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After the NBA ALL STAR Break there are two things that interest the BLUEDUDE. The NBA TRADE DEADLINE and the last month of the SEASON when TEAMS are all out jockeying for those CRUCIAL WINNING TIME Spots in the CONFERENCE.

Now with GAMES piling up quickly so is the NBA TRADE DEADLINE and there some HUGE names out there that might put a TEAM in the running for a TOP SPOT in the CONFERENCE, put a TEAM over the TOP that is already at the TOP, or position a FRANCHISE to be BIGGER PLAYERS down the road.

The BLUEDUDE has quickly complied a list of who may be available for the taking and the TEAMS that need to make a MOVE to get in the MIX to INVITE LARRY and the O'BRIEN Family over for the SUMMER and FALL.

NBA TRADE DEADLINE News sponsored by NBA GM's.....don't give me the ONE RING VOICE MAIL JOINT....PICK up the PHONE it may save your JOB:

TEAMS that could use a BOOST to an TEAM that is already O'BRIEN Verified:

THUNDER: They have the best TRIO in the LOGO but they LIVE by the JUMPER and in the PLAYOFFS with HALF COURT Offense a BIG PART of the EQUATION they will DIE by the JUMPER as well. The THUNDER need a LOW POST Presence moving Forward and would they be willing to go after the NETS Brook LOPEZ. He won't rebound but he can score...he is a BIGGER AMARE STOUDAMIRE.

BULLS: They missed out on Joel PRYZBILLA as he went back to his SPOT in the ROSE CITY. The BULLS need to BOLSTER their Front Court or tweek it. I thought maybe a Slim DOWN Rasheed WALLACE might get the call but who would the BULLS part with. They love their GUYS and that might be their downfall. They need to treat the PLAYERS like a HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART....going to COLLEGE BOO we will be in touch...YEAH RIGHT.

LAKERS: They have been rumored for WEEKS on in to make a BIG MOVE and they will. Talking to LEX LUTHOR SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN will not be SUPERMAN of TINSLETOWN anytime soon. That leaves the LAKERS to go after someone possibly via TRADE or a guy with HOOP DREAMS thinking he can still give a TEAM a SHOT in the BACKSIDE. Rasheed WALLACE would be a SPLASH in STAPLES Purple and GOLD.

SPURS: They might try to get a BIGGER POWER FORWARD as Dejuan BLAIR is just too short to depend on for a DEEP RUN in APRIL, MAY, and possibly JUNE. They don't need a 18-8 guy but juts a guy who can give them a low double-double 10-10 and is effective enough to sometimes demand a double team down low.

PLAYERS that might be getting BOXES as we speak is SPONSORED by GOTTA WIN or your the predictament you have been in for awhile:

MONTA ELLIS WARRIORS: I just don't think you can WIN with MONTA getting loose all the time. The WARRIORS and new PRESIDENT, the LOGO, Jerry WEST stayed patient with MONTA and now it is time for him to go. ELLIS would boost any TEAM that is at the TOP right now but the WARRIORS also know they need your good pieces in return. Would PHILLY make a MOVE for him as they have a plethora of young SNIPERS?

BOBCATS: Anyone but Kemba WALKER or Bismack BIYAMBO the next coming of DREAM in H-TOWN.....I have more you want to hear them. MIKE has a ROSTER that would be hard to pick at your LOCAL YMCA so GM's if you are trying to get rid of a BAD CONTRACT or need to add an EXPIRING MIKE at 1onYOUTUBE if you want VIDEO.

Michael BEASLEY TIMBERwolves: He will be going and I will bet your BLOG it is LA COUNTY and NOT for STAPLES Blue and RED. I think if this guy can get around an ultimate SUPERSTAR LED TEAM like the LAKEshow, B0EASY will dazzle and start to look like that 2008 #2 Overall that RILEY of the 305 Boyz was hoping for. Also with K-LOVE doing what he do look for ROOK Derrick WILLIAMS to maybe garner some interest but would the 10K LAKE BOYZ and Mr. KAHN be willing to PART so EARLY..I would think not.

Devin HARRIS JAZZ: Anyone want to bet the BLUEDUDE that DEVIN lives in a STORAGE UNIT. This dude moves more that the ESPN NBA or NBA on TNT SET. At what point does some team say DEVIN is a real nice POINT or at what point does DEVIN play at such a level that his TEAM say we are keeping LONG-TERM? Can anyone tell me if the JAZZ get rid of HARRIS who they have on the ROSTER to take over at POINT and don't tell me RAJA BELL or Gordon HEYWARD?

SUGAR RAY CELTICS: He can stretch out the D, is a professional's professional, hasn't ate a McDonald's since he was 17 years old before going to STORRS CT, in physical shape like he is 25, and has plenty of DAGGERS left in and greet JESUS SHUTTLESWORTH. Shuttlesworth's Father Denzel won't be making this descision but if he goes to a CONTENDER look out. My thinking it won't be NO ONE in the EAST where the GREEN TEAM resides.

Other RUMORS pouring into the BLUEDUDE......

Now SUPERMAN of MOUSEtown says he will not sign an extension if SENT To the LAKEshow....DWIGHT they have the BEST CENTER in the NBA in DREW BYNUM at least that what SHAQhate said.

The JAZZ are also looking to move a real nice piece in the 2nd best player ever out of DALLAS TX SKYLINE's CJ MILES. the first PLAYER being GRAND MA MA Larry JOHNSON. MILES can knock it down from deep, fill the lane and finish, and surprisingly plays above the RIM at times.

The SUNS Steve NASH aka NASHty will be coveted by the KNICKS, RAPTORS, and MAVERICKS when the season is done. The SUNS also have BAD CHECKS out to WARRICK, CHILDRESS, and FRYE. One of These 3 might go with NASHty in a TRADE. Also the MAGIC since D-WILL 8 of JERSEY is out of the QUESTION will reportedly pursue NASHty heavy....UH-Oh.

The HAWKS of ATLANTA might finally be willing to part with Former BREMERTON WA HS Star and UNC TARHEEL National Champion Marvin WILLIAMS.

Since Scott SKILES has Port ARTHUR TEXAS Native WACKO JACKO Stephen JACKSON in the DOG House the BUCKS will probably love to part with him.

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CSI/LOGO WATCH Combo...LOB City thrown into LAKE Minnetonka...CSI NAPtown and MOTOR City.

Ok the First time these TWO TEAMS met in LOB City it was K-LOVE of 10K LAKES shooting a MONEY BALL for the game-winner.Now on BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK CSI/LOGO WATCH Combo we have something even more horrifying then that.

What if I told you the T'WOLVES up end LOB City again at STAPLES via the MINNESOTA Bench. That's right the T'WOLVES get B-EASY and ROOK D-WILL of U of A Fame TUSCON to each pour in 27 points to beat the CLIPS by 12.

Look the BLAKEshow had 30, DeANDRE the GIANT had his usual DOUBLE-DOUBLE of 14 and 14, and CP3 had everything going like ONLY CP3 can with 27points, 6 helpers, and 4 boards. K-LOVE ONLY had 10 and 7 with the SPANIARD POINT GOD RUBIO with 2 points and 9 helpers.

The NBA TRADING DEADLINE is upon us soon and you don't think B-EASY of the 10K LAKES Boyz is making his case to get out of the TWIN Cities and just yesterday was being rumored to be in a deal headed to the LAKEshow. If this happens now the T'WOLVES have a rightful place for their BUDDING ROOKIE Power Forward in Derrick WILLIAMS. LOB City thrown into LAKE MINNETONKA and not by PRINCE but 2 STUDS off the T"WOLVES BENCH.....WOW.

As though you have not been taking notes of what is in CONSECO FIELDHOUSE in NAPtown USA of late. The PACERS have that look again as they destroyed the East Bay WARRIORS by 24 points and the final score their was 102-78. The PACERS have what it takes now to take the BULLS and the HEAT to the BRINK with an ALL-STAR BIG in BIG HIBBERT of HOYA PARANOIA, a former All-STAR in D-GRANGER, a solid POINT in COLLISON, and an emerging SNIPER/CUSTODIAN in 2nd Year STUD Paul GEORGE of FRESNO UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA.

Not that the WARRIORS are an upper echelon squad but the EAST had better take notes of the PACERS because they will make a definite CHARGE to get to that #3 SPOT in the Eastern Conference.

I know the PISTONS are not that good but the SIXERS definately put their NAME in the HAT for another TEAM to watch in the EAST as they put YELLOW TAPE all over the PALACE of AUBURN HILLS.

SIXERS were led by 3rd year player Small FORWARD Thaddeus YOUNG by way of the Ramblin' Wreck and of RICH and TALENTED MEMPHIS TENNESSEE as he put up 20 and 8. It was a balanced attack for PHILLY as they were running on all cylinders vs the PISTONS. Now PHILLY just needs its BIG back in Spencer HAWES to start to get that momentum going into WINNING TIME.

The PISTONS were paced by 2nd year BIG Greg MONROE as he is ONE to WATCH in the MOTOR City and SNIPER Rodney STUCKEY of SEATTLE WASHINGTON Area Fame.

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WEST SIDE STORY REPORT #11...BULLS 2nd Half To Do LIST...ROSE n RIP Health...TRADE DEADLINE possibilities...n #1 Seed n EAST

The TIME is NOW for the WEST SIDE STORY REPORT'S Chicago BULLS. The 2nd Half is about to kick off and the BULLS are in a really good position in the STANDINGS but not in the LOCKER Room.

In order for the BULLS to get to their 1st Final Appearance in over a decade and their first POST MIKE and PIP there is a BULLS TO-DO-LIST. The HEAT are in the BULLS way to getting to the NBA FINALS as is a possible CLASH with the HAWKS, MAGIC, or even the KNICKS. Not that the BULLS are worried about the LADDER but if they are in the WAY you can't go around these teams.

The BULLS TO-DO-LIST for the 2nd Half of the SEASON sponsored by the WEST SIDE STORY REPORT on BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK...IF your a REAL BULLS FAN you MUST BE LOCKED into the best BULLS Report in the 'GO:

1. The BULLS must get their MVP Derrick ROSE close to 100% Healthy or the SEASON will be a wash. If there is NO ROSE that is EFFECTIVE...there will be no BEATING even the TEAMS in the EASTERN Conference Semifinals.

2. RIP CITY HAMILTON must also get in HEALTHY and in the FLOW as the BULLS BRASS thought process included RIP being a KEY FACTOR in getting the BULLS over the TOP and PAST the 305 BOYZ.

3. BULLS TRADE DEADLINE Possibilities...they went after back up CENTER Joel PRYZBILLA and he went back to the ROSE CITY in OREGON. The BULLS if they were to ADD someone it would be in the FRONY COURT as the Rotation in the BACK Court is set as long as RIP is HEALTHY and playing. Maybe a possibility might be RASHEED WALLACE who has been rumored to be a LAKER soon.

4. The BULLS must get HOME COURT Advantage throughout the EASTERN CONFERENCE Playoffs and the NBA PLAYOFFS if they get to the NBA Finals. Playing the HEAT in the EAST FINALS and having to play on their COURT 4 out of a possible 7 times doesn't bode well for the BULLS in WINNING TIME.

5. TAJ and AMIR must play bigger going down the stretch than they have been as they spell one of the BEST DUO's in the NBA in the FRONT COURT. With TAJ he can guard any SCREEN and ROLL with his ability to guard the 1-5 with some of the BEST FEET for a BIG in the NBA.

6. SHOOTERS must stay SHARP to keep the FLOOR Spaced so D-ROSE can do what he does on the WEST SIDE......SEEK and DESTROY...the SHOOTERS....K-DUB (KORVER), RIP, BREW, and LOUUUUUU

the TALE TELL SIGN for the WEST SIDE STORY REPORT...the BULLS know what they have to do THIBS, PAX, FORMAN, the BLUEDUDE, BULLS NATION, and most of all...the BODIES in the the WEST SIDE STORY REPort Locker Room.

to the 'GO and all its supporters moving forward...IT's ALL BUSINESS from HERE BULLS NATION

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READ ALL ABOUT IT...CARMINES takes SUDS out of RG3 > LUCK...Top 4 SEEDS in MARCH Madness


What else did the BOSTON RED SOX think when they hired ESPN's BASEBALL ANALYST Bobby VALENTINE to take over for FIRED Skipper Terry FRANCONA the CARMINES were going to NOT LISTEN to BOBBY V.

Well the LAW SAID...and the LAW the STOOD UP as in BOBBY V getting a BRONX CHEER on the NEWS that he was removing SUDS as in GROWN FOLKS Beverages from the RED SOX Clubhouse. So much for LUDACRIS and CHICKEN and SUDS the RED SOX look like they might have to find a way to get a COOLER down the HALL from the CLUBHOUSE.

This is not so much a PROBLEM of removing SUDS from the CLUBHOUSE as it is the RED SOX and its so called LEADERS being PROFESSIONAL. AS CARMINES DH Big PAPI ORTIZ said, " This is a PROFESSIONAL SPORT...not a if you want to DRINK...DRINK at your HOUSE". Long Overdue PAPI ORTIZ but someone had to say it or next in the CLUBHOUSE will be CHAPERONES.

