n get it.....RIGHT?

LAKERS GM Mitch KUPCHAK and his mates have now turned to the Deron WILLIAMS or Chris PAUL Sweepstakes. I always wondered if the LAKERS already have a Good Young Center in Andrew BYNUM....why not go from inside out and get an ELITE PG......well when you run the TRIANGLE there is no need for such. Now Brown is in TOWN it goes through the PG or Point Forward.

Either one of these guys will do but I think Deron might be the LAKERS Ticket just because he is Bigger and the VISION of him playing with an aging BLACK MAMBA put some youth back into KOBE.

PAUL would also be a nice fit I just think he is too BALL CONTROLLED to run with a GUY like KOBE and a LITTLE SMALLER than DWILL5 and not as good a SHOOTER from deep as WILLIAMS.......STAY TUNED

the 10K LAKES REPORT.........with your HOST......the BLUEDUDE......and the crowd goes Bannanas. Now my sources have said that Ricky RUBIO needs a BABYSITTER/CADDY or is that LUGGAGE HANDLER to play with him during the season......So the LAKESHOW and the T'WOLVES have been reported as just having a CUP of JOE about Pau GASOL joining the T'WOLVES to play with the SPANISH PISTOL.

T'WOLVES let the BLUEDUDE warn you........don't put a lot of stock into a GUY that originally didn't want to come over anyway and now if these DEMANDS are's BOO BOO.

Do the LAKERS need GASOL?....YEAAAAAAAAH and NO.....Will GASOL departure KILL the LAKERS frontline......NO .......just ask for B-EASY in RETURN.

Now from the last POST......PICKS #16 - #20

#16 PHILLY SIXERS and OH Doug COLLINS has these guys moving in the Right DIRECTION with MAJOR young TALENT. Now the Andre IGUODALA on the TRADING BLOCK is out there. And if any of you saw the last PLAYOFFS in which "IGGY" could not get goin offensively because he is so limited.

Now on the ROSTER is Thaddeus "I need STARTERS MINUTES" YOUNG and 2010 Top 3 Pick EVAN TURNER waiting to get into that SF SPOT...."IGGY" becomes very expendable......VERY. SIXERS want to beef up the FRONTLINE and why not go with some homegrown TALENT in one of the MORRIS TWINS.....Good PICK

#17 The KNICKS in the LAST 48-72 HRS have been trying to move up but a bad workout from BISMACK BIYOMBO might have sealed their fate to do so. I think the KNICKS need SF help or a Bruising Athletic BODY in the PAINT to take some HITYS off of STAT. My pick here is FSU'S Chris SINGLETON if he is there.Also Trey THOMPKINS of GEORGIA at 6-10 could be a FIT.

#18 the WIZ pick again......and now with all that talent and a TOP 5 already in the BOOKS stay young and get a SF Type in Tobias HARRIS by way of UT KNOXVILLE. I would also think if TEXAS' Jordan HAMILTON is there he could do damage as well because one thing we know......JOHN WALL will give you the ROCK if need be.

#19 BOBCATS.....MIKE'S 2nd was rumored as early as yesterday that MIKE was trying to pull off both MORRIS TWINS in the 1st round.......there he goes...........with Adam MORRISON STUFF.........let's take the 2 CAROLINA Guys FELTON and MAY top put some ASSES in the SEATS......LOOK 'CATS.....and New GM CHO.....Make the Right Pick that is in front of you.......HAMILTON or HARRIS........or the BEST BIG left on the BOARD at that time......could always trade that pick too.

#20 T'WOLVES.....By now you are saying DAMN..../.the T'WOLVES have the 1st 8 PICKS and they have the last 9 picks in th 1st round.......ANYWAY........A SF right here because of the TALENT at the PG and PF/C.....or a Big G......Tyler HONEYCUTT UCLA......or even David BERTANS of LATVIA.....I think they should trade it......T'WOLVES are stockpiling talent with nowhere to go.

More NBA NEWS and PICK #21-25 TUESDAY.......and NBA Breaking News on Thursday's DRAFT in NYCi

Saturday, June 18, 2011

More DRAFT NEWS....big boy from the CONGO Moving UP.......CAVS Indecisive at #1....PICKS #9 - #15

I told you....the BLUEDUDE will have the NBA DRAFT covered like your the GM, Player Personnel Director, or PREZ of BASKETBALL Operations.


Bismack BIYOMBO, the 6-9 PF from the CONGO, has been making WAVES since his showing in PORTLAND with the WORLD TEAM vs the US TEAM of the BEST High School PRODUCTS in the Class of 2011. BIYOMBO was the Best Player out there and clearly has NBA PEOPLE Scrambling on their boards.

LOOK for BIYOMBO to maybe get into the TOP 5....and if he doesn't the DETROIT PISTONS at #7 will not let him go. The KNICKS are trying to move up to get him but they might not have enough ASSETS. CAVS are starting to get in on him at #4 which would almost KILL all hoped fro any other TEAM having a chance to get him.

After the DRAFT.........BIYOMBO can give a 10 % of his 1st couple of DIRECT DEPOSITS to Serge IBAKA.......he has paved the WAY for the CONGO to get DEEP into the Association....CELTICS should have gotten IBAKA instead of Avery BRADLEY.

Another GUY Climbing is former Washington STATE PG/SG Klay THOMPSON...........not an UNKNOWN......but his game was not full circle until the CHICAGO PRE_DRAFT Combine and now with his SIZE, SHOOTING STROKE, and VERSATILITY.....he will not get out of the TOP 12 PICKS and almost CERTAIN to land 9-12.

The CAVS GM Chris GRANT wants DUKE PG Kyrie IRVING........the guy cutting all the CHECKS, CAVS Owner Dan GILBERT, whose has been TWEETIN' 'BOUT King JAMES since JAMES left C-TOWN.....wants Arizona F Derrick WILLIAMS....LAKE ERIE we have a PROBLEM.......but who do you think is the OVERALL #1? IF I was GRANT let GILBERT make the CALL.....then tell him if he doesn't PAN out that's your PICK..........and I am sure GRANT has some sort of BUYOUT of hi contract as well.

The BULLS are rumored to be shopping both their #28 and #30 in the 1st get who?......maybe THOMPSON...that's my FEEL here.

Dwight HOWARD and Carlos BOOZER are best friends and SUPERMAN is Itching to play along side CBOOZ5......LITERALLY....C'MON BULLS........Create a PACKAGE that Otis SMITH, the MAGIC GM, can't refuse.........can't pick his pocket no more they have already been picked with the Rashard LEWIS signing and AGENT ZERO.

WARRIORS have let the "LOGO" make his presence felt.......ORLANDO I will give you BIEDRINS, EKPE UDOH, and MONTA ELLIS for....let's see.........Jameer.......NO......JJ.........HELL NO........J-RICH......bout to hang up......OK SUPERMAN.........DROPPED CALL on the ORLANDO SIDE.....REAL TALK...Jerry WEST trying to pick OTIS AGAIN......AIN'T HAPPENING.

The CLIPPERS wanted to send Chris KAMAN to the T'WOLVES.....and for what in return....DON'T KNOW......and Coach LARRY BROWN said he wants to COACH there........HE WOULD KILL RUBIO.......SERIOUSLY......BROWN is a MONSTER on NEW GUYS....especially ones he comes to not LIKE....OH Mr. KAHN.......U HIDING in there.

NOW BACK to the DRAFT...................#9 Michael Jeffrey JORDAN is on the CLOCK......and the BOBCATS want a young BIG......with the NEW GM Rich CHO from the BLAZERS.....i know LARRY MILLER who is the one who BUILT JORDAN AT NIKE and present BLAZER President told MIKE......"YOU WILL LOVE THIS GUY CHO....He's GOOD........well then why didn't you keep him..... GOT TO ASK PAUL ALLEN......and we know he keeps no one happy over there but Nate McMillan.......Tristan THOMPSON......he should be there......MIKE better not trade out.

#10.....Fear the DEER in BEER TOWN USA.......the BUCKS and Double S Scott SKILES need a Big GUARD to play off JENNINGS and the AUSSIE in the MIDDLE...BOGUT.......Alec BURKS......COLORADO 6-6 190-195.....might be the TICKET....KLAY THOMPSON if he is there.....Probably won't be.

