Saturday, April 30, 2011

HAWKS upset MAGIC......BULLS and HAWKS 2nd Round......And BULLS see NO SUPERMAN in DWIGHT HOWARD...Is it an easier PATH?

The Atlanta HAWKS have done all of CHICAGO and the BULLS a favor by beating the Orlando MAGIC and Dwight "SUPERMAN" HOWARD. Not that the BULLS playing the HAWKS will be easy......I just think like a lot of people out there that the BULLS match up better with the HAWKS especially size wise.

The BULLS had their way with the HAWKS this season winning 2 of 3 including winning the only game in Chicago and splitting 2 in ATL.

So where do we start in dissecting down the series............BULLS vs HAWKS Eastern Conference Semifinals:

1. NBA MVP vs ATL GUARDS: Derrick ROSE has a decisive advantage over the HAWKS in the SERIES even if they put J-CRAWFORD on the soon to be Crowned MVP. The HAWKS also have injury concerns with starting PG Kirk HINRICH who is dealing with a sore HAMSTRING.

Derrick ROSE had his way in all the GAMES vs the HAWKS and this series will be no different. I would even go out on the limb and say the HAWKS will use little used PG Jeff TEAGUE in this series just to try to give ROSE a different LOOK.

2. Joe JOHNSON vs the 2 GUARD by Committee of the BULLS: JJ is a rough cover and when he is going he is about as unstoppable as any other top player in the ASSOCIATION. The one thing the BULLS have going for them is that JOJO can sometimes disappear from games and at some point in this series he will get lost.

The BULLS on the other hand will use Keith BOGANS, Ronnie BREWER, and Kyle KORVER to slow down the LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS Native and with BOGANS and KORVER the BULLS have to make JOJO play some defense and make him run around and defend BOGANS and KORVER.

3. JOSH SMITH vs JOSH SMITH: That's right the enigmatic Small/Power Forward is just that. He can hurt the BULLS in so many ways when he is playing within the confines of the TEAM and also can hurt his own team with some of the most lackadaisical basketball plays you will ever see from a NBA VET.

The KEY for the BULLS is to contain him on transition and stop his run outs or leak outs for DUNKS or RIM RUNS (which is getting easy baskets at the front of the rim). And if the BULLS can give J-SMOOVE a heavy dose of the GOOD LUOL DENG........the HAWKS will be in dyer straights.

4. FLORIDA TEAMMATES.......NOAH vs HORFORD: ALL BS aside.......these 2 men have to cancel each other out but HORFORD seems like he is GAME every time he sees JOAHKIM...he GOES OFF. The BULLS need to run different players at HORFORD like ASIK, GIBSON, and even the savvy old vet Kurt THOMAS.

5. Is CARLOS BOOZER on a MILK CARTON?....under MISSING ADULTS: The BULLS will have no shot if BOOZ gives them what he gave the BULLS vs the PACERS in the 1st Round........NOTHING. in this series he will probably see J-SMOOVE, HORFORD, and ZAZA PACHULIA.......and with those guys guarding him......CBOOZ5 must go past the UNITED CENTER get deep in K-TOWN on the WEST SIDE and pick up that kit called.........WEST SIDE K-TOWN........GRIMEY KIT for Power Forwards. And if he can get that kit and get back to playing BOOZ 18 and 10 HOOPS....See ya HAWKS.

On the other hand the HAWKS will have their hands full as the energetic motor always running NOAH will eventually pose a problem to the HAWKS and the BULLS will and should have the edge on the backboard.

OUTLOOK: the HAWKS are not that good on the ROAD......the BULLS need to run with a blessing when they get one as the HAWKS are a way easier match up than the MAGIC would have been. The BULLS need to play inspired from the JUMP and need all hands on deck as if there are any weaknesses the BULLS have...the 2nd Round of the PLAYOFFS will reveal it.

The HAWKS must try to not let any of the other BULLS to have BIG NIGHTS because you are not going to contain DROSE but stop the PARTS around him shall be the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM. Keeping BULLS off the GLASS, Stop BULLS from SHOOTING a HIGH % from the 3 LINE, and Contain DENG and BOOZER.

WINNER: BULLS in 5.......the HAWKS will get 1 just because the BIRDHOUSE on PEACHTREE STREET get crack-a-lackin.........for real....and the BULLS have the LUXURY of being the #2 Series in the EAST as the GREEN TEAM and HEAT take CENTER STAGE

Friday, April 29, 2011

Just what the Doctor ordered.....HEAT vs CELTICS.......The TRANSITION GAME of the HEAT vs the R KELLY "BUMP And GRIND" of the CELTICS.......WHO WINS?

Hey! Everyone in their NBA Minds saw this one coming from a far all season.......LEBRON JAMES having to go through the GREEN TEAM yet another time for a chance to advance to the NBA Eastern Conference FINALS.

Although King JAMES would never admit to it....the CELTICS have been a thorn in his backside for the last few seasons and now JAMES has to be thinking now I have WADE COUNTY and CBOSH 1 things are looking up.

Well during the Regular Season the CELTS beat the HEAT 3-1 and allowed the GREEN TEAM to shoot some 45% from the field and average at least 45 points from the ARC. If this trend continues the HEAT will once again find themselves GOING FISHING before JUNE.


RONDO vs the HEAT Committee at Point Guard: The HEAT must throw guys like CHALMERS and HOUSE at RONDO and try to keep him out of getting easy transition baskets. On the other hand the HEAT also have to make RONDO work on Defense to wear him down a little. The CELTS have no other PG really.

PAUL PIERCE aka the TRUTH aka P2 vs LeBRON JAMES aka KING JAMES: The CELTICS have one of the best team defenses in the Association so PAUL will have plenty of help. On the OTHER hand the HEAT have to keep PIERCE off the ARC and make him shoot off the bounce.....if he has middle game and 3 game going......JAMES n Heat in trouble.

WADE COUNTY vs CELTICS: We all know SUGAR RAY ALLEN can't guard WADE but he will have a host of CELTICS trying to funnel the guard to the sidelines and keep WADE COUNTY out of the LANE where he does damage. If WADE is using his whole floor game from end to end and he is having a lot of success...LOOKOUT GREEN TEAM.

CELTICS Front Line vs HEAT Front Line: OK......BIG TICKET GARNETT, the O'NEAL Boyz, Big BABY, and KRISTIC vs Joel ANTHONY, Juwan HOWARD, Chris BOSH, and Udonis HASLETT........EDGE GREEN TEAM.........The HEAT need to come up with a formula to be PLUS in REBOUNDS not necessarily in Scoring. But if they can get Rebounding a a BOSH avg of about 16-17 pts for the sreies that might get them past the C'S.

OVERALL..........@ things are very importatnt in this series......CELTICS want to make it an R KELLY AFFAIR....a little BUMP and know HALF-COURT GAME...and the HEAT on the other hand want to be FAST and FURIOUS the whole game and the whole floor......and which ever team eatablishes its TEMPO will win each GAME......the HEAT Struggle in the HALF-Court and the CELTS can adapt to picking their spots in HALF-Court and in TRANSITION.

WINNER CELTICS 4-2........... in 6

NFL Draft Winners SAINTS, BRONCOS, and BILLS.....Losers TITANS, COWBOYS, and LIONS......MAYBE......Plenty Of TALENT still on BOARD for DAY 2

The 2011 NFL Draft started with some boos for NFL Commissioner Roger GOODELL........but by the END of the DRAFT all is well as it looks like it's time for some football.

The PANTHERS waisted no time in getting what they needed in Auburn QB and Heisman Winner Cam NEWTON and there are question marks and rightfully so. But the BLUEDUDE has one for you.......THE PANTHERS should have never experimented with Jimmy "It's all about me" CLAUSEN and who else were the PANTHERS going to PICK. With the PANTHERS needing a Big Splash NEWTON was the right pick.

Now from a standpoint of can you win with him.......don't know.......and there 53 Men on the Active NFL Roster....he's just 1 of them. Carolina needs to sure up some things everywhere but i think that's a good start. And what ever happened to that 2-headed monster in Running Backs Jonathan STEWART and DeAngelo WILLIAMS........get them rolling and the PANTHERS and NEWTON will be moving in a positive direction.

The DRAFT"S outstanding WINNERS:

FALCONS: Trading up some 21 spots to get Alabama's WR Julio JONES to go with all that Offense in QB RYAN, RB TURNER, TE GONZALEZ, and WR Roddy WHITE...........the Dirty Birds will have the Georgia Dome aka the BIRDCAGE in a early pick a top the NFC with the PACKERS.

SAINTS: Picking Defensive End Cam JORDAN of CAL and getting a Emmitt SMITH Play-a-like in Heisman Winner Mark INGRAM of 'BAMA......they hit 2 home runs addressing 2 Things they valued in a Defensive Pass Rush and A RB now that Reggie BUSH is all but gone.

BRONCOS: They Have a QB or 2 of them....they have Running BACKS......they needed a Defensive Splash Guy and picked the 2nd best player in the DRAFT in Texas A&M'S OLB Von MILLER..........the ORANGE CRUSH got that right......after ex- Head MAN Josh McDaniels Blew everything up but INVESCO last season.

BILLS: Went the safe route and said NO MORE dabbling into QB's Like the PAST...... MEET and Greet Alabama Defensive TAckle Marcell DAREUS.......a monster of a human being that will stuff the Middle in a 3-4 Nose Tackle or in a 4-3 Defensive Tackle.....either way he is the right pick.

Draft's LOSERS:

TITANS: I know that the VINCE YOUNG ERA is over and really never got on track......but to get WASHINGTON'S Jake LOCKER at #8 is a little bit of a Stretch......and I think he will be good in time but to get him at that price.....You Wonder....if Jeff FISHER was still there.....would he have took LOCKER at #8........HECK NO......Immediate need is at Defensive TAckle and Auburn's Fairley was there and they whiffed.

COWBOYS: Needed a Left TACKLE and picked the 3rd Best LT in this draft......I would have went with SOLDER from Colorado or Castanzo of Boston College....TYRON SMITH doesn't have enough GAMES under his belt for me to pull the trigger at #9....and maybe that' why the 'BOYS were taking a long time making this pick.......INDECISIVENESS will cost you in the WAR have to get it right......Jerry ask the STEELERS, RAVENS, PATRIOTS, and PACKERS.

LIONS: This is 50/50 with's not so much a loss as it is the Pick they should have made was Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara and left FAIRLEY alone. Now the Good side to this is the LIONS have 2 MONSTERS they could build that defense around in Ndamakong SUH and Nick FAIRLEY if Mr. FAIRLEY holds up his end of the BARGAIN.

Other NICE PICKS.......

AJ GREEN to the JUNGLE in CINCY......could be a nice OFFENSE if they can get CARSON PALMER to throw to the BENGALS

Patrick PETERSON to the DESERT......CARDS will have a nice duo at CORNER......P -DOUBLE and Rodgers-CROMARTIE

JJ WATT to H-TOWN.....TEXANS get a quiet unassuming BEAST opposite of SUPER MARIO WILLIAMS........Uh-OH

Mike POUNCEY to 305......FINS get their guy who might well-suited to p[lay GUARD right off but can play CENTER

Ryan KERRIGAN to DC.......a Pass-Rushing Specialist to team up with ARAKPO....will let SHANAHAN do his QB Madness

Prince AMUKAMARA to GOTHAM BLUE......the PRINCE has landed and answers much needed help in G-MEN SECONDARY

Danny WATKINS to Broad STreet...the LINC that is.......VICK and MCCOY will love this guy....oldest player in DRAFT...26

Jon BALDWIN to join Dwayne BOWE....both 6'4"......and the CHIEFS can RUN TO with CHARLES...LOOKOUT

Cameron HEYWARD to the Steel CITY.......Just what the aging D-LINE Needed........a steal at me

2nd and 3rd ROUNDS start at 545 ET on ESPN and NFL Network......Stay Tuned a lot of good names left for round

UNC DT Marvin Austin
Arkansas QB Ryan MALLETT
UCLA Safety Rahim MOORE
Villanova OT Ben IJILANA
Maryland WR Torrey SMITH

Just some of the OUTSTANDING NAMES left on the BOARD in this years DRAFT...LOOK FOR BOWERS, DALTON, KAEPERNICK, and MALLETT not to make it past the first 10 picks in the 2nd Round.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The 2011 NFL Draft is upon us and though some of my sources the TOP 10 of the DRAFT should go something like this sprinkled with some TEAMS picking Later in the 1st Round:

1. Carolina PANTHERS: will take Auburn QB Cam NEWTON........also looking at Marcell DARIUS of ALABAMA

2. Denver BRONCOS: have to get strong up the middle will take Marcell DARIUS of 'BAMA the BEST DT on the BOARD

3. Buffalo BILLS: FITZPATRICK Circled the WAGONS last year at QB....VON MILLER OLB fits at this spot

4. Cincy BENGALS: With QB carson PALMER going no where will take WR AJ GREEN the best WR on the BOARD SURPRISE GABBERT

5. Arizona CARDINALS: Need a QB.....Gabbert a Stretch for CARDS WR CORP......LSU CB Patrick Peterson fits

6. Cleveland BROWNS: WR a need 'BAMA'S Julio JONES the pick but watch BROWNS PREZ HOLMGREN.......might trade down Surprise NICK FAIRLEY

