Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are the MAVERICKS and NOWITZKI up for the TASK?.......DIdn't look like it in GAME 1.....WADE, JAMES, and HEAT Cruise to W

It was a typical MAVRICKS PACE or looking back on the last series for the HEAT it was their PACE also. The 2011 NBA Finals started off with a ............STILL WAITING...........A...........Yeah there was that much action in GAME 1.

The HEAT hold serve as they go up 1-0 on the MAVS and the HEAT for the most part never really looked like they were in trouble and looked about as laxed as they probably do in a MORNING Shootaround.

The MAVS on the OTHER hand tried a few things LIKE ZONE and getting back early in transition to negate the HEAT'S easy bucket in Transition. Having said that the MAVS still looked a step slow and a PLAY late as they never really got their feet under them.

Dirk NOWITZKI, the 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS MVP to this point in the BLUEDUDE'S Opinion, had a subpar game and never really posed problem to the HEAT'S Defense. Dirk shot 12-12 from the Charity Stripe but only 7-18 from the floor. He was guarded by KING JAMES, Joel ANTHONY, HASLEM, and even Juwan HOWARD.

The HEAT on the other hand kept plugging away until finally WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES just took over at both ends of the FLOOR. JAMES had 24, 9, and 5 and WADE had 22, 10 and 6 a they jsut simply looked like they have in the previous Playoff Series.....the BEST 2 PLAYERS on the PLANET.....PERIOD.

The MAVS Bench was a non-factor because the GAME never changed any hands when both tams used their benches..........in other words NO IMPACT POINTS or POSSESSIONS when the BENCH Players played.

Looking at GAME 2.......the MAVS have to force the issue little and put the HEAT back on their HEELS....but the more and more I look at it.....this might be a bad Match-up for the MAVS.........they have no one to handle WADE or JAMES and the HEAT feel very comfortable in how they can handle NOWITZKI.

This is where the SERIES will be won......let's see how the MAVS and Coach CARLISLE, CASEY, and STOTTS handle GAME 2 and see what COACH SPO does to maybe counter the MAVS........because both of these Coaches can make key ADjustments on the FLY.

But towards th end of GAME 1 the HEAT theatrics were a little bit over the top and just like BULLS Center/Forward Joahkim NOAH said after the Series with the HEAT," The HEAT are HOLLYWOOD as HELL but DAMN GOOD". C'MON MAVS.........put Brian CARDINAL out there next time and GIVE one of them fools a FLAGARANT 25......So you will be suspended next season....WHO CARES.

GAME 2 THURSDAY in 305 at 9ET on ABC SPORTS.................

Monday, May 30, 2011

In 2006......it was SHAQ and WADE COUNTY........Who will it be in 2011?........NOWITZKI and KIDD....or....KING JAMES n WADE COUNTY....2011 NBA FINALS

The 2011 NBA Finals are about to begin and there are some interesting story lines up to GAME TIME. Can DIRK and JET TERRY make amends for the 2006 Finals where they were up 2-0 on WADE and the SHAQ led HEAT only to lose 4 straight and the series 4-2?

Did King JAMES and Bosh SPICE make the correct move in coming to South Beach to join WADE COUNTY and get BANNERS?

Can Mark CUBAN and his Franchise finally cash in on the big one that has been eluding them since 2006?

HEAT Owner MICKEY ARISON gave Pat RILEY the Check BOOK and in turn can the HEAT win Multiple CHAMPIONSHIPS starting this Season?

If the MAVS win can they be bigger than that STAR in DALLAS that always seems to get the credit for being AMERICA'S Team?.....Heck THE 'BOYS might not even be DALLAS' Team.

And let the CHESS Match begin.........Coach SPO vs Coach CARLISLE..........Pick your poison.......Who Guards DIRK?.......Whose got WADE?.......Do we run a Double Team at KING JAMES?.......Can the HEAT Bench out play the MAVS Bench?........Which Coach will make the Key Adjustments as the Series moves on?

Welcome to the 2010-2011 NBA Finals Preview...........@BLUEDUDESPORTSTALK...TALE OF THE TAPE:

MIAMI HEAT 58-24 Regular Season

2011 Eastern Conference Champs 12-3

Playoff Round by Round

1st Miami 4-1 vs SIXERS
Conf FINALS Miami 4-1 vs BULLS

2011 PLAYOFF RUN through Eastern Conference FINALS: The HEAT have been steadily improving and may have had there toughest challenge early on with Doug Collins and his SIXERS. The HEAT have dominated when needed and WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES have been what We though they would be in WINNING TIME.......EXCELLENT CLOSERS

The CELTICS Series showed the AGE of the GREEN TEAM and the Beginning of what the HEAT will become as WADE and KING JAMES just dominated from end to end. The ONLY real factor vs the HEAT was Rajon RONDO and when KING JAMES was guarding him......all bets were off for the C'S.

The BULLS Series was a surprise for all of us in a sense that the BULLS dominated the HEAT in the Regular Season but what the saying in the NBA as far as the Regular Season to the PLAYOFFS........It's whole new season. And after Game 1 the HEAT and KING JAMES just dominated as Coach SPO and RILEY and STAFF just made adjustment after adjustment and Bulls Coach THIBS was dumbfounded after GAME 1.

FINALS OUTLOOK: The HEAT have been on a Roll and what's scary is everyone knows their roll.......including the TRAINER. The MAVERICKS were 2-0 vs the HEAT during the Regular Season but that means nothing. The "DIGGLER" Dirk NOWITZKI has been on a mission but so have the SOUTH BEACH 3.

The HEAT must make the others involved BEAT THEM DIRK cannot have 40 point outburst and JET TERRY, J KIDD, and the rest of the Supporting Cast get theirs also. Look for the HEAT to RUN KING JAMES at DIRK and HASLEM as well as the ageless one in Juwan HOWARD.

As far as the HEAT go......Offensively they need to get in transition and use their smothering Defense for their Offense. KING JAMES and WADE COUNTY have done their thing but Chris Bosh aka BOSH SPICE......has had a very good playoff run in his own right and will be motivated playing his hometown team.

DALLAS MAVERICKS 57-25 Regular Season

2011 Western Conference Champions 12-3 including a Sweep 4-0 of the LA LAKERS

Playoffs Round by Round

1st Dallas 4-2 vs BLAZERS
SEMIS Dallas 4-0 vs LAKESHOW

2011 Playoff Run through the Western Conference FINALS: The MAVERICKS may have had their hardest struggles to date with their 1st Round Opponent the Portland TRAILBLAZERS. The BLAZERS gave the MAVS fits because of their Versatility, Athleticism, and Length. Wes MATHEWS jr, BROY7, LaMarcus ALDRIDGE, BATUM, FERNANDEZ, and Coach McMILLAN had the MAVS figured out and matched up very well with them.

The Semi's was a wash and many thought it would be a WASH the other way but the MAVERICKS surprised everyone but themselves on their way to an impressive SWEEP 4-0 over the 2-time Defending World Champion LA LAKERS.

The MAVS used their Spread Offense Isolating DIRK with SHOOTERS everywhere so if the LAKESHOW DOUBLED ...they PAID and boy did they pay dearly. The LAKERS looked as though they were reaching for that proverbial SWITCH they usually have in the PLAYOFFS to turn on and vault them into the FINALS......it never happened.

The THUNDER posed a couple of problem to the MAVS....YOUTH and ATHLETICISM. But the THE MAVS had the KEY INGREDIENT......EXPERIENCE and down the STRETCH it showed late in GAMES as the Youthful THUNDER had all kinds of Problems CLOSING the DOOR on the MAVS or sustaining LEADS in key moments of the GAMES. And of Course you put EXPERIENCE with the BEST PLAYER in the 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS to date together in the "DIGGLER" Dirk NOWITZKI.....GAME......SET......MATCH......MAVS.

FINALS OUTLOOK: The MAVS have played their way through a Couple of STYLES in the BLAZERS and the THUNDER that they will see in the HEAT.........ATHLETIC.......and LONG.....the only difference in these GAMES will be that those 2 Teams don't have WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES.

The MAVS have to stick to what got them HERE.......ISO DIRK.....or put him in a 2- Man Game with JET TERRY or J KIDD........Spread the FLOOR out with SHOOTERS and make the HEAT make the proper adjustments to counter the MAVS.

The BENCH led by JJ BEREA, Brendan HAYWOOD, JET TERRY, and Peja STOJAKOVIC......will be huge and if they keep bringing that same firepower to this series like the OTHERS.......HEAT BENCH and TEAM will be in trouble.

DEFENSIVELY the MAVS have to keep the HEAT out of Transition which is going to be tough since the MAVS are a Jump-Shooting TEAM. The MAVS also have to KEEP the HEAT off the Free Throw Line and the Free Throw Edge they had all though the Eastern Conference PLAYOFFS paid BIG DIVIDENDS for the HEAT.

WINNER: It is a tough call.......but both Coaches are very well prepared an they have SUPERSTARS with the MAVS having A Veteran-Laden Team and Guys like DIRK, JKIDD, JET TERRY, the MATRIX, and owner MArk CUBAN Salivating at this Opportunity........this FINALS will be too hard to pass up fo the MAVS and the MAVS will WIN in BIG D Game 6 and the SREIES 4-2.

The HEAT will make a SERIES of it but the KEY GAME will be in 305 with the FINALS FORMAT 2-3-2....and if the MAVS get 1 of those GAMES....it will be tough for the HEAT to OVERCOME.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

So it's Kyrie IRVING and Derrick WILLIAMS.......the real #1 Pick is at Kentucky this season....his name...Anthony DAVIS

We have heard all the Chatter about the 2011 NBA Draft and after the NBA Pre-Draft Camp in the 'GO a few week ago.......the consensus is that DUKE PG Kyrie IRVING will be the 1st player off the board and that Arizona's One-Man Highlight Reel Derrick WILLIAMS will be the 2nd Player off the draft board.

With a Draft Class that seems to be tinkering on Disappointment after those 2 Players.....the Real talent this year is in High School with names like Austin RIVERS ( DOC RIVERS Son), Michael GILCHRIST, Bradley BEAL, Quincy MILLER, Marquis TEAGUE, LeBryan NASH, and last but not least your 2011 #1 Pick in the NBA Draft..........Kentucky Signee Anthony DAVIS out of Chicago Illinois Perspectives Charter SCHOOL.

If it wasn't for the rule where a High School Senior can not become eligible for the NBA Draft until at least one year of College Athletics....or in some cases like Brandon JENNINGS....go over the BIG POND for a year to play and the enter the NBA DRAFT. There are a few of these BALLERS that would be sure fire TOP NBA Draft PICKS but DAVIS would be #1 and it isn't even close.

At nearly 6'11" and a Wingspan over 7', DAVIS is a Human CONDOR-Like athlete that exudes "IT".........I don't know quite what "IT" is but he has "IT".

The BLUEDUDE compares him to a mix of 3 Players.........Donyell MARSHALL ( former UCONN HUSKIE and 12 Year NBA VET from READING PA HS), Rasheed WALLACE ( former UNC Tar Heel and 14 year NBA Veteran fro Philadelphia SIMON GRATZ HS), and the BIG TICKET Kevin GARNETT ( Chicago Farragut Academy by way of MAULDIN South Carolina HS).

DAVIS reminds me of all these guys with extreme versatility........he rebounds like all three, Blocks Shots like all three, shoots it from deep like DONYELL and SHEED, and has the Tenacity and What ever it takes to win mantra like KG.

AD kept all of his guard skills after a Summer where he grew from 6'2" to 6'10" and for him to be anchoring a KENTUCKY WILDCAT Team that is absolutely loaded....is SCARY.

But there is no doubt in my mind if he was on the Draft Board he would be the 1st player taken and the CAVS would be right back in the building with this GUYS UPSIDE.

This upcoming season at UK Lexington it will be TEAGUE and LAMB in the back court....with a front line of Terrance JONES, GILCHRIST, and DAVIS.......with 6'9" Kyle WILTJER, a mix of Mike DUNLEAVY Jr. and Kyle SINGLER, coming of the PINE 1st........lookout SEC.......the CATS are coming the CATS are coming.

As for DAVIS.....he kinda already knows where he will be going next season......the usual suspects......like the CLIP JOINT, MIKE'S team in CHARLOTTE, JERSEY, and SAC-TOWN......all those are Doormats and a possibility for DAVIS' Services. And if you ask this Humble KID that same question....he would tell.....I don't care who i play for....I just want a shot at the LEAGUE.......well in 12 months or so.........your shot will be here.........GUARANTEED.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

#33....Hall Of Famer Scottie PIPPEN.....aka Mr. PIP 33...says KING JAMES better than Michael Jeffrey JORDAN........Hold up 33

Just recently the Miami HEAT disposed of the BULLS after losing Game 1 taking the NEXT 4 Games with Wade COUNTY, CBOSH1, and KING JAMES leading the way.

The comparisons of this trio of Players have started from the New BIG 3, to MIAMI THRICE, and even the HEAT'S New basketball version......3.0. Whatever the nicknames or compariosns are most of the chatter is straight barbershop and locker room talk.

Until you have a Hall Of Famer who has 6 Rings comparing one KING JAMES to this Hall Of Famer's Teammate which in my estimation is the best Guard to ever play the game an arguably the best to ever lace them up.

