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Shabazz MUHAMMAD.....The FISH that SAVED SIN CITY.......or is he?.....the #1 Prep Basketball Player in the LAND could stay HOME in LAS VEGAS.

The 2012 Class of Boys High School Basketball's #1 post shared by too few. 1989......Kenny ANDERSON Archbishop Malloy HS Jamaica QUEENS NY......1992 Jason KIDD Alameda COUNTY CA St. JOSEPH........1995 Kevin GARNETT Chicago ILL FARRAGUT Academy HS.....2000 Gerald WALLACE Childersburg HS AL........2005 Josh McROBERTS CARMEL IN HS.....and 2011 Anthony DAVIS CHICAGO ILL Perspectives HS........the list of being #1's is a SPECIAL LIST if one can hold it down.

Fast Forward to the DESERT in the Southwest Corner of NEVADA lays SIN CITY......Las Vegas NEVADA. This is where the projected #1 HS BALLER in the US is located and trying to hold that #1 SPOT down.

At 6-5 and 215 EL BEES Shooting Guard Shabazz MUHAMMAD from Vegas BISHOP GORMAN HS is a dazzling Left-Handed Nightmare for opponents. Off the BOUNCE......can get to the rim on anyone.....can finish with the best of them.....takes the elevator to the PENTHOUSE when needed, and has a smooth Stroke from deep. Who is after him?......well when your #1 in the Country one should ask the question.....It has to be tough for the KID to choose.

Don't feel sorry for him completely because he is a LOCK to get to the ASSOCIATION at one point. But the CITY he plays in has a COLLEGE with a whole lot of tradition established in the 80's and early 90's. That College is the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and he will not get out of town without a fight...literally.

The Players that have played at VEGAS of Note:

the late Armon GILLIAM SUNS the HAMMER
Freddie BANKS
Anthony JONES
Anderson HUNT the D
Shabazz MUHAMMAD?....would look really good on this list and a JERSEY up there with TARK, LJ, and STACEY
And of course the legend himself the SHARK legendary coach Jerry TARKANIAN

Can BAZZ get that TRAIN rolling he ready to shoulder the WHOLE LOAD or at least most of it to put UNLV BASKETBALL back into the TOP 25 and relevance.

Here is BAZZ's list of SCHOOLS at press time.....DUKE. not Scheduled......ARIZONA....not scheduled...KANSAS...Coach BILL SELF in-HOME VISIT SEP. 14...KENTUCKY.....scheduled for MIDNIGHT MADNESS.....UNLV.....has probably been more than a few times..MEMPHIS......not Scheduled........On everyones list.

So what does a HS Senior do to narrow it down...He has reportedly said he won't sign until the spring probably to watch all the dominoes in front of him fall and then see where he FITS BEST.

I know this if he signs to stay home in VEGAS......the SHARK will be back in the GYM and whoever else is a huge part of the UNLV BASKETBALL PROGRAM. will be right there with him. SHABAZZ could be the FISH THAT SAVED SIN CITY if he wants to be.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the DOCTOR and JULUIS and J. ERVING and DR. J and the Good DOCTOR...the Original ABA and NBA Highlight Reel...JULIUS WINFIELD ERVING II #DrJ

I hear the stories all the time about the best Dunker was Michael Jordan or Vince Carter and what about the "Skywalker" NC State's and Denver Nugget's David Thompson. All those players a few more were absolutely awesome but none were first in line like this gentleman.

The First ever player to jump from the Free Throw Line and dunk the of only 5 College Basketball Players in Division 1-A to average at least 20 points and 20 rebounds in the same season...and the Doc out did those numbers with a robust 35 ppg and 20 Boards. He dominated two leagues and was the MVP in Both. His air assault on the rim let alone others is legendary and he did most of his damage with an "Afro" so high you wonder if he ever received Offensive Interference.

The Man, the Myth, the Ball Player...the Good Doctor...Julius Winfield Erving II aka DR. J and if you saw him at the Rucker Park live you would say "Doc" is amazing.

I one-man machine at Roosevelt HS in the Big Apple Doc was legendary from HS and the Parks around the NYC he played at. He was good enough to get a full Scholarship to the University of Massachusetts Amherst commonly known as UMass (the home of Coach John Calipari and NBA Vet Marcus Camby, aka the Cambyman, who played HS Ball at Hartford Conn Public HS).

It has been told on numerous occasions that the 2 best players ever at that time at the Famous Holcombe Rucker Park was Dr. J and the 1st black player ever at UNC Chapel HILL the Great Charlie Scott (whose son Shannon Scott was a 2011 McDonald's All-American at Alpharetta GA Milton HS and a Freshman at the Ohio State University) only at Bluedude better start following me on Twitter or something.

Back in those days a player had to earn minuted to get on the Varsity Club and everyone started on the Junior Varsity. By his Junior Season at UMass Doc exploded for averages of 35 ppg and over 20 Rebounds per...Monster numbers for a guy you would think was on JV for 2 years. And for those of you who are locked in with the Bluedude and my blog...Doc's Roommate at UMass former Boston College Golden Eagles Head Coach Al Skinner.

Then in 1971 Doc entered the American Basketball Association, known as the ABA, and played for the Virginia Squires. Doc averaged almost 28 ppg per and was runner-up for ABA rookie of the year to the Kentucky Colonels Artis Gilmore by way of Jacksonville FLA University.

Maybe the most interesting part of Doc's Venture in the ABA came when Doc was all set to join the Milwaukee Bucks and you know who they had. At guard the Big O and at Center Kareem...legalities didn't work out in Julius' Favor so that playing with the Bucks never came to fruition. Imagine the banners they would have put up in Beer Town...they still to this day woul have been talking about that Trio...Must See Black And White the Zenith Chromocolor Floor Models TVs...them joints were Hottie Hot back in the 70's.

Then in 1973 Doc went to the New York Nets...DR. J Nets Replica Jersey is at ask for Scott...this is when the Good Doctor took off. With the Nets Doc attained these accolades:

2-time ABA Playoff MVP
2-time ABA Champion
3-time ABA Season MVP
5-time All Star 1 year with the Squires
3 Scoring Titles
they lost track on Dunks and how many fools he dunked on and if ESPN had footage of that...Doc would have a whole floor of his own me.

Then after the ABA-NBA Merger in 1976 Dr. J joined the Philadelphia Seventy SIxers and perhaps my favorite team of all-time. They had Doc, Henry Bibby (yes Heat PG Mike Bibby's Father), Doug Collins (who is currently the coach for the Sixers and son Chris is associate Head coach for the Duke Blue Devils Men's Team), Darryl Dawkins aka Chocolate Thunder from the Planet Lovetron, ABA Indiana Pacer monster George McGinnis (who looked like and played like the Mailman Karl Malone and that was in the 1970's), and World B. Free...and they still lost to Big Red Bill Walton, the Late Great Mo Lucas, Dr. Jack Ramsay, and the Rip City TrailBlazers.

Dr. J used the same acrobatics he used in the ABA were on full display every night as he filled Arena after Arena to see the Good Doctor's Aerial Assault on the NBA.

In the 1982-83 Season Doc finally got help in St. Petersburg VA HS alum Moses Malone (who went to the ABA right from HS and drafted by the Utah Stars. Also he is from the same HS as R&B Singer Trey Songz and Trey's Mama). Doc with Moses and a slew of other talented pieces like current OKC Thunder Associate Head Coach Maurice Cheeks, UNC's Secretary of Defense Bobby Jones, Southwest Louisiana's Rajun Cajuns Andrew Toney, and Bradley (ILL) University Rookie and Current Memphis Grizzlies Assistant Coach Mitchell "JJ" Anderson. Doc was validated as 1982-83 NBA Champions...not that the Good Doctor needed to be validated.

Dr. J and Larry Bird were the Rivals back then in the NBA at the top of the food chain. And they both wore Converse All-Star's the Leather Joints not Chuck Taylors. While Doc stayed with the Original All-Stars...BIRD teamed up with another hot shot Player from the City of Angels...Magic Johnson to wear Converse Weapons..."Choose your Weapon". (360 Degrees...One Michael "Air" Jordan came out of UNC wanting to wear Converse as he wore them in College and Converser reportedly told him No Thanks we already have Dr. J, Larry, and Magic)

Doc ended his career in 1987 and amassed over 30K Points including NBA/ABA points. more of his Statistical Numbers and Achievements:

NBA MVP 1981
11-time NBA All-Star
2-time All-Star Game MVP
5-time All-NBA 1st Team
the NBA's 35th and 50th Anniversary TEAMS
His Jersey retired by the Sixers #6 an the NJ Nets #32

And those were just some of his NBA Accolades you still have to count the ABA as well...a monster in both leagues and I know Doc is a Top 15 Player of least according to the Slam Magazine's TOP 50 of all-time in 2009. Doc was a Top 5 All-Time in NBA Showmen and that they will never take away. Doc had that mystique...what they call today is that "IT" Factor.

But having seen the accomplishments in both leagues...Doc is One of One and he is on that list the Bluedude has in the Man Cave as there is Only one Jordan, the Dream Shake, Larry Legend, Wilt, Magic, Sky Hook, Big O, the Logo, and one Good Doctor...Julius Winfield ERVING II "DR.J"...enough said.

2011 Top 10 NFL FANTASY QBs.......Who should be #1 in your book?......Is it BRADY.......VICK.......MANNING.......BIG BEN......Who will it be?

It's a QUARTERBACK Driven league..........the words of NFL Network Analyst and Former DIRTY BIRD O-LINEMAN Jamie DUKES would say. Having said that Who would be the 1st Overall Pick on your Fantasy Team and who would be in your Top 10?

It's a no-brainer for the BLUEDUDE to figure out the TOP 10 the Blind Spot for me is Who is #1? Is it Rodgers?......Brady?.....Vick?.....Big BEN?.....Manning?.....Rivers? The argument is legit and I think it is the Toughest pick in Fantasy Football at any Position.

The 2011 Top 10 NFL Fantasy QBs powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK:

1a. Aaron RODGERS.......BUTTE Community College...CAL BERKELEY..PACKERS: This is a tough one and as you can see he is 1A in the group. The reason being he had no real running game last season and defenses still couldn't stop him. Then you give JENNINGS, DRIVE, Jordy NELSON, FINLEY, and James JONES....he will maintain that status. Simply right now the best in the Passing Game with his signature....ARE YOU LISTENING NFL CORNERS.....BACK SHOULDER Throw....COPYRIGHTED by A-DAWG.

1b. Mike VICK...BEAMER BALL BLACKSBURG.....the LINC near BROAD STREET PHILLY: The reason he is right there and just could not put him #2...his feet. In the RED ZONE Mr. VICK is a PROBLEM can't put it any other way. Then he has a Running attack with McCOY and FA Pick up Ronnie BROWN. The Receivers are excellent with D-JACK10, MACLIN, AVANT, CELEK, and COOPER. You have to DRAFT Vick at the TOP if you want to stay at the TOP in your LEAGUE. NOTE: at press time......O-LINE is SUSPECT...and WHAT?....VICK plays even you know you have to go down ALLEYS by yourself and you get faster and faster with every alley you have to go through.

1c. Tom BRADY...MAIZE&BLUE......FOXBORO: would argue with the BLUEDUDE only if i had this FOOL past the TOP 2 so the BLUEDUDE puts him a 1C. Tom will continue to put up numbers and the emergence of those 2 young Tight Ends HERNANDEZ and GRONKOWSKI keep him at least throwing 30 TDS. He and Chad OCHOCINCO have been not on the same page during the Pre Season but that should change. And BRADY still has that GUY who invented playing the SLOT....WES least you PATRIOT LOVERS think so.....ESPN, FOX, CBS, NFL NETWORK, and ABC included...did I forget anyone?