Moving to the NFL DRAFT 2012 and the SIGNAL CALLER Position. You know where the BLUEDUDE is going with this one as in LUCK vs RG3...Will the COLTS still pick LUCK and not look back?

The COLTS if or if they don't bring back #18 from Good OLE' ROCKY TOP has nothing to do with them drafting a QB and LUCK is almost 99% a COLT. Yeah RG3 ran a 4.41 40 yard dash and was quote unquote INTELLIGENT in his interviews (like a QB looking like RG3 can't be intelligent) and overall he impressed TEAMS with his SMARTS and CHARISMA. Cam did the SAME at the 2011 COMBINE minus the 40 time and LIT up NFL Defenses from START to FINISH.

LOOK NFL Teams looking to DRAFT a QB. Remember the 2011 NFL COMBINE and an ANALYST that calls NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL really liked Blaine GABBERT over Cam NEWTON as the #1 Pick. What did GABBERT do and what did NEWTON do last season..and who was better and which one of those QB's is looking like Rick MIRER and Joey FOOTBALL HARRINGTON of EUGENE OREGON Fame? COLTS just do your HOMEWORK and Don't miss because those in the KNOW are just like the FAITHFUL who follow these TEAMS....HOPING it was the RIGHT PICK.

With MARCH MADNESS right around the CORNER the BLUEDUDE wanted to switch gears and get all those who play in those NCAA POOLS for free or for DUFFEL BAGS know who is the ODDS on FAVORITE to be in the TOP 4 SEEDS and get to the FINAL FOUR.

Here me out for the TOP 4 SEEDS in MARCH MADNESS not SUBJECT to CHANGE by any stretch......

#1 SEED and #1 Overall...KENTUCKY WILDCATS: They have RUN right through the SEC and they have the NATIONS Best Player in the VERSATILE Anthony DAVIS. Don't forget about KIDD-GILCHRIST and T. JONES they bare TOP 8 PLAYERS in the US as well.

#2 SEED and #2 Overall...SYRACUSE ORANGEmen: The BLUEDUDE knows them as only such and the JOHNNIES are the REDman as well. The 'CUSE is built like an NBA TEAM....SIZE, ATHLETICISM, VERSATILITY, and DEPTH. Keep going BLUEDUDE...JOSEPH, JARDINE, (fab) MELO, WAITERS, CHRISTMAS, TRICHE, CARTER-WILLIAMS, and FAIR. The SCARY thing is not that they are a legitimate contender to UCONN's Throne but JARDINE and JOSEPH are the ONLY SENIORS in their TOP ROTATION. They LULL you to SLEEP with their PATENTED BOEHIEM Zone and then SCORE in a HURRY and then ...back to that ZONE with all that TALENT.

#3 SEED and #3 Overall...KANSAS JAYHAWKS: DEFECTIONS...MORRIS TWINS..Josh SELBY..A couple of SHOOTERS...and FRESHMAN RECRUITS ruled ineligible. ENTER Senior Captain Tyshawn TAYLOR and Junior Captain Thomas ROBINSON. Both have stellar SCHOLASTIC BACKGROUNDS T-DUB from JERSEY CITY ST. ANTHONY's Fame and T-ROB from rich tradition CHOCOLATE City D.C but played his SENIOR Year at NATIONAL POWER BREWSTER Academy. Having said all that and throw in a 7-Footer in DIEGO CALI's Jeff have ROCK CHALK make another PATENTED RUN under Coach WILLIAM SELF. This might be ROCK CHALK's Version of their REDEEM TEAM considering what happened last season.

#4 SEED and #4 Overall....FRANKLIN STREET.....HARRISON, TYLER, KENDALL, P.J., REGGIE, MAC, and the PLASTIC MAN 2K12...HENSON. They just need to take care of the CAMERON KRAZIES on SATURDAY in DURHAM NC and they will have a real shot at a #1 SEED in a REGION. There will be no other TEAM as TALENTED other than the CATS from UK LEXINGTON ion the FIELD of 65..NONE. If these DUDES get HOT..they can CUT DOWN the NETS in a TAR HEEL BLUE Minute.

OTHERS to WATCH Closely....


LOGO Watch #14....WEST beats EAST in RECORD Breaking Fashion...BLACK MAMBA in rare company...KING James sets himself apart as does DURANT 66

OK....all kinds of RECORDS being broken in LOGO WATCH #14 as maybe the BEST PLAYER in the UNIVERSE King James of 305 BOYZ Fame puts on a show as does DURANT 66 of THUNDERup Fame of OK CITY.

A NBA ALL STAR GAME Record of 301 points scored an an ALL STAR Record of 80 points of the HIGH-PERCENTAGE Variety of 40 DUNK you VERY MUCH. As KING JAMES and the BLAKEshow started an AIR ASSAULT that ONLY former NBA DUNK HEADS could appreciate.

The FINAL Score of the 61st NBA All STAR GAME was WEST 152 EAST 149. King JAMES and WADE COUNTY combined for 60 Points and DURANT 66 and UNCLE RUSS combined for 57 Points. In a nutshell 4 players from 2 Teams combined for 117 of the 301 points.

WADE COUNTY of 305 Fame became the 3rd Player in NBA ALL STAR History to record a triple-double with 24 points, 10 boards, and 10 helpers.

The BLACK MAMBA passes HIS AIRNESS Michael JORDAN as the NAB ALL STAR GAMES All-Time LEading Scorer midway through the 3rd Quarter on a DUNK. KOBE ended up with 27 points and also tied a record for ALL STAR GAme APPEARANCES with 14.

DURANT 66 ended up with the NBA MVP with 36 Points and if the EAST would have WON the GAME KING JAMES would have WON the MVP.

One of the more impressive STATS of the NIGHT was K LOVE of 10K LAKES with 17 and 7 in just and D WILL 8 of JERSEY with 20 points in just over 18 Minutes of play.

The GAME was ONLY tied ONCE and had no lead changes.

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SQUEEZE the ORANGE 61st NBA ALL STAR from O-Town...featuring SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN...the BLAKEshow..DURANT 66 and RUSS, D-ROSE n LOUUU, n many more

The 61st Annual NBA All-STAR Game is here and coming LIVE from Orange COUNTY Florida at the beautiful new AMWAY Center...the HOUSE that DWIGHT BUILT ...or is LEAVING.

There is an array of TALENT on display like there always is and after the GAME settles in the COMPETITIVE Juices start flowing and it is all about BRAGGING RIGHTS after that.

ALL STAR SATURDAY was ALL STAR SATURDAY but this is what the WEEKEND and all the PARTIES build up for...the 61st ANNUAL NBA ALL STAR GAME.

the VITALS for the EAST SQUAD coached by WEST SIDE STORY Report Coach Tom THIBODEAU aka THIBS:




Big HIBBERT SUPERMan's Back up
C BOSH 1 part time SUPERman HELP part time BULLY

the VITALS for the WEST SQUAD coached by Scottie BROOKS of THUNDERup aka COACH B:


DURANT 66 part time CUSTODIAN part time SNIPER part time GET BUCKETS
the BLAKEshow...AIR SHOW


L.A. of RIP CITY Fame the BLAKEshow Co-Host/part time GLASS EATER

the SKINNY: There you have it the BEST of the BEST in the LOGO and the edge has to go to the EAST from a STARTERS. The BENCH might have to go to the WEST because of their DEPTH at POINT GOD with TP8, Uncle RUSS, and NASHty of the VALLEY of the SUN.

WHO WINS....the BLUEDUDE is rolling with the EAST and who else the WEST SIDE STORY Report a BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Exclusive is representing a TEAM from the EAST. LOYALTY is not everything but when it is your BLOG it's the ONLY THING.


GO EAST SIIIIIIIIDE.......put the WEST where they belong somewhere on CHURCH Street in O-TOWN in a Dumpster..LEEEGOOOOO

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NBA's BEST DUO's VOLUME 1 in the 90s.....AIR JORDAN and MR. PIP 33 to name a few

When the BAD BOY Pistons went BACK to BACK in 1988-90 the BULLS and the NBA had seen enough. It was time for MIKE and his BULLS to take over but mike needed someone riding SHOTGUN. That MAN was Mr. PIP 33....Scottie PIPPEN and the BULLS took flight by winning 6 CHIPS in the 90s.

But while MIKE and SCOTTIE were winning often the NBA took on a new FACE and new STARS. The NBA will never be the same after the 90s Players changed the face of the NBA forever literally and figuratively speaking.

TAKE this for of the MOST DOMINANT Big MEN, PLAYERS right out of High School, and the PLAY above the RIM like the OLD ABA.....just RIDUNKULOUS.

Let's check out some of the 90s best DUO's and Agree to Disagree with the BLUEDUDE on how they impacted the NBA forever sponsored by HOW many of these DUO's won a CHIP or CHIPS:

AIR JORDAN and Mr. PIP 33 CHI BULLS: The BULLS Dominated the 90s after the PISTONS kept teaching them lesson after lesson they learned the hard way and when these 2 put their STAMP on the LEAGUE it was the most DOMINATING PLAY maybe EVER by a DUO the NBA has ever seen. JORDAN and PIPPEN captivated audiences WORLDWIDE and to this day they are the BENCHMARK on how DUO's in the NBA are to get it done....on BOTH ENDS of the and WADE or DURANT and WESTBROOK.

SHAQ DIESEL and PENNY O MAGIC: Between WHEN MIKE retired from the NBA and came back the ORLANDO MAGIC had DISNEY and MICKEY MOUSE and SHAQ and PENNY to entertain everyone inn ORANGE County Florida. SHAQ was the most dominant BIG MEN probably since WILT 20K and PENNY was a MIX of MAGIC Johnson and AIR JORDAN...just a FREAK of NATURE. Ball Handling, PASSING, Shooting, Scoring, Defense, and Athleticism to boot a rare combination never seen before in the LOGO. Penny Was a SPECIAL PLAYER. SHAQ went onto make a name for himself as maybe the most PHYSICALLY Dominant Player ever outside of WILT CHAMBERLAIN.

GRAND MA MA and ZO CHA HORNETS: HIVE DRIVE in the CHARLOTTE Coliseum would never be the same after these 2 BIG TIME Players hooked up in the QUEEN CITY. LARRY was 1st and ZO 2nd but the two together made the HORNETS the 3rd Best Team in the EAST and if it weren't for CONTRACT Disputes by ZO and the HORNETS Brass from breaking up this UNIT the HORNETS might have and probably would have stung the BULLS and the MAGIC on their way to at least ONE CHIP.

SIR CHARLES and K.J. PHX SUNS: The DESERT was never hotter than this when CHARLES BARKLEY turned up in the DESERT to team up with Kevin JOHNSON and the SUNS. BARKLEY ended up with an NBA MVP Trophy but no LARRY O'BRIEN. The SUNS were loaded that year and like most would have WON a CHAMPIONSHIP if it weren't for MIKE and SCOTTIE who were not done turning away fantastic DUO's in the NBA after Sir CHARLES and K.J..

The REIGN MAN and the GLOVE Sea SUPERSONICS: The NEST highlight Reel running even before SPORTS CENTER. PAYTON and KEMP brought the SONICS faithful back from the late 70s to the 90s as they dominated the WEST for years and KEMP vs the BULLS in the 1995-96 NBA Finalks may have been the best player in that series not named AIR JORDAN....Real Talk.

PATRICK and JOHN NY KNICKS: Pat RILEY told himself if I can WIN the BIG ONE in the LEFT Coast I might as well try the RIGHT Coast. Patrick EWING and a FUNNY Castoff from your local GROCER starred in this DUO. John STARKS an undersized Big GUARD and NBA Sniper had a VALENTINE ONLY built for GOTHAM City as he teamed up with PATRICK and the rest of the KNICKS to battle MIKE and SCOTTIE and DREAM and the ROCKETS. The YEAR MIKE retired from the NBA the KNICKS finally went to the FINALS and lost to the ROCKETS in 7.

MILLER TIME and the FLYING DUTCHMAN IND PACERS: All those GREAT PACERS Teams were built around Reggie MILLER but the BEST PACERS TEAMS were REGGIE and that MARIST College MONSTER in Rik SMITS from HOLLAND. The BATTLES with MIKE and SCOTTIE and SPIKE LEE, PATRICK, RILEY, and JOHN Starks were of CLASSIC Variety. MILLER will go down in the BLUEDUDE's Book as the 2nd All-Time Big Shot SNIPER next to AIR JORDAN...PERIOD.

C-WEBB and SPREWELL GS WARRIORS: No Doubt about it....WEBBER and SPREE in the BAY was like STABLER and CASPER...Poetry in Motion. Don NELSON aka NELLIE had a FIX with these two MONSTERS but like any BAD organization they just couldn't get past just filling up the SEATS for entertainment. On DRAFT DAY in 1993 WEBBER was the 1st Overall and was suppose to go to join SHAQ in ORLANDO but traded on DRAFT DAY for Penny HARDAWAY.

DREXLER and PORTER POR TrailBLAZERS: LOST to MIKE and SCOTTIE in the 1991-92 NBA FINALS and these BLAZERS Teams were absolutely loaded and under the direction of one of the best in the last 20 years Coach Rick ADELMAN. Clyde the GYLDE with his 1-Man FAST BREAK Tactics and PORTER with his POINT GUARD Leadership Skills and Savvy led the BLAZERS back from the DEAD and almost to the same heights as Dr. JACk, BIG RED, and the LATE GREAT Mo LUCAS.