The Ex-BULL Forward as recently as this past Thursday was quoted as saying this ON MIKE AND MIKE ESPN RADIO:


Since those comments SCOTTIE has retracked and said that KING JAMES eventually will surpass MIKE and be the GREATEST. And now Scottie has spoken let the BLUEDUDE enlighten you on what it is to be GREAT FIRST.....and then comparing LEGENDS to Present players or VICE VERSA.

As great as KING JAMES is....and he is nothing but.......EVERY SUPERSTAR....and there is only 5-8 of those currently in the NBA in my estimation......has it's own DNA.......or STAMP on the GAme if you will.

I think LeBron JAMES can be one of the best ever to play the game but to say he is better than #23........NEVER........REASONS WHY?:

Mike was a protoype Big Guard when he entered the LEAGUE after 3 solid years at UNC CHAPEL HILL

AIR JORDAN also carved out his own niche from the SHOE GAME to MaRKETING himself as a Professional Athlete.

JORDAN would have never joined any of the great players when he played like MAGIC, BIRD, DOC, KAREEM etc., HE WOULD RATHER BEAT THEM.......That's what seperated the PLAYERS now from Back 20 or so YEARS....Free Agency makes it too easy for STARS to say it's not workinh here let me go JOIN my GUY and become the TRANSFORMERS........Where is SELF PRIDE at in TODAY'S New NBA STAR........Stick with it and make it HAPPEN........because you can RUN ....but u can't hide.

LeBron JAMES is now the PROTOTYPE Small FORWARD or Point Forward........JORDAN was a Shooting Guard

Entirely 2 Different ERA'S

And MIKE stayed with the BULLS and Groomed his Sidekicks.......never ever wanting to JOIN another SUPERSTARS TEAM

As for LeBron's LEGACY.........People will forget he even played in CLEVELAND except Cleveland and Northern OHIO.....but from Hall Of FAMERS.....they will probably say as great as KING JAMES was....he still ran from HIS TEAM.....to join another Superstar's TEAM.......and it doesn't make it RIGHT or WRONG.........But if you are supposedly he GREATEST of All-TIME.......you shouldn't RUN ANYWHERE......RIGHT?

As for Mr. PIP 33....comparing JAMES and JORDAN........hey you would have said the same thing if you had an UMBRELLA in your DRINK to.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Too much WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES......aka the CREAM TEAM......as the BULLS go HOME Fighting....until the last 2 minutes and change

The BLUEDUDE would normally give a team as young as the BULLS a pass considering their experience level to their counterparts the MIAMI HEAT. But I just can't do that right now. The BULLS gave a YEOMAN'S Effort all the way up to the Under 3 minute mark of the 4th Quarter.

For some startling reason the BULLS have become Clock Watchers at the End of GAMES vs the HEAT and would never blink an eye vs any other team. Were the BULLS STAR-STRUCK like Fans when the HEAT come jogging through the tunnel before games.....or WHAT?

The HEAT win the series by taking GAME 5 83-80 and to come from where they came from late in this one.........YOU HAVE TO CROWN THE KING........SORRY CLEVELAND AND NORTHERN OHIO.

Dwayne WADE and LeBron JAMES did their best SANDMAN IMPRESSION (referring to YANKEES CLOSER Mariano RIVERA) in again telling teammates don't worry if it's CLOSE.......WE will still pull it out. JAMES had 28, 11, and 6 assists with WADE chipping in with 21 and 6 rebounds.

But the DAMAGE was done in the FINAL FRAME where they both accounted for 22 of the HEAT'S final 26 Points in demonstrative fashion as they end the BULLS season on the WEST SIDE of CHI-CITY. It just came down to they have 2 of the best 5 PLAYERS in the NBA and we have 1 of the 5.....throw in BOSH SPICE........the HEAT have 3 of the TOP 25 Players in the LEAGUE.

The reason the BLUEDUDE will not give the BULLS a free pass on this one is that they had a 62-20 Regular Season. They were 26-15 on the Road 2nd Best in the NBA. And tied for the best record at home at 36-5. This Team was built to make a Finals Run it just ran up against the One team that that is too TOP HEAVY for the BULLS in the HEAT''S BIG 3.


BULLS were 53-0 when leading a Game going into the 4th Quarter this season.

BULLS longest losing streak this season was 2 games between February 2-5 2011. They lost to the HEAT 4 in a ROW.

The HEAT started the Season 9-8 an finished a blazing 49-16.......for a 58-24 Regular Season.......So much for having troubles Finishing games.....REMEMBER THAT....WADE you shoot it......NO......LeBRON you shoot IT.......They have figured it out.

Mike MILLER and Udonis HASLEM missed most of the Regular Season with injuries......and they were the most important 2 players off the BENCH for the HEAT in the SERIES and Moving Forward.

Imagine how close the HEAT came to getting Derrick ROSE in the 2008 NBA Draft...the Ping Pong BALL came up BULLS 1st and HEAT 2nd....the HEAT settled for Michael "B_EASY" BEASLEY who is now with the T'WOLVES.

NOAH and BOOZER received DNP'S (Did Not Play) in the 4th Quarter of this Game 5....AMAZING. WADE'S Shoulder didn't look right tonight and he was quoted on NBA.com as saying" IT AIN'T NEVER 100%".

The DALLAS MAVERICKS were 2-0 vs the HEAT this season.....which at this point means absolutely nothing.

ONE WORD then CURTAINS PLEASE............EXPERIENCE........It's everything and then some in the NBA.......YOU SAW WHAT Happened to the BULLS and THUNDER for the fact of the matter.

BULLS average AGE 26.4 and THUNDER'S average AGE 24.......Do the MATH

2011 NBA FINALS start Tuesday MAY 31 on ABC TV at 9pm ET in the BOTTOM.........305

Thursday, May 26, 2011

NOWITZKI and MAVS locked in on becoming World Champs.......and DIRK and JET TERRY remember 2006 Vividly....as does CUBAN

Germany's #1 Professional Athlete and one of the NBA's Best, Dirk NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER, waiting on the Eastern Conference NBA Champs as they dispose of the THUNDER.

The MAVERICKS have been RED HOT....or should I say BLUE HOT all the way through the PLAYOFFS and one would have to say their toughest challenge to date was their 1st Round Series vs the Portland TRAILBLAZERS and that went 4-2 in favor of the MAVERICKS. Since that Series the MAVS took out the Defending 2-Time Repeat Champs the LAKERS 4-0, and now do the THUNDER 4-1.

But all the recent success has come with a lot of pain especially for Owner Mark CUBAN, Dirk, and JET TERRY. These 3 are the only holdovers from the 2006 NBA Finals Debacle that saw the MAVS go up 2-0 on the Miami HEAT, then led by one SHAQ DIESEL and Dwayne WADE , only to lose 4 in a row and the HEAT became the 2005-2006 NBA World Champions.

The 2006-2007 Season, the MAVS had basically the same roster and were primed to make another run as they were the #2 seed in the WEST for NBA Playoffs that season and only to run up on an #8 seeded Golden State WARRIORS Team led by Ex-Mavericks Coach Don Nelson, Baron DAVIS, Al HARRINGTON, and Stephen WACKO JACKO JACKSON......and lose to the WARRIORS in the 1st Round.

The last 3 seasons before this one the MAVS have exited in the PLAYOFFS in the 1st Round and everything was looking gloom and doom. Enter this season A focused group that was committed from Day 1 on the Defensive End. A Killer Superstar in Dirk NOWITZKI in his Prime, and one of the Best Professional Sports Owners of any Pro Sport in the World............The MAVERICKS are Back and taking No PRISONERS.

And to Mark CUBAN'S Credit......he has kept believing in his Basketball Staff and trusting that we will soon after 2006 become a World Champion.

Most likely to face the Miami HEAT in the FINALS, Dirk and Jet TERRY'S new Teammates will be ready as they are loaded with Veterans that know these DOORS don't open often.

Let's Compare the 2005-06 MAVS to the 2010-2011 MAVS:


Jason TERRY aka the JET
Devin HARRIS aka D H

This Group was 60-22 2nd best record in the WEST and lost to the HEAT 4-2 in the NBA FINALS


Jason KIDD aka J KIDD
Shawn MARION aka the MATRIX
Brendan HAYWOOD aka WOOD

NOTE: 2 of the TOP 6 MAVS are injured and out for the PLAYOFFS
Rodrigue BEAUBOIS aka the French PASTRY

This Group was 57-25 2nd Best also in the Division and 3rd best in the WEST............In the FINALS......and Better Equipped this time because of JASON KIDD at the CONTROLS....and Bigger and more PHYSICAL in the PAINT.

GOOD LUCK MAVERICKS.........The BLUEDUDE was employed with the MAVS from 1999-2000.......so I have a vested interest in how they do.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

LAKESHOW have their COACH....but it will take a reportedly 4 -5 years and NORTH of $18 Million

The Los Angeles LAKERS have a coaching vacancy that a lot of COACHES would like to fill. I mean who wouldn't take a Roster loaded with Veteran talent like GASOL, FISHER, ARTEST, ODOM, and of course the BLACK MAMBA.

The LAKERS reportedly through my sources have narrowed their choices down to 3 COACHES...the 3rd Being Brian SHAW was LAKERS assistant of Phil JACKSON'S Staff the last few seasons and a LAKER PLAYER FAVORITE, 2nd former Houston ROCKETS coach Rick ADELMAN who is admired by the LAKESHOW and Kobe BRYANT...........and Guess who has emerged at the Top of the LAKERS List.........the 2008-2009 NBA Coach of the YEAR and former Cleveland CAVALIERS HEAD MAN MIKE BROWN, who is currently been working at ESPN in their NBA Division.

The LAKERS want BROWN and BROWN wants the LAKERS....two Sticking POINTS....CASH and Job Security......and don't we all have those 2 in mind on our respective JOBS.

BROWN reportedly is looking for 4-5 Years worth NORTH of $18 Million and working with a Veteran Group who I think has maybe 2 more Runs in them and at least 1.......BROWN wants to make sure he is taking care of.

If BROWN doesn't take the JOB look for Rick ADELMAN to get the NOD and the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS will then take a serious look at BROWN and try to get something done.

Possible Coaches for the WARRIORS and ROCKETS JOBS..........Brian SHAW, Dwayne CASEY Maverick Assistant, Lawrence FRANK Boston CELTICS Assistant, Kevin McHALE TNT ANchor, Mark "ACTION JACKSON" JACKSON NBA on ESPN.

Through my sources KOBE BRYANT has endorsed SHAW, ADELMAN , and Jeff VAN GUNDY of NBA on ESPN as well.

NOTE: Jerry WEST is now calling the SHOTS in OAKLAND for the Golden State WARRIORS....look for either BROWN or SHAW.

The MIAMI HEAT have a commanding 3-1 Lead......The BULLS had this one.......KING JAMES ....NBA MVP last 2 seasons....35pts, 6 rebs, and 6 assts

The BULLS knew they needed a BIG EFFORT from their top 4 players in NBA MVP ROSE and NOAH, BOOZER, and DENG. They all put up season type numbers except ROSE. But if you would have told the BLUEDUDE the GAME will come down to a last shot with DROSE 1 with the ROCK........I would have said GAMETIME.......2-2 back ti CHI CITY.

Instead the HEAT counter with a monumental effort from the NBA MVP from the LASt 2 seasons in LeBron JAMES. JAMES played well over 49 minutes and all of the 4th quarter and OT. Put all those facts together and he guarded Derrick ROSE man up no help from the 4th quarter on and pretty much shut him down.

It was a roller coaster of a game with the BULLS getting out to a 19-8 lead in the 1st an then the HEEAT taking a 37-28 lead midway through the 2nd frame. The BULLS then closed the 2nd with a run of their own to have a 46-44 advantage at the HALF.

The 3rd was back an forth an the BULLS Offensively found a rhythm and took a 68-63 Lead at the end of 3. The HEAT then put the clamps on the BULLS......or was it the BULLS LOOKING REAL TIGHT IN THE 4th again. The BULLS went almost 5 minutes with out a point and the HEAT did most of that damage with WADE and BOSH........sprinkled with a little bit of Mike MILLER...WHO? Yeah that MIKE MILLER from FLORIDA GATORS with unlimited range an injuries have just decimated him late in his career.

But the BULLS made a huge stop with 8 seconds to go when Bulls G Ronnie BREWER got a CHARGE call on KING JAMES. But before that play the BULLS ran an ISO with ROSE with KING JAMES GUARDING him.....BULLS...pick another FIGHT.......but COACH THIBS called the ISO to ROSE again to end the GAME.......DITTO........EXTRA FRAMES.

The BLUEDUDE would have had CJ WATSON get it and him and DENG run a SLIP{ SCREEN with DENG for the SHOT and if DENG couldn't SLIP WATSON could've taken WADE or who else was guarding him off the DRIBBLE........just staying away from whoever KIN JAMES was Guarding we use that player as a DECOY.

NBA Playoff BASKETBALL 101 the OVERTIME Edition........the HOME TEAM percentage wise has a heck of a better chance to WIN the GAME than the ROAD TEAM....and that's what happened......BULLS STARTERS logged too many minutes and had nothing left in OT.