4. Big Ben ROETHLISBERGER.....MIAMI Ohio.......STEEL CITY: Lookout folks you probably think I am being biased. Not at all.....I just know my Roster. The STEELERS have a PLATHORA of new found riches on OFFENSE and it starts with SPEEDY DA KID Mike WALLACE. #17 streaking down the sideline and #1 in your Porgram at Wide Out. The STEELERS also hit HRs like they always do in the later rounds with value picks Antonio BROWN and Emmanuel SANDERS.....reminds me of the REDSKINS SMURFS back in the day. Throw in that RB Rashard MENDENHALL and one of the BEST TEs in the BIZ, WHO STILL BLOCKS, HEEEEEEEAAAAAAAATH MILLER........WEEK 3 RAVENS might just see how explosive EXPLOSIVE can be. If you get BIG BEN in the Top's cool to.

5. Drew BREES WEST LAFAYETTE INDY.......NAWLINS' CrawFish GUMBO: Ok.....the Offense as already explosive......then they grab JIMMY GRAHAM from the U at TE last year and they go get Emmit SMITH Clone in 'BAMA RB Mark INGRAM this season. BREES has to be saying i could throw to probably 7-8 guys consistently and at the end of the season 5 of those have 50 or more catches. HENDERSON, MEACHAM, COLSTON, and Lance MOORE....all these are at least your TOP 2 on most NFL Teams and on some they are all #1's. Drafting the former Austin TX WESTLAKE HS Star is a must BREES.

6. Phillip RIVERS Decatur ALABAMA......NC STATE.....DIEGO: You might want to draft PHIL higher because that #1 is back in the building...WR and Northern COLORADO Alum Vincent JACKSON. The Skinny on PHILLIP can he find a dependable TARGET outside of GATES and JACKSON?.....FLOYD will probably be it......and what about the running game. 2nd Year Rb Ryan MATTHEWS of FRESNO BULLDOGS has to stay's a MUST. if you can get PHIL here or have done your work.

7. Peyton MANNING ISIDORE NEWMAN HS CRESCENT City....SMOKEY.......CIRCLE CITY: you have got to be getting ready to go to another BLOG......the BLUEDUDE is on ONE HUH!...Well my neck hurts writing this stuff like PEYTON'S does training. Something tells me he won't be ready until on or after Week 3 vs the STEELERS. The COLTS can't afford to go in the HOLE and they know it. MANNING still has a lot of weapons but can he get on the FIELD. MANNING playing 10-12 Games is better than most NFL QBs playing 20 including Pre Season.

8. Matt RYAN...CHESTNUT HILL MASS.......GEORGIA Dome: If the FALCONS let MATTY ICE chuck it 40-60 Times a game......he will put up hige fantasy numbers and get hammered in the LOSS COLUMN. The addition of JULIO JONES from'BAMA was slick to play opposite of Roddy WHITE. But FALCONS don't lose sight of Michael need to RUN PASS RUN PASS...because if RYAN gets to chuck it that many times........NOT GOOD. If you take him even 3-4 pick further back....not a surprise.....I think he is Overrrated myself.

9. Joe FLACCO PITT.....DELAWARE......BALTIMORE.....on a GREYHOUND: JOE is a Good until he sees that team and those 3 rivers. Having said that Ozzie NEWSOME saved his fantasy numbers by getting Former Bills WR Lee EVANS. But they get rid of D-MASE and a HEAP of good fortune at TE. JOE will put up Good Numbers still and that RB #27 behind him......will make sure of that because the passing game also goes through RICE as well.

10. Matt SCHAUB....UVA WAHOOS......ATL......Rocket CITY: Andre catches the slant there he goes.....Andre catches the out 1st down....Andre catches the Skinny Post he might go.....Andre open and Schaub lets it go......Andre in the middle of the do they leave #80 wide open in that zone.....DAWG GONE IT? You get it right?....As long as BEAST MODE is healthy and in the BUILDING......SCHAUB is good for Fantasy numbers. And you want to know the impact of Mr. JOHNSON on the TEXANS?........Take him a way and Mr. SCHAUB looks like Former Texan QB David CARR...real talk.

Best of the Rest of the Signal Callers....

Josh FREEMAN BUCS sneaky smooth and good Presence in the Pocket
Jay CUTLER BEARS sometimes I feel like a NUT sometime i don't
Sam BRADFORD REAMS name a WR...get a round trip to the LOU?
Eli MANNING G-MEN.....he has his own list if he is TOP 5
Tony ROMO COWBOYS don't get mad look at the STAT PAD

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GOT LINEBACKERS?.....the STEELERS BEST LBs from the 1970's to current......REAL BLACK & GOLD Verified.....STEELERS LB LORE

They use Colleges when they talk about Tradition and History of Different Positions that some Colleges have had Top Notch Talent over and over again. Well in the NFL you will find very few teams that are SYNONYMOUS with one Position on the Field because the talent level on SUNDAYS is everywhere.

ENTER.......those Three RIVERS in WESTERN P A........the ALLEGHENY, MONONGAHELA, and the OHIO.....which runs into each other in PITTSBURGH Pennsylvania. Thus the 1t STADIUM that the STEELERS played in was the Historical THREE RIVERS STADIUM.

Now what were the STEELERS known for and to this day more than any other FRANCHISE........LINEBACKERS. You know the ones current Coach Mike TOMLIN said at a draft a year ago when asked after the STEELERS get their guy what do you look for in the LATER ROUNDS after need. Coach T says, " WE like the 6'4" 250lb VIOLENT TYPES..........WE in PITTSBURGH COVET those young men".

And when the STEELERS started to turn their FRANCHISE around it was on Defense and centered around a Defensive Tackle called Mean JOE and a ILB names LAMBERT. This is where the 6'4"...well....I don't know about 250 El BEES but VIOLENT....right on QUE.

Jack LAMBERT was joined by 2 other STUDS in the 70's LBs Jack HAM and Andy RUSSELL. These 2 gentleman teamed up with the other 7 STEELERS to form a Defense that as so dominant it was named the STEEL CURTAIN. They ran a conventional 4-3 back then and not until the 90's did the STEELERS start to run that Vaunted 3-4 Zone Blitz Scheme.

After those Teams combined to win 4 Super BOWLS in the 70's...the team went kinda flat in the 80's as those gentleman got older but the DEFENSE remained a staple to the STEELERS.

The 1980's brought guys and still the violent type like Robin COLE and Mike MERRIWEATHER. Jack LAMBERT anchored those 2 until a TURF TOE ended LAMBERT'S Career. And believe it or Not the STEELERS also drafted one of the BEST Linebackers in the 90's and he played for the Tampa Bay BUCCANEERS.....EL DRAGO.....Hardy NICKERSON....who played with COLE and MERRIWEATHER.

Then in 1988 the tide turned into what was going to be one of the best Linebackers to ever line up in the 'BURGH.....Greg LLOYD of Fort Valley STATE and a member of KAPPA ALPHA PSI aka NUPE.

And a few YEARS later the STEELERS grabbed the biggest LINEBACKER on RECORD in DEATH VALLEY'S (Clemson TIGERS) ILB Levon KIRKLAND. So now the STEELERS have KIRKLAND and LLOYD and they were still looking.

Then STEELERS Nation got another chip in 1993 when they drafted COLORADO BUFFALO All American OLB Chad BROWN. And picked up the last piece to the PUZZLE from the LA RAMS in OLB Kevin GREENE. Now we start to get to that 3-4 Zone Scheme. But it wasn't LeBEAU who brought it to the 'BURGH first. It was someone we know all too well and he beat us in SUPER BOWL 45.....Packers Defensive COORDINATOR Dom CAPERS. Le BEAU was on his staff in the 90's as DB Coach as CAPERS ran the 3-4 and back then it was hard to run it because TEAMS were not spreading it out and PASSING it all over they were Running the ROCK.

Capers had installed that 3-4 with KIRKLAND as the Captain, BROWN,. LLOYD, and GREENE. The 1994 Draft bought us another good one in OKLAHOMA STATE Cowboy OLB Jason GILDON who would get his apprenticeship behind LLOYD and GREENE.

AS we went to the 1995 Super Bowl and lost to the COWBOYS.....OLB Greene departed, LLOYD was hurt all season and the next in line to play was FAMU ILB Earl HOLMES. We lost then to in the coming Years Chad Brown to the SEAHAWKS for some unknown reason and LLOYD retired as well.

Then heading into the 2K's we had a descent group but it was headlined by GILDON and 1999 Pick Joey PORTER aka J-PEEZY. Then in 2002 the STEELERS have major transactions going on....they get Georgia All SEC LB Kendrell BELL, ILB James FARRIOR from the JETS, Larry FOOTE, and a little unknown guy James HARRISON on the Practice Squad.

In 2003 the group looked like FARRIOR, BELL, HAGGANS, GILDON, and PORTER. The 2004 season ended the career of Kendrell BELL after teammate OLB Joey PORTER ran into him causing Blow out of the KNEE.

The 2005 Season put the STEELERS back into the LOMBARDI Collection with FOOTE, FARRIOR, HARRISON, PORTER, and HAGGANS. We win SUPER BOWL XL in the Motor City.

The 2006 Season we stay the same at Linebacker and then the 2007 Draft.....on the TO GET MENU....2 Linebackers. The STEELERS select at 17 Lawrence TIMMONS and early in the 2nd at 46 Lamaar WOODLEY. And that brings us to the current collection of LINEBACKERS and in all that...Super Bowl 43 Winners with Starting Linebackers FARRIOR, WOODLEY, HARRISON, and FOOTE with TIMMONS playing spot duty.

And now you know what it is to be a STEELER LINEBACKER and the the STEELER Linebacker LORE is something to be reckon with.

Notable LINEBACKERS by Decades


Jack HAM 59
Robin COLE 56


David LITTLE 50
Greg LLOYD 95


Chad BROWN 94
Kevin GREENE 91
Jason GILDON 92
Earl HOLMES 50
Joey PORTER 55


James FARRIOR 51
Larry FOOTE 50
Clark HAGGANS 54
Kendrell BELL 97
Lawrence TIMMONS 94
Lamaar WOODLEY 56

2011 NFL Fantasy Tight ENDS...the TOP 10.......Is this the year that the GLADIATOR in the BAY takes the TOP SPOT.....n the TE n LAMBEAU is TOP 5

The Quarterbacks BMF......the man who is also liked by the Running Backs and the Offensive Lineman. Some can even get down the field better than your #1 WIDE OUT. I remember when there was a time that all the TE used to do was occasionally catch the ROCk but was better suited to BLOCK then catch. Some of the BEST TEs to play the game did both very well.

The New Tight Ends are a different breed.......they have WR Speed.......built like Linebackers.......some block like Guards and Tackles.....and in the RED ZONE......simply unstoppable.

the 2011 TOP 10 NFL Fantasy Tight Ends powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK........and SPORTSBLOGsmurf:

1. Vernon DAVIS Fightin' TURTLES COLLEGE PARK MD....GOLD RUSH: Don't THROW ROCKS AT THE THRONE.......GATES FED EX that #1 Joint up to the BAY....I will cover the NEXT DAY Air. Simply put....the MAN at Tight END. Then you say well who is going to get him the BALL....he will get the ball more than the WRs you would think. The NINERS just have to put themselves in a situation where they can utilize this ELITE TALENT on O. The only reason I wouldn't pick him #1 because the best QB in the BAY AREA is in the PAC-10......Andrew LUCK of STANFORD RED. But I put him #1 because it sounds good.

2. Antonio GATES Small FORWARD Kent STATE...DIEGO: If he keep himself injury free and now QB Phillip RIVERS has his #1 WR in JACKSON......GATES is unstoppable in the Red ZONE let alone all over the field. Give me an ELITE QB, ELITE TE,......and an ELITE WR........Why have the BOLTS struggled in the AFC and not had an opportunity to get to the SUPER BOWL. PUT SIMPLY.......the Kicking Game......or Defense not showing up.........Not making the BIg Play when they need it. If they can get things squared away in DIEGO.......they will make deep run in for GATES......a FANTASY MUST at TE and on your team.