BIG DOGG and SUGAR RAY Mil BUCKS: The YOUNG PUPS sort a speak the new KIDS on the BLOCK as MIKE and SCOTTIE were on their way to the 2nd THREE-PEAT when Glenn ROBINSON and Ray ALLEN hooked up and called BEER TOWN USA home. Glenn coming off LEGENDARY STATUS at PURDUE and Ray holding it down in STORRS CT. They were a handful for MIKE and SCOTTIE moving forward.

MAGIC and VLADE SHOWTIME LA: They almost snuck up on MIKE and SCOTTIE on their way to their 1st Ever CHIP. Vlade was a fabulous talent coming over from YUGOSLAVIA and mixed with MAGIC and a cohesive unit they gave MIKE and SCOTTIE all they wanted. MAGIC was still a force in the WEST and VLADE and the young SHOWTIME was more than up for the challenge.

MOOKIE and STEVE ATL HAWKS: They were as good a backcourt as you will find in the LOGO. Mookie was a defensive stalwart and SMITTY was a mix of OFFENSIVE talent and craftiness. The HAWKS had some really good teams anchored by these 2 Dynamic Guards.

GRANT and STACK Det PISTONS: They used to give MIKE and SCOTTIE fits. They were suppose to be T-MAC and GRANT before that DUO got together in O-TOWN. GRANT was a a UTILITY EXTROADINAIRE while STACK was that ATTACKING Big GUARD from the WING that never stopped attacking no matter what. The PISTONS and the ZD though they had them something here until the INJURIES and TRADES.

STARBURY and the BIG TICKET Min TWOLVES: To this day I always wonder if STEPH would've stayed in the TWIN CITIES with Kevin GARNETT what would have been the DAMAGE in the WEST with these two TALENTED PLAYERS. STEPH couldn't not take being 2nd fiddle to anyone even himself. The BIG TICKET on the other hand was ALL BUSINESS and now that GARNETT has a CHIP I wonder if he ever wonders what could've been in the TWIN CITIES if STEPH stays.

SHAQ and KOBE LAKEshow LAKERS: What do you do for an encore. SHAQ left a promising situation in O-TOWN for the LIGHTS and BRIGHTS of L.A. and HOLLYWOOD. KOBE and SHAQ were the next biggest thing since MIKE and SCOTTIE and the LEAGUE knew. Coached by the ZEN master himself Phil JACKSON...the LAKERS went for the juggernaut in the 2000s behind these 2 dynamic players. These players anchored the LAKERS for 3 Championships.

LAST but not LEAST...the MAILMAN and STOCK UT JAZZ: The ALL-Time Leader in assists and arguably the BEST Screen and Roll PG ever...John STOCKTON and the NBA's 2nd ALL-TIME Leading Scorer in KARL MALONE were the 2nd BEST DUO in the 90's outside of MIKE and SCOTTIE. These 2 met the BULLS in back 2 back FINALS and they dominated the WEST for many years. Stock's low-key childhood in WASHINGTON STATE and MALONE's Little TOWN in the SOUTH Mentality served both of these NBA Hall Of Famers well.

Just think if it wasn't for MIKE and SCOTTIE at least 3 if not 4 of these DUO's would,have WON them a CHIP....Simply Amazing. Look for NBA BEST DUO's Volume 2 the 80's coming soon.

Follow the BLUEDUDE on TWITTER @bluedudesports and on Google PLUS at AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger....GET AT ME

Saturday, February 25, 2012


The TOP NFL PROSPECTS on the OTHER SIDE of the BALL where there are some SUREFIRE Lock Top PICKS at every position except Defensive TACKLE.

The SEC has the 2 best in CORNER Mo CLAIBORNE of GEAUX TIGERS and Mark BARRON of ROLL TIDE. Also the SEC has maybe the BEST LineBAcker in the BUNCH in Courtney UPSHAW.

But every Good DEFENSE on SUNDAY is anchored by the BIG BOYS up front and there are about 4-5 1st Rounders in this bunch. To be playing for the LOMBARDI it always starts UPO FRONT on both sides of the ball.

the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK's TOP 5 by Position on DEFENSE sponsored by the 2012 NFL COMBINE is underway in NAPTOWN USA in the BIG PIT STOP....LUCAS OIL Stadium:

DT/3-4 DE

Jerel WORTHY SPARTY East Lansing reminds many of Vince WILFORK better feet
Mike BROCKERS GEAUX TIGERS Baton Rouge Excellent size and a FORCE
Mike MARTIN the BIG HOUSE Ann Arbor Strong at the point of attack
Fletcher COX STARKSVILLE MS ATHLETIC and rangy for his size
Derek WOLFE BEARCATS CINCY good speed and strength

DE/3-4 OLB

Shea McCLELLIN Boise STATE has Texans JJ WATT n PACK Matthews JR n him
Whitney MARCELIUS U of I CHAMPAIGN Urbana excellent size n speed
Melvin INGRAM USC COCKS Columbia the best off the EDGE
Nick PERRY Men of TROY excellent tackler and speed off the ball
Ronnell LEWIS BOOMER SOONER better than TRAVIS LEWIS maybe
Vinny CURRY THUNDERING HERD WV speed and athleticism


Alameda Ta' 'aamumu U DUB SEATTLE Space Eater with good feet
Josh CHAPMAN 'BAMA RANGY and a shade off of Marcell DAREUS
Delvin JOHNSON MARSHALL above average
Nick JEAN-BAPTISTE WACO TX good technique guy

4-3 OLB

Lavonta DAVID BIG RED Lincoln MONSTER and anchored the BLACK Shirts
Sean SPENCE the U undersized but FAST maybe a SS Safety
Travis LEWIS OU NORMAN numbers misleading played hurt VERY GOOD n space
Emmanuel ACHO UTR AUSTIN very physical and led TEXAS in STOPS


Dont'a HIGHTOWER ROLL TIDE definite 4-3 backer very physical
Kevin REDDICK UNC Chapel HILL excellent closer and sheds well
Luke KUECHLY CHESTNUT HILL MA IQ of an NFL Pro Bowl ILB..that instinctive
Jerry FRANKLIN PIG SOOIE ARK good tackler and versatile


Mo CLAIBORNE DEATH VALLEY Baton Rouge Everything well plus KICKING GAME
Alfonzo DENNARD CORNHUSKERS Lincoln ZONE Cover Corner
Janoris JENKINS North ALABAMA transfer from the SWAMP Gainesville FL


Mark BARRON BAMA a bigger Earl Thomas of the SEAHAWKS
Bacarri RAMBO UGA Athens Physical Safety
Trenton ROBINSON EAST LANSING MI...GREEN more comfortable close to LINE

The players that will go high are CLAIBORNE, BARRON, and COPLES ...they all should be TOP 8-10 follow the BLUEDUDE @bluedudesports and on GOOGLE PLUS at AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger......COMBINE Results coming Tuesday-Wednesday

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The NBA ALL-STAR Saturday Competition, which is due to start at 8PM ET, is STACKED and the Odds on FAVORITES from the BLUEDUDE's Point of View are:

1st EVENT The SHOOTING STARS Competition:

TEAM TEXAS: ROCKETS Rookie F Chandler PARSONS, San Antonio SILVER STARS Sophia YOUNG, and Former ROCKET's 2-Time NBA CHAMPION and TNT Analyst Kenny "the JET" SMITH.

2nd EVENT The TACO BELL Skills Competition:


3rd EVENT FOOT LOCKER Three-Point Competition:

James JONES Miami HEAT Defending CHAMP will WIN again over teammate Mario CHALMERS, K-LOVE of 10K LAKES, ANT MORROW of JERSEY, the DURANTULA of THUNDERup, and Ryan ANDERSON of the O-MAGIC



That is the BLUEDUDE Story and I am sticking to it as is SMURF VILLAGE......follow the BLUEDUDE on TWITTER @bluedudesports and GOOGLE PLUS at AJ HARRIS Sports BLogger

NFL COMBINE TOP 5 by POSITION....LUCK n RG III at QB...Mr. BLACKMON at WR....KALIL Bloodlines n more.

It is one of the BEST if not the best TESTS of all professional sports...the 2012 NFL Combine and if your nervous you should be. The BLUEDUDE will run down his TOP 5 by Position and some names you are already familiar with because of the TEAMS they played on in FALL SATURDAYS.

It is a QB Driven League so why not talk about the most intriguing PICK will be just that...the SIGNAL CALLER. Stanford's ANDREW LUCK and Baylor's ROBERT GRIFFITH III.

CAROLINA PANTHER's Rookie QB Cam NEWTON opened a lot of eyes this past season showing if a QB can be a ACCURATE Pocket Passer and have the PHYSICAL Ability to escape the POCKET (ESCAPABILITY) then these fat Defenses have to adjust quickly or get lit up.....that might be RG III. Then on the other hand you have LUCK who is a Prototypical Pocket Passer who lacks that ROCKET TYpe Arm but makes PLAYS Downfield with GREAT ANTICIPATION and Pocket PRESENCE. The COLTS will have to make this DESCISION 2nd and the MANNING one 1st.

For the rest of the Positions there are always VALUE at FRANCHISE Offensive TACKLES and there are some DANDIES in this draft. Also the #1 CORNER is of LOCK DOWN Variety in GEAUX TIGERS Mo CLAIBORNE. There is a FRANCHISE Type Safety n Linebacker in the ROLL TIDE's MARK BARRON and COURTNEY UPSHAW.


Every team should be able to get what they TARGET if they do their homework and my STEELERS have to get a FRANCHISE TYPE O-TACKLE or CORNER.

the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK's 2012 NFL Combine Top 4-5 by POSITION on OFFENSE to be drafted for SUNDAY USE is sponsored by IRSAY you are on Two Clocks and #18's strikes first:


Andrew LUCK STANFORD Red Pocket Presence
Ryan TANNEYHILL 12th MAN College STATION Excellent FEET


LaMicheal JAMES QUACK ATTACK Ray Rice Type
Lamar MILLER the U Frank Gore Type
Chris POLK U DUB SEATTLE excellent speed


Cody JOHNSON Hookem' HORNS Punishing Blocker
Terrance GANAWAY WACO TX Physical
Bradie EWING BAGDERLAND MADISON WI Excellent hands/blocker


Justin BLACKMON STILLWATER COWBOYS Threat from anywhere
Micheal FLOYD SOUTH BEND IN Physical Type MEGAtron Mode
Robert WOODS MEN of TROY Excellent Route Runner
Alshon JEFFREY COCKS of COLUMBIA SC Athlete Keyshawn JOHNSON type
Rueben RANDLE GEAUX TIGERS Baton Rouge Big Physical and Good Hands


Dwayne ALLEN Death Valley ORANGE SC Big_time RED ZONE target
Orson CHARLES Between the HEDGES ATHENS G A a big WR in Aaron HERNANDEZ Mode
David PAULSON EUGENE OR RED ZONE with SPEED and Athleticism


Peter KONZ MADISON WI good run blocker and played best DT's n Draft
Mike BREWSTER the SHOE well -rounded run n pass blocker
Will VLACHOS TUSCALOOSA AL run blocking specialist
David MOLK Maize and Blue mobile and athletic
Phil BLAKE WACO TX pass blocking his strength


David DeCASTRO PALO ALTO CA the BEST Run-Blocking G in DRAFT
Cody GLENN UGA DAWGS excellent size and powerful
Kevin ZIETLER BADGERLAND WI athletic and mobile key in BADGERS run game
Brandon WASHINGTON the U Coral Gables power and mobility


Matt KALIL MEN of TROY Bloodline Brother RYAN a Pro Bowler for PANTHERS
Riley REIFF KINNICK STADIUM Not BULAGA of the PACK but darn good
Mike ADAMS O-H-I-O HIGH STREET Better RUN BLOCKER than Pass Blocker
Zebrie SANDERS DOAK CAMPBELL Stadium Can't play the STUD Left Tackle Spot
Jonathan MARTIN STANFORD kept QB Andrew LUCK Clean all season

Top PLAYERS on the DEFENSIVE Side of the BALL SATURDAY.........

MAKING NOISE....BIG BEN restructures to save $8 Million...BREW CREW's BRAUN beats SUSPENSION...HEAT give KNICKS a preview

MAKING NOISE as in the Pittsburgh STEELERS talk QB BIG BEN Roethlisberger into restructuring Current Contract to get the STEELERS $8 Million under the 2012 Salary Cap.

Now the STEELERS may have some leverage or bargaining power to go out and do the what the STEELERS NEVER really do...get a QUICK FIX at maybe Nose TACKLE, Defensive BACK, or Offensive LINE. The STEELERS and the ROONEY's never really go the FREE AGENT Route and if they do it would be LOW BUDGET. With NEEDS at a few KEY AREAS they might try to lure one of these Right Under Top TIER GUYS but a SOLID Player into the 'BURGH. It is always enticing when the STEEL CURTAIN comes calling because the PLAYER knows that they will be in the POST SEASON.

After having ELEVATED LEVELS of TESTOSTERONE in his BLOOD and failing an administered PED Test given by MLB...BREW CREW Outfielder Ryan BRAUN almost 2 to 1 in his favor to NOT BE SUSPENDED and resume FULL BASEBALL duties.