JAMES lead all players with 49 MINUTES played

ROSE, BOOZER, NOAH, DENG all had 43 plus minutes played way too many for the BIGS especially when ROSE played all the 4th Quarter and OT

HEAT 32-38 Free throws BULLS 17-22 Free Throws HEAT +16 more times at the line and +15 more FT'S Made...

Rebounds EVEN HEAT 41 BULLS 42 8 Offensive for HEAT and 10 Offensive for BULLS

NOTE: Just like HASLEM surprise PLAY in GAME 2....this time MIKE MILLER hits the BULLS for 26 minutes 12 points and 9 rebounds.....I feel for a GUY who has had as many injuries has MIKE ha had this season to Pull one through when the HEAT need it.

BULLS now go back HOME facing a 3-1 Deficit.........CAN the HEAT CLOSE THEM?.........If they don't close them......the HEAT are playing with FOOL'S GOLD....every game now for the BULLS is an ELIMINATION GAME........we will see THURSDAY NIGHT on the WEST SIDE of Chi CITY...GAME 5

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Up 15 with a little over 4 minutes to go at HOME.......THUNDER show their YOUTH.......and the MAVS show their Veteran Prowess......NOWITZKI 40 AGAIN

The stage was set Monday Night in Oklahoma City as the THUNDER, facing a 2-1 Deficit in the series, had a Nice Game PLAN. Let's Get our CROWD in this ATTACKING, ATTACKING, and ATTACKING.

1st Period the THUNDER do just that and pull out to a 31-22 lead and Kevin DURANT aka BABY ICE and Russell WESTBROOK aka @russwest44 go off in the 1st and 2nd FRAME. The MAVS with all that veteran leadership are still lurking in the WEEDS as we go to the MIDWAY point...........THUNDER 59 MAVS 54.

3rd Period starts and the MAVS know they have to turn the Defense up to get the W or at least be in the GAME until the END where maybe DIRK can take over. The THUNDER start to get a little tight and after 3.......THUNDER 81 MAVS 77. The MAVS know also that if the GAME goes into the 100's there will be a high probability that the THUNDER will win this one.

The 4th starts and the Thunder come out blazing and hitting shots all the way up to the under 5 minute mark when the biggest play maybe in the SERIES happens.......THUNDER G James HARDEN aka OLD MAN GAME.......and on TWITTER @JHarden13...FOULS OUT.

The THUNDER up at this point 99-84 by 15 points.....GAME OVER.......RIGHT?.........The MAVERICKS go on a 17-2 Run to end the GAME and Shawn MARION, who has been looking like his government name than his nickname.......THE MATRIX.......Blocks KD shot with no time in regulation.

The MAVS go on to WIN the game in just SHOCKING FASHION as the THUNDER have to pick up and get to BIG D for WEDNESDAY Elimination Game.


The MAVS have get out rebounded by 22 ......55-33........but........the MAVS only have 13 Turnovers an the THUNDER had 25....and a lot of them were in Key MOMENTS of the Contest.

The THUNDER get 29 from DURANT and 19 from WESTBROOK....but the MAVS get another 40 from DIRK NOWITZKI, 20 from JET TERRY, and 17 from the ageless one J KIDD.

The Misleading STAT of the NIGHT is the THUNDER had 20 offensive Rebounds and the MAVS had only 5 offensive Rebounds

Looking at these STATS the THUNDER should have WON going away but didn't.

Average AGE between TEAMS in SERIES THUNDER 24 MAVS 32........and in the END this might be the BIGGEST STAT.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BOSH wheels and deals his way to 34 Points.......WADE n KING JAMES play SideKicks......BULLS Offensive Struggles

The game was still a game at the end of 3 with the HEAT leading the BULLS 68-65. And having seen the first 3 quarters the BULLS should have been down more than that. The HEAT finally pull away in the Final Frame to get a 96-85 Victory and the HEAT doing so puts the BULLS officially on the HOT SEAT for Game #4.

This Game was dominated by Derrick ROSE'S Theatrics or D-WADE'S acrobatic shot-making or even KING JAMES on his One-Man Fastbreak..............ENTER Former Georgia Tech STandout and DALLAS LINCOLN High School All-American Chris BOSH aka BOSH SPICE.

From the Jump he single-handily willed his way to 34 Points and all those were meaningful Points as the BULLS had NO ANSWER for the LEFT-HANDED, more athletic, minus 3 range Sam PERKINS aka the BIG SMOOTH.

BOSH at one point in the GAME hit 13 of his last 15 Shots and most of his FG'S were of the Mid-Range Variety. And with BOSH SPICE rolling it made the game easier for all other HEAT PLAYERS including WADE and JAMES....like they need assistance.

Now looking at the match-ups even closer the BULLS have to figure out what do we start to take away from the HEAT because if BOSH is eating WADE and JAMES can BEAT you in so many other ways the BULLS will be FISHING by week's end.

DERRICK ROSE, 2010-11 NBA MVP, had 20 points and 5 helpers but it's the HEAT Defense doubling him at every moment in the HAlf-Court Set of the BULLS. To combat those tactics the BULLS need to get out in transition more and and take the best available shot in the half-court set no matter what the SHOT CLOCK Reads.

BULLS power Forward Carlos BOOZER aka CBOOZ5........look at the back of BOOZ'S NIKES.......that's what's on them KICKS........did his best I WILL TRY TO MATCH Chris BOSH basket for basket Impersonation with 26 points and 17 rebounds. The Problem was they only get 1 point and 5 rebounds from NOAH and BOOZER Points were somewhat not meaningful because they never impacted the GAME for the BULLS as far as getting the LEAD.

These GAMES are Chess MAtches at HIGH LEVELS......you have Coach THIBS for the BULLS and his new STAFF.......defensive-minded and the best NBA Defensive Team in the Business vs COACH SPO and RILES......yeah PAT RILEY has his MITTS all over this HEAT TEAM and rightfully so because he cut the CHECKS to get BOSH and KING JAMES.

I know this the BULLS have to make a stand or going down 3-1 to the HEAT will be insurmountable.....PERIOD.

From a BAsketball Purest standpoint it doesn't get any better than this and there will be so many headlines in the MEDIA going into GAME 4 Tuesday at 730ET on TNT.

NOTE: FOLLOW THE BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK ON TWITTER @bluedudesports......u never know what i might say especially with BREAKING NEWS and IN-GAME TWEETS........HOLLA

Saturday, May 21, 2011


AKA "The LOGO", Jerry WEST joins the Golden STATE WARRIORS in wide capacity as he will only report to OWNERS Joe LACOB and Peter GUBER.

The Responsibilities for WEST is he will be in Basketball OPERATIONS, and to the Business Side in Marketing and Promotions. This is a HUGE pick-up for the WARRIORS and it's fan base because WEST is widely considered by many as one of the best BASKETBALL MINDS out there and the WARRIORS in due time will benefit completely from his presence.

Along with those responsibilities is on the WARRIORS Executive Board and for the New Owners who said they were going to make the WARRIORS a 1st Class Organization from the FLOOR on up to the TOP.......getting the LOGO is a HECKA START no one in their right mind could've imagined.

It's not the MAVS vs the THUNDER.......but the MAV'S Bench vs the THUNDER'S Bench.......and can someone on the MAVS help NOWITZKI

All the games are crucial now but the A SERIES DOESN'T START UNTIL THE VISITING TEAM WINS ON YOUR HOME COURT...........with the Series ties at 1-1 GAME 3 is HUGE.

In Game 1 it was the DIGGLER SHOW, also known as Dirk NOWITZKI, to propel the MAVS to their 7th straight PLAYOFF win and it wasn't just DIRK....the MAVERICKS Bench came up Big led by Jet TERRY and JJ BEREA as they combined for 45 points in GAME 1.

GAME 2.....a little different.....with the DURANTULA having 40 points in Game 1.....you would have said the THUNDER will WIN Game 1....Dirk out dueled DURANT but it was the all important Bench Points......NOT IN GAME 2......THUNDER Coach Scott BROOKS made a concerted effort to get his Bench involved and involved early as James HARDEN aka OLD MAN GAME and Eric MAYNOR aka DAMN I look like a Starting NBA Point Guard did their thing.......and did it in the all important 4th Quarter.

In a NUTSHELL.......The GAME Plan for both Teams is Starters be effiecient an BENCH DO WHAT YOU DO..........it will come down to those 4 players tonight in OK CITY:

MAVERICKS TOP 2 Off the BENCH: Point Average in 2 Games

Jason JET TERRY 16ppg with only 8 points in Game 2 Do the MATH
JJ BEREA 16ppg had double figures again but this time only 11 points

NOTE: BEREA in Double Figures is good but JET TERRY only getting 8 points in Game 2 hurt the MAVS tremendously

THUNDER TOP 2 Off the Bench: Point average in 2 Games

James HARDEN 17.5ppg had a huge game in Game 2 was the difference with 23 solid POINTS
Eric MAYNOR 6.5ppg but had 0 points in Game 1 came up BIG in the 4th and in Game 2 with 13 POINTS

From a scoring standpoint the MAVS have more FIREPOWER in their BENCH but it;s that old adage......DON'T TELL ME HOW MANY POINTS YOU SCORED BUT WHEN DID YOU SCORE THEM.

TERRY was off in GAME 2 and MAYNOR and HARDEN came with it from JUMPSTREET and MAYNOR having an excellenty game considering he played the whole 4th Quarter as Russell WESTBROOK sat after getting into a SPAT with Coach BROOKS.

3 things are for sure in the series........NOWITZKI will get his and so will DURANT..........Now what other players or WHOSE BENCH is the REAL SLIM SHADY?.......tune in TONIGHT on ESPN at 9ET MAVS @ THUNDER GAME 3 at the OK CORRAL

Friday, May 20, 2011

DAY 2 NBA Pre Draft CAMP.......Guys showing Workout Skills but BUYER BEWARE.........

DAY 1 of the Pre Draft CAMP of the NBA is more of putting a face to the RESUME' and you get to see what guys can do in Team Drills. Fast Forward to DAY 2 the pressure is on because it is YOU they will be watching closely as the Individual Drills take place but BUYER BEWARE.

I have seen this at the NFL Combine......the Athlete looks the PART and plays the PART really well in Combine Workouts.....then Fast Forward to when you DRAFT this GUY you say to yourself," I KNEW IT........the COMBINE WORKOUT KING.....that's it". So a lot of TEAMS have been warning their personnel Guys on don't get too overzealous over a WORKOUT....the EYE in the SKY will NEVER LIE........then GAME FILM or TAPE that is on these PLAYERS.

NOW DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................PLAYERS that made lasting impressions on DAY 2:

Enes KANTER: The only player in the COMBINE that was rated TOP 5 that worked out. Was an excellent shape and not overly athletic but solid post moves and Was on the GLASS very well. AS ADVERTISED....will be maybe #2 off the BOARD but not to MINNESOTA.........the T'WOLVES would be smart to move that PICK unless they can move up and get KYRIE IRVING.......and that won't happen.

Kyle SINGLER DUKE: Looked like one of the slowest players in the COMBINE. Hustled and defended and will be a middle to late 2nd ROUNDER..........Should've have left LAST SEASON........Looked LOST at times this year in the ACC

Kenneth FARIED Morehead STATE: Dominated in the POST....motor always running......a NBA -Ready Rebounding Machine but that's it.........terrible looking shot and has limited or no Offensive moves. Should still be a middle 1st ROUNDER

Lacedarius DUNN BAYLOR: Awkward looking SHOT very streaky....probably will get his shot late in the 2nd Round....one of the BIG 12 's Top GUARDS

MORRIS TWINS' Marcus and Markieff KANSAS: Looked really good and probably undersized Power Forwards........They have never played without each other...........seeing them play with the other not there will be worth the PRICE of Admission both Top 20 Picks

Çhris SINGLETON Florida STATE: Sneaky talented......long and athletic....reminds of the LAST FSU 1st Rounder Al THORTON except an NBA-Ready DEFENDER.....maybe sneaks into late 1st probably a early 2nd rounder

Tobias HARRIS TENNESSEE and Cory JOSEPH TEXAS: One and DONE.........Tobias will be an NBA 3 and a HYBRID 4 once he gets PHYSICALLY NBA READY....nice OFFENSIVE Game who is more comfortable on the perimeter 1st rounder

JOSEPH is not ready and will probably be joining the ROSETTA STONE Club.....MISTAKE 1...going to TEXAS........mistake 2....they will get a just as talented Guard in the Next CLASS behind you if they can.......like 2011 Findlay Prep OG Myck KABONGO that's probably why he left........BAD DEAL DAWG. Free agent

Jimmer FREDETTE BYU: we know he can shoot.........but can he defend and lacks over good athleticism but van TEAMS get more out of him than just SHOOTING the ROCK?.....HUNG JURY...Top 25

JaJAUN JOHNSON PURDUE: Won't get past the TOP 10 I don't care who says he isn't a LOTTERY.......Probably the most ready NBA Face-Up JUMPER you will find in the DRAFT is and so long and athletic...........TOP 10

Nolan SMITH DUKE: A 4 year player who has carved himself a place in the late 1st ROUND and won't get past the CHICAGO BULLS.......SMITH is a gamer and can play the NBA PG and is very good Defensively.....Him staying all 4 years solidifies his place as a guaranteed contract...I wish some guys would do the same.