NOTE: As of PRESS Atlanta FALCONS GM Thomas Dimitroff was looking to get into the TOP 7 Picks to get any 3 of the 4-6 PICKS.......PETERSON, GREEN, or JONES......wants to add that last piece on OFFENSE...Imagine RYAN throwing to WHITE, GONZO, and either JHONES or GREEN, who played down the street in ATHENS Georgia....LOOK for 4-6 TEAMS to be busy on the PHONES

7. San FRANCISCO 49ERS: Need a CB, DT, OLB, QB , and RB......if PETERSON is GONE....could go Mizzou QB GABBERT or Auburn DT Nick FAIRLEY.....maybe even a CB in Prince AmuKAMARA or Jimmy SMITH......this pick will be huge in the WHAT IF CATEGORY

8. Tennessee TITANS: Need Help in the MIDDLE of the DEFENSE.....Auburn's DT Nick FAIRLEY is the PICK...should be there for the taking. Surprise Robert Quinn UNC OLB

9. Dallas COWBOYS: OT Tyron SMITH of USC is the LOGICAL PICK to keep ROMO Clean and Upright.......but if there is a little trade value HEAR but 'BOYS have to make a Low Risk Pick....that pick is SMITH

10. Washington REDSKINS: The talk maybe MIZZOU QB Blaine GABBERT.......also if nothings there they could trade down to get more picks.....after the 2nd Round 'SKINS don't pick until 141st...WOW.....NEEDS WR, LB, OL, QB

11. Houston TEXANS: Need a DE opposite of DE Super MARIO WILLIAMS MIzzou DE Aldon SMITH.

12. Minnesota VIKINGS: Need a WR ....WR Sidney RICE is gone.......maybe UK WR Randall COBB......I would take Clemson DE DaQUAN BOWERS and shock the WORLD

13. Detroit LIONS: Needs a CB/OL CB Prince AMUKAMARA if he is there maybe USC Tyron SMITH if he is there

14. St LOUIS RAMS: Need interior OL Danny WATKINS of BAYLOR or MIKE POUNCEY of FLA

15.Miami DOLPHINS: Needs a QB/RB take BAMA'S mark INGRAM at RB

16. Jacksonville JAGUARS: Need DE help......CAL's Cam JORDAN or Wisconsin's JJ WATT

17. New England PATRIOTS: JJ WATT if he is there a no brainer but watch BELICHEK he is a SLICKSTER

18. San Diego CHARGERS: With the LIGHTS turned off for ever in Shawne MERRIMAN.....need an IMPACT DE Ryan KERRIGAN purdue

19. NY GIANTS: Interior Lineman they need for Running game.....Gabe CARIMI WISCONSIN

20. TB BUCCANEERRS: needs a Pass Rusher in Clemson DE DaQUAN BOWERS....a steal at 20

21. KC CHIEFS:DANNY WATKINS T/G Baylor need more push upfront for Running Game

22. Indy COLTS: OL Derrick SHERROD Miss STATE Peyton MANNING needs to stay clean and Running Game needs Improvement

23. Philly EAGLES: Jimmy SMITH CB Colorado Maybe Aaron WILLIAMS of TEXAS or Brandon HARRIS of MIAMI FLA

24. NO SAINTS: Corey LIUGET Illinois DT someone to play off BIG Sed ELLIS

25. Seattle SEAHAWKS: Nate SOLDER OT Colorado Last Year SOLDER.......I see what you are doing PETEY CARROLL

26 BMORE RAVENS: Cam HEYWARD OHIO STATE a beast of a man like his late FATHER IRON HEAD Heyward.....a Steal this late

27. ATL FALCONS: Kyle RUDOLPH ND TE With GONZO teaching him and keeps young weapons around RYAN

28. NE PATRIOTS: Akeem AYERS OLB UCLA......Building that young Defense back......Lookout for PATS on D

29. Chicago BEARS: Marvin AUSTIN DT UNC......with DT Tommie HARRIS long gone......a good fit to keep LB'S moving

30. NY JETS: Justin HOUSTON UGA OLB Good outside pass rusher to compliment Strong side Pass Rusher Calvin PACE

31. Pittsburgh STEELERS: Aaron WILLIAMS TEXAS CB/S A huge need for STEELERS....versatile as well

32. GB PACKERS: Muhammed WILKERSON DT TEMPLE going to lose one of their DT'S in free agency probably Cullen JENKINS good Protection in potential loss

THIS IS ONLY THE 1ST ROUND THAT STARTS TONIGHT AT 8ET ON ESPN AND NFL NETWORK..........ROUNDS 2-3 TO AIR FRIDAY....BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK covering your 2011 NFL Draft NEEDS now print this off and watch how my picks do.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CANUCKS Beat HAWKS....but HAWKS were beat LAST SUMMER.....G.S. WARRIORS moving in New Direction.......KNICKS pay Mr. BIG SHOT $14.2 Mil in 2011-12

The Chicago BLACKHAWKS were down and out about a week and a half ago but rallied to tie the SERIES between them and the VANCOUVER CANUCKS 3-3 to force a Game 7.

But let's look at it closely........the HAWKS were doomed right after they WON the STANLEY CUP last year.....HAWKS MANAGEMENT said they were in the RED and they would have to downsize PAYROLL.

With that being said when they traded or released a little over half their roster and some very important parts to that CORE ROSTER of the CUP Winning TEAM.......They should've not even been in the PLAYOFFS........The FANS should have not gone to the GAME and I know it was to support the PLAYERS but the HAWKS have to have where is it.

My initial thought was that they were pulling an OLD CUBS Trick.....YOU KNOW......let's fill WRIGLEY.......and be somewhat competitive but let's also make that CASH. It's SAD to me when an ORGANIZATION has to move a roster around when the ROSTER can't even defend what is theirs.......THE CUP. Yeah the CANUCKS were the best Record Team in the NHL for the Regular Season......but some of those HAWKS have to be saying WHAT IF? What if we had Big BUFF and the rest of those guys that were moved......DAMN.

The GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS had a 10 Game improvement from last season at 36-46 and the WARRIORS are moving in the RIGHT Direction under Coach Keith SMART. But the New Ownership Group of the WARRIORS didn't think SMART was relieved of his duties TODAY by the WARRIORS and was commended for his efforts.

Did anyone really think when a New Ownership Group comes in that SMART should have even had one year with the TEAM......I didn't think so plus SMART is a CASTOFF from the Old REGIME in Don NELSON'S Coaching Staff and that NELSON CRAZY STYLE of OFFENSE and little DEFENSE.

I also think given the CHANCE SMART was eventually going to get the WARRIORS in the PLAYOFFS but it looks like he would have had to do it this past season to get 1 more year. And this is from a franchise that rarely sniffs Post Season Play.........HMMMMMMMM.

Now you ask yourself whose in line to get this JOB........the CORE is intact......with MONTA ELLIS, STEPH CURRY, and DAVID will be interesting to see who they interview and who gets the JOB.......and you know as well as I do.......Defense eventually wins CHAMPIONSHIPS and the WARRIORS are going to have to do something they rarely do EVER.......START to look at the DEFENSIVE PART of the GAME with their next Head Coach.

The NEW YORK KNICKS are making sure everything stays in place to make a really good run in the EAST as they pick up the $14.2 Million Option on one Chauncey "Mr. BIG SHOT" BILLUPS to no surprise.

The KNICKS are on the RIGHT PATH with young players like Toney DOUGLAS and LAndry FIELDS but have to make a SPLASH somewhere in their rotation with an explosive Shooting Guard....that's whats missing on their Roster right now. Someone to take the Scoring LOAD off of 'MELO and STAT.

They also need to take a DEEPER look at the DIRECTION they want to go in from a Head COACHING Standpoint........I don't think in the EAST MIKE D'ANTONI'S Philosophy and Style will in the EAST all the TOP TEAMS PLAY DEFENSE FIRST.....and the KNICKS are going to have to tell some of their top guys to start thinking about a HARD HAT.........and that's going to be difficult with this current roster.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

JAMAL CRAWFORD of the HAWKS is single-handily dominating the MAGIC BENCH




+27 j-craw

And you want to know who comes off the BENCH for the MAGIC:

Quentin RICHARDSON check his shoes a JORDAN Brand GUY....can't tell huh?
JJ REDICK....yeah the one from DUKE with all those points
Ryan ANDERSON ..I am 6'10" and I am scared of the paint
Gilbert ARENAS aka Agent 0 aka HIBACHI GRILL.....


See the HAWKS in the 2nd Round and MAGIC GM Otis SMITH has some dead weight he needs to get rid of......and fast. And what's the contract on those Magic Bench Players....ONLY IF YOU KNEW....I DO


I saw this coming way back when the LAKERS drafted a 6-9 PF/C from UTEP in DERRICK CARACTER. See you have to know the CARACTER STORY and the BLUEDUDE Keeps it tight.......that's why friends call me SPORTIPEDIA..........or VIRTUAL of my COLLEAGUES calls me the get it.

Late SATURDAY NIGHT or EARLY SUNDAY Morning LAKERS FORWARD DERRICK CARACTER was charged with simple battery, public drunkenness, and resisting arrest. This was after reportedly CARACTER shoved a PREGNANT Waitress at IHOP in New ORLEANS. Onlookers say this was after CARACTER was refused service.

See CARACTER has had ISSUES like this stemming from his trek in 3 different High Schools he attended:

1. St PATRICK'S New JERSEY freshman year
2. Scotch PLAINS-FANWOOD HS New Jersey sophomore year
3. St PATRICK'S New JERSY Junior YEAR Again
4. Notre DAME PREPATORY SCHOOL in Massachusetts his Sr Year for Grades

Look ND PREP was the same school that one Mike BEASLEY of the T'WOLVES attended his Senior Year. CARACTER was a Top 30 National HS PLAYER and after all those transfer still ended up with Rick Pitino and the Louisville CARDINALS. From there the same issues off the court followed CARACTER to the point of PITINO and his staff finally cutting ties to the Extremely talented but yet LAZY and I want to do it my way PLAYER.

Then he transferred to the University of TEXAS at EL PASO aka UTEP to play for new Coach and former player and assistant at UMASS and MEMPHIS under Coach John CALAPARI.....Tony BARBAREE, who is now at the PLAINS at the UNIVERSITY of AUBURN in ALABAMA.

AT UTEP CARACTER received a 2nd chance and made the most of it to the tune of POY in the Conference and some All-American Consideration......and his name was far enough out there for the NBA SCOUTS, who always know where the PLAYERS ARE no matter what circumstances, served notice of his new play.

Even though the LAKERS took him at #58 Pick in the 2010 NBA DRAFT....CARACTER was drafted and played extremely well in the LAKERS Summer League to the LAKERS signing him and putting him on the LAKESHOW Season Opening Roster.

And even though we are talking about the young man under the wrong Circumstances......i hope D C can stay on that path of being or turning into a professional on and off the COURT.

SPURS Clock has run out in 2011....LAKESHOW STRUGGLES.......NFL PLAYERS win but LOSE.....CAN'T WORKOUT......PETTY STUFF NFL

I was thinking when they got off to a 51-8 Regular Season Start that the San Antonio SPURS were easily the Team to beat in the NBA........and they stumbled down the stretch a little but there were no worries.

Now halfway through the 1st Round of the Western Conference Playoffs the SPURS are facing Elimination......YES.....ELIMINATION to an 8 Seed Memphis GRIZZLIES Team who has outplayed them in every facet of the Series.

TIM DUNCAN turned 35 years old yesterday but his health, at least his lower half is almost gone, is a Huge Difference in this series as is No One stepping up helping the Aging DUNCAN on a consistent basis.

MANU and PARKER are trying to hold the fort together but it is just way too much too overcome from an ATHLETIC STANDPOINT as the GRIZZ are coming in waves that the SPURS have no answer for. You say what's up next for the SPURS.....PRIDE......the #1 Overall Seed in the Playoffs....all them Championships in the last 12 Years......and one of the Best Organizations In Professional Sports......that's what's next for the isn't OVER until the BIG ONE Starts SINGING.....RIGHT

Speaking of the SPURS......the Los Angeles LAKERS are having their struggles of their own. Bad bench play.......poor Defense vs One PLAYER ( Chris PAUL aka CP3), and at times that look like they have the same clock as the SPURS.......the FATHER TIME BRAND.

The HORNETS are not only beating the LAKESHOW in Hustle appears the HORNETS, led by the BRASH and Confident CP3, feel as though the LAKERS are in their way too advancing not the other way around. The ONLY Position the LAKERS have an advantage at is the Off-Guard and of course the whole world knew KOBE is usually the Best Player let alone the Best 2 in that series playing.

