Sunday, October 31, 2010

BCS SHAKEUP again......this time at 5-6......AUBURN and OREGON on collision course to BCS NAT'L CHAMPIONSHIP

I called it a few days ago with 6 of the top 7 BCS Teams playing on the road Saturday the law of averages took over. STATE GREEN and MIZZOU have been tested but this was their top test to date so far and they both whiffed on it.

You thought GREEN, as in MICHIGAN STATE GREEN, would go to IOWA CITY and get the HAWKEYES. The SPARTANS dang there lost to a good NORTHWESTERN Team last week by looking ahead to this game. IOWA dominated from start to finish and STATE QB COUSINS was in a funk the whole game throwing 3 Picks. IOWA is still in the BIG TEN RACE with only 1 loss to Wisconsin who already lost to MICHIGAN STATE, and the HAWKEYES have their biggest game of the year NOVEMBER 20th at KINNICK vs THE BUCKEYES of OHIO STATE.

The MISSOURI TIGERS took their show to LINCOLN NEBRASKA and BIG RED and was ambushed. I also called this one earlier in the week. Come on BLUEDUDE Heads you should know by now if you need the inside track to any game log on. The TIGERS had no chance which makes the SOONER loss to the TIGERS last week in Columbia even more baffling.

AUBURN and HEISMAN FRONTRUNNER and QB CAMERON NEWTON showed no let down in going to OXFORD MISSISSIPPI on SATURDAY. CAMERON caught a TD PASS and passed for over 200 yards and missed a lot of open guys which could've easily turned into a 300 plus yard day. AUBURN should win their next 2 games to set up the monster showdown in TUSCALOOSA with the TIDE and ALABAMA. That one will be for the SEC WEST Crown and a possible trip to the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIOSHIP Game.

THE OREGON DUCK known as the QUACK ATTACK woke up in late 3rd qtr to show USC, yeah the USC that plays at the LA COLISIEUM, who is the boss in the PAC-10. NOw all of you know why Former Head Coach PETE CARROLL left..........The DUCKS, when they are rolling on all cylinders are tough to contain and stop. The 2 games left on their schedule where the QUACK ATTACK can maybe get derailed are the ARIZONA WILDCATS and the civil war vs the BEAVERS of OREGON STATE who would love to spoil their party.

BLUEDUDE"S Projected BCS as of OCTOBER 31, 2010

5. 'BAMA

4. BAMA @ BAYOU BENGALS BCS Buster and SEC West Title Hopes

Saturday, October 30, 2010

THE HEAT, C'S, and THE LAKESHOW showing teams early that if you are going to the playoffs will have to stop thru here.

The 2010-2011 NBA SEASON just kicked off this week with a full slate of heavyweights and contenders to the LAKERS THRONE. The HEAT, CELTS, and LAKERS are showing early on that everything will be coming thru them in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

The HEAT are doing it with the 3 headed monster known as MIAMI THRICE in WADE, BOSH, and JAMES.


The LAKESHOW you would think didn't get better in the offseason but they did. Same Guys up front in L.O., The SPANIARD, BLACK MAMBA, D FISH, RON RON, and a scary bench that to the BLUEDUDE is the Best in the league in Free Agent Pick-ups MATT BARNES and STEVE BLAKE, along with holdovers in SHANNON "just got engaged to MONICA the R&B Singer" BROWN, LUKE WALTON, DEREK CHARACTER, and SASHA "JUST proposed to tennis star MARIA SHARAPOVA"VUJACIC. These guys will be a tough out and are my favorites for a three-peat beacuse of three things: The ZEN MASTER PHIL JACKSON, still the ultimate closer in The BLACK MAMBA, and the new and improved bench.

Lets take a closer look at the other two in MIAMI and BOSTON:

MIAMI is doing on the defensive end and now they knew that coming in its just the fans and NBA Observers wanted to know what they were going to lay their hats on. KING JAMES AND FLASH (D WADE) remind me of the scheme the BULLS used to use, with HIS AIRNESS MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN and MR. PIP 33 SCOTTIE PIPPEN, getting out in the passing lanes and using their superior athleticism to turn defense into easy transition points. They destroyed the SIXERS and MAGIC with solely using this type of scheme. And on Offene they are a work in progress but I was reading on CRAIGSLIST.ORG the heat had listed, "IF YOU CAN KNOCK DOWN OPEN SHOTS ON A CONSISTENT BASIS PLEASE APPLY", Joking of course. But playing with JAMES and WADE they create so many defensive mismatches that the shooters on the wings and BIGS in the mid-range get open look after open look.

Now I see what OLD RILES (HEAT PREZ PAT RILEY, KENTUCKY WILDCAT Himself) was doing when he was putting the current roster together after acquiring KING JAMES and CB1. He added shooters in JAMES JONES, EDDIE HOUSE, and MIKE MILLER, and kept mainstay holdover and mid-range shooting BIG in "UD" UDONIS HASLEM. By December the HEAT will be a RUNAWAY TRAIN every night and when scouting them its simple," YOU BETTER HOPE SOMEBODY IS MISSING SHOTS BECAUSE IN TRANSITION THEY WILL NOT LOSE".

BOSTON: The C's are relying on getting through the season with a stock pile of BIGS and the scoring and playmaking of THE TRUTH, SUGAR RAY, and RAJON RONDO. Coach Doc RIvers only real problem is on back to backs when the depth in the front court, which is a little older than most teams they will be facing, will be hit or miss with now injury-prone BIGS in SHAQ, JERMAINE O'NEAL, and sometimes the BIG TICKET, who actually this week looks as healthy as he has been since the GREEN TEAMS CHAMPIONSHIP Season. When playing the C's you must know where RAY ALLEN is at all times, Keep PAUL PIERCE out of a zone and in easy transition baskets, and hope to contain the engine and brains that make the CELTS go in RAJON RONDO.

The Louisville, Kentucky native, by way of OAK HILL ACADEMY in Virginia and UK in Lexington has surprised everyone in the league with his play but probably DOC, GM AINGE, and his teammates. With the enate ability to get a triple-double on almost any night, RONDO is the orchestartor of the GREEN TEAM and SO HE GOES the CELTS GO.

Just last night check out this stat line line vs MAGIC PG JAMEER NELSON 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 24 assisits , that;s right 24 helpers and the BLUEDUDE has a new nickname for RONDO, "FRONT OF THE HOUSE SERVER" or move over TONI KUKOC " THE WAITER". The man is off the charts and arguably is the best and slickest defender at the PG spot in the association.

There you have it three station stops on ypur way to the LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy in STAPLES CENTER and THE LAKESHOW, AMERICAN AIRLINE CENTER in MIAMI now called the STAPLES CENTER in the EAST and the MIAMI HEAT, and THE NEW GARDEN TD BANKNORTH GARDENS and the GREEN TEAM.

NOTE: GPS is available for those who need it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

In The last two weeks #1 has fallin'.......Who is falling this Saturday.......AUBURN....OREGON...TCU...MICH ST.?

OREGON, AUBURN, AND MICHIGAN STATE try to keep the streaks going. TCU and BOISE STATE are in the drivers seat to get to the BCS National Championship Game. The last two weeks OHIO STATE and OKLAHOMA have fallen will it be AUBURN this weekend?

Top Games in the BCS Race for OCTOBER 30, 2010:

330PM ET

1. #5 SPARTY @ #18 IOWA: Kinnick Stadium will be rocking as the Hawkeyes are all but out of the BCS Race with the loss to Wisconsin last week will be waiting to send GREEN their NON-BCS packageon the field. SPARTANS got caught last week looking ahead to this match up with the HAWKS last week in EVANSTON and almost took an L. The SPARTANS have everything in a BCS Contender you need in a Balanced offensive attack, a sound defense, and a everybody's All-American at MLB in Mr. GREG JONES. The HAWKEYES have been a disappointment to say the least. Coach Ferentz and his group had lofty expectations going into this year after beating up the RAMBLING WRECK of GA TECH last year in the BCS ORANGE BOWL. They can still salvage something but it has to start SATURDAY by taking care of SPARTY and GREEN.

2. #6 MIZZOU @ #14 LINCOLN NEB: What a year it has been for those TIGERS of COLUMBIA, MO.. They have pretty much snuck up on everyone they have played and now the TIGER, literally speaking, is out of the bag. They are a well-rounded team thats very balanced on both sides of the ball. THey will be tested in hostil territory by BIG RED and NEBRASKA for sure. QB TAYLOR MARTINEZ of BIG RED is a one man wrecking crew and if MIZZOU has any chance it will have to start by stopping or at least slowing him down with fronts of 7-8 men. Only a feshman with a huge upside, he too will be tested by the TIGERS. If Mizzou can hold or keep BIG RED's Offense off the field they will give themselves a chance. LAST time the HUSKERS were in town they were out muscled and hustled by HOOKEM' HORNS and LOST.


3. #1 AUBURN @ MISSISSIPPI: Look if the Tigers do what they are suppose to do and not look ahead this will be a somewhat easy game. HEISMAN LEADER and QB CAM NEWTON should have his usual big day against a BULLDOG Defense that's average at best. Auburn knows they will get everbody's best shot and in the SEC if you overlook someone you will find yourself in a battle 'til the end. NEWTON WILL AND SHOULD DOMINATE THIS ONE AND AUBURN'S DEFENSE SHOULD GET A TUNE-UP FOR WHAT LIES AHEAD.......BAMA


4. #2 OREGON @ MEN OF TROY: Man how the tide has turned in the PAC-10. Just a couple of years ago the USC Trojans were the cream of the crop and a TOP 5 going into this one. Now the QUACK ATTACK is primed and ready to show the TROJANS to a man that we are recruiting better than you , have better facilities than you, and HAVE ARRIVED with the latest SWOOSH GEAR NIKE HAS TO OFFER...... NO JUST KIDDING.......WELL.....THE DUCKS are led by RB and HEISMAN HOPEFUL LaMICHAEL JAMES and a star-studded very powerful Offensive Machine that is biiger than anything DONALD DUCK ever produced. New USC COACH and MR. ARRAGANT himself, LANE KIFFIN, will do his part to show that the TROJANS haven't completly fell off and that the FOOTBALL GODS haven't took all of his juice but LANE they are in the building .............TRUST ME......That TENN TITAN move on CLASSY and USC ALUM JEFF FISHER wbogus and you know it......and how you treated ROCKY TOP......MAN that's a TOP 10 Program if I ever saw one.....that's no stepping stone and you knew that. Sorry, THE BLUEDUDE got off track a little bit.....THE DUCKS have a lot to prove and the lights will be on in the LA COLISEUM to see if they HAVE ARRIVED.


5. #4 TCU @ SIN CITY and RUNNIN'REBELS: WARNING- HORNED FROGS PAY ATTENTION TO THIS GAME AND MOVE ON. NO NEED IN SCOREBOARD WATCHING and carrying-on to find yourselves in a hole in VEGAS. UNLV knows this is their bowl game and an Upset here makes their season. TCU has one of the most underrated coaches in AMERICA in GARY PATTERSON. They will be and should be ready for this one to keep their hopes alive for a BCS Showdown.

Lets see how these top pollsters turn out saturday and will the trend of #1 going down continue.......saty tuned to the BLUEDUDE's ROAD TO THE BCS AND THE DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB in NYC.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everything is becoming clear in the NFL in Week 8.....CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS.....WILDCARD TEAMS...........TOP DRAFT PICK TEAMS.

Most NFL Power Rankings read like this STEELERS, JETS, PATRIOTS, RAVENS, and GIANTS at the top. NFL Week 8 will separate even these teams and kinda of give us a clear cut favorite or two to get to DALLAS in February 2011. WEEK 8 also provides us with some teams barely holding on and in must-win situations this early in the season.





1. BISON CITY @ KC: Coach Todd Haley and his boys are poised to win the AFC WEST and at this stage in the season they have the perfect formula: create turnovers, a sound kicking game, and make plays in the running game. The BOLTS wish they had these qualities but they don't. The Bills played well in BMORE last week to come up short. But if there were some moral points it was the Offense and HARVARD Grad QB Fitzpatrick who sliced and diced RAY RAY and DEM on Defense. They will need a monumental effort for Sunday in the NEW ARROWHEAD just like last Sunday.