What a slap in the face considering he was reportedly dead to right after supposedly failing the TEST a month before the NL MVP Voting and the VOTERS knew BRAUN had failed the TEST. If you look at it closely the BREWERS lost 1B Prince FIELDER and you really think MLB was to give BRAUN a 50 Game Suspension and that SMALL MARKET have nothing in that lineup for 50 games. Talk to me someone the REAL REASON is out there and they know it.

The MIAMI HEAT's Big GUARD WADE COUNTY Dwayne WADE had a quote about s week ago talking KNICKS PG Jeremy LIN saying, " He is riding that WAVE (LIN) and we will see what he can do in the 305 before the BREAK".

LIN...8 point and 8 Turnovers including 6 turnovers in the 1st half as the HEAT BEAT DOWN the KNICKS 102-88 as WADE County backed up his talk with a 22 pts, 5 boards, and 5 helpers to go along with some stout DEFENSE.

KING JAMES and BOSH 45 points, 17 boards, 8 helpers, and 6 THEFTS as BIOSH led all scorers with 25 points. 'MELO nor LIN could get on track for the KNICKS as STAT kept the KNICKS in the game in the 1st Half with 13 points. The BIGGER Question was why KNICKS Coach D'ANTONI kept STAT put for half the 3rd and the 4th quarters when they needed STAT on that front line.

The KNICKS were challenged tonight and if anyone out there thought they were going to WIN with LIN facing that DEFENSE and QUICKNESS has been living in LINsanity or doesn't know WINNING TIME Basketball. The HEAT treated it like PLAYOFF Time and the KNICKS treated like they were playing Mid-Season..WRONG to do that KNICKERBOCKERS and blame this one on COACH but in APRIL you can blame yourself because you have the CLIFF NOTES on the HEAT.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Q and A's with Former UNLV ALL-American and NBA STAR Isaiah J.R. "EASY" RIDER...misunderstood for the WRONG REASONS

AT 6'5" 215 el bees of undeniable ATHLETICISM and BIG GUARD Game...Isaiah J.R. RIDER was the next biggest thing out of the TOWN...EAST BAY...OAKLAND California.

Everyone knows about GUYS from the EAST BAY like the GLOVE Gary PAYTON and J-KIDD but this guy Isaiah RIDER was suppose to be the next in line of GREAT NBA Players from the East BAY who had to take a different route to get to the LOGO.

The BLUEDUDE, AJ HARRIS, did a little QUESTIONS and ANSWERS with one of my FAVORITE NBA Players of ALL-TIME and wanted to go DEEPER on WHY the NEXT in LINE couldn't get to the STATUS of the CHOSEN in PAYTON, KIDD, and others BIG NAMES from the EAST BAY.



High School
1st TEAM All-STATE Alameda CA ENCINAL HS 1988-1989

2-Time NJCAA All-American Allen CC/Antelope VALLEY CC
1993 Consensus 2nd Team AP ALL-AMERICAN UNLV
1993 Big WEST Conference PLAYER of the YEAR at UNLV

1994 NBA Slam Dunk CHAMPION
1994 NBA 1st Team ALl-ROOKIE


BST = Bluedude Sportstalk

BST: What was Family Life like growing up in the TOWN were MOM and POPS there every step of the way?

EASY RIDER: "I grew up in a two-parent household. My MOTHER (R.I.P.) was a school teacher and my Father (Isaiah SR.) was in the military. I grew up in P-Ville PROJECTS in ALAMEDA California. I had a good stable home enviroment and it all started on our neighborhood basketball court".

BST: What were you ranked in High School and how did your HIGH SCHOOL, ENCINAL High School?

EASY RIDER: "I went to ENCINAL High School and actually played all the SPORTS well. We won the WORLD SERIES in BASEBALL in 8th Grade. I loved Football and I was a true athlete that really excelled in all capacities when it came to all SPORTS. My BIG BROTHER went PROFESSIONAL in FOOTBALL, but he swayed me into focusing in on BASKETBALL. Mitch RICHMOND, an NBA All-Star SNIPER playing for the Golden STATE WARRIORS and of Run TMC Fame at the TIME, use to pick me up from HIGH SCHOOL and take me to the WARRIOR Practices".

BST: HOW did you get to the Junior College ROUTE in KANSAS for 1 Year and back to CALIFORNIA JUCO the next Year?

EASY RIDER: "Mitch RICHMOND helped me go that route. I was a Proposition 48 Case in High School so i went the JUCO Route. I have a ALWAYS been the UNDERDOG sort a speak and that drove me to go FULL TILT at all times".

BST: What was your RELATIONSHIP with other EAST BAY NBA Players like the GLOVE, J-KIDD, Brian SHAW, Antonio DAVIS, etc.?

EASY RIDER: "We are ALL from the TOWN. It's TOWN BUSINESS. I have much love for those that have LOVE for ME. I'm cool with GP, J KIDD, B-SHAW, and Playground Legend Demetrius "HOOK" MItchell. The RESPECT is THERE".

BST: Did you play with "HOOK" MITCHELL a lot growing up?

EASY RIDER: "HOOK is my BOY. He was RAW on the COURT".

BST: Who influenced EASY RIDER growing up in the EAST BAY and on T.V.?

EASY RIDER: "AIR JORDAN and the MAGIC Man....they were a BIG INSPIRATION to me".

BST: What was it LIKE at UNLV when you played under the SHARK Coach Jerry TARKANIAN?

EASY RIDER: "OH! Man, I loved being a RUNNIN' REBEL. Even though UNLV was caught up in the big NCAA Scandal, TARK believed in me. I lOVED everyone at UNLV..the COACHES, all my TEAMMATES, and the GREAT UNLV ALUMINI and STUDENT Body".

BST: What was it like to ENTER the NBA Draft and WHAT was FAMILY thinking as your were about to embark on this DREAM of your since TODDLER DAYS?

EASY RIDER: "That was a good time in 1993. GOOD TIMES and GReat Memories. My Family was all for that GOD willing. I was FINALLY going PRO from those days in JUCO and UNLV it was so surreal but finally here. I have ARRIVED at the BIGGEST Moment of my Career.

BST: The #5 Overall Pick in the 1st Round, a Lottery Pick in the 1993 NBA DRAFT, What was it like playing in the TWIN Cities for the TIMBERWOLVES and what was NBA LIFE like with BIG BREAD (CASH)?

EASY RIDER: " I'm from the BAY Area so it was pretty COLD. I loved all the LOVE I was getting from the FANS. The MONEY was good. although throughout my career I never blew a lot of MONEY. It was more like, OK my FAMILY is straight now longevity wise. I was always that same guy in the WHITE TEE, Jeans, and the FRESH KICKS. I stayed grounded and I thank my MOTHER for that".

BST: Your DAYS in the ROSE CITY PORTLAND Oregon and those really good BLAZER TEAMS?

EASY RIDER: "My MOST FUN playing days was in PORTLAND. I had a great team...young team. We had a lot of FUN and made the PLAYOFFS every year I was there".

BST: Do you think if you were in a BETTER MINDSET you could have helped the LAKERS and the BLACK MAMBA (Kobe BRYANT) and SHAQ Diesel (Shaquille O'Neal) more?

EASY RIDER: "WHAT? I took a loss and went to the LAKEshow for a RING and got a RING. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I NEVER Came off the BENCH until I got to L.A.. I helped the TEAM to the PLAYOFFS that year even though I had a LACK of PLAYING Time. That was a BAD Descision and I should have went to MIAMI. I will elaborate on that MORE in my DOCUMENTARY coming out soon".

BST: What was it like initially to be out the LEAGUE and what were you going to do in LIFE after HOOP?

EASY RIDER: "People are misinformed. PEOPLE don't know what happened. I was going through personal issues at HOME. My Late MOTHER fell into a COMA one day and I kept her on LIFE SUPPORT for over 4 Years. I wasn't even focused on my career, and I was OK with that at the TIME".

BST: How is FAMILY LIFE now , the JR RIDER FOUNDATION, and what are Isaiah J.R. RIDER'S aspirations moving forward?

EASY RIDER: "Right now I have a good life. FAMILY is my #1 priority. I love watching my kids grow. I have a FOUNDATION called the SKY RIDER FOUNDATION. We award Scholarships to OUTSTANDING KIDS. I am all about GIVING BACK and KICKING BACK now. I am releasing a DOCUMENTARY " MY TESTIMONY RAW and UNCUT". It's bout my story in my own words. Not the MEDIA twisting my words or actions around for RATINGS. It's a REAL LIFE Story of the REAL Isaiah J.R. RIDER and I hope that everyone is moved by it".

Want to say thinks to Isaiah J.R. RIDER and FAMILY for the Q and A Exclusive on BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK as well as his foundation SKY RIDER FOUNDATION.

Follow EAAAASY RIDER @isaiah_rider on TWITTER and look up the Foundation at and

BIG UPS from BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK to EAAAAASY RIDER and follow the BLUEDUDE @bluedudesports on twitter and GOOGLE PLUS...AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger.....

Another exclusive from BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK....So far OUT OF BOUNDS we somehow stay give me the ORANGE!

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NEED a REST AREA...STOP!...the LOGO WATCH #13 Top NBA REST STOPS...NEED STOPS to get a CHIP right?...BULLS, SIXERS, and GREEN TEAM among others.

You have heard this in Winning Time...We Must Get Stops. The NBA Teams that hang Banners do it on the Defensive End and there is No other way to do it.

Last season when the Defending World Champion Dallas Mavericks had to close the game they did it on the Defensive End anchored by current Knicks Big Man Tyson Chandler of Compton CA Dominguez HS Fame. The Top Defensive Teams at All-Star Break this season are more than likely North of .500 and it goes back to getting after it on the Defensive End.

Point Per Game Allowed, Opponents FG % from Inside and Outside the Arc, and Rebounding all of those stats play an integral part in winning games especially in closing time aka Money Time. Now when some of the greats are going like KING JAMES, D-ROSE, Black MAMBA, DURANT 66, Uncle Russ of THUNDERup, and Monta of Planet ORACLE among others you hope at some point they miss and keep missing.

The Top Rest Stops on the NBA Highway 1 sponsored by Is it a Maalox Special every night in the Logo:

Two Categories for the Top 10 Teams in PPG Allowed and Point Differential.....

Top Teams in PPG Allowed

1. SIXERS 87.36ppg
2. CELTICS 87.55 ppg
3. BULLS 87.79 ppg
4. MAVERICKS 90.67 ppg
5. MAGIC 91.06 ppg
6. LAKERS 91.13 ppg
7. HAWKS 91.84 ppg
8. GRIZZLIES 92.18 ppg
9. PACERS 92.69 ppg
10. BLAZERS 93.06

NOTE: This is a telling Stat of Teams on this List when the Game is Close they will get Stops....

Top Teams in Point Differential

1. HEAT +9.21 ppg
2. BULLS +9.18 ppg
3. SIXERS +6.88 ppg
4. THUNDER +5.91 ppg
5. BLAZERS +5.38 ppg
6. MAVERICKS +3.79 ppg
7. SPURS +3.36 ppg
8. NUGGETS +2.97 ppg
9. PACERS +2.62 ppg
10. CLIPPERS +2.46 ppg

NOTE: Stats from

NOTE: The Bulls are #3 in Point Allowed and #2 in Differential that why the BLUEDUDE says a Few Chips are near for the WEST SIDE STORY Report. Only 18 Teams out of 30 are + in Point Differential and the last being the T'Wolves.

Also the Top 2 Teams in the Logo...Heat and Thunder have interesting Stats.

The Thunder are #2 in Scoring and #4 in Point Differential while the Heat are #1 on Scoring and #1 in Point Differential and you wonder why the Bulls, Heat, and Thunder are at the Top of the List to get it at Winning Time. If your going to Vegas the BLUEDUDE just helped you sort out a few things.

the LOGO WATCH a BLUEDUDE Sportstalk Exclusive......follow on Twitter @bluedudesports and in GOOGLE PLUS AJ HARRIS Sports Blogger and to all a GOOD DAY..R.I.P. Paul HARVEY

FRONTLINE February 22, 2012...ODEN Season over again as he undergoes a 3rd MICRO FRACTURE Surgery....RIP CITY Misfortunes

How many time does the ATHLETE say I will get back or it's just another BUMP in the ROAD? Well for Portland TRAILBLAZERS Center Greg ODEN he may never even get another chance to get on the Floor.

Their ONLY Professional Sports Team the TRAILBLAZERS have to go through this one more time with a POSSIBLE FRANCHISE Player in ODEN like they did with KENTUCKY All-American Center Sam BOWIE. Like BOWIE before him ODEN and BLAZERS Faithful have to fight off what might have been and try to move on.

ODEN just recently went under another MICRO Fracture Surgery that will keep him on the SHELF for this year and the NEXT. Recovery Time on MICRO FRACTURE Surgery is 12-18 Months at least. The WORST Operation the KNEE can possibly go through and players that have had it worked for some and not for others:

MICRO Fracture worked with the TEAM they were playing with at the TIME:


MICRO Fracture didn't work and put these players careers on ICE for the most part:


Unfortunately for ODEN the KNEES can ONLY go through so much before its time to say enough is enough. For BLAZERS Faithful to have BOWIE go through Career Ending Injuries and drafted before one MICHAEL JORDAN was bad enough. And we all know what MIKE turned out to be. But to have ODEN's Injuries pretty much sideline him again putting his CAREER at stake when the BLAZERS were choosing between him and Kevin DURANT. That is snake bitten twice and I hope RIP City doesn't have to go through a 3rd time.

