Saturday, November 3, 2012

#PURPLEbrowns @ the DAWG POUND...the RAVENS have HOLES in that Run D and now they face BROWNS Super-Rookie RB T-RICH...can they stop the BROWNS Run Game?...CAN the DAWG POUND D stop Ordinary JOE n the CHARM City Express #27 and Company on O? An AFC North Production

The Browns seem to be playing their Best Football in Years as they are no longer every ones Sunday Homecoming Game and Laughing Stock. Now the Ravens come in off a Bye Week and a smack down in Rocket City Texas vs Texans. Can Browns Rookies Weeden and RB T-Rich withstand the Ravens D now with T-Sizzle back with a Porous Ravens Run D? The Ravens Offense is playing against a New and Improved Browns D and can Ordinary Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and the Ravens O move the Chains on the Browns?

November 4, 2012

1pm ET

#PURPLEBrowns @ 
Lake Erie 
AFC North Production

RAVENS to Win: The Ravens have One Simple Formula coming out of the Bye Week with No Ray Lewis or LaDarius Webb...the Offense has to carry us or we will struggle. Yes they get T-Sizzle back but also gone is OLB/DE Jarrett Johnson to the Bolts. Now its Flacco and Rice's Turn to carry a Team that has long been carried by the Defense. The Run Game is still in tact with Ray Rice. Flacco has Weapons all over the Place in TEs Pitta and Dickson. The WRs on the Outside are Solid with Torrey Smith emerging as the Go-To-Guy along with Solid Vet Boldin and 2012 FA Pick Up Jacoby Jones from the Texans. The Browns have to Stop the Run First and then may Ordinary Joe beat them down field as that's the Only Formula that the Browns can use.

Defensively they have been Slashed and Gashed all over by the Run and maybe they put something in in the Bye Week to slow Teams Down. Remember Teams were running at them with Ray Lewis in the Middle so him not being there was the Solution to the Problem. Suggs is on One Side but they need someone else opposite of him to make Plays on the other side. Will Haloti Ngata's Play with reported Torn MCL hurt the ravens or help them? That Secondary still has Ed, Edd, and Eddy back there with a Torn Labrum but don't throw at him he will still get you. Ravens have to stop Browns Rookie RB T-Rich and make Rookie QB Weeden beat them with his Arm...It's that simple.

DAWG POUND to Win: They have played much better as has their Rookie QB Brandon Weeden with a Cannon for an Arm. The Browns are playing Winning Sunday Football and they kept a Chargers Offense out of the End Zone last week and beat Rivers and Company 7-6. Rookie RB Trent Richardson is all that and a Side of  Scattered Smothered an Covered Eggs and Griznits. Can the Ravens stop him at the Point of Attack and if they can't it could be another long Afternoon for the #PURPLEbrowns D. Weeden has been putting the Pigskin in place its just that the Browns WRs have to start making the Catches. Help your QB Gents......

Defensively they get no better than Dawg Pound Leader and MLB D'Qwell Jackson and he and that Dawg Pound Front has been improving and you can't look at the Yards they give up but the way they have been playing. Joe Haden back at Corner is a huge plus in that Secondary. DTs Rubin and Winn have vastly improved in front of Backer Jackson and they will be in charge of stopping #27 in Purple and then getting after Ordinary Joe at QB. The way the Browns have been playing at Home they have a Chance...Real Talk.

Winner: DAWG POUND 27-24 as the Ravens start slow after the Bye Week and the Browns play Solid Winning Football for the 2nd Week in a Row...Browns Rookie RB T-Rich goes Off for 125 Yards and 2 Scores.    

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