Friday, May 3, 2013

KNICKS advance but not after C's almost hit the LOGO Record Books in the 4th...PACERS hold on to beat HAWKS and trying to get GOLD SWAGGER back...LOGO WATCH "Moving On Edition"

The Knicks blew a 75-49 leads they had with 9:56 left in the final frame and the C's went on a 21-0 run to make a game as the "Bully of New MSG" plays Pinstripes "Monster on the Bump" Mo Rivera and closes out the Celts to advance after a 88-80 "W". The Knicks need to get back to playing sound fundamental hoop as that style got lost in Games 4 and 5 vs the Celtics.

It wasn't pretty as it hit the books but the Knicks move on to play the Indiana Pacers also looking to get their Swagger back. 'Melo led the Knicks with 21 points and seven boards. #KNICKStape also got a huge effort from 21 SHUMPstreet as he went Money Ball Crazy with 17 points including 3 for 3 from the Arc. Argentina National Team Member and Knicks PG Pablo Prigioni had a big 14 points as he went 4 for 6 from the Arc. He and Shump combined to go 7 for 9 from the Arc and that was crucial in this one as it unfolded.  Jeff Green led the C's with 21 points as he Truth added 14 points and seven boards and KG 15 points and ten boards as many think this might be it for both in Green...stay tuned.

The Indiana Pacers were cruising in trying to eliminate the Hawks in ATL and they also squandered a big lead but hung on to beat the Hawks 81-73 to advance. Pacers led by D-West 21 points and eight rebounds, Area 55's 17 points and eleven boards, and Point Guard G-Hill's 21 points and seven boards was too much for the Hawks. ATL spent much of the 2nd and 3rd frame playing catching up as Horford goes 15 points and seven boards and J-Smoove 5 14 points and nine rebounds. The Hawks go home with plenty of 2013-14 Cap Space and do they pay J-Smoove 5 or let him walk? The Pacers now will tangle with the New York Knicks in Round 2 and this isn't those mid-90s Knicks/Pacers Battles so take that thought right out of your heads.  
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