2. JAGS @ BIG D: Man you have got to be kidding me. The 'BOYS looking for just a win now and QB ROMO gone at least for 6-8 weeks with QB JON KITNA manning the ship. NOT GOOD. What's surprising about the COWBOYS is that their star-studded Defense is anything but that. They are a prime example of looking good on paper but you still have to play the game. DAMN JERRY I feel for you. The JAGS are Jekyll and Hyde but they have enough spunk to go in BIG D and get them one. A heavy dose of POCKET HERCULES JONES-DREW and some Plays in the passing game, trust me all these opportunities are there vs Cowboys, they can pull this one out and stay in the hunt in the rugged AFC SOUTH.

3. PANTHERS @ RAMS: A tough loss at the NEW SOMBRERO in TAMPA last week for the RAMS. But they are starting to turn the corner in that they think they can win any game they play so hats off to Coach SPAGS. The Panthers need to find WIILIAMS and STEWART fast. You mean to tell me they have numbers as bad as this and the PANTHERS seem inept in featuring these guys exclusively with a horrible passing game the PANTHERS posses. CAROLINA COACH John Fox is gone after this season anyway so what does he and his staff care. Someone please trade for those backs they are top notch backs when FED.

4. 'SKINS @ THE D: McNabb and company on offense looked everything but a team that is fluid on that side of the ball last week in the WINDY CITY. #5 seems to be pulling that same S*** he was pulling in PHILLY very non-chalantly going through the motions as though he is BRETT FAVRE or somebody. THANKS T.O.. The LIONS are coming off a BYE WEEK and they are a different LIONS Team and will sneak up on the REDSKINS if they play like they did last week. GOOD NEWS is QB MATT STAFFORD is almost ready to come back and give the LIONS a real shot in the arm down the stretch.

5. MIAMI @ THE JUNGLE: BENGALS BEWARE that Dolphin Team that played the STEELERS heads up last week is a very physical and mentally tough football team. Oh did I tell you these FOOLS are 3-0 on the Road and if the BENGALS are still up to playing games in spots they will get hammered. COACH Lewis and his team need this one to stay in the playoff race in the AFC. With the STEELERS coming up after the Dolphins there is no better time to get rolling than now. T.O. is 4th in the NFL in Receiving. TAKE THAT DOUBTERS or should I say Haters. There are a few teams out there that are not playing well that could have used Terrell OWENS.....REALLY.....and you know who you are.

6. DENVER VS GOLD RUSH in WEMBLEY STADIUM in LONDON: Who needs this game more? Coach Singletary after giving the PANTHERS last week their first win of the season. Or Broncos head man JOSH McDaniels who got beat by the 1970's Raiders last week 59-14. Both of these guys are coaching to keep their jobs and when an NFL TEAM hangs 59 on you at your place you have one foot out the door and the other foot is on a slippery mat.

7. THE PACK @ J-E-T-S: This will be a good one. The Air Attack of the PACKERS and QB Aaron Rodgers vs the HARD-Hitting, runnin their mouth-talking JETS. On the flip side I think QB MARK SANCHISE as they call him will have on of those games where he gets uniform colors mixed up and turns it over. The PACK need this to stay with DA BEARS and the JETS need it to arguably keep their status as the #1 team in the NFL. The PACKERS are banged up but showed a lot of grit last week at home vs the PURPLE CIRCUS. THIS IS MUST-SEE TV ON SUNDAY. JETS FANS the real SANCHEZ is going to show up soon. BELIEVE THAT.

415PM ET

8. TITANS @ BOLTS: Look the TITANS just have to not turn the ball over and play sound in the kicking game and this one is over. The CHARGERS Train that was suppose to com back to the station for repairs is stuck on the bridge somewhere. And I wanted to send THOMAS the TRAIN, PERCY, and Henry to go get them but they said no that is a dysfunctional train..........NEED I SAY MORE.......LIGHTS OUT MERRIMAN is almost out of DIEGO....and right now he is the only one on that sideline with a light and a light on.

9. BUCS @ CARDINALS: Someone better tell the CARDS that TB Coach and Leader Raheem Morris are for real and playing like they are the team to beat in the NFC. QB FREEMAN is the deal and reminds me of a faster more athletic BIG BEN. They have a #1 WR in MIKE WILLIAMS, you know which one by now you seen the DAMN highlights, who is catching everything thrown to him. The defense is back to playing when they dominated in under Coach DUNGY. IF the CARDS have any shortcomings they Will be exposed Sunday. Where is WR LARRY FITZGERALD? He should pull an ANQUAN BOLDIN and try to dip because they have no chance of getting back to the big one anytime soon. BUCS are a top 4 in the NFC and they are for real.

10. PURPLE PEOPLE @ FOXBORO: Is he or isn't he playing is the question. Man its like every week the NFL is worrying about what #4 in Purple is doing, or going, or saying. I know this if he limps out there against that young and somewhat fast PATS D he will come up lame again. QB Tavares JACKSON is ready now Childress can open up the playbook for him like you do with FAVRE so let #7 do the same. Oh and use that slouch in #28 behind whoever is under center.TOM TERRIFIC and the PATS are starting to gain a little momentum and this could be trouble for the rest of the AFC. It will come down to the VIKES D containing Tom and his unit in this one. VIKES have enough firepower to score on anyone.

11. SEAHAWKS @ COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: You remember the banners along the side walls at the LA Coliseum when the RAIDERS played their. Man the commitment was there last week at the tune of CINCUENTA Y NUEVE PUNTOS (59 points for those BLUEDUDE HEADS that speak SPANISH) they put up at NEW MILE HIGH. Now you would have to say the SILVER AND BLACK is thinking we can play with anyone. Did anyone say DARREN MCFADDEN? WHO? IS HE ON THE RAIDERS ROSTER? LAST WEEK HE WAS. Coach Pete Carroll and his team are playing well and now they have a two-headed RB Monster. RB MARSHAWN LYNCH is going back home so look for him to have a big game but that won't be enough because HASSLEBACK won't make enough plays in the passing game.

820PM ET

12. STEEL CURTAIN @ WHO DAT? NATION: Real quick if DREW BREES has a game like he did last week and he probably won't, The SAINTS will get it way worse than they did last week. Defensive Coordinators have caught up to SAINTS Coach Sean Payton and his Offense this year. STEELERS DEFENSIVE Coordinator Dick LeBeau will have a few trick or treats under his sleeve for Payton and his group. And if the SAINTS can't stop the STEELERS Running attack or BIG BEN in the Passing Game they will be doomed. This is the best game of the week and probably the most entertaining. So put the costumes up and focus, both teams have a lot riding on this one. IMAGINE MY BLUEDUDE HEADS TAILGATING AND HALLOWEEN IN THE BIG EASY. WOWZA.

NOVEMBER 1, 2010

830PM ET

13. TEXANS @ NAPTOWN: In a rematch from week 1 where HOUSTON RB Arian FOSTER looked like the second coming of one HOF RB EARL CAMPBELL. The COLTS have not forgot about that spanking they took as they could not stop the TEXANS anywhere on OFFENSE. The COLTS on the Other hand have had the injury bug starting to take its toll on the team and the loss of key performers on both sides of the ball. This game is right up there with Sunday nights game and is a must see. Both teams come in tied for the division lead at 4-2 and if the COLTS lose the TEXANS hold any tiebreaker over them having beat them in WEEK 1.

Some Key Games are on tap for WEEK 8 that have some serious ramifications later on in the year. After this week we will know who is who trust me..........EVERYONE HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE HALLOWEEN...........GHOSTS AND GHOUBLINS.....TRICK OR TREAT.......OR.......STEELERS AND SAINTS HALLOWEEN NIGHT




NOTE***********BLUEDUDE is now doing NFL FANTASY PICKS for upcoming week the TUESDAY before each and evry THURSDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, and/or MONDAY Night GAMES.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

IZZONE's group at the top of Preseason BIG TEN......OHIO ST., ILLINOIS, PURDUE, and WISCONSIN will be tough and in the TOP 25

There are fixtures in College Basketball these day like COACH K at DUKE, BOEHEIM at the 'CUSE, CALHOUN at UCONN, ROY at UNC, and TOM IZZO at MICHIGAN STATE. THE SPARTANS Basketball Team are also fixtures a top the BIG TEN and a TOP 5 every year Powerhouse nationally.

The SPARTANS will have a lot of competition this year from the four other BIG TEN Teams that join them in the TOP 25 in the BUCKEYES, FIGHTING ILLINI, BOILERMAKERS, and BADGERS. All these teams have prime-time performers and have some underclassmen that will make an immediate impact in the BIG10.

Let's take a closer look at the teams and some of their star personnel seniors and underclassmen:

1. MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS EAST LANSING, MI: Tom Izzo has another team that should be penciled in for another run nationally as well as the BIG TEN. Izzo has done nothing but great things in EAST LANSING following his predecessor in the Great JUD HEATHCOTE. Led by big time performers in Detroit natives G KALIN LUCAS and F DURRELL SUMMERS, the SPARTANS and SPARTY will be a tough out then add in G Corey Luscious and F Delvin Roe and the rest of the depth of the SPARTANS they will be hovering around the TOP 10 all season.

OUTLOOK: If Izzo can get this bunch through a tough non-conference schedule which he usually does, the SPARTANS will be a tough out for the BIG TEN and the NCAA TOURNEY. G KALIN LUCAS is the key and if he can get back to 100% after the Leg injury he suffered last season IZZO and his group will be in the FINAL FOUR.

2. OHIO STATE BUCKEYES COLUMBUS, OH: One of the most underrated coaches in AMERICA who can flat out coach and recruit with the best of them is THAD MATTA of the BUCKEYES . THE BUCKS are absolutely loaded and have star power in NBA LOTTERY 2011 g WILL BUFORD and SR Wing DAVID LIGHTY. They also usher in the JARED SULLINGER ERA a native of Columbus who brother JARED played at ARKANSAS FAYETTEVILLE and O STATE. A massive physical speciman who is a space eater as well as a very good low post player with a little bit of a mid-range game when he faces up. Reminds the BLUEDUDE of former SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI STAR and SIXER CLARENCE WEATHERSPOON minus the explosive athletic ability.

OUTLOOK: If the other freshman can mesh with the upper-class men of the BUCKEYES they will make a deep run in the NCAA TOURNEY and be a threat for the BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP as well.

3. PURDUE BOILERMAKERS WEST LAFEYETTE, IN: COACH MATT PAINTER got some real bad news when SENIOR STAR and NBA 1st rounder ROBBIE HUMMEL tore the same ACL LIGAMENT he tore last year a few weeks ago. SO the BOILERMAKERS rating will probably fall to a top 25 ranking instaed of a Top 10. But don't feel sorry for PAINTER's Group they still have the best big men in the BIG TEN in SENIOR CENTER JAJAUN JOHNSON and top flight G in SENIOR E'TEAUN MOORE.

OUTLOOK: PAINTER will have to get production from a deep sophomore bunch to replace the scoring and effectiveness of HUMMEL. THE 2 SENIORS MOORE and JOHNSON will have to play even bigger if the BOILERMAKERS are going to stay a top the BIG TEN Race and A high NCAA Tourney Seed.

4. ILLINOIS FIGHTING ILLINI CHAMPAIGN, IL: COACH Bruce Webber has a good group returning back and led by ALL-BIG TEN PG in DEMETRI MCcCAMEY. But this is not the reason the ILLINI are excited for this season to begin. Throw in two stellar FRESHMAN in F JEREME RICHMOND AND C MEYERS LEONARD the ILLINI will be a hit this year in the BIG TEN and will challenge the SPARTANS and BUCKEYES for BIG TEN SUPREMACY. THey are also strong in the back court after McCAMEY with SOPHOMORE Guards DJ RICHARDSON and BRANDON PAUL.

OUTLOOK: If WEBER can get his group to peak at the right time they will be scary. The key will be hoe the freshman play and the two SOPHOMORE Guards in BIG 10 FReshman of the Year Richardson and PAUL. The ILLINI have no reason not to finish lower than 3rd in the Big 10 and should have a 3-4 seed in the tourney.

5. WISCONSIN BADGERS MADISON, WI: Head COACH Bo Ryan and the BADGERS will have their normal solid year. THey have key returnees in JORDAN TAYLOR and JON LEUER. Ryan's Biggest problem will be finding good enough G play for his system and a 3rd option scorer. They always play tough especially at home and this year will be no different.

OUTLOOK: Ryan's Teams are very tough and physical. They will have to find more offense to saty in the TOP 25 and to get an at-large bid in the upcoming NCAA TOURNEY.

BEST of the REST


WORLD SERIES dandy for GAME 1 LEE VS LINCECUM........who's line up is better....and who's pitching is better from starters to bullpen? WHO WINS?