Malcolm LEE UCLA: Another Combo Guard in a run of fabulous UCLA COMBOS' in recent memory........WESTBROOK, HOLIDAY, and COLLISON. A flat-out Player who towered over other PG'S as legit 6-5 Frame......an NBA EXECS were oozing at the mouth......a surefire 1st Rounder and his name will keep going up as the DRAFT NEARS.

A lot of HOPES and DREAMS for these PLAYERS......the only other impressions to make are DRAFT TEAM Invites..........like throwing a NEEDLE in a HAY STACK for some of these players..........Just keep the DRAFT Parties small and no FABRICATIONS........the BLUEDUDE is out......your 2011 NBA DRAFT Headquarters....right here and it's Free except BYOB

Thursday, May 19, 2011

NBA Pre Draft Camp DAY 1........Top Prospects passing up DRILLS.......TURKISH Center Enes KANTER all the RAVE......HEAT -BULLS a Series NOW....1-1

The Annual NBA Pre Draft Camp in Chicago Illinois kicked off today at ATTACK ATHLETICS Gym owned by the Famous Jordan Trainer himself......TIM GROVER......who trains some of the TOP NBA Players in the World.........list includes Corey MAGGETTE, Quentin RICHARDSON, Gil ARENAS, Tracy McGARDY, Will BYNUM, Dwayne WADE, and Evan TURNER ETC.

The DRAFT is for the TOP NBA Prospects to go through a JIB INTERVIEW sort of speak.......like DRILLS for Shooting/Dribbling........Individual Drills such as Speed/Agility Testing........and for most NBA Executives to put a FACE to the Game TAPE that they have been watching on these guys for months.

The ONLY TOP 5 Consensus Prospect that chose to work out and go through every drill was TURKEY Sensation and thought to be Kentucky WILDCAT BOUND PF/C ENES KANTER. He has been on the scene since a Nike Festival Showing against his age group of guys like Jared SULLINGER, Terrance JONES, Kyrie IRVING, and Harrison BARNES.........KANTER put up 33 and 10.

The NCAA ruled his amateur Status No good as the UK WILDCATS and Coach John CALIPARI would have had the FRESHMAN on their roster last year. So not having a lot of game tape on this KID the NBA Execs have moved in full force to watch this KID Work out and for the most part in what I saw he is a TOP 5 Player in this DRAFT.

Not overly athletic but very strong, excellent hands, nice BASKETBALL IQ, competes at a high level, can play back to the basket or face-up........and can step out 15-18 feet consistently and knock down SHOTS.

Top PROSPECTS not working out but getting a physical and measured:

Kyrie IRVING DUKE PG Consensus #1 Overall

Guys that made IMPRESSIONS ON DAY 1 and most LIKELY sealed their 1st round FATE

Marshon BROOKS Providence Shooting Guard
Kenneth FARIED Morehead STATE Power Forward
Jimmer FREDETTE BYU SG......may have moved UP...some like him a lot....and some don't at all

Notably Not INVITED 2 BIG 12 Guards Lacedareus DUNN BAYLOR........Jacob PULLEN Kansas STATE


They always say it is not a series until the Visiting TEAM wins on the others HOME FLOOR.......that's exactly what the Miami HEAT did Wednesday NIGHT as thy had the BULLS STYMIED the whole 2nd half and most of the 2nd Quarter to come away with a big win in GAME 2 of the EASTERN Conference Finals.

It was a COMBO of WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES...with a SPrinkle of that PLAYOFF SPICE called U D............Udonis HASLEM......the Heat PF who missed about 65 plus games due to Foot Surgery this season came up BIG when the HEAT needed him too and played more minutes than COACH SPO would think he would play.

Now with the HEAT having no more surprises for the BULLS and the SERIES tied 1-1.......we get down to simply WHO WANTS IT MORE.....both TEAMS displayed WEDNESDAY why they were the 2 TP Defenses in the Association with some suffocating defense.

The BULLS now have the enviable task of going into South BEACH and at least having to get 1 victory,,,,,But the BULLS knew to WIN the Series they had to WIN in MIAMI at least once.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WOW! The Lottery BALL comes up in Owner Dan GILBERT and the CAVS Favor..........The CAVS lost King JAMES .....IS the NBA DRAFT Lottery LUCK or FIXED?

I have seen this picture before especially in Major Markets........Teams are gutted out by losing a Key Player or two, a franchise is part of an new expansion of the league, or that particularly Team just needs Draft Lottery help as in the 1st Pick as no other pick would help that organization but #1.

Enter last night the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery Sweepstakes and the superstitions that come with this annual event. Like teams sending Lucky Personnel, or that particular executive wearing their favorite suit or tie, or in the CAVALIERS Case just bring the Cleveland BROWNS #1 Overall Pick from last Year, Defensive Back and CAVS SUPER FAN Joe HADEN, and roll the dice.

ROLL THE DICE THEY DID......the Lottery Ball came up in the CAVS Favor as they will have the #1 Overall and the #4 as well and is this luck or is it the League helping a good business owner get back to a Franchise that was at the TOP because of the now GONE Free Agent KING JAMES.

Remember when LeBron JAMES came out of High School and everyone in their right mind was like WHAT IF........the CAVS get the 1st Pick and get LeBRON.........that's exactly what they got the 1st Pick and LeBron and you thought he was going to Denver or somewhere......the LEAGUE needed LeBron in that MARKET an the LeBron needed Cleveland OHIO at that point.........a perfect homegrown Story.

How About back in the 1984 NBA Draft that had the Houston Rockets going #1 and they were not looking past University Of Houston All-American Hakeem OLAJUWON as their 1st pick..........WHY NOT....he already had a following and he could join Ralph SAMPSON and become the LAKERS Nemesis for years to come.

But also in that DRAFT # 2 Was the Portland TRAILBLAZERS who took 7' Athlete Sam BOWIE of KENTUCKY without hesitation and the Chicago BULLS took at #3 one MICHEAL Jeffrey JORDAN...........Houston got 2 Championships out of DREAM and the BLAZERS GOT WHAT?.....I know who would've knew but BOWIE over JORDAN....didn't anyone from PORTLAND watch the '84 Olympic Team that year led by High-Flying JORDAN.

This Brings me to the NY KNICKS a struggling Franchise in the NATIONS Biggest Market and the #1 Overall Pick on the BOARD was hands down Georgetown CENTER Patrick EWING....and you think the LEAGUE was going to have the #2 PACERS or the #3 CLIPPERS get EWING and waste him........HELL NO.......that ball came up MSG BABY.......the KNICKS get EWING and he puts the KNICKS back relevant again for a long time.

It is no coincidence when a TEAM has fallen on hard times, or has a homegrown Superstar that there is a pretty good chance that that LOTTERY BALL will come up in that teams favor. The LEAGUE knows what is doing........AM I SAYING that the LOTTERY is FIXED .....NO......but the Law of Averages keep coming up GOLD.

NOTE: BULLS haven't been a Playoff TEAM since the 1998 Season and enter Derrick ROSE as a possible #1 Overall and who gets the #1 PICK to save FACE?.............The #2 Pick in the NBA 2008 Draft goes to the .........MIAMI HEAT..............the BULLS have the 1st Pick in the 2008 NBA Draft and John PAXSON who needed some luck turned to the LOTTERY and WON BIG.

THUNDER......should We Double DIRK or NOT?.......well after the DIGGLER tallied 48 Points......try something you didn't do last night.

I have seen greatness before.......JORDAN 63 on the CELTICS' Bird, Chief, McHale, Ainge and DJ............BIRD and WILKINS going back abd forth and they both put up about a half a HUNDO..........LEBRONS' 32 straight Points in Playoff Win in the D.......and the DIGGLER...Dirk NOWITZKI misses 3 shots for a total 36-39.........included in that a NBA Playoff Record 24-24 from Charity Stripe.....and 12-15 from the field with NO 3Point FG'S.

The THUNDER tried the logical Defender on Him Serge IBAKA......who is not a seasoned enough to Defend DIRK at this stage in either stage of their careers. Then they put the DURANTULA, Kevin DURANT, on Him......too light in the BACKSIDE........ho bout Thabo SEFOLOSHA...........NOPE...........Nick COLLISON.........Not a chance DAWG........how bout the ENFORCER KP.....Kendrick PERKINS.........too angry and not disciplined enough........Russell WESTBROOK.....given up a foot in HEIGHT.........Maybe we will try the logical way too defend DIRK:

1. The DEFENDER must crowd his space and what i mean by that do not let him extend his ARMS away from his body.

2. Take DIRK off his sweet SPOTS.......every player in the LEAGUE has these SPOTS.......watching enough Game Film reveals these SPOTS.....just make him uncomfortable.......if he wants to catch the ball 15 feet away from basket force hi 18 feet away from the basket.

3. And simply run a double team at him and let the rest of the MAVS beat you.......and hopefully when the Double comes the player who is doubling is not leaving a shooter...........yeah RIGHT.

4. MAKE NOWITZKI work on DEFENSE...screen an roll his guy with Durant or WESTBROOK and try to get him in either foul trouble or take some energy out of him.

These are not exactly the JORDAN RULES from the LAte Chuck DALEY and those BAD BOY PISTONS Rules on guarding AIR JORDAN.......but to let a GUY go off anf get to the line a lot with DIRK not even taking a shot is absurd to say the least.

If the THUNDER do not figure this out.........it will be an 4-0 SWEEP and the MAVS have already done that to the LAKESHOW.

NOTE: THUNDER BENCH JJ BEREA is not a MASCOT.....he is as lethal off the BENCH AS ANYONE PLAYER LEFT IN THE PLAYOFFS........DAMN did any of the THUNDER watch BEREA TORCH the LAKESHOW............BIG UPS to the Baddest thing out of Puerto Rico since VIDA GUERRERO.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The HEAT and the BIG 3 are having fun when everything is going good.....but when everything is going bad.....they order CHEESE to go with that WHINE

TNT Commentator Charles Barkely say the HEAT are DAMN GOOD but a whiny bunch of PLAYERS. The BLUEDUDE totally agrees and the they are GREAT but I will give you a couple of examples of what Sir Charles is talking ABOUT......

HETA at the United Center to Face BULLS for the FIRST TIME in 2010-11 Season.....Bulls Backup Center Omer ASIK dives for a loose ball as HEAT Forward/Center Chris BOSH dove before ASIK........ASIK accidentally going for the loose ball falls on BOSH'S Ankle and Bosh looks at ASIK like he must be crazy.....but after the GAME BOSH goes to another Level:

BOSH at his Locker after the GAME tells reporters something like this," I don't know why ASIK dove for that BALL man he could have injured me for the Season GUYS have to know hen they are diving to look out for peoples well-being".

Are you kidding me.....that dude signed a $100 Million Plus contract and he is whining about ASIK hustling for a loose ball and almost injuring BOSH.......Look CHRISTOPHER tear the Contract Up and go play BADMINTON or something......NOBODY feels sorry for you NEXT TIME don't go for the loose ball run over by the LUVABULLS (BULLS CHEERLEADERS) and they will cover for you.........I have never heard that coming from a pro athlete afraid to get hurt. If BOSH was in a FOOTBALL LOCKER ROOM they would have waived him MONDAY MORNING.

Then the HEAT have a early in the season Losing Streak and WADE is at the Podium and REPORTERS are asking him what's wrong and he plays it LIKE the HEAT are the BRONX BOMBERS and have 27 BANNERS...he says," We'll eventually get it together....it is going to take time", and then smiling he says," THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE SINCE THE HEAT ARE LOSING RIGHT NOW".

Really WADE COUNTY and you are from the SOUTH SIDE, Oak Lawn that is, not ENGLEWOOD where D-ROSE IS from, whining about LOSING and the law of averages says with you n KING JAMES alone you will win Mid-50's Every season your together.

What I am saying is no one told none of you three to go play with each other but you did anyway. I am Like MICHEAL JEFFREY JORDAN......DAMN JOINING the GUY who is beating MY ASS every year.......I am trying to BEAT HIM until then I am joining No one......it's A new AGE in the NBA a lot of STARS need Co-SIGNORS like "Big TICKET" Kevin Garnett says in the ESPN Series "the Association: CELTICS", " Everyone talks like they want to WIN and go to the TOP but ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS"......you DARN RIGHT K G.

How Bout how the HEAT took the GAME 1 loss very nonchalant to the fact that LeBRON tells the MEDIA Monday in CHI CITY ," It doesn't matter if you lose by 23 or by 1 it's a loss and you move on from it".

But the HEAT Body Language after GAME 1 said something entirely Different......they were almost SHOCKED that the BULLS went straight up at them and beat them at their game......the HEAT have more Problems than one might think......and WHINING all the TIME is the least bit of their worries right now.