Remember NBA Heads B ROY 7 the promising Big GUARD of the BLAZERS that put RIP City Faithful back in the SEATS at the ROSE Garden has to retire before the SEASON due to DEGENERATE Knees. Now ODEN is on a 1-year Qualifying Offer just south of $8.9 Million and the BLAZERS nor ODEN could be very OPTIMISTIC at this point.

For BOWIE, ODEN, and the BLAZERS Faithful....may the BASKETBALL Gods bring you a CHOSEN ONE to help LaMarcus ALDRIDGE and this current BLAZERS Group out of another impossible setback to this beloved Franchise on the LEFT COAST.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JAWS of 007 Fame eats it...SUPERMAN of MOUSE Town put a STICKER on it....K-LOVE 10K Lakes OWNS it...Top LOGO Glass EATERS at All-STAR BREAK

You have to WANT IT to do it and there is a SCIENCE to it. Its called DO YOU have a BIG enough VALENTINE to get after it and every team wishes they had one. The 2011-12 Top LOGO GLASS Eaters or REBOUNDERS as they call them at the 2012 All-Star Break.

Do you remember guys like Gus HONEYCOMB JOHNSON, Connie the HAWK HAWKINS, Moses MALONE, Dennis the WORM RODMAN, and Ben WALLACE to name a few on the GLASS every night no matter MAKE or MISS...WIN or LOSE...a MAN has to DO what a man has to do.

Now we have the NEW BREED and interesting one but led by a guy who just knows EVERY BALL is his and I have my APPROACH to REBOUNDING as SOUND as a NAVY SKILL in TRAINING. Meet Kevin LOVE of the Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES aka the 10K LAKE BOYZ. A man possessed on the GLASS at both ends every night he laces them up.

Now let's meet and see the NUMBERS of the LOGO's TOP GLASS Eaters at ALL-STAR Break 2012:

1. SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN MAGIC ( 15.3 REBS per ): It shouldn't surprise you that a man who once put a STICKER on the TOP of the GLASS in a ALL-STAR Slam Dunk Contest leads the LOGO in BOARDS. Just on ATHLETICISM alone DWIGHT can get you at least 10 every night.

2. K-LOVE of 10K LAKES ( 14.2 REBS per ): Just based on his measurables he is typical of a GUY who has honed his CRAFT of REBOUNDING. Making it his SCIENCE Project while others watch K-LOVE of 10K LAKES he teaches every single night. He may have the BEST MITTS in the LOGO as well to.

3. DREW of the LAKEshow ( 12.8 REBS per ): Turning himself into the 2nd BEST Center in the LOGO is some feat considering one of his TEAMMATES was having a RANT one summer at a local L.A. GROCER about how inept DREW BYNUM was and we should get rid of him. HEY KOBE...HOW DOES DREW's A** TASTE.

4. Anderson VAREJAO the BRAZILIAN Bear CAVS ( 11.5 REBS per ): Since KING JAMES left town and left behind a Pretty good talent in the VAREJAO gets to show off his real talent..EATING GLASS. His SCIENCE is based on what all players should do in the LOGO but DO NOT...HUSTLE. That's it plain and simple just get after the ORANGE and every night he gets the CAVS EXTRA Possessions that may have a DIRECT outcome on who WINS and LOSES.

5a. DeMarcus COUSINS aka BIG CUZ SACtown KINGS ( 11.3 REBS per ): He was a MAN in HIGH SCHOOL as he and UTAH JAZZ Power Forward Derrick FAVORS were 1A and 1B in the US coming out. If someone can get to BIG CUZ and get him to GROW UP a little the SKY is the LIMIT and he could easily be in the TOP 5 BIG MAN in the LOGO HANDS Down. But we have heard this one before....WHAT IF.

5b. the BLAKEshow CLIPjoint L.A. ( 11.3 REBS per ): Well if you DUNK EVERYTHING you see why can't you REBOUND it to. BLAKE DUNKS....BLAKE REBOUNDS...BLAKE REBOUNDS...BLAKE DUNKS. If you really look at the STATS he should be higher than just a little over 11 per game. As ATHLETIC as any Power Forward will ever get in the LOGO just BLAKICULOUS.

7. the SPANIARD Pau of the LAKEshow ( 10.7 REBS per ): His LENGTH alone gets him at least half of those boards. Then playing with DREW Bynum will get you another half and then we are at 10 BOARDS.....SIMPLE MATHEMATICS here. He n DREW make up for the #1 GLASS EATING Duo in the LOGO at ALL-STAR Break.

8. K-HUMPS KIM K's EX SQUEEZE NETS ( 10.5 REBS per ): He may not be able to KEEP KIM K but he can EAT GLASS with the BEST of them. HUMPS has been doing this for awhile and not it is more noticeable because he is in the EYE of the KARDASHIAN. O top of that just listening to DUDE on the K-SHOW he is SQUARE so all he has is BALL and REBOUNDING.

9. Marcin GORTAT the POLISH Rifle in the VALLEY of the SUN ( 10.3 REBS per ): He was playing behind SUPERMAN of MOUSE Town for the longest and the MAGIC knew it and so did a lot of other TEAMS. Just think if the MAGIC could have PAID HIM....and move Ryan ANDERSON to the THREE and just play ZONE a lot....the MAGIC would be points behind the WEST SIDE STORY Report and the 305 BOYZ.

10. David LEE aka D-LEE of the GATEWAY ARCH ( 10.0 REBS per ): He outworks the OPPOSITION on every possession. It is LEE's sheer desire and determination to get the ORANGE and I will get to it by any means necessary. He has been doing this since his days in GAINESVILLE and in GOTHAM CITY.

OTHERS of NOTE that don't eat GLASS but EAT the SHAVINGS......

JO of the WEST SIDE STORY Report
the CAMBY MAN RIP City Fame
BIG Hibbert PACERland
NOTE: Rebounding Stats from

The JOKER remembers everything...D-WILL 8 marks on the CALENDER..SEE ME BATMAN Jeremy LIN in GOTHAM CITY...n JAY n Beyonce watch this.

The PRIDE of the ELITE NBA Players can't go unnoticed. Nets POINT GOD Deron WILLIAMS said he marked on the CALENDER after what LINsanity and the KNICKS did to his squad the 1st TIME. This one here wasn't about records but PERSONAL that's it....just personal.

Now the JOKER was in GOTHAM CIty to let BATMAN know I am no POINT GUARD but a POINT GOD and you will feel ALL of this 38 I am going to give you and the KNICKS.

In just 33:40 of playing time D-WILL 8 went for 38 Points on 10-22 shooting and 8-14 from DOWNTOWN, grabbed 6 boards, and served 6 dishes, and he even fouled out the GAME. The JOKER told the GOTHAM CITY faithful NOT TONIGHT after he embarrassed me the last time. I am on the US NATIONAL Team and arguably in many CIRCLE around the LOGO the BEST POINT GOD in the MILKY WAY Galaxy. Enough is ENOUGH youngster and TONIGHT you were on Deron WILLIAMS WATCH...not ESPN, NBA on TNT , nor TWITTER....SEE ME...the POINT GOD D-WILL 8 and you to SPIKE...HIT ME on the HIP you have the CELL NUMBER.

LIN had 21 points, 9 helpers, and 7 boards but ONLY had 11 after 3 periods as D-WILL sliced and diced his way in front of JAY and BEYONCE. D-WILL probably told JAY going to the Holcombe RUCKER with your boy with I'LL BE RIGHT BACK and my own RUCKER name the HUDSON Hawk.

Not taking anything away from LIN and that beautiful story but it is a story and D-WILL 8 had a story to tell also. The ELITE guys NEVER get beat twice and they never forget. They come to play EVERY NIGHT and no matter who is in front of them when they are GOING you just hope the FIRE Department is near to put out the BLAZE.

LAST NIGHT in GOTHAM the JOKER started a BLAZE that even BATMAN, Jeremy LIN, could not put out and JOKER controlled. SEE ME BATMAN on the OTHER SIDE and watch me in MOUSE TOWN in the REAL ALL-STAR GAME.


Monday, February 20, 2012

BATMAN and ROBIN..Bonnie and Clyde..SPONGEBOB and PATRICK..the NBA's BEST Scoring DUOS..LOGO WATCH #12 NBA All-Star Break 2012

Every NBA Club wishes they had them and the CLUBS that do know they are in every game until the CLOCK strike DOUBLE ZERO. The NBA's BEAT or the LOGO WATCH #12 BEST Scoring DUOS whether it is CAPE CRUSADERS in GOTHAM City...BONNIE and CLYDE in your Town...or SPONGEBOB and PATRICK by the PINEAPPLE under the SEA there is NO Defense for when these DUOS are going.

The 2011-12 Top DUOS in the LOGO are of NO SURPRISE as it is almost a DIRECT Correlation between the TOP TEAMS and STAR POWER or should the BLUEDUDE say FIREPOWER. The TOP TEAMS in the LOGO Watch are the THUNDER, BULLS, HEAT, and SPURS to boot. Do all four of these teams have Top SCORING Duos will be the QUESTION.

The LOGO WATCH #12 TOP SCORING Duos for the 2011-12 Season at All-STAR Breaks sponsored by MOUSE TOWN you got YOUR EARS ON the NBA's BEAT will be loud this WEEKEND so hear them out:

1. THUDERup at OK City the DURANTULA and WHY NOT #0 ( 50.8 PPG ): They are the FUTURE in the LOGO and the ONLY thing that could possibly STOP them is a Good OKLAHOMA WIND Storm if they played OUTSIDE. Both have SCOOBY DOOS by the SWOOSH with DURANT having his OWN LINE and RUSS in NIKE Basketball. Check out with an ADD-ON in JAMES HARDEN you have the HIGHEST Scoring TRIO in the LOGO and they are all UNDER 25.....YIKES.

2. STAPLES Purple and Gold the LAKEshow BLACK MAMBA n the SPANIARD ( 46.6 ): They could have put JACK with the BLACK Mamba and they would be #2 in scoring. KOBE is NO LONGER the BEST in the LOGO but he is not going DOWN or GOING Home with none left in the CHAMBER. GASOL has played pretty well and throw in DREW they might be the 2nd BEST TRIO behind MIAMI Thrice. KOBE has his own line at the SWOOSH and the SPANIARD is under NIKE BASKETBALL as well.

3. MY M-I-YA-YO 305 BOYZ KING James and BOSH Spice ( 46.1 PPG ): Just think WADE COUNTY with KING JAMES would be even higher but he is not qualified at the MOMENT due to GAMES Played. Look the BEST BASKETBALL Player in the WORLD is KING JAMES no disputing but when BOSH or WADE are going to just one with JAMES it's like the ELEPHANT in the GYM but this one Doesn't SHUT UP. Both have KICKS by NIKE with KING JAMES having his OWN LINE and BOSH under NIKE BASKETBALL and WADE County under NIKE and BRAND JORDAN.

4. Planet ORACLE EAST BAY near the BLACK HOLE MONTA and MR. LEE (41 PPG ): They need front line help but there is no mistaking maybe the TOUGHEST Cover in the LOGO in the MISSISSIPPI Lightning MONTA Ellis. The Most underrated PLAYER in any FRONT COURT Talk in the LOGO is the PRIDE of the GATEWAY Arch in David LEE. Coach Mark ACTION JACKSON then can throw STEPH CURRY in the MIX and that is a SUREFIRE Top 5 TRIO in the LOGO. MONTA hoops with AND 1 on his DAWGS and LEE is under NIKE BASKETBALL along with STEPH.

5. MOUSE TOWN via the AMWAY Center CAL BERKELEY's Ryan ANDERSON and SUPERMAN ( 36.7 PPG ): DWIGHT's numbers have fell off ever so slightly but ANDERSON has found his stride as he reminds me of a Taller PEJA Stojakovich or Vladimir RADMONOVICH who spreads the FLOOR out at the Power Forward. The MAGIC need a lift from its Back Court if they are to do anything in the POST SEASON. DWIGHT joins D-ROSE of the BULLS as the BIGGEST NBA Adidas Endorsees and ANDERSON wears NIKE BASKETBALL

6. RIP City inside ROSE GARDEN which is in the ROSE City LaMARCUS and J-CRAW ( 36.5 PPG ): A 1st time All-Star and a year or two late on that bid. The BLAZERS go as far as ALDRIDGE takes them. Free Agent acquisition CRAWFORD is doing what he ONLY DOES...Stay Unconscious and SCORE the BALL from ANY Where and ANY Angle. Right now the BLAZERS would be the 8th Seed in Winning TIME in the WEST. ALDRIDGE and CRAWFORD are NIKE BASKETBALL.

Now if you didn't know you know now. The BEST SCORING DUOS in the LOGO as of FEBRUARY 20, 2012 minus the NUMBERS from the CAPE CRUSADERS, PAT and SPONGE, and Bonnie and CLYDE.