Who would have thought the 2010 World Series would feature the two teams in the playoffs hardly no one had getting past the divisional series. The FALL CLASSIC will start tonight in the BAY and there is a pitching match up that hardcore baseball fans dream about in LHP RANGERS ACE CLIFF LEE and RHP GIANTS ACE TIM LINCECUM.

LEE has dominated this year in the playoffs and almost looked untouchable against the BRONX BOMBERS mixing in speeds while locating a above average fastball. LEE's deal is keeping hitters off balance and a head of the count and when he has these two going he is lights out.

LINCECUM on the other hand is a POWER PITCHER with a moving fastball in the range of mid to upper 90's and a curve or slide piece that the bottom falls out. He pitched pretty good so far in the Playoffs but we have yet to see the SHUTDOWN LINCECUM that has been so dominant the past two years in winning the Heisman.

Let's look at the lineup and see who is better suited to get to the others pitching staff:


OBVIOUSLY the two guys that stick out is 2010 ALCS MVP JOSH HAMILTON and "BAD" VLADIMIR GUERRERO. These two guys are clutch and the RANGERS are built to get guys on and have them 2 do damage. But it doesn't stop there IAN KINSLER, NELSON CRUZ, and ELVIS ADRUS have been a thorn in the side in whoever the RANGERS have played. In order for the GIGANTES to control this lineup they have to control JOSH and VLAD. They should take a page out of the RAYS Pitching staff on how they slowed them down here n there.


The guys that stick out in this lineup are veterans PAT BURRELL, AARON ROWAND, and EDGAR RENTERIA. They have had some clutch hits from all over their lineup but these gentleman coupled with young rising stars in BUSTER POSEY and PABLO SANDOVAL make it tough for lineups to just attack certain hitters while pitching around others. In order for the RANGERS to slow them down they have to limit the top of the lineup and slow down POSEY and SANDOVAL when runners are on ahead of them.




Both staffs are pretty young and nerves are a part of it but having played two series already they just have to play pitch and catch. I think the edge might have to go to the GIANTS for the SIMPLE fact they have another #1 starter in CAIN. Not that the other RANGERS Pitchers are not good I just can't see none of them anchoring a staff like CAIN.


GIANTS have BRIAN WILSON who had 48 svs in 53 chances
RANGERS have NEFTALI FELIZ who had 40 svs in 43 chances

Both of these guys are lights out and it will come down to middle relief and the set up man in this series THE BLUEDUDE calling it even.

This series will be better than you think and it will come down to 3 things like always: PITCHING, DEFENSE, AND TIMELY HITTING Both of these teams do this well and have done it well throughout the playoffs.



If talking experience you would have to say BOCHY obviously but as far as complete managers both have a similar style in being simply PLAYER"S COACHES.

BLUEDUDE PREDICTION.......................RANGERS in 6....................SEE JERRY JONES and you thought you were the biggest thing in're not but your stadium is........TAKE IT HOME DALLAS/FORT WORTH

DUKE and UNC will battle for TOP Team in ACC...Who else is will battle them....NC STATE...VIRGINIA TECH...FLORIDA STATE?

In a rather off year in the ACC as far as teams in the Preseason Top 25 the usual suspects are at the top. It will come down to as usual the BLUE DEVILS AND THE TAR HEELS. The ACC has really no other contender to the thrown and the Defending National CHampion BLUE DEVILS have experience and new talent to mesh. The TAR HEELS, who were somewhat young last year and lacked a leader and go-to-guy get all that in their incoming freshman class.

Here is the BLUEDUDE"S PREVIEW of the 2010-2011 ACC Mens BASKETBALL:

1.DUKE BLUE DEVILS DURHAM, NC: Its starts with COACH K and his staff, then it goes to the CAMERON CRAZIES, and then you have to deal with experience and youth at a high level. Returning for the BLUE DEVILS are ALL-ACC Pre-season Picks in F KYLE SINGLER and G NOLAN SMITH. SINGLER, a sure-fire Lottery Pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, will anchor Duke's Frontline along with the PLUMLEE's, Mason and Miles. The lack of quality depth up front for the DEVILS shoulsn't really hurt them that much. G NOLAN SMITH will anchor the backcourt with BIG MAC PG and Jersey Native KYRIE IRVING. This will most likely be the best backcourt in the ACC as well as one of the best in the NATION.

OUTLOOK: Duke is a little thin in depth but make up for that lack of with superior and quality talent in the solid rotation. They are a shoe in for a #1 seed in the upcoming NCAA Tourney as well as a favorite to repeat as NAT'L CHAMPS.

2. NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS CHAPEL HILL, NC: FIRST time in almost 30 years the HEELS didn't make the NCAA Tourney. Their lack of Experience, Leadership, and a go-to-guy cast the HEELS in every way last year. But all that young talent meshed with maybe the best player in the ACC in incoming Freshman Forward and AMES IOWA Native HARRISON BARNES should ease last year's pain and put UNC right back in the thick of things. JUNIOR PG Larry Drew II will lead the Heels at the Point with SOPHOMORE G Dexter Strickland and two Fabulous Freshman in Guards KENDALL MARSHALL AND REGGIE BULLOCK of Kinston NC same HS as one JERRY STACKHOUSE. The Frontline will be Anchored by the aforementioned BARNES, SOPHOMORES JOHN HENSON, and Center TYLER ZELLER. THE heels are not deep in the front court but have quality on the wings and in the back court.

OUTLOOK: UNC will definatley make a run in the ACC and there will be no more no shows in the NCAA TOURNEy as the Cup Runneth over on new talent this year and the class of 2011.

3. VIRGINIA TECH HOKIES BLACKSBURG VA: Head Coach Seth Greenberg and his HOKIES have as much talent and experience coming back than anyone in the ACC except DUKE. The top 3 scorers in Guards MALCOLM DELANEY and DORENZO HUDSON and Forward JEFF ALLEN. The HOKIES will stay in the tick of things with a pretty down year in the ACC but to their credit they will be in the Upper half of the ACC all year and a TOP 25 team.

OUTLOOK: The HOKIES have dona a nice job of turning their basketball program into to relevancy considering the school is a FOOTBALL SCHOOL lead by BEAMER BALL and Head Coach and mainstay in FRANK BEAMER. COACH GREENBERG has enough talent to make some noise in the ACC and he usually does.

4. FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES TALLAHASSEE FL: HEAD Coach Leonard HAMILTON had laid his hat on what he does best recruit. The 'NOLES have brought in solid class after solid class and this year the same. ANCHORED by sophomores and juniors Hamilton will again be in the upper half of the ACC with do-it-all FORWARD and Georgia native CHRIS SINGLETON. THe back court has to improve but there is a lot of depth there and HAMILTON and his staff can x and o as well.

OUTLOOK: WITH F Chris Singleton anchoring the junior/sophomore laiden 'NOLES they will be an above average ACC team that could do som damage in the middle of the ACC and will be a TOP 30 team all season.

5. NC STATE WOLFPACK RALIEGH NC: The Wolfpack are rather young but a top 10 2010 recruiting class of NC Native CJ LESLIE a Consensus top 10 HS player nationally and a concensus top 30 nationally in PG and GA Native RYAN HARROW should give the PACK what they are looking for to get back in the thick of things in the ACC. With leading scorer from last year in F TRACY SMITH back to help the talented freshman come along they will surprise some folks in the ACC.

OUTLOOK: The PACK landed a stellar Freshman class and that is a foundation for years to come if they stick around a couple of years. The ACC is tough and they have talent but young talent so look for the PACK to finish middle of the PAck and a possible run to the NCAA Tourney if they can make a run in the ACC Tourney.

6. MARYLAND TERRAPINS COLLEGE PARK,MD: Head Coach Gary WIlliams and the Fighting TURLES have had a talent drop in recent years. Unable to get the Top Shelf HS talent to stay in the MARYLAND area he still gets a few 3 stars but in the ACC you need to at least add a 4-5 Recruit or two every season to stay a float. This team will be average at best and there will be some rumblings for WILLIAMS and his staff to produce and get back to the early 2000 teams that had top talent and stayed a top the top 25 nationally. Only returning starter is G SEAN MOSELY.

OUTLOOK: GARY has his work cut out and must start getting the talent in the DC/BALTIMORE/VA area to keep his head and team out of hot water. The ACC is no stepping stone and when your talent is average at best you will get exposed early and often.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PLAY THEM or SIT THEM..........WEEK 8 holds some interesting match ups....... BREES vs STEEL CURTAIN 2k10....RODGERS vs JETS

This week in the NFL holds some very interesting picks and some 50/50 should i sit him or play him. Injuries like always have a played a key role in the season but this season Teams are just depleted by the amount of injuries to key people.

Here are some of the BLUEDUDE's PICKS for NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL Week 8:

1. QB'S

BREES vs STEELERS DEFENSE you might want to sit him STEELERS are back to their old ways of dominating

RODGERS vs JETS DEFENSE this is a tough one BRONCOS QB ORTON threw for big numbers on JETS 50/50 pick'em

ORTON vs 9ERS DEFENSE in london or wherever NINERS can't stop ORTON in this one play KYLE


MATT SCHAUB vs COLTS DEFENSE the COLTS D is plagued by injuries play MATT

PEYTON MANNING vs TEXANS DEFENSE Houston not looking like week #1 Defense and #18 plays against anyone play #18

2. RB'S

JAMAL CHARLES vs BILLS DEFENSE is anything but a defense start JAMAL

SHON GREEN/LT vs PACKERS D play both of these guys PACK DEFENSE depleted by injuries play GREEN/LT


CHRIS JOHNSON vs BOLTS DEFENSE they are so dysfunctional DIEGO's D start CJ 28


ALL DAY ADRIAN PETERSON vs PATS DEFENSE start PETERSON with the status of FAVRE unknown have to play #28


MARSHAWN LYNCH vs OAKLAND DEFENSE Lynch going back to tha crib EAST BAY play LYNCH with FOLKS in the stands

ARIAN FOSTER vs COLTS DEFENSE last time he saw them he torched them and Injuries have them a lesser D play FOSTER

3. WR's

DEWAYNE BOWE vs BILLS D start #82 he will have a big day


JAMES JONES vs JETS D start Jones going up against rookie KYLE WILSON trust me on this one


MICHAEL CRABTREE vs BRONCOS D sit CRAB If the BRONCOS have anything its good corners

KENNY BRITT vs BOLTS D start MR. BRITT the BOLTS are donzo I say it again donzo

MIKE WALLACE vs WHO DAT? DEFENSE start WALLACE him and BIG BEN only run 9 routes drawn up in the grass

HINES WARD vs SAINTS DEFENSE old #86 playing like he is 25 start him SAINTS secondary having problems SHARPER WHO?

MARQUIS COLSTON vs STEELERS play him if STEELERS have a chink in the armor its the secondary

ANDRE JOHNSON vs COLTS DEFENSE play AJ Colts having secondary issues cause of injuries

REGGIE WAYNE vs TEXANS DEFENSE TEXANS secondary can't stop no one either easy play here START #87

MIKE WILLIAMS vs OAKLAND DEFENSE no not that MIKE WILLIAMS in TB sit this MIKE I Hassleback Trust issues

CHAD OCHOCINCO vs FINS DEFENSE sit CHAD QB Palmer having issues with just making the right decisions

TERRELL OWENS vs FINS DEFENSE SIT T O things starting to flare up over there on who should get red zone balls

BRANDON MARSHALL vs BENGALS DEFENSE play him Joseph and Hall are solid corners but no pressure on QB means what?

THAT'S IT for Week 8 I would go into the whole Fantasy SPILL but if your QB and RB's are not doing anything you probably lose anyway so THE BLUEDUDE covering TE's and Kickers means nothing to you at this point right............THANKS FOR CHECKING in and I am usually solid with my picks.


YES it is here finally after the SUMMER OF 2010 FREE AGENCY, THE DECISION, and MELO still outraged that he has not been dealt yet, the NBA Season kicks off in grand fashion tonight with a BEHEMOTH of a match up in BEANTOWN. And the nightcap is no sleeper either with a somewhat healthy YAO and his ROCKETS in LA LA LAND to take on the LAKESHOW and their new pieces.