#11....the "LOGO" it here...JERRY might have a trick under his sleeve.....If MONTA ELLIS is out there........wouldn't that be a NICE PACKAGE.....ELLIS and #11 for something in that #2 SPOT T'WOLVES.......if no TRADE.....MArkieff MORRIS KANSAS might get the call

#12 the JAZZ.........Are you kidding me........the PICK was in when the WARRIORS made their selection......SHHHHHH....Here's the CALL........with the !2th Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft....the Utah JAZZ select........JIMMER FREDETTE....Guard....BYU

#13 the PHOENIX SUNS will be trying to move up to get FREDETTE and have to get in front of the JAZZ at #12........ what about BC'S Reggie JACKSON..........he could play off of NASH right now...6-3 200 PG/SG

#14 the ROCKETS have pieces........NOW WHAT.....they need a HUGE MAN to replace or play behind or just be on the ROSTER in case POOR YAO can't do it no more......any suggestions....hey do the GRIZZLIES still have Haseem THABEET?

#15 PACERS.........the PACERS need a guy who can maybe play both GUARD SPOTS or the BIG it MARSHON BRROKS of PROVIDENCE.......who knows.......or Tyler HONEYCUTT of UCLA..........the PACERS might need to move up but their guy should be at #15.

Tomorrow.....PICKS 16-25.......and more NBA NEWS........not HOT STOVE......Now.....BURNING with the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK

a HARD CAP is they BIGGEST KEY to getting a deal one in NBA LABOR TALKS......Draft DAY Potentials......Top Free-Agents in NEED

I hope the NBA has been watching how the TALKS between the NFL Owners and NFLPA are playing out. A HUGE LESSON learned......DO NOT...I REPEAT.....DO NOT let this thing get in the HANDS of the COURTS or WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

FRIDAY in NYC.....a Downtown Manhattan Hotel to be exact.....The NBA Owners Committee and the NBA Players Union Heads and a few Active NBA Players showed up for pretty important DIALOGUES and the MAIN Sticking Point is the "HARD SALARY CAP" and the Non-guaranteed or guaranteed CONTRACTS for PLAYERS.

And it seems from some of the QUOTES I have been reading in various ARTICLES that BOTH SIDES might need a little luck in getting something done in wake of the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) expiring on the 30th of JUNE 2011 and what's significant about this's a week after the 2011 NBA Draft.

Speaking of the NBA Draft, which is right around the way, TEAMS will be reluctant to really get into any kind of trades after the DRAFT because of your the SALARY CAP.......What will it be in 2011-2012?........I think this benefits some of the more sought after free-agents but not all.

The BLUEDUDE has put some scenarios together for some teams to see what can and might happen on DRAFT DAY and some Top Tier Free-Agents:

The CAVS in DAN GILBERT are almost certain to take DUKE PG Kyrie IRVING......but WHAT at the 4th PICK the CAVS own. There will be some teams trying to move up to be in the 4th spot to take who?......Will KANTER be there?.......Who KNOWS...they don't need another POINT in Kemba WALKER after getting IRVING......but the CAVS have a NICE HAND to DEAL........JUST HOPE GILBERT doesn't have any KING JAMES HATER MOMENTS between the 1st and 4th or else.

Then the BELOVED TIMBERWOLVES are on DECK and this where the draft gets real interesting because you never know what they might do.......They have picks #2 and #20 which means nothing. But Holding the KEYS to Arizona's DERRICK WILLIAMS can be a return package of delight. With K-LOVE and B-EASY already there NO NEED for WILLIAMS and only David KAHN knows if they need another Point Guard.........A deal will happen at #2......T'WOLVES Fans I know how you FEEL....NO MISTAKES PLEASE...YEAH RIGHT.....better get to the T'WOLVES WAR ROOM FOLKS

Then we have the Utah JAZZ another nice package......PICKS #3 and #12...Need a PG WALKER of UCONN and KNIGHT of UK will be there you might think and the JAZZ like BYU'S Jimmer FREDETTE but #3 is or is it not TOO HIGH to take him.....I THINK it is.....But the JAZZ have some LEVERAGE with 2 TOP 12 PICKS

The CAVS are at #4 and the CONSENSUS PICK is KANTER of TURKEY.....if he is there it's a NO-BRAINER just watch what happens at 2 and 3 CAVS FANS.

RAPTORS and Bryan COLANGELO......i betcha if you ask COLANGELO where he would rather be back in the STATES or in TORONTO
he would say STATE SIDE.........but you have to catch him in an ALLEY to say that. I wonder if the RAPTORS think Andea BARGNANI will be the NEXT DIRK?.......They should have never gotten rid of SAM MITCHELL.......Now they might have to FORECLOSE in TORONTO. Look for DeMAR DeRozan to be outta there when his ROOK DEAL is up.....As for who are they drafting.....HUH?...they are #5

#6 the WIZ are on the CLOCK.......NEED a FIRE BIG GUARD or SMALL FORWARD.......and is NICK YOUNG out there for the TAKING......He could be a STEAL to the right team. I am thinking here maybe SDSU'S KAWHI LEONARD......a Nice SMOOTH STRONG Small FORWARD.....that could play off of a WALL and the 2 BIGS McGHEE and BLATCHE........FLIP CALL ME at 1-BLUEDUDE reference POST# 405 NBA 2011 DRAFT TALKS....and tell ERNIE GRUNFELD thanks in advance for the WIZARDS KINDNESS.

SAC-TOWN and the MALOOFS' are on the CLOCK at #7 and we have MARCUS MORRIS.......NO wait a MINUTE.......maybe Brandon KNIGHT to put him the backcourt with REKEhavoc EVANS......The KINGS have a few pieces to move up actually.....maybe Dontae GREENE and JUSTIN THOMPSON for FLYNN and the RIGHTS to Derrick WILLIAMS.....HMMMMMMM...and some CASH to get the deal done if needed.

JOE DUMARS and the PISTONS are at #8.....HOLD UP......What will they do with RIP HAMILTON and TAYSHAUN PRINCE?......TEams want them.......can the BULLS give the PISTONS #28 and #30 1st round and CASh for RIP...he has some years left.........and the SPURS should make a PLAY 4 PISTONS maybe #29...JOE D can take either DEAL.....WHich ONE?..

LOOK....FOLKS.....Enough trying to be the MAD GM.....check back tomorrow night for #'s 9-20 1st Round

Friday, June 17, 2011

the "PISTOL" Pete Maravich of SPAIN.......SPAIN PG Ricky RUBIO is coming......and NBA PG'S are Waiting my Friend

Has anyone out there ever listened to Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES VP of Basketball Operations David Kahn explain what's going on with Spanish PG Ricky Rubio or anything else?

Well the Paperwork had to be submitted by a MAY 31st NBA Deadline and then certain Parameters concerning his European Club Team FC Barcelona of the Spanish League had to be met. Well what the BLUEDUDE is hearing is that everything has been meant and Rubio in the Twin Cities in Fall 2011......Bring you a Nice Cashmere Jacket n Boots Rubio.

Real quick this reminds me of when one BULLS GM then Jerry "CRUMBS" KRAUSE was salivating at the mouth to get Toni Kukoc aka the Spider from Split aka the Waiter over to the BULLS and was telling everyone who would listen that Mike and Scottie will be taking this Guy out to Dinner..He's that Nice...Jerry....LOOK!....there is some mustard on your jacket.

Having said this David Kahn better be right on because it isn't like the T'Wolves have been at the top like Twin Cities Native...Prince.....Like IT'S 1999.

Now look at what KAHN has done since the 2009 NBA draft where he drafted's not like he has to right on with the Spanish Pistol 2k11...but Damn.......there is a whole lot of dressing going on with this dude.....2009 T'Wolves NBA Draft and tell me what in 10,000 Lakes was Kahn and the T'Wolves thinking:

Ok.....Blake GRIFFIN goes #1 to CLIP Haseem Thabeet to Grizz and no one has seen him on Beale Street yet...
#3 James Harden aka Fear the Beard to OKC Corral....Tyreke Evans to SAC-Town n Maloof's at #4...Stop.

Kahn and the T'Wolves select at #5 Ricky Rubio and #6 Johnny Flynn.....the case is just in case Rubio doesn't want to come over right away and he didn't. But it gets better...look at #7 to the Bay Steph Curry...need I say more. Not Done #9 Demar DeRozan to Raptors and at #10 Brandon Jennings to Beer Town and Kahn looking at the same board We are all looking at you...see something David?.....Anything?......No we got our Guys.