3. Jeremichael FINLEY Hookem' HORNS AUSTIN TX.....LAMBEAU: You said what.......everyone will know him by week 4 trust me. A devestating injury in the first half of last season.....FINdawg missed more than half hi games. There is no one more talented but DAVIS from the NINERS. And with QB Aaron RODGERS throwing him the PIG.....the SKY is the LIMIT on this young man. I have him rated above the usuals because he is healthy and that guy throwing to him is an ELITE QB and healthy.

4. Rob GRONKOWSKI Desert Swarm TUSCON......GILLETTE Foxboro: He will get many opportunities and judging from pre season he and QB tom BRADY have been on the same page for sometime. Right now GRONKOWSKI might be BRADY's #1 target and in the Passing game of the PATS they have switched from going Down field with Randy exposing Defenses underneath with mismatches using guys like Gronkowski. A sleeper of a pick and he had a QUIET 10 TDs last season as a rookie.

5. Dallas CLARK Kinnick STADIUM......Circle CITY LUCAS Oil Complex: The only reason he is not in my Top 3....#18 is not healthy and CLARK'S Numbers might suffer up front and that could continue over a course of a season. No denying his abilty to jut shred team anywhere on the field. The one draw back now is that with the developement of the YOUNG WRs on the COLTS....will he still get his touches......and Reggie WAYNE from the U needs his also.

6. Mercedes LEWIS WESTWOOD L A......the JAGS of Northern FLA: He was a savior last season and opposite of JONES-DREW'S Production......a God Send for Head Man Jack Del RIO. He will continue his dominance in that offense whether it is GARRARD back thir or the Rookie QB Gabbert from MIZZOU. A Safe pick becuase the JAGS have 2 staples in the RED ZONE......Pocket Hercules.......or that SL89 MERCEDES.

7. Jason WITTEN SMOKEY and ROCKY TOP UT........BIG D: He is still a TOP 10 but WITTEN has lost a lot in which he never really was the most athletic guy he is just a GOOD OLD SCHOOL TE. His numbers might fall a little with the emergence of RB Felix JONES and WR Dez BRYANT. But WIITEN BIZ stays the same........BLOCK in the running game.......Move the CHAINS possession by posseseion....and get his in the RED ZONE.......he is a Good #3 scorer on your fantasy team.

8. Tony GONZALEZ Power Forward CAL BERKELEY....Georgia DOME.....the HOUSE Deion BUILT: Ditto what ii said about important COG in what the FALCONS do offensively......just a little more of his production will go now to Rookie WR Julio JONES. GONZO will still be a huge threat in the RED ZONE...but with all that talent on the outside and BURNER TURNER behind QB MATTY ICE......will GONZO'S Production stay the same? ........a risk even at #8 now

9. Owen DANIELS Naperville ILLINOIS CENTRAL HS REDSKINS....RELIANT Energy COMPLEX: before he tore his KNEE up a season and a half ago.....he and WR BEAST MODE #80 from the U were about to do their best WAYNE and CLARK impersonation of the COLTS in H-TOWN. He should be about 100% and he is good as any of the 4 guys in front of him if he stays out of training room. I would take him as high as 5 maybe 6 because of teams keying on RB Arian FOSTER and 'DRE 80. Good solid season expected from DANIELS.

10. Brandon PETTIGREW aka JUMBOTRON STILLWATER OK.....T. BOONE PICKENS $ Motor CITY LIONS: lookout......another one of those DAVIS and FINdawg eater.....can run.......and block. Throw in a healthy QB MATTHEW STAFFORD and WR Calvin JOHNSON aka MEGATRON....and JUMBOTRON will get plenty of touched. 2011 is this young mans coming out party and if you take him as high as 6.....don't be MAD...Be GLAD......cuz the LIONS FANS wear no more TRASH BAGS.

Best of the REST of the TEs in 2011 to be picked up on Reserve or Waiver Line

Jimmy GRAHAM SAINTS talented eventually could join DAVIS and FINdawg
Kellen WINSLOW aka K2 BUCS will utilize him a lot in the RED ZONE
Fred DAVIS SKINS finally start to get it n Talented 'SKINS will use him
Dustin KELLER JETS still a nice pick later rounds or reserve
Zach MILLER Seahawks Who is the QB in the SEATTLE n then what?
Aaron Hernandez PATRIOTS more of a WR may be a TOP 10
Heath MILLER STEELERS has to Recieving STATS take a hit

You see at the TOP the CHANGING of the GUARD. DAVIS and FINLEY are remarkable talents and if the NINERS can ever get a guy to throw to DAVIS.......PRODUCTION will be through the roof.

Look for GRAHAM, HERNANDEZ, KELLER, WINSLOW, and DAVIS to maybe sneak in that bottom 1/3 on the list.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2011 NFL Fantasy Picks.....WIDE OUTS.......There are 4 at the TOP.....everyone else is in the CHASE to get in that group.

The 2011 BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Fantasy Picks at the WIDE OUT Position. Let the BLUEDUDE cut to the chase.....and THEN THERE WERE 3......PERIOD The 2nd tier from that group isn't huge but there are a few BURNERS if they can get rolling early they to will be in that group.

Now 1st thing is 1st.....not all of these guys will get FITZ DUFFEL BAGS (referring to CARDS WR Larry Fitzgerald) if they catch 100 PIGS, or if they get 1K yards, or even get to the Pro Bowl. But one thing is for certain....if you have the right WR on your FANTASY will be on a POPPIN right after XMAS when you cash in.


1. Andre "on BEAST MODE" JOHNSON from H-TOWN: He an QB SCHAUB have been on the same page for some time now. And just the other WR?.......which also means he is seeing the other teams best COVER Corner and they Bracket 'DRE a lot which means some one under and over the top. Here is the SKINNY: RB Arian FOSTER hurt his hamstring in SATURDAY'S Match-up...which means 'DE is even that more important. A healthy TE Owen DANIEL of CAMP RANDALL would also help a lot. the #1 STUNNA in 3D BEAST MODE

2. Roddy WHITE "from........UAB....WTF?...YEAH" DIRTY BIRDS: Just when you thought OK we will bracket the heck out of RODDY and make the FALCONS use their #2 or #3 Wide Out. Then FALCONS President Thomas DIMITROFF said......let's take a page out of the COLTS BOOK. Put all the WEAPONS we can around QB Matt they MORTGAGE the FARM on Mobile AREA ALABAMA and 'BAMA Star WR JULIO JONES. It didn't look good at first but looking on how the Pay Scale for the ROOKIES are now......GRAND SLAM.
WHITE is the BEST outside of JOHNSON. He is THE PLAY MAKER......'BOYS HOF WR Mike IRVIN walking. BIG, ELUSIVE, YAC, and not the fastest guy until he has the PIGSKIN. A lock for BIG FANTASY POINTS

3. Calvin JOHNSON aka MEGATRON the GARAGE in MOTOR CITY: Not jumping to conclusions.....but the way the HIT the PATS in the MOUTH shows me they are the TENNESSEE TITANS of the NFC. FAST and PHYSICAL at the point of attack. JOHNSON will have an even bigger year if QB STAFFORD stays healthy.....and the LIONS could be playing deep into JANUARY.....Real Talk. JOHNSON will keep your FANTASY Team at the TOP

4. Larry FITZGERALD aka FITZ aka C.R.E.A.M. in the VALLEY CARDS: not that FITZ has lost a STEP......i think QB KOLB will not be able to get him the ROCK like the 3 WRs QBs in front of him can. With all those BUSTERS at QB last season.....FITZ still manage to catch 90 BALLS. So he is safe pick on your team......but you just hope the KOLB Experiment doesn't hurt FITZ.

5. Greg JENNINGS aka " the GENTLE GIANT" the PACK: There is a reason why QB Aaron RODGERS DO WHAT IT DO......#85 is BAD MAN...and just like the GUY throwing to him........quiet, unassuming, and will RIP YOUR GUTS out on GAMEDAY. Don't be shy about putting JENNINGS in your TOP would not surprise the BLUEDUDE and it shouldn't surprise the people in your LEAGUE. Reminds the BLUEDUDE of former NINERS WR John TAYLOR except more explosive, who went about his BIZ for years opposite of the #1 PLAYER in the ALL-TIME Top 100.....JERRY R....and got his MONEY on SUNDAY.....with the other team saying.....WHO WAS THAT?.....FINAL TALLY PLEASE

6. Mike WALLACE aka Da KID aka IN SOMEBODY'S ENDZONE.....on TWITTER..the 'BURGH: Led the league with Avg Yards per GRAB last season. Gets his shoes at the LOCAL GAS STATION and then takes the INTERSTATE......not STREET LEGAL.....and can't wait to get to the GERMAN AUTOBAHN. The DUDES JETS has DROSE of the BULLS QUICKS has QUICKS. He blew up last season an now with the emergence of 2010 6th Round Pick WR Antonio "Catch that NUMBER on the BACK" BROWN and 3rd Round Pick Emmanuel "GO GO" SANDERS by way of SMU near Highland Park Texas....the sky is the limit. I tell you this...when you play the STEELERS this year......both safeties need to be back playing Centerfield or its GAME TIME......and with DA KID on your fantasy squad......DITTO

7. Vincent JACKSON aka "teamBIGWr" BOLTS in Diego: Now RIVERS has his's inevitable that JACK will do damage. A monster of a TALENT and the guy throwing ti him is no one trick pony either. JACK will put up numbers and the BOLTS need him to PLAY BIG and BE BIG in order for their ground game to take off where there is no DARREN SPROLES on 3rd Down no more.

8. Hakeem NICKS G-MEN by way of FRANKLIN STREET in Chapel NC: Well you heard it from the horses mouth QB Eli MANNING saying he was a TOP 5 QB. And when your put on the SPOT like that what in LT was he going to say.......I think I am in the MIDDLE of the pack. It's bad enough that your older brother is that good...LEAVE ELI ALONE.......BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK. Well NICKS should have a really good year and he is consistent as well as a Big Strong Athletic type that can get to PAY DIRT with surprising SPEED.

9. Santonio HOLMES aka TONE from MUCK CITY J-E-T-S (check out my post MUCK BOWL and MUCK CITY in August 2011 Archives): The man might have the best hands in the NFL and I know he can make a play with the best of them. STEELERS Nation raised him and we are proud to say for every game he plays other than the STEELERS...we wish him the BEST. One of the BLUEDUDE'S favorites. QB Sanchez knows who to go to when they need a play and he is a RED ZONE SCORE waiting to happen every rip inside your 20. TONE CAPONE.......will see a lot of One on ONE in the Red Zone because of PLAX on the other side.

10. DeSean JACKSON "Long Beach POLY by way of BERKELEY CAL Golden BEARS...EAGLES at the LINC: A highlight waiting to happen and the BLUEDUDE isn't talking about the catch or the run to 6......the celebration is where D-JACK GETS IT IN. QB Mike VICK just has to get him the ball in space or on the RUN......and like MIGHTY MOUSE........PWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......Public Address Announcer....Mike VICK to DezSEAN JACKSON for 75 yards......and NO FLAGS on the PLAY. A one -Hitter in FANTASY LAND.....SOME TIMES HE DO......n SOME TIMES HE DON'T.

Don't put your ALARM on SNOOZE on this list as Potential FANTASY Money Makers:

Miles AUSTIN COWBOYS Dez BRYANT might steal his thunder
Reggie WAYNE COLTS QB Manning is killing him and the COLTS Hopes
DeWayne BOWE CHIEFS YMCMB....a player now that he has bought in
Mike WILLIAMS SEATTLE what to do for an ENCORE
Antonio BROWN STEELERS. I know it's Pre Season.....But DAMN
Steve JOHNSON BIILS He might crack that TOP 10 SERIOUSLY
Kenny BRITT TITANS talented.....but get him a driver
SAINTS WRs QB Brees spreads it so much WHO DAT? gone catch it
Brandon MARSHALL DOLPHINS..would be higher.....NO QB

That's pretty good advice considering most of you are still looking as you build your fantasy teams for 2011.....QBs MONDAY at some point

2011 NFL Fantasy Picks...RUNNING BACKS...the right one or ones will Keep you at the TOP of your LEAGUE

It's that time and I see Fantasy Leagues starting all over and the BLUEDUDE will try to be as informative as I can in helping you with your picks.

