Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can the Steelers go 4-0.....McNabb BOWL 1 at Philly.......... Can the Bears stay undefeated?....... And San Fran needs a W in big way.

A lot of headlines in Week 4 of the NFL. Teams that can go 4-0 all have a tough test. Donovan McNabb takes his 'SKINS to Philadelphia for McNabb BOWL 1 with Mike Vick doing big things in the City Of Brotherly Love. Bears take on a depleted and demoralized NY Football Giants team that probably won't get answers this week either. Well, at least the ones they are looking for. A bye week for 'BOYS, Chiefs, Bucs , and Vikes.

Drum Roll Please..............

October 3, 2010

Week 4 1PM ET

1. GANG GREEN @ BILLS: These are the JETS that everyone was looking for in Week 1. Sanchez looks like he has figured out the offense a little and The D is not dominant but a bend don't break D right Now. Bills surprisingly cut QB Trent Edwards and if it weren't for CJ "Man it's this easy up here dawg to score" SPILLER, the BILLS would be not scoring and losing. Right Now Chan Gailey and the BILLS have no shot in beating anyone especially the JETS.

2. BENGALS @ BROWNS: Throw the records out for this one. Bengals look very puzzled on Offense. The Browns might have found something in 7th round pick RB Peyton Hillis who Backed up one Darren McFadden and Felix Jones at HOG U in Fayetteville. This ones tough because the browns played the Ravens last week as tough as you can play them in BMORE. Bengals went to Charlotte and put up another lackluster showing in a game filled with absolutely nothing. This is a Pick'em really.

3. BRONCOS @ COUNTRY MUSIC BELT: Last Week QB Kyle Orton chucked it all over the yard for an L. The Titans got back on track in a big way with CJ28 and the Titans D holding serve on the G-Men. Broncos must contain CJ and VY to have a chance. Titans be patient and let Mr. Orton throw you one and he will throw you three. If it was in New Mile High the Broncos might have a shot but it's not.

4. PANTHERS @ CRESCENT CITY: I have a remedy for the Superbowl Hangover the Saints are having and it is called Carolina Aspirin. The best pills a losing streak could buy. This is a bad time for John Fox and his troops to be showing up in the N.O. . Saints should get back on track offensively and defensively with this one.

5. LIONS @ LAMBEAU FIELD: Packers are just kicking themselves for that loss in Chicago due to the Bears playing well and the Pack's 18 turnovers including two personal foul 15 Yard's at the end of the game to decide it. Lions need QB Stafford back but the rookie RB Jahvid Best looks impressive and his health is holding up so far. Aaron Rodgers and Company won't let those mistakes have an outcome on anymore games they play this season. Packs' D looked very vulnerable also or was that just Mike Martz getting his swerve on like he usually does with defenses.

6. SEAHAWKS @ STL: Let's see if Pete Carroll and his bunch can beat the Rams at their house. He has had two impressive wins at home and a horrible loss on the road. Both of these teams are finding themselves as far as knowing how to win or lose games. I think this is one of those seasons for both teams especially the Rams.Hats off to Hawks management signing RB and former NOLE and JET in Leon Washington. " LET ME UPGRADE YOU" as he said with those two returns last week.

7. 9ERS @ GEORGIA: This is a must win if there ever was one for one Mike Singletary as the Head Coach for the Gold Rush. they are just pressing too much and for a team that talented maybe Coach has his foot on the pedal too hard. They have to get Gore going in the run game for them to be successful and give Alex Smith balance. Falcons went to Nawlins and did what they have been talking about doing, slapping the big bully in the face that's been slapping them for a while. A win like that can go a long way for a team and i think that's just what them PEACHTREE STREET BOYS needed. Falcons will streak in the win column for a while you just sit back and watch.

8. RAVENS @ STEELERS: Need I say More. They know, you know, we know, and everyone knows what type of game this is. Both teams put in extra whirlpools at their respective facilities for this one. The Steelers D going up against Flacco and a good Ravens Offense that just might be finding themselves. Word to the wise Find yourself before that 3-4 zone blitz scheme finds you. Ask Birds, Titans, and Bucs. Then Charlie Batch vs Ray Ray and dem is an intriguing battle. Ravens giving up a lot of yards on the ground and no ED Reed. This spells disaster for Ravens at the Big Ketchup Bottle.

415PM ET

9. TEXANS @ SILVER & BLACK: Back in the old days this would have been Plunkett, Allen, Hayes, and Haynes vs Campbell, Brazile, White Shoes Johnson, and Pastorini. You Know Oilers and the Real Raiders unfortunately it's 2k10 and those Raiders are long gone and the Oilers are in Nashville. Look the Raiders still don't have a QB but Grakowski seems to be the fit. Now you fix the QB and the Kicker starts messing up. Come on "Polish Rifle" Janikowski you can hit from 80 but you miss a extra point. Texans steaming after letting the Cowboys off the hook last week. The good teams forget about bad losses in a hurry so we will see.

10. COLTS @ JACKSONVILLE: Colts have Manning and Jags do not. And to even stir up the pot even more the JAGS claimed QB Trent Edwards off waivers from Bills to give QB Garrard more to think about. As if he ain't having enough problems reading the defenses. If the Colts don't blow these fools completely out of J' Ville , you can strike up the band in some AFC potential playoff teams. That's why Peyton is their leader, no letdowns and a beatdown for the Colts. PEOPLE IN J'VILLE CAN'T WAIT FOR GATORS AND DAWGS..................ASK THEM .........REALLY......and someone get back to the BLUEDUDE AND LET ME KNOW.

11. REDSKINS @ EAGLES: " MCNABB BOWL 1" Does the BLUEDUDE need to tell you anything about this match up. Must see TV . I have been waiting for this one since the Eagles told McNabb "you have been traded", or his Dad woke him and told him. Only sad part about the match up I wanted to see Kevin Kolb start and stink this one up. But there is a better Storyline brewing. QB Mike Vick is tearing it up and now he better bring his A Game because the man from Mt. Caramel HS in Chicago and former Orangeman will be Locked and Loaded for this one. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LETS PLAY THIS ONE NOW ON THE ASPHALT. Played it on Madden 11 with Kolb Starting for the Eagles ...............'SKINS 70 eagles 10
WINNER: 'SKINS and McNabb you know I can't pick anyone else in this one.

12. CARDS @ BOLTS: BOLTS start September like those games don't count. Cards are what they are average at best. WR Larry Fitzgerald should leave town because his fantasy numbers are taking a hit. Game played in October which means The Real Chargers are about to stand up and start playing. Rivers and the boys are upset they had to start like this again. But getting the Cards at home should help them start their winning streak.

820PM ET

13. DA BEARS @ G-MEN: They have about 3 days and some hours to figure out how to play a full 60 minutes of football against a Bears team that all of a sudden is real -time World Beaters. Eli better think of somethong quick or start drawing S*** up in the grass like backyard football. " Look dawg you line up left and go deep and you two line up right and go deep I will find you", Yeah Fools you know how it goes. And Peppers ain't standing there saying, " 1,000 1 1,000 2 1,000 3 ", and then coming to get your ass. It is on and poppin' in the Navy and Orange. Mike Martz is licking his chops at a Giants defense that has stopped no one and from a far ain't really planning on it. Good Luck Coach Couglin. If they cut you loose early the BLUEDUDE has a timeshare in Sandwich, Illinois you will love specially in January it always sunny.