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Sunday, February 19, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE...What IF WINNING TIME started TODAY...who would play who 1st ROUND and analysis

Oh forget LINsanity, the Upcoming NBA All-Star Festivities, SPURS Rolling, HEAT taking over EAST, and THUNDER all by their LONESOME in thee WEST. WHAT IF the NBA PLAYOFFS started Today who would be in and the FAVORITE to move on to 2nd Round?

Let's check out the MATCH-UPS 1st Round to see who needs to get it in gear to make a REAL RUN come WINNING Time.

The 2012 NBA PLAYOFFS IF they started TODAY February 19, 2012:

1st ROUND EASTERN Conference sponsored by BULLS need D-ROSE and FAST:

1 305 BOYZ
8 LINsanity


6 CIRCLE City Crew


In the EAST the HEAT would have all they could handle vs LINsanity and MELO, STAT, TYSON, and JR SWISH and Company. This SERIES may even go the DISTANCE with the HEAT on SAND and WATER.

The BULLS would make quick work vs the CELTICS and D-ROSE will be close to 100% in WINNING TIME. RONDO and them 3 Futuree HAll OF FAMERS would pose PROBLEMS though.

The YOUNG SIXERS of BROAD STREET vs the PACERS would be the most even match-up in the EAST and a PICK'EM. SIXERS Youth and SPEED vs the PACERS Length and Half Court DEFENSE . PACERS would end up winning in a FABULOUS 1st Round SERIES.

The MAGIC vs the HAWKS is like your LOCAL WEATHERMAN...real IFFY and never telling the TRUTH as this Series would be a MUST MISS. HAWKS would probably come out on TOP as DWIGHT gets both FEET outside the DOOR.

1st Round WESTERN Conference sponsored by can we get the BLAKEshow vs the LAKEshow 2nd round:


2 POPS Squad

3 CLIPjoint aka LOB City

4 Team DIRKiliscious

Right off the BAT the THUNDER would send a message to all the WEST by sweeping the NUGGETS.

SPURS and COACH POPS would handle this TEXAS 2-Step with ease as MANU, TP 8, and DUNC reach back for an early Series Victory to get rest moving forward.

If the GRIZZ get Z-BO BACK to Off SET the BLAKEshow and make him play DEFENSE the GRIZZLIES could WIN this series they have lil GASOL, RUDY, and CONLY JR to get at the CLIPS.

REMEMBER that MAVS Sweep last season...the LAKEshow remembers but what will they do for the 2nd year in a row FOLD or look for a little retribution? MAVS still get by the LAKEshow as they have way too much Quality DEPTH for the LAKERS.

This gives you a glimpse of where your TEAM is what they need to do to maybe get a FAVORABLE 1st Round Match-Up in WINNING TIME. The 3 best series is the SIXERS and PACERS...LAKERS and MAVERICKS..and made for NEW YORK CITY and the NBA ONLY...LINSanity vs the HEAT.....WOW.

WEST SIDE STORY REPORT #10 sprinkled with CSI...D-WILL 8 and JIGGA MAN come to the WEST SIDE n put an L on the 1st Place BULLS

You have got to be kiddin' me but this is case of the BULLS are running on E and they need D as in D-ROSE the best NBA POINT GOD in the LOGO.

D-WILL 8 of the NETS the 2nd Best POINT GOD in the LOGO put 29 on the BULLS and you could see that coming. But the Kris HUMPHRIES, yeah the EX-HUSBAND looking for ALIMONY form his Jock-Sniffing ex-Squeeze KIM K, putting up 24 and 18 off the glass and played like his MARITAL STATUS depended on it. Then sprinkle in NOT SURPRISE Rook SNIPER Marshon BROOKS for PROVIDENCE Fame and STONE MOUNTAIN GA native with 19 the BULLS looked in trouble from the JUMP.

BULLS down 34-19 as though they said the NETS are 8-23 coming in and they SUCK. It is the NBA you must take care of every team like they get Lump Sum DIRECT DEPOSITS like you get them. Then down 61-45 at the BREAK and the BULLS made a run LATE but they were DEEP in the HOLE without ROSE and it just wasn't enough as the BULLS lose 95-87.

BULLS outscored the BRICK CITY NETS 42-34 but they were by -16 and the BULLS could not make up the margin. The BULLS get 16 apiece from C BOOZ 5 and Mike JAMES, and 14 apiece from TAJ and LOU. The BLUEDUDE was thinking that the BULLS would need D-ROSE after the BREAK and could take care of business before the break but that wasn't the case.

Now the WEST SIDE STORY Report has the HAWKS in that building PRESIDENT's DAY featuring J-SMOOVE, J.J., and J-TEAGUE...the NEW 3J PAECH DROP Style.

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The KNICKS really think they are doing something now they have another BALL HOG, a Guy who isn't that good of a teammate in the LOCKER ROOM, dribbles out the SHOT CLOCK, Bad SHOT SELECTION, and It's all about ME not WE in EARL JR SMITH. So why do the KNICKS go get that NOW when LIN has solidified the Point Guard Spot and they are WAITING on 'MELO.

Having said all of that the KNICKS and their Fan Base thinks that a LIN, J.R., MELO, LANDRY, STAT, SHUMP, TYSON, and Coach D'ANTONI is the makings of an EASTERN Contender. Not at all because of an inexperienced POINT GUARD, 2 Players Shoot 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th then wonder why the MEDIA asks those questions post game, and 2 Solid but different Front Court Players who need to be included way more than they have been and you add....JUMP SHOT JR.

The reason why the NUGGETS were very unsuccessful when they had MELO and JR among others was the FLOW offensively. There was NONE then you throw in the ALL-TIME Dribble out your SHOT CLOCK King in the ANSWER Allen IVERSON you had Government ISSUED C-4 in the LOCKER ROOM. Who was going to BLOW UP first because of all things LACK of SHOOTING ATTEMPTS.

KNICKS Fans the KNICKS needed a SHOOTER but one that SHOOTS with NO CONSCIOUS who can also SHOOT you right out of the game. If the BLUEDUDE is right you have Grocery-Bagging, Cart Attendant, and temperamental John STARKS minus those TOUGH -GUY RILEY Knickerbockers like OAK TREE and MASE.

We See the PICK and ROLL working with LIN to either STAT or TYSON but will it work with MELO and then how many times in a game will MELO or J.R. wave off LIN after they get it and LIN is looking like he wants it back.....Someone answer the QUESTION. Yeah the KNICKS are better in what capacity because this MOVE makes NO SENSE.

Look at the projected Line-Up the KNICKS can throw at you in WINNING TIME:

1st Unit

PG LINdawg
SG Landry

2nd Unit



PG LINdawg

KNICKS not bad but the BOYZ from the BOTTOM 305 and the WEST SIDE STORY Report is waiting for you. Put that winning time line-up out there vs those 2 SQUADS and see what LIN does than talking all he does is LIN LIN LIN OK T-PAIN aka TEDDY PENDER....the BLUEDUDE.....CAN'T WAIT.

At the END of the BLOG...KNICKS Fans will be CRYING JUMP SHOT J.R. and SPIKE LEE and Mark WAHLBERG will be making that film WHO SHOT J.R. in the BIG GRANNY SMITH because this experiment will become the MOVIE....the FLY starring Earl J.R. SMITH

AIR JORDAN turned 49 Friday February 17th and the BOBCATS give him a GIFT...A WIN at the expense of the DINOSAUR BOYZ of Toronto.

Michael JORDAN could not have written a better script. Just in CASE AIR JORDAN and the Sports World wanted everyone to know MIKE's 49th Birthday was on Friday the BOBCATS answered the bell.

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU...A BOBCAT ATE A RAPTOR in JURASSIC would have slapped the BLUEDUDE right? Well SLAP the BLUEDUDE then the BOBCATS get a much needed WIN as they beat the RAPTORS 98-91 at the AIR CANADA Centre.

The BOBCATS got 22 points from REGGIE WILLIAMS and NOT the HOYA PARANOIA Reggie WILLIAMS but the 2nd year NBA Castoff from the Golden STATE WARRIORS.

The RAPTORS were led by none other than DeMar DEROZAN of MEN of TROY Fame and COMPTON CALIFORNIA with 24 points. It was the BOBCATS 4th Win of the SEASON and their 1st Win in their last 16 Games. Just think they are -45 behind JORDAN's AGE and the way the current roster looks they might NOT get to 45 TOTAL WINS until 2016.

JORDAN I love all the FUSIONS, RETROS, and even the new $230 Joints that have 3 different insoles. ONLY if the BOBCATS were SCOOBY DOOS they would be British Nights BK DYMACELS you know the ones Derrick D.C. COLEMAN got paid to wear.

The RAPTORS are exactly the leader in the CLUBHOUSE as well as they move to a dismal 9-23 and poor RAPTORS Head Coach Dewayne CASEY who the BLUEDUDE thinks the WORLD of especially on the defensive end. But there are COACH KILLING JOBS in the LOGO and I hate to say it but the RAPTORS are at the TOp of the LIST.

As for the BOBCATS where do they go from here. Well for those not in the know former BLAZERS GM Rich CHO joined MIKE and the BOBCATS in the Off-Season after the BLAZERS got rid of him. You think former 1st JORDAN BRAND President Larry MILLER who is currently the BLAZERS President didn't call MIKE and tell him CHO is a Bright NBA Mind he just was working under Paul ALLEN who is difficult to work under. Allen being the ORIGINAL Business Partner of BILL GATES and Microsoft. He owns the BLAZERS and the SEAHAWKS to boot.

MIKE the BOBCATS have a long way to go and maybe the ONLY 2 pieces you have are Gerald HENDERSON and Kemba WALKER....REAL TALK.


It was bound to happen but LOGO WATCH #11 starts out with the KNICKS ending their 7-Game Win Streak and the TOAST of the BIG GRANNY SMITH J-LIN played well enough to get the KNICKS the WIn but 9 more MY BADS isn't good.

LIN is in the RECORD Books for 2 things...SCORING for Most POINTS in a 6-Game Stretch and now he has the dubiuos distinction of the most TURNOVERS in a players 1st 7 Games.....45 joining the LIKE of Glenn Big DOGG ROBINSON, Mitch RICHMOND of TMC Fame, The ANSWER Allen IVERSON, and Jerry STACK STACKHOUSE.

The KNICKS had their chances but a stout New Orleans HORNETS Bunch led by Trevor ARIZA's 25 and 8 off the glass was the difference as the KNICKS had a tough time containing him.

The KNICKS were led by LIN's 26, 5 helpers, and those already talked about 9 MY BADS. STAT Stoudamire also had 26 pts and 12 sponsored by WINDEX. Now the KNICKS have the STreaking MAVS coming to town with that Defending CHAMPIONSHIP Swagger.

SPEAKING of the Dallas MAVERICKS they went to DIRKiliscious for 28 pts and 12 boards as the MAVS held off the SIXERS 82-75 and holding the SIXERS to ONLY 24 points in the 2nd half.

It was the MAVS 6th Victory in a row and all of a sudden they are ONLY 3.5 behind the OK CITY THUNDER. The MAVS were down 51-37 at the HALF as Lou WILLIAMS, who leads the SIXERS in SCORING and coms of the bench, had 12 but it was the overall quickness the SIXERS had on the onset that had the MAVS on their heels.

The 2nd Half adjustments Mavs Coach Rick CARLISLE made after halftime held the SIXERS to a LEAGUE LOW 8 Points in the 3rd Frame while the MAVS put up 24 and that was the difference in the game.

KING JAMES made his 1st visit to the SCENE of the DESCISION 2010 and they had the CAVS down 21-2 in the 1st frame and the CAVS never recovered. JAMES led all scorers with 28, 5 and 5. WADE COUNTY chipped in with 22 and BOSH 16 and 12 boards.

The CAVS were led by 17 from rookie PG Kyrie IRVING and 15 from Ramon SESSIONS. The HEAT move to 24-7 and the CAVS to 11-17. CAVS Owner DAN GILBERT do you have any QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, or CONCERNS?

K-LOVE of 10K LAKES continues his assualt on all BACKBOARDS and three lines as he went off for 33 and 17 to help the T-WOLVES BLOW pass a streaking ROCKETS Team 111-98. the ROCKETS were paced by Rookie GATOR DUDE Chandler PARSONS 18 and 17 apiece from Lowry and COURTNEY Lee.

The T'WOLVES move to 15-16 and the ROCKETS go to 17-14.

In other NBA Action with a near FULL SLATE of Games.....

The O-TOWN MAGIC get 26-20 from SUPERMAN of O-TOWN and beat the BUCKS 94-85. HOWARD leads the NBA with 7 games of the 20-20 Variety.

The MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES get a tip-in at the buzzer by F Dante CUNNINGHAM and 20 from Rudy GAY to edge the NUGGETS 103-102. NUGGETS SF Corey BREWER had 26 and 5 to lead the MILE HIGH contingent.

Friday, February 17, 2012

the SHOW Monthly....R.I.P. BACKSTOP Gary CARTER...EXPOS ALL-STAR...AMAZINS' World Series Catcher in '86...and 2003 BASEBALL HOF Inductee

The EXPOS greatest catcher....the AMAZINS' World Series Catcher....went into COOPERSTOWN in 2003 with the GREAT Eddie MURRAY. Inducted into the METS HOF as well as the CANADIAN Baseball HOF. You get it right.