MIAMI: COACH SPO and the new look HEAT have already been crowned as the next best thing to hit the NBA since those late 90's BULLS TEAMS. Deservedly so considering you have 2 of the best 4 players in the ASSOCIATION and two-time reigning MVP KING JAMES. The heat added just yesterday veteran G JERRY STACKHOUSE to solidify the bench and help ease the loss of G/F MIKE MILLER. The HEAT will go with a lineup of PUERTO RICO NATIONAL TEAM CAPTAIN and STAR CARLOS ARROYO and "FLASH" D WADE with Forwards KING JAMES and CHRIS "CB1" BOSH. Center JOEL ANTHONY rounds out their starting line up and a probably the best on the ASSOCIATION right now on paper.

BOSTON: DOC and his new-look C's are loaded up front and may have their best team yet including the CHAMPIONSHIP Team they had a couple of years ago. They added THE BIG SHAMROCK in SHAQ, JERMAINE O', and "ME LOVE ME GOLD" in G DELONTE WEST. They still have the BIG THREE in TICKET, THE TRUTH, AND SUGAR RAY. AS THE BLUEDUDE Looks closely at this they are my team to beat in the EAST barring any key injuries to the BIG 3 and "DOUBLE R" RAJON RONDO who makes the GREEN TEAM go and is a TOP 6 PG in the league at this present moment. DOC and GM DANNY AINGE built this roster for a deep playoff run and #18 to stay ahead of the charging LAKESHOW's 16 . If these guys get home court all the way up to the CONFERENCE FINALS they will be tough to beat.

I know this BOSH, WADE, and JAMES have yet to beat this current roster of SHAMROCK"S in the PLAYOFFS when it matters. Tonight's tilt should and probably will look like a PLAYOFF TYPE atmosphere and game. The NBA Season is a marathon and not a sprint but getting out the gates wouldn't you want to be first? And for all the HYPE the MIAMI HEAT and MIAMI THRICE have been getting you need to come out of this one from a league-wide ARE THEY REALLY THAT GOOD? PERSPECTIVE.

With all the veterans the CELTICS have on their roster they will be on point, in sync, and will want to show MIAMI there is a lot of work still to be done no matter who's anointed who.


HOUSTON: After looking at and taking care of one of the most documented feet in the world, the HOUSTON ROCKETS have their Centerpeice back and they are more then happy. The Rockets have a good core of players centered around CAPTAIN SHANE BATTIER. PG Deluxe AARON BROOKS is a keeper and highly underrated for those of you not in the know. The ROCKETS have added G COURTNEY LEE, G KEVIN MARTIN, C BRAD MILLER, F JARED JEFFRIES, and F/C JORDAN HILL. The roster is very young and with NBA -Ready rookie F PATRICK PATTERSON the ROCKETS should be in the middle of the pack in the west and get a 5-7 playoff seed. GM CARROLL DAWSON has really built a young and athletic team around YAO and that should give MING and the ROCKETS insurance if anything else injury wise comes about.

LAKESHOW: Going for a Three-Peat and COACH PHIL JACKSON going for a record number 4 3-peat's is just unimaginable at this day and age with free-agency and contract issues plaguing the league. THE BLACK MAMBA, KOBE BRYANT, is ready and charged up thanks to the new-look HEAT. LIKE #24 in purple and gold needed a reason to get hyped for the season.........thanks HEAT. And yall take care of that when one of the world's deadliest snakes bite you on your backside. The LAKERS you hate to say it got better in the offseason by adding G/F MATT BARNES, C THEO RATLIFF (Who has played with THE BAD BOYS and SIR CHARLES IN PHILLY LOL), and key pickup in PG STEVE BLAKE. The Lakers now just need a Healthy ANDREW BYNUM back and they are almost destined to see either the GREEN TEAM, MIAMI THRICE, and/or DA BULLS and yeah i said it.


NOTE: And soon to 13 as my STEEL CURTAIN looks like they are on course again...............haha ..............NBA ACTION IS BACK IN THE BUILDING with the most anticipated season in years..............LETS GET IT ON

PITTSBURGH gets a gift in M I A .............PATS keep winning.......VIKINGS, BOLTS, 'BOYS, and BENGALS on the outside looking in.

WEEK 7 in the NFL had a lot scoring and not much defense. The biggest surprise was the DAWG POUND going to the CRESCENT CITY and putting it on QB DREW BREES and WHO DAT? NATION. The SAINTS had way too many turnovers and when BREES throws you four picks you should win the game.

Down in the BOTTOM, MIAMI, FL, the STEELERS squeaked one out and got some help from the boys in stripes and the fool upstairs reviewing the play. BIG BEN did fumble but to say there was no conclusive evidence in who made the recovery is ludicris to say the least. The biggest blow in the game was on the STEELERS sideline where DE Aaron SMith looks like another season-ending injury for him and he is the CURTAIN"S #1 run stopper only time will tell.

PATRIOTS win a big one in DIEGO or should I say the BOLTS just don't care anymore. With the CHARGERS playing turnover prone and heavy penalized football these days I don't care who they play they will get more L's as the season progresses. TOM TERRIFFIC and the PATS not putting up huge stats but playing mistake free intelligent football.

VIKINGS battled the injury depleted PACKERS to the end to no avail. QB BRETT FAVRE had a relapse going back to GUNSLINGING #4 instaed of taking sacks or throwing the ball away. You know and I know you can't throw pick 6's and expect to beat high level type teams in the NFL. PACKERS, now tied with the BEARS in the NFC NORTH, are the team to beat in this division as the BEARS have all type of OFFENSIVE issues that looks like a HS HOMECOMING PARADE............GONE BAD.........REAL BAD.......and QB JAY CUTLER..............HATS OFF TO BRONCOS HEAD COACH JOSH MCDANIELS for picking the BEARS POCKET........He knew what a lot of people especially the BEARS didn't know...........CUTLER IS #@*$?!

BENGALS HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS is in the last year of his contract and the BENGALS are going back to their old habits and I ain't talking about eating FIVE STAR CHILI either. They have signs within a game that we are about to takeoff and then somewhere close to exploding for the good they have equipment problems as in OFFENSE has no identity, DEFENSE non-existent, and the TOCHO Show is cancelled before it ever aired. LOOK I saw this one coming that FOOTBALL Culture down in Cincy is not conducive for a winner and the clown upstairs is still making the call as in MIKE BROWN...........see FOOTBALL GODS BENGAL FANS.

Just as if the COWBOYS had more to worry about than just getting back to winning QB ROMO is out for an extended period of time and the 'BOYS are officially putting player SUPER BOWL Tickets on STUB HUB. The only thing saving AMERICA'S BULL**** are those RANGERS and SKIP RON WASHINGTON. Hats off to that BASEBALL TEAM as they bail out this year's SUPER BOWL Host the COWBOYS. And to JERRY JONES your next head coach is currently not on your staff and if he is you and BENGALS HEAD MIKE BROWN need to get a TIMESHARE TOGETHER.........AMERICA'S WHAT...........AIN"T AMERICA suppose to win all the time.......CAPTAIN AMERICA and the CAPE CRUSADERS won all the time why can't the COWBOYS.

THE BLUEDUDE IS OUT and baffled on how some of these teams get labeled................just DUMB FOUNDED.

Monday, October 25, 2010

AUBURN QB CAMERON NEWTON is the clear frontrunner in the HEISMAN VOTING..................and the only one who can stop CAM.

After this weekend on THE PLAINS OF AUBURN ALABAMA, ONE HEISMAN HOPEFUL made it clear that he is the front runner and those behind need to put in work and put it in quickly.

At a mere 6-6 and 250 plus EL BEES, COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA Native and AUBURN TIGER QB CAMERON NEWTON is running all over the SEC and breaking every QB record in the SEC along the way. This past weekend NEWTON became the all-time SEC leading rusher in a season passing one, you guessed it, GATOR GREAT TIM TEBOW. What makes the feat more astonishing is there is four games left on the TIGERS Schedule with one SWISS ROLL in those FOUR. VERSUS a pretty stout BAYOU BENGAL DEFENSE last Saturday, NEWTON saved his best for last rushing for 217 yards on 28 attempts and average of almost 8 yards per and 2 for pay dirt with a long run of almost 50 yards. Those stats were not against some homecoming cream puff but a LES MILES Defense that looked every bit up for the challenge to stop MR. NEWTON.

With games on the road left @ MISSISSIPPI and @ BAMA and homes games with Georgia and UT CHATTANOOGA......... WHO?( yeah that game will rap the Trip to the DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB up and possibly the HEISMAN) CAM is certainly the front runner for the HEISMAN and with all bets on and almost impossible to catch unless for some unforeseen incident to occur, this WAR EAGLE will take home the prize.

The only statement game left will be and is the highly anticipated last game of the season that will involve three things: THE SEC CROWN, a possible trip to the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, and of course all those HEISMAN VOTES about to be cashed in.

You know and I know there is no love lost between the TIGERS and ROLL TIDE, and with BAMA RB MARK INGRAM last year's winner, it would be only fitting that BAMA hurts NEWTON"S chances of getting the HEISMAN and taking it back to the PLAINS. But if last Saturday's Game is any indication that NEWTON is up for the challenge, BAMA will for sure have its work cut out and will probably go right to the BULLETIN BOARD with this message for MR. NEWTON " NOT ON OUR WATCH CAM".

SEE YOU IN TUSCALOOSA THE DAY AFTER TURKEY DAY..........................THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD WILL BE WATCHING...............OH! AND CAM you are officailly on the BLUEDUDE'S HEISMAN CLOCK...........go get it BIG FELLA it's yours.

Friday, October 22, 2010

#4 AUBURN hosts #6 LSU for a huge SEC/BCS BUSTER.......STATE travels to EVANSTON........BADGERS and HAWKEYES duel to stay in BIG 10 RACE

HERE we go as we get closer and closer to NOVEMBER in the college football season GAMES are becoming more and more important. If you lose now you can pretty much forget any chances of playing in a BCS game and possibly losing out on a conference championship.

LAST NIGHT the Ducks staked claim that the PAC-10 will be going through EUGENE as they just put the bruins in the nearest lake. And HEISMAN HOPEFUL RB LA MICHAEL JAMES showed why he is worthy to get a top 5 consideration for the HEISMAN TROPHY. He destroyed the bruins in every way imaginable and they didn't even use JAMES as their #1 option and If I am watching the game on MY ZENITH CHROMA COLOR FLOOR MODEL and can't see him until he is 2nd level what you think the BRUINS defense was seeing.

The big games on tap for OCTOBER 23, 2010 ARE IN THE SEC, BIG TEN, and BIG 12:


1. #7 SPARTY and GREEN @ NORTHWESTERN: The SPARTANS are on the right path to go all the way with a BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP and if you are waiting for them to lose this might be the game. THE WILDCATS are tough at home and COACH FITZ will have them ready for this tilt with the SPARTANS. STATE has two more games of note @ IOWA next week and last game of the season @ HAPPY VALLEY. If the SPARTANS GET THIS ONE THEY MIGHT BE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT.

330PM ET

2. #6 BAYOU BENGALS @ # 4 WAR EAGLES in THE PLAINS: Auburn has a lot going for them and this would be a trap game if they were in BATON ROUGE. HEISMAN CANDIDATE QB CAM NEWTON will be a factor in the both the SEC and HEISMAN race. These are the games he needs to make a huge impact and put up big numbers to get him to NYC. The TIGERS and THE MAD HATTER COACH LES MILES will be ready and will have a bag full of trick or treat for the WAR EAGLES. The Tigers Offense and kick coverage better beware of one DB/KR PATRICK PETERSON because he can impact your kicking game and passing game for 4 qtrs. This will be the best game on all day and the loser will lose a chance for SEC TITLE, BCS GAME, and will lose HEISMAN CANDIDATE.

3. #15 UW MADISON @ KINNICK STADIUM in IOWA CITY: One of two huge games for the BLACK & GOLD left at home. They should take care of this one with the HAWKS and BADGERS knowing the BUCKEYES have a BLACK EYE on their schedule compliments of the BADGERS. This will come down to who can control the line of scrimmage and the running game of WISCONSIN and the OFFENSIVE VERSATILITY of QB RICK STANZI and the HAWKS by air or ground. The loser of this one will sure but almost kill all hopes of playing in the BCS and a Conference Championship. And I have been to Shreveport LA. A beautiful City but not for a bowl game ...........HOLLA!