OCTOBER 4, 2010
830PM ET

14. PATS @ FINS: Good monday Night game right here. Coach Sparano and the boys let the JETS get away with one and didn't use the run game I thought enough in run situations to off set the JETS defensive front. PATS know they can't stop teams on defense so they will try to outscore them. Brady and Company know they have to come up big every week or they will probably lose. It will be The Dolphins offense vs the PATS defense to win this one. Edge..................................

Week 4 should tell us a lot about who will try to make it to the dance and then BIG D. Right now THE BLUEDUDE ,not playing with House Money, would have to say BEARS VS STEELERS for all the marbles.........................and you know the rest of the story #7 for steel city


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

LAKESHOW top of the food chain until otherwise.............BLAZERS, SPURS, OK CITY, and DENVER still chasing...

The NBA'S WESTERN CONFERENCE is still the same show. KOBE & KOBE & KOBE & KOBE & KOBE. I won't stop saying that until the Nuggets, Blazers, Spurs, and others force me to go elsewhere. What is really scary is that the LAKERS are better than the were last year with some key additions albeit all veterans. A couple of teams in the west are closing the respective gaps on each other and not the lakers. They are still on top but they can't stay on top forever. So here are the Best in the West trying to play past mid-April:

9. CLIP JOINT: The Clippers have a nice mix of youth and veterans but no leadership. Until someone changes the culture over there the CLIPS will be average at best. They have young building blocks in G ERIC GORDON and PF BLAKE GRIFFIN. With one of the best Centers in Chris KAMAN and One of the better NBA Point Guards when he wants to play in "B DIDDY" Baron DAVIS they baffle me on how they struggle a lot. GRIFFIN should be a welcome addition and we will see if COACH VINNY is a good NBA coach. WARNING VINNY: There are a lot of coach killing jobs out there and your part of one unless the LAKERS success rubs off on y'all. DAMN y'all play in the same building use the lakers lockers for home games.

8. PHX: Man the SUNS let STAT (STANDING TALL AND TALENTED) go to Gotham City and you get nothing in return. Is former GM Steve Kerr back on TNT with the "MARVELOUS ONE" Marv Albert. Yeah he is and you see why. They added a nice piece in HEDO what he do in TURKOGLU. The TURKEY Version of Jordan at least that's what I have been told. Look Suns you don't get rid of a Piece and then go add a piece. I understand fully STAT isn't a guy you build around he is a piece to the puzzle guy. Now with NASTY (NASH) getting older and STAT no longer there the Sun won't rise anytime soon in the desert.

7. MAVS: Poor Mark Cuban treading water like the best of them. I truly think he is one of the brightest and youthfulness Owners professional Sports has. But look closely the window isn't shut but someone is running over there to shut it. OK you knew ,THE DIGGLER, Dirk was staying put. He even gave back some Deutsch Marks so that the MAVS could go get some more help. They just don't have enough firepower to compete in a Western Conference that is average at best. Hey Cuban,"you should take a page out of the Warriors book and remove the other Nelson, Really".

6. JAZZ: Didn't they move to Chi-Town? The new-look Jazz will be good because they have two things: Coach Sloan who is TOP TOP Shelf and PG Deron Williams who is arguably the best Set up man in the BIZ. Losing Boozer wasn't as half bad as losing Korver, Brewer, and Mathews Jr. They added G Raja Bell and PF Al Jefferson, but they don't have enough balance on their team to compete with the top WEST Teams. Coach Sloan will still have them a high 40's to low 50's win team. But Playoff time won't get out of April.

5. MILE HIGH: I send my prayers to one of the BLUEDUDE'S favorite coaches in George Karl. I remember when coach was toiling in the CBA with Albany NY Patroons and then had a magnificent teams up in SEATTLE with likes of THE GLOVE, RAIN MAN, THE GERMAN DETLEF, NATE MCMILLAN, and a host of others who could flat out play his style. Go Coach Karl and FAM my prayers are with you. Nuggets have one problem: What y'all going to do with 'MELO? He doesn't want to be there and you know he doesn't want to be there so blow it up, get something for him, and start over. Nothing is promised when you start over but sometimes in this business you have no choice. If he leaves the Nuggets leave this ranking all together.

4. SPURS: 5 reasons the Spurs have this spot and should be higher but I am going with youth on the other two teams:
1. Coach POP need I say more
2. Maybe the Best NBA Front Office Today. Y'all hiring the BLUEDUDE gets it in for real.
4. The French PG
CHECK BACK TO SEE BY MARCH IF THEY ARE NOT ON THE Lakeshow's Tail. These guys can turn it around in a hurry and with a TIM Duncan that is even lighter than last year. We get the Tim that was built like back in Winston-Salem when he was playing with the likes of Randolph Childress and Rusty LaRue, someone will have to pay.

3. RIP CITY: Blazers will be tough. If they can just stay healthy they will be in this spot. They need "B ROY" at the Big Guard spot, and a healthy front line. Losing both Centers Oden and Pryzbilla was Gloom and Doom for the Blazers. Andre Miller is a constant at the point but how long can he hold up. Forward from Seagoville, Texas by way of Hookem' Horns, LaMarcus Aldridge turn the corner last year and came up big. He needs to be the Consistent post feed if they Blazers make that leap.

2. OK CITY: Like the O K Corral, these young guns are like the movie somewhat unstoppable. " THE DURANTULA" KD KEVIN Durant lead the Association in scoring last year. The kid can hit from anywhere. You have to guard him starting at the hotel or he will just kill you. PG Russell Westbrook is quietly for those of you not in the know becoming an elite NBA servant. Ever improving range and as explosive as they get at the point he is relentless. They add big fella from ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK IN THE DRAFT COLE ALDRICH to stop up the middle and all them athletes get out in the passing lanes and in transition to do damage. The front office is mostly from the Spurs Front Office and if they keep it up that's exactly what they ARE BUILDING IN OKC. NBA TV Analyst Steve "SPARTY" Smith called Durant " BABY ICE" cause he is so effortless and smooth. You don't even know KD hit you for 40 plus until you look at the score sheets.

1. LAKESHOW: The givens are Coach Phil, Kobe, Dr. Jerry Buss, and GM Mitch Kupchak. You want to know why teams like the Yankees, Steelers, Spurs, Red Sox, and Patriots among others always stay on the top. One they have a very solid foundation at the top and they are always looking to get better an add pieces to help. The Lakers don't need to add players but they did anyway. FA's Matt Barnes and Steve Blake. You lose Jordan Farmar but you add those guys. Then Center Andrew Bynum might not be back until Thxgiving, so you add back-up C/PF Theo Ratliff. They have only 2 2nd round picks and they get a troubled but re-focused Derek Character out of UTEP and Devin Ebanks from Morgantown. This is how you not only stay at the top but build for the future with limited cap space and low draft picks. DAMN............see you KOBE & Company in late June.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heat, Bulls, C's, O Magic, round out the Top Teams to beat in the EAST in the BLUEDUDE'S NBA SEASON PREVIEW

The season has finally arrived after the well-documented Free Agent Class of 2010 in the NBA. King James shocked everyone except me I guess by going to the bottom and joining FLASH and CB4. Little Rock Central HS and former HOGS standout Joe Johnson knew he was staying in A T L he just used some leverage to get all the $$$$$$ from the HAWKS. The Big Green Monster, SHAQ that is, signed with the GREEN TEAM to give them insurance on PERK's knee injury. The BULLS were said to be done and snuck in the side door with a nice haul. Really they just backed up the U-Haul in Salt Lake City and kidnapped some of the JAZZ rotation. After all this the O MAGIC and "Fear The Dear" just keep plotting along for this upcoming NBA Season.