Gary EDMUND CARTER passed this past week due to his fight with BRAIN CANCER at the young age of 57. Known as a TEAM LEADER and a great example for the young guys coming up CARTER was a Professionals Professional.

He teamed up early in his MLB Career with the likes of Andre the HAWK DAWSON and Tim ROCK RAINES with those great MONTREAL EXPOS TEAMS. Carter played for the EXPOS all the way up to 1984 for about 10 years then joined the NY METROPOLITANS and 2 years after joining them he helped bring a WORLD SERIES Home for the AMAZINS'.

The METS that year were absolutely loaded with guys like DOC GOODEN, Darryl STRAWberry, Captain KEITH Hernandez, SID Fernandez, LENNY Dykstra, WALLY Backman, MOOKIE Wilson, RON Darling, ROGER McDowell, KEVIN Mitchell, RAY Knight, JESSE Ojeda, and the SKIPPER Davey JOHNSON among others. One of the BLUEDUDE's Favorite MLB TEAMS the 1986 AMAZINS'.

A Career .262 avg. with 324 BOMBS and 1,225 KNOCKED In.....CARTER was even better defensively with 3 GOLD GLOVES. A 11-Time All-STAR and in RARE Company with 2 ALL-STAR GAME MVP's in 1981 and 1984. The EXPOS Retired GARY'S #8 and he was the COach at Palm Beach FLORIDA ATLANTIC University a Division II School before he passed. A Philanthropist who gave a lot of his time to ELEMENTARY School Kids for learning initiatives through his foundation...the CARTER Foundation.

The KID battled all the way to the END and that's how it was on the DIAMOND.

CAMPUS HARDcourt February 17, 2012...What is happening to the FIGHTING ILLINI of ILLINOIS in MEN'S Hoops

Just watching Chicago Tribune LIVE Today they had a TOPIC they were discussing about the ILLINOIS Fighting' ILLINI being a TOP 15 Program in the COUNTRY in BASKETBALL. Now are the ILLINI even TOP 20 in the BLUEDUDE's Book don't know and it would be tough to put them there.

There are a few points the BLUEDUDE will point out for you and tell you why the ILLINI Job was a Top 20 for sure and not it isn't even a TOP 25 but could get back there.

The BLUEDUDE points at a couple factors in WHY the ILLINI have fallen off:

The RIGHT Coach: OK Bruce WEBER took the Deron WILLIAMS, Dee Brown, Luther HEAD, James AUGUSTINE, and Roger POWELL led ILLNI to the NATIONAL Championship game in then LOU and were beat by the UNC TAR HEELS. Now that team was with Current ROCK CHALK Coach Bill SELF. Now let's learn a little about COACH SELF.

SELF is a Eddie SUTTON Guy and Oklahoma STATE Grad who was a Student-Assistant under EDDIE, and then moved onto Oral ROBERTS and TULSA before coming to the ILLINI. SELF was a Rising STAR in the COACHING Ranks at the time. Looking at this closer SELF's Recruited at the 2 schools before ILLINOIS heavy in Northern TEXAS DALLAS Area and HOUSTON. Then he also had ties from his days in STILLWATER under Coach SUTTON and at Oral ROBERTS.

SELF was an excellent recruiter and at ILLINOIS got the TOP TALENT in ILLINOIS to STAY like Dee BROWN, Luther HEAD, Roger POWELL, and he inherited before them a really good unit in LUCAS JOHNSON, Frank WILLIAMS, Sergio McCLAIN, Marcus GRIFFIN, and current ILLINI Assistant Sean HARRINGTON.

Back to WEBER he is a good guy but a MID-MAJOR Coach at best. He cannot go into the TOP FLIGHT Talent's Living Room in ILLINOIS and get that player. Sending Lead Recruiter Jerrance HOWARD is not getting it done either. The ILLINI need a young SUPER STAR that thinks the ILLINI Job is Top FLIGHT. Yeah it is TOP FLIGHT in ILLINOIS but right now it isn't even a TOP 30 Job to the BLUEDUDE.

The NEW Coach needs to get talent like this to stay in ILLINOIS that WEBER has missed on or some of it:

Sherron COLLINS Chicago CRANE chose KANSAS
Jon SCHEYER Glenbrook NORTH chose DUKE and WEBBER's Brother Head Coach at HS

Sean DOCKERY Chicago JULIAN chose DUKE

Jabari PARKER Chicago SIMEON HS ILLINOIS not on his LIST CLASS 2013
Fred Van FLEET Rockford AUBURN Class of 2012 Wichita STATE

Just some of the TALENT that the ILLINI had NO SHOT because it is NO LONGER a TOP Destination for ILLINOIS Kids. AAU has a lot to do with it and there are a lot better CAMPUSES across the COUNTRY as far as CAMPUS LIFE set up better then U of I.

Why WEBER should be given the HEAVE what will the ILLINI do next? They need no more MID-MAJOR Coaches they need to get a STAR in the COACHING RANKS.

Maybe Chris COLLINS of DUKE.....Gerry McNAMARA SYRACUSE....Anthony GRANT ALABAMA....Matt DOHERTY SMU.....just a few names to throw out there. the ILLINI need to get back at getting these GUYS from CHICAGO to STAY HOME and the TOP TOP Talent. WEBER has not had an NBA Guy on his roster since the D-WILL, DEE, JAMES, and LUTHER and that MUST CHANGE.

A YOUTHFUL and ENTHUSIASTIC Coach with CHARISMA needs to get to that NAVY ORANGE ASAP.........

CSI Bluedude Sportstalk....Fort Worth TEXAS....TEXAS CHRISTIAN University....HORNED FROGS Football Players...and SAY NO TO DRUGS

Why isn't when a SCHOOL or UNIVERSITY resurrects their PROGRAM the DUMB SH** has to surface sooner or later. Reportedly Campus POLICE and FORT WORTH Police did a 6 Month Drug Sting on the TCU Campus located in Fort WORTH TEXAS and the FINDINGS were absolutely so mind-bottling they may change their name to DRUGGED FROGS.

Its being reported by numerous NEWS Outlets that at least 4 FOOTBALL PLAYERS were among the 17 arrested in what has to be the WORSE CASE Scenario for a PROGRAM that is fast becoming like Hookem' HORNS and the 12th MAN as far as a NATIONAL FOOTBALL Powerhouse.

One player was even noted as saying when the FOOTBALL Team got cracked with a surprise DRUG TEST that 60 PLAYERS failed the test. The DRUGS involved were GREEN, OH GIRL, ECSTASY, Hyrdrocodone, and XANAX. The LOCATIONS for the DRUG DEALS were reported in news circles were 2 FRATERNITY Houses, one GOLDEN ARCHES, SHELL GAS STATION, a CVS, a KROGER Grocery Store, a 7/11 Store, and 8 reported Off-Campus Locations. What a shame for the TCU Football Team and the UNIVERSITY who stand by these young STUDENT-ATHLETES. There will be a lot more coming out of this one in the next few weeks.

AS for what the NEXT STEP is for the HORNED FRIGS Football program a visit from the NCAA and that will bring about nothing to tell about but BAD NEWS.

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LOGO WATCH #10...LOB City meets CHOCOLATE City for a FUSION called..LOB LATTE....SPURS Rollin'...C's vs BULLS

Would you have it any other way Wednesday Night in STAPLES Blue and Red now called the new CLIPjoint 2K12. The WIZARDS of CHOCOLATE City were in town to take on LOB CIty the players formerly known as the CLIPS.

John WALL, Andray BLATCHE, JaVale McGEE, and LA's Own Nick YOUNG aka NICK at NIGHT Bootleg vs the BLAKEshow, CP3, DeANDRE, and the PLAYOFF Bound CLIPS. There was also a RASHARD LEWIS siting you know the DUDE that thought he was part responsible for the NBA Lockout because MAGIC GM Otis SMITH wrote him a BAD CHECK.

But to their credit being one of the WORST Teams in the LOGO they hung tough for a half the WIZ did only down 50-47 at the HALF. Then REALITY sat in as it usually does in the LOGO and the CLIPS put +15 on CHOCOLATE City to end the game and win by 18....102-84.

There were some dunks of course but they were all of the LOB City Variety and not McGEE and Company of CHOCOLATE City. The WIZ were led by John WALL and McGEE's 18 apiece and jut think if WALL had even a Mid-Range Game....25 a night easily.

LOB LATTE after that nice mix with CHOCOLATE City was paced by none other than the BLAKEshow's 23 and 15 with the BUTLER cutting the HEDGES for 21 and 5. The CLIPS now move to 18-9 and the WIZ fall to 7-23 but don't feel bad WIZ you could be part of that BRAND JORDAN/BOBCATS Fusion called We NEED the ORIGINAL HIVE DRIVE.

The San Antonio SPURS continue to make noise as they move to 21-9 at JURASSIC PARK in TORONTO as Tony PARKER does his BEST T-REX impersonation dominating with 34 and 14 helpers. The DINOSAUR Boyz were led by COMPTON CALI's Finest and soon-to-be DEFECTING SNIPER DeMar DEROZAN's 29 on 13-21 shooting.

Coach POPOVICH and his SPURS continue to impress and don't look now they owe someone over there in the WEST after manhandling the SPURS on BEALE Street in WINNING TIME 2011. With a HEALTHY MANU now the SPURS might run themselves securely into that #2 Seed in the LEFT Conference.

Again Tonight it is the GREEN TEAM and the BULLS and again the BULLS will be without the services of their MVP Derrick ROSE as he continues to rest his back. Just this past SUNDAY DOUBLE R, the POINT GOD for the GREEN TEAM, ran all over the BULLS with a 34, 15, and 10 messing around and got a TRIPLE-DOUBLE.

The BULLS are only a HALF Game ahead of WADE COUNTY and COMPANY for that NUUUMBER OOOOONE SPOT in the EAST. They have to keep RONDO from controlling everything that goes on out there and the TRUTH and SUGAR RAY have to be held in CHECK as well. The MACHINE that makes the GREEN TEAM GO is RONDO PERIOD

BULLS will also not have RIP HAMILTON again due to FAMILY Reasons and the C's will probably not have the BIG TICKET Kevin GARNETT due to a reported HIP FLEXOR Issue.

TONIGHT on TNT...GREEN TEAM @ WEST SIDE Story Report at 8pm ET and LOB City @ RIP CITY in the ROSE Garden at 1030pm ET.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

MAKING NOISE....EAGLES WR D-JACK..DeSean JACKSON looks like he will get a LINC CARD instead of the PINK CARD.

We have seen this behavior all too often just SPOILED A** Professional Athletes that think everything from the AMAZON RIVER, to the HIMALAYAS, to the 7 Wonders of the WORLD, to BIG BEN in LONDON, and to the GREAT WALL of CHINA.....all that REVOLVES around ME.....YEAH ME....and in this case #10 off BROAD STREET in PHILLY.

The BLUEDUDE isn't bashing one of the RISING (not BAD MOON least EAGLES FANS want the GOOD MOON) SUNDAY PLAYMAKERS in DeSean NESTEA PLUNGE JACKSON (sorry JERRY in BIG D get some DEFENSE) but letting D-JACK know that the BLUEDUDE cares for GUYS who have a GIFT. D-JACK has a GIFT of playing TACKLE FOOTBALL at a HIGH LEVEL but he needs to watch himself NOW because of last season's ANTICS.

Camera's catching D-JACK quitting on ROUTES, complaining on the SIDELINES, sitting AWAY from TEAMMATES, quitting on PUNTS, and NO CONCENTRATION which ultimately led to some COSTLY TURNOVERS in games. Long Beach POLY TECH HS in LONG BEACH CALIFORNIA needs you D-JACK. The COMMUNITY (in both PHILLY and LONG BEACH CA) needs to see you to DO WELL, the STUDENT-ATHLETES at Long Beach POLY TECH need to see you get it in, and most of ALL your TRUE OBILIGATIONS...FAMILY, TEAM, and YOURSELF.

Rumored to be getting a FRANCHISE TAG just because the EAGLES and Owner Jeffrey LURIE DO NOT want this supremely talented PLAYER to be judged on one year and let go. If Coach Andy REID can get one more YEAR why not D-JACK because they need each other to get PHILLY to that ULTIMATE PRIZE and a LOMBARDI on BROAD STREET inside the LINC. This would almost insure that D-JACK's permanent residence will be in the CITY of BROTHERLY LOVE or across the RIVER in SOUTH JERSEY.

C'MON D-JACK Rise like NO OTHER before you and do it for the ONES Before you like WILBUR Montgomery, Ron JAWS Jaworski, Dick VERMEIL, HAROLD Carmichael, the late REGGIE White, SETH Joyner, the late JEROME Brown, Andre Dirty WATERS, D-McNABB and B-DAWKINS.'s YOUR TURN...TURN IT UP #10

FRONTLINE February 15, 2012....DAGGER ME LINdawg of the KNICKS and MOVING on UP to theeee TOP...PEYTON and BIG CHEESE to meet...HEAT 23-7

FRONTLINE for February 15, 2012....GATES, ZUCKERBERG, and now HARVARD POINT GOD LIN doing his best DROP-OUT imitation as in DROPPING OFF.