First up the RUNNING BACKS.......and with NO CHRIS JOHNSON in TENNESSEE...somebody has moved up. The obvious pick would be ALL DAY Adrian PETERSON but there are some good ones on the BOARD in the middle and later picks.


1. Adrian ALL DAY PETERSON PURPLE PEOPLE: He puts up quality numbers and scores enough. ADD QB Donovan McNABB and now you might have even more scores. The only problem is minus Stud WR Sidney RICE who is the GREAT NORTHWEST...might be a problem and getting A P might be FOOLS GOLD without someone to Stretch the FIELD. They still have Percy "I LIVE IN PERCYLAND" HARVIN from talent rich Hampton/Virginia Beach A P will still be productive

2. Jamal CHARLES Lake CHARLES LA Finest...Track Guy in HS and College: with Todd Haley assisting Charlie Weis in play calling...CHARLES will only be more of a threat. He is an excellent RB between and on the outside for his frame. He gets to 2nd Level.......GONE....he is a BURNER as well. Now with the addition of PITT WR Jonathan BALDWIN and an emerging former HAWKEYE TE Tony MEOAKI......CHARLES is even more of a threat to score.

3. Rashard MENDENHALL STEEL CITY Running Game INC.: He had 13 TD's last season......the offensive line is still suspect but add those fast YOUNG WRs #17, #84, and #88...the field should be stretched for MENDENHALL to find more holes. Drafted as a 20 year old Junior....#34 hasn't even reached his prime yet and now they are incorporating him in the PASSING GAME......PRIMANTI'S Brothers SAMICHES for all who cares.

4. Ray RICE aka "CHOPPIN' IT UP TOO MUCH" BMORE: This gut is a terror in both the running game and passing game. He is QB Joe FLACCO's release anytime there is trouble looming in the passing game. He will score in variety of ways and now they have WR Lee EVANS formerly of the BILLS and CAMP RANDALL Complex in MADISON Wisconsin......he will do more damage. A solid pick like MENDENHALL.

5. Maurice JONES-DREW "Pocket HERCULES" JACK CITY JAGS: Another mighty mouse with all the ability in the world. The former WESTWOOD Los Angeles Standout can also get you in two ways and he maybe the most difficult player to tackle in the Trenches because of LEVERAGE. He will definitely score and look for him even to climb on this list with a not so good passing game.

6. LeSean MCCOY Running at the EAGLES: He is a silent hitter.....reminds the Bluedude of former UT KNOXVILLE RB and RAIDER Charlie GARNER...real nifty. The EAGLES must clean up their O-LINE but he is the safety valve if they don't. They have all them guns in the PASSING GAME which should really open it more for McCOY.

7. Stephen JACKSON reside in SIN CITY in the Off Season.....plays near the GATEWAY Arch to the WEST: with the development of QB Sam BRADFORD.....JACKSON doesn't have to shoulder the load anymore by his lonesome. Having said that all them years of pounding the PIGSKIN with #39 has taken it's toll. AGE is only reason he is no longer a top flight FANTASY PICK.....but if you see him MIDDLE.....GRAB HIM like quickly.

8. Michael TURNER the BURNER NIU Dekalb ILLINOIS DIRTY BIRDS: I am not sold on him but if it's in the RED ZONE and 2 yards or less.....maybe the best on the LIST. Look the Dude has RHINO LEGS...the ones you see at your local ZOO or your local CLUB. Yeah some CHICS have those RHINO LEGS to......BLUEDUDE is fan of those. He won't be effective anywhere else and by the LOOKS of Pre Season...Falcons QB MATTY ICE might throw it 70 times a game. I know this RHINO LEGS is a Middle Fantasy Pick at RB.

9. Matt FORTE Tulane in the BIG EASY Monsters of the MIDWAY: He is a Poor Man's version of Marshall FAULK and any RB in the NFL would love that comparison. FORTE is Better WR than RB and maybe the best WR on the BEARS. QB Cutler will have to depend on him a lot but he is not a stretch if you get him in the first 6-9 picks.

10. LeGarrette BLOUNT QUACK ATTACK and NON-DRAFTED for previous INDISCRETIONS: The PIRATE SHIP has a New Mike ALSTOTT not as BIG but Quicker. The BUCS have them a good one here to go with a new found passing game from QB Josh FREEMAN. BLOUNT is the #1 sleeper on this board and if you pick him upwards of 5-7 and get the looks.....tell them the BLUEDUDE SPORTALK sent you and if you drop by the might get an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT. I you are picking at this SPOT in your league GRAB HIM.

11. Darren McFADDEN FAYETTEVILLE AR-KANSAS....the BLACK HOLE: imagine what RAZORBACK Coach then Houston NUTT had as his disposal.....RB McFadden, BOYS' RB Felix JONES, and DAWG POUND RB Peyton HILLIS...and HILLIS couldn't get on the field. Look if this guy is healthy......he can score from anywhere. He has a nice balance....RUGGED yet a HR HITTER.....he also can move up on this list.

12. Felix JONES part of RUN DFP at AR-KANSAS.....the 'BOYS: At what point was Jerry JONES going to tell the COWBOYS that the OFFENSE can be a lot better if #28 JONES gets a steady diet of around 25 TOTES per. Look Jerry is already biased in picking from his ALMA MATER the HOGS and his roommate in FAYETTEVILLE was none other than JIMMY JOHNSON. NO.......not the one that in NASCAR....the Architect of the Early-Mid 90's 'BOYS who ran off 3 Super Bowls. If JONES get a lot of action he is SOLID as PEACHES and HERB.

BLUEDUDE's SLEEPERS.....DUDES that can get in the TOP 12...but need help as in SCHEME, O-LINE etc.......

DeAngelo WILLIAMS PANTHERS...good pick with a ROOKIE QB in front of him
Peyton HILLIS BROWNS...Defenses will catch up to him n on MADDEN Cover
Jahvid BEST LIONS....stay out the training room young man....SOFT like BOUNTY
Jonathan STEWART PANTHERS...Can he get enough TICK
Willis McGAHEE Orange CRUSH.....Old but has some left in TANK......about 1/4
Reggie BUSH DOLPHINS.....can get into TOP 10....feature back for 1st time


CJ28 contract and thx to WR FITZ from the CARDS...good luck TENNESSEE

Arian FOSTER TEXANS....a hamstring issue last night that didn't look good.....or he is in my Top 6

Saturday, August 27, 2011

January 2012 AFC CHampionship Game.....#2 Seed STEELERS vs #1 Seed PATRIOTS.....Big BEN vs TOM.....STEELERS #1 Rated D vs PATS #3 Rated O

It's late JANUARY and it's the same TEAMS battling out for a TRIP to Super Bowl 46 in NAPTOWN Indiana. The STEELERS are looking to be the 1st TEAM since the early 1990's Marv Levy led BILLS Teams to have a return trip back to a SUPER BOWL after losing the previous Super Bowl.

The PATRIOTS on the other are looking for a little retribution after finally getting over the hump of not winning a PLAYOFF Game since 2007. The PATS have home field advantage since they are the #1 Overall Seed in the AFC and the STEELERS come in at the #2 Seed having a 13-4 Record including Last Week's Win over the COLTS and the PATS take a 15-2 including their win over a GAME CHIEFS Squad last week as well.

Now we have the MATCH-UP everyone has been looking for in the AFC since that OCTOBER 30, 2011 meeting in the 'BURGH where the STEELERS beat the PATRIOTS 28-24.

Late January 2011.......FOXBORO MASS....the BIG RAZOR Blade....GILLETTE Stadium......Temps...34 Degrees sunshine....and no SNOW in the Forecast.


The STEELERS win the Coin Flip....and decide to defer and the PATS will take the kickoff in the 1st half.

STEELERS kick to start the game and of course it is a TOUCH BACK. PATS Ball 1st and 10 at their own 20. Tom Brady in shotgun formation with TRIPS right and they hand off to RB Woodhead for no gain. Later in the series at their own 43 after 2 1st downs....BRADY tries to go to TE GRONKOWSKI with ILB TIMMONS on him and it's broken up. PATRIOTS punt the ball to the STEELERS 15 1st and 10 STEELERS.

1st Play from scrimmage The Steelers go off tackle to RB Mendenhall who breaks free and is still going and has WR Brown and Wallace out their with him and goes 85 yards for the score and just like that 7-0 STEELERS. Just like during the can't run at the Middle of the PATS with WILFORK and HAYNESWORTH but you can run around those two fellas and the STEELERS did for a Score.

The PATS get the ball the next possession and it's 3 and out again. The STEELERS field the punt at their 36 1st and 10. The STEELERS waist no time again as they use Shotgun formations and march right down into the RED ZONE on the PATS....1st and Goal for the STEELERS at the PATS 9. They go 2 downs and it's 3rd and goal at the PATS 4. Steelers have WALLACE and BROWN wide on both sides and they run a fake hand off and reverse to find TE Heath MILLER in the back of the end zone for a 14-0 score and the 1st qtr is in the BOOKS......14-0 STEELERS and the PATS Faithful are stunned.

The 2nd qtr the PATS get to moving the ball as they use TE Hernandez and WR Ochocinco to get deep into STEELERS territory. Then BRADY and the PATS runs Reverse Screen to GRONKOWSKI and he goes 26 yards for the score and we have a ball game 14-7 STEELERS.

The STEELERS get the ball and RB Mendenhall gets rolling again as he gets the ball up to PATS territory on their 45 yards line. Next play BIG BEN is sacked by Pro Bowl ILB Jared MAYO for a loss of 10. Next play Big BEN is in the pocket runs out no....back into the pocket then runs left squares his body up and Steeler WR GO GO SANDERS #88 has broken his route an is sprinting all the way across the field towards BEN'S Side...BEN heaves it all the way into the ENDZONE.......wait......did he catch it.......YES....TD Steelers 21-7 and the PATS really have their work cut out.

The rest of the half neither team get anything going and the halftime score is 21-7 STEELERS and you would have to think the STEELERS will get that running game going and just play smash mouth D as the PATS will have a tough hill to climb with the STEELERS getting the ball after the half.

The 2nd Half start and just like BELICHEK was hoping the STEELERS would go 3 and out.....they use 9:28 off the play clock in the 3rd to get a 27 yard SUISHAM FG and go up 24-7...........just in.....PATS are on the CLOCK for their season.

Next PATS's 3rd and 8 from the their own 32 and you know the STEELERS are coming and BRADY snaps the ball and the STEELERS only bring 3 .........8 drop back PATS have a SCREEN CALLED just as the old WISEMAN HOF Player and Coach LeBEAU had thought....and BRADY throws a PASS about 30 yards to a covered OCHOCINCO....and the ball is picked off by STEELERS Safety Ryan CLARK....he runs it back fifteen yards into PATS territory to the 47.

Fan start booing......CELTICS are in a LOCKOUT...defending Stanley Cup Champs Boston BRUINS are in the middle of the PACK in the conference in POINTS...and the STEELERS control this one.

Big Ben and Company then take all the time off the 3rd QTR Clock and it's 1st and goal for the STEELERS at the PATS 2. The SNAP.....MENDENHALL over the G KEMOATEAU.....TD......31-7.....the PATS go onto get a SCORE late......onside kick it....and the STEELERS and Head Coach Mike TOMLIN go back to their 3rd Super Bowl in 5 years......a DOMINATING Performance for the Men form the 'BURGH.

FINAL SCORE...........STEELERS 31....PATRIOTS 14.......and Belichek mumbles something to TOMLIN and COACH T grabs him and say you have a helluva team......GET YOUR A** HOME.