Here are THE BLUEDUDE'S TOP 8 EAST TEAMS for 2010-2011 NBA Season with an eventual NBA Conference Champion:

8. 76ERS: First and foremost getting one of the best teachers in the NBA and Former Illinois State and SIXER guard DOUG COLLINS to coach this team is what they needed in PHILLY. The roster is loaded with young talents like Lou Williams(South Gwinnett GA hs), Jrue Holiday(UCLA), Mo Speights(Florida),and Evan Turner(Ohio State). Then sprinkled with veterans like Elton Brand(DUKE), Andre Iguodala(Arizona),and Thaddeus Young(Georgia Tech). They will be a tough out in the Wachovia Center and Coach Collins will have them playing every possession like its is their last. Good Move Philly.

7. BOBCATS: MJ runs everything now and they made the 1st playoffs in their short history. I still don't believe in MIKE's decisions on personnel but he is cutting checks for what that's worth. They have DJ Augustin at the point after losing I LOVE Raymond Felton to the Knicks. They have an explosive Forward combo they will build around in Gerald Wallace and Wacko Jacko Stephen Jackson. They have problems between G, SG, PF, and C. Outside of that they are ready. Facing HEAT, MAGIC, AND HAWKS in same division spells gloom and doom for Mike's bunch.

6. BUCKS: I was under the impression that how does coach Scott Skiles keep getting jobs. He was a combustible Mix in Chicago then I saw what happened in the Vinny Del Negro saga in Chi City and said maybe it my Bulls that have issues. But seeing how the 2009-2010 "FEAR THE DEAR" BOYZ performed with a rookie PG at the reins I was thoroughly impressed by Skiles and his coaching staff. A re-signed John Salmons, A somewhat Healthy Andrew Bogut, A dazzling PG with flair in Mr. Jennings, and Michael Redd back with his pistols out the bucks should be tough. They also added Corey Maggette which means the flow of the offense stops at him. Skiles' teams play D which bodes well for them in the rugged top heavy Eastern Conference.

5. HAWKS: Man JJ hit a couple of Brinks Trucks and Fort Knox with this last ontract......DAMN.......... Hawks having tryouts This Friday and Saturday at your Atlanta Metro YMCA's to fill the rest of the roster.......$$$$$$$$$$$. They have a good Nucleus in Johnson, Josh Smifffffff, and Big Al Horford. They need a smooth Shooting Guard and a clog up the middle center could be a two-headed monster. New Head Coach Larry Drew gets his big chance finally and I think he is up to the task. He has been on NBA benches for at least a decade and a half and has learned from to good ones excluding Mike Woodson..........hey dawg just calling it like I see it. Will battle HEAT and O MAGIC for the Southeast.

4. GREEN TEAM: "Double R" is running things and is in full effect in Beantown. Rajon has arrived and DOC is letting him take control of his team. They Still have SUGAR RAY, THE TRUTH, AND BIG TICKET, and then add Jermaine O'Neal, and THE BIG CLAM CHOWDER(shaq), the C's are still formidable. But don't look at these guys during the season DOC'S Teams are built for the PLAYOFFS for real. The only reason I have them 4th is that reason. They will lose games during the season and you will say man WTF! Then you will see the fools on Christmas Day pasting the likes of the Heat, Bulls, and Magic. This is an interesting mix for the Playoffs that the other TOP 3 teams will try to avoid. Seasoned like a good old slab of ribs from NEELY'S.

3. O MAGIC: Look we all know they have Superman and that New Arena that Dwight built. They have Stan Van Gundy who I think or I know is Top 5 in this league at manning an NBA Bench. Still the book is out on GM Otis Smith, who wrote that bad check to F Rashard Lewis and has yet to get a good PF to go with Mr. Howard. Jameer Nelson is solid at the Point and losing Matt Barnes will hurt them a little. Still haven't replaced HEDO and his versatility at both G spots and Small Forward. Air Canada, Vin sanity, or whatever you call him. I like what Kenny The JET Smith called him " Half Retired Half Amazing", knees are gone and if you look at his career stats NOTHING but Sportscenter and Splash Plays. The Magic rely on Superman's Defensive ability as well as his downfall of poor FT Shooting and limited low-post moves. Pat Ewing please speed his progress up on the offensive end because the East is a Beast.

2. BULLS: LeBron LeBron LeBron LeBron this is where your next home should have been and when they knock y'all out of the playoffs this year that's your fault. The Bulls were sure to get either Bosh or King James or both. Neither happened and to the Bulls credit got on that flight called JAZZ EAST AIRLINES and hauled in CBOOZ, K Squared, and Ron Ron from the Jazz which is a major haul and gives the BULLS an A PLUS grade for Free Agency. Up Front they have Noah, Taj Gibson, and now Boozer. On the wings they have Lou Deng, James Johnson, and the ageless one Kurt Thomas, a versatile G/F Ronnie Brewer, who will start at the 2, and at the G spots D Rose, Korver, CJ Watson, Keith Bogans,and Flip Murray. The Bulls are absolutely a team by the definition of Team. See in the Playoffs you play to the sum of all your parts. And the BULLS have the most complete roster in the East and will be exciting. THE BLUEDUDE is predicting they go 58-24 and be the #2 seed in the east. And with Coach Thibodeau at the helm the sky is the limit for the NEW BULLS.

1. HEAT: OK every one's pick across the board but Championship talk hold on. D Wade is the only won that's one anything of the Big 3 and King James has back to back MVP trophies and who cares. NASH and NOWITZSKI have NBA Player of the Year Trophies and No rings as well. Not picking on either one of these guys but LeBron is the anointed one and now he went and joined someone else's team makes no sense. You know Doc, Magic, Larry Legend, Mike, Dream, Russell, Wilt, and host of other stars would not have made that jump because they like competing and beating you. The HEAT have to mesh the other parts as well as the Big 3 have to come together. It will be a process and a fun to watch process but there will be no championship in South Beach and THE BLUEDUDE thinks they will have trouble getting out of the EAST.




THE BLUEDUDE WENT THERE and I am not playing with House money. The Bulls will be good from the start because of the additions of players that are experienced and know how to play will give them an edge early. The East is the power conference and will be the most enetertaining one. I have the Bulls and is was hard to pick them over the HEAT based on talent alone and THE GREEN TEAM, but the proof will be in the pudding.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The CREAM rose to the top.........Must wins WIN .........And KC still rolling.....Whats going on in THE BAY?...9ers Ship Sinking

Exciting Week 3 in the NFL with the Monday Night game to wrap up tonight in Chi Town. The Must Win Teams won except one and the Surprise teams are still looking up except the BUCS who got a dose of Reality. One thing is for sure there might be two to three teams in playoff position in the end that no one had in their pre-season picks.This is a season of the bottom teams for years making a push to respectability.

Week 3 Key Wins:

1. The 'BOYS had to got to in-state Houston in get a huge win vs a tough WE HAVE ARRIVED bunch that just looked flat Sunday in part by offensively looking inept and a Dallas team that looked motivated for once. With a bye week, the 'Boys knew they couldn't be 0-3 in JERRY'S WORLD with the next game in two weeks.

