Sunday, November 4, 2012

PEANUT of HALAS Hall located in Lake Forest, Illinois PUNCH STAT Numbers vs Titans...4 FORCE Fumbles...4 BEARS Recoveries...and the BEARS put a Monster of a Whippin' on MUSIC CITY with All High Notes...BEARS 51-20 Final

The Bears go into the History Books with another Bears Team in the early 1900s and the 2010 Arizona Cardinals having scored 8 TDs in the 1st Eight Games of an NFL Season. The Bears dominate the Titans and Music City Nation didn't even know what hit them.

What hit them was Bears Corner and NFL MVP Candidate Charles "PEANUT" Tillman (pictured left) who had made Punching the Pigskin out of Players an Exact Science had not One, not Two, not Three, but Four Forced Fumbles on Titans Players as the Bears went up 28-2 in the First Frame alone. If it was a Fight Peanut would have KO'd the Titans Early as the Fight Doctor Bernie Pacheco told the Titans after Round 1 Peanut was doing damage. #54 of the Bears D got in on the Act with a 46 Yard Interception Return for a Score and they could and should have called the Game after the 1st Frame as the Bears led 31-5 at the Break.

CJ2k of the Titans rushed for 141 Yards on 16 Totes but did he do any of that during the Bears 1st frame onslaught absolutely not. CJ2K just doing a Good Job of padding his Numbers. Bears RB Matt Forte went for 103 Yards on Only 12 Carries. Cut and Bears WR the "Marshall of Cook County" had 9 Grabs for 122 Yards and 3 Scores. QB Cut also threw for 229 Yards on 19 of 26 and all Three TDs to Marshall.

The Bears move to 7-1 and that Train that is leaving Music City on its way back to the City of Big Shoulders no one on Sunday wants a part of that outfit now unless you have 22 Offensive Players on the Field and they still might turn you over. Titans QB Hasselback was 20 for 35 and 194 Yards and One in the Bears End Zone.

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