But the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION for the Whole Series and the LAKESHOW......CAN THE BIGS OF THE LAKER COME TO PLAY AND SHUT DOWN A TEAM THAT STARTS A 6-6 POWER FORWARD?.......That 6-6 PF is Carl LANDRY who is giving up a mere 6-7 inches to GASOL and BYNUM but you couldn't tell the way he attacks these LAKERS BIGS.

Forget the KOBE vs CP3 has come down to LAKERS BIGS and HORNETS BIG and MIDGETS.....PERIOD.

So the NFL PLAYERS win in Court and start to REPORT to FAcilities TODAY and thy are let in but can't WORKOUT.......that's like the RESTROOMS are OPEN but you can't SH**.........REALLY.....Reportedly NFL Teams told their STRENGTH and Conditioning Coaches to have the DAY OFF......NFL petty FOOLS.

LOOK REAL TALK......the OWNERS don't want the PLAYERS to see what they are PROFITING and the OWNERS also want to Cut SALARIES........the PLAYERS are like OK....first we want to see what you are making before you take that $9 BILLION....YEAH.....$9 BILLION off the TOP....OWNERS wouldn't do it......JUDGE RULES in PLAYERS FAVOR........So you can lock the DOORS to the WEIGHTS.........but go to the BANK and SPLIT UP that CHANGE WE NEED as in $4.5 BILLION........PRONTO.......DAMN a WEIGHT FACILITY.......if it's about money give the PLAYERS their ÇASH.....and you should have showed them the BOOKS........PIGLETS.

Monday, April 25, 2011

JUDGE rules in NFLPA FAVOR......LOCKOUT ENDED.......Is this a Big STEP for PLAYERS or even a Bigger Blunder for OWNERS?

Believe IT OR NOT.......Judge Susan NELSON awarded an injunction to the NFL PLAYERS that has lifted the LOCKOUT. Lifting this Lockout not only permits PLAYERS from going to the TEAMS' Facility....but also allows player movement and TRADES.

The JUDGE has also ordered TEAMS that do not let PLAYERS in their FACILITIES they will be in Violation of the Judge NELSON'S ruling. Now the tricky part is ONLY PLAYERS under CURRENT Contract can workout at the TEAMS FACILITIES as well as get treatment and watch film.

Now 2 things are staring TEAMS and OWNERS in the FACE right now:

1. Now that TEAMS can Trade and Move players...the NFL Draft is upon us starting Thursday April 28, 2011.......

2. If TEAMS want Deals in Place or want to wheel and deal....thy must do it in about 2 1/2 days time as the DRAFT is THURSDAY.

My Sources day the Hottest Draft Day Deal as of right this minute is EAGLES QB Kevin KOLB.......I am hearing as much as 10 teams want KOLB and the EAGLES want a 1st Round Pick and may get one for KOLB.

NOTE: EAGLES are reportedly pursuing the Best Defensive Backs in the DRAFT.....LSU'S Patrick PETERSON or COLORADO Boulder's Jimmy SMITH....who they value a lot from what I am hearing.

This is just one example of what the next 48-72 hours will be in the 32 NFL TEAMS Draft ROOMS.....utterly and complete CHAOS to say the LEAST.

NFL Players Association Head DeMaurice Smith was reported as saying, " My hope is really that their is someone on the other side that loves football as much as our player and fans do". And if injunction sticks the OWNERS must have to give in to the PLAYERS there is a lot of Legal Ramifications to this............First FIGHT Over..... Winner PLAYERS......Next Fight Coming Soon......Stay Tuned.

So the answer to my question Players or Owners......Whose getting hit hardest.......right now it's the Owners.......NO DOUBT.

Next Scheduled Meeting is MAY 16 2011 between the Players and Owners.

PACKERS and STEELERS pick 31 and 32 1st Round....PATRIOTS have 17 and 28 1st Round.......PANTHERS have #1....ON THE CLOCK NOW

A reported 25 Players will attend the 2011 NFL Draft that opens up with the 1st Round in New York's Music CITY HALL. With the NFL Players Asscoiation trying to lift the LOCKOUT........It should be a Fantasctic always is.

Let's get to business......the CAROLINA PANTHERS have been on the Clock when the Sunday Game Clock struck ZEROES back in Week 17. We know they need a QB but is there a Franchise QB in this Draft......there was supposedly if STANFORD'S Senior-to-be QB Andrew LUCK made himself avaialable but he went back to the HARVARD of the WEST for his Final Season. LUCK would have came out if his Former Coach now 9ERS Head Man would have been picking 1st instead of 7th.

So it Blaine GABBERT of MIZZOU or Cam NEWTON of the PLAINS in Auburn....the BLUEDUDE says it's neither.....I would go with DT and sure to be a really good player in MARCELL DARIUS of's a no brainer picking that HIGH and getting the best VALUE......GABBERT nor NEWTON have that full package teams look for in that FRANCHISE QB.

As for the BEST player in this year's would argue......some say the aforementioned DARIUS......I say it's between LSU'S Defensive Back Patrick PETERSON and Texas A&M'S Outside LineBacker Man-Child Von MILLER.

Both are Top 10 PICKs with most Mock Drafts having MILLER getting picked #3 By the BUFFALO BILLS and the PETERSON going to the 9ERS at #7 even though Peterson also makes sense at #5 Arizona with All-Pro Rodgers-Cromartie on one side and PETERSON on the other.......'ZONA would definately UPGRADE the Back End of that D.

The Best Wide Recievers on the BOARD are AJ GRREN from UGA ATHENS and JULIO JONES of ALABAMA.....where will they go.....Most MOCK'S have them both in the Top 10 with GREEN going to CINCY and JONES to CLEVELAND.......the next best WR on my board is TITAS YOUNG of BOISE STATE.

The HIGHEST rated DEfensive Ends are DaQuan BOWERS of Death VALLEY in CLEMSON and Robert QUINNof UNC who was suspeneded all season for some allegations of dealing with Agents. BOWERS was the BEST Overall PLAYER in the Entire DRAFT until his KNEE Problems surfaced.......I still think he is the 3rd best player in the DRAFT and if he doesn't go Top 5-8....he will have real VALUE after that.......A STEAL.

There will be 3 1st rounders at TACKLE with USC'S Tyron SMITH, Boston College's Anthony Castanzo, and Colorado's Nate Solder. SMITH should be the 1st tackle taken as most Mock's have him not getting past the COWBOYS at #9 and Castanzo at #17 to the Home favorite PATS, and SOLDER going to the COLTS or BEARS in the ladder 1st round.

The Other deepest position in the DRAFT is at Defensive Back with PETERSON and Nebraska's Prince Amukamara commanding most of the attention as they are sure Top 15 Picks. the others of note are Jimmy SMITH of Colorado, Aaron Williams of Texas, and Brandon Harris of MIAMI FLA. Smith in most Mock's is going to the RAVENS at #26, WILLIAMS or HARRIS to the STEELERS at #31. If one slips they will slip right into the 2nd Round and so will that signing bonus.

Analyzing the DRAFT in short the VALUE is at Defensive LINE, Defensive END, Defensive Back, and Offensive Line with those 3 Tackles and the Best CENTER in the DRAFT Mike POUNCEY of FLORIDA the Twin Brother of STEELER All-Pro Maurkice POUNCEY....who could possibly slip to the STEELERS at #31....but probably won't.......the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS are all over POUNCEY especially having seen what his Brother did last year.

THURSDAY NIGHT.........April 28......6pm Central Time......the 2011 NFL DRAFT.....sponsored by........Y'all HAMMER OUT A DEAL AND GET THE SEASON CRACK-A-LACKIN......FOOLS.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

HEAT can't close SIXERS.....GREEN TEAM sweep KNICKS......Q-RICH and J-RICH.......GRIZZLIES up 2-1.

I can only imagine COACH SPO drawing up the Game-Winner for WHO?.......WADE COUNTY......or.....KING JAMES......Never CHris BOSH.

But the HEAT faced a scenario they have faced before and KING JAMES still took the shot to no evail and Dwayne WADE had 16 points but looked on cruise control. SO WHY IS KING JAMES STILL TAKING last-minute SHOTS when WADE County is a sure-fire to not only take the shot but hit the SHOT. The MIAMI HEAT closer is DeWAYNE WADE with no questions.

The same reason the HEAT can't figure out who takes the last shot in games is the same reason the CELTICS will win their EASTERN SEMI-Finals match-up vs the HEAT.......DOC RIVERS will pick the others COACHS' Pocket......PERIOD.

It's a SHAME that We know who KING JAMES is or isn't but he has no CLUE. I am not bashing JAMES but merely calling him out to what he is......NOT a GAME=CLOSER...but for the 1st 3 quarters he is the man...RIGHT?

OK BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK NATION.... The BLUEDUDE picked the KNICKS to up end the CELTICS and move on to play the HEAT.....Didn't know that BILLUPS would be hurt.......STAT....Amare' STOUDAMIRE would be injured throughout the SERIES with Back Spasms......and 'MELO would have to do it all himself..........HAD NO IDEA.

What I did know was that the CELTICS are a for real CHAMPIONSHIP Contender with a few Hall of FAMERS that know the WINDOW is half the GREEN TEAM'S Urgency is off the CHARTS as well as their drive to do what ever it takes to get to the next series.......and for the KNICKS........they have a few pieces for 2011-12.....AND WHAT?

MAGIC teammates Quentin "Q" Richardson and Jason "j-RICH" Richardson are acting like they are the tough guys on the Orlando MAGIC. A few step-in-your-face for my teammate ha gotten them both a few fines in the last couple of weeks.

Question is are these GUYS tough GUYS....DON'T CARE.......are they RIGHT by protecting their teammates......I GUESS.....Look at the rest of the ROSTER......JJ REDDICK, Hedo TURKOGLU, Chris DUHON, Ryan ANDERSON,......should I keep Going?.......Or you get the PICTURE.

Long Story...SHORT......PLAY BASKETBALL...and leave that other SH** to the guys that don't have as much value to their team.

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES win their 1st ever HOME PLayoff Game and the SPURS look like they left every thing out there during the Regular Season. It will take the SPURS every thing they have to overcome the YOUTHFULNESS of the GRIZZ.....or it's another #1 Seed biting the Dust to a #8 Seed.

REAL QUICK......ZACH RANDOLPH is playing for KEEPS SPURS......STEP UP.....or Z-BO will continue to do his thing at a high level........and hats off to Coach LIONEL HOLLINS and his HONESTY the other night about a Bad Play-Call.......that was flat-out being UPFRONT and TRUE to his Team and everyone DIALED IN.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Looking for Real Estate NFL Teams.......there 2 ISLANDS up for SALE......and they are CAN'T MISS Properties.....PETERSON ISLAND and AMUKAMARA ISLAND

Every NFL Defensive Coordinator wish they could just GAME PLAN and tell 10 GUYS of the 11 that's out there.........We just have to worry about the side opposite of HIM........WHOSE HIM?.......HIM is that beast we do not put a SAFETY over the TOP or BRACKET Coverage to his side.

Then you say well heck who would fit that bill now......look no further than Darrelle REVIS of the NY JETS aka REVIS ISLAND........but what if we need one of those ISLANDS now......there are 2 is PETERSON ISLAND by way of LSU Bengal TIGERS......the other AMUKAMARA ISLAND by way of NEBRASKA LINCOLN.......but are these ISLANDS or do I need to get a package deal with these like a SAFETY or LINEBACKER for added protection?.........NO

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK HEADS.........MEET And GREET the Nicest Corners to come into the NFL DRAFT since REVIS ISLAND.......MR. PETERSON and MR. AMUKAMARA......Respectively.

These 2 CORNERBACKS will not get past the Houston TEXANS at PICK me on that. With most mock drafts putting PETERSON in ARIZONA opposite of their All-PRO Corner Rodgers-CROMARTIE and the TEXANS getting AMUKAMARA to go opposite of Weak side Corner Kareem JACKSON.

The ARIZONA pick makes even more sense since the CARDS run that 3-4 Zone-Blitz PITTSBURGH STYLE which will make the BAll-Hawking PETERSON ever so dangerous in a lot of Zone Cover SCHEMES as well as BLITZ Packages where he comes off the edge.

The TEXANS picked the right guy KAREEM JACKSON out of 'BAMA last year but he struggled in the TEXANS SCHEME but so did that whole secondary as they sorely missed Free-AGENT Loss Dunta ROBINSON to the DIRTY BIRDS and it looked like the SAFETIES of the TEXANS missed him most....especially POLLARD.

ENTER Prince AMUKAMARA and his physical Corner style that resembles EX-Raven All-Pro Chris McCALLISTER from a size and physical standpoint. PRINCE would make an immediate IMPACT to the TEXANS secondary because he is dual Cover Corner like Bo PELINI and BIG RED.....MAN AND ZONE Cover SCHEMES.