2. Remember I was saying in the Pre-season that the DIRTY BIRDS MIGHT OVERTAKE the SAINTS. Well the Superbowl Hangover is officially in effect in the BIG EASY. Offense not sustaining drives, defense not creating turnovers, and a kicker who can't kick spells doom for WHO DAT? NATION. Falcons brought their A Game and it worked. With an Improved Defense and a Good BURNER TURNER at RB, the FALCONS looked like they just wanted it more and took it.

3. JETS go to the BOTTOM and win a tough ones at M I A. The 'FINS had their chances late but couldn't convert in the REDZONE. Look they have to make the switch to Chad Pennington if they want to be a playoff team. Henne looks below average in pressure situations. And Give credit to Rex and his bunch, they proved that without a shutdown defense they can score enough points to win games. QB SanCHISE looks like the learning curve is turning into his favor. DT Jenkins is and will continue to be a huge loss for the middle of that jets defense as the 'FINS did a lot of their damage in the middle with the run game.

4. Vikes make enough plays in the game to beat a tough LIONS team with Brett still not looking golden like last year. We all know one thing now, VIKES WR Sidney Rice is a vital part of their Offense and is the only deep threat the vikes have downfield in the passing game. WHERE IS B TWICE? WR BERNARD BERRIAN. Payed like a #1 but is a #4 SPECIAL TEAMS. Finally They gave the Rock to that BEAST OF A RB in ALL DAY Adrian Peterson and look at the results. A VIKES WIN. Imagine that the running game gets you to a W.

Losers/Winners in WEEK 3

1. Breakout all the BBQ in Kansas City Mo the "CHIEFS are Coming", the " Chiefs are Coming". Head Coach Todd Haley has his bunch beleiving and GM Scott Pioli and Asst GM Joel Collier have some REAL MOJO working in the great midwest. The Gold Rush could do nothing against a Chiefs Team that is looking like its been there before. The steal of the Draft Offensively is looking like RB Scat Back and about a 170 ell bees ,wet that is, OLE MISS standout DEXTER Mccluster. I was pretty high on the kid coming out of OLE MISS because of versatility in the SEC. He was a factor then and is a factor now. ARROWHEAD WILL BE A TOUGH OUT ALL YEAR. The NINERS have to get Back to the Basics and Alex Smith is what he is......A can pick the theme park. Must establish GORE and Then CRAB and VERNON FAST.

2. Pete Carroll did it again. But look closely he is doing it at QWEST and not on the road. In other words HAWKS will be a tough out at home but not on the road. Still to his credit the Seahawks and 12th Zone are beleiving again and that's all that matters. As for the BOLTS. They don't count September Games. They only count October thru Decmeber. Then January and February don't count either. So if they are your Superbowl pick you need to change that S***.

3. RAMS 30 REDSKINS 16 F....................WTF?............Just what I thought a let down before MCNABB BOWL 1 IN PHILLY. The 'SKINS looked like if we show up and tell the RAMS we are playing Philly next week they will rollover for us. NOT.......Sam Bradford didn't get the memo and either did the RAMS defense. It's funny when you put the right coach with the right team u get.............RESULTS............AND GOOD ONES........KEEP GOING COACH SPAGS THE BLUEDUDE IS PULLING FOR YOU UNTIL YOU PLAY MY STEELERS.

4. VICK & VICK & VICK & VICK..................The CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE is feeling somewhat rejuvenated because they have a just any ole QB.........the MIKE VICK EXPERIENCE IS BACK.......LIKE keeps getting better and better and now the SHOWDOWN WITH #5 back at the LINC Sunday. This is a must win for both to prove who was wrong and who was right.....well something like that. The CULLEN'S will be on the sideline for this one they are of course flying in to PHILLY.



Friday, September 24, 2010

BUCKS, KNICKS, WARRIORS, MAVS, and who else.................and who cares? THE BLUEDUDE SAYS ITS ABOUT TIME...NELLIE OUT

DON NELSON, former HAWKEYE, ex-Celtic, ex-head coach for numerous teams kept his job too long but long enough for him to become the NBA's all-time career coaching record. To be honest the man won F***** nothing really. A power freak who had to have control of everything and had to have everything his way for entertainment and that was it. Teams were fun to watch but last I looked the goal is ," YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME", HELLO and thank you Coach Herm Edwards.

I remember the story of one Don Nelson being on the Varsity team at the University of Iowa and a freshman from East Coast by the name of CONNIE "THE HAWK" HAWKINS dominating everything in his path to see The hawk getting kicked out of the school on a violation. I know Don had nothing to do with that but just wanted the BLUEDUDE'S fans TO GET a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

At what time did Don" NELLIE " NELSON win a championship or compete for one. I would think the only time he was close when he had those very good Milwaukee Bucks teams that played in the MECCA led by Sidney Moncrief, Junior Bridgeman, Jack Sikma, Randy Bruer, Marcus Johnson, Mickey Johnson, Paul Pressey, Alton Lister, and Brian Winters did he have a chance to get there only to be stopped by those Celtics and Sixers.

The other teams Nellie coached were built for show like showing a concept car at an auto show. Like the first set of Warriors he had in" RUN TMC", you knew them don't act like you didn't, Tim "UTEP TWO STEP" HARDAWAY, "I GOT SKILLZ", MITCH "One Mike Jordan admitted at on point in his career Mitch was the one player that gave Mike Fits, Really Mike, you just enjoyed playing against him" RICHMOND, and smooth- jumper so wet and straight out of the bronx and played for THE JOHNNIES CHRIS MULLIN. Offensively off the charts defensively very challenged on most nights and they were a perfect example of what kind of personnel Nellie wanted. ALL O AND NO D and that doesn't even go with the alphabet does it? It was like the spread offense in football we won't stop you we will just out score you. AND DOESN'T DEFENSE WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS HMMMMMMMM.

I would compare Nellie's Offensive Principals to the early 1980's Offense of The Denver Nuggets and Head Coach Doug Moe and his offense called "ORGANIZED CHAOS". Except don't forget Moe had some players like Alabama's T.R. DUNN, BILL HANZLIK, and one of my all-time favorite stat-sheet-stuffers in LAFAYETTE "FAT" LEVER. Those guys could defend 90 feet trust me on this I remember them, those colorful jerseys, and McNichols Sports Arena. Nellie was purely an offensive minded coach and his rosters were suited for that reason.

Then the late 1990's Mavericks he took over and to his credit did a yeoman's job of getting the Mavericks name out there with a city solely behind one thing and one thing only "HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS". He inherited a young roster with some stop gap veterans like Leader and Captain MICHAEL FINLEY, STEVE NASH, DIRK NOWITZSKI (and to the mavs credit picked the bucks pocket on draft day in '98 when the bucks sent THE DIGGLER to Big D for one TRACTOR TRAYLOR out of Michigan), and stop gap veterans like ROBERT PACK, SHAWN BRADLEY( yeah he goes with guys like Josh McRoberts, Eric Montross, Paul Mokeski, Randy Bruer, etc. ), and HUbERT DAVIS. The One guy who saved Nellie and His son, DONNIE , was Mark Cuban who bought theMAVS from Ross "DUMBO EARS" Perot jr. for a cool $280 million double what Perot Jr. bought them for. Now with Cubanm they are in great hands only if they could get the other Nelson out of there..............I ain't playin either.