4. #16 BIG RED @ #14 T. BOONE PICKENS' BOYS in STILLWATER: A crucial game for both and two reasons why. One, BIG RED suffered a huge defeat at home for their chance at an outright title in the BIG 12. Two, the OK ST. COWBOYS and Billionaire OIL TYCOON T. BOONE PICKENS are starting to turn the corner as recruiting is looking up as well as facilities but these are the statement wins for programs and boyyyyyyy do they need this one. HEISMAN HOPEFUL and WR JUSTIN BLACKMON needs to take it to another level going against the BLACKSHIRTS will be tough. HUSKERS HEAD COACH BO PELINI is a DEFENSIVE guy so he knows and his D knows taking away BLACKMON will be crucial from a gamesmanship standpoint. OK STATE needs to stay in the race with in state rival OU NORMAN at the end of the schedule. HUSKERS need to just win so when they move into the BIG TEN they need no INTRO.


5. 1. BOOMER....... SOONER @ MIZZOU in COLUMBIA near THE LOU: That three-headed monster in QB LANDRY JONES, RB DeMARCO MURRAY, and WR RYAN BROYLES will be on display in COLUMBIA saturday night and you know the TIGERS will be ready to take them to the MISSISSIPPI for a cleansing. SOONER Head COACH BOB STOOPS knows his track record for big games is sub-par and he knows this is a statement game for himself let alone the OU PROGRAM under his watch. MIZZOU TIGERS have been dominating opponents but with a front schedule from the book of LIL DEBBIE SNACK CAKES but the DEFENSE is where the TIGERS lay their hat on. THIS is the first of back to back tilts to see if the TIGERS are for real. UP next for MIZZOU will be BO PELINI and BIG RED another huge test. Both teams need this W for different reasons but one common goal .........getting to the CONFERENCE TITLE and to a BCS GAME.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

HEISMAN WATCH 2010 features QB's of course but wait.............................Then came a RB, WR, and a DO-IT-ALL CORNER......WHATS YOUR VOTE?

Around the time of the release of the BCS Standings comes every year all the HEISMAN TALK. Who will be invited to the DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC CLUB in NEW YORK CITY this year? A few surprises have arrived in the conversation with a lot of football left. One thing is for certain last year's winner , ALABAMA RB MARK INGRAM, then a sophomore, won't be in the running. But there are a few others in the SEC that might be invited to NYC.

With all that said here are the BLUEDUDE'S 2010 HEISMAN HOPEFULS for a trip to downtown NYC:

NOTE (ALL the players are in random order)

1. La MICHAEL JAMES soph. RB QUACK ATTACK in EUGENE: A pint-size pack of DYNAMITE that fuels the OREGON OFFENSE and ground attack. A scat back in the same mold as fellow PAC-10 RB and in-state rival OREGON ST's JACQUEZ RODGERS. At 5'8" and about 180 lbs. soak and wet he will be factor and will get tested in the later part of the schedule coming up. But you can't say a sophomore can't win last year's winner BAMA's MARK INGRAM was a SOPHOMORE.

2. DENARD ROBINSON soph. QB MAIZE & BLUE in ANN ARBOR: THE LACELESS ONE QB Robinson was off the charts and a leading candidate early on this season but two consecutive losses here in OCTOBER and LACKLUSTER play have almost doomed his chances this year. A unique player in head coach RICH RODRIGUEZ's QB friendly system has flourished with a full practice season under his belt and will be a factor in the race next year for sure.

3. PATRICK PETERSON jr. CB BAYOU BENGALS in BATON ROUGE: The best cover cornerback in COLLEGE FOOTBALL this year hands down. Only a JUNIOR he also now is a factor in the kicking game returning kicks. See in College Footbal you have to try to get your best players as much touches as possible and this kid is dynamite. A long-shot to win the HEISMAN, he will be undoubtedly the #1 DB off the Board in the 2011 NFL DRAFT.

4/5/6. RYAN BROYLES jr. WR DeMARCO MURRAY sr. RB and LANDRY JONES soph. QB BOOMER SOONER in NORMAN OK: Maybe the best Offensive TRIO in DIvision 1-A football. The same reason why the SOONERS and head coach BOB STOOPS are a top the BCS as we speak.

BROYLES: A lightning quick wideout with excellent route running and deep threat ability. He reminds the BLUEDUDE of former SOONER and current RAMS WR MARK CLAYTON and FORMER SMU MUSTANG and now STEELER ROOKIE EMMANUEL "GO-GO" SANDERS. Doesn't have a real shot of making the cut but still just to be mentioned and a player who will be a high NFL pick if he decides to forgo his senior season.

MURRAY: One of the most exciting freshman since FRESHMAN RB's MARCUS DUPREE and ALL DAY ADRIAN PETERSON to play as a true freshman in NORMAN. Then came the KNEE INJURY and the injuries have been a problem throughout MURRAY"S career at NORMAN. But now back and as healthy as he has been since his freshman season, DEMARCO might creep up on the list if the SOONERS can stay on top and he puts up even bigger numbers. A solid mid to late 2nd round pick in the upcoming 2011 NFL DRAFT.

JONES: Man when you see the SOONERS PLAY you are like didn't SAM BRADFORD get drafted #1 by the RAMS. Same guy as far as skill set: tall, very accurate arm, somewhat athletic, and a strong arm. The SOONERS will be in the hunt behind the HEISMAN TRIPLETS OF NORMAN. That's right I said it first, THE BLUEDUDE, and let them know you heard it here first. I am picking the SOONERS for a rematch in the BCS TITLE GAME with the BOYZ from BOISE. You talk about theatre. Jones will have to win out and put up some astronomical numbers to get a seat in NYC but only a sophomore he will get his chance SOONER or later.

7. CAMERON NEWTON jr. QB THE PLAINS in AUBURN AL: Just out of nowhere in the tough and rugged SEC this QB is putting up record shattering numbers that people have compared to GATOR QB TIM TEBOW. A serious contender and maybe at this point in the season the frontrunner for the HEISMAN. THE TIGERS are a top the SEC EAST because of him and only time will tell with a difficuklt schedule left to say the least and the trip to TUSCALOOSA LOOMING.

8. KELLEN MOORE jr. QB BLUE TURF BOYZ in Boise ID: The most consistent of all candididates thus far and plays on a team with a remaining schedule that says if we get beat we beat ourselves and that's not a knock on BOISE and MOORE that's who the play and where they are. A smooth lefty that reminds a little of former USC ALL-AMERICAN QB MATT LEINART and FORMER BAMA GREAT KEN "THE SNAKE" STABLER from a skill set standpoint. He has a very good chance of bringing BOISE the HEISMAN if he can keep putting up big numbers and they get to the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

9. ANDREW LUCK jr. QB HARVARD OF THE WEST IN PALO ALTO CA: BIG TEX in the west who's is getting his tutelage from former MICHIGAN QB STANDOUT and CARDS HEAD COACH JIM HARBAUGH. A TOP 5 pick in this year's upcoming NFL DRAFT 2011 has a real chance and is in the BLUEDUDE"S top 5 players to get to NYC in DECEMBER. A PROTOTYPE NFL QB has the size, arm, footwork, mechanics, and a relentless worker who reminds me a little of former STANFORD FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL PLAYER JOHN ELWAY.

10. JUSTIN BLACKMON soph. WR THE 'BOYS of STILLWATER OK: A big, explosive target and can get deep on anybody. Starting where last year's Heisman Hopeful and OK ST COWBOY WR Dez Bryant left off. He has his work cut out as he plays in the BIG12 and needs continue to put up same numbers he has been putting up. Still has a chance and only a sophomore with OKLAHOMA and a few other high profile games left. Another long-shot to get to NYC but has a slim chance.


STEELERS, PATRIOTS, EAGLES, BEARS, AND GIANTS try to stay atop divisions.........VIKINGS and PACKERS huge matchup ...NFL WEEK 7

The smoke is starting to clear in all DIVISIONAL races in the NFL. STEEL CITY, PATS, BEARS, EAGLES, AND G-MEN try to stay ahead of the competition. Meanwhile, a huge match up in LAMBEAU between two divisional rivals in the VIKES AND the PACK. The winner of this one stays close to the bears and also stays in the middle of the playoff race in the NFC.

The COWBOYS have a big one in BIG D and if they lose Monday Night at home vs the G-MEN you can get a full dinner set out as in forks, knives, and spoons because they will be done. Imagine the so called AMERICA'S TEAM out of the hunt before TURKEY DAY someone in VEGAS made a lot of cash if they predicted that free fall.


OCTOBER 24, 2010


1. BENGALS @ DIRTY BIRDS: The FALCONS are coming off of a beat down from the hands of the EAGLES. QB Matt Ryan knows in order for them to stay on course and take the next step they have to bounce back with a W to show the rest of the NFC they are PRETENDERS. The BENGALS are on a different flight. Coming off of a bye week HEAD COACH MARVIN LEWIS knows his team will have no excuses if they can't pull this one out. Two weeks to prepare for the FALCONS and game tape should put the BENGALS in a good position to WIN. QB CARSON PALMER is really struggling and they just have to get back to RB CEDRIC BENSON and his 25 plus carries per.

2. STEEL CURTAIN 2K10 @ FINS: Well if you went by numbers alone as far as home games and away games the DOLPHINS are toast. 3-0 away from the flat and 0-2 at home is a mystery. What won't be a mystery is the eye in the sky won't lie and THE STEELERS DEFENSE is no joke. QB CHAD HENNE and RB's BROWN and WILLIAMS will need to be on their A GAME for this one. MIAMI's D is pretty good on away games so they better find a solution for BIG BEN and the RB MENDENHALL or this one will be over before it starts. MIAMI must keep pace with PATS AND JETS.

3. BILLS @ BMORE: DUNZO...........SPANKED.......WHIPPED............SMASHED.....some of the adjectives used before, during, and after this one. BILLS have one thing going for them MALLET, LUCK, and LOCKER are playing well for their respective college teams and injury free. THE BILLS should send all of them a playbook and tell them see ya in NAPTOWN in APRIL 2011. RAVENS need a game like this after a brutal front half of the schedule. FLACCO and the offense should be able to work on some new plays for later on down the line and keep Safety ED REED out of this one to give him another week.

4. JAGS @ NEW ARROWHEAD: The jury is out on the CHIEFS and it looks really good. KC has been tested and for the most part have passed all of them. Last week's debacle in the 4th qtr in H-TOWN took a little out of them but HEAD COACH Todd Haley has them playing inspired ball nonetheless. The JAGS looked everything but OK Monday night vs the TITANS. They are a team in transition which means THEY NEED TO TURN THE PAGE AS IN new QB, new COACH, and overall a new face anywhere they can put one. I look at the JAGS and maybe they should call those college QB's as well.

5. BROWNS @ WHO DAT? NATION: After last week when everyone wrote the defending CHAMPS off and they were suppose to get ran over by that runaway PIRATE SHIP.............The real SAINTS STOOD UP and slapped the BUCS. Just what the DOCTOR ordered for Coach Payton and QB BREES to get it rolling. BROWNS QB Colt McCOY played pretty darn good considering who he faced last week. They will compete Sunday those BROWNS but it will be tough facing them SAINTS in the BIG EASY with a little bit of that NO's VOODOO they have found.

6. WASHINGTON @ DA BEARS: Interesting match up here...........We have a sometimes good 'SKINS Offense and sometimes not vs a pretty a BEARS Defense that I have yet to figure out. Then the BEARS on offense........OK JUST BLOW-UP the MIKE MARTZ EXPERIMENT. You see the protection breakdowns the BEARS are having problems with. They look somewhat elementary and the 'SKINS defense is one of the better ones in the league. Their game plan is simple...............BLITZ and BLITZ OFTEN....DA BEAR probably still won't figure it out. BEARS need this one to stay atop NFC NORTH and 'SKINS need to stay pace with G-MEN and EAGLES.

7. 9ERS @ BANK OF AMERICA STADIUM: Think there is some cash laying around in this one...........NINERS think so as in cashing that W and getting out of town unscathed. This is what the NINERS need to start to put together about 5-6 W's in a row. They are completely out of the NFC WEST race yet. QB ALEX SMITH needs to turn that corner ASAP. Whatever happened to the best two-headed MONSTER at RB in the NFL in DeANGELO WILLIAMS and JONATHAN STEWART. They are still on the roster and what offensive scheme are head coach JOHN FOX and the PANTHERS using. I would run the ball at least 40 times plus a game if I had them two "I can start on about 20 NFL TEAMS" RUNNING BACKS. Then us normal people have to work when we figure S*** OUT.