Let's look at the tale of the TAPE:



Great Size and Speed
excellent HIPS and FEET
PHYSICAL Bump and Run all day
EXCELLENT in the Kicking GAME as a Kickoff/Punt RETURNER
Excellent TACKLER in Open Field


In Zone Coverage
Too much separation in ZONE COVERAGE from the WR
Can get him on Double Moves in Zone Coverage

NOTE: Consensus Pick as the BEST PLAYER in the DRAFT along with Texas A&M'S LB Von MILLER. Also PETERSON has immediate VALUE in the KICKING GAME AS WELL...that's a huge PLUS as a TEAM who gets him upgrades their Secondary and Special Teams

Prince AMUKAMARA 6'0" 205lbs BIG RED Nebraska CORNHUSKERS


Excellent Reader of ROUTES
Very Good Anticipation
Diagnoses Plays Well
Very Good in Zone Coverage
Excellent at Disrupting WR Routes
Sure Tackler and VERY DURABLE


Only one really.....NOT AS ATHLETIC as you would like...but a GAMER
BALL-Hawking SKILLS...only 5 Interceptions in 27 chances

NOTE: A high School Point Guard who led his HS TEAM to 3 STATE all that LEADERSHIP and CONFIDENCE is there...and he should be able to translate that to the NFL LEVEL.

NOW the BLUEDUDE has taken you on a TOUR of these 2 ISLANDS......have you made up your MIND?.........I betcha the TOP 12 TEAMS in the NFL DRAFT have made their minds up. But if i had to take one CORNER in this draft it would be............PETERSON....because of the other VALUE he brings to the TEAM in the KICKING GAME at that high of a PICK.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

KOBE leave CP3 alone dawg.......GRANGER calls ROSE that Crazy-stalker Girlfriend....Nuggets win if they stop 2 GUYS....'MELO'S WORLD

The game between the New Orleans HORNETS and the LA LAKERS was quickly turned to KOBE BRYANT vs Chris PAUL. I already know what KOBE said to the ZEN MASTER Phil JACKSON........PHIL.......LET ME TAKE know pulling a JORDAN when he used to go to PHIL and tell him I will shut down the MADNESS at POINT......ONE PROBLEM.......There is no one in PURPLE and GOLD that can slow down CP3....PERIOD

Last Night the Former DEMON DEACOn had 20 points, 9 assists, and 3 rebounds.......that's slowing him down but KOBE still couldn't stop PAUL from Hitting BIG SHOTS. the game before CP3 has 33 points, 14 assists, and 7 rebounds....and the LAKERS had the SPANIARD, Paul GASOL, on CP3 coming off picks.........I was like DAMN......all these years PHIL and his staff have been coming up with Defensive GEM after GEM....and WHAT?

This duel will go down every night because you have two guys in PAUL and BRYANT that do not back down from anything let alone each other.

NOTE: BABY from CASH MONEY/Young MONEY sitting next to HORNETS Bench last night......Usually he court side in 305 watching the CREAM TEAM LEBRON and WADE COUNTY.......see HORNETS you win...the STARS come out...including the HOMEGROWNS

MOVING ON.......The PACERS Press Conference after game 1 Forward Danny GRANGER said, " Derrick ROSE is like a crazy-stalker girlfriend...that won't go away"........ HELL only reason he said that because he probably has a few in LA where he resides in the Off-Season.

This is the same guy that said the BULLS are only ROSE......HMMMMMMM.........REAL QUICK.....NUMBERS don't lie......and sometime in this series the PACERS will revert back to what they #8 matter how you slice it......unless GRANGER can get the DAVIS BOYS ( Antonio and DALE) at the Forwards......the Flying Dutchman at CENTER, RIK SMITS, from Basketball rich MARIST.......and in the Back court Action Jackson Mark JACKSON and MILLER TIME........and no not the one in MILWAUKEE ........but #31....from LA born and raised...REGGIE.........until Granger gets those guys back they have no SHOT in INDY 500 of winning this series.

Ok you are in the Denver Nuggets Locker Room before the game........the Chalkboard is full of Pre-game ever seen an NBA Chalkboard at game time....looks like 100 students went to the board at the same time doing their own thing. Anyway they, the NUGGETS, should have 2 things in isolation......1 chalkboard for the THUNDER as a team....and an even bigger chalkboard for their 2-man gang in the DURANTULA KEVIN DURANT and Rus-DAWG RUSSEL WESTBROOK....if the NUGGETS put 4 guys on them 2 they will win the series.

Now look at the rest of the THUNDER if you take #35 and #0 away......... probably thought I made that name up......James HARDEN aka RICK ROSS wannabe, Nick COLLISON, who also played with the GLOVE and REIGN MAN in SEATTLE, the SECURITY GUARD Kendrick PERKINS, SERGIO IBAKA you put up a shot I BLAKA, and Eric MAYNOR ex-VCU RAM, NAZ MOHAMMED, who has more $ now than his guy EMPLOYEE #8, and Royal IVEY........if you leave any of these 4 with 1 man on them can they score points in abundance......NOPE.

Hey BOSTON CELTICS........Y'all better hope STAT isn't HEALTHY for game #3.....because if he is and a FOCUSED 'MELO....see you SUNDAY with a 2-1 LEAD......and only if 'MELO had a PLAYER who could make the right decision...not necessarily the shot or pass.....just a BASKETBALL PLAY...they would've won GAME #2......And coach D-ANTONI.....quit NUTTIN' UP DAWG....because DOC RIVERS is killing you with his CLIPBOARD....really

Forget the KNICKS trying to get more players just look at the HEAD of the BENCH..........Imagine if they had a little bit of Structure in the last 2 minutes...we are 1-1 in MSG FRIDAY.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the SPURS need MANU...and the LAKESHOW needs a shot in the BACKSIDE......0-2 spells LOSERS.....NFL Schedules Released...FOR WHAT?

The MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES will be a runaway train if the SPURS do not get a W tonight in the BIG LAN LINE, the AT&T CENTER, in San Antonio Texas tonight.

THE Spurs have had no answer for the Frontline Duo of Z-BO and LIL GASOL......that is Zach RANDOLPH and Marc GASOL. The SPURS have DUNCAn but they need the Support guys to come up big in this one like DICE, CARROT TOP, and D-BLAIR. If those guys don't come to play tonight the SPURS will get an L and probably lose the series.

MANU is so important to the SPURS from a Schematic standpoint it is not even funny. MANU can get to the RIM, take you off the bounce, and in a NUTSHELL he and Tony PARKER are the only SPURS who can create opportunities for the other SPURS players. And when the SPURS have one or both of these PLAYERS missing they struggle mightily.

The BLUEDUDES' Sources say MANU is doubtful for tonight and if that is the truth...the SPURS must ride the BIG 2 in PARKER and DUNCAN and try to find a way to get GAME 2.

The LAKERS are also in a must win situation and their problems are simple. Make CP3, Chris PAUL, make a quick descision and stop letting him dictate offensively what he and the HORNETS are going to do.

When playing PAUL you must stay in front of him and on screen and rolls the BIG must double him and make CP3 give the ball up and let someone else make a play for the HORNETS.......I know...easier said than done.

The LAKESHOW will lose if KOBE has to shoot more than 25 times and and GASOL and BYNUM don't get 35 points, 20 rebounds, and 5 blocks combined. The 6th man of the YEAR LO7. Lamar ODOM, must carry the BENCH and if PHIL goes with a winning lineup down the stretch, LO7 must be in the Line-Up....PERIOD.......LAKERS lose tonight.......NO's that serious.

The National Football LEague came out with it's 2011-12 Regular Season Schedule and there are some Heavy Hitters right off the BAT......ONE PROBLEM......Do these PEOPLE really think they are going to have a SEASON and the First Sunday of GAMES are on SUNDAY September 11th, 2011.......Talking about a PR NIGHTMARE.......BOYS get in that courtroom and HAMMER something out or ELSE?

You think the BLUEDUDE cares about a schedule coming out when the NFL PLAYERS are about as close to suiting up as me.......WHAT A MESS......David STERN and the NBA must be taking notes on what not to do or where to draw the LINE in the SAND........and the way the ECONOMY is....a LOCKOUT right now would be 2012........ the MOVIE.

the 2011 NFL DRAFT has 2 Difference MAKERS at Defensive Auburn's Nick Fairley and Bama's Marcell Darius.......2 TOP 10 PICKS for sure

WHERE will they go?.........What team will pick them?....They have been told anywhere from Pick #1 -Pick #10.........but regardless they are Big-Time Man-Eaters at Defensive Tackle.

Talking the 2 best Defensive Tackle Prospects in this year NFL DRAFT in Auburn's Nick FAIRLEY and Bama's Marcell DARIUS. Both had excellent combines and really good PRO-DAYS at their respective schools. Now let's look at the tale of the TAPE:

Marcell DARIUS DT ALABAMA 6-3 319lbs

Power rusher up the middle
Excellent closing speed for his size
Collapses the pocket
can shed blockers
Versatile and extremely disciplined on attack

Character issues
On Film Upright at times
Hasn't started too many games at 'BAMA

He is a 3-4 Nose TACKLE in a 3-4 Scheme......played Nick Saban's 3-4 at 'BAMA

Nick FAIRLEY DT AUBURN 6-4 297lbs

Unflappable motor...always going and happy about it
explosive at the point of illustrated in BCS NAt'l Championship game vs OREGON
Very good vs the RUN versatile schematically
In GAPS all the time....led SEC in tackles for losses
long arms
quick off the snap...good anticipation

JUCO TRANSFER only 2 years at a MAJOR with quick results
Work Ethic under scrutiny
Too many personal fouls....gets caught up in too many antics

As you see both of these players played in the BEST CONFERENCE in football the SEC......and they had overwhelming results. Now can this translate to the next's always a crap shoot because you do not know what a young man will do with new found FAME and FORTUNE.......but that's part of the DEAL........But both are a LOCK to be TOP 10 picks and will get called within the 1st hour of the draft........NO DOUBT

And as for the WARREN SAPP comparisons.....if you are going to compare them to a dominant defensive lineman of recent time......#99 from the 'U" is your guy....and SAPP was not even in the NFL TOP 100.....BS

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The BEALE STREET BLUES........not anymore......MEET and GREET the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES 2K11.....a Roster full of WINNERS

It wasn't long ago that when NBA Teams flew into MEMPHIS Tennessee there was an air of confidence in the air. I mean the GRIZZLIES were the DOORMAT of the NBA for a long time throttled with the same issues as most ORGANIZATIONS who stay in your MAMA'S Basement no matter what case maybe.

Enter a few Good Men like General MANAGER/Executive VP of Basketball Operations Chris WALLACE and a few turns on LET'S MAKE A DEAL.........the GRIZZ have positioned themselves on a FAST TRACK to ascend to the top of the WESTERN CONFERENCE.

Take a look at some of the deals that have the BOYS' on BEALE STREET moving forward:

1. It all started with Drafting and keeping YOUR PICKS or trading to get a PLAYER:

MIKE CONLEY Jr PG Ohio STATE Final 4 run at STATE Freshman year
OJ MAYO PG/SG USC highly touted since the 7th grade
RUDY GAY SF UCONN Top 10 Talent in Hs Elite 8 run at UCONN
Marc GASOL younger brother of PAU GASOL member of World Champion SPAIN NATIONAL TEAM
Sam YOUNG SF PITT 4-Year Starter at PITT in the Big East
Greivis VASQUEZ PG/SG Maryland 4-Year starter and helped TERPS to NCAA Tourney 3 of 4 years

The First PLAYER DRAFTED IN MEMPHIS when they moved from VANCOUVER is BACK in SF SHANE BATTIER.....who is just as important in the locker room as on the FLOOR ......came over from a trade with the ROCKETS recently

The most important pick up was Zach RANDOLPH aka Z-BO from the CLIPPERS to give the GRIZZ an inside presence that a times commands a double team and add Z-BO with LIL GASOL on the FRONT COURT.....Spells DOOM for most FRONTS

And then rough and tough SG and defensive-minded Tony ALLEN from the CELTICS by way of OKLAHOMA the GRIZZ that gritty-in your face GUARD that they have been lacking.

This current GRIZZ ROSTER may not have a lot of NBA Experience but they make up for it in some of the BASKETBALL EXPERIENCES these guys have played through at other HIGH LEVELS in their careers.

The last Nail in the Coffin was the Firing of Head Coach then Marc IVARONI in early JAnuary 2009 and naming his assistant Johnny DAVIS the Interim Head, and then a few days later JOHNNY letting the MEMPHIS BRASS know that the other on the GRIZZ Staff, Assistant Lionel HOLLINS was ready, the BRASS took note, and he was named HEAD COACH shortly after.

Coach HOLLINS exudes the same style as when he played.......SMOOTH and Efficient at all costs. And I think this is the real reason he has the GRIZZ locked in because of his ability to communicate or get to the VETERANS as well as the YOUNG GUYS and keep an even keel. Then he has his LEADERS Voices be heard throughout the locker room before Coach has to step in......and that's what LEADERSHIP IS.