As for Nellie's coaching records you can't hide numbers although they can be misleading IN A LOT OF WAYS. Take for instance two scenarios i remember vividly when Nelson was coaching these teams. The KNICKS went against the grain and fired Nelson in the middle of a winning season and the next season Jeff Van Gundy took the knicks to a even better winning record and to the playoffs.Then one Avery Johnson took over for Nelson in Dallas and in his first full year Avery Took the Mavs to the Finals and almost won it if SHAQ AND FLASH would have never known after the Mavs were up 2-0 in the series that the city of Dallas was laying out plans for the Parade Route. Damn those City and Urban Planners messin' it up again.

Look I am not bashing Nellie for anything. But what the BLUEDUDE is saying is that his numbers on papers look astonishing but the end results were just the opposite. I listen to Ken "HAWK" HARRELSON on the Chicago White Sox TV side a few times a year. And when he talks about Hr's and RBI's he always says," Don't tell me how many you hit but tell me when you hit them". I think it's the same thing with coaching, " It's not how many wins but when did you get those wins in the playoffs and finals or during the season".

Nellie will never get another coaching job and rightfully so unless you are solely built on entertainment ........well maybe then he could call Donald Sterling and get a chance to coach the Clippers they have always been built for entertainment.

Just what the Football Gods ordered...........2-0 Packers at 2-0 Bears for a Monday Night Tilt............WHO YOU WIT?

Looking at the NFL Schedules when they were released earlier in the year, The BLUEUDUE SAID," Man with all this parity throughout the league there will be a lot of tough games every week". Then I started looking by Division and first the AFC North, then the NFC North. The Packers started off with @ Philly and in Lambeau vs Bills. The Bears had Lions at Soldier and then The Cowboys in Big D. Week 3 had the Pack in Chi City playing the Bears on Monday Night.

Looking at it back then I said the Monsters Of the Midway will probably be at best 1-1 with a hard earned win vs an ever improving Lions Team. The Pack I knew would be 2-0 with that Offense and Dom Capers improving 3-4 with emerging star LB Clay Matthews Jr. (Sr. was a stud at USC and A fixture at LB in the Original Dawg Pound in Cleveland Municipal. Uncle Bruce manned center for the Houston Oilers and then Memphis/Tennessee Titans for years and one of the all-time greats at center ever).

This brings me to September 24, 2010 on a somewhat rainy and cloudy day in the Chi. The buzz around the Chicago land Area now is the 2k10 Monsters of the Midway have a legitimate shot at beating the Packers Monday Night after beating the Cowboys a a good tilt in Texas last week. There are many story lines in this one as this rivalry goes back into time with some of the best ever to play like:


In what to look for Monday Night in SOLDIER FIELD:

1. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and the best receiving core in the game against a Bears secondary that is gaining a Little bit of an identity as well as an edge to them. The Bears must put pressure on Rodgers and The Pack to force them to run more without the services of RB Ryan Grant. Bears improved front 7 could be a huge factor in this one led by rejuvenated LB Urlacher and newly acquired DE Julius Peppers.

2. Can Bears Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz prepare a scheme for the Pack Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers 3-4 with explosive Hybrid LB/DE CLAY MATTHEWS JR.. Bears have to keep The Pack D guessing an off rhythm.

3. Can the Bears new found wide receiving core of Hester, Knox, Aromashadou, Bennett, and Davis, get to the Corners and Safeties of the Packers led by surefire future HOF Corner and reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year Charles Woodson. If Cutler gets time the Bears sure have enough speed to get deep and Martz passing game is all over the field. I suggest a lot of 9 routes(GO Routes/Deep Routes)with Hester and Knox and let Bennett, Aromashadou, and Olsen man the middle and if this happens The Packers will be in Trouble.

4. Bears Coach Lovie Smith knows the importance of winning against Dallas and the Packers for his Teams' mindset and even his own tenure as the Bears Head Coach. He and the Bears made a huge statement last week in Big D and if they pull this one off they will be in the drivers seat with a huge December up and coming with homes games vs Pats and Jets and away games at Vikes and Packers.

5. If the Packers win this one it will confirm what a lot of people in the know around the NFL have already confirmed," THE PACKERS AS WELL AS THE SAINTS ARE THE TEAMS ATOP OF THE NFC PLAIN AND SIMPLE". For the Packers it is imperative to send the Bears and the division one message," IT GOES THROUGH THE FROZEN TUNDRA IN 2010-2011 PERIOD"

At the start of the season this game was a no-brainer. Now going into Monday Night Week 3 its a Pick'em.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 'Boys, Vikes, and 9ers in must win.............Surprise teams try to go 3-0 in WEEK 3

We already know how it goes in the National Football League. After a few games there are surprise teams that are undefeated and teams that are win less. Week 3 has a few teams that are in must win scenarios while other teams, and a few surprise teams, try to keep it rolling. Here are the WEEK 3 match-ups in the NFL:


1. TITANS @ G-MEN: Both teams come in 1-1 and come off of losses. Titans faced the best Defense in the NFL, the Steelers, and couldn't get anything positive going. G-Men went to Circle City and the Colts opened up a can and had time to take them to the wood shed. HOOKEM' VY has to bounce back as well as CJ28. As for the NY Football Giants they need to get back to establishing the run and make it easier for the other Manning to chuck it around the yard.

2. BENGALS @ PANTHERS: CINCY got back to playing defense first and a heavy dose of RB Mr. Benson to get by the Ravens. They needed that kind of game to see what their identity really is. Carolina has QB Jimmy Clausen starting this one against that Bengals D not a chance. Cincy's D and Offense will start to click in this one.

3. THE 'BURGH @ NEW SOMBRERO: BUCS QB JOSH FREEMAN has done everything right so far this season. But he will probably not face a better defense in the league then the Steelers. Pittsburgh leads the NFL in turnover Differential at +6 which equates to winning football when a D is getting TO's like that. Old Man Charlie Batch will have to come up big in his first true start in years. But Steelers D and a heavy dose of RB Mendenhall will prove to be kryptonite for the Freeman and the Bucs.

4. BUFFS @ PATS: Buffalo still has not found a signal-caller they can trust. The defense is sound but knows it almost has to put up a 0 for their team to win. Pats and Brady coming off of a loss to rival jets. Back home and seeing the Bills is a welcome sight especially with recent retired BILLS DE Aaron Schoebel.

5. BROWNS @ BMORE: RAY RAY AND them have had two tough battles with Jets and Bengals on the road. Now they welcome Lil Debbie Snack Cakes Brownies into Charm City for a Homecoming game. Holmgren has to still change the culture over there and they are undoubtedly a work in progress. Flacco won't have many games like last week and either will Double R Ray Rice. Fans find another game to watch.......really

6. GOLD RUSH @ ARROWHEAD: Who would've thunk this scenario 2-0 vs 0-2 except its the Chiefs that are the 2-0. Coach Singletary and the boys gave a valiant effort against the Saints Monday Night but came up short. This will be tough for the Niners to win at a all of sudden tough place to play. Matt Cassell has done a great job of basically managing the games and having defense and special teams come up big. This is a tough one but...............WILL THE REAL 9ERS PLEASE STAND UP!