Rapper RICK ROSS called the HEAT Little 3 the "CREAM TEAM" for what.....c'mon RICKY ROSE'

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dirk NOWITZKI vs Kevin DURANT........the DIGGLER vs the DURANTULA....NBA Western Conference Finals Preview

The OK CITY THUNDER finally got past the hungry Memphis GRIZZLIES in 7 games. Now the THUNDER must take on a DALLAS MAVERICKS Team that is beyond starving for a TITLE.........the MAVS are playing for the WHOLE Dallas/Fort Worth METROPLEX and they seem to be on TARGET for a FINALS TRIP.

The Match-Ups are SIMPLE.......the THUNDER have WESTBROOK and DURANT........the MAVS have NOWITZKI and a host of Veterans with a plethora of PLAYOFF Experience.........WHO WINS?.......it's easy on paper.......the MAVS.......but who will win on the court........let's Dissect this all important match-up.

Westbrook, Sefolosha, HARDEN, and MAYNOR...the THUNDER have the most explosive guards in this series leading off with 2nd Team All-NBA PG Deluxe Russell WESTBROOK. Then they have a back-up guard that has come into his own in JAMES HARDEN since the Jeff GREEN trade. The MAVS will have to keep WESTBROOK out of the PAINT and shooting JUMPERS........and the THUNDER Guards from getting out in transition.

Led by the Ageless Wonder Jason KIDD the MAVS come with all that knowledge and playoff experience that will be key at some point in the series. Add KIDD with JET TERRY, JJ BEREA, and DeShawn STEVENSON.......the MAVS have all the makings of making the THUNDER Guards have to account for every MAVS Guard they see. The KEY will be if the MAVS can space the FLOOR and get their shooters open it will be a long series for the THUNDER.

THUNDER Front COURT: TWO LETTERS......K D.........and you know the rest of the STORY........the SIlky Smooth BABY ICE will be handful for the MAVS as he is for everyone who has faced him. DURANT needs to get to the RIM more in this series as he settled for way too many JUMPERS in the Last Series. The OTHER SCoring POP will have to come from Serge IBAKA "I BLAKA". The CONGO Native is super athletic and the THUNDER need him to be force on #41 In BLUE And GREEN as well as making DIRK work on the Defensive end. The ENFORCER K P....Kendrick PERKINS will be doing his usual Rick MAhorn Impersonation.....WHO ME?.......I din't foul HIM.

MAVERICKS Front Court: Scouting report......try to contain the 7' GERMAN Sharpshooter the DIGGLER....Dirk NOWITZKI........easier said than done. The MAVS ALl-STAR has been on a mission and at 32 He knows as well as his teammates that the WINDOW is closing on all of them. The THUNDER will have to use IBAKA, maybe PERK, Naz MOHAMMED, and even Nick COLLISON to give DIRK Different looks. The MAVS also have a Super Slo-MO Version of the MATRIX UNLOADED in MARION, Tyson CHANDLER, who has been a force when given the chance, and Brendan HAYWOOD at back-up Center.

The SKINNY: The MAVS have the clear cut edge in DEPTH as the THUNDER will have to stay out of foul trouble. Also the BENCH goes to the MAVS with a lot of Veteran Firepower in STOJAKOVIC, BEREA, BREWER, and HAYWOOD. The only real SUBS to do work for the THUNDER are COLLISON, HARDEN, and MAYNOR.

WINNER: the THUNDER seem to have 2 impact players..........the MAVS seem to have the best Player in the SERIES in DIRK......and enough AARP Card CArrying PLAYERS to get this one in........MAVERICKS in 6.......4-2

NOTE: GAME 1 MAVS might be a little slow and not in sync as they have had a a little over a week off. The THUNDER have to come out blazing and if there was a game to get to set the table........GET GAME 1

Sunday, May 15, 2011

BULLS send the 305's BIG 3 back to the Chalkboard........Defense and Rebounding wins Championships......all that other Stuff is NULL and VOID

The BULLS have heard all that they want to hear leading up to the Eastern Conference FINALS against the HEAT....VEGAS has the HEAT as the FAVORITES........King JAMES and WADE thought about CHICAGO for about a WEEK..........the BULLS have 1 and the HEAT have 3..........WHAT ELSE.......Chicago is on a Lake and MIAMI is on the Ocean.

LOOK.....REAL QUICK.......and REAL TALK.........The MIAMI HEAT better come to play this SERIES because the BULLS are the NBA'S Best Team Defense and Rebounding and quiet as kept their BENCH is highly underrated as we seen tonight in GAME 1.

The BULLS let the HEAT'S Big 3 get off in the 1st half.....but like most games and the NBA GAME especially.....it's about adjustments........and the BULLS came out the 2nd HALF swinging as though they were PAC-MAN PACQUIAO and the HEAT were Sugar SHANE. It was 58-57 BULLS with a little over 7 minuted left in the 3rd Period.

BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM......BULLS outscore the 305 BOYZ 44-23 to take a decisive 1-0 LEAD in the Eastern Conference FINALS. The BULLS used a smothering Defense on the 2nd Unit lead by Taj GIBSON and Omer ASIK sprinkled with underrated Big GUARD Ronnie BREWER. The HEAT seemed to have nothing left in the TANK as the BULLS smashed them in Offensive rebounds some 19 -6 advantage with NOAH accounting for 8 of those rebounds.

The HEAT try to go small and athletic to counter the BULLS small but ultra-athletic Lineup with LENGTH. The HEAT need to go back to the BASICS and use King JAMES and WADE moving without the BALL because ISO'S and one on One's will not get to the BULLS Stellar DEFENSE.

BOSH had 30 points but Wade COUNTY and King JAMES combined for only 33 points on 12-27 shooting that will not get them a WIN in this series let alone a win a one game. You would like HEAT to get out and attack like they did in the 1st half and the BULLS had no answer for that. But you see the HEAT'S Achilles HEEL........in the HALF COurt Set.....they struggle mightily and the BULLS know this. That's why in the 2nd half the HEAT struggled the BULLS got back in transition Defense and force the HEAT to go HALf Court........BULLS Advantage.

Bulls were led by MVP Derrick ROSE with 28 and 6 , Deng 21 and 7, Boozer 14 and 9, and NOAH 9 points an 14 boards and 8 of those Offensive rebounds. If the HEAT want to win the SERIES they must make more of an effort on Rebounding and limiting Bulls Second Chance Points.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

BULLS FANS feel better..........LeBRON and D-WADE thought about joining CHICAGO........DOC RIVERS seeing the CELTS transition through 5 more years

I keep hearing this BS.....LeBron and D-WAde thought about being a BULL......COMing to CHICAGO.......being a part of the HISTORY of the BULLS and MICHEAL and SCOTTIE...........and they chose South BEACH.......the worst SPORTS CITY in AMERICA........and it ain't even close.

Do you think I care about Fu**** King JAMES and WADE and their thoughts of becoming a BULL......Don't care......does this soften my stance verse them when they [play the BULLS in the EASTERN FINALS....HECK NAW.

I am so tired of hearing that the BULLS were the consolation prize to the HEAT that it borders beyond Horse DOO DOO. Who cares what they were thinking and that they almost come to CHI CITY.....they didn't and lets move on.......and LORD knows we sure in the HECK didn't need CHRISTOPHER BOSH and his sometimes I want to play too.

All you PUNDITS and writers out there looking for a story......here is one......BULLS in 6.

The Boston CELTICS were surprised but very happy as the CELTS and Head Coach Doc RIVERS ink a 5 year extension that is reportedly worth around $35 Million.

So DOC is not only going to see the last of the BIG 3....but he want to be part of the rebuilding process of the CELTS POST BIG 3 and why not DOC is one of the best in the BIZ.

The 1st priority for the CELTS is to extend Forward Jeff GREEN and Forward Big baby DAVIS.........they have already committed toover $72 million on their 2011-2012 Salary Cap........so there won't be much manuevering.

When King JAMES made his Decision the BULLS have been waiting for this MOMENT.........to face the HEAT in the PLAYOFFS........HEAT vs BULLS Breakdown

It was well drawn out and overcooked..........you know.....the DECISION 2010........when KING JAMES told the whole world he was taking his talents to South Beach. He spurned the Knicks, BULLS, the hometown CAVS, and even Jay-Z and the NETS. But unlike the other teams involved instead of feeling sorry for themselves the BULLS kept the train moving.

That TRAIN picked up everyone in SAlt Lake City but DWILL and Coach Sloan.........Carlos BOOZER at the Power Forward, Kyle KORVER as the Sharpshooter to spread the Defense out, and Ronnie BREWER at the Big Guard Spot to help slow down WADE and JAMES.

Both executives, the HEAT'S Pat RILEY and the BULLS' Gar FOREMAN, were Co-Executives of the Year for pulling off such feats. But it doesn't stop there.......the BULLS Coach of the YEAR Tom THIBODEAU aka THIBS and the 2010-11 NBA MVP Derrick ROSE edged out Dwight HOWARD in that voting. Now it's all come to a 7 game series between the UPSTART BULLS, those 62-20 best record in the regular season BULLS, and the Anointed Miami HEAT of 305 FAME with 2 Superstars in WADE and JAMES and a Sidekick who thinks he belongs in Christopher BOSH. And the Way BOSH plays sometimes FOLKS in South DALLAS probably tell folks he is from LEWISVILLE TEXAS.

The BULLS had the edge in the regular season beating the HEAT 3-0 but the tale of the tape as close. The HEAT had a chance to win each of those games in the closing MOMents and KING JAMES missed one of the contests.

The NBA has to be proud that the EASTERN CONFERENCE held up their end of the BARGAIN by getting 2 heavyweights in the Conference FINALS unlike the West not taking anything away from the MAVS or the THUNDER/GRIZZLIES.....but you know what I mean.

Let's look at each Position and see which team has the edge:


Point Guards
ROSE, WATSON CHALMERS, BIBBY...........EDGE BULLS D-ROSE cannot be stopped by either one of these malcontents

Shooting Guards
BOGANS, BREWER D-WADE Mike MILLER............EDGE HEAT....simply the BEST 2 in the GAME today....keep him out of transition

Small Forwards
KORVER, DENG King JAMES James JONES........EGDE HEAT ......just hope KING JAMES settles for a lot of jump shots

Power Forwards
BOOZER, GIBSON C BOSH HASLEM ......EDGE BULLS.......BOSH is soft and BOOZER has something to prove...that he is better than BOSH

NOAH, ASIK, THOMAS ANTHONY, HOWARD,....EDGE BULLS....the HEAT lack DEPTH and the BULLS need to take advantage of their Mis matches up front.


THIBS COACH SPO EDGE..........THIBS........the mastermind of the BULLS DEFENSE.........he picked their pocket in the 82 game season

WINNER: It will be close but no one game will there be a blowout.........BULLS in 6.........4-2

Friday, May 13, 2011

KING JAMES unanimous 1st Teamer.......ROSE joins the BLACK MAMBA on the 1st TEAM.......ALDRIDGE and HORTON 1st timers

The ALL NBA Teams were announced yesterday with few surprises and the only real surprise being Derrick ROSE wins the MVP but KING JAMES gets the most votes....go FIGURE.

Let's check out the TOP 15 BALLERS in the 2010-2011 Version of the NBA:

1st TEAM

F Lebron JAMES Miami HEAT: Arguably the best PLAYER in the GAME hands down
F Kevin DURANT OKC THUNDER: Will be scoring champ for next 10 years

C Dwight HOWARD Orlando MAGIC: Will Superman leave ORANGE COUNTY?..........MAGIC fans brace for the worst

G Kobe BRYANT LA LAKERS: Black MAMBA still the DEAL./..especially in crunch time...just can't go 48 anymore
G Derrick ROSE Chicago BULLS: 2010-2011 NBA MVP........need I say more

2nd TEAM

F Pau GASOL LA LAKERS: WHODINI Disappearing act in the PLAYOFFS........LAKERS still need him as he needs the LAKESHOW
F Dirk NOWITZKI Dallas MAVERICKS: the DIGGLER'S 2010-2011 Book still has no ending........maybe a PARADE ENDING

C A mare' STOUDAMIRE NY KNICKS: ALl-Star Break MVP..........has the GARDEN and New YORKERS feeling better about themselves

G Russell WESTBROOK OKC THUNDER: Excellent PG........someone needs to tell him he is DURANT'S Sidekick not vice versa

3rd TEAM

F LaMArcus ALDRIDGE Portland TRAILBLAZERS: Carried the BLAZERS when BROY7 was out......a Beast 18 and in
F Zach RANDOLPH Memphis GRIZZLIES: 20 and 10 since he has been in the LEAGUE.....now more of a team guy

C Al HORTON Atlanta HAWKS: The GLUE for the HAWKS...smooth and consistent as they come a BUILDING BLOCK for HAWKS

G Manu GINOBLI San Antonio SPURS: The SPURS best PLAYER right now......without MANU SPURS in the MIDDLE of the PACK
G Chris PAUL NO HORNETS: Took off the knee brace and BOOOOOOM.......the OLD CP3....torch the LAKESHOW in PLAYOFFS

Others getting thanks but NO THANKS


BIG 3 Next Season...Allen 36, Garnett 35, and Pierce 34........If age has anything to do with it.........the GREEN TEAM should Split or get young fast

When CELTICS President/GM Danny AINGE put the BIG 3 together some 4 years ago everyone in the CELTICS BRASS said we should get a solid 3 year run out of this core group. They were right and almost got a 4th run this year.