THE BLUEDUDE has told you before that the CHANGING of the GUARDS is HERE........and now even the So called BOTTOM FEEDERS are making their way to the TOP........and FAST.......and you thought MEMPHIS just had good BBQ, HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE BASKETBALLL, and FED-EX ....Check again.

Monday, April 18, 2011

BLACKHAWKS back into the BACKOUT of the PLAYOFFS......why would you think different?...REMEMBER FIRE SALE POST CUP?

WOW!....what a YEAR......the CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS shock the world and become 2009-2010 LORD STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS. The CITY of CHICAGO was going nuts for the BLACKHAWKS and as one of the ORIGINAL SIX of the NHL the NHL was going crazy as well. Remember the HAWKS were way ahead of schedule with a lot of young talent and 2 young superstars leading them in Jonathan TOEWS and Patrick KANE............and as the CUP made its way around every BLACKHAWKS Players Hand who would of thought what the summer of 2010 would bring.

The WIRTZ FAMILY, the owners of the BLACKHAWKS say after the CUP that they are in DYER Straights financially and have to start making the ROSTER more financially cost effective. The whole City of Chicago is like HOW in the HELL is the WIRTZ FAMILY talking about trimming the PAYROLL after we just won the STANLEY CUP.


1. First of all the LATE William Wadsworth "DOLLAR BILL" WIRTZ was the CEO and Controlling-Shareholder of the WIRTZ CORPORATION.

2. The OWNER of WIRTZ REALTY, the largest owner of real estate in CHICAGO, also the owner of JUDGE and DOLPH LTD. a major liquor distributor in ILLINOIS some 33% hold of all sales, has BANKING and INSURANCE HOLDS, as well as co-owned the UNITED CENTER in CHICAGO ILLINOIS with BULLS/WHITE SOX CHAIRMAN JERRY REINSDORF........hmmmmmmmmm

3. It was estimated that BILL WIRTZ Personal Holdings were worth between $3 and $4 BILLION DOLLARS.

So why were the BLACKHAWKS having a fire sale a midst WINNING THE CUP and trying top repeat? And I am not taking anything away from what the LATE BILL WIRTZ DID........because word around the FROZEN ICE he was a hecka of a dude.....a loyal dude....but to get rid of half your ROSTER because of MIS-MANAGED MONEY is FOUL........... or at least that's what the majority of BLACKHAWKS FANS Call it.

So for all you BLACKHAWK FANS to be in disgust about how your current BLACKHAWKS are playing is ludicrous to me. It's like everyone forgot about the TRADING or GETTING RID OF PLAYERS after the CUP.......HOGWASH.......The HAWKS are getting what they deserve....a 4-0 sweep of the TEAM they dismantled last season......and furthermore you can't take away what has happened in the past but the HAWKS got REAL: LUCKY not having to FACE the PENS or CAPS in the FINALE........RIGHT?

What HAWKS FANS should be doing now is not renewing season TICKETS or letting the HAWKS Management off the HOOK for that SUMMER of 2010 after the CUP.......let the HAWKS BRASS know now of your displeasure and the HAWKS thought they were going to make noise this season.........after trading everyone.......BULL**** know better........the BLUEDUDE hasn't forgotten and the CANUCKS obviously have not forgotten EITHER.

REMEMBER WIN OR LOSE.....PROFESSIONAL SPORTS is about the BOTTOM LINE AS WELL........for some OWNERS it's about PROFITABILITY and if that's not in the CARDS we need to make changes in our PRODUCT (TEAM) WIN or LOSE.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

AFTER these 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS.......LAKERS, SPURS, and CELTICS, must RELOAD....because FATHER TIME is's the CHANGING of the GUARDS.

What is FATHER TIME?.......Is it the Oldest Living thing that guy who goes to College first and all his friends attend well after he got there but graduate before other words........he is more likely to get a prescription of VIAGRA before he gets his diploma....RIGHT. But in that same token the wisdom and knowledge he has picked up from his time in COLLEGE is invaluable.

FAST FORWARD.......the LAKERS, SPURS, and CELTICS have Players who fit FATHER TIME......u know been around the BLOCK more than a few times like the BLACK MAMBA, D-FISH, the BIG TICKET, the TRUTH, SUGAR RAY, MANU, and the BIG Fundamental. These guys are at the point where they have gotten the VIAGRA now they are finally in the last stretch of getting that DIPLOMA........THAT'S FATHER TIME in a NUTSHELL.

Now breaking down the GAME 1's of these 3 NBA see why one would mention the FATHER TIME Scenario. The SPURS looked worn down at times almost like they were dragging until someone told them the SCORE and they tried to put in all the STOPS at the end.......RESULT......MEMPHIS WINS on a SHANE BATTIER 3 BALL.......GRIZZ up 1-0

STAPLES CENTER........I know Derrick POOH ROSE will win the MVP Award soon and the next best PG'S mentioned are WESTBROOK, RONDO, and D-WILL.....but someone forgot to tell CHRIS PAUL aka CP3 that he might and should be 1A on that list next to ROSE.

The North Carolina Native, who is the first player to ever average 20 points and 10 assists in every PLAYOFF game played, was at it again as he just single-handily took it to the LAKESHOW at the tune of 33 points, 14 helpers, and 7 steals........RESULT.........HORNETS 109-100 and a 1-0 Series Lead. PAUL looked like Circa 2007 CP3 and if the HORNETS get a HEALTHY CP3...the LAKESHOW will have a hecka of a time advancing......FO SHIZZLE.

The New-Look KNOCKS led by Mr. BIG SHOT Chauncey BILLUPS, led the GREEN TEAM most of the game until the END when SUGAR RAY ALLEN hit a deep 3 BALL to ice the KNICKS and go up 1-0.........but BUYER BEWARE.....the KNICKS are a way Different TEAM and once the coaching staff can get 'MELO on the same page as everyone else.......the C'S might be going home early.

The BEST PLAYER in the SERIES......hands down......STAT....aka Standing Tall And Talented....... AMARE' he just ripped the CELTICS in the PAINT for a variety moves....hell he did one move and I was looking for the Holcomb RUCKER PARK SIGN.......REALLY. The KNICKS just have to be patient and hope that nothing is wrong with BILLUPS........because if there is no CHAUNCEY......there is no chance of ADVANCING.

ADVICE to ' are the purest scorer in the had time on that last shot......QUIT DAMMIT settling for 30' 3 BALLS....and get to the RIM B-MORE.........the TRUTH is he doesn't have a prayer of staying in front of you.

The REAL TRUTH is that all 3 of these teams have great players who are at the END......and with up and coming or should I say TEAMS that have ARRIVED with players like D ROSE, the DURANTULA, and WESTBROOK.......FATHER TIME is for the LAKESHOW, SPURS, and GREEN TEAM..........MAKE IT HAPPEN IN NOW.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Dirk NOWITZKI, aka the DIGGLER, is only the 24th Player in NBA History to get 22,000 Points in a career. Now Dirk is only the 3rd Player in NBA History to record at least 1,100 Points and 500 rebounds in 11 Consecutive Seasons.

The GERMAN-Born NOWITZKI is now making a case to be the BEST EUROPEAN NBA Player of All-Time. There is not too many 7' and 240 Ilb Forwards to shoot 3's like DIRK as well.

The Only other players with 1,000 Points and 500 Rebounds in 11 consecutive seasons or more are Moses MALONE and Kareem Abdul JABBAR.

Dwayne WADE aka WADE COUNTY and LeBron JAMES aka KING JAMES become only the 3rd Duo in NBA History to record 1,900 Points, 500 Rebounds, and 400 Assists in the same season. WOW......that's getting it done.

Kyle KORVER led the NBA with 58 3pt FG'S Made in the 4th qtr.........that's some serious DAGGERS, Lead changers, or game-winners

Derrick ROSE of the BULLS will become the youngest NBA PLayer ever to win the Most Valuable Player Award if he wins it. the OTHER 3 youngest........Bob PETTIT JR St Louis HAWKS, teamed up with Lenny WILKINS, Wes UNSELD Washington Bullets, Teamed up with BIG E Elvin HAYES, Kevin Grevey, and Greg BALLARD, and Wilt CHAMBERLAIN, who teamed up with the Al ATTLES and Guy ROGDERS of the Philadelphia WARRIORS.

That would be some feat by DROSE and NBA MVP at the age of 22 years and 230 days old WOW

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The SPURS have the Best RECORD in the WEST.....the LAKESHOW going for a 3PEAT......and the MAVS, BLAZERS, THUNDER, and NUGGETS are all capable.

It has come down to the last night in the Western Conference. With a whole lot at stake let's go to the FINAL SCORES:

LAKERS 116 SAC-Town 108 LAKERS were the 3rd Seed for about 2.5 Hours and now they are the #2 in the WEST
MAVERICKS 121 NAWLINS 89 MAVS take the #3 Seed by no owning the tiebreaker vs the LAKERS
LAC 110 MEMPHIS 103 Memphis could've locked the 7th Seed up but lost giving the 7th Seed to HORNETS

Now with all the jockeying back and forth in the West the PLAYOFF PICTURE is clear in the WEST but the ROAD isn't. The LAKERS, going for their 2nd 3PEAT in the last 11 years, will have a tough road to hoe as they have potential Match-ups vs either DALLAS or PORTLAND in the 2nd Round......but the HORNETS will not go away quietly.

The SPURS capture the OVERALL Best Record in the WEST but lose out on the OVERALL Beat Record in the NBA to the BULLS by Losing at PHOENIX Wednesday Night. Are the SPURS the Favorite out WEST?......or are the LAKERS the FAVORITE?...Only time will tell as The WEST I think is up for grabs.

The 2011 NBA Western Conference PLAYOFFS 1st Round:

#1 San Antonio SPURS vs #8 Memphis GRIZZLIES: The GRIZZ are hungry......but so are the SPURS and Coach Popovich aka POPS will be on his P's And Q's for this one as the injury to MANU looked serious and any minutes lost from MANU will be devastating for the SPURS at this point.

The GRIZZLIES are pretty formidable having guys like Tony ALLEN and Zach RANDOLPH aka Z-BO. The One guy the GRIZZ will be missing to give them a real shot in the Series is Rudy GAY........who was has been listed out for the Season since Mid-February. The GRIZZ still will be a tough out.


#2 Los Angeles LAKERS vs #7 New Orleans HORNETS: Look the LAKESHOW needs a FOE right now that can just come in and give them just enough fight to get the LAKERS back on track. HORNETS PG Chris PAUL and 2G Trevor ARIZA will have to play BIG vs the LAKERS as the LAKERS will try to make quick work of these guys.

The HORNETS would have more of a chance if All-Star PF David WEST wasn't out for the SEASON with an ACL Tear. The LAKERS will need to fine tune a lot of areas but one main........ATTITUDE.......and the overall focus of not turning on the Switch.....just leave it on until late JUNE.


#3 Dallas MAVERICKS vs #6 Portland TRAILBLAZERS: Good NEWS is that the MAVS are primed to make another RUN at the BIG ONE. The BAD NEWS is that the BLAZERS will have BROY 7 Brandon ROY back for the PLAYOFFS and have one of the best forward tandems in LaMarcus ALDRIDGE and Gerald WALLACE. The PERIMETER Game is strong too......led by 'DRE MILLER, Wes MATTHEWS JR, ROY, and Rudy FRENANDEZ.

The MAVS will be looking to go BIG and stay BIG with the MAMMOTH Front line in CHANDLER and HAYWOODE.....throw in the DIGGLER Dirk NOWITZKI at the 3 or 4......match-up nightmares all over the place let alone you have to account for the JET Jason TERRY and the KIDD, JASON that is.

This SERIES will come down to which BENCH Outplays the OTHER BENCH.


#4 OK City THUNDER vs #5 Denver NUGGETS: Just based on what I know looking at this one........this is JULY 4th.....DAMN Early. Look at the PLAYERS in this one.....for the NUGGETS....LAWSON, FELTON, J.R. SMITH, K-MART, NENE, and the BIRDMAN, A-DUB Arron AFFALO, GALLANARI, CHANDLER, AND who got the BETTER end of the 'MELO TRADE?.......MILE HIGH FOOLS......DA NUGGETS....because now they are all focusing in on the DEFENSIVE there a Letter D in CARMELO ANTHONY........GRACIAS.

The THUNDER have now with some new additions, the BEST, YOUNG Nucleus in the GAME and the THUNDER and BULLS will be battling for Years with all that STAR POWER...but first thing is first.......Can DURANT, WESTBROOK, SEFOLOSHA, HARDEN, and Eric MAYNOR nuetralize that 3-headed MONSTYER in the BACK COURT of LAWSON, FELTON, and JR SMITH?