STEELERS now wait on the NFC Winner between the SAINTS and PACKERS rematch from Opening night September 8th 2011....that saw the PACKERS take care of Business 34-24......but this time it will be different.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS....WHAT?....BOYS High School BASKETBALL in DALLAS Texas is a BIG DEAL also...BIG D is right there with the MAJOR CITIES in TALENT

Don't MESS with TEXAS......or FRIDAY NIGHT Lights referring to the Huge Following of Texas High School Football. Well there has been a GAME in town for sometime now and the BLUEDUDE received a FIRST HAND Look at the AMAZING TALENT in the STATE of TEXAS on the BOYS BASKETBALL level.

They say everything is BIG in TEXAS......well the HOOPERS are BIG TIME and BIG D has been cranking them out quickly. The HOOPERS all over the Dallas/Fort Worth METROPLEX have been on the scene for years and those who are in the KNOW....KNOW exactly what about to tell you.

Now since the Dallas MAVERICKS have put the BIG D on High Alert for it's Love of BASKETBALL....let BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK take you 360 DEGREES through the METROPLEX and tell you who and where they played.

Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, SEATTLE, Atlanta, Detroit, Phoenix, Oakland, and even in state HOUSTON has it's All-Time Greats on the SCHOLASTIC Level....but without further a due......put your MITTS together for BIG D...and Fort Worth......bringing the NOISE on the HARDWOOD.....GET BIG.....GET BIG...GET BIG.......DORROUGH:

Larry JOHNSON Dallas SKYLINE aka GRAND MA MA aka LJ Odessa JC UNLV Charlotte Hornets KNICKS

Kenyon MARTIN South OAK CLIFF aka K-MART Cincinnati NJ NETS/Nuggets

Chris BOSH Dallas LINCOLN aka CB1 GA TECH Raptors HEAT




Jason MAXIELL aka MAX Carrollton TX NEWMAN SMITH Cincinnati PISTONS




Willie WARREN aka WillDawg Forth WORTH TX North CROWLEY Oklahoma LA CLIPPERS



Mookie BLAYLOCK Garland TX HS MIDLAND JC Oklahoma Nets HAWKS Warriors

Bracey WRIGHT The COLONY Indiana Timberwolves



LeBryan NASH Dallas LINCOLN Oklahoma STATE Freshman Year 2011-12

Andre EMMITT Dallas CARTER Texas TECH SONICS Grizzlies

Daniel HORTON Cedar HILL Michigan EUROPE


Desmond MASON aka D-MASE Waxahachie TX Oklahoma STATE SONICS Thunder BUCKS


Look at that list....a whose who in the College Ranks and the NBA.

COUNTING how many McDonald's All-Americans..............on this list BOSH, Larry JOHNSON, Arthur, MILES, ALDRIDGE, HORTON, WRIGHT, NASH, JONES III, and WARREN

Teammates on this list BOSH and HOPKINS at Lincoln, and D-WILL and WRIGHT at The COLONY

NBA LOTTERY PICKS and 1st Rounders on this list........D-WILL, KMART, LJ, ALDRIDGE, K.Thomas, BOSH, BLAYLOCK, MASON, Randolph, Diogu, MILES, Arthur, and SASSER

How many OLYMPIANS on this list?.....D-WILL, BOSH, and LJ



Just a FABULOUS LIST that will not stop as PERRY JONES III at BAYLOR is a projected Lottery in 2012 and LeBryan NASH a 2011 MacDonald's All-American will be a one or two and done out of STILLWATER....he was the best player at LINCOLN since BOSH

The BLUEDUDE'S Pick for the BEST overall PLAYER on the LIST......Deron WILLIAMS and Chris BOSH a Tie and with LJ, KMART, MOOKIE, Thomas, and ALDRIDGE being in a tie for 2nd

Now the next time you think of High School FOOTBALL in the STATE of TEXAS and the City of will be thinking......the HARDWOOD in BIG D is no joke either.......because EVERYTHING is BIG in TEXAS

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.............always keeping you the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALKhead informed of What's Relevant in the SPORTING WORLD....or not relevant

Friday, August 26, 2011

MUCK CITY.....chasing Rabbits.....chasing the RIVALS......PAHOKEE and Belle Glades CENTRAL......chasing College Football.....Chasing the NFL

West Palm Beach is a beautiful City on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The STATE of Florida is known for it's Football and its is Big Time everywhere in the STATE. High Schools like St. Thomas AQUINAS, Tampa PLANT, Miami NORTHWESTERN, Bradenton SOUTHEAST, Orlando DR. PHILLIPS, Tallahassee LINCOLN, Palm BAY, Fort MYERS, Pensacola, Miramar, Jacksonville BOLLES, COCOA Beach, MIAMI COLUMBUS..and on and on.

There is 2 High Schools that are known for their talent, their training techniques, their location, and their Annual Football game........ENTER PAHOKEE HS and Belle Glades CENTRAL smack dab in the heart of the EVERGLADES and 50 or so miles west of WEST PALM BEACH Florida.

All the Schools I have mentioned have talent across the board but the talent here is really really HOMEGROWN....literally and figuratively.

Then you ask what is MUCK. MUCK is SOIL made up primarily of HUMUS from drained SWAMPLAND. It is a BLACK SOIL that is used to grow specialty crops such as onions, celery, carrots, potatoes ( source Wikipedia Muck )and of course........TALENTED FOOTBALL PLAYERS.

The MUCK is such a part of the CULTURES in these areas.......every year PAHOKEE and Belle Glades CENTRAL get together for it's annual MUCK BOWL.....and Big-Time College Coaches turn up in groves for this one. It's always around 10,000 folks and a standing room only crowd to catch this game.

And you want to know why the KIDS at the SKILLED position and even some Lineman and Linebackers are so fast. In the SUMMER these young men get into the Sugarcane Fields when they burn them before harvest and chase Rabbits just as the SNAKES in this habitat. It's get the kids hand/eye coordination as well as their QUICKNESS from step to step. And if you have ever run in muck it's like quick sand meets a mud hole....legs and upper body always moving in sync to get anywhere.

The players that have played in the Annual MUCK BOWL is a LIST of NCAA Division 1 All-Americans and NFL All-Pros..........check this list of MUCK BOWL STARS:


Santonio HOLMES WR OHIO STATE Steelers/Jets
James JACKSON RB MIAMI FL Browns/Packers/Cards
Riedel ANTHONY WR FLORIDA Bucs/Redskins
Louis OLIVER SS FLORIDA Dolphins/Bengals
Jesse HESTER WR FLORIDA STATE Rams/Colts/Falcons/Raiders
Deonte THOMPSON WR current GATOR


Rickey JACKSON OLB PITTSBURGH OLB Saints/49ERS....the only Hall Of Fame 2010 CANTON
Janoris JENKINS CB FLORIDA/North his name in 2012 NFL Draft

Just think at the SUPER BOWL between the CARDINALS and STEELERS a few year back BOLDIN and HOLMES had more at stake than just winning the was the MUCK BOWL inside of the SUPER BOWL.

The Glades Central RAIDERS have won 6 state titles and that is right up there with LAKELAND Florida HS and their alum of Ray LEWIS, the POUNCEY Twins, current GATOR RB Chris RAINEY and many more.

The Pahokee BLUE DEVILS have won 2 Championships and still rank among the ELITE in the STATE of Florida.

Now you will know when you see a NFL Player wearing a 59/50 or a TEE that says MUCK CITY on it........what they are talking about......Welcome to EVERGLADES FOOTBALL.

NOTE: BOLDIN was the best QB in FLORIDA 2 years in a row at PAHOKEE and went to the 'NOLES to play QB and his freshman year Tore an ACL and when he came back QB Chris WEINKE was throwing the PIGSKIN so to get on the field at TALENTED Florida STATE....BOLDIN, talented in his own right, moved to WR....and the rest is history.

HOLMES was a standout WR and Kick return Specialist at the OHIO STATE University. The man they call "TONE".......and the BLUEDUDE calls MR. YAC (Yards After Catch) was the MVP of the SUPER Bowl 43 between the Cards and STEELERS. Off the Filed issues led to TONE being traded to the JETS a year ago......but he knows and STEELER Nation knows.....he will always be a STEELER.

TONE was Part of the 2002 National CHAMPIONSHIP Team at OSU when they beat the 'CANES of Coral Gables.

Real Facts......Real Talk......all the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK...........There is always a SPORTS STORY to talk about......ALWAYS

Thursday, August 25, 2011

CSI Bluedude Sportstalk...PANTHERS QB told No TATTOOS or PIERCINGS n stay that way.....OCHOCINCO wants to pay fine.....LSU QB JEFFERSON in BAR Fight

Here We go again.......ATHLETES not doing what they are suppose to be doing. This time we have an OWNER involved that what to control what you look NFL WR who gets thumped and wants to pay the FINE if the player who hit him gets fined....and #2 Ranked Pre-Season LSU Tigers QB wants to try a little MMA in the Local PUB.

Let's get in the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK CSI VAN and head out to the locations:

CRIME SCENE............Charlotte North Carolina.......Interview room unknown......Carolina PANTHERS Owner Jerry RICHARDSON lead SUSPECT on Victim Cam NEWTON: Reportedly in an Interview that PANTHERS Owner had with then Potentail 1st Pick in the DRAFT Auburn WAR EAGLE QB Cam NEWTON........Richardson wanted to ask CAM questions about his PHYSICAL here some S*** that's way put of line.

Richardson reportedly told CAM he was a nice looking kid. Then he went onto say," DO YOU HAVE ANY TATTOOS ?".....Cam replied NO SIR......then RICHARDSON asked, " DO YOU HAVE ANY Body Piercings", Cam replied to that also.....NO SIR.....RICHARDSON replied back GOOD...that's keep it that WAY.

Now it's 2011.......Football Players are some of the wildest Professional Athletes around. And to ask CAM those questions and to be bold enough to let it out on a NATIONAL SPORTS RADIO SHOW is BOLD......or is that just SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. I am from the NORTH and don't care how much you are paying me but if it's legal....I will do what I D*** Please....SIR.

Richardson reportedly went on to tell TE Jeremy SHOCKEY I like you Bravado and enthusiasm but I could do all that without the TATTOOS. Let me ask you this BLUEDUDE HEADS......You think if STANFORD QB Andrew LUCK had a huge HARLEY-DAVIDSON TATTOO across his face you think RICHARDSON would say something.....or does LUCK look the part.

FORGET Guilty until proven innocent throw RICHARDSON in the HOLE for 90.

CRIME SCENE.............Tampa Bay FLA......the PIRATE SHIP........PATRIOTS vs BUCCANEERS......PATS WR #85 and BUCS LB #59:

PATS WR Chad OCHOCINCO was going across the middle and BUCS ROOKIE LB Mason FOSTER hits him which looked like a clean HIT. But you know ROGER RABBIT was watching or reviewed the HIT and MASON was fined yesterday $20K for the hit and for not following the FLAG FOOTBALL RULES of not going for the flag at the waist.

OCHOCINCO said it was a clean hit an he would like to pay the young man's fine and CHAD even tweeted to ROGER THAT that he would love to do so. NFL rules prohibit such thing but CHAD should know by now if you don't WRAP the PLayer and hit him will probably be fined.

A nice gesture by OCHOCINCO but if he looks on the schedule in late OCTOBER......there is a TEAM the PATS play at 4:15pm EST that will be more than happy for CHAD to pay their fines because there will be a FEW REVIEWABLE HITS in that one.

ROGER you just can't leave well enough ALONE can look the PART and play it better than anyone including CASTRO

Anytime ROGER shows up on my INVESTIGATION Ledger....he is GUILTY with no TRIAL

CRIME SCENE..........Baton Rouge Louisiana.......local WATER HOLE on CAMPUS.....Not 1 Not 2 Not 3 but 4 LSU starters on the FOOTBALL TEAM were in a BAR FIGHT and the worst injury reportedly was a person with 3 broken vertebraes.