8. RAMS @ PIRATE SHIP: We are about to see if the BUCS are for real and if they can bounce back from a tough divisional loss to the SAINTS. BUCS COACH RAHEEM MORRIS is doing a fine job at keeping the BUCS focused at the task at hand with a relatively young group. COACH SPAGS and his RAMS were playing well until they went to THE D last week and got ambushed by a hard-luck 1-5 LIONS Team. QB SAM BRADFORD is the real deal and if somehow the rams can slow down BUCS QB JOSH FREEMAN and the RAMS AND BRADFORD can generate some drive against the BUCS they have a chance. BOTH trying to stay in division hunt.

9. PHILLY @ MUSIC CITY: This will be a physical one to say the least. Both coming off of convincing wins last week with good play on both sides of the ball. QB KEVIN KOLB looked really well vs the FALCONS last week and Coach REID looks like he has a 2 QB system that is working well right now. TITANS have a balanced offense led by a top NFL RB. The defense is starting to play well under 2nd year coordinator CHUCK CECIL. The game will come down to who cashes in in the RED ZONE and who makes the least TURNOVERS in the game. A MUST-SEE game for Sunday. Both teams atop their Divisions and trying to separate from the pack.

415PM ET

10. THE DESERT @ 12 ZONE: This game is not on the BLUEDUDE's list for MUST-SEE games on Sunday. Both teams trying to see where they stand in the conference let alone in the division. The CARDS are playing well and coming off a huge win two weeks ago at home vs defending world champs SAINTS. The SEAHAWKS won a huge confidence builder in CHICAGO last week and the RB TANDEM of MARSHAWN LYNCH and JUSTIN FORSETT called the BERKLEY BOYS, is just what QB HASSLEBACK and head coach CARROLL needed to get the offense balanced. This will be a hard fought game to determine who is the best team in the NFC WEST so far this season.

11. PATRIOTS @ DIEGO: The CHARGERS appear to be done. All the off the field contractual issues with WR VINCENT JACKSON have been disruptive for QB RIVERS and the Offense. The Defense looks in disarray and the LIGHTS (LB SHAWNE MERRIMAN) looked like they have been turned off for good at the MURPH. Patriots played well enough in the 4th qtr and OT to come back and get the RAVENS. QB TOM TERRIFIC and WR Deion Branch picked up where they left off. The PATS D has been impressive of late and they young secondary is gaining confidence every week as Coach Belichek looks like they are tuning up to make a PLAYOFF RUN. With the BOLTS struggling and Coach NORV TURNER looking like the team has tuned him out a little this is only the beginning of the end for the CHARGERS.

12. RAIDERS @ BRONCOS: Orange Crush had the JETS where they wanted them last week and couldn't close the deal. It seems like the Broncos are always a one play away from getting a W or gaining the momentum in the game to do some damage. QB KYLE ORTON is showing he is not an above average QB and might be there for the long haul. RAIDERS are playing a lot better and the DEFENSE is the strength of their team. MLB ROOKIE ROLANDO McCLAIN is a stud as well as CB ASAMOUGH. Both teams need this one bad and Broncos Coach McDaniels you think would have a little luck at home in this one. He definitely deserves some.

820PM ET

VIKINGS @ GREEN BAY: A good old-fashioned NFC NORTH Clash with these two teams trying to find a little momentum here to get a win streak going to stay in the NFC Playoff hunt. This could be and probably will the last game for QB Brett Favre at LAMBEAU. The VIKES may have woken up a little from that huge win last week over the COWBOYS. It's simple for the VIKINGS just get #28 involved early and often to the tune of about 25-30 carries and you should be in the WIN column a lot the rest of the way. The PACKERS are dealing with so many injuries you have to wonder is this starting to take its toll on the PACK. Playing home should help them in this one but it comes down to the PACKERS stopping FAVRE and the somewhat new-look VIKINGS Offense. Only time will tell in this one. QB RODGERS looks like he has been cleared to play in this one.

OCTOBER 25, 2010
830PM ET

G-MEN @ JERRY'S PLACE: YOU KNOW WHO NEEDS THIS ONE MORE AND IN A BAD WAY. I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU THE PARTICULARS IN THIS ONE .........JUST WATCH AND SEE...................JERRY LOAD P ON THE BRANDY DAWG...........COACH PHILLIPS watch out late this week for cleaning people mysteriously cleaning rooms late around your office.........COWBOY FANS PUT YOUR SUPER BOWL TICKETS ON NFL TICKET EXCHANGE if you feel somewhat betrayed...............COWBOYS CONTACT THE BLUEDUDE I WILL RUN THE TEAM and get you ready for the OFFSEASON.....I promise you..............


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SUPERMAN leads the list for TOP 8 NBA CENTERS FOR 2010-2011 Season.....Who is 2-8.... Is it BYNUM, BOGUT,KAMAN,PERKINS?

They call them the Men in the Middle, the anchor, and some have nicknames like SUPERMAN, DREAM, DIESEL, SKY HOOK, CHOCOLATE THUNDER, and THE ADMIRAL. Those have said if you have a dominant CENTER they can take you to the promise land quicker than any other position in the Association.

I have watched plenty of Professional Basketball in my time and I have never seen a more athletic but somewhat limited one as my #1 CENTER in the Association, SUPERMAN himself, DWIGHT HOWARD, the pride of Atlanta SOUTHWEST CHRISTIAN HS.

Let the BLUEDUDE give you a closer look at SUPERMAN and my other TOP CENTERS IN THE NBA for the 2010-2011 Season:

1. DWIGHT HOWARD aka SUPERMAN O MAGIC: One of the more dominant CENTERS you will ever see from an athletic standpoint. To be that athletic, that long, and that agile for a man of his size is incredible. But for every SUPERMAN there is LEX LUTHOR and KRYPTONITE. Although averaging over 20 pts, 11-13 rebounds, and 3-5 Blocks per.....SUPERMAN is limited from an offensive standpoint. Although KNICKS GREAT PATRICK EWING, a O MAGIC Assistant Coach has been working with DWIGHT for some time, he struggles from playing his back to the basket, and can't face up with limited range on a suspect outside shot, and really no dribble-drive moves from low or high post extended. His achilles heel is his FREE THROW SHOOTING, which in a close game just decreases the O MAGIC's chances of sustaining a lead or cutting into one. But with all that said he is only 25 years of age and with PAT over there working with him the sky is the limit but SUPERMAN has to go in the PHONE BOOTH and get a bag of new tricks. HELL CALL YOUR SQUEEZE LOIS LANE at the local newspaper in O-TOWN she will help you DWIGHT.

2. ANDREW BOGUT aka AUSSIE FEAR THE DEAR BOYZ: Minus some freak injuries the BUCKS and then GM LARRY HARRIS were right on tap with this selection of the UTAH UTES ALL-American. A very skilled back to the basket offensive player with a sneaky handle for a guy of his size. Also a very good offensive and defensive rebounder who has yet to scratch the ceiling on his real potential. Although he has struggled on defense since he was drafted #1 overall a few years back, Head Coach Scott Skiles has got the AUSSIE ever improving on that end of the court. He is and will be the anchor for the MILWAUKEE BUCKS for years to come.

3. CHRIS KAMAN aka DR. NO CLIPS: In my opinion from a scouting report perspective the best and most complete BIG IN THE LEAGUE. There is nothing this CENTRAL MICHIGAN PRODUCT cannot do. He can play his back to the basket, face up, screen and roll or screen and pop, an array of moves low block extended, excellent handle from high post extended, and the best face up shooting center 18 feet and in. LIKE most centers he struggles with LOW POST defense because physically he is limited. He is a pretty good perimeter defender with descent footwork. He should work well with SUPERSTAR in the making FORWARD BLAKE GRIFFIN.

4. ANDREW BYNUM aka DREW LAKESHOW: Another guy who has been hit with injuries but when healthy is a TOP 5 CENETR but only the second best CENTER in his own city. MR. SKY HOOK himself, KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR, has been working with DREW and you can see the results. Remember a few years back one KOBE BRYANT was pretty animated at the prospect of the LAKERS moving forward with a young center like DREW. Fast forward to now and when BYNUM is healthy and starting at center getting major minutes the LAKESHOW is almost impossible to stop. VERY good at playing his back to the basket as well as finishing on the break. An above average free throw shooter but you can trust him to play down the stretch as he will not kill you from the charity stripe. If he comes back 90-95% this year the LAKESHOW will most definately be putting up another BANNER.

5. AL HORFORD aka lil TITO aka BIG AL HAWKS: One of a 3-piece CORNERSTONE IN ATLANTA with JOE JOHNSON and JOSH SMITH. AL plays big at center eventhough on most nights giving up size. He makes up for it with a solid mid-range game, and excellent hustle and getting out in transition. One of the best Offensive Rebounders in the Association and now I see why FLORIDA won back to back national titles with him and MR. BLUE-COLLAR JOAKIM NOAH of the BULLS. Also with size being a liablity for him he is very crafty when moving without the ball. The one thing that really hurts him a a match-up basis is he is not one of your most explosive athletes at the position either.

6. JOAKIM NOAH aka JO CHI CITY: This is a perfect example of being limited in terms of athletic ability and still determined to out work you and hustle you on a nightly basis. The perfect compliment to what the BULLS are doing from a roster standpoint now having added CARLOS BOOZER in the Front Court. He is a tireless rebounder on both ends and gets most of his points from the glass and 2nd chance opportunities. A really good passer who will surprise you n his handle aroung the low blocks when he faces you up in triple threat position. A definite franchise keeper with the ALL-WORLD PG D ROSE, the BULLS future looks bright with JO in the middle as he has been rewarded with a new 5yr/$60 million dollar deal that goes in effect next season.

7. MARC GASOL aka lil PAU BEALE STREET BOYZ: Unlike his big brother in LA PAU, the guy can play and is a force on his NATIONAL TEAM OF SPAIN. A fixture for the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES for years to come, an excellent rebounder and low-post defender. Limited from an athletic perspective but makes up for it with a high BASKETBALL IQ. But most surprising about his game is his ability to attack the low blocks area from the perimeter, A MONSTER FOR REAL. A good passer who benefits from playing with guys like GAY AND MAYO. These 3 will take MEMPHIS to the Playoffs soon trust me on that.

8. NENE HILARIO aka NENE MILE HIGH: One of the most athletic and powerful Centers in the Association. There is no discounting his ability nor his desire to be better. Injuries have sidetracked his progress for some time now in becoming what the BLUEDUDE thinks he is a TOP 3 CENTER. LIKE MELO is trying to do at this present time he might need to burn THE MILE HIGH CITY up really. A change of scenery is sometimes good for both parties. Look NENE is an absolute horror show on the block, and can make a play for himself or his teammates off the dribble. ALSO can knock the jumper down from 15-18 feet consistently. The only drawback on his game is he sometimes disappears and that might be a product of sometimes disinterested or who he is playing with.........U KNOW.........JR SMITH...MELO.....KMART.......MR. BIG SHOT.......u see there are not a lot of offensive opportunities in DENVER.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

THE BCS Rankings are up and the team at the top begins with an O.......and suprisingly it's not the QUACK ATTACK...then who is it?

The Division 1-A Football standings are up and let the madness and all the jockeying begin. You know what they say," IF YOU LOSE, LOSE EARLY", HOW BOUT NOT LOSING AT ALL and the top of the BCS has a couple of teams with nothing but LIL DEBBIE SNACK CAKES in front of them (Not to mention the BLUEDUDE loves the SWISS ROLLS, OATMEAL CREAM PIES which keeps u know what on course for that feel good #2, and the peanut butter bars, YOU ARE OFF THE CHARTS LIL DEBBIE SMOOCH).

While all the teams have been fighting thus far to give themselves a fighting chance, the two teams that appear to be in the drivers seat are THE HORNED FROGS OF FORT WORTH TEXAS, AND DEM BOYZ FROM BOISE. Man I can see it now the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP with those two teams in it........................IF this happens I will be watching that game and THREES COMPANY RE RUNS.