Still looking Kahn at #17 the Sixers get Jrue Holiday and at #18 the Nuggets get Tywon Lawson coming off a Nat'l Championship at UNC Chapel Hill. Not done Kahn sit your *** down......the BLUEDUDE isn't Tony Montana. Eric Maynor goes to Jazz at #20 and Darren Collison to Hive Drive at #21 and then the T'Wolves have enough nerve to get Wayne Ellington at #28 and at #29 goes Toney Douglas to the Knicks like the T'Wolves Draft was a slamming success...hell naw.

Kahn you may leave see after the BLAKEshow, THABEET, @jharden13, and REKEhavoc......I see a Board filled with PG'S better than Rufio right away. And you say you can't look back....NO......what the BLUEDUDE is saying is that the T'Wolves are not in a position to wait on Talent but heck maybe Kahn and his Boss got it like that. The T'Wolves following has No Problem with winning about 17 Games A year.

To take Johnny Flynn before Jennings, Holiday, Lawson, Maynor, and Collison. No Way and don't give me that 25 Overtimes in MSG vs the UConn Huskies as look at Johnny and all those minutes. All those plays he is making don't care and I need Jennings or Lawson period.

And you think the BLUEDUDE is the only one current T'Wolves All-Star Forward Kevin LOVE (@kevinlove twitter fame) put this on twitter.......They say Rubio is coming and I Believe it when I See it.......THAT'S NO RED CARPET OR ROSE PEDALS......this ain't Coming to America...10,000 Lakes Edition......or is it the T'Wolves Player Welcome Wagon.....heck the other T'Wolves Forward Mike Beasley aka B-Easy has probably never heard of him.

We will see what the T'Wolves do on June 23 2011 NBA Draft Time they have the #2 and #20. They want Derrick Williams and B-Easy and K-Love are Waste Management (WM) seen the Trucks......I am out.

2011 NBA Draft News everyday until the Draft Night......Big Ups to Marshon Brooks of Providence and Charles Jenkins of Hofstra....the best Pure-Perimeter Scorers in the Draft write that down and the BLUEDUDE doesn't miss...ever.

OH....and by the way...isn't Kahn the same guy that left the Original Superman of Showtime Lakers in limbo about his T'Wolves Coaching Post?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The BEST McDONALD'S All-American Boys Team EVER...the winner is......1988....and it isn't close.

The BEST OF THE BEST....the CREAM of the CROP........the TOP PREP PLAYER in the STATE......A MAN amongst BOYS........should we go any further. I always wondered what it took to be the BEST PREP BASKETBALL PLAYER in the LAND or one of the BEST. I had a first hand look at what I thought was a LOCK to be invited to the SHOWCASE of HIGH SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL.....the McDonald's ALL-AMERICAN GAME......Ryan BOATRIGHT of EAST AURORA IL HS...Co-Mr BASKETBALL of ILLINOIS 2011....he wasn't picked.

Now having said that......WHAT IS THE BEST MCDONALD'S BOYS TEAM YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?.......I thought for a second and it was a no-brainer and this is from TOP to BOTTOM. The CRITERIA....not HOW MANY have MADE the ASSOCIATION.....but how many guys IMPACTED the COLLEGE GAME as well as their UNIVERSITY...that my friends leaves out OHHHHHH all the TEAMS from the 1995 Mc'D's TEAM that had the Straight to the NBA "BIG TICKET" Kevin GARNETT.

Not blaming the "TICKET" because he didn't want to sit out at UNC Chapel HILL and he didn't know if he had passed his ACT TEST so he jumped ship.......LATER to find out right on the morning of draft day the call from his HS COACH at FARRAGUT ACADEMY in the CHI....that he had passed the TEST but KG had already put his name in the DRAFT. And that whole story will be at a later date from the BLUEDUDE.

So now without further a due....MEET and GREET the BEST BIG MAC TEAM EVER with some HONORABLE MENTIONS TEAMS:

CLASS of 1988

Alonzo MOURNING C Chesapeake VA Indian RIVER the BEST Miami HEAT PLAYER EVER....and the #2 in HOYA PARANOIA...Currently HEAT EXEC

Billy OWENS SF Carlisle PA HS TOP 5 Syracuse ORANGEMAN of all-time......descent NBA Career...Coached by UNC PLAYER/GRAD Jeff LEBO'S DAD in HS

Shawn KEMP PF Elkhart IND CONCORD HS...the REIGN MAN in SEATTLE.....a TOP 5 SONIC of all-time.....Signed with UK WILDCATS and never played college ball

LaPhonso ELLIS PF/C East St LOUIS LINCOLN HS led them to 3 straight ILLINOIS HS TITLES.....SOUTH BEND'S top 5 of NBA YEARS with NUGGETS

Chris JACKSON PG Gulfport MS HS a TOP 5 Freshman Year of all-time in NCAA BASKETBALL HISTORY at LSU...later joined the NATION of ISLAM and was named Mahmoud Abdul-RAUF....suffered from TOURETTE SYNDROME.....average at Best NBA YEARS with NUGGETS

Eric ANDERSON PF St FRANCIS De SALES HS CHICAGO....Pretty Good 4-man at IU Bloomimgton under the GENERAL Bob KNIGHT......played with KNICKS...a little

Todd DAY SF Memphis Hamilton TN and Lee MAYBERRY PG Tulsa OK WIll Rogers HS...aka MAY DAY in ARKANSAS....excellent College players under Nolan Richardson's 40 minutes of hell......both played for the Milwaukee BUCKS and average NBA Careers

Milton BELL 2G Richmond VA HS went to Richmond.....the lone guy on the roster that didn't pan out......MIA

Litterial GREEN Combo G Moss POINT HS MS...electric Between the Hedges at GEORGIA he and LSU'S Chris JACKSON battled their Freshman years and PURE ATHLETE.......never got it going in the NBA

Donald HODGE C Washington DC COOLIDGE HS....One of the TOP PLAYERS in Atlantic -10 under John CHEANEY....average NBA Career

Christian LAETTNER PF Buffalo NY ANGOLA CHRISTIAN.....Need i say more One of the BEST College Careers to date of anyone at DUKE.....only COLLEGIATE on original DREAM TEAM...yeah SHAQ got SNUBBED.....descent NBA Career best years in MINNESOTA

Don McLEAN PF SIMI VALLEY CA HS Maybe the BEST BIG MAN SHOOTER he and LAETTNER on this 1988 All-American team CLASS a PAC-10 Diamond at UCLA with Darrick Martin and Tracey MURRAY.......average in the Association...BB SHOOTING Instructor

Darrick MARTIN PG Long Beach CA St ANTHONY'S a fabulous PG at UCLA with McLEAN and MURRAY as SIDEKICKS...a long but not illustrious NBA Career...just a Professionals Professional

Chris MILLS SF Los Angeles CA FAIRFAX teamed up with Sean HIGGINS in HS and was tha BUSINESS......started at UK supposedly with KEMP but didn't happen.....Very Good F at ARIZONA under Lute OLSEN....descent NBA GUY.....part-owner of 310motoring

Jerrod MUSTAF PF Hyattsville MD DeMatha CATHOLIC......under the GREAT Morgan WOOTEN at De Matha a TOP 10 Player All-Time IMPACT PLAYER at Maryland College PARK and ALL -ACC......average NBA Career

Crawford PALMER C Arlington VA Washington LEE HS went to DUKE and Later transferred to an Dartmouth of the IVY most IVE LEAGUE GUYS will tell you may have GOALS to get to PRO BASKETBALL....." THAT'S ALRIGHT THAT'S OKAY you will WORK FOR ME ONE DAY"......there you have it IVY LEAGUE BABY

Anthony PEELER 2G Kansas CITY MO PASEO HS An absolute Burner at MIZZOU under Norm STEWART....a really good NBA CAREER as well....flourished with the Minnesota T'WOLVES and played for 4 NBA TEAMS

Stacey POOLE 2g/SF JACKSONVILLE FLA Nathan B FOREST HS........A good player in GAINESVILLE FLA.........NBA Career never got off the GROUND

Stanley ROBERTS C Richland SC Lower RICHLAND HS....teamed up with one SHAQ at LSU.....would have been a better pro had he learned to control his weight...drafted by the CLIPPERS 1st and average NBA Career