And this series will have the NP-LAY-UP Rule in effect...look who is in the PAINT in this one:

Kendrick PERK PERKINS, Serge IBAKA with a BLAKA, and Nick COLLISON man the frontline for the THUNDER.....Kenyon MARTIN aka K-MART, BIRDMAN Chris ANDERSON, and NENE Hilario.........a pay-per-viiew fight will break out in this one....TRUST ME


There you have it as I go with 4-3 Upset NUGGETS over the Proud but not enough and shocked THUNDER. Bu this is only Round 1....BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The National Basketball Association is feeling the Economy as well.......Half it's Teams are losing Money......and the Cost-Cutting begins ASAP

The NBA is now the next Professional Sport in the Continental United States to feel the they are starting to cut some its Programs in the US and Globally.

Effective immediately........

The NBA cuts the Annual VEGAS SUMMER LEAGUE as both sides the NBA and the PLAYERS UNION have not spoken for months and they could be headed for a lockout like the NLF.

The also get rid of the INTERNSHIP Program at the League's Offices in New York as well as the NBA'S Entertainment Division in Secaucus New JERSEY.......DAMN

Also, No more CAMPS nor GAMES are scheduled this year over the BIG POND in the NBA is trying everything in its powers to save DINERO BABY.

And the NBA has also has proposed a HARD SALARY CAP and Shorter Contract with no-Guarantees on them.......if the NBA PLAYERS UNION Agrees upon that......There is a whole lot of PLAYERS that will try to fall in line......NOT NAMING NAMES.

But of Course you think the players will try to give that part of deal up as far as Guarnteed Contracts.....Probably you Give an INCH...they take a MILE.

It will be interetsing to see where PROFESSIONAL SPORTS Will be in the Country by 2012....WHAT A MESS......and the HEAT is everywhere.......LITERALLY Speaking.

RANGERS STAR Hamilton Blames Coach.......LAKERS get BAD NEWS....... BULLS slap KNICKS to tie for NBA'S Best Record

Like every BaseRunner in Baseball would tell you........rounding 3rd to Score is the Best Adrenaline rush you could have on the base path. The 3rd base Coach is responsible for you going or staying as he watches where the ball goes as the play develops.

Fast Forward...or hit REWIND to COMERICA Park in Detroit.......Home of the Detriot TIGERS. RANGERS RF Josh HAMILTON is standing on 3rd Base when the ball is hit in Foul Territory and as he looks to the 3rd Base Coach he waves him to Home Plate and here comes the THROW......he is SAFE....NO.......but as HAMILTON SLIDES he feels something.........and that feel is 6-8 WEEKS on the Disables List with a Broken Arm.

Hamilton then BLAMES his 3rd Base Coach for telling him to go.........HMMMMMMM.......and in Spring training there are Designated Areas on the Field where a PLAYER uses his own judgement........But a PLAYER kinda knows if he can make it or not......and For Heaven's Sake it was the 1st Inning of the GAME........YOU CALL IT.

As though the LAKERS and Phil JACKSON needed more Bad News....... Lakers Center ANDREW Bynum Hyperextends his knee and Now the LAKESHOW has a HUGE VOID to FILL if BYNUM misses any extended period of time in the PLAYOFFS.

BYNUM will undergo an MRI Wednesday and be out for the GAME tomorrow Night at SAC-TOWN.

The CHICAGO BULLS are now making a case to have or at least be tied with the Best Record in BASKETBALL at 61-20 with a 103-90 Win over the STAT-Less KNICKS at MSG. The BULLS who are already cemented as the #1 Seed in the EAST........have to face the NJ NETS at the United CENTER on Wednesday for the last game of the Season.

The SPURS now fall bak into a tie with the BULLS but POPS and SPURS played all their BACKUPS vs the LAKESHOW and almost pulled out the WIN......which tells you something of the STATE of the LAKERS Right NOW..........the PURPLE and GOLD Nation have to be concerned.

The SPURS will take their 61-20 record to the VALLEY of the SUN Wednesday to play the SUNS as they are already the #1 Seed in the WEST and will probably rest the same players they rested tonight......PARKER, MANU, DICE, and DUNC.

BULLS are closing in on a 36-5 Home record if they beat the NETS tonight and finish 26-15 on the Road with a win at MSG Tuesday Night.

Everyones MLB Favorite to get to the World after going 2-9 in their first 11......The BOSOX face their own DEMONS

Who would've thunk it. Not Skipper Terry FRANCONA or even the GM Theo EPSTEIN. After surprising everyone in the Carl CRAWFORD Free Agent SWEEPSTAKES....the CARMINES were a shoe in for the AL EAST Title Favorite as well as the Favorite to represent the American League in the Fall CLASSIC.

Now after going 2-9 in their first 11 games.....what's next?...or should I say what's the Problem in BEANTOWN? Looking at it closely a couple of things come to mind.......

1. Three of their Top SIX Hitters.....Crawford .152, Ellsbury .189, and Youkilis .189 are below the MENDOZA LINE......that would be a nice robust UNDER .200 Batting Average. They paid Crawford to be a Problem for other teams not for the RED SOX. Ellsbury is suppose to be the SPARKPLUG in the Leadoff or at the 9 hole to get it Crack-a-lackin......he's ben everything but that. And YOUK is or was a BIG-TIME Run Producer that's why they PAID him the Big BUCKS.......and now all he has to do is to protect Adrian GONZALEZ and Big PAPI ORTIZ..........and he's not getting it DONE.

2A. Starting PITCHING......Lester, Beckett, Buchholz, Lackey, and Dice-K are a combined 2-7 in 11 Games Started with only Lackey and Beckett with a Win each.

2B. Starting PITCHING ERA ( Earned Run Average ) Three Pitchers are above 7.00 ERA in Buchholz 7.20, Lackey 15.58, and Dice-K at 12.86......that my friends is a GINORMOUS Problem. They also have only given the BOSOX 25 and 2/3 Innings in 6 starts.......that's a 4 and 2/3 Innings per start......which means when these guys go the BULLPEN will be on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift ALERT.....not good this early in the season.

3. The CARMINES can't get out of BIG INNINGS.....that spells DOOM for a TEAM this early in the season and the same problems keep reoccurring.

A couple of things the RED SOX have going for them is that they are early in the SEASON and only 5 games back of the Surprising Buck SHOWALTER Gang by the CHESAPEAKE BAY. And with 151 games left the SOX have time but the Problems they are having need to be fixed by the End of APRIL....or else.......HEADS will roll on a PAYROLL that is 3rd in the SHOW at $161,762,475 Million........ which is utterly UNACCEPTABLE.

It's called EXPECTATIONS and right now they are FAILING Misearably.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The LAKESHOW has been everything but.......Harvard CRIMSON keeps their GUY.......Chris PAUL aka CP3....might Go HOME to North CAKALAK

The LOS ANGELES LAKERS are entering the 2011 NBA Playoffs wounded....or shall I say......Backs against the WATERS.

For the 1st time in YEARS the LAKESHOW look like they will not be the TEAM to Beat in the Western Conference Playoffs......and I don't know who you might pick. The LAKERS could've sealed the #2 Overall seed in the WEST Sunday but the younger, more athletic OK CITY THUNDER had other thoughts.

The LAKERS Sunday Night looked SLOW, Stagnant, Going through the motions, Bad Body language, and against younger, more athletic TEAMS......the LAKERS have Problems dealing with these types of TEAMS.

If they get the #2 Seed in the WEST the LAKESHOW will Play as of today the Memphis GRIZZLIES and if they get the #3 Seed in the WEST......they play the Portland TRAILBLAZERS.......which the LAKERS would be lying if they told you it doesn't matter who we play......Yeah whatever....they do not want to see the BLAZERS.

A Phil JACKSON Coached Team usually is playing their best basketball towards the end of the season but now a MONKEY Wrench is in the GAME PHIL will have ti improvise a little......But one thing is for certain in the LEAGUE.......GIMMICKS and GADGETS will get you an EARLY Exit in the PLAYOFFS.

The HARVARD CRIMSON Men's Basketball Team received a HUGE BOOST the other night when Head Coach Tommy AMAKER turned down the Offer to become the Next Head Basketball Coach at the UNIVERSITY of MIAMI FLORIDA. There is couple of ways to look at this:

1. DID AMAKER really want to get back on the Recruiting Grind that has even changed since he left UM ANN ARBOR?

2. Coaching in the IVY LEAGUE has a little less pressure than a MAJOR from a WINNING PERSPECTIVE. And don't take it WRONG they love to win in the IVY LEAGUE......who doesn't.....but HARVARD is about being the NEXT President of Something rather than a Conference Title and an NCAA Tourney Berth.

3. TOMMY probably said to himself and his family and said." Why be rushed into winning in 4-5 years and if you don't your out rather than the REAL STUDENT-ATHLETE at HARVARD.

OF NOTE: AMAKER this past season took the CRIMSON to their 1st Conference TITLE in MEN'S BASKETBALL and NIT maybe it is about the in the WHARTON SCHOOL of BUSINESS....the NEXT STOP

CHRIS PAUL is a Jordan Brand Endorser.......he also is from the STATE of North Carolina, aka North CAKALAK, as he played his HS BALL as West Forsyth County, NC and then starred at WAKE FOREST University in Winston-SALEM.

Now put all that together and now you see why there is a real good chance that CP3 good be swayed into playing in his home state an playing for one Mike JORDAN and the BOBCATS. The KINCKS will also be strong suitors but if the HORNETS know PAUL is trying to leave the BOBCATS have way more pieces than the KNICKS as they traded everyone but SPIKE in the 'MELO TRADE.

Could the LEAGUE get JORDAN and the BOBCATS for tampering.......DON'T Know.....but boy this looks real fishy as MIKE is finding out 1st drafting North CAROLINA Players doesn't put any FANNIES in the SEATS or DUKE Players......and the BASKETBALL Gods will make you work on your weaknesses and MIKE needs Personnel Help in the Worst Way.

NBA EAST PLAYOFFS are set.......BULLS #1 Overall Seed.......HEAT get the #2.......and the C'S and KNICKERBOCKERS go at it ROUND 1

The NBA Playoffs are finally here and there are some interesting match-ups all over the place that you might not think isn't really a match-up at all. The BLUEDUDE will take you to these match-ups and tell you why they are a lot tougher than one might think.

The Chicago BULLS, with their soon to be NBA MVP Derrick ROSE, get the #1 Overall Seed in the EAST and Home Court Advantage throughout the 2011 Eastern Conference Playoffs.

The HEAT embarrass the GREEN TEAM on SUNDAY and get the #2 Overall Seed in the EAST as the CELTICS have the enviable task of taking on the TEAM that no one wants to play in the ROUND 1.......the New-Look KNICKERBOCKERS...led by Mr. BIG SHOT Chauncey BILLUPS and flanked by the 2 Noble Ones, 'MELO and STAT. And if you think the GARDEN was jumping when they picked up 'MELO and CHAUNCEY....wait to you see the GARDEN in GAME 3 when the C'S and KNICKS are all knotted up at 1-1.....YEAH I WENT THERE.......HATERS.

What about that other team in FLORIDA with that guy with a CAPE manning the MIDDLE........the O-MAGIC.....led by yours truly......Dwight HOWARD......they get the OLD-LOOK HAWKS....minus 'NIQUE, TREE ROLLINS, SPUD, John BATTLE, KONCAK, WITTMAN, and DOC RIVERS....and coached by the CZAR of the TELESTRATOR.....Mike FRATELLO.......none of that outfit will be there.

Let's breakdown the 2011 Eastern Conference PLAYOFFS Round 1:

#1 Chicago BULLS vs #8 Indiana PACERS: Derrick ROSE is on a mission and he probably won't stop his mission until late JUNE...REALLY......Do the PACERS have any SHOT?......YES....or they wouldn't play the SERIES......Are they going to win?......Look at names.....HIBBERT, Dhantay JONES, Dunleavey JR., McROBERTS, Collison, GRANGER, and TJ FORD.......except for All-Star GRANGER......this TEAM of PACERS would make a deep run into MARCH MADNESS...that's it.

The BULLS have BIGGER FISH TO FRY and will come out swinging and they are well-equipped with the BEST OVERALL D in the LEAGUE.....DUNZO PACERS


#2 Miami HEAT vs #7 Philadelphia SIXERS: This Series will be a lot closer than you might think.....the young SIXERS Athletically can hang with the HEAT....the Question will be...Can the SIXERS slow down JAMES and WADE or slow down everyone else but them?........Man If I knew the Answer to slowing down the HEAT...I would be on Coach COLLINS' Staff.

It will come down to the SIXERS young guys like HOLIDAY, TURNER, YOUNG, Lou WILLIAMS, MEEKS, and SPEIGHTS getting it done in CRUNCH TIME. BRAND and IGGY IGUODALA will have to exude CONFIDENCE in this young bunch they are leading.

THE HEAT are starting to play their best basketball of the SEASON which doesn't bode well for ...really anyone in the WHOLE Eastern Conference.......JAMES and WADE both will finish TOP 6 in NBA MVP Voting.........but you knew that was coming.