One of the Reported Culprits is Starting QB Jordan JEFFERSON........and the local police are investigating. This is a huge problem since the BAYOU BENGALS don't have Little DEBBIES and HOSTESS CAKES coming in until game 2. They play the QUACK ATTACK on September 2nd and the TIGERS need to get the 2nd String rep with the ones from here on out.

Look my fellow Student-Athletes.......nothing good happens when you are a Public Figure on CAMPUS (Notable ATHLETES on MAJOR Campuses are such) and you go out an most likely with a COUPLE COOL SPOTS under your belt and people ant to try you becuase you are that Starting QB on the TEAM. JEFFERSON, being a SENIOR, knows better and now it could cost the TIGERS a spot in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP Game. I hate to put it on one guy....but the QB Position is the most important cog in that machine we know as NCAA Division 1-A Football.

Guilty....for JEFFERSON and his 3 Teammates for not using their THINKING CAPS.......and most of us turned those on in KINDERGARTEN unless you were one SAMICH away from a PICNIC. The TEAM is bigger than anything you do on a PERSONAL Level.

The TOP 10 Men's College Basketball Arenas of All-Time.......What are you thinking......ACC has the most.....PAC-10....BIG EAST......METRO

When you think the Top 10 Men's College Basketball Arenas of All-Time.......what comes to mind? The Teams.....that played in them....the coaches that coached in them......or the FANS that packed these Nostalgic Arenas that gave their University an edge in the game.

There isn't too much that goes into what should and will be the BLUEDUDE'S version of the TOP 10 Men's College Basketball Arenas of All-Time. Some on these list might surprise you and some on the list you probably didn't even know existed......who played in the Arena.....and what Conference they were in in that particular span of time.

Let's get to it.....the TOP 10 Men's College Basketball Arenas in no particular order:

CARMICHAEL Auditorium CAP. 7,000 Chapel Hill North Carolina......Home of the North Carolina TAR HEELS: Dean SMITH used to run his FAMOUS FOUR CORNERS in this one....and when they ran it the game was essentially over. Players that played in CARMICHAEL: ACC

Jimmy BLACK George KARL Larry BROWN

CAMERON INDOOR Stadium CAP. 9500 Durham North Carolina.....Home of the DUKE BLUE DEVILS: The House that COACH Mike KRZYZEWSKI built. The CAMERON CRAZIES is what they call th Student Body when they get it Crack a lackin. The ORIGINAL PLAYERS that put DUKE on the MAP: ACC

Christian LAETNNER Bobby HURLEY Grant HILL

PAULEY PAVILION CAP. 13000 Westwood Part of Los Angeles CALIFORNIA.....Home of the UCLA BRUINS : The court is names after the LEGEND of WESTWOOD....the late great JOHN WOODEN...enough said. Players who played under Wooden to the present day:

Darrin DAYE Tracey MURRAY Baron DAVIS Kevin LOVE

FREEDOM HALL CAP. 19000 Louisville Kentucky....Home of the Louisville CARDINALS: The Legend Coach Denny CRUM and the CARDS were and still are what makes LOUISVILLE go round and round. Impressive resume and tradition......what's unique about FREEDOM HALL was the RAISED COURT and the LIGHTS are off in the STANDS when the game is on....makes it real dark and intimate. PLAYERS of NOTE: METRO/Conference USA/Big EAST

Rodney and Scooter McCRAY Junior BRIDGEMAN Lancaster GORDON

CARRIER DOME CAP. 35000 Syracuse New York......Home of the Syracuse ORANGEMAN: The HOUSE that current head coach Jim BOEHEIM built. The have had some ROSTERS and Student -Athletes in this joint. Tradition the 'CUSE fans won't sit down until the ORANGE make a BASKET. Players of NOTE: Big EAST

Lawrence MOTEN Adrian AUTRY Carmelo ANTHONY

ADOLPH RUPP ARENA CAP 24000 Lexington Kentucky....Home of the Kentucky WILDCATS: The House that Rupp built. Arguably the #1 College basketball place to play. The BLUEGRASS State is NUTS about their WILDCATS. Now Coach CAL has them back and in Business. Notable PLAYERS: SEC


Phog ALLEN FIELDHOUSE CAP. 16,500 Lawrence Kansas...Home of the Kansas JAYHAWKS: The Original COURT....named after his truly Dr. of their famous chants when they are about to get a W...ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK.........PLAYERS of Note: Big 8/Big12


The PIT CAP. 18000 Albuquerque New Mexico......Home of the University of New Mexico LOBOS: The PIT......because it's all underground. Maybe the toughest place to play in the land. BIG WEST/MWC
Players of Note


Hinkle FIELDHOUSE CAP. 12000 Indianapolis Indiana....Home of the Butler BULLDOGS: A popular team huh.......a few years ago you would have never knew they existed....a couple of MARCH MADNESS DEEP RUNS LATER.......BOOM!.....Coach Brad STEVENS. Players of note:


MAPLES PAVILION Stanford CALIFORNIA.....home of the Stanford CARDINALS
The PALESTRA Philadelphia Pennsylvania....Home of the Penn QUAKERS Ivy LEAGUE
ALUMNI Hall Chicago Illinois......Home of the DePaul BLUE DEMONS
ALUMNI Hall Queens NY......Home of the St. John's Redmen now RED STORM

These are the Best of the Best in my opinion.....a few that I left out......but the HISTORY in the ones up top are unmatched anywhere.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the man they called DREAM with a Dream SHAKE......PHi Slamma JAMMA....Houston COUGAR....Houston ROCKET...maybe the best PF/C in the NBA ever

From the Western part of AFRICA......and to the Streets of HOUSTON TEXAS and from the UNIVERSITY of TEXAS......came a man that revolutionized the game at Power Forward/Center.

The Accolades in describing this man are mind-bottling to say the least. A born and bred Soccer player from his city and native country of LAGOS, NIGERIA.......Hakeem OLAJUWON was destined for greatness from the onset of landing i the US.

Coming from NIGERIA with one Duffel Bag the Houston COUGARS Coaching Staff, led by the LATE GREAT Head Coach Guy LEWIS, picked HAKEEM up from Houston International. They knew they were getting a TALL Human Being but didn't know they were getting an ATHLETE with hand and eye coordination like he was 5'8"......and of course from the Soccer background.

They learned from DAY1...that Hakeem was going to be a special player on College.....but what they didn't know his relentless work ethic to overcome all adversities in his life to become one of the best if not the best Power Forwards/Center in the NBA ever.

The University of HOUSTON COUGARS jumped out from the Beginning and a a STAR was born in the College ranks. Standing at nearly 7' Feet tall and bout 250 EL BEES....give or take.....OLAJUWON dominated from just having a soccer background he was a Shot-Blocking and rebounding machine.

The COUGARS were led by local Superstar Clyde THE GLIDE DREXLER and the Michael YOUNG. They were so HIGH-FLYING they became the only Basketball Fraternity to this day called .......PHI SLAMMA JAMMA.......DREXLER, YOUNG, Ricky WINSLOW, Larry MICHEAUX, Benny ANDERS, Greg CADILLAC ANDERSON, Alvin FRANKLIN and of Course HAKEEM.

They COUGARS got all the way to the 1983 NCAA Championship where thy lost to the LATE GREAT Jim VALVANO and the NC STATE WOLFPACK on a Lorenzo CHARLES Tip-in with no time left on the CLOCK.

The next season HAKEEM and the COUGARS lose to a PATRICK EWING led HOYA PARANOIA Team and then the DREAM started....literally and figuratively speaking.

The 1984 NBA Draft was loaded up front with talents like OLAJUWON, Michael JORDAN of UNC, Sam BOWIE of UK Lexington, Charles Barkley of AUBURN, Vern FLEMING of GEORGIA Athens, and Alvin ROBERTSON of ARKANSAS Fayetteville.

OLAJUWON went #1 to no surprise an we know who went the TRAILBLAZERS......and the rest is HISTORY. OLAJUWON had the luxury of playing in his College's Hometown and with former UVA CHARLOTTESVILLE All-American and 7'4" Center Ralph SAMPSON. Later to be called the TWIN TOWERS of ROCKET CITY.

OLAJUWON played a lot of what I call his natural Position...POWER FORWARD...and don't let anyone else tell you different. Those ROCKET Teams that challenged the SHOWTIME LAKERS and the MAGIC MAN were led by Head Coach Bill FITCH and guys like SAMPSON, OLAJUWON, Lewis LLOYD DRAKE University, Rodney McCRAY LOUISVILLE, Allan LEAVELL, OK CITY University, Robert REID St. MARY's University, and Mitchell WIGGINS Florida STATE. This team lost in the 1986 NBA Finals to the BIRD MAN and the CELTICS.

Then we Fast Forward all the way up to 1993 season and the new look ROCKETS with OLAJUWON being the FRANCHISE player and one of the best PLAYERS in the league. That roster included some familiar names like Kenny THE JET SMITH UNC, Vernon MAXWELL aka VENOM GATORS, Mario ELIE American International (Former HS teammate of Chris MULLIN in NYC), Robert HORRY ALABAMA, and Sam I AM CASSELL Florida STATE by way of San JACINTO JUCO TX and fame Baltimore DUNBAR HS in MD.

They would go onto win the 1994 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP beating AKEEM's Old nemesis Patrick EWING. I remember like yesterday.....KNICKS G John STARKS shot them right out of the CHAMPIONSHIP.

OLAJUWON was so talented by then he had earned the nickname the DREAM SHAKE because of his Footwork and moves with his back to the basket and face-up.

In 1995 DREAM and the ROCKETS had an ENCORE as they beat the upstart O MAGIC and SHAQ and PENNY. DREAM destroyed SHAQ and to this DAY I have never seen SHAQ destroyed like DREAM got him......just put him into the BLENDER the 4 GAMES he saw DIESEL.

That team came back from a 1-3 deficit that PLAYOFF run to beat the Phoenix SUNS 4-3 and DREAM destroyed the ADMIRAL David ROBINSON in the Western Finals that season.

DREAM was simply the best Pound for Pound BIG I ever saw.....and did I tell you as GOOD as DREAM was on Offense his DEFENSE was his Bread and Butter.

Look at these ACCOLADES from the man they call the DREAM SHAKE

The ONLY Player in NBA History to be NBA MVP, DEFENSIVE MVP, and FINALS MVP in the 1993-94 Season....not to be done again

2-Time All-American at University of HOUSTON
2-Time NBA Finals MVP
12 Time All Star
2 Time Defensive Player of the YEAR
6 Time All NBA 1st Team
5 time All Defensive 1st team
Member of NBA;s Top 50 of All-Time
#1 in Career BLOCKS in the NBA with 3,830

NOTE: OLAJUWON played in his 3rd Year at HOUSTON....1st year NCAA didn't clear him......2nd year a simple RED SHIRT also Hakeem changed his name to AKEEM in College due to strict MUSLIM FAITH.


There will never be another JORDAN...and there will never be another DREAM me on that.

360 Degrees....when JORDAN caught his commercial flight to CHICAGO after being drafted.....he had no on waiting for him enter GOERGE KOEHLER who was waiting for someone else at O'HARE and the last one to empty the PLANE was JORDAN.......MIKE said he was going to get a TAXI and KOEHLER reportedly said $20 Bucks I will take you anywhere you need to go......MR. KOEHLER has been MIKE'S personal assistant and driver ever SINCE June 1984 - present.........talking about being in the right place at the right time.


Steelers OLD on D......SLOW YOUR ROLL......MEET and GREET the FUTURE Curtain...coming to a BACKFIELD near you

The STEELERS have the oldest Defense in the LEAGUE.....which will help the STEELERS in a shortened Off-Season. Then you say how is that?...SIMPLE.......This current Defense has been together now for some years so everyone is on the same page.....I MEAN EVERYONE.

Then you ask WHAT IF THE OLD GUYS get tired?......ENTER Director of FOOTBALL Operations Kevin COLBERT......aka The HEAD of STAFF in the DRAFT....aka the ARCHITECT.