7. DALLAS @ RELIANT STADIUM: ANOTHER 2-0 VS 0-2 with the Cowboys being on the other end of the stick. Look in any sport you play there has to be LEADERSHIP at a high level plain and simple. The BLUEDUDE wonders if the 'BOYS have that and some heart. I guess we will find out. Texans are really rolling and may have figured out how to not only win games but closing them also is a process. #80 and #8 are clicking on all cylinders and that Texans D led by SUPER MARIO, MR. RYANS, AND BERNARD POLLARD are becoming a top notch D in the league. We will know after the first quarter who will win.

8. LIONS @ TWIN CITIES: If anything, with the Twins clinching the AL Central and the fans going crazy at new TARGET BALLPARK this past week, Vikes should carry some of that energy into a one-sided affair in the Metrodome. Favre and company will have time to figure out this one or do they need help............GIVE THE BALL TO ALL DAY #28 AND GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY.........LIONS HAVE NO STAFFORD BUT WILL PLAY TOUGH AND HAVE BEEN UNDER COACH SCHWARTZ. Speaking of new Target Ballpark, where in the heck is the VIKES NEW DIGS?

9. DIRTY BIRDS @ BIG EASY: A "BACKYARD BOOGIE" if THE BLUEDUDE ever saw one. Two teams that don't like each other and analysts have been saying that the Falcons might finally win this division. NO PERIOD Although I think A T L is playoff bound, Saints are too much for them in the DOME. The Saints needed a tight one like that last Monday vs Niners and will be more than ready for the Falcons. QB Matt Ryan can make a statement as well as that Falcons D if they pull it off.


10. REDSKINS @ THE GATEWAY ARCH: Coach Spags has starting to change the culture in the LOU and with a soon to be really good, young QB like Bradford, things are looking up. But not this week with Shanahan and the 'Skins coming to town and letting one slip at home last week to Texans, they will be prepared for the rams you would think. Too much Donovan and 'Skins secondary in this one.

11. EAGLES @ JAGS : THE MIKE VICK EXPERIENCE IS BACK AND IN FULL EFFECT. The Eagles look like they had an extra get right to them when #7 was back to his old tricks. Jags in disarray and come off a bad loss to Bolts which led to QB Garrard getting benched.................Del Rio , Garrard, and etc. will all be benched after week 17 you get the picture.

12. INDY @ INVESCO: Very good match-up between to teams who have an identity and are starting to play well. Another test for Manning and the Colts Defense to really see where they stand in the AFC. QB Orton and the Broncos have been getting it done with good Old fashion Josh McDaniel's Football.................YEAH WHATEVER J. McDaniel's Football.

13. OAK @ CARDS : WAIT.......................DOES one really care about what happens in this game?.......Bruce Gradowski makes his first start of the season over the Jim Plunkett-like QB Jason Campbell.......Al Davis u need some help dawg...

14. BOLTS @ SEATTLE: Rivers and the boys didn't need #83 last week but we will see back on the road if they need him this week. Chargers are JEKYLL AND HIDE, week to week, game to game, okay enough said. Hassleback and Hawks see if they can compete with the elite teams in the NFL . A good barometer for the 12th zone and the Hawks.


15. NYJ @ M I A: This is a tricky game for the Jets becoming off a must win home game situation after week 1 loss to Ravens. Sanchise, at least that's what they call him in NYC, played with some pocket poise and presence vs Pats last Sunday. The ground game still is not been as good as Rex would want it to be. But the defense will show up every week. Dolphins are coming off a surprise win over the Vikes. But you ask Sporano and his gang they will probably tell you it wasn't a surprise to us. The defense is really tough especially in the trenches. But the Dolphins might have to make a move at QB. QB Chad Henne struggles at Minnesota with inability to throw down field. Chad Pennington is waiting in the wings and ready to rescue an offense that right now is one dimensional at best.


16. THE PACK @ MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY: The NFL needs this one now and with both team 2-0 it is a big match-up with the vikes reeling a little bit. The winner here will at least be two games ahead the vikes and a one game lead in the division. QB Rodgers is tough and still have not been tested since they lost RB Ryan Grant for the season. They will be tested vs the new look Bears D that has some bite to it. QB Jay Cutler is taking hold of Offensive Genius Mike Martz offense and all of a sudden the Bears have what? PLAY MAKERS ALL OVER THE FIELD. The most interesting match-up in the game is Dom Capers Defense vs Mike Martz Offense. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?

Week 3 will be a telling week for a lot of teams and the direction these teams are probably headed for the season. A team can't start 0-3 and expect to be there in the playoff hunt in the end. And we will also see what Surprise 2-0 teams can keep the magic going. I know one thing is for certain THE PARITY IN THE NFL IS ABOUT 16-20 TEAMS DEEP and every game is a must win game to get to the LOMBARDI.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CRIMSON TIDE comes Rollin' into Arkansas to face HOGS and BIG TEX

Middle of September every year in the South signals one thing........SEC FOOTBALL............the best in the BLUEDUDE'S opinion of any college football in the land. See in the SEC there are no gimmes from top to bottom in the conference and every week there is a good ole southern tussle. This week is no different you have two coaches that thought the grass was greener on the other side in going from college to the NFL and subsequently back to college in Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino.

This Saturday, September 25, 2010 it will be #1 ALABAMA @ #10 ARKANSAS for bragging rights early in the season in the SEC. You see what THE BLUEDUDE is Cooking? This is every week in the SEC where you have top 25 teams facing each other week in and week out. And the best tailgating of any football game I have ever seen including SUNDAY Football. THE SEC GETS DOWNNNNN...............
Let's breakdown this marquee match up on Saturday:

FOR BAMA TO WIN: Ok it is no secret what Coach Saban and the Tide want to do. They first and foremost want to control the trenches on both sides of the ball. They want to control the clock which means that two headed monster lead by 2009 Heisman winner Rb Mark Ingram and even better Rb Trent Richardson. And then the defense wants to attack 2010 Heisman Leader Ryan Mallett up the middle and get him out of the pocket where he is not most effective. I also think BAMA WR Julio Jones can attack Arkansas' Secondary on the outside.

FOR HOGS TO WIN: Stop the BAMA running game and try to control the trenches as well. If they Keep the BAMA offense off the field it will open things up for the #1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft QB RYAN "BIG TEX" MALLETT from TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS. YEAH I said it "BIG TEX" from the Arkansas side of TEXARKANA. Hell they say everything is bigger in TEXAS hahhahahahahahaha.

At 6'6" and about 240 BIG ONES ,I mean MAN-SIZED with a cannon-arm, I could see MR. MALLETT in the NEW DAWG POUND in Cleveland, or the Black Hole in East bay, Bison City at old Orchard Park Stadium, and even in Jacksonville, FLA where every year they have "THE BIGGEST COCKTAIL PARTY IN THE WORLD" BULLDOGS & GATORS. Those are some of the destinations for MR. Mallett come Spring. And to Washington's QB JAKE LOCKER, you too will be in the mix for those cities as well so boys enjoy the college life because it is on a whole different level when it is time to "PLAY FOR PAY ON SUNDAY"( direct deposit non-negotiable is in each player's mailbox every Monday i think in the NFL Season).

If BAMA can't keep Mallett and the HOGS off the field on Saturday the CRIMSON TIDE will be taking an L for LOOOOOOSER and that will open the SEC race wide open for others and the give the HOGS a leg up up having already beat Georgia at UGA last Saturday.