#3 Boston CELTICS vs #6 NY KNICKERBOCKERS: This is WHAT all of MANHATTAN had ordered.....a KNICKS Playoff Series......and with these New-Look KNICKS.....there could be trouble in BEANTOWN.

The GREEN TEAM staggering to the finish line and DOC RIVERS isn't clear where to navigate the ship. They need a healthy SHAQ.....probably not......and somehow they need to find a way for the New PARTS, especially Jeff GREEN, to find a ROLE and quickly.

You think BILLUPS, 'MELO, and STAT don't know they are UNDERDOGS here.....that might be the CELTICS Problem......them knowing that the KNICKS are suppose to be BEAT ......this has the MAKINGS of a good-old fashion PAT RILEY COACHED knock-down drag-out affair and maybe the RETURN of SPIKE in the PLAYOFFS.......MUST-SEE Series in the EAST.

WINNER: KNICKS 4-3......with a GAME 7 Win at the NEW GARDEN.........SMACK

#4 Orlando MAGIC vs #5 Atlanta HAWKS: The HAWKS beat the MAGIC 3-1 head to head this season. The HAWKS know it's PLAYOFF TIME and the regular season doesn't matter. Thinking of which something that the BIG TICKET KG of the C'S said in that TV Series on ESPN " The ASSOCIATION: CELTICS" he said," Everyone talks about WINNING but ACTIONS speak Louder than WORDS".....this is where the HAWKS are at RIGHT NOW. If they do not get out the 1st round...It's time to Break Up the BAND

The MAGIC finished pretty good and they have the #1 Center in the GAME the only problem with the MAGIC is they are a Jump-Shooting Team no matter how you slice it. Also there is no other threat in the LOW-POST that commands any type of Attention as far as a double team. So they will double DWIGHT and make the MAGIC shoot their way into the 2nd round or out of the 1st round. Key Player for MAGIC......HEDO what he do TURKOGLU......period......HAS TO COME UP BIG


That's it in a NUTSHELL......the BLUEDUDE has the BULLS facing the MAGIC in the 2nd Round and the Upstart KNICKS fresh off their upset of the CELTICS playing the HEAT in the 2nd Round....IMAGINE THE GARDEN.....WOW

Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 In College BASKETBALL...HIRINGS and FIRINGS in Masses...What's the SECRET to Success?....... Is it Commitment and Resources for all involved? now if you follow College Basketball at the MAJOR LEVEL or if you are a Coach seeking to get to the MAJOR Level......WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO GET THERE?......AND WHAT IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL WHEN YOU DO GET THERE?

The BLUEDUDE is picking on NO UNIVERSITIES, COACHES, TRUSTEES, ALUM, and so forth........It's just been an Odd year to see so much movement in the College Basketball Ranks......more than usual I might add.

First and foremost for one to build a program I think the Foundation has to be SOLID. And what the BLUEDUDE means by that is that the ADMINISTRATION all the way down to the FACULTY and it's STUDENTS have to be on BOARD....And to the FOREFRONT the TRUSTEES and Athletic Department has to be ONE......cannot be divided to be successful. It's that old adage.......YOU ARE AS STRONG AS YOUR WEAKEST LINK....or from a COMPANY or Organization Standpoint.......YOU ARE ONLY STRONG AT THE BOTTOM AS YOU ARE AT THE TOP.......PERIOD.

And I know these MAJOR PROGRAMS go outside for their Hiring Process through agencies and to try to get that PERFECT FIT and/or RIGHT FIT......and that RIGHT FIT might not come on the 1st CHOICE....But more and more UNIVERSITIES are doing more and more HOMEWORK to get that FIT.....and deservedly so........COLLEGE ATHLETICS is BIG BUSINESS...especially at the MAJOR LEVEL.

At least for any are only as good as your PRODUCT...which means PLAYERS.....which means RECRUITING PLAYERS. There is a DIRECT Correlation between WINS and LOSSES........and its Because of Recruiting.....which is as essential to the GROWTH of your PROGRAM as anything. If you don't have the Best Student-Athletes for your Program.......there will be no WINS...I promise you that.

Let's take a look at some of the MAJOR Program FIRINGS and HIRINGS from LATE February 2011 to NOW:

OKLAHOMA SOONERS: Fired Jeff CAPEL after losing BLAKE GRIFFIN and Willie WARREN...never could get it going again
HIRED: Lon KRUEGER of UNLV......has built up some programs......most recently UNLV.....ILLINOIS, K-STATE, Atlanta HAWKS

MISSOURI TIGERS: Mike ANDERSON resigned to take ARKANSAS Job........ANDERSON was Nolan RICHARDSON lead Assistant on the HOGS 1994 NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP RUN and 1995 Final Four Appearance......Excellent Job at UAB and re-built MISSOURI after the Quin SNYDER Debacle
HIRED: Frank HAITH Did an excellent JOB at MIAMI FLA......a football school in the Powerful BASKETBALL Rich ACC

NC STATE WOLFPACK: Fired Sidney LOWE.....had a top 10 National recruiting class last year headed by CJ LESLIE and Ryan HARROW but way under EXPECTATIONS .......A LATE JIMMY VALVANO player that played on the 1983 National Championship Team with Derrick WITTENBURG, Thurl Baily, and Lorenzo CHARLES that shocked PHI SLAMMA JAMMA and CLYDE and The DREAM
HIRED: Mark GOTTFRIED coached 11 years at Alabama Tuscaloosa in the SEC......good BAMA I think it was a case that GOTTFRIED Regime had ran it's course and sometimes CHANGE is good

TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS: Fired Bruce PEARLE.......the BEST Men's Coach at TENNESSEE in Decades...very good recruiter and coach.....too much going on AWAY from the COURT caught up to him
HIRED: COUNZO MARTIN ex-PURDUE PLAYER and Asst COACH........had a good run in the MVC with MISSOURI STATE.....has tough task in front of him at ROCKY TOP

UNLV: Lon KRUEGER take OKLAHOMA JOB......HIRED DAVE RICE who played on the 1990 National TEAm and was an assistant Coach at BYU in recent YEARS...he beat out the Other candidate that TARK the SHARK was pulling for.....current NBA T-WOLVES Assistant Reggie THEUS

GEORGIA TECH: Fired Paul HEWITT....always had players...TOP PLAYERS ...and ATL'S TOP PLAYERS....Early Defections Hurt this Program like most........and couldn't get back to the TOP of the ACC....had players like BOSH, Jarrett JACK, Will BYNUM, Thaddeus YOUNG, Gani LAWAL, and Derrick FAVORS.
HIRED: Brian GREGORY.... coming from Mid-Major DAYTON (OHIO) Tom IZZO'S lead Assistant for a few years at MICHIGAN STATE...excellent-hard-nosed X and O Coach.....must keep Recruiting base in A T L and I think he will do IZZO Protege'

These are just some of the Firings and Hirings of the COLLEGE BASKETBALL WORLD on the MAJOR to MID LEVEL Programs...not to mention the LOW to MID Levels......what a Carousel......It's tough Sleddin to GET, MAINTAIN, and KEEP a TOP Program afloat at the TOP.....but it can be done with the right resources and commitment from all parties involved........One of the BIGGEST Jobs left out there........IS Jim CALHOUN of UCONN going to RETIRE?.........STAY TUNED........BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The BULLS had their way with the GREEN the HEAT and their BIG 3 make the C's look EXPIRED....BLAME AINGE and CELTS BRASS?...MAYBE

The GREEN TEAM were coasting all the way into the Heart of the NBA Season until what.......DID OLD FATHER TIME catch up to them?......DID the INJURIES to the ONEAL'S hurt them in the Front Court?......IS RONDO HURTING and won't let anyone know?.....or is the BIG 3's AGE coming to the forefront?......EVEN BIGGER.....DID the NBA TRADE Deadline DEAL of sending Kendrick PERKINS aka KP to the OKC THUNDER take the LIGHTNING out of a PERFECT the GREEN TEAM with PERK?

The BLUEDUDE will take the ladder and say that the DEAL of sending the GUTS and GRIME of the Front line KP, the HEART is KG aka the BIG TICKET, has taken its TOLL on the C'S whether you believe it or not. Yeah DOC will never have any excuses nor will BIG TICKET, P DOUBLE, or SUGAR RAY.......... but the Proof is in the PUDDING.

Take for instance the GAME against the BULLS the other night the.....I counted the BULLS some 15-20 TIMES getting to the RIM for easy LOOKS....which would never have happened if PERK was manning the MIDDLE. How about TODAY when King JAMES or WADE COUNTY went to the RIM......who was there?....... DIDN'T Kobe BRYANT aka the BLACK MAMBA say quote unquote that PERK was the BEST Low-Post DEFENDER he thought in the GAME TODAY......KOBE said that SH** the BLACK MAMBA never looks at TAPE and LOOK at TAPE with the COACHING STAFF.....with the ZEN MASTER Phil JACKSON included. KOBE and the LAKESHOW didn't want to see the GREEN TEAM with KP aka the ENFORCER controlling the MIDDLE again......and AINGE helped ALL OF THEM........ including the EAST.........the GHOST of OLD BOSTON GARDEN has to be SICK.

I know exactly what the CELTS were trying to do in the TRADE involving PERK. The CELTS were trading some DEFENSE and REBOUNDING for some more OFFENSIVE POP behind RAY AND PAUL. Jeff GREEN was to give the C'S that and Nened KRISTIC to help the Front Court for the loss of KP......neither MAN has fared well. That in most circles is a good move.

But lets go back.....If PERK doesn't get injured in GAME 6 in LA in the FINALS last year....the C'S win that SERIES........coulda, woulda, shoulda, the C'S WIN PERIOD.....CHAMPS AGAIN......and to compound things this season.......the CELTS trade some DEFENSE and REBOUNDING for OFFENSE.......WHAT wins CHAMPIONSHIPS?......DEFENSE and why would the GREEN TEAM'S President and General MANAGER Danny AINGE make that trade. We all have heard ," IF IT AIN'T BROKE....DON'T FIX IT".

The C'S has the BEST Record in the EAST until Mid to Late JANUARY...and that was without PERK. But that was FOOL'S GOLD... and AINGE should know that having played in the LEAGUE for over 15 years. The NBA Regular Season is nothing like the Grind IT OUT, every POSSESSION is important, to every REBOUND is important NBA PLAYOFF BASKETBALL. So when the C'S look like they were on Cruise Control....they still needed PERK for the PLAYOFF they have this GAPING HOLE....not only in their DEFENSE....but more importantly in the LOCKER ROOM.

I know GM'S and Team PRESIDENT'S make moves for Greater Good......but the C'S didn't cross every T and didn't dot every I on this one. I think the CELTS had one more great run in them being this season......and they TRADED that away looking at SIMPLE BASKETBALL 101........REBOUNDING and DEFENSE......WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.......anyone guy can SCORE THE BALL....but can you STOP SOMEONE..........that someone should've STOPPED the CELTICS MANAGEMENT in LATE FEBRUARY 2011.......NOW it's Mid-APRIL 2011......and the C'S have no one to look at but themselves.....NO ONE.

LAKERS, MAGIC, MAVERICKS, and CELTICS have the NBA'S Highest Payrolls......But who is getting PENALIZED for being over the CAP.

Before the BLUEDUDE goes into the National Basketball Associations Team PAYROLLS and Highest Paid PLAYERS......let me explain what the NBA Salary Cap was set at before the 2010-11 NBA Season and also explain to you what the LUXURY TAX is for each NBA TEAM.

The 2010-11 NBA SALARY Cap was set at $58,044,000 Million which means Teams can Spend up to this amount and over that amount to the sum of $70,307,000 which is the LUXURY Tax Level. Once a team gets over the LUXURY Tax level the NBA Penalizes each team DOLLAR for DOLLAR over that $70,307,000.

The TEAMS that were facing the Penalty before the CAP and TAX Level were implemented for the 2010-11 Season were the LAKERS, NUGGETS, HORNETS, and MAGIC.