COLBERT has not only kept the current group intact but he has built through the DRAFT like only the GREAT ORGANIZATIONS Do......a PLETHORA of TALENTED Young Players and in doing so the STEELERS have fortified themselves as an ELITE NFL Team for years to come.

Here is the list of 1st round picks from the 2000 Draft -2011 Draft


2001 Casey "HOT PLATE" HAMPTON Hookem' HORNS

2002 Kendall SIMMONS G Auburn workin' at LEROY's PETRO and CIGARILLOS in 'BAMA

2003 Troy POLAMALU S Men of TROY SC


2005 Heath MILLER TE WAHOOS V A Charlottesville

2006 Santonio HOLMES WR BRUTUS in Columbus

2007 Lawrence TIMMONS LB 'NOLES Lamaar WOODLEY Maize&Blue 2nd Round that year

2008 Rashard MENDENHALL RB Figthin' ILLINI 5th RB taken that draft

2009 Evander HOOD DE MIZZOU

2010 Maurkice POUNCEY C the SWAMP


See COLBERT hasn't missed often.......and the most successful FRANCHISES are the ones who get the HIGH PICKS right. If you are going to miss in the DRAFT 4th Round on is where it doesn't really effect a team.

Now the having looked at the 1st Rounders....let's look at the DEPTH and players under 27 on the D in 2011........

DEs Ziggy HOOD and Cameron HEYWARD

OLB Jason WORILDS of BEAMER BALL in Blacksburg V A

ILB Stevenson SYLVESTER the U of U

OLB Lamaar WOODLEY just signed a 5-year $61 Million extension last week

ILB Lawrence TIMMONS just signed a 5-year $50 Million extension this week

CB Crezdon BUTLER Death Valley

S Ryan MUNDY Morgantown


Not to mention some of the PLAYERS we have drafted on the Offensive Side of the ball and DR. COLBERT MD is like a SURGEON in the LATER ROUNDS getting talent that fit the STEELER MYSTIC.

We have a few Corners that just need to step up and be that next guy behind McFADDEN and I LIKE IKE......SWAGGIN. COLBERT did get CBs Curtis BROWN of UT AUSTIN and Cortez ALLEN from the CITADEL to push some of the GUYS sitting on the Depth Chart that have to make move.

So before you worry about OUR HOUSE take care of yours. We don't get OLD in Black and Yellow...we GREMLINS we don't die.......we multiply.

NOTE: STEELERS will once again be in the TOP 2-3 Total Defenses in the NFL again....WRITE IT DOWN and TAKE a PICTURE.

the TOP 6 NFC Playoff Teams....Packers #1 Seed.....will they get back to the LOMBARDI PARTY?......Who is the OTHER 5 trying to DeTHRONE the PACK?

The 2011 Top 6 NFC Teams by seed into the PLAYOFFS. Will the PACK get back to the LOMBARDI PARTY?.....The NFC has a few teams that could challenge he PACKERS.....but where are these teams seeded?

The PACKERS look like the Favorite to repeat as NFC Champions.....but the Road will be bumpy. The BEARS let the PACK off the HOOK in the last game of the season then had to see them in the NFC Championship Game.

The SAINTS have retooled the D and the O picks up perhaps the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 'BAMA RB Mark INGRAM. And who else will make hay in the NFC?

2011 NFC Playoff Seeds...WHO U WIT?

#1 PACKERS 14-2 they held serve and they come in as the #2 D behind STEELERS

#2 SAINTS 13-3 Sean Payton and the O are #2 Overall and Rookie INGRAM is a LOAD

#3 EAGLES 11-5 Dream Team Not....Damn Good YES.....NFC EAST Champs

#4 RAMS 10-6 QB Bradford is the they r retooling the D

#5 FALCONS 11-5 RYAN and Company could not get past SAINTS....but they r DANGEROUS

#6 BEARS 10-6 MARTZ'S Offense is good but at times looked average.....but a Top 5 D

the 2011 NFC Playoffs start with the Wild Card Round......leego:

#4 RAMS @ #5 DIrty BIRDS: The upstart RAMS from the LOU have a Playoff Veteran in Coach SPAGS only problem is he is not playing. The FALCONS didn't take care of business during the season now they are on the road in St. Louis for a Wild Card tilt.

The GAME starts off with the FALCONS getting the ball and driving all the way down the field in less than 6 minutes and score on a Michael TURNER 4 yard run to go up 7-0. The RAMS come right back and Bradford is doing his best....I AM READY FOR THE BIG TIME IMPRESSION....and the RAMS score on a STEVEN JACKSON Screen pas of 35 yards and tie the game up 7-7.

The 2nd Qtr the game slows own and both teams go back and forth on 3 and outs until they both sustain one last drive each to get 3 points......HALFTIME ATL 10 - STL 10.

The 3rd Qtr begins with the RAMS trying to establish the running attack with JACKSON and they come up short. They Punt and the FALCONS get good field position in RAMS territory. 1st play Falcons QB RYAN goes up top to WR Roddy WHITE 46 yards to pay dirt and the FALCONS go up 17-10. That play right there might have taken the win out of the RAMS sail.....and it did. the RAMS get nothing else in the 3rd and they need to stop the FALCONS in the 4th.

FALCONS come out swinging as they smell blood in the water as Ryan goes to GONZO, RODDY, and the Rookie WR Julio JONES to get deep into RAMS territory. And on 3rd and about 9 the RAMS and Coach SPAGS turn up the heat as they are going to blitz RYAN.....enter another FALCONS Rookie RB Jaquizz RODGERS from the BEAVERS of Oregon STATE.....he slips out of the backfield RYAN just gets it to him and like a water bug with somewhere to go..........SIX......RAMS done. They get the PAT and the FALCONS go onto win 24-10 and the DIRTY BIRDS may have found some MO JO on D in this one.

#6 BEARS @ #3 EAGLES: this is the game everyone has been waiting for.....the BEARS Defense vs the Explosive EAGLES Offense led by QB Mike VICK.

The GAME Starts out by the BEARS kicking to the EAGLES and look who is back there for the EAGLES .......MACLIN and DeSean JACKSON....UH OH Spaghetti O. The BEARS Kick it 7 yards deep in the end zone and JACK brings it out to the left......cuts back right.....then hits the hash.........GET THAT MONEY........JACK is shot out of LONG BEACH 107 Yards 7-0 and the LINC is going CUCKOO for CHEESESTEAKS.

On the ensuing Kickoff the BEARS tell themselves we can try to one up that and they have Devin HESTER aka D H back to get theirs with Speedy 2nd Year WR Johnny KNOX. The EAGLES kick it almost out of the BACK to where it almost looks like HESTER hits the back of the end zone.....and to everyones surprise but the BEARS and EAGLES D H comes out goes left.......then right........back left .....on a ZIG ZAG back right MIDFIELD.......the kicker to the 40......kicker in rearview back to the CENTER of the field and EAGLES FANS throw CHEESESTEAKS on the Field as we have a delay in the PAT from Bears K Robbie GOLD. They clean off the FIELD.....we r knotted up at 7-7.

Both teams settle down and the defense for the BEARS is locked i as they stop Vick on the 1st 4 series and the EAGLES return the FAVOR on the BEARS stopping them as well. The score at halftime 7-7........all that at the beginning of the game now we are back to watching PAINT DRY.

The 3rd Qtr starts out with the EAGLES kicking the ball in the that back HESTER. The BEARS start off with a couple of good runs to RB Matt FORTE as the BEARS see something opposite DE CULLEN JENKINS. Then it happens.......on PLAY Action CUTLER finds the BEARS #1 WR Roy WILLIAMS for a 68 yard BOMB as he gets behind SAMUEL and South Folrida's Nate ALLEN for a TD and a throw them up Hookem' HORNS Celebration......the LINC STUNNED.....with our CORNERS.....yeah those CORNERS.

The EAGLES and VICK come right back with a long drive with a mix of the RB Duo of LeSean MCCOY and Ronnie BROWN. then VICK start getting in rythm as he finds TE Brett CELEK on a 34 yarder to get in to the Red Zone. On the ensuing play VICK tries a BOOTLEG opposite Julius PEPPERS and he runs right into 9 yard loss. A few play later they settle for a FG.....14-10 Bears at the end of 3.

The 4th Starts as the BEARS mix FORTE up with move the chain routes to KNOX, HESTER, and BENNETT. Then on another play action CUTLER gets greedy and tries to go up top to HESTER but ASOMUGHA is right there for the PICK.......but it's like a punt.....but DO NOT THROW to his SIDE it looked like MARTZ was telling CUTLER as CUT walked by him......BODY LANGUAGE is everything and it looked like CUT wanted to fly MARTZ the BIRD after that exchange.

VICK and company get it deep into their own territory with just over 9 minutes to go. Eagles get another drive going and this time they have BIG Ronnie BROWN getting his 2nd wind as he seems to be the workhorse on this drive. The EAGLES get it all the way down to the BEARS 9 yard line and it's first and goal. With the 2 minute warning on and the BEARS with no time outs lookout.

VICK and the eagles use all but 35 seconds and on 3rd and goal VICK runs an option right to BROWN and he pitches it as Safety Chris HARRIS an Lance BRIGGS can't get to the cone......TD EAGLES...........17-14 EAGLES.

The BEARS get the ball an a last try into the end zone is no good and the EAGLES survive to play another game next week.

The DIVISIONAL Playoffs coming up FRIDAY...... #5 FALCONS @ #1 PACKERS.......#3 EAGLES @ #2 SAINTS

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CSI Bluedude Sportstalk....BEARS...PRYOR.....EAGLES.....a BLUEDUDE Sportstalk Exclusive

More Yellow tape this time some NFL Teams......and a young man getting suspended off of what happened in COLLEGE.

Crime Scene..........New GIANTS STADIUM......BEARS Sideline....near Sideline, Coaching Staff, and YARD STICKS: The BEARS look like they have the same problem as last season......Offensive Line. The BILLS sacked Bears QB in Preseason Game 1.....9 times. The BEARS did make it to the NFC Championship Game last season by using a Top 10 Defense and SMOKESCREENS on Offense. They must fix those guys up front or the Running Game and the Passing Game will have trouble.

I know it's MIKE TICE's Problem, BEARS Offensive Line Coach, but Mike Martz, the BEARS offensive Coordinator, may have to step in as well.....Enough is Enough.

Head Coach Lovie Smith has a Good Group but having to go up against the DIRTY BIRDS, SAINTS, and PACKERS in the 1st # games of the SEASON......I am throwing the RED Flag up already...or should I say Putting Yellow Tape around Lake Forest Illinois where the BEARS Practice Facility is.

Crime Scene.........NFL League Offices.....and somewhere in PENNSYLVANIA where QB Terrelle PRYOR is residing: NFL Commissioner Roger CASTRO......I mean Roger GOODELL has opened a whole new can of worms with this new suspension on former Ohio STATE QB Terrell PRYOR.

Pryor was to face a NCAA mandated 5-Game Suspension if he stayed at the OHIO STATE university his Senior Year. But OHIO STATE University Officials took it upon themselves to dismiss PRYOR and he is banned from CAMPUS for some 36-60 months. So technically speaking he is eligible for the NFLs Supplemental DRAFT right...WRONG.

Goodell reportedly met with NCAA Officials and has let PRYOR enter the SUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT (where he was takin by the RAIDERS Monday in the 3rd Round) but will have to serve his 5 Game Suspension on the PROFESSIONAL Level. ARE YOU SERIOUS.....Roger is at it again......let me Fly to INDY to the NCAA Headquarters with My CAPE and show my I-MAN Operations on everything NFL.

The BLUEDUDE tells you this.....trying to keep it clean.....why don't he set the F+++ Down somewhere and mind his business. WHO the F*** does he think he is. First you put RED SKIRTS on all the NFL QBs, then you set up CASH and GO on the STEELERS Sideline for Hitting to hard, now you are punishing guys for what they did in their COLLEGE DAYS. #92 in Black n Yellow was right.....your are the DEVIL......B****

Crime SCENE..........NOVACARE Training Facility.....Philadelphia P A.......and Heinz FIELD Last Thursday Night....PITTSBURGH P A: The best NFL Football Team of 2011........straight out of Hookem' HORNS and 2nd String QB VY's Mouth.........DREAM TEAM...with a smile.