Malik SEALY SF Bronx NY St NICHOLAS of TOLENTINE one of the GREAT ST JOHN"S REDMAN......Life ended early as a MINNESOTA T'WOLVE coming back from teammate Kevin GARNETT'S B'DAY Party.......was KEV'S anchor TAUGHT KG a lot about the League and BIG TICKET looked at the LATE Malik SEALY as a MENTOR.......Good NBA PLAYER

Matt Steigenga SF Grand rapids MI South Christian an absolute ATHLETE in East Lansing.......A petty good Big 10 career.....not a LONG NBA Career

Ray THOMPSON 2G/SF Argo IL SUMMITT HS an ATHLETE in DR Tom DAVIS' SYSTEM at IOWA....then ran into PROBLEMS off the court...YEAH those PROBLEMS

Robert WERDANN C Jamaica NY Arch Bishop MALLOY HS very good player at ST JOHN'S under the vest wearing LOU CARNASECCA....also played with all-world HS PG Kenny ANDERSON who was a year behind WERDANN...was an ASST COACH with GS WARRIORS this past season under Coach Keith SMART

Kenny WILLIAMS PF Elizabeth City NC Northeastern......PLAYED at ELIZABETH CITY STATE COLLEGE for 1 year then the PACERS took him.....SHot-BLocking/Athletic Type.....Raw Offensively....Played a FEW YEARS in NBA




1989 Kenny ANDERSON Bobby HURLEY Shaquille O'NEAL Jim JACKSON Allen HOUSTON Tracey MURRAY George LYNCH


1995 Kevin GARNETT CHauncey BILLUPS Vince CARTER Antwan JAMISON Stephon MARBURY Paul PIERCE Shareef Abdur-Rahim

1996 Kobe BRYANT Richard HAMILTON Mike BIBBY Jermaine O'NEAL Stephen JACKSON Mateen CLEAVES Tim THOMAS


2003 LeBron JAMES Shannon BROWN Luol DENG Charlie VILLANUEVA Kendrick PERKINS Chris PAUL Brandon BASS


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NBA Star Robert HORRY loses his biggest HERO of ALL...Daughter ASHLYN HORRY passes at the AGE of 17

Known for his huge SHOTS at the most Opportune times in the GAME.......Robert " BIG SHOT" HORRY loses his biggest HERO EVER...Daughter Ashlyn HORRY.

Diagnosed from birth with a RARE Chromosome Disorder called 1p36 Deletion Syndrome which is characterized by intellectual disability, delayed growth, seizures and respiratory problems. I once saw her on a TV Special about ASHLYN, ROBERT, and Family on what a normal day for them is and they took it in stride as though everything was fine and ASHLYN was doing what she could.

I know all the teams Robert played for in his 15 Professional Seasons feel this loss as well especially the ROCKETS as she was born in HOUSTON when ROB played with Kenny THE JET SMITH and DREAM.

There was one incident I remember about HORRY when he hit the GAME-Winning SHot in the 2001 PLAYOFFS vs the Sacramento KINGS a reporter asked one Vlade DIVAC about Horry's shot he Vlade simply said," IT WAS LUCK".........Horry's response was," I do this all the TIME...HE BETTER START READING THE PAPER or SOMETHING".........that was BIG SHOT as smooth and as quiet as an NBA PLAYER can be yet a BIG-TIME SHOT-MAKER and PLAYMAKER at the BIG-TIME Moments.......BIG SHOT ROB is what they call him.

The other teams HORRY played for was the SUNS, LAKERS, and SPURS and has 7 Championship Rings in which he was a HUGE PART in all of them and a TRIBUTE to what kind of HUMAN-BEING ROB was on and off the FLOOR.

And I know we know him as BIG SHOT and ASHLYN knows him as her BIGGEST SHOT.......She will be missed as she touched so many.

ASHLYN HORRY 1994-2011 R.I.P.

There is a FOUNDATION set up in ASHLYN'S Name at to donate towards the cause.

Mark CUBAN foots the Bill for MAVERICKS PARADE......CAVS Owner GILBERT still taking SHOTS at JAMES

The BEST OWNER in Professional SPORTS...PERHAPS........Is he a little over the top......PERHAPS.......but would you work for him.....IN A BLINK of an EYE.

DALLAS MAVERICKS Mark CUBAN is at it again and tell the MAVERICKS President Terdema USSERY that you PLAN the PARADE......and I will PAY FOR IT. Not the City of DALLAS nor DALLAS's on us......and knowing CUBAN they will PARTY TIL it's 2099.


LOOKOUT.......I will bet you the CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS CRUSTED in ICE will be headed to BIG D soon......and CUBAN'S New Nickname will then be "ICE CUBE".........sorry for the REAL ONE IN LA.

AS though the City of CLEVELAND and all of OHIO, especially Northern OHIO, was celebrating last night because their GUY.....KING JAMES....who left them in LAKE ERIE to fend for would think all the TALK of LeBron coming from current CAVS Owner Dan GILBERT was OVER.....yeah RIGHT.

CAVS OWNER Gilbert Tweeted last night......CONGRATS to Mark CUBAN and the you know their are NO SHORTCUTS IN Anything.......REALLY DAWG........Let's look at this real close.

One If LeBRON is an UNrestricted Free-Agent he can go where he DAMN Pleases to go......he owes the CITY and OHIO NOTHING and YEAH he didn't have to go through all that TV DECISION SH** either but it's a BUSINESS right. If JAMES was a All-Pro Cleveland BROWN and he tore His KNEE up and never played again.....CLEVELAND could care less.

You should be lucky LeBron JAMES was even a CAVALIER and NOW you are still taking SHOTS at JAMES for WHAT?.......the NBA Rigged the 2011 Upcoming Draft for you so the CAVS have 2 of the 1st 4 PICKS and you still Crying.......GILBERT.....there is always LAKE ERIE and if you JUMP no one in CLEVELAND will SAVE you either........NEXT LEVEL

Monday, June 13, 2011

Will all of GERMANY and DALLAS/Fort Worth METROPLEX.......please stand-up.....the GERMANATOR and the MAVS grab the LARRY O'BRIEN TROPHY

I, the BLUEDUDE, remembers when I once called the MAVERICKS my place of work in the 1999-2000 Season. The MAVERICKS were the doormat of the NBA and all of DALLAS/Fort Worth revolved around Jerry Jones and his COWBOYS.....and rightfully so.

Then the NBA GODS sent DALLAS a MAVERICKS Season-Ticket Holder for YEARS their way to end all of this misery. So in the 1999-2000 Season MAVERICKS Owner then Ross Perot JR was trying to sell the TEAM for double what he had paid for it.......$280 Million.

Mark CUBAN, the then AUDIONET turned to Founder along with His College Alum Todd Wagner , sold his BROADCAST.COM to YAHOO for some $5.9 BILLION in YAHOO Stock. That's when CUBAN said I need a TOY.......his TOY was the DALLAS MAVERICKS NBA TEAM.

After Purchasing the MAVS CUBAN needed to get a NEW ARENA because REUNION was really old and outdated. And soon after the CONSTRUCTION of the New Arena came some hope as in the MAVS BIG 3.....NOWITZKI, Steve NASH, and Michael FINLEY. These 3 turned the MAVS around for good and the youngest one in the MIX was Dirk NOWITZKI.

I remember NOWITZKI as a rail thin 7' Shooter who was reluctant to rebound, defend, and make a play. But when the BLUEDUDE was working for the MAVS that season he was only 20 and getting accustomed to not only the NBA GAME....but the US Lifestyle for a Professional Athlete. I could see there were times when it was tough on him.......PEOPLE questioning everything......but not questioning on how they picked up DIRK.

DIRK was picked up by the MILWAUKEE BUCKS in the LOTTERY and told by the MAVS who were picking behind the BUCKS to get DIRK and the BUXKS in turn told the MAVS to get the LATE Robert "TRACTOR" TRAYLOR. And now you see how that worked out.

I think DIRK'S Game really evolved when NASH and FINLEY took a lot of PRESSURE off of DIRL early when MAVS Success started to evolve. Then you take a HIGH BAsketball IQ, a WILL TO WIN AND COMPETE at any cost, and the VISION of one day being a CHAMP.......That is a RECIPE for SUCCESS in the ASSOCIATION.

For the MAVS to come from where I saw them in 1999-2000 to's unexplainable. But one thing is for the COUNTRY of GERMANY......WIRTZBURG where DIRK is FROM......and the DALLAS /Fort Worth Metroplex.......No One is happier than these two PLACES in the WORLD right NOW.

One you might have the MOST FAMOUS GERMAN-BORN ATHLETE ever in the DIGGLER and two........Now their are 2 CHAMPIONS in BIG D....move over Jerry JONES and the 'BOYS....CUBAN has reservations in the TROPHY ROOM AS WELL.



MAVS 4-2 vs Blazers
MAVS 4-2 vs HEAT

MAVS 16-5 in the PLAYOFFS.........and just HOT WERE THE MAVS? beat these 4 teams in a span of 2 MONTHS.....that is a PLAYOFF RUN for AGES.

Dirk NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER aka the GERMANATOR NBA FINALS MVP......and hands down from DAY 1 of the PLAYOFFS......a remarkable performance for DIRK and the MAVS.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Caught on Camera.....WADE n JAMES FAKE COUGHING.....mocking one DIRK that is....DirkGATE.....Tonight ET GAME 6

They say a Series doesn't start until the Visiting Wins on the Opposing Teams Home court. Well the BLUEDUDDE having grown up in the late 70's and watching the 70's-80's SIXERS, CELTICS, LAKERS etc., A series really doesn't start until the First Altercation on a STAR or A team taking a JAB at the OTHER TEAM'S STAR in the MEDIA.

The HEAT-MAVS Series just took that turn in MIAMI on Friday when Cameras caught WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES after Morning Shootaround FAKE COUGHING down the TUNNEL and acting like they were sick and LAUGHING....POKING and making a MOCKERY of MAVERICKS STAR Forward Dirk NOWITZKI.


And of course when the MEDIA asked WADE n JAMES about it they tried to Down Play it..........#41........he i coming out that tunnel....and he will be locked in as are the other MAVS PLAYERS......FOOLS.

DIRK you DIRTY LIAR........the DIGGLER aka the GERMANATOR is about to go to SPACE on the HEAT for WADE and KING JAMES you would think they would have some other things to worry about instead of poking fun at a GUY who is LIGHTING the WORLD up like that BIG ASS XMAS TREE in the MIDDLE OF NY CITY around the HOLIDAYS.

WADE n JAMES.........BE CAREFUL.......because if anything is in the BUILDING......DIRK goin' OFF....WADE n JAMES TAG TEAMING to put up 80 between doesn't matter.....because LARRY O'BRIEN has his seat in the American Airlines ARENA ....305.......he he won't leave until someone GRABS HIS ASS.


Remembering LIL Nate ROBINSON, then with the NY KNICKS, winning the Sprite SLAM DUNK Contest. His nickname then was KryptoNATE and now FRIDAY'S Episode in a NY Suburb of White PLAINS NY, KyrptoNATE was cited for a URINATE.

NATE ROBINSON was cited for PUBLIC Urination outside of a BOOK Store and was taken into CUSTODY and was given a $50 Fine and a JUNE 22nd COURT DATE......NATE simply tweeted after the whole INCIDENT...."MY BAD".

The Detroit PISTONS are moving forward after a tumultuous year with a MUTINY on the BOUNTY in PHILLY and all sorts of weird incidents with the PISTONS and Ex-Head Coach Jon KUESTER. But now with all parties moving forward PISTONS F Charlie VILLANUEVA simply stated, " We just need a COACH who has GOOD COMMUNICATION", that's it CHARLIE......after all what happened last year.....COMMUNICATION.......OK......BLUEDUDE'S buying that 75% and the Pistons PLAYERS have to take some sort of BLAME as well.

The Candidates for the PISTONS Job to date are Kelvin SAMPSON ( BUCKAS Assistant the last 3 seasons), Lawrence FRANK ( CELTICS Assistant this past season and NETS Coach for 7 SEASONS), Mike WOODSON ( Ex-Atlanta HAWKS Coach), and Bill LAIMBEER....Need I say more......there's your of the ORIGINAL "BAD BOYS".

Heat F LeBron JAMES TWEETS.....It's NOW OR NEVER.......HELL last game he said this is the BIGGEST GAME OF MY CAREER...REALLY KING......WELL It's the NEXT GAME on the Schedule and last time I looked ALL THE NBA FINALS GAMES Are HUGE and if they Aren' have a PROBLEM....and quit TWEETIN' and start PLAYING for this SUMMER will be worse than LAST SUMMER LEBRON JAMES.

The PACERS players are all lobbying for Frank VOGEL to be their Head Coach as he did a wonderful job down the STRETCH as well as the PLAYOFFS in the 1st round Loss to the BULLS. I don't KNOW what BIRDMAN and the PACERS Brass are waiting on but the GUY looks like a real good fit for this young team as he quite young himself and the PLAYERS really RESPONDED to him in the PLAYOFFS.

This is exactly what The BLUEDUDE talks about all the TIME...TEAMS do the same thing when it is TIME to DRAFT....the PLAYER or COACH that fits is right in front of them and they go get a guy from your local Fitness CENTER or High School GYM......C'MON PACERS......BAD BUSINESS if VOGEL doesn't get the NOD....It isn't like you don't have the CASH.

GAME 6 TONIGHT MAVS vs HEAT in 305.....8ET on ABC SPORTS.......Can the MAVS hoist the coveted Larry O'BRIEN? and JERRY JONES is sick to his stomach.....or do the HEAT put the HEAT LITERALLY right back on the MAVS for GAME 7?..........TUNE IN......BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.......WHERE ALL INFO HAPPENS.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

With an INCENTIVE to be PROFESSIONAL and PRODUCE....WR Plaxico BURRESS tries to find a new lease on LIFE...and a NEW TEAM

Almost 32 months after shooting himself in the LEG at a NY Nightclub.....Ex-GIANTS WR Plaxico BURRESS was released this past MONDAY from a NY State Prison and was met and Greeted by his Attorney and Sports Agent Drew ROSEHAUS.

He then as driven down to a waiting STATION and joined by his wife, son, and baby daughter that was born while he was in prison. Plaxico looked relieved and ready to put all this behind him as he has spent the last 22 months in Prison.

Now what awaits PLAX is his lively hood that was taken away from him and the BLUEDUDE is not saying that it wasn't his fault but everyone deserves a 2nd CHANCE or 3rd.....RIGHT? I know this ask New York City MAYOR Michael BLOOMBERG that was very adamant about making BURRESS an EXAMPLE and putting him behind BARS.

And do you want to know how many GUNS are walking the US Streets without the Proper PERMITS.........But hey there is High-Profile ATHLETE and we need to make an example out of HIM.......Hey MAYOR......Clean up NASTY ASS New York City then we will talk.......Look at your STREETS BLOOMBERG.......and quit worrying about what ATHLETE shot the CLUB....but that is for another day........WHATEVER.

Now TEAM PLAX focuses on what will be his next move or the right move from a FOOTBALL PERSPECTIVE. The BLUEDUDE thinks there could be some nice landing places for the 6'6" 230 Wideout.


1. Chicago BEARS: CUTLER already has a BIG TE in Greg OLSEN, but to put PLAX out there with Johnny KNOX, Devin HESTER, and Earl BENNETT......that would be a heck of MIX and NOW you have a RED ZONE Threat to go along with 2 speedsters in KNOX and HESTER......and TE in OLSEN that has a NOSE for PAY DIRT, and the route running of BENNETT......NICE FIT.....BUT WILL BEARS pull the TRIGGER?...they have enough High Profile Character Guys to take in PLAX in Urlacher, BRIGGS, PEPPERS, and KREUTZ.

2. Seattle SEAHAWKS: Pete CARROLL could make another SPLASH this time by moving PLAX as the SEMI-1 WR in with MIKE WILLIAMS and the 2nd Year man Golden TATE......along with that nice running game.....the SEAHAWKS could benefit from PLAX....BUT is this a GOOD FIT for #17? age AGE 34 PLAX wants a chance to get a ring and probably has no chance in the GREAT NORTHWEST.

3. Baltimore RAVENS: Everyone knows who runs that locker room.......and if there is a TEAM who could use him and he would probably fit in PERFECTLY....IT"S the RAVENS. Imagine BOLDIN, D-MASON, PLAX, HEAP, and Single-back RICE with FLACCO at the CONTROLS.........ENOUGH SAID.....And PLAX would DELIGHTED as well he SHOULD.

4. Phiadelphia EAGLES: SMALL CHANCE......just the PR HIT after taking in VICK......and the EAGLES finanacially aren't willing to give him even descent CASH...small chance.....but who wouldv'e thought VICK would end up there either.

5. New York JETS: Well they talk like they want everyone like the RAVENS but unlike the RAVENS never seem to pull the TRIGGER......On the OTHER HAND PLAX would look ral nice along SIDE KELLER, HOLMES, TOMLINSON, and GREEN with SANCHEZ throwing him the ROCK........J-E-T-S......PLAX PLAX PLAX.

At this point BURRESS having missed 2 Full in no SHAPE to be a NUMBER 1 WR as he needs to get his timing , legs, and just plain old football regimen back in order and it will probably take at least one full season.

And whoever get PLAX comes the TAG WHAT IF?......Is he a changed GUY or will he resort back to some of his antics before PRISON. The BLUEDUDE knows he is a changed GUY but he still has to PROVE it.......but it will be nice to see that CONDOR-LIKE AThlete in the REDZONE having all CORNERS taking extreme CAUTION......WHOSE GOT PLAX?......I DON'T.

Friday, June 10, 2011

MAVERICKS keep the GAS on the PEDAL to get over 100 and a HUGE W.....WADE COUNTY hurt early......HEAT down 3-2 back to 305

LATE in the 1st PERIOD of GAME 5 the HEAT Players, Coaches , BRASS, and Fans were greeted with........WHY IS WADE GOING TO THE LOCKER ROOM and this LOOKS BAD?.........Because it was bad.

WADE COUNTY was hurt on a play late in the 1st when he was sandwiched by Mavs G Jet TERRY and MAVS F Brian CARDINAl which looked like just any other play. What turned out to be any other play has the MAVS up 3-2 and the HEAT puzzled as they win the 1st in BIG D and limp home on their first 2-game skid in the 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS.

The MAVERICKS looked like they were insync offensively....heck it looked like both teams were on pace to get their highest offensive output in the series when the game begun. The HEAT and MAVS both shot at a blistering pace and the score at half was 60-57 MAVS and Coach SPO and the HEAT had to be thinking than if it gets to over a 100 points we can't win this GAME let alone if WADE COUNTY is not in there fighting as well.

The 2nd half started with NO WADE in sight and the MAVS starting where they left off......HOTTIE HOT........BLAZING and so did the HEAT. As KING JAMES tried to keep things close as did MAVS PG JJ BEREA. It was BEREA that kept the MAVS insync offensively and for some reason NO ONE has been able to stay in front of MIGHTY MOUSE as he goes where ever his motor takes him.

As the GAME neared the 3rd QTR WADE came out the LOCKER ROOM as though he was WILLIS REED and gave the HEAT a much needed boost and the 3rd QTR ended 84-79 MAVS.

The HEAT then found it's stride as did WADE COUNTY and it looked like as the HEAT were starting to throw HAYMAKERS instead of JABS.......that the HEAT were going for the KILL at least that's what it looked like from my perspective.

And then again the MAVS answered everything the HEAT went with and COUNTERED with JAB after JAB to keep the HEAT at bay and JKIDD and JET TERRY hit big SHOTS with under 2 Minutes to go to ice it.

From a very defensive series to a very entertaining and OFFENSIVE SHOOTOUT both teams were really scoring the BALL WELL. Look at these stats from the game:

53% FG 40% 3pt 81% ft 36 Rebounds 16 Turnovers

57% FG 68% 3pt 79% ft 26 Rebounds 11 Turnovers

MAVS 112 HEAT 103

NOTE: the MAVS won the GAME from the 3 POINT LINE and from the field........NO NBA TEAM can let the opposition shoot near 60% from the field and 70% from the ARC and expect to win the GAME

What's even more interesting is that KING JAMES had a Triple Double 17-10-10, WADE had 23 and BOSH 19 that's a HEAT Win if the SCORE is in the HEAT Accustomed Area of Giving up 80 PLUS......but the MAVS went for 112.

Berea, TERRY, KIDD, and Nowitzki shot a combined 11-16 with TERRY, BEREA, and KIDD going 10-15.......

GAME 6 SUNDAY JUNE 12, 2011 at the BOTTOM in 305 at 8ET on ABC Sports.........

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Monta ELLIS on the BLOCK.......NENE of the NUGGETS out there......Chris KAMAN of the CLIP JOINT free to go.....NBA TRADE TALKS

It's about that season when everything starts to heat up with the NBA DRAFT on the 23rd of this month teams are very proactive in improving their rosters as their ORGANIZATION as a whole.

The One sticking point that is different than most drafts is that the COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT is up JUNE 30, 2011....which means if there is a WORK STOPPAGE.......all NBA Business must come to a crashing HALT immediately. This is the main reason you are seeing TEAMS really trying to get the ball rolling because the CBA is due to STOP a week after the DRAFT.

The Hottest Teams or shall I say PLAYERS that NAMES are being dropped on a REGULAR are as follows:

The #1 Free-Agent in the 2011 CLASS of Free-Agency is Deron WILLIAMS........Most Observers think that the JERSEY NETS are about #3 on his list with the KNICKS and MAGIC front runners for his services. Watch out for the BULLS....they could play D-WILL at the 2G

Andre Iguodala of the PHILLY 6ERS.....They were looking at adding either Monta ELLIS of the WARRIORS or Chris KAMAN of the CLIPS...and with all the young talent the 6ERS have at Guard and on the WING it only makes sense to MOVE "IGGY" to the CLIPS for KAMAN......then the CLIPS front line would read like this........IGGY at the 3....the BLAKEshow at the 4.......Deandre JORDAN at the 5.....OUCH....BIlly CRYSTAL-LIke Happiness in CLIPPERLAND

Another Scenario is the WARRIORS with New Man in CHARGE Jerry West aka the LOGO moving MONTA ELLIS to the LAKERS for Lamar ODOM and Shannon BROWN......this makes a lot of sense because both TEAMS are in Need of these players...LAKERS need SCORING....WARRIORS need Veteran LEADERSHIP and QUALITY PLAYERS not QUANTITY.......ELLIS is the #2 Prospect on my LIST but not a FREE AGENT

Then there is the OVERHAUL of the NUGGETS Roster as Jr SMITH noted this week he will not be back in DENVER as the KNICKS and HEAT will make a Serious run at HIM.......maybe the BULLS but JR'S Character would be an issue with the BULLS as they are ROCK SOLID in that category.

NENE Hilario is out there as well as the Golden STATE WARRIORS try to solidify their First five with a line-up like this.....Steph CURRY at the PG......Shannon Brown at the 2G.......Lamar ODOM at the SF.........David LEE at the PF and NENE at the and greet your #5 Seed in the WEST in the 2012 NBA PLAYOFFS.......

The ORLANDO MAGIC and GM Otis SMITH has also thrown his name in the fray for Andre IGUODALA'S Services and the SIXERS would probably want Brandon BASS and JJ spread the FLOOR for all those SIXER ATHLETES on the Perimeter.

The MAGIC line-up would look like Jameer NELSON at PG.......the 2G J-RiCHARDSON.......the SF "IGGY" Iguodala.....the 4 Ryan ANDERSON and the 5 SUPERMAN Dwight HOWARD.....they need to get a PF to go with DWIGHT Anderson is not the answer and BASS leaving in this trade sets them further back at that position.

The BULLS need an upgrade at the 2g and a long-shot would be Deron WILLIAMS at the 2G which could and would work......maybe JR SMITH........Jason RICHARDSON maybe......RAY ALLEN would have been a good fit but picked up his player option for 2011-12 Season with GREEN TEAM.

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MR. YANKEE......Derek JETER......#2 in PINSTRIPES........nearing 3,000 HITS for Career....Is he the best BOMBER SS Ever?

As you here the Hip-Hop Music Intro at New YANKEE STADIUM.......and the Public Address Announcer music is tuning Derek JETER........and the Crowd lets off the loudest Cheer of the night for any YANKEE.

They say playing in the BIG MARKETS in Professional Sports can be a Gift or a CURSE..........Well Yankee Shortstop Derek JETER, who play in the Biggest Market New York City by the way, has done above and beyond any ones expectations probably including his own.

I have never seen an NY Professional Sports Athlete handle NY City and all its nuances like the man they simply call in N Y C.....Mr. PINSTRIPES.

Well just 11 Hits away from the 3,000 Hit mark D.J. at age 36 is battling the FATHER TIME Clock. Having jut inked a new deal with the BOMBERS that will keep JETER a YANKEE FOREVER.........D.J. knows how important it is to not only finish at the TOP f the GAME but finish strong.

Who would've thought after going 0-5 on MAY 30, 1995 in Seattle vs the MARINERS and that the next day he managed to get his 1st hit off of Seattle Pitcher Tim Belcher in the 5th inning to go 1-5 that that hit would be the 1st to over 3,000 plus in a fabulous career.

The LEGACY of JETER is in tack as there are really nothing bad to say about an Athlete who cares about not only his teammates and the YANKS but the GAME in General and when you play the RIGHT WAY......only good things can happen for you as it has for JETER.

If the BLUEDUDE did a POLL on who the best YANKEE Shortstop is ever the TOP 5 would be like this.....

1. Derek JETER 1995-
2. Phil RIZUTTO 1941-56
3. Frankie CROSETTI 1932-48
4. Tony KUBEK 1957-65
5. Bucky DENT 1977-82

And this last is the BRONX BOMBER List.....and you know they have Storied LEGENDS at nearly every Position and JETER is right there.

Now do I think JETER is in the Top Tier of All-Time YANKEES.....MAYBE.....but when you say gets really NOSTALGIC and Legendary where no other MLB Franchise can compete.......look at this list...just a few names:


Whitey FORD
Mariano RIVERA *
Derek JETER *
Thurman MUNSON

It's hard top say there is a TIER with the BRONX BOMBERS because of so many GREAT PLAYER to WEAR the's almost like saying who are the TOP 10 Pittsburgh STEELERS of All-Time.......Heck you could put a TOP 10 Steelers based on their 1970's Teams alone.

Having said all this the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Derek JETER Watch is in full effect and to the BEST SS ever in NYC.........HATS OFF from the did it the right way.......... D.J.

NOTE* Next 2 GAMES JETER faces

Thursday June 9 vs Boston's Josh BECKETT 21-72 vs BECKETT
Friday June 10 vs Cleveland's Fausto CARMONA 6-20 vs CARMONA
Saturday June 11 vs Cleveland's Mitch TALBOT 2-4 vs TALBOT

DEREK JETER turns 37 on JUNE 26th

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

the BUCKEYES tell embattled QB Terrelle GO HOME....Pryor Reportedly made between $35K-$40K on Memoribilia

The PLOT thickens in COLUMBUS OHIO where now a report that Embattled OSU QB Terrelle PRYOR made about $35,000 to $40,000 signing Memoribilia through a COLUMBUS OHIO Businessman and Sportas Freelance Photographer Dennis TALBOTT.

My sources said that TALBOTT would get the merchandise and come to PRYOR'S APARTMENT 3-5 times a week and PRYOR would sign it and TALBOTT would give him CASH every rip for about $500-$1000.

The Source also says that PRYOR was told by OSU Football Coaches to stay away from TALBOTT........WOW.......2 Wrongs don't make a right.

TALBOTT throws BIG TAILGATE PARTIES at every OSU Home GAMES and sets up SIGNINGS for OSU players after their eligibilty is up. TALBOTT also says he has worked with Current PLAYERS but he is not a booster. THE NCAA Complianve Office have been in touch with TALBOTT and nothing came about.

The City of COLUMBUS and STATE of OHIO have a TAX LEIN on TALBOTT of about $270K.........Heck he is more of a BUM than PRYOR.

KNOW if the OSU COACHES tell a student/athlete to stay away from a PERSON why can;t the COACHES go to some kind of OSU or NCAA Compliance OFFICE and tell them that TALBOTT is a BUM.

PRYOR is now trying to get in the NFL SUpplemental DRAFT and he will probably get drafted as a QB but his position is subject to CHANGE.

the OSU FOOTBALL be continued

Mark "ACTION" JACKSON gets the nod to become Golden STATE WARRIORS Head Coach......and his hiring is long overdue.

MARK A. JACKSON the current ABC Sports NBA Commentator has finally landed a Head Coaching Job in the NBA after putting his name in the hat for quite sometime now.

The former St. JOHN'S Redman standout in the '80s, who played one year for the JOHNNIES with NBA Hall Of FAMER Chris MULLIN, when the REDMAN were a Big EAST and NAtional POWER, had a 17-year NBA Career where he played for the KNICKS, CLippers, PACERS, RAPTORS, Nuggets, JAzz, and ROCKETS.

The Golden State WARRIORS on the other hand continue their climb to repectablity as they hire the GREAT Jerry WEST aka the NBA LOGO and now get a well-respected as a player yet to be respected as a coach Mark "ACTON" JACKSON.

I believe some of the best NBA Head Coaches ever played t the Guard Spot.........Lenny WILKINS, Avery JOHNSON, Isiah THOMAS, Maurice CHEEKS, Nate McMILLAN, George KARL, PAt RILEY, PAul WESTPHAL, Mike DUNLEAVY SR, and so on and so forth.

Now the WARRIORS Philosophy will definately change under JACKSON as he inherits a ROSTER that is built on OFFENSE. The WARRIORS biggest descision to date will be if they keep both Steph CURRY and Monta ELLIS at the GUARD SPOTS. Reportedly a ELLIS for PHILLY'S Andre IGUODALA has been mentioned as "IGGY" did struggle mightily in the PLAYOFFS and the SIXERS have TURNER and Thaddeus YOUNG in the WINGS at that 3 SPOT.


G Steph CURRY Captain
G Monta ELLIS Captain
F David LEE Captain
G/F Dorrell WRIGHT
G Acie LAW
G Charlie BELL

There is some talent and JACKSON knows as well as the WQARRIORS BRASS that miracles won't happen overnight but they definately need to tweek the ROSTER and they might need to give up Monta ELLIS because Steph CURRY is the PG/SG that they really need in my opinion.

Whatever the case maybe the WARRIORS are moving in the right Direction and CONGRATS to MARK JACKSON and his long overdue hiring.

DIRK battles 102 plus TEMPS and flu-like symptoms to post 21 and 11 in MAVS Win......WADE COUNTY and BOSH SPICE show up......Where's KING JAMES?

If you would have told me in the morning of GAME 4 that MAVS All-Star and 2011 NBA Playoff MVP to date Dirk NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER was at 102 TEMPS and Flu-Like Symptoms all-day including the Shoot around.......I would have told you they need 65-70 PLUS points from the MATRIX, Chandler, JKIDD, JET Terry, Stevenson, and Berea Combined to get the W.......or the MAVS will be looking at a 3-1 Deficit THURSDAY.

Well hold on BLUEDUDE.......the HEAT also need their BIG 3 to come up with 75 Points to win the game also with DIRK not being 100%..........SCORECARD PLEASE:

Berea 8




Now throw in the OTHER Capable Players in the GAME:





Now we are at +7 MAVERICKS.....see folks this isn't rocket science on how the BLUEDUDE broke this down.....just simply knowing how the GAME is going to PLAY out in the NBA.

The BIG ZERO was the MAVS JKIDD.....after a not so good GAME 3 he comes back with a GOOSE EGG...but the MAVS still WIN. The HEAT'S KING JAMES has only 8 points and was a Non-FACTOR and he is showing a little STAGE FRIGHT as the Series gets closer and closer to WINNING maybe it just wasn't his teammates in CLEVELAND......King JAMES may want to look at himself tonight and say what he said in the TUNNEL before the game........LEAVE EVERYTHING OUT THERE......AND HE DIDN'T.

The HEROES for the GAME was obviously DeShawn STEVENSON with 11 Big Points off the BENCH and give credit to MAVS Coach Rick CARLISLE to go with Berea starting and D-STEVE coming off the BENCH......a little gamesmanship by the MAVS GENERAL and SPOELSTRA and his STAFF tried to counter and did but 0 from BIBBY and No double figure scorer off the HEAT bench killed them tonight.

GAME 5 should be a good one and I know do the MAVERICKS......KING JAMES is going to want some vindication for a BAD GAME 4..........But the MAVS still need to control BOSH and if they do that WADE and King JAMES going OFF won't beat them.

They were beat tonight if JAMES showed up but he didn't. And HATS Off to the GERMANATOR....the DIGGLER.......Dirk NOWITZKI.....Battling high Temps and Flu-Like Symptoms to post 21 and 11......but JORDAN was Better in his Flu GAME in UTAH.....BLUEDUDE....HOLLA

GAME 5 in BIG D.......same bat time........same bat channel

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Am I the only one who is always interested in WHAT the PROS are WEARING.......U know the SHOE GAME as they call it. In the NBA is a BIG DEAL around NBA All-STAR Weekend to see which player has the Hottest SHOE. The Actual Shoe Releases to the general public are always chaotic and filled with frenzy.

But it looks now like the NBA is SAYING that the SHOE a particular Guy is wearing on the TEAM has to be inform with everyone else. Case in POINT.....the HEAT were all wearing predominantly RED SHOES or all BLACK with RED.....that's UNIFORM. The MAVS always seem to wear WHITE either HOME or ROAD.

I remember the BULLS when MIKE and SCOTTIE were doing their thing they would wear the BLACK SHOES with the BLACK NBA SOCKS........the BLUEDUDE always gives PROPS to the Originators to an IDEAS that appears etched in NBA PLAYOFF WEAR.


DEFINITION of....."the SHOE GAME".........from the and HYPEBEAST.....a person that like a shoe item because of it's HYPE (positive attention).......or one that attempts to over exaggerate a shoe/item.

Let the BLUEDUDE enlighten you on the 2011 SHOE well as the HYPE of surrounding certain MODELS or BRANDS:

The ORIGINAL...CONVERSE ALL-STAR CHUCK TAYLOR...without these joints........NOTHING...since 1908.......yeah add that up

Michael JORDAN aka Air JORDAN aka JORDAN aka HIS AIRNESS Chicago BULLS: The ORIGINATOR of the SHOE GAME.......he is the Wright BROTHERS Flying, The MODEL T FORD etc. so many try to emulate and can't even duplicate......he owns the SHOE Game and he is an ENTITY within NIKE...that's right the SWOOSH...and talking about MIKE and BRAND JORDAN can be a BLOG on to itself literally........that #23 you see on Kids and Adults everywhere in the's a BRAND like COKE, PEPSI, CHEVY, CADILLAC, SONY, APPLE.etc........absolutely out of CONTROL........HOW CAN YOU RECREATE A SHOE in a different COLOR and PEOPLE go get it like they have never seen it..........AIR JORDANS.....ENOUGH SAID......CURTAINS PLEASE.

Kobe BRYANT aka the BLACK MAMBA LA LAKERS: Originally with Adidas and the CRAZY 8's and then most people thought JORDAN would have a shot at him but way too BIG for MIKE so NIKE picked up the wearing the KOBE ZOOM 6 low cut......with fake MAMBA snakeskin......a very comfortable shoe........Players like Shannon BROWN, Keith BOGANS, Peja STOJAKOVIC, JJ BEREA, Paul George PACERS, Dhantay JONES.....and even the BLUEDUDE has the Hollywood 3D, SUNSET VERSION, and 2011 All-Star Version....a cool sneaker

Dwayne WADE aka WADE COUNTY Miami HEAT: When he first came into the league he was CONVERSE ( DOCTOR J...then BIRD and MAGIC....CHOOSE your WEAPON).....Now with the #1 and Hottest BRAND AIR JORDAN Wade sports his 1st Signature shoe with JORDAN called......JORDAN BRAND FLY WADE...they are HOT.....and have the Air-MAX in them...which is so CIRCA 2011 JORDAN

LeBron JAMES aka KING JAMES Miami HEAT: NIKE came at him with the RICHEST SHOE DEAL for an NBA Rookie in NBA History......Wearing his own NIKE ZOOM wearing the LeBRON 8 PS Series. His SHOE has always been built for a guy that is 6'8" and over 270 the shoe is somewhat heavy even though with TECHNOLOGY has become favorites are the LeBron ZOOM 1......Which 1st Took Off in ARCO ARENA in November 2003 vs the KINGS

Dirk NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER aka the GERMANATOR Dallas MAVERICKS: Been with NIKE since 1998.........his rookie Season.....Always wore Big Man wearing the 2010 HYPERIZE and HYPERDUNK.

Candace PARKER aka CP3 Los Angeles SPARKS: Been wearing and UNDER Contract with ADIDAS from day 1 in the WNBA...wore ADIDAS at UT KNOXVILLE as well......Now has her own line the Adidas TS ACE COMMANDER......made for PARKER for her unique Versatility with her size.

Maya MOORE aka M TWICE Minnesota LYNX: Made her professional debut in STAPLES Center in LA last FRIDAY and to NO SURPRISE wearing NIKE or should I say a NIKE BRAND......A GREY Pair of JORDAN BRAND FLY WADES......a lot of the WOMEN in the WNBA wear MENS SHOES. MOORE wore NIKES at UCONN in COLLEGE...FIRST EVER WOMEN'S PLAYER TO BE ENDORSED BY BRAND JORDAN....that's how good she really is.......WOWZA

Steve NASH aka NASTY Phoenix SUNS: Been with NIKE from DAY 1....then really blew up with NIKE in PHOENIX......the FIRST NBA PLAYER to wear real LOW CUTS in 2000....SORRY KOB it's a COPY CAT World.......he wears the NASH Nike ZOOM Low Trash TALK.....Remember NASH is A SOCCER guy by trade so LOW CUTS don't hinder his PLAY at all.

Derrick ROSE aka DROSE aka POOH Chicago BULLS: Adidas from DAY 1.....wore them also at MEMPHIS his 1 year in SCHOOL.....The 2010-11 NBA MVP wore the ultra-light ADIZERO by Adidas.....a shoe for a GUY who most deem the Fastest end to end player in the the HYPE in ADIDAS is getting BIGGER.......the SUMMER SHOE is the CRAZY LIGHT by ADIDAS...i remember KOBE BRYANT was ADIDAS when he first came into the NBA he wore the ADIDAS Crazy 8.

Dwight HOWARD aka SUPERMAN and NO SHAQ didn't retire the NAME hell CLARK KENT had it before any of you BUFFOONS.....#12 in O-TOWN wears the ADIDAS COMMANDER by Dwight HOWARD.....a shoe Built for the BIG MAN but light enough for everyone really. I think in the last 2 years ADIDAS has done excellent work in bridging the GAP with competition from a TECHNOLOGY STANDPOINT.......NICE SHOE.........WOULD u WEAR them with JEANS......HELL NO.

Lauren JACKSON aka LJ aka the AUSSIE Seattle STORM: NIKES from DAY...maybe the BEST Player in the WNBA she wears the NIKE LEBRON ZOOM SOLDIER 5 PE which means PLAYER EXCLUSIVE.........which also means ONLY PLAYERS can get that particular model........A WNBA MVP she is right up there with Candace PARKER, Diana TUARASI, and teammate Sue BIRD. Heck of a talent FROM DOWN UNDER............AUSTRALIA

Ray ALLEN aka SUGAR RAY aka JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH Boston CELTICS: Made his DEBUT with the 1st JORDAN BRAND UNIT.....along with Michael FINLEY, Derek ANDERSON, MIKE BIBBY, Joe JOHNSON, and RIP HAMILTON ......You will see RAY with all kinds of JORDANS in the unique COLORWAY of CELTIC GREEN some where on the SHOE as well as SUGAR RAY in scripted on there as well.....RAY has some of the COOLEST JORDANS Ever.

Carmelo ANTHONY aka "MELO NY KNICKS: MIKE had to settle for 'MELO as LeBron JAMES was NIKE'S from the JUMP......has his own JORDAN through JORDAN BRAND and played under the JORDAM MELO M7 when he was traded to the KNICKS at the DEADLINE......Not a real big fan of his shoe.

Amare' STOUDAMIRE aka STAT NY KNICKS: NIKE form the JUMP right out of HS to the LEAGUE......Wore his own line through NIKE called AIR MAX STAT 360 and now he wears the NIKE HUARACHE TR MID PE.......a throwback to the early '90's Shoe....a NIKE TRAINING SHOE with KNICKS COLORWAY...can't wait to see if NIKE releases these.


Derrick COLEMAN British Nights DYMACEL



These are just some of the KICKS these ATHLETES WEAR...the SHOE GAME is a whole other GAME outside of the GAME ITSELF....BIG MONEY HERE FOLKS...BIG MONEY

CHECK OUT these SITES for Player Exclusives and SHOES PERIOD....some have release dates,,, and

Most PE'S are at HOUSE of HOOPS by FOOTLOCKER.......there are only 26 of these stores...go to to see if there is a store in your area

like the BLUEDUDE always tells FOLKS when he has the latest KICKS on.....BLUEDUDE......your NEW RIDE is HERE......HOLLA