Now the CAP is set let's look at the 2010-11 NBA TEAM PAYROLLS and any PENALTIES:

1. LAKERS $91,569,659 .... $21,262,659 over the CAP Perennial Favorite to win their 3rd O'Brien in a row

2. O MAGIC $89,139,596..... $18,832,596 Over the CAP They Swapped 2 of the Highest Player Salaries with WIZ this YEAR ARENAS for RAHARD LEWIS

3. MAVERICKS $87,056,125.... $16,749,125 Over The CAP Owner CUBAN has to get DEEP into PLAYOFFS......SPENDS to WIN

4. CELTICS $83,790,759.....$13,483,759 Over the CAP This is the LAST RUN for the BIG 3.....make it count DOC

5. NUGGETS $83,020,059.....$12,713,059 Over The CAP NUGGETS made a great trade in trading 'MELO.....Seeing results right away

6. JAZZ $75,785,355....$5,478,355 Over the CAP.....Since traded Deron WILLIAMS and Coach SLOAN Retired

7. ROCKETS $74,581,719.....$4,274,719 Over The CAP......the YAO MING injury devastating for this FRANCHISE


8. HAWKS $69,371,770......The HAWKS might have to make a BIG ROSTER Move and Blow the CURRENT ROSTER UP

9. 76ERS $69,360,246.......The 6ERS are on the right track with a young NUCLEUS built around BRAND and IGUODALA

10. BUCKS $69,353,506.......Have Superstars in JENNINGS and BOGUT.....missed on giving big money to SALMONS

11. TRAIL BLAZERS $68,419,112.....What will they do with Brandon ROY and Greg ODEN........ROY'S Knees are a huge ISSUE moving forward

12. SPURS $68,129,480....Imagine that the SPURS under the CAP....and WINNING....and #1 Overall Seed in the PLAYOFFS....HMMMM

13. RAPTORS $67,596,462....Only pieces might be DEROZAN and BAYLESS.....they won't stay and the RAPTORS need to move

14. GRIZZLIES $67,162,338.....They are turning the CORNER with LIL GASOL, GAY, CONLEY JR. and Z-BO

15. HORNETS $66,133,816....2 QUESTIONS?...DAVID WEST Torn ACL.....and he leaving now WEST might be DONE?

16. PISTONS $65,917,821.....Karen DAVIDSON finally finds a BUYER....NOW WHAT......Roster in a little bit of Disarray

17. BOBCATS $65,880,884......Gerald HENDERSON coming into his own.....never understood WALLACE TRADE.....C'MON MIKE

18. WARRIORS $65,571,058....STEPH and MONTA......going to be HUGE in the BAY......LEE a very good pick-up....ask the KNICKS

19. SUNS $65,452,079....NASH maybe DONE.....GRANT HILL sign to the BULLS over the SUMMER...SUNS get Kyrie IRVING in DRAFT

20. HEAT $65,356,624...3 players are 70% of their CAP......need to Shop at WALMART for a PG and a Center

21, PACERS $64,368,421....GRANGER and COLLISON good building BLOCKS.........they need a shot in the arm somewhere

22. WIZARDS $60,066,811.....WALL and Nick YOUNG a start.......JORDAN CRAWFORD a steal but only 1 BALL at a time

23. NETS $58,539,907.....Need to keep D-WILL.......and where do they go from there......maybe a NICE LOTTERY PICK

24. KNICKS $58,102,438.....Picked up 'MELO......have STAT.....but will go as far as Mr. BIG SHOT takes them...CHAUNCEY BILLUPS that is....can they get CP3 from HORNETS

25. THUNDER $57,954,586......the DURANTULA and WESTBROOK in the FOLD....Kendrick PERKINS a huge pick-up for OKC

26. BULLS $56,237,705....have D-ROSE MVP.....and they have more CAP ROOM for 2011-2012.....also a 2011-12 LOTTERY Pick from RAPTORS....OUCH

27. CLIPPERS $52,668,803....BLAKE and GORDON Cornerstones......can they keep ever emerging Deandre JORDAN in CLIPPER LAND

28. CAVALIERS $51,572,807.....WOW....what a difference a YEAR makes...or a PLAYER for that MATTER.....Selling FATHEADS outside of the Q for $23.06.........U GET IT....CAVS DO

29. T-WOLVES $44,899,891........ B EASY and K LOVE nice pieces....NEED Kyrie IRVING and trade the RIGHTS of Ricky RUBIO

30. KINGS $43,798,401......MALOOFS' asked about the MOVE to ORANGE COUNTY CALI....reply.....CAN"T WAIT...sorry BART SCOTT

Still with some of these good numbers SMALL MARKEY NBA TEams are still getting the NACK end of the DEAL and with this economy can't survive and those TEAMS in dyer need are trying anything to stay afloat.

Take the SACRAMENTO KINGS for sources tell me that last year they would leave Little-used but $7 Miilion per year with 3 years remaining on his deal KENNY THOMAS home on away games so they could save on his HOTEL NBA TEAM doing this and the owners of this FRANCHISE currently own one of the HOTTEST Casino/HOTELS in VEGAS.......the PALMS...and other HOTELS as well.

If these guys are a making a sacrifice with their BUSINESS KNOW HOW......what do other teams do when their present owners MAIN Financial Interest is their respective TEAM...........Something to think about huh?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

PINSTRIPES, Fightin' PHILS, BOSOX, and HALOS lead MLB in Team Salaries.......What Teams are at the BOTTOM?

Since everyone is talking about a Lockout here and a Work Stoppage there.......the BLUEDUDE wants to put you on about how much the BOYS of Summer know....the National PASTIME.

It's funny to me that the 1st sport to put a Salary Cap on PLAYERS was the National Basketball Association. They also were the 1st to implement the Rookie Wage Scale that I think the NFL had they done this 5 years ago...they wouldn't be in the situation that they are in now.

Also, people gripe about the NBA Early Entries and the RULE of Players having to play at least one year in College before they become Draft Eligible........BULL****. My point is a Baseball Player in High School can get drafted, get a huge Sign on BONUS, and opt to go straight to the MInor Leagues and not have to go to any college....IS THAT BIASED?...or is that the BLUEDUDE barking up the wrong tree.

SO why does the BASEBALL PLAYER get to this and the NBA Player doesn't.........Ohhh I get it.........and you can't tell me BASEBALL is not going down the same path as these other sports when it comes to money.........MLB To Payrolls are just as bad as NBA Payrolls if not worse......Both CONTRACTS are guaranteed.....RIGHT?

Without further a due......the 2011 MLB PAYROLLS and the Highest Paid Player for Each TEAM:

1. YANKEES $202,689,028 Alex RODRIGUEZ $32,000,000 ONLY in GOTHAM CITY

2. PHILLIES $172,976,379 Roy HALLADAY/Ryan HOWARD $20,000,000 Going ALL OUT for another CHAMPIONSHIP

3. RED SOX $161,762,475 Josh BECKETT $17,000,000 Always in the running for Postseason play

4. ANGELS $148,543,166 Vernon WELLS $26,187,500 Free Agent Pick-Up....HALOS and Owner Moreno Spend to WIN

5. WHITE SOX $127,789,000 Jake PEAVY $16,000,000 Not if he can only get off the DL.....a lot of cash for 20 STARTS

6. CUBS $125,047, 329 Alfonso SORIANO $19,000,000 That's a FELONY Charge on the FONS...has done nothing

7. METS $118,847,309 Johan SANTANA $21,644,707 TWINS made the right move.....ARM Breaking Down on #57

8. GIANTS $118,198,333 Barry ZITO $18,500,000 Hey he found his ARM last season....GIANTS won the BIG ONE

9. TWINS $112,737,000 Joe MAUER $23,000,000 SHOCKING HUH?....SMALL MARKET but New BALLPARK

10. TIGERS $105,700,231 Miguel CABRERA $20,000,000 And he acts like a FOOL.......Need to start docking HIS PAY

11. CARDINALS $105,433,572 Matt HOLLIDAY $16,317,774 Albert has the right to be a little upset by being #2 on PAYROLL

12. DODGERS $104,188,999 Rafael FURCAL $13,000,000 This is surprising with guys like ETHIER and KEMP on Roster

13. RANGERS $92,299,264 Michael YOUNG $16,174,974 And he wanted traded saying he is tired of being lied to......DAMN

14. ROCKIES $88,148,071 Todd HELTON $20,275,000 This DUDE been their since'98.......MR. Colorado ROCKIES Himself

15. BRAVES $87,002,892 Derek LOWE $15,000,000 For Money Spent.....The BRAVES will probably cash in...NICE PAYROLL

16. MARINERS $86,524,600 Ichiro SUZUKI $18,000,000 The FACE of the MARINERS PLACE......ICHIRO.....worth every PENNY

17. BREWERS $85,497,333 Prince FIELDER $15,500.000 BREW CREW still have their issues.....not a bad PAYROLL

18. ORIOLES $85,304,038 Nick MARKAKIS $10,600,000 New SHERIFF in town.....SHOWALTER....y'all be COOL NOW

19. REDS $75,947,134 Francisco CORDERO $12,125,000 A bang for your BUCK......NL CENTRAL CHAMPS in 2010

20. ASTROS $70,694,000 Carlos LEE $19,000,000 Probably can't wait to get him off their guy $8 Million

21. ATHLETICS $66,536,500 David DeJESUS $6,000,000 Nice evenly spread PAYROLL...with no FANNIES in the SEATS

22. NATIONALS $63,856,928 Jayson WERTH $10,571,428 Big Free Agent Pick-Up.....Good PAYROLL...Need some RESULTS

23. BLUE JAYS $62,567,800 Jose A BAUTISTA $8,000,000 Now you see why Vernon WELLS was traded

24. MARLINS $56,944,000 Hanley RAMIREZ $11,000,000 20% of their PAYROLL..HELPS on the way....2012 New STADIUM

25. DIAMONDBACKS $53,639,833 Kelly JOHNSON $5,850,000 They have to find a way to WIN with NO MONEY....IMPOSSIBLE

26. INDIANS $49,190,566 Travis HAFNER $13,000,000 Will find a suitor for HAFNER at Trade DEADLINE....too much $

27. PADRES $45,869,140 Heath BELL $7,500,000 SMALL PAYROLL for SMALL MARKET....almost got into playoffs in 2010

28. PIRATES $45,047,000 Paul MAHOLM $6,250,000 18 Straight Losing Seasons.......HEINZ FIELD in their neighbor

29. RAYS $41,053,571 Johnny DAMON $5,250,000 A Model Franchise Financially and PERSONNEL Wise

30. ROYALS $36,126,000 Joakim SORIA $4,000,000 WHO?......HMMMMMMMMM.......Losing Since LATE-80's

You see the desparity between TEAMS that have the Resources to make playoff runs annually, stay in the playoff hunt annually, and most of these TEAMS are in what MARKETS.......LARGE.

How can one TEAM'S highest Paid Player be at $4 Million and another Team's Player at $32 Million......MLB needs to look themselves in the MIRROR as one SPORTS is immune to FINANCIAL ISSUES. And for some of the BOTTOM Franchises they operate sort of like a Minor League outfit........Once their Player becomes an All-Star....they can't afford him anymore......HOGWASH.

Friday, April 8, 2011

BULLS and DROSE send Green Team A Message.....and no one wants to play NYK, DEN, and POR in 1st Round

The Chicago Bulls send a clear cit message to the Boston CELTICS and Doc Rivers....and it goes a little something like this....If the Celtics get by the first 2 rounds.....DO YOU REALLY WANT TO PLAY US?....REALLY?

Not only did the BULLS make the Celtics look like they were in a Mid-Life Crisis....but DROSE looked like simply the best thing since TWILIGHT or Harry POTTER. As DROSE ran by the GREEN TEAM all night long to the tune of 30 and 8 and 5....with RONDO doing his best Hide and Seek impersonation.

Now with the PLAYOFFS right around the CORNER the CELTS find themselves fighting for the #2 Seed in the EAST with the HEAT with 4 games to play and deadlocked at 54-24. And whoever gets the 2 seed gets the young and vibrant SIXERS and the 3rd seed will get STAT, 'MELO, and MR. Big SHOT of the No Defensive Playing KNICKS who will still pose a problem with anyone they play in the 1st round.

The BULLS on the other hand have the luxury of having home-court advantage in the EST and facing the PACERS and MAGIC...which at this point looks like the BULLS XMAS Tourney.


Looking WEST the SPURS will limp into the WESTERN CONFERENCE Playoffs as the #1 and the LAKERS, MAVERICKS, and THUNDER follow them in that order.

We already know the SPURS will have trouble vs the young TEAMS in the WEST like likely 1st round opponent the GRIZZLIES. They also have the luxury o playing the THUNDER and DURANT and WESTBROOK in which the LAKESHOW and MAVS would prefer to play in the WESTERN FINALS if need be.

The 2 most intriguing and winnable SERIES' in the WEST for Lower Seeds are the PORTLAND @ DALLAS and the DENVER @ OK CITY 1st Round Matchups. This is all pending on the FACT that the BLAZERS hold of the HORNETS for the #6 seed as the BLAZERS are only 1/2 game back in the STANDINGS with 4 -5 games to play.

The LAKERS are having their issues going into the PLAYOFFS as well as they have lost their last 3 games in a row to the JAZZ, WARRIORS, and the Playoff-Bound NUGGETS. 2 of those games were at STAPLES where it looked like KOBE is 32 and the LAKESHOW Supporting Cast is eyeing the PLAYOFFS forgetting that they have real games in front of them.......LO7, RON RON, the SPANIARD, and DFISH to name a few. PHIL probably isn't as worried as the LAKESHOW following but has his eyes locked in on their most recent problems.

There are more Questions to answer in the WEST than there are in the EAST because the EAST is LOADED with TOP HEAVY TEAMS and TALENT. The One Question is WHO WINS THE LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy?.....This has been the 1st year in a long time where there is no clear favorite for a PARADE DOWN YOUR CITIES FAVORITE STREET........AGREE?