We have multiple Locations of the crime because the Practice Facility......and where the DREAM TEAM got BEAT DOWN in Western P A.

The EAGLES before they start talking DREAM better fix that DEFENSE before it's week 5 and you will be dreaming about when is the 1st Touchdown we score. Last time I looked you can't score if you OFFENSE is not on the FIELD......PICK 6's and Defensive Caused Turnovers for PAY DIRT are rare.

VICK and the OFFENSE will score TDs......but they will go nowhere if they are averaging 28ppg and giving up 27 ppg. I see problem everywhere.....MATTHEWS and ROLLE....just fresh out of the QUACK ATTACK and the SHOE in Columbus...these 2 rookie LINEBACKERS will be tested play by play by these NFL Intelligent NFL Coordinators.

The STRENGTH of the EAGLES D is their secondary......but they should have gone out and got 2 linebackers......Former BUCS ILB Barrett RUUD who is in OPRYLAND.....and former TITANS ILB Stephen TULLOCH who is with the MOTOR CITY and his Former Defensive Coordinator in TENNESSEE and LIONS Head Coach Jim SCHWARTZ.

Instead they spend money on a CORNER.....didn't need....a Defensive END...they needed in EX-Packer Cullen JENKINS...and other miscellaneous parts. JUDGING it's only Pre SEASON.....the STEELERS hit them with a Big Dose of Reality as the EAGLES 1st teams looked out manned in every facet vs the STEELERS 1st Teams.

EAGLES you need to fix......or their will be yellow tape at your facility and the 8 faculties you will be visiting this season.


the TOP 6 AFC Teams in the PLAYOFFS.......Who are the Wild Card Teams?.....Who sitting home Wild Card Weekend?.....who is #1 Seed?

Now the BLUEDUDE has dissected both the AFC and NFC by Divisions..........let's take you to the 2011 AFC PLAYOFFS powered by BLUEDUDE SPORTS. We will cover the Top 6 Teams.....Who are the WILD CARD Teams.......Which teams advance and which team will probably represent the AFC in the 2012 Super Bowl in NAPTOWN Indiana at LUCAS OIL Field.

The Top 6 Seeds............

#1 PATRIOTS 14-2 Cruised through the regular season and the NFLs #1 Offense

#2 STEELERS 12-4 They have the #1 Defense and improved on pass defense

#3 COLTS 10-6 Manning had one of his average years....their last run

#4 CHIEFS 9-7 Brutal Schedule and still got in.....a tough out in January

#5 RAVENS 10-6 the Joe FLACCO Show has come full circle...D not as good

#6 JETS 10-6 REX and his group have what it takes to get there....PLAX gets 8 Tds

Wild Card Weekend

#6 JETS @ #3 COLTS: Peyton Manning and the COLTS jump out early on the JETS and lead 10-0 after 1. The JETS come back in the 2nd Frame to get to 10-9 COLTS lead and the JETS have the momentum.

In the 2nd Half the JETS come out firing as the ONE to PLAX and BACK DUO are in full effect as they score a TD on the Opening Drive to go up 16-10. The COLTS answer as Manning takes his group down for 7 to make it 17-16. They both go back and forth in the 4th until the JETS have a sustaining drive at the end. With the SCORE 17-16 COLTS the JETS get into FG Range.....and with :03 to go the COLTS try to ICE JETS PK Nick FOLK......the SNAP............WIDE LEFT....COLTS move on

#5 RAVENS @ #4 CHIEFS: A rematch of last years tussle start out just like last years as Jamal Charles breaks lose for a 65 yard scamper to go 7-0 Chiefs. Joe FLACCO and the RAVENS come right back with a drive of their own and he goes up top 37 yards to BADGER WR Lee EVANS......7-7. Both have good enough drives in the 2nd Qtr to get FGs...10-10 at the half.

The RAVENS come right out and RB ray RICE puts it on the ground yet again as the CHIEFS capitalize to go up 17-10 on a 22 yard TD PASS to TE and former IOWA HAWKEYE and Wheaton WARRENVILLE SOUTH HS ILLINOIS Player Tony MOEAKI. The RAVENS try to answer and only get a FG to get the score to 17-13 CHIEFS.

This is when the CHIEFS use their tow-headed monster of RB Charles and Thomas JONES to eat up most of the CLOCK in the 4th and let the air out of the RAVENS as JONES scores on a 1 yard run for thw CHIEFS to go up 24-13....and that's the BALL GAME....CHIEFS advance.

Divisional WEEKEND.....

#3 COLTS @ #2 STEELERS: From the jump the COLTS have no chance as MANNING and Company can get nothing going in the Light Snowstorm in PITTSBURGH and Big BEN shows why he is a TOP 5 QB.....not Peyton's Brother ELI. The STEELERS go up 17-0 at half as the COLTS are playing in the 2nd half on pride.

The 2nd HALF starts off with the STEELERS putting the nail in the Coffin as Rashard MENDENHALL goes on a 46 Yard run straight to PAY DIRT for a 24-0 lead. The COLTS never got a chance to score and the STEELERS add 2 more SUISHAM FGs to win the game up for STEELERS the PATS or the CHIEFS......and that one has NEW ENGLAND Patriots Football MINDS all over it.

#4 CHIEFS @ #1 PATRIOTS: The PATRIOT WAY HUH!......the CHIEFS jump out to 7-0 lead as WR DeWayne BOWE catches a 56 yard pass and burns up the PATS #1 Corner McCOURTY and Safety Patrick CHUNG on the play. The PATS come right back and get to it on a BRADY to WES WELKER 17 yard TD PASS to knot the score up at 7-7 as the BIG RAZOR BLADE in FOXBORO is going APE S***.

The 2nd Quarter starts out with the CHIEFS on a 3 and out and the PATS take full advantage of the 3 and out as BRADY goes up TOP again...this time to WR Chad OCHOCINCO for a 48 yard TD PASS and #85 ha no celebration.....remember the PATRIOT WAY. The HALF ends as the PATS get one last chance at it and get a 49 yard FG from K Stephen GOSTKOWSKI to go up 17-7.

The 3rd Quarter has the PATS go 3 and out to start and the CHIEFS get CHARLES and JONES rolling again and thy get the CHIEFS all the way down to the RED ZONE where Former PATS QB CASSELL goes for a TD on a 6 yard BOOTLEG.....both MERIWEATHER and CHUNG get fooled.....17-14 PATS in the 3rd.

After a back and forth in the middle and late 3rd.........the 4th Quarter starts as the CHIEFS get a FG a tie the SCORE up at 17-17. The PATRIOTS finally get back in sync as RB Benjarvis GREEN-ELLIS......that is one RB....really. The PATS go all the way down and call this play:

GOALINE ...DOUBLE TIGHTS......left slot 83.....POWER -1...BELLY UP two jets flat.....FLIER on 3. ALL THAT.......TD PASS to TE Aaron HERNANDEZ 24-17 PATS. The CHIEFS are driving all the way down into the RED ZONE late when it's a 3rd and 12 from the PATROTS 20. They call:

TRIPS LEFT single back Hookem HORNS motion right......SLOT ZIGZAG WIDE OUT Z CORNER Read. There it is CASSELL trying to hit BOWE in the CORNER..........NO......GAME TIME....PATS win 24-17 and will host the BIG BAD STEELERS on CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY.


STAY TUNED as the BLUEDUDE will get to the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP Game on THURSDAY.....up NEXT WEDS.....the 2011 NFC PLAYOFFS......will the PACK return to the BIG ONE.

Monday, August 22, 2011

the T-REX.....the BLACK QB....Terrelle PRYOR joins the LIST of ATHLETIC QB who can't throw....ATHLETIC, can RUN, and WHATEVER.

Before we get started here ....let the BLUEDUDE clarify something......I look like the the PRYORS, Vince YOUNG, and McNABBS of the world. So when I say BLACK QB.....I can relate from a standpoint of that's me out there as well.

Reportedly former Ohio STATE QB Terrelle PRYOR at his workout ran a 4.36 40 Yard dash......and at 6'5" and a thick 232 EL BEES......PRYOR ran the 2nd fastest time for a QB since MIKE VICK coming out of BEAMER BALL in BLACKSBURG V A. I already here rumblings of him moving to TIGHT END or WR. Why don't you move TEBOW to that position he is no more QB than PRYOR and slower.

Now having did so HERE WE GO........WOW what an ATHLETE......Agreed.........But not a Pocket PASSING QB.......AGREED but can be....the Analysts will never say that he can be they will be trying to put him at WR or Tight END. Then they will bring up past discretion's from the OHUO STATE University......and GOODELL Crossed that line and bought into that BULL****.

They will also NEVER say when looking at the tape he is intelligent.....but back to being a GREAT ATHLETE. Joe GILLIAM of the STEELERS way back in the DAY before BRADSHAW was a hell of a QB and half of you NEVER heard of him and he was BLACK.

So let me ask you this since we are on the SUBJECT......can Terrelle PRYOR eventually be a Starting NFL QB?.......they say TEBOW can.....and he can't throw any better and isn't near as fast as PRYOR....OH DAMN but it's TEBOW huh? Tim is a POOR MAN's MIKE VICK I don't care how you slice and will never be half of MIKE....sorry what you heard.

Look at former SYRACUSE All-American QB and long time EAGLE Donovan McNABB. He will never get credit for being a Great QB and being Great doesn't necessarily constitute as winning the BIG ONE. #5 was a BIG TIME QB in PHILLY PERIOD. I could give 2 CHEESESTEAKS in H*** what the EAGLES Fan thought about him.....he is a winner....and so is TERRELLE PRYOR.

What about GRAMBLING UNiversity's QB Doug WILLIAMS who led the 'SKINS to the LOMBARDI......they never talk about him and he was flat out the MAN in the OLD SOMBRERO in TAMPA with the SELMON Brothers, Jimmy GILES, James WILDER, and Hugh GREEN. What he wasn't that GOOD....can't tell.

This is why used the DINOSAUR Reference of the T-REX...the BLACK QB might as well be extinct as well. Why don't we tell all the BLACK YOUTH that's ok to play everywhere put QB....because when you get to the will be an athlete only......not an intelligent one either.

Look at his list right of the TOP of the BLUEDUDE'S Thinking Cap of Black QBs and tell me which one of these gets a lot of Good Press:

Donovan McNABB Eagles......'SKINS......VIKES Pro BOWLER SYRACUSE














Look at that list...all ATHLETIC HUH!...........this list is comprised of what QBs are........NO MATTER What color.......Pocket Passers....on the MOVE Passers......Playmakers......just plain WINNERS at every level these QBs found way to get the W and be successful.

I guess my point is maybe I need to turn the VOLUME down when they talk about certain QBs........none of these guys look like ELWAY, MANNING, MONTANA, BRADY, or Steve YOUNG......and to some people's disbelief........all these GUYS respect those guys but could give a DAMN what they did. And I know it's a QB league maybe that's why the BLACK QB get thrown under the can be their league to....RIGHT?

So next time you out there looking for a FOSSIL......u might find a PLAYBOOK or a Football HELMET....and if you do go to GOOGLE the TEAM and number on the HELMET should match one of the PLAYERS on this list.

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.......nothing out of's REAL STUFF....all the time......seen it from the INSIDE OUT working in the NBA.....same results...different SPORTS.

NOTE: Didn't Cavs OWNER Dan GILBERT scold LeBRON when he left. It's alright for KING JAMES to work on the PLANTATION but you can never leave the PLANTATION...right?....KING JAMES put in his contract....he can become n unrestricted FA when his contract ends.....DANNY BOY should've looked at the contract before LeBRON signed it.....he was thinking LeBron won't leave his home....he owes us too much......he DOESN'T OWE YOU S*** he walked.