The KNICKS WIN in impressive fashion paced again by the play of their new found BLACK JESUS (Earl the Pearl MONROE) or IVY LEAGUE JESUS as he beats the DINOSAUR Boyz in Jurassic PARK in Toronto on VALENTINE'S Day 2012.

Lin ended up with 27 pts, 11 helpers, and 8 MY BADS in Turnovers but his play down the stretch was key as was the ROOK from the RAMBLIN' WRECK of ATL Fame by way of the WEST SIDE of CHI CITY Iman SHUMPERT aka SHUMP who starred at Oak-Park RIVER FOREST HS the home of PACKER Great Middle Linebacker Ray NITSCHKE. STAT added 21 and 9 cleaning the outside GLASS at Air CANADA Centre.

DINOSAUR Point Guard and leader of the SPAIN National HOOPS Team Jose CALDERON did his best RUCKER PARK Impression vs LIN in....I'll BE RIGHT BACK...with 25 pts and 9 helpers. But LIN continues to impress and the KNICKS have WON their last 6 and 5 of those without STAT and MELO.

Just like the JEEFERSONS....Where WE MOVIN' on UP....MOVIN' on the TOP....that is Jeremy LIN is reported to be sub-leasing WARRIORS current Power Forward and former KNICKS PF David LEE Apartment.

Now fresh off of his brothers couch in MANHATTAN..LIN can now feel like he is at home and that is a scary proposition to KNICKS Opponents. Did someone say LIN was comfortable.

Switching GEARS to SUNDAY Talk...the TIME is ticking for PEYTON Manning and COLTS Owner BIG CHEESE Jim IRSAY. Peyton has been cleared by DOCTORS to resume full FOOTBALL Workouts but that MARCH 8th 2012 Roster Bonus looms large for the COLTS as what they should do with #18.

It is not sure if PEYTON will be back playing for the COLTS or if the COLTS are going to take ANDREW LUCK as their #1 pick as BAYLOR's RG III has been right in the TALKS as also being the #1 pick.

TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK in we all wait as the greatest COLT of All-Time maybe closing the CURTAINS or at least in INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA.

Don't look now CHICAGO BULLS and the rest of the NBA so much for getting out the gate a little slow. The MY M-I-YA-YO 305 BOYZ MIAMI HEAT have been blazing of late running off 4 straight.

Now the HEAT are 23-7 a .5 game back of the LEAGUE LEADING BULLS in WINS and WADE County is doing his best ROBIN Impression as BATMAN has been holding it down like PHIL COLLINS and that MIAMI Vice Theme Song in the 1980's...IN THE AIR TONIGHT............U KNOW WHAT IT IS LOGO....KING JAMES, WADE County, C-BOSH 1, Coach SPO, U D, and the 2011-12 HEAT.

BULLS you sees it...the BLUEDUDE sees it...and 305 BOYZ let's just meet halfway in BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA and get it on on the PAVEMENT. NBA....SO AMAZING...the BLUEDUDE is AMAZING

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

WHAT IF...BE MY VALENTINE Edition....the BULLS had SUPERMAN...the KNICKS had CP3...MARLINS didn't have NEW DIGS

WHAT IF a BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Exclusive Be My Valentine's EDITION.....

WHAT IF...the LAKERS had not traded LAM LAM to the MAVS would they be at the TOP of the WEST?

WHAT IF...the STEELERS would have beatin' the BRONCOS would thy have beatin' the PATRIOTS NEXT?

WHAT IF...Chad OCHOCINCO was CHad JOHNSON you think he would have learned the PATRIOTS Play Book better?

WHAT IF....the GREEN TEAM still had PERK...would they be 5-10 game better in the WIN Column?

WHAT IF....KOBE, T-MAC, TIGER, and AGENT ZERO would not have seen that DR in GERMANY would their KNEES still be hindering their play?

WHAT IF....BOSH would have never called out KING JAMES about WADE COUNTY being the BEST CLOSER on the think KING JAMES would have it in OVERDRIVE NOW?

WHAT IF...the MARLINS didn't have NEW DIGS would Jose REYES, BUERHLE, ZAMBRANO, and a host of other FREE AGENTS have signed in 305 with the MIAMI MARLINS?

WHAT IF...the BREWERS would have offered PRINCE the same money as the MOTOR CITY TIGERS...would PRINCE have stayed in BEER TOWN USA?

WHAT IF....the COLTS cut PEYTON MANNING....will the REDSKINS among others be paying BIG BUCKS to get #18?

WHAT IF....SID the KID in the IGLOO in the 'BURGH didn't have CONCUSSION ISSUES would the PENS be the EAST FAVORITE?

WHAT were reading this now and your ASS should be at the STORE getting A VALENTINES GIFT..would your SQUEEZE be mad if nothing was on the TABLE in the AM?

WHAT IF....DUKE Men's BASKETBALL Team wins the ACC and the ACC tourney is FRESHMAN Austin RIVERS going PRO after MARCH MADNESS?

WHAT IF....Isaiah (J.R.) EAAAASY RIDER played to his potential....would he have been one of the BEST SNIPERS in the LOGO to play? His BOYS in EAST BAY..KIDD and the GLOVE were 2 of the best to ever do it in the LOGO so why not J.R.?

WHAT IF....the KNICKS picked up CP3 would he be better than picking up the LIN-ANATOR..Jeremy LIN?

WHAT IF....the BULLS had DWIGHT HOWARD...would LUOL still be an ALL-STAR?

WHAT DO NOT have a you watch SPORTS CENTER ALL DAY and TWEET NEGATIVE Things to people or do you go to BLUEDUDE Sportstalk and ENJOY the BEST SPORTS BLOG in the BIZ?

WHAT were suppose to COOK for your SPECIAL ONE and you DO NOT have a the BLUEDUDE on TWITTER and you must be following and get some easy COOK IDEAS before 3 PM? (NOTE your #1 must be arriving no later than 6pm and #2 and up 3 hours apart)

WHAT IF...the BLUEDUDE sent out an edible arrangement to my FAVORITE TWEETER who would it be?

the WHAT IF in SPORTS it is on going like when your team loses and doesn't bring home the big one..THERE is ALWAYS next year..right or NEXT VALENTINE's DAY


Imagine that your SQUEEZE taking you to see that ORANGE SPALDING and BENNY the BULL do his thing, or KNICKS FANS showing their VALENTINE for JEREMY LIN, and SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN Dwight Howard dropping DUNK after DUNK and throwing CANDY HEARTS in the CROWD telling the MAGIC Faithful....Superman loves you and will miss you all when I am gone.

It is VALENTINE's DAY 2012 and it is TIME for your TEAM to start showing their BIG is your VALENTINE? The BULLS go 6-3 on their latest road trip. The LAKEshow still not quite right on their last ROAD TRIP. The KNICKS have POINT GUARD and soon to be POINT GOD Jeremy LIN captivating everything in the BIG GRANNY SMITH and becoming 2nd in line to JAY and BEYONCE's New Addition BLUE IVY.

The NBA is in full circle and the ALL-STAR Game is right around the corner but something is missing. The BIG TICKET and the BIG FUNDAMENTAL...GARNETT and DUNCAN respectively will not be in the ALL-STAR Game for the 1st Time in 15 Years as they established themselves as the PROTOTYPE Forwards when they entered the LOGO. BIG UPS from the BLUEDUDE and see you both in SPRINGFIELD MASS.....ASAP.

Now the SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA Power Rankings VALENTINE'S Day EDITION...sponsored by THAT SPECIAL DAY..DON'T Get left in the COLD...and be BOLD...and convince your loved one if not this time but next time in GOLD....HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK:

1. BULLS (3) 23-7: The ONLY NBA TEAM with 20 games on the ROAD already and they are 14-6 on the ROAD and 9-1 on the WEST SIDE. D-ROSE needs to get healthy but they are still playing at a HIGH LEVEL. That WINNING % will go up because the HOME GAMES will start to come in abundance.

2. THUNDER (1) 21-6: They are still the TEAM to beat with KD TREY 5 and WHY NOT? 0. The weakest part of the LINK is NO BACKUP PG due to the ACL Tear from Eric MAYNOR earlier in the season. But they say, " IF it isn't BROKE..DON'T Fix it".

3. HEAT (2) 22-7: minus the WADE COUNTY throwing the BALL up near the SHOT CLOCK and KING JAMES finding WAYS to get to the ORANGE and hammer it...all is well in the 305. On any given night if these DUDES put on their CONSTRUCTION HATS and take off them WASHINGTON STREET DUDS they can GO IN on anybody....i mean anybody.

4. SPURS (14) 19-9: Now that MANU is back in the FOLD lookout for the SPURS as they rode T PARKER when MANU was out and now they need a serviceable BIG. Not a 4 or a 5 but a guy who is taller than BLAIR and can be a presence in the HALF COURT SPURS Sets to frre up their WINGS and BACK COURT Players. With POPS calling the SIGNALS the SPURS are FLIPMODE SQUAD....DANGEROUS.

5. MAVERICKS (6) 18-11: Don't look NOW but the MAVS are back in tha building in a BIG WAY and DIRKiliscious is starting to heat up and carry that MAVS Offense. Many don;t think what the BLUEDUDE thinks but the MAVS are a real threat to make it back into WEST FINALS and anything can go then.

6. 76ERS (10) 20-9: Look before you JUMP on the SIXERS Bandwagon they have played 18 games at home and ONLY 11 on the ROAD which tells you that that 9 in the LOSS Column can easily start to go SOUTH. They have an ALL-STAR in IGGY IGUODALA and they have young STAR Power in EVAN, THAD, JRUE, and SPENCER. Coach COLLINS is doing what he does making the YOUNG GUYS become PROFESSIONALS and having BRAND and IGGY lead them.

7. CLIPPERS (5) 17-9: LOB City is an exciting thing to watch on a nightly basis...BUT...What if I TOLD YOU the DEFENSE is a lot better in WINNING TIME so LOB City in the PLAYOFFS might become we need a DEFENSIVE STOP City. NO BANNERS are won on LOBS and SPORTSCENTER Highlights and keep looking in the STAPLES Center RAfters...Mr. BLAKE GRIFFIN talkin' YOU DON'T CARE...C'MON BLAKEshow you do because you WANT what they have....BANNERS.

8. HAWKS (4) 18-10: OK....J-SMOOVE 5 didn't get an ALL-STAR invite and Joe JOHNSON did. The HAWKS best player and the player that plays HARD every RIP is J-SMOOVE now that AL HORFORD is out for the SEASON. The BIG PEACH Drop needs to play more consistent vs the GOOD TEAMS.

9. PACERS (7) 17-10: Irritating FOES by celebrating everytime they BEAT YOU will run out soon. This isn't COLLEGE BASKETBALL where you might play 3 times in a WEEK....MIGHT. The PACERS have 3 Bonafide All-STAR in GRANGER, WEST, and 2012 Invite HIBBERT. They will be a PROBLEM come WINNING TIME but they must take each GAME one at a time.

10. LAKERS (11) 16-12: Still they look out of sync or they need to ADD something else to the POT. LAM LAM was a HUGE LOSS to the MAVS as they may face MAVS again in the PLAYOFFS. The PLAY of DREW and PAU was encouraging inn a sense that the LAKERS need them 2 to PLAY BIG and help KOBE every game. They still need a POINT GUARD or an Athletic COMBO that is proven in the LOGO.

11. MAGIC (13) 18-11: They have 18 WINS so you say why aren't the MAGIC rated HIGHER in the POLL? Well for ONE they have really struggled at HOME and if you look in the WEST those TOP TEAMS or TEAMS 1-6 WIN at home a lot. In the PLAYOFFS it is crucial to WIN at HOME and make the HOME COURT Advantage WORK.

12. CELTICS (9) 15-12: They cooled off because they didn't have RONDO back yet. But the C's will be a PROBLEM in the PLAYOFFS because of their experience and they have DOC RIVERS on their BENCH a SUPREME Motivator and the best X and O coach in the LOGO at making adjustments on the FLY.

13. ROCKETS (15) 16-12: They have been the surprise in the WEST going on about 3 weeks and they have Really Good Pieces between the 2-4. SCOLA leads them with Kevin MARTIN but former 'NOVA WILDCAT Point Guard Kyle LOWRY has playing at a HIGH LEVEL. They play excellent D and the ROCKETS might be a factor in the WEST come MID-APRIL.

14. KNICKS (NR) 13-15: Jeremy LIN LIN LIN no matter WHAT and without MELO and STAT impressive. But when they come back what then.....that is the CENTRAL PARK Question of the BIG GRANNY SMITH.

15. NUGGETS (8) 16-12: Was just 14-7 and beating everyone on their schedule. Now they are 2-5 in their last 7 and the injury to GALLANARI is huge at the SMALL FORWARD. Now Coach KARL has to find out what his team is really made of.

16. trailBLAZERS (16) 15-13: They are still missing pieces and they can ONLY milk their 1st TIME All-STAR LaMarcus ALDRIDGE for so long until he will need help. MATTHEWS, BATUM, CRAWFORD, and FELTON must step up and play way bigger than they have in order for the BLAZERS to make any noise in the WEST.

FOLLOW the BLUEDUDE @bluedudesports on TWITTER and put me into your CIRCLE on GOOGLE PLUS and have a SAFE and HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY from BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK