Sunday, November 4, 2012

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #52...REDdawg REDMAN and the STEELERS O-Line punishes the G-MEN's Run Defense...STEELERS D rounding into Form through the MASTER Coach LeBEAU...STEELERS put up 14 in Final Frame to exit MET Life BLUE with a Huge W 24-20 #PITvsNYG...#PURPLEbrowns We See You....

The NY Football Giants have a Trend going and its they play the 1st Half of every game like World Beaters and not that they are not but the 2nd Half Eli and Company struggle. Did you really think the Steelers and Big Ben were going to take an L?

After holding the G-Men to Two FGs in the Steelers Red Zone the Steelers D answered the Bell in time for the Steelers Offense and the now Vaunted Run Game to go #OperationFollowTwin53Lead as in Run Blocking and hit everything moving that is Blue in the Trenches even if there is a Mouse in the House....smash him to. Steelers D-Coordinator and NFL HOF Dick LeBeau (pictured Left) has got the D locked in.

This time it was REDdawg Redman's (pictured bottom right #33) Turn to get his Hundo as he ran over, around, and through the G-Men D-Line and Backers for 147 Yards on 26 Carries and the Game-Winning 6 Piece in the G-Men End Zone. If that wasn't enough the Steelers had No Shard, No JYD-wyer, and lost 3d Down Specialty Back Rookie Chris Rainey in the 3rd Frame. The Steelers kept at it and they stuck to the Run Game and it paid off Big Time. Losing Tone 2.0 Antonio Brown was Big on most Teams but not when you have Go Go Sanders and Old Man Cothcery...Butta.

Eli was only 10-24 for 125 Yards and no TDs as Big Ben went for 216 Yards on 21 fore 30 and Two in the Blue End Zone. The Steelers Pass D was so locked in even if Troy was out there it wouldn't have mattered...OK so it would have.

Look at these Game Stats....

STEELERS 349 Total Yards  158 Ground 191 Air

G-Men 182 Total Yards 68 Ground 114 Air  

Steelers 3rd Down 6/13
G-Men 3rd Down 2/10

Steelers 2 Sacks 1 Forced Fumble 1 INT
G-Men 4 Sacks 1 Forced Fumble 1 INT  

Steelers 35 Minutes
G-Men 25 Minutes

Steelers 24
G-Men 20 F

The Steelers dominated and in the 4th Quarter when everyone was looking for Eli to make to his 4th Quarter Magic that Act was never in the Cards at least on this Day. The G-Men Front 4 had 4 Sacks and a Forced Fumble and they didn't do anything in the 4th Frame when it was on the line. Don't tell me how many you had tell me when you got them.

Steelers move to 5-3 and the NY Football Giants move to 6-3.  

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