The NBA'S a young man's game as illustrated throughout the 2011 NBA Playoffs. The C'S nucleus other than RONDO are on the backsides of their careers and injuries and OLD FATHER TIME has arrived.

The CELTS the other night for instance let a 5 point lead got to a 10 point deficit in a matter of 2 minutes and turn the cloick back 2 years ago the HEAT would've have lost that game going away.

The LAKERS a few years back as KOBE was creeping in on 30 made some significant moves on their roster by acquiring Lamar ODOM and Pau GASOL to help KOBE get back to the TOP.......DID it WORK?........Of course it DID as the LAKERS get to the FINALS the last 3 years and win it twice. If there are any lessons learned......Teams must move a good piece to get an even better piece in RETURN. The CELTICS unfortunatley put together their BIG 3 on the BACKSIDE of their PRIME and on the other sode of that you get a TEAM that looks somewhat outdated at times. The GREEN Team is 50 wins...YES......Competeive......YES.......TITLE BOUND......NO.

RAY ALLEN has a players option at $10 Million that he is most certaintly going to pick up and GARNETT is locked up until 2012 and Pierce 2014. The C'S have to find a way to out manuever the CAP as they are CAP TIGHT Right now for 2011-2012.

BOSTON'S Roster at a glance and COntract Status for next season:

the TRUTH PIERCE $15,333,334
Big TICKET GARNETT $21,200,000
Sugar RAY ALLEN $10,000,000 Players Option
Rajon RONDO $10,000,000
Big BABY DAVIS Restricted Free-Agent
Avery BRADLEY $1,524,800
Jeff GREEN $5,908,640
Mi LUV MI GOLD Delonte WEST Unrestricted Free AGENT
Von WAFER free AGent

Rasheed WALLACE not on ROSTER in 2010-2011 or 2011-2012 but still on CELTICS BOOKS
2010-11 $6,322,320 2011-12 $6,790,640

SHAQ $1,399,507
Jermaine O'NEAL $6,266,000

All those player Contracts for next season the CELTICS have already committed $72,473,961 and it will take a MIRACLE in BEANTOWN for AINGE to get HELP...as they have no real Pieces any team wants at this point.

The BLAKEshow leads All-NBA Rookie Team.....SPURS' NEAL on 1st Team.....Only KNICK not in 'MELO Deal FIELDS makes All-Rookie

After being named NBA Rookie of the YEAR last week LA CLIPPERS Power Forward Blake GRIFFIN follows that award up with a 1st All-Rookie Selection and with the most votes.

John WALL, the 1st Pick in the 2010 NBA DRAFT, followed Griffin up with the 2nd most votes. The SPURS show everyone who already knew that they have the best scouting in the BIZ with Undrafted, Free-Agent Guard Pick up Gary NEAL on the 1st team as well.

Let's take a closer look at the 2010-11 All-NBA Rookie TEAMS:


1. Blake GRIFFIN LA CLIPPERS Power Forward aka the BLAKEshow: Probably would've been the rookie of the year last year if it wasn't for the Freak Knee Injury he had in pre=season that kept him out all last season.The Human Highlight 2K10-11 had a beast of a year and was also selected to his 1st All-Star Game. Blake was part of a McDonald's All-American Class that included Kevin LOVE, Derrick ROSE, Eric GORDON, Micheal Beasley , and Jerryd BAYLESS.

2. John WALL WASHINGTON WIZARDS Point GUARD aka J-WALL: Maybe the 2nd fastest player in the league END to END....after NBA MVP Derrick ROSE. Was injured a lot this year but still had an impact on games. Shows flashes of why he was the #1 Pick Overall. The Wizards made the right choice and thy have some nice young pieces in place to build around WALL.

3. Landry FIELDS NY KNICKS aka L-SMOOVE: A steal in the 2nd round at pick #39 and Donnie WALSH and the KNICKS pulled this one off without much FANFARE. A very smooth effortless player that doesn't play outside himself. A nice piece for the KNICKS moving forward FIELDS will eventually play the BIG GUARD.

4. DeMarcus COUSINS Sacramento KINGS aka CUZ: The KINGS got this pick right and now they have to wait for COUSINS to mature a little bit into the man off the court. This isn't a bad thing the Kid just turned 20 years old and with the right players around him he will do well. A nightmare on the block with a face-up and his back to the basket. Excellent Footwork and if the kid keeps working the sky is the limit. The KINGS have a nice young nucleus with CUZ and Tyreke EVANS.

5. Gary NEAL San Antonio SPURS: This shouldn't surprise you.......the SPURS alway have a Ballplayer that comes out of nowhere and makes an immediate impact for the SPURS. Enter Sharpshooter Gary NEAL who played in Turkey, Spain, and Italy before he got the call from the SPURS. The SPURS ;liked NEAL enough to ink him to a 3 year deal and without NEAL'S Shooting the SPURS don't finish with the Best record in the ASSOCIATION.


6. Greg MONROE Detroit PISTONS PF/Center aka ROE DAWG: A smooth 6-10 PF/Center that gave the PISTONS a much needed Inside Presence at times. A very good piece of the JOE DUMARS rebuilding project in the D. Monroe is a Left-hander that is both comfortable with his back to the basket and face-up. Also he can knock down the 15-18 Footer. The Only glaring weaknesses I see with MONROE is his ability to rebound and that desires comes from within........ ask Teammate BEN WALLACE.

7. Wesley JIHNSON Minnesota TIMBERWOLVES aka WES: The T'WOLVES hit a Home Run with this pick. A small-forward that will eventually play the 2 with good length, excellent range, good handle, and can finish with the nest of them. The T-WOLVES are slowly putting things together with the LIKes of K-LOVE, B-EASY, and WES. Now with all those Lottery Balls thy need to land DUKE PG Kyrie IRVING.

8. Eric BLEDSOE LA CLIPPERS PG: I think one more or even two more years of college ball would've helped this young man. At times he looked Lost and out of place and his athleticism got hi by on most occassions. Needs to get an consistent stroke form 15-18 feet and use his speed to get to mid-range. Right now he has one gear....and that's to get to the rim.

9. Derrick FAVORS Utah JAZZ PF aka FAV: The NJ NETS gave up on FAV quite early as they are trying to clear CAP SAPCE to make a run at Free Agents including their own in Deron WILLIAMS.....and that's a whole other story. FAVORS has to get the lainess out of his game and one more year at TECH would've benefitted him greatly. A supreme Athlete and Jumping JAck......Favors Bread and Butter right now is 5 feet and in and Offensive Rebounding. He has excellent length but no post game yet. He needs to take the summer to learn from his 2 teammates in MILSAP and AL JEFFERSON.

10. Paul GEORGE Indiana PACERS 2G: Almost an afterthought until he popped on the scene in the PLAYOFFS vs the BULLS. An excellent athlete who can finish at the rim. The Fresno STATE BULLDOG also is a really good defender as his length and his lateral quickness poses problems for opponents. Like most rookies needs to develop a mid-range game not from Deep and BIRD and MANAGEMENT get an A- for drafting GEORGE.


Evan TURNER #3 Overall by 76ERS

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To no Surprise PHILS have MLB Best 23-11 Record......To everyones surprise TRIBE leads AL at 22-11.......2011 MLB MAY Report

After the Fightin' PHILS put that pitching staff together there is no explaining why the PHILS have a League leading 23 Wins and only 11 losses. If any team in the BIGS can out Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, Blanton, and Lee..........you should be on the top and should easily cross the 100-Win mark for the season.

The Surprise in MLB this season and I know it's early MAY.........the Cleveland INDIANS with a steady 22-11 and playing excellent baseball and getting timely hitting to go with some surprise Starting pitching. There is no one guy who jumps out at you on their roster but names like SIZEMORE, HAFNER, KEARNS, and Orlando CABRERA are solid BAseball Players as well as Clubhouse Leaders.

The TRIBE Starting Pitching is 13-6 with Justin MASTERSON leading the way at 5-0 with a 2.11 ERA and 34 K's and only 13 Walks. Put all that good starting pitching with a Up and Coming Closer in Chris PEREZ with 10 saves in 11 Opportunitites.......the TRIBE might be well on their way to a Good Summer and bot do the People in Cleveland need a Sports team to step up.

The YANKS and the RAYS are ties u at the TOP of the AL East with the BOSOX just 3.5 back and closing. If the BLUEDUDE had to pick a AL East winner I would probably go with the RAYS slightly because I like their Pitching a little bit more than the PINSTRIPES.

The RED SOX on the other hand have plenty of Offensive Firepower but lack enough Depth in the 3-5 Starters to make real noise down the stretch. They have best Line-up in the AL EAST and if they can get some over average starting pitching .........LOOKOUT.

The BALTIMORE Orioles have cooled off a bit by losing their last 6 out of 10 games but they are headed in the right direction with all that young talent and Buck SHOWALTER leading that Clubhouse.

The LA ANGELS of Anaheim........that;s how they say it right?........have the American Leagues Best Pitcher in Jared WEAVER and have enough FIREPOWER to win the AL WEST. The RANGERS have cooled off and the ATHLETICS look like they are going now here either but hanging around the TOP of the Division.

The RANGERS need Josh HAMILTON back in the middle of that Line-Up....and the HALOS need more Offense at times.......these are my 2 favorites for the AL WEST Crown.

So much for the Albert PUJOLS Contract Show.........Tell opposing Pitchers that ALBERT is worried about his MONEY and they will tell you........."YEAH RIGHT......CAN'T TELL". The CARDS have used the pieces around ALBERT to make a steady climb to the top of the NL CENTRAL. One must wonder though when does the loss of Pitcher Adam WAINRIGHT go into efFect. I think the CARDS will cool off middle late summer and the RED LEGS of CINCY will repeat.

DUSTY BAKER and his BOYS keep playing solid bit not stellar ball but take in consideration it is only Mid-MAY. Reigning NL MVP Joey VOTTO is still pretty steady and the REDS Pitching for the most part will keep them in the RACE all season long.

The Surprise TEAM in the NL CENTRAL is......DON'T LOOK NOW.......the BUCS.......Yeah them BUCS........No they are not the "WE are FAMILY" PIRATES but they are cooking a little something in PITTSBURGH P A .........STAY TUNED.

LAst but not least the TROY TULOWITSKI Show is an expensive one but to keep the Face of the ROCKIES in Uniform for the next 8-10 years is important and he is a dynamic BALLplayer.

He is a clone of Todd HELTON in a sense that they would never want to play anywhere else but COLORADO and that want and enthusiasm exudes right through the ROCKIES Clubhouse and Organization.

the ROCKIES lead the NL WEST by 1.5 over the defending WORLD CHAMPION SF GIANTS who will be in the MIX all season as well as the BOYS in BLUE.........the DODGERS.......if they could ever get the Financial Mess straight that the DODGERS and Frank MCCOURT, the OWNER of the DODGERS, are currently in.


American LEAGUE
CENTRAL TRIBE up 4.5 games
WEST HALOS up 1 game

National LEAGUE
EAST Fightin' PHILS lead by 3 full games

Standings Current as of May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

ZEN MASTER last script will be one of disappointment.......as the LAKESHOW get swept by DIRK and the MAVS......JACKSON'S Coaching Career

I wonder what PHil JACKSON'S Coaching Legacy will be remembered as..........the Coach who won with TEAMS with Star Players in place.....the COACH who was a mastermind at dealing with different EGOS and Supertstars.........Or the COACH with the FAMOUS Triangle Offense that netted 11 BANNERS.

Phil JACKSON was simply the best of our time. He once played under KNICKS Legendary Coach Red Holzman in which PHIL said he learned the basis of his coaching philosophies from. An excellent teacher of LIFE not only Basketball is what I hear from a lot of his former players.

Phil did inherit a BULLS Team from then Head Coach Doug COLLINS with one Michael JORDAN and Scottie PIPPEN. But to his credit they won at a high level with PHIL'S Coaching Style and idiosycrises. His STAFF was never short of great either..........like Johnny BACH.....the orchestrator of the great BULLS DEFENSES of those 6 Championships.........Tex WINTER.......the creator of the Famous TRIANGLE OFFENSE........Frank HAMBLEN........another excellent assistant known for his breaking down of TAPE and PLAYERS......Jim CLEAMONS.........a mix of Offense and Defensive Strategies and an excellent teacher as all these guys were. Most of thes coaches were there for most of Phil's 11 CHampionships.

The LAKERS were one of the favorites this season to get back to the FINALS but it looks like the changing of the guard all over the NBA as the #1 and #2 Seeds in the WEST are out and I don't think it was necessarily Bad Matchup as it was the MAVERICKS had the better team. Since the Playoffs started the everyone has been waiting for the LAKERS to reach for that switch......and the switch was never there. The LAKERS looked at times like they were non-interested and playing like when we turn it on we will beat them type of attitude. That will no get it done in the PLAYOFFS.

PHIL'S Post Game comments after the game yesterday were of I cam e back to get #12 but knew it would be a TALL ORDER and Tall ORDER it was.......the LAKERS simply ran out of GAS and these last 4 seasons of 3 straight trips to the FINALS finally caught up with them.