Just Imagine if Michigan, MAIZE & BLUE, ANN ARBOR you know, chose a Michigan Man to run that Pro-Style Power I they would still have " BIG TEX ", who played there his freshman year. When now Head Coach Rich Rodriguez came in and reportedly told Mallett this is the Offense I am running and I don't think it is quite suited for your talents so Mallett Broke Camp and went back to MAMA house probably said hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm................WHO NEEDS A 6'6" 240 EL BEES OF QB ON THEIR ROSTER?............. OH FAYETTEVILLE SAID, " C'MON HOME BIG TEX". And he and they glad he did come back to ARKANSAS (R- CAN- SAS).


Celtics Coach Doc Rivers' Son Austin wanted by Everyone after Decommitting in April 2010

Celtics coach Glenn "DOC" Rivers is the mastermind behind the latest Celtics run in the NBA. But going back, Doc was one hell of a player in the Chicago Area power known as PROVISO EAST HIGH SCHOOL PIRATES in Maywood, Illinois. Some of the players out of Proviso East basketball minds know them well:

Shannon Brown (Michigan State, Lakers), Dee Brown (Illinois,Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards),Michael Finley (Wisconsin, Phoenix, Dallas, San Antonio, Boston), Donnie Boyce (Colorado,Atlanta Hawks), Stephen Hunter(DePaul,Orlando,Phoenix,Denver), Sherrell Ford (UIC, Seattle Supersonics), and many more. You get the picture right. Glenn went onto star at Marquette where he had a stellar college career.

Drafted by the Atlanta Hawks, Doc went on to show the ability to lead and be a coach on the floor with some of those fantastic Hawks teams with player such as:

"The Human Highlight Reel" Dominique Wilkins (Georgia), Tree Rollins (Clemson), Randy Whitman (Indiana, Now asst coach under Flip Saunders in Washington), Cliff Levingston (Wichita State), Antione Carr (Wichita State), John Battle (Rutgers), and Jon Koncak (SMU). These core of Hawks battled for eastern conference supremacy with the likes of the C's, 6ers, Bucks, and Cavs.

Now This brings the BLUEDUDE to enlighten you about the middle son of Coach Doc Rivers. Oldest son, Jerimiah Rivers, plays at Indiana after transferring from Georgetown.

Meet and Greet the 6'4" 190lb or so combo Guard (PG/SG) out of WINTER PARK HS IN THE ORLANDO FLORIDA AREA AUSTIN RIVERS . Rated by so many as the #1 High School Boys Basketball Player in the land, AUSTIN is a matchup nightmare for anyone on the scholastic level. I have seen him play a few times on TV and numerous things pop out immediately: A high Basketball IQ, Court awareness, Unlimited range on the shot, ability to take anyone off the bounce and get to the rim, a mid-range game that is so rare to see on the scholastic level as well as a runner,tear-drop type shot that even NBA guys don't posess in their arsenal let alone HS and College , and if you run at him with 2-3 guys he just gets teammates involed with his slick passing ability. Reminds the BLUEDUDE of a mix between Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway(Memphis State,Ball-handling, Passing,Bounce ),Jason Kidd ( CAl- Berkely,Passing, Court Awareness,Defense Anticipation),and range like Mike Miller(Florida,Spot-up or off the bounce Shooting). The kid is flat-out an assassin when he gets into the gym.

Austin early in his sophomore year of HS verbally committed to Coach Billy D and the Gators. Now as of April 2010 he decommitted from UF Gainesville and they are all coming like Great Whites with Chum in the water . You know the Usual suspects:

A September Visit to Rock Chalk Jayhawk land and Coach Self, to October 1 visit to Chapel Hill and Coach Williams, and October 15 visit to Durham and Coach K. With all these College Powerhouses in the mix, including the gators, Coach Donovan and the Gators will have a hard time reeling Austin Back In to the SWAMP.

The Bluedude will let u know Austin's whereabouts when ever he puts his John Hancock on the National Letter of Intent. But until then if you are on Winter Park'schedule just be prepared to see Sportscenter Highlights, Youtube moments, Splash Plays,and all the above because the young man is no joke.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vikes and Cowboys in Sudden Death.........Week 2 Surprises..........Week 2 Givens

Well we know a couple of things after NFL Week 2: Two Super Bowl Favorites are in deep trouble, A Good QB is hard to find, and some teams just get it.

Man who would have thought after week 2 the VIKES & COWBOYS would be scuffling for a win. Vikes had a tough one in week 1 at WHO DAT? NATION but to lose the first home game against the dolphins was surprising. Brett Favre was back to his old tricks by throwing some gimme interceptions. I mean look at it, doesn't he always throw in double coverage and sometime triple? Only difference now is he doesn't have that playmaker to cover his butt on the other end. And the dolphins proved one point that they are no slouch in the AFC east and with the J-E-T-S coming to south florida this weekend we will find out a lot about Tony Sporano's Gang.

Cowboys let the one in D.C. get away with two bad plays, one to end the 1st half and and offensive holding call to end the game. One would think with the Bears coming to town all is well right? They lose to the bears at home with No identity on Offense. The D in BIG D is fine. Offensively they do not know what they want to be. Isn't this Off Coordinator Jason Garrett's Job to solve. And word around the water cooler he is next in line to take Wade's Job. Yeah right and the Bluedude is lined up to be President of Basketball Operations for the HEAT if Prez Riley can't get it done. 'Boys need to figure it out and fast because there are no such things as Cupcakes or Homecoming games on Sunday.

Also after Week 2, forget coaches on the hot seat, how about QB's on the hot seat. David Garrard INT's were defelcted but its his job to find passing lanes. Hookem' Horns VY was a Confused son of a gun vs the Steel Curtain 2k10. But you really can't blame Vince because that defense is the best in the NFL and with the most dynamic defensive player in Safety Troy Polalmalu. Both Qb's would benefit from a descent running game behind them.

Check out this list undefeated teams in the NFL after week 2: Chiefs, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Bears, and Texans. Look the Chiefs beat the Bolts, Bucs have not been tested but will in week 3 vs Steelers, Fins beat a Vikes team in Twin Cities with #4 chuckin it around like NERF FOOTBALL with the grankids, Bears get a lucky TD called back in week 1 and then prove to themselves and others we are a good team by beating Jerry's Gang in Jerry's Home , and Texans ambushed Colts in week 1 to then comeback on a much improved 'Skins Team in D.C. for the win. They say "ANY GIVEN SUNDAY", and that motto is holding up every Sunday.

The week 2 Teams that are expected to be undefeated or at the top are: Steelers, Packers, and Saints. I think right now in Big D These three have as good a shot as anyone to get to Dallas in February. But three huge factors will start to play out soon:

BIG BEN will be back after week 4 and if you don't get the steelers now with minimal offense you think you will get them after Big Ben comes Back?. Packers looked good without 1200 plus yard back Ryan Grant. And Saints fear for the worse as Reggie Bush went down last night and it looks like a knee injury. The BLUEDUDE will pray for you WHO DAT? NATION until Halloween Night when those STEELERS come to the dome.

There is Week 2 in a nutshell BLUEDUDE STYLE. WEEK 3 should also prove to many who is contending and who is pretending.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bombers, Fightin' Phils, Rays, and Twinkies lead the way to 2010 WORLD SERIES

Its about that time again for the "Fall Classic" is right around the corner. The BLUEDUDE thought he would chime in on who he thought would be the favorites for the Classic. Earlier in the season there were a few surprises but in a 182 game season the cream most often rises to the top as contenders become pretenders through the dog days of summer.