I had picked the Quack Attack from Eugene Oregon, you know SWOOSH UNIVERSITY, YEAH THEM GUYS THAT MAKE THE SHOES have created a juggerknot of a UNIVERSITY legally now. Could you imagine going on an official visit there..........I need AIR MAX 360, them new KOBE ZOOM V1, them KD's, them Jordan Trunners, uhhhhhhh them HYPERIZES in any color but i want RASBERRY RED AND RAYMOND EQUIPMENT GRAY, UHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHH and them STEVE NASTY NASH NEW ZOOMS WITH THE SUNS colorway ( YOU get your hands on them I bet your left hand dribble, pass, and shoot will all of sudden be RIDICULOUS). See you thought you have no idea DAWG. THE SWOOSH STAYS in the building. Then what about them Derrick Coleman B K (BRITISH KNIGHTS) DYMACELS when he teamed up with the LATE GREAT Coach CHUCK DALEY, KENNY ANDERSON, and the late GREAT DRAZEN PETROVIC.........THE BK's weren't that tight but DC was really NASTY then for the NJ NETS AS WERE THE AFORMENTIONED GENTLEMAN BEHIND HIM.

THERE I GO jumpin off the trail again man i get excited when you start talkin about gear......THE BLUEDUDE STAYS CURRENT......except for the BLACK DIAMOND EARRINGS........pockets ain't that tight. U know the usual suspects MITCHELL AND NESS ( and yall don't wear jerseys anymore..that's your D*** FAULT, I keep a jersey, track jacket, FITTED, sweatshirt, tee-shirt on from PETER AND THE BOYZ.............

OK SO LETS GET TO THE BCS POLL as of the first week of OCTOBER 17, 2010:

1. BOOMER SOONER OU SOONERS NORMAN OK: COACH BOB STOOPS AND THE BOYS have a couple of road blocks or should I say stumbling blocks in @ MIZZOU @ COLLEGE STATION and @ STILLWATER which will be the real fight because in-state rivals don't count the record at the time.........they just get after it.

2. QUACK ATTACK OREGON DUCKS EUGENE OR: Believe it or not they have a really tough schedule left starting this weekend with the UCLA BRUINS then @ MEN OF TROY vs DESERT SWARM and @ THE BEAVERS and the TROJANS and BEAVERS have the best chance just based on recent history. STAY TUNED FOR THIS ONE......

3. THE BLUE TURF BOYZ BOISE STATE BOISE ID: A very good football team and perhaps one of the best but with HAWAII IDAHO NEVADA LA TECH should I go further with the reamaining schedule...........HMMMMMMMMMMMM..... A BIG DEBATE WILL ENSUE IF THEY GET IN ...REALLY..........They play HOSTESS UNIVERSITY in the last game of the season.

4. WAR EAGLES AUBURN TIGERS AUBURN AL: Man didn't see this coming and Auburn's Oppenents haven't seen that tank of a QB in #2 in CAM "HOT PLATE" NEWTON. They are for real but this is the SEC....SO WITH THAT SAID THEY HAVE THESE GAMES LEFT.....LSU MISSISSIPPI GEORGIA AND in-state rival and DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPS ROOOOOLLLLL TIDE.........somebody's not going to make it.

5. HORNED FROG NATION STAND UP TEXAS CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY FORT WORTH TX: These guys have been doing it for a while and they are a top team.......but it's not their fault they play in that conference.......with that said here's who's left.....#9 them RUNNIN' UTES OF UTAH and they don't play them the last five games either.

6. BAYOU BENGAL TIGERS LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY BATON ROUGE LA: The MAD HATTER has more of them fake FG's left and TIGER NATION invest quickly in some MAALOX would you please.......what was that last weekend in the swamp...... they play in the SEC so these games are left....AUBURN ALABAMA MISSISSIPPI ARKANSAS.....this why you play NORTH TEXAS in the middle of an SEC Conference Schedule... not picking on you MEAN GREEN.........JUST CALLIN' IT LIKE I SEE IT

7. SPARTY GO GREEN MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY EAST LANSING MI: I know what BIG TEN Fans are saying you, " YOU KNOW THEY WILL LOSE SOMETIME THIS YEAR THEY ALWAYS DO...........LEE CORSO WHERE YOU AT?.....GREEN is about as balnced as I have ever seen them and they have the best Defensive player in DIV. 1-A in CINCY NATIVE MLB MONSTER GREG JONES.........your ticket to THE 2011 NFL DRAFT is in your inbox on your email big fella.......IOWA AND NORTHWESTERN and maybe PENN STATE pose can be tricky for SPARTY.

8. ROLL TIDE ALABAMA UNIVERSITY TUSCALOOSA AL: DO NOT...and i repeat......DO NOT COUNT NICK SABAN AND HIS BOYS OUT.....they still have control of their fate and with TENNESSEE LSU MISSISSIPPI STATE and AUBURN left on their schedule they have enough ranked opponents to get one of those two top spots......and I think it will come down to AUBURN when they come to T-TOWN to play BAMA in BAMA's Building ........things could get real dicey in a hurry.



and then the rest of the story.

VIKINGS get a huge win........STEELERS, PATRIOTS, JETS, and SAINTS rising to the top........AND JERRY JUST TOOK OFF HIS TIE.

What a week it was for Teams who were supposed to win and teams who needed a win. Steelers welcome BIG BEN back and he says," I don't want to be known as BIG BEN no more". Hey partner it isn't the nickname it's who is behind the nickname. Not picking on BIG BEN just calling it like I see it.

RAVENS and PATRIOTS have their usual hard-nose grind it to the wire good football with the PATRIOTS perhaps sending a message. I know this MR. BRADY was very funny when he said ," Those guys talk a lot for a team who has only beat us once in the last nine times we saw them", DAMN RAVENS y'all going to let NFL POSTER BOY get away with that. LIL RAY RAY take care of that in the playoffs so y'all can get to HEINZ Field and get sent home AGAIN.

HEAD COACH REX RYAN and his JETS made a statement that we are in the cream of the crop in the AFC. The Broncos played them tough and I think DENVER Coach JOSH McDaniels is the right guy it's just going to take more time. QB Kyle Orton is a keeper and I am now believing he is a darn good NFL QB. The Jets still have to play STEELERS, PATRIOTS, DOLPHINS, and BEARS to name a few so it will be tough sledding but they are on course. IMAGINE this the J-E-T-S VS the G-MEN in DALLAS.........................JERRY JONES WOULD BE SICK IF GOTHAM CITY MOVED TO DALLAS FOR A WEEKEND IN FEBRUARY.

Speaking of Jerry Jones and his COWBOYS............. WHAT CAN I SAY 1-4, a very good defense, and top 10 offense, roster full of who's who among NFL PRO BOWLERS and the BEST DIGS money can buy. AND WHAT? WHAT? GOT DA** WHAT? and y'all give Jerry this....WELL Y'ALL GET THE H*** OUT. DISAPPOINTING TO SAY THE LEAST.... THE COWBOYS DASHING THAT MANS DREAMS BEFORE THANKSGIVING.......WOW!........SPEAKING OF THANKSGIVING THEM SAINTS COME MARCHING INTO Big D on TURKEY DAY........HOLLA!

VIKINGS had to get one and they got it. To their credit they made the plays when they had to and the COWBOYS didn't. Maybe this will wake up the VIKINGS because 2-3 looks a lot better than 1-4. And trust me they have some tough games left like everyone else. It should be interesting in the NFC North with the Bears having all but OFFENSIVE LINE ISSUES, and the PACK looking like the injury bug has spread like a FACEBOOK.......EVERYWHERE.

In the NFC it was time for someone to stand up and say its our time and we are going to run with this thing and it's coming through ATLANTA in the NFC..............WRONG AGAIN. The FALCONS tripped over a PHILLY CHEESE STEAK from PAT"S"S .......well you get the picture somewhere on that block and never went back to re-order. BUMS........Oh......and K-SQUARED (QB KEVIN KOLB) got his job back didn't he............HELL NO.........He has a bad game coming trust me.. I am looking at the tracking order on USPS........WHATEVER.......KEVIN KOLB........Sounds like AN AMERICAN IDOL runner-up.

OH! And how many NFL ANALYSTS had WHO DAT? NATION not getting it done for a second straight know who you are...I KNOW HOW IT GOES........ BRADY THIS.......MANNING THAT.........BELICHEK THIS...............You heard of VOO DOO MAGIC......THAT"S what i thought leave them SAINTS ALONE or FREDDY"S Coming For YOUUUUUUUUU.

You want more comedy stay tuned to the best sports blog my time and your time has to offer........THE BLUEDUDE APPRECIATES you checking in from time to time......because I know you have a choice.....just like I have a choice throwing whoever i want to under the porch...


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Spaniard, The Diggler, CB4, and STAT lead my List of Top NBA Power Forwards..........But Who is at the top?

The Power Forward position in the NBA is probably the toughest and most physical position in the league. From WIKIPEDIA," known as the FOUR (4) position, they play a similar role as the CENTER in what is called the post or "low blocks". Typically the PF's play their back to the baskets offensively, and position themselves defensively under the basket or against opposing PF's in man to man defenses".

The Best PF's in the game today display a variety of skill sets from, on the block faced up or back to the basket, mid-range shooting, 3pt shooting, shot-blocking, rebounding, and ball-handling. With the game ever-changing the PF's are displaying some of the same skills as the SMALL FORWARD and the SHOOTING GUARD.

Some of the best Forwards in the game have come from over the BIG POND like DINO RADJA, TONI KUKOC, PAUL GASOL, ANDREI KIRILENKO, DETLEF SCHREMPF, and DIRK NOWITZKI to name a few. All these guys have adjusted to the American style basketball in due time and a few have flourished under our game.

Now lets take a look at THE BLUEDUDE'S TOP 8 NBA POWER FORWARDS:

1. PAUL GASOL aka THE SPANIARD LAKESHOW: Perhaps the most skilled PF in the game today who has elevated his game to Championships heights playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. GASOL , also the centerpiece of THE SPAIN NATIONAL TEAM, has been a force in FIBA BASKETBALL as well helping SPAIN bring home the FIBA WORLD Championship a few years back and 2ND place to the US in the 2008 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES. Very long, and thin, uses his length for offensive rebounds, block shots, and his array of post moves. Good Range out to about 18 feet and runs the floor well for a PF. The tandem of GASOL and the BLACK MAMBA (KOBE BRYANT) have brought the LAKESHOW back to back titles in the association.

2. DIRK NOWITZKI aka the DIGGLER DALLAS MAVERICKS: The FORMER NBA MVP has vaulted the Dallas Mavericks from the bottom of the league to one of the top teams in the west for the last 5-7 years. At nearly 7' tall and playing more of a SF than the traditional PF with his back to the basket, THE DIGGLER is a mis-match for opposition on a nightly basis. Too big for a SF to guard and to perimeter oriented for the PF, he is deadly from anywhere on the floor. With a signature jump shot that is a fadeaway type, and unlimited 3 range, he is penciled in for 24 and 8 every night. The only shortcomings of DIRK in the early years and somewhat at times today is his lack of rebounding and defense but he is the REAL DEAL HOLYFIELD when it comes to the offensive end. The BEST DALLAS MAVERICK EVER AND IT AIN'T EVEN CLOSE.

3A. CHRIS BOSH aka CB1 MIAMI HEAT: Hidden in the beautiful city of TORONTO CANADA IN THE province of ONTARIO is a another defection from the TORONTO RAPTORS and arguably their best player ever there. BOSH is a traditional type PF with always finding him on the low blocks or around the 15 ft range. A very cerebral player who is almost impossible to stop going left and very good range on his shot. An excellent rebounder and weak side defender who will be the 3rd option on the HEAT. And that in itself is scary for the rest of the league. Runs the floor very well and a good finisher around the rim. PART OF THE MIAMI TRIPLETS AND NOT JUST A THIRD WHEEL EITHER THIS GUY IS TOP 10 TALENT.

3B. AMARE STOUDEMIRE aka STAT NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS: The prototype 2k10 PF who has improved every aspect of his game since he has been in the league. He and ATL HAWK F JOSH SMITH are a highlight reel waiting to happen when attacking the rim. Has improved his range on his shot to about 18ft. A very good shot-blocker but could be an excellent rebounder if the effort was there to do so. Can play facing the basket but more comfortable playing his back to the basket, STAT is not a franchise player but close to it. He is what I call a Piece of a 3-Piece puzzle of a franchise. He is a nice piece for the Knicks and now they have to somehow get TONY PARKER, CP3, and/or MELO to GOTHAM CITY to join him.

5. TIM DUNCAN aka the BIG FUNDAMENTAL SAN ANTONIO SPURS: The best player in SAN ANTONIO SPURS HISTORY and perhaps one of the PF to ever play the game. There is nothing TD can't do. Rebounds, deadly in the post, uses the glass on shots more than anyone in the association, can run the floor, block shots, passing, and the most efficient PF in the game or at least was as FATHER TIME IS CREEPING IN. AN absolute coaches dream and team leader who leads by example and is probably some what vocal behind closed doors. It will be years when we see another PF like TD so enjoy him now because I know POP and SPURS have.

6. KEVIN GARNETT aka BIG TICKET aka THE KID aka KG aka OBF GREEN TEAM: Been watching this kid ever since he played at Chicago Farragut HS in Chi-City by way of MAULDIN SC. Just think what would have been if his ACT score would have been before the deadline to enter the draft. Kevin McHale and FLIP SAUNDERS would have not gotten this kid and rumor has it would have been a TAR HEEL. The day of the NBA DRAFT his HS coach told him he had passed the ACT but it was too late as the KID was headed to the green room to hear his name called, and boy did the league get greatness from jump street. A prototype PF or new age PF, His high energy and love for the game puts him at the top of rebounding, blocking shots, talking to opponents lol, filling the lanes on the break, an absolute killer baseline fadeaway jump shot, an array of back to the basket moves, and a tireless worker. And still to this day there is no night off for the man called BIG TICKET. He and DUNCAN were the best of their years in the league and the book isn't closed on them yet.

7. CARLOS BOOZER aka C BOOZ 5 CHICAGO BULLS: The fixture of the screen and roll in JERRY SLOAN"S UTAH Offense with pg extraordinaire Deron Williams. Now a BULL joining the likes of D ROSE and JOAKIM. A small version of THE MAILMAN Karl Malone, BOOZ is one of the most efficient players in the paint we have TODAY. Loves to play his back to the basket and hits the face-up 15 footer when trailing from the break. An excellent rebounder, post defender,and interior passer, you can pencil him in every night for 18 and 10. With the addition of C BOOZ 5 the BULLS are automatically in the top 8 NBA teams for the 2010-2011 season.

8. LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE aka L A PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS: Becoming one of the household names in the NBA at the PF. More of a Face up player who is actually more effective outside the paint. AN excellent stand still shooter and free throw shooter. Plays really well as a weak side defender. Above average finisher on the break who is also an above average passer from the post. Can't wait to see him when the BLAZERS get all their CENTERS BACK HEALTHY where LA can concentrate on playing his natural position of PF. He and BROY 7 are the foundation for the NEW BLAZERS.


DAVID LEE aka D LEE Warriors
ZACH RANDOLPH aka Z BO Grizzlies

Friday, October 15, 2010

THE BUCKEYES get a test in UW Madison..........HAWKEYES at MICHIGAN.......SEC BIGGIE ARKANSAS at AUBURN....BCS Rankings coming soon

The BCS Rankings are coming up pretty soon and there will be some shakeups in the rankings. A one loss team might and probably will play for the National Championship. Last week's #1 ALABAMA was upset in South Carolina last week and the new #1 is the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES. In the SEC Auburn gets a true test especially on defense trying to contain RYAN MALLETT and Offensive Guru Bobby Petrino. Auburn's spread Offense is unique and has been giving teams problems all year.

Both IOWA and MICHIGAN will try to stay in the hunt with a pivotal match-up in ANN ARBOR where the team that loses all but diminishes their chances for a Big Ten TITLE as well as a BCS BOWL.

Lets take a look at SATURDAY'S KEY MATCH-UPS:


1. OHIO STATE AT CAMP RANDALL STADIUM: This is one of the games I am sure OSU had penciled in as a big game on the way to another BIG TEN TITLE and possible BCS Title Game. QB and HEISMAN Hopeful Terrell Pryor has to be at his best to get this road victory vs a bend but don't break physical Wisconsin Defense. Wisconsin on the other hand has to get back to getting the workhorse involved in 1st Team All- BIG TEN RB John Clay. With one of the biggest offensive lines in college football the BADGERS should be amped up for this one at home to get back in the race in a big way. A loss for the BADGERS means NO BCS BID for them.

330PM ET

2. IOWA AT THE BIG HOUSE: This is a real important game for both but more important for IOWA because they have not lost in the BIG TEN yet. The most intriguing match-up in the game is UM Offense and QB Denard Robinson vs the #2 rush defense and #2 scoring defense in the country in IOWA led by DE Adrian Clayborn and CB Tyler Sash. And if IOWA 's defense holds which it should the WOLVERINES will have to stop IOWA and QB Rick STANZI and that could mean LOSS for UM. Michigan must find some defense and soon to have any chance to stay in the BIG TEN RACE.

330PM ET

3. ARKANSAS AT THE PLAINS OF AUBURN ALABAMA: Who would have looked on the schedule and said this would be a big game this early in the SEC. Auburn is somewhat of a surprise and Arkansas should have beat BAMA a couple of weeks ago. The Key match-ups for the HOGS are their defense vs that Auburn Spread led by QB CAMERON NEWTON who can beat you with his arm and his legs. Vice verse the TIGERS defensive secondary will get tested by QB RYAN MALLETT of the HOGS and his plethora of wideouts. The game will be a high scoring affair an will probably come down to turnover battle and who capitalizes in the red zone more.

330PM ET

4. TEXAS @ BIG RED in LINCOLN: The LONGHORNS have their work cut out going to Lincoln. Texas has no clear cut play makers and or leaders that have stepped up. The HUSKERS BLACK SHIRTS DEFENSE are bringing it but it's Head Coach Bo Pelini's Offense and QB Taylor Martinez putting up huge numbers. If the LONGHORNS think they had problems controlling UCLA and BOOMER SOONER, you do not want to watch this one if you are rolling with HOOKEM' HORNS. This GAME has that feel to it like Wood Shed Time.

Every week there are games that impact conferences and the BCS. With the BCS rankings coming out soon you can almost throw out " IF YOU LOSE LOSE EARLY". Once the BCS Rankings come out losing kills all hopes of getting to a BCA Game and/or Conference Championship.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

King JAMES and MELO lead the list of the BLUEDUDE"S 2010-2011 TOP 8 Small Forwards in the NBA

A position that has become as vital as the Point Guard, and Shooting Guard. And is position for perhaps the best Player in the world in Lebron James. At 6'8" and about 280 lbs. the man they call KING JAMES is about as agile as a 6' PG, big enough for a Power Forward and quick and athletic enough to be a 1, 2, and 3. You have to just chalk this one up as the MAN UPSTAIRS carving out this one no doubt.

The NBA Game has evolved into guys bigger and more athletic over the years and the Small Forward Position is the tell tale sign of this. They get no more skilled and all -around play than this group of players in the BLUEDUDE"S list of the TOP 8 Small Forwards.


1. LEBRON JAMES aka KING JAMES aka THE MOTHERSHIP Miami Heat: A ST. MARY'S /ST. VINCENT AKRON OHIO PRODUCT He can do it all and has done a lot considering he is only 25 years of age and now we are about to see what he can do with a few dazzling players around him. I wouldn't call him the prototype of what small forwards are to be in the league this is just a rare combination of size, athleticism, basketball smarts, and a little charisma all in one. When you see greatness you try to enjoy it before it is gone. The man can play the point and probably on most nights your best passer and ball-handler. Can rebound and block shots with the best of them.Can beat you in so many ways post up (face up/back to the basket), off the bounce with either hand and finishing with either hand, can hit the jumpshot and this maybe his only real weakness. The only drawback I have on King James is at times when it is time to make the shot he sometimes defer and that's not always good. But that's why he is in MIAMI with FLASH so all the blame and pressure isn't on him. It's a funny deal to be the man for about 7 months and then the crucial month or months you go into a shell of sort...........we will definately see what he is made of in the coming months not calling the kettle black but just what I see from a close observation standpoint.

2. CARMELO ANTHONY aka MELO aka B MORE Denver Nuggets:From OAK HILL VA ACADEMY and coach Steve Smith a Pure-Scorers perspective MELO is the deal. He is the best all-around scorer in the NBA Today hands down. I remember when people would just throw his name into the same convo as WADE and LEBRON when he was a tier or two under their overall play. Now you can put him the top 5-7 NBA players we have on display today no doubt. He is so big at 6'8" and around 255-260 with not a lot of fat. He is just an almost perfectly proportioned athlete at his size and weight. He can get you off the bounce , get you from deep, almost impossible to move him off the post, and an avid ball-handler and an excellent finisher on the break. When you scout him you just hope you can keep him off easy transition buckets, make him work on the defensive end, and keep him off the free throw line or it is going to be a long night. Look for him to be moved at this years trading deadline or before. YOU KNOW AND I KNOW HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN DENVER with no real nucleus to build around him and an aging Mr. BIG SHOT and KMART, he has to go somewhere else to win PERIOD

3. PAUL PIERCE aka THE TRUTH aka INGLEWOOD'S GREATEST aka P DOUBLE Green Team: I know you are probably saying man BLUEDUDE that his a high ranking for a guy that looks like he has lost two steps. Well THE TRUTH is still effective and a TOP 5 closer in this league still. He has always been a guy who is always a play or two ahea of his oppenent guarding him. Never was the most athletic guy coming out of INGELWOOD HIGH IN LA by way of ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK. He always gets to his spot and always seems to either finish or get to the line and or an AND ONE. Very deceptive at getting to the rim and when getting there can draw contact with the best of them. There is a reason a guy is ranked this high in his early 30's because he is also a flat out winner.

4. DANNY GRANGER aka Louisiana Lightning NAPTOWN Pacers: Sorry Ron Guidry for taking your nickname. The man who fell to the middle of the first round about 5 years ago is the centerpiece for the Pacers. At about 6'8" 230 LBS he is as tough to guard as any of the small forwards. Can Stroke it from deep, take you off the bounce , an excellent mid-range game, a very good rebounder from his days with the New Mexico LOBOS, and a pretty good defender. When teams passed on him I had him in my top 10 easily that year and now your saying BLUEDUDE that doesn't matter look where you are at now HELL you don't have U2 goin with " with or without you" and a good batch of cherry project water in front of you do you? I am in a great place MAMA's basement fools. Pacer Prez LARRY LEGEND found him a gem when he snatched GRANGER. A tru Small Forward in every sense of the word and I think people paseed on him because he played a lot of PF in College. He has expanded his game to all-star status.

5. GERALD WALLACE aka COUNTRY Charlotte Bobcats: A Childersburg, Alabama Native by way of TUSCALOOSA, is a magnificient small forward playing like a Power Forward. No one in this group even LeBron rebounds like this kid. Still very athletic and is part of a dynamite 1-2 punch in him and WACKO JACKO Stephen jackson. One of the best finishers in the group and a slam dunk highlight away on every play in transition. Limited range and ball-handling have him going no higher in these rankings but an excellent player nonetheless. MJ has a keeper here in Mr. WALLACE.

6. RUDY GAY aka the MEMPHIS MAESTRO Memphis Grizzlies: A poor man's Kevin Durant and that ain't a knock it's a compliment really. The Man is only 24 years old from Baltimore MD Archbishop Spaulding HS by way of STORRS CONN. A one and out product at UCONN, Rudy is a very athletic and long wingspan athlete with excellent quickness. He can get you off the bounce, shoot it from anywhere, and is one of the best finishers on the break or in half-court in the league. The only draw back on GAY is his abilty to see the floor and he hasn't quite picked up that concept of passing. But he still young enough where you have not seen the finished product by far on this kid. MEMPHIS just maxed him out making him and rightfully so part of the FIX in Memphis along with OJ MAYO.

7. RON ARTEST aka RON RON LAKESHOW : From the famous and biggest public housing area in the country the QUEENS BRIDGE HOUSING COMPLEX IN QUEENS NY by way of the JOHNNIES OF ST. JOHNS one of the best on the ball defenders the league will ever see back in the day. Still can guard most forwards and some 2G's. Offensively very unorthodox but productive. Very streaky three point shooter, van take you off the dribble occasionally, and my only knock on RON RON is he will sometimes take ill-advised shots and make ill-advised plays. But a blue-collar athlete from the rough and tough streets of Queens NY still has some left in the tank for the LAKERS to utilize.

8. LAMAR ODOM aka LO LAKESHOW: An AAU teammate of one RON RON Artest for the famed LONG ISLAND PANTHERS. A unique small forward in the Scottie Pippen mold minus the defensive prowess of PIP 33. A perfect match for the TRIANGLE Offense of PHIL JACKSON. A true point forward with the best ball-handling of any forward in the league or two guard except KD 35 in OKC. The knock on Lamar's game is he sometimes floats along and you never know he is in the game. But when he is on the LAKESHOW is completely unstoppable and he makes everyone else around him better when he is on his game.