Phil JACKSON'S Coaching Numbers at a GLANCE:

Chicago BULLS

1989-1998 545 - 193
1995-1996 72-10 Best record ever in a 82 Game NBA Season
6 CHAMPIONSHIPS in this span


1999-2011 610 - 292
1999-2000 67-15 Lakers Best record SHAQ and KOBE 1st Championship
5 CHAMPIONSHIPS in this span

TOTAL Wins and Losses

1155 WINS - 485 LOSSES .704 Winning %

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ex- SOONER CAPEL back in DURHAM with Coach K.......Illini land 7th Recruit......Terrance JONES returns for SOPH Season at UK

Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side as Ex OKLAHOMA Sooner Head Men's Basketball Coach becomes an assistant back where he played in Durham NC with the DUKE BLUE DEVILS. To add a guy as successful as CAPE has been on the Division 1 level is a no-brainer for the DUKIES.

CAPEL record at VCU and OKLAHOMA was 175-110 and he had an Elite 8 Appearance a few years ago with the Blake GRIFFIN led group and his recruiting the last 2 seasons has not been on par at least from a OU Athletic Department standpoint. But he is a very good basketball mind and has those genes passed down from his dad Jeff CAPEL SR who currently is employed with the Charlotte BOBCATS.

With CAPE on Board Duke Asst. Nate James will move to special asst Coach as he will be in charge of practices, films, and game strategies.

The University of ILLINOIS get their 7 th recruit this year to already add to a TOP 10 National Class. The ILLINI add Center Ibrahima DJIMDE from a prep school out in West VIRGINIA who was recruited by ILLINI'S Lead recruiter Jerrance HOWARD. He will compete with Meyers LEONARD, Mike SHAW, Nnanna EGWU. Now only if the ILLINI can turn all those Diaper DANDIES into a cohesive unit and win at a HIGH Level..........STAY TUNED

The Kentucky WILDCATS and Coach John CALIPARI received really good news a few days ago........as Star Freshman Forward Terrance JONES of Portland Oregon JEFFERSON HS pulled his name out of the 2011 NBA Draft and will play at UK his SOPHOMORE SEASON.

JONES a left-handed do-it-all type of FORWARD.....a HYBRID at that position........was a sure fire TOP 12 Pick in this years draft but with the uncertainty of the NBA Labor Dispute JONES did what I think is right.......Head back to School and sharpen your game up as well as improve your Draft STOCK........I am always under the impression if a KID is not a TOP 5 for sure and has eligibilty left........GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

Now COACH CAL has a unique situation in JONES coming back and adding him with Anthony DAVIS from Chicago Perspectives HS, Kyle WILTJER Portland JESUIT HS, Marquis TEAGUE Indianapolis PIKE HS, and Mike GILCHRIST St PATRICK'S NJ HS..........man UK just doesn't re load they RE-UP...........WAKA FLOCKA FLAME.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

MVP D-ROSE hits the HIT FACTORY in ATLANTA for 44........DIRK the DIGGLER and the MAVERICKS ending LAKESHOW'S Season SUNDAY

Did or did not Atlanta HAWKS Guard Jamal CRAWFORD say after Game 2," If this is the BULLS BEST SHOT we should be OK", yeah whatever that's why yo ass been on 25 Teams in 25 years. The BULLS went into the HIT FACTORY and smashed the HAWKS 99-82 in GAME # of the EASTERN Conference Semifinal Tilt.

Not only did CRAWFORD run his mouth after GAME 2 all he did in game 3 was pull up in his Mercedes CL500 AMG tinted out and go straight to the locker room unprepared for what he was going to see in GAME 3...........NO GYM BAG, NO GYM SHOES, and no MINTS in case some of them BULLS want to get up close and personal.

But it was the Derrick ROSE Show and we have seen this VIDEO too many times.......17 in the 1st FRAME........Broken Ankles and jacked up TORSOS in the 3 other frames.......simply PICASSO at his best. ROSE SHOT 16-27 for 44 points and 4-7 from the ARC and was simply a man possessed.

The HAWKS had Teague, Crawford, and whoever else wanted to step up and challenge the 2010-11 NBA MVP to no evail. Now the HAWKS find themselves down 2-1 and they must stop ROSE or the BULLS go back home 3-1 to close.

Has anyone seen JOE JOHNSON........OH OK he played yesterday........COULDN'T tell...........over $120 Million contract.......and he went for 10 points on 4-12 from the field...........YOUR FIRED.

The LAKERS looked good and poised until the last 4 minutes of their game in DALLAS. In a normal case scenario the LAKERS are 9 times out of 10 the best team in the building in the last 5 minutes of every game they play. This series is a lot different because the team they are PLAYING has NO FEAR of the LAKESHOW and it showed down the stretch.

The GERMAN MARKSMAN Dirk the DIGGLER NOWITZKI was at it again with 32 points and looking and playing like the best player in the series and the LAKESHOW have no answer for the 7' GERMAN. Dirk was 12-19 and 4-5 from the ARC and the LAKERS BIGS guarding him GASOL or BYNUM looked confused at times on what to do with DIRK........STAY IN FRONT OF HIM FOOLS......no OPEN LOOKS.....and I couldn't tell.

The LAKERS were up 87-81 with a little over 4 minutes to go and i looked up the MAVERICK S were up 94-91 in a blink of an eye led by DIRK, JET Terry, "My PEJA BLOWIN UP" STOJAKOVIC, and the ageless one J-KIDD. The LAKERS stat wise did what they were suppose to do except win the freakin' game. A crushing loss for the LAKERS as they try to stay alive in BIG D on MOTHER'S DAY and the MAVS know they cannot let the LAKERS go back to LA with GAMES to play.

Can't PLAY FIRE with FIRE or BRING SAND to the BEACH...........right. look for the MAVS to sweep the LAKERS.......the BLUEDUDE had the MAVS winning the series 4-2........so I was a little OFF.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Indianapolis Pike HS Basketball Standout......Wake Forest STAR......and now ATLANTA HAWKS Starting PG....making a name for himself.....and QUICK.

I remember vividly when his name came up in the 2009 NBA Draft..........Commish David Stern walks to the PODIUM........and SAYS.....SHHHHHHHHH.......with the 19 th Pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.......the Atlanta HAWKS select Jeff TEAGUE Point Guard WAKE FOREST. I was like A T L stole them one and with JOJO, BIG AL, and J-SMOOVE already in the fold......I was thinking TEAGUE would be the icing on the CAKE.

Fast FORWARD 2 full seasons and to the 2nd Round of the 2011 NBA Playoffs......Jeff TEAGUE is finally giving the CHANCE to shine with starting PG Kirk HINRICH unable to play with a bad hamstring. But here HAWKS FANS HEAR the BLUEDUDE OUT........Why Draft a kid that high and damn there give up on him and TEAGUE has hardly had any major minutes since he became HAWK.

The HAWKS have tried Mike BIBBY who was done right after the MALOOFS' gave him that MAX DEAL in SACRAMENTO. That was all last season BIBBY was getting most of the minutes and when he wasn't getting the MINUTES.......JOJO or J-CRAWFORD were running the point. TEAGUE was no where to be found now all of sudden the HAWKS have this very good, quick, and athletic PG for now and the FUTURE.......heck the BLUEDUDE thought the HAWKS were thinking that at #19 Pick in the 2009 NBA DRAFT.

Looking at it closer that's why they are the HAWKS........always missing or not knowing what they have and letting in mature into something. Impatience is what I am looking for.......IMPATIENCE........PERIOD

Teague now just has to play his game now everyone in ATLANTA has thinked he has arrived......the BLUEDUDE New he ARRIVBED when selected #19 in the 2009 NBA Draft.

Back in high school TEAGUE came out of Powerhouse Indianapolis PIKE HS following NBA PLAYERS from PIKE like Houston 2G Courtney LEE (2008 O MAGIC 1st Rounder), OK CITY THUNDER'S SF Robert VADEN, Notre DAME'S Chris THOMAS, and Xavier Ohio's Justin CAGE.........NAPTOWN has some major talent on the HARDWOOD.

Jeff TEAGUE'S Little Brother Marquis TEAGUE is a Top Nationally ranked recruit in 2011 and is headed to play for COACH CALIPARI and University of KENTUCKY Wildcats.

BULLS must corral TEAGUE and make him shoot JUMP SHOTS........and if he gets out in transition and sees the Floor like he has been in the 1st 2 games......BULLS will be in trouble.

Can PAC-MAN be beat?........Every Dog has it's day.......SUGAR SHANE MOSELY can GIVETH and TAKETH.......MAY 7 SIN CITY

It's about time somebody is fighting and I know this these 2 DUDES in this fight.....WILL NOT DUCK ANYTHING......PERIOD......these are FIGHTERS FIGHTERS.

Pac-MAN Manny PACQUIAO takes his 52-3-2 38 KO'S into this fight looking like the FAVORITE as no one in at least 2-3 years have come close to getting to him......and one Pretty BOY FLOYD, who will be in the CROWD FLOSSIN', even ducked Pac-MAN.......and i am not saying he did it on purpose or was scared but SUGAR SHANE who is a CHAMPION in his own right Tees it up all the TIME with no hang ups and no regrets.

Sugar SHANE MOSELY comes in with a 46-6-1 39 KO'S and a CHIN to go with it as he will need every bit of his chin and maybe Marvelous MARVIN HAGLERS' Chin to stop PAC-MAN. SHANE is an excellent FIGHTER and will stop at nothing to trade with the best of them and PAC-MAN is a machine when it comes to throwing PUNCHES.

PAC-MAN is given up 7 inches in reach and 2 and a half inches in HEIGHT but the real margin here might be AGE........MANNY is 30 and SUGAR is 38.....that might spell DOOM for SUGAR SHANE.

The WORLD has been waiting and we shall see who is victorious............the BLUEDUDE is going with PAC-MAN and why not.........I see nothing that SUGAR SHANE is going to do to change my mind..........Really.

Both of these guys are straight on FIGHTERS with Pac-Man having a knack for finishing the FIGHT early or just punishing you and MOSLEY just punishing you but can knock a FOOL out though.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

MAVS pull away from LAKESHOW at STAPLES to take 2-0 LEAD.........RON RON slaps BEREA and gets Suspended for GAME 3.......LAKESHOW running on FUMES

The DALLAS MAVERICKS have done something to the LAKERS that no other team has done to them in recent years........make them look AVERAGE at best........and the LAKERS for once look like they are looking for a shoulder to cry on.

The MAVS have played at their pace the whole series and the LAKERS always look like the TEAM 2 or 3 steps behind. The NBA or should I say Coaching Basketball against another team is like a Chess Match........you try to counter what ever the other team is doing if its working against you. And if their strategy is not working......you stay put until they figure it out.

In last nights game MAVS Heads Man Rick CARLISLE in the 3rd quarter went to his bench and just simply out manuevered Lakers Coach Phil JACKSON.....check this MAVS Lineup..........they went with Berea at PG, JET TERRY at the 2, Peja Stojakovic at the Small Forward, DIRK at the 4, and Brendan HAYWOOD at the 5 and the LAKERS had no answer because the MAVS had 4 LEGIT 3pt SHOOTERS out there which means if they spread you out you either cut BEREA or TERRY off or the get to the rim even worst case scenario you help and there is a 3pt SHOOTER out there with a CLEAN LOOK........NBA BASKETBALL 400.........and you have to know what you are talking about to analyze the game like this..........the BLUEDUDE gets it in.

The STAT that stuck out like a sore thumb for the LAKERS was this one.........since the 3rd quarter of Game 1 the LAKERS missed 22 3pt SHOT until KOBE made one late in the 4th Quarter. The LAKERS had been outshot from the 3 LINE some 24 points as the MAVS were 8-15 and the LAKESHOW was 0-14........when the gap is that big from the ARC.......you will lose almost 95% of the TIME.

LAKERS Bench was non-existent as they had only 12 points and KOBE led them in scoring with a quiet 23. The MAVS on the OTHER HAND have the best thing going in the PLAYOFFS on the "DIGGLER" Dirk NOWITZKI as he killed the LAKESHOW again with 24 and 7. The MAVS Bench also played a huge part with 30 BIG POINTS with the JJ BEREA SHOW in full effect or should I say LATE NIGHT with JJ from FIGUEROA........LOL.

I know DIRK has caught some slack by some critics saying that he doesn't rebound the BALL enough, Shoots way too many JUMPSHOTS, and doesn't go to the RIM or POST UP ENOUGH.........SIMPLY PUT to all you naysayers........ DIRK IS A PROBLEM......and now it's the LAKESHOW'S PROBLEM...........and as it stands right now.......being down 2-0 is an even bigger PROBLEM.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dirk NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER and Joe JOHNSON aka JOJO.........come up Big for the MAVS and HAWKS respectively to take all important GAME 1

The Dallas MAVERICKS are the ONLY ONES who think they are better than the Los Angeles LAKERS and after GAME 1 that notion has definitely picked up some followers.

It took the MAVS nearly 4 quarters to finally get over the hump and shock the LAKESHOW and Kobe BRYANT to take a 1-0 series advantage. And now the MAVS are looking for GAME 2 to really put the pressure on the LAKERS.

The MAVS All-Star and probably the best known athlete in GERMANY right now.......the DIGGLER.......Dirk NOWITZKI was simply unstoppable and the LAKERS are either going to have to let DIRK be DIRK....and shut the water off everywhere else.......or take Andrew BYNUM out of the Starting LINE-UP and let Dirk play against the LAKERS 6'10" Forward Lamar "LO7" ODOM simply to make DIRK play Defense.

The 2 biggest key in GAME 1 were the MAVS Rebounding and the BENCH.....which I pointed out a post or two ago.......the MAVS have the advantage here...simply based on getting huge production from not only Jason "JET" TERRY but guys like JJ BEREA, Brendan HAYWOOD, Peja STOJAKOVIC, and GAME 1's Player of the GAME off the BENCH.......KNICKS cast-off Corey BREWER.......who looking at what he did MONDAY NIGHT......the KNICKS or SPIKE LEE could've have used him somewhere........not saying any names KICKS BRASS.

SIMPLY PUT........If the LAKERS expect KOBE to get 36 or more every game of this SERIES......they will be GOIN' HOME rather quickly.

A Well-rested BULLS Team waited about a week to see if those same ATLANTA HAWKS they played in MARCH were game to get SWEPT in 4..........Well you can cancel that post game show as the HAWKS get 34 from the most underrated player in the association "JOJO" Joe JOHNSON, although you couldn't tell from his behemoth MAX Contract he received last summer, and get 22 from Former BULLS 1st rounder Jamal CRAWFORD, from Rainier BEACH Seattle Washington area via MAIZE and BLUE one and out, and both combined to shoot 7-9 from the 3point line with JOJO going 5-5.

The BULLS looked a little slow outside the gate and a bad shooting night from NBA MVP Derrick ROSE and a lackluster effort from the Front line of the BULLS.......they now a face a 0-1 deficit and these HAWKS will not back down.

The HAWKS have 3 of the 4 best players in this series when you start talking JOJO, Al HORFORD, and J-SMOOVE Josh SMITH.....and can easily say JAMAL Crawford is maybe #6...REALLY. The HAKWS pose a lot of problems with their SIZE and versatility and NBA Coach of the YEAR Bulls Head Man Tom THIBODEAU and STAFF have their work cut out now the HAWKS got a taste of Winning Formula vs the BULLS.

THE BULLS will have to be more effiecient in their transition Defense, close-out on the HAWKS shooters better, and execxute better in their half-court sets.......and Carlos BOOZER must be involved heavily.......PERIOD.

Game 2 is set for Wednesday May 4 at the UNITED CENTER, the 2nd MADHOUSE on MADISON...and the BULLS and their newly-crowned MVP must handle business because PEACHTREE Street awaits them on FRIDAY and they have no shot if they got to the DIRTY down 0-2.

Big UPS to Jeff TEAGUE formerly of Indinaplois PIKE HS and the Wake Forest DEMON DEACONS........ he played rather well MONDAY.......and I called it......his Speed and Quickness for the HAWKS posed a little bit of a problem for the BULLS as they have not seen the 2nd year guard in any of the 3 previous meetings.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Chicago SIMEON Career ACADEMY .......to MEMPHIS University TIGERS........to the #1 Overall Pick in 2008.....Meet NBA MVP Derrick "POOH" ROSE

We all have had dreams of being this or being that and when we were KIDS we really thought that's what we were going to do when we grew up. No Matter where your from, race, sex, and/or religion........You wanted to be that Pro Athlete....or that Policeman.....Fireman........DOCTOR........or Entrepenuer.........I just say to yourself..........I know I am going to be someone someday.

Well the KId from one of the roughest areas in the city of CHICAGO, the ENGLEWOOD Neighborhood, said he was going to play for the BULLS one day.........and not only is he playing for the BULLS........he is following in the footsteps of one Michael JORDAN and SCOTTIE PIPPEN.......as one of the greatest to lace'em up for the BULLS.

The youngest of 4 boys, Derrick being the youngest, after REGGIE, DeWAYNE, and ALLAN, Brenda ROSE raised these young men through some tough times and the toughest was the Streets and Area that they called home. Derrick was always looked after by his older brothers as they already knew the lay of the Land in their neighborhood.

Although his 3 brothers were all talented KIDS DERRICK was by far the one that had to make it. As all of his brothers kept a careful EYE on their talented young brother.....Derrick was the most sought after 8th grader in Years in the WINDY CITY. AT 5'11" he then enrolled at Powerhouse SIMEON CAREER ACADEMY on the South Side of CHI CITY and played for the Late LEGEND Bob HAMBRIC.


Derrick ran with the Freshman team and SIMEON won The All-CITY Championship for Freshman and Sophomores. Then the next season Coach HAMBRIC retires and enter Current Head COach Robert SMITH........and as he entered so did one DERRICK ROSE who was then labeled as a SOPHOMORE...the best PLAYER In the CITY and the STATE of ILLINOIS.

Derrick led the WOLVERINES to 2 Straight City Championships and STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS on his way to being Mr. BASKETBALL in the STATE of ILLINOIS as well as a TOP 5 National RANKING in all publications.

I, the BLUEDUDE, remembers vividly Derrick's Senior Year when the Powerhouse and Famous OAK HILL ACADEMY of VIRGINIA came to the WINDY CITY with the a TOP 5 National Ranking, along with SIMEON being TOP 5 Nationally as well, and a Fabulous backcourt of then Senior NOLAN SMITH DUKE All- American and 2010-11 ACC Player of the YEAR and one JUNIOR BRANDON JENNINGS 2008 McDONALD'S All-AMerican and a Top 10 Consensus National Player....and DERRICK did not disappoint as he handled that back court and the rest of OAK HILL for a huge W and after that game that's when Derrick "POOH" ROSE had arrived as one of the Best Chicago High School Players of all-time.

He then took his talents to MEMPHIS and Coach JOHN CALIPARI after and intense battle between them and the University of ILLINOIS. He led the TIGERS all the way to the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME only to come up short vs the KANSAS JAYHAWKS and then that BIG Decsision came.......AM I ONE AND DONE?.......you DAMN RIGHT you are.

The #1 Overall PLAYER selected in the 2008 NBA DRAFT with the HOMETOWN BULLS getting the selection it was a no-brainer as they selected D ROSE #1 over Kansas STATE'S Michael "B-EASY" BEASLEY.

I think the BULLS knew what they were getting........a humble young man whose upbringing paved the way for this GINORMOUS Opportunity in the NBA and playing for his hometown. DID the BULLS think that ROSE would be LEAGUE MVP in 3 YEARS?..........NO......Did BULLS players think that DERRICK would eventually get to be MVP?........NO DOUBT. As Teammate LUOL DENG put it on Channel 7 Chicago News Today," He IS SUCH A HUMBLE KID WHO WORKS ON HIS GAME WITH NO ABANDON AND PUTS THE TYPE OF WORK IN THAT EXUDES SUPERSTAR", I am just glad he is on our side.

ROSE edged out Orlando MAGIC'S Superman DWIGHT HOWARD by an overwhelming amount of votes and DERRICK became the Youngest NBA MVP Ever at 22 years of age in the HISTORY of the NBA.

Although there is some work to be done in the 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS........Derrick ROSE will hopefully lead the BULLS to the PROMISE land more than once.....and as ADIDAS would put it (Derrick ROSE is an ADIDAS ENDORSEE check out his shoe he is wearing now ADIZERO by D ROSE)....." IT TAKES 5".....well ADIDAS and CHI CITY........IT TOOK 1......as in PLAYER #1 DERRICK "POOH" ROSE.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Dirk NOWITZKI vs Pau GASOL.......J-KIDD vs the BLACK MAMBA.......JET TERRY vs LO7......MAVS n LAKESHOW........NBA WESTERN SEMI'S Preview

There are a lot of story lines here folks.......Mark CUBAN and the Zen Master.........2 Best European Born NBA Players ever in Dirk NOWITZKI and Pau GASOL.........HOLLYWOOD and Upper/Lower Greenville.......LA Freeway Traffic and I-35 Dallas Gridlock.....anything else?....OK.......How 'Bout LAKERS n MAVS 2k11 Playoff BASH...........Let's Get It.

A lot of NBA Prognosticators have been waiting for this tilt that goes a few weeks back when the MAVS and LAKESHOW were battling it out for the NBA Western Conference #2 Seed. There are a lot of sub titles in this one but let's talk MAVS n LAKESHOW Match-ups:

1. MAVERICKS vs LAKERS in general: Did or did I not here the LAKESHOW calling the MAVS "SOFT" a few weeks ago. But a few weeks prior to that didn't MAVS Head Coach Rick CARLISLE call his own Team "SOFT". Well now we get to settle this one on the Floor and I wouldn't exactly call the LAKERS the 1990 "BAD BOYS" Detroit PISTONS either.

Case in Point.......By now every team in the LEAGUE knows what your going to do offensively and defensively......so in the PLAYOFFS it will come down to the Little THINGS........Hustle Plays, Execution, Half-Court Defensive Discipline, and Rebounding.......PERIOD
Can the MAVS Win?......You damn right they can win.........Do the LAKERS know this?.......Roger That........n COWBOY CAFE is whack.

2. Dirk NOWITZKI vs the LAKERS FORWARDS: The "DIGGLER" DIrk NOWITZKI is SICK......I mean a 7', face-up, back to the basket, fade away fool........with unlimited RANGE........and when he is going , which is most of the time, he is one of the toughest covers in the Association.

The LAKESHOW on the other hand have to sty TRUE........look at the TAPE......the EYE in the SKY never lies......and go after DIRK Physically. Leading that charge is yours truly from the biggest housing project in the Continental United STATES......put your MITTS together for RON RON Artest. He is not what he use to be by his own admission but can still play really good post-up D and Perimeter D with some of the Slower and stronger 3's and 4's.

Take RON RON and give Matt BARNES a shot, heck he had a shot in 2007 with the Golden State WARRIORS when the MAVS were coming off a season reaching the finals and the #1 Seed in the WEST and GS Beat them as the #8 Seed in large part of BARNES, B DIDDY, WACKO JACKO, and J-RICH.......when he is not coming through your backdoor.........BLUEDUDE went there.

The LAKERS will also use Lamar ODOM, the reigning NBA 6th Man of the YEAR.......But LAKESHOW be careful........The DIGGLER NOWITZKI is 1 of 4 Player ever to average 25 and 10 for the PLAYOFFS........the BLUEDUDE said he was DANGEROUS.

3. the SPANIARD Pau GASOL and Drew BYNUM vs the MAVS Front court by Committee: Can MAVS' BIGS Tyson CHANDLER and Brendan HAYWOOD negate the Dominance of LAKERS' BIGS in the SERIES?.........They CAN.......Question is......WILL THEY?

Tyson will have to play HUGE in this series and the MAVS know that they can't get killed in the PAINT and expect to win the series. HAYWOOD will have to do his Best "I'M BAD" Michael JACKSON Impersonation in this one to let the LAKESHOW'S BIGS know.......... Freddie KRUEGER'S on 1111 South FIGUEROA Street.......in LA...and he is a 7' Center.

GASOL and BYNUM just have to take it to the MAVS Front and make it a physical contest every night.......and if the LAKERS' BIGS can establish that.......the MAVS will fold in the PAINT.......and the BASKET will look like the PACFIC.

4. MAVS High Screen and ROLLS vs LAKERS Triangle: DALLAS runs that High Screen and Roll with DIRK and JET or J-KIDD...almost better than anyone in the LEAGUE...WHY?........all 3 have Triple Threat Potential and can knock it down from deep. The LAKERS will have to decide how they want to attack this Offense that the MAVS run exclusively in CRUNCH TIME. Whatever the LAKERS DO.....don't call the TRAILBLAZERS they had no clue on how to stop it.

The LAKESHOW runs that every one can join in and get off TRIANGLE Offense.....that when it's going right.....almost impossible to stop let alone the Skill Level of the LAKERS best Players running it. The MAVS will have to be very methodical in their approach....Like who do we DOUBLE and WHEN?..........RUN KOBE o the SIDELINES and keep him out of the middle of the FLOOR......and NO LAKER BIGS Rim RUNS to the Front of the Rim in transition.

All this is easier said than done....the BLUEDUDE is just trying to educate my audience to give you an insight on how the PRO'S do it.

5. MAVS Bench vs the LAKESHOW'S Bench: Jet TERRY and Jose BEREA can be a thorn in any teams side let alone the LAKERS. Add in Brendan HAYWOOD , DeShawn STEVENSON, and Peja STOJAKOVIC.........yeah that PEJA that shoots from the PARKING LOT....MAVS have him too.......MAVERICKS are Deep and in WAVES.

LAKERS will come with Shannon BROWN, Steve BLAKE, Matt BARNES, Luke WALTON, and the leagues #1 Guy off the BENCH......... Lamar ODOM. See the LAKERS are right there themselves so what does it come down to.....all the THINGS I talked about earlier......throw in who TURNS it Over More.........There is your Series.

WINNER: It's hard to against KOBE.......but after careful consideration........the BLUEDUDE is rolling with the MAVS in a HUGE UPSET in 6....4-2.........and it will be the MAVS and BULLS in the 2011 NBA FINALS.......now that's some BIG ONES BLUEDUDE.