Here is my list for who i think will bring it home or who has the best chance at getting to the "FALL CLASSIC":


1. BRONX BOMBERS: Who else would you roll with. The leadership starts at Skip Joe Girardi and then #2 on down. No ship is ran tighter and is more airtight than the boys who play in the Bronx Zoo. To win or go deep in the playoffs a team must have these essentials: Pitching(C.C., Pettite, Burnitz, SANDMAN), Defense up the middle(#2, Cano, Grandersdon,Posada, and Gardner), and of course timely hitting. In the BRONX THEY ARE BUILT SPECIFICALLY FOR THE FALL RUN and this year is no different.

2. RAYS: Slowly building a AL PoWERHOUSE. From the front office down to Manager Joe Maddon you won't find a better ran Professional sports organization from a business model perspective. They mirror the YANKS in every aspect except STAR POWER but 3b Evan Longoria is leading that department. Very good pitching led by Youngster LHP David Price anchoring the staff. One of the top outfields in the majors in L to R Crawford, Upton, And Zorbrist. Excellent Lineup with Carlos Pena, the aforementioned Longoria, and Upton in the middle. Will be a very tough out if out at all. WHO SAID YOU COULDN'T PLAY WINNING BASEBALL FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME IN TAMPA..................RAYS COULD WIN IT


3. FIGHTIN' PHILS: They are the clear favorite in the Senior Circuit. All the intangibles plus being in back to back Fall Classics is priceless as well. Clubhouse leaders JRoll, Utley, Victorino, and Skip Charlie Manuel are why in the middle of the summer I was not concerned at all about the Phils not being here in this position. The one thing I worried about was Pitching with Doc Halladay #1 and a less than #3 starter in Cole Hamels and after that just trying to get innings from other guys. The trading deadline pickup of Roy Oswalt was huge and seemed to shift the momentum to the Phils for the stretch run. Need a Big Post Season from Howard who can carry this lineup by himself. No NL team will scare them or beat them. You can pencil them in the "FALL CLASSIC" and trying to get their 2nd ring in 3 years.


4. TWINKIES: I was thinking it would be a three team race in the AL Central all the way till the end. The tigers bailed out about the start of the summer and a late trade for Manny couldn't vault the PALE HOSE past the Twins. What's scary about the twins is this: M&M BOYS C Joe Mauer and 1b Justin Morneau, who came back just in time for that late season push. A very fundamentally sound baseball team with one of the top managers in the bigs in Ron Gardenhire.
They will be a tough out the only thing that might be an achilles heel for the twins is pitching. But just as good and powerful as Yanks and Rays. Target Stadium might be a factor now its outside. You know what the Twin Cities look like in the Fall/Winter...........U REMEMBER WHERE THE VIKES USE TO PLAY OUTSIDE IN MUNICIPAL STADIUM........NOW U GET IT......TWINS HAVE A BETTER SHOT THIS YEAR THAN THEY HAVE HAD IN THE LAST 10 YEARS.

These are the 4 favorites and with only one NL team in the four. NOW,THE BLUEDUDE'S WORLD SERIES PICKS ARE:

RAYS VS FIGHTIN' PHILS WINNER: FIGHTIN' PHILS...............PARADE ROUTE DOWN BROAD STREET.........and good for the eagles, 6ers, and broad street bullies the pressure is off to win least this season

Friday, September 17, 2010

UK CATS and Coach CAL reloading for 2010 and out below

When Coach John Calipari left the Memphis Tigers Program for the University Of Kentucky he knew what he was getting into. The questions are simple to this point. Can UK get the BIG MAC's and Quarter Pounders stacked on their roster? If so, can Coach CAL get BLUEGRASS NATION back to prominence on the national scene? Where they have disappeared in the last few years. Well to being a good evaluator myself, the CATS are well on their way back to the top. The Freshman class Coach Cal had last year with 4 starters going in the top 25 picks and the backup center going in the last half of the 1st round shows you that UK made the right decision and Coach Cal made the right decision.

After losing all the talent one would think time to rebuild right? Wrong. See at UK back in the day they reloaded with the best of them and now with the 2010 class about to take stage Coach Cal and staff are Stacking up the Happy meals for 2011. Check this list out from ESPNU's Top 100 UK signees in both classes 2010 & 2011:


ESPNU TOP 100 Ranking
Jones, Knight, Lamb, Kanter all signed late spring 2010 Poole only one signed early

4. PG Brandon Knight Pine Crest FLA HS
9. SF Terrence Jones Portland OR Jefferson HS
25. C Enes Kanter Stonebridge Prep CA HS
29. SG Doron Lamb Oak Hill Academy VA HS
51. SG Stacey Poole Providence School FLA HS

Excellent Class that will do damage on the Wings and very versatile with Knight playing both guard spots, T Jones playing both Forward spots as well as moving to the 2G depending on match ups, Lamb and Poole sliding to SF, and Kanter playing his natural position of PF. Coach Cal and his staff put together a nice class even if it did come late they still came.


ESPNU TOP 100 Ranking

4 Five Star Recruits lead this class and all signed early and all in the Top 12 Nationally in Class 2011

2. SF Michael Gilchrist St. Patrick NJ HS
3. PF Anthony Davis Perspectives Charter School IL HS
7. PG Marquis Teague Pike IN HS
12.PF Kyle Wiltjer Jesuit OR HS

An Amazing hall considering UK didn't have to wait for these guys. Gilchrist by some is the best overall prospect in the Class of 2011. A do-it-all SF with a huge upside and hard-working lunch pale type of attitude. Davis from Chicago reportedly grew about 8" over the last year and a half and came out of nowhere. A Long lanky kid with a mix of post moves A SHOT-BLOCKER EXTROADINARE, as well as a nice floor game for a kid his size and length. Teague,the younger brother of former Wake PG and now Atlanta Hawks PG Jeff, is the best PG in the class of 2011. Reminds a lot of CP3 of the NO Hornets. Wiltjer a true power forward from Jesuit where former Duke player and now Indy pacer F Mike Dunleavy Jr. played.

One would have to say the CATS are bound to win and win big with these groups. The one real problem is A lot of these high rated top-shelf prospects don't stick around for more than one year. And With Coach CAL having the last 2 NBA ROY players it is appealing to kids to have that same vision and why not.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


NFL week 2 starts off with teams already playing out of a hole and with no gimmes. Week 1 had a couple of surprises but no NFL TEAM CAN AFFORD TO GO DOWN 0-2 and expect to be in it at the end. Lets get to WEEK 2 and the BLUEDUDE'S PREDICTIONS ARE IN:


1. BISON CITY @ FROZEN TUNDRA : The bills have no chance but the rookie Rb CJ Spiller is the ticket. The Pack will have a new look minus RB RYAN GRANT torn ligament in left ankle put IR for the season. Buyer Beware Bills do not i said do not load up the box and force Aaron Rodgers to throw 50 times because he will throw 70 times.

2. M I A @ VIKES : Miami much improved with Coach Tony Sporano at the helm. Must get running game going so everything is not on QB Chad Henne. Brett Favre and Vikes Off Coordinator who is? U Know. Get ALL DAY GOING ALL DAY AND KEEP HIM GOING. IF #28 DOESN'T GET 30 touches Owner Ziggy should get of the whole coaching staff at the end of the game. The best back in the league needs to EAT. Vikes know they have to keep pace with the PACK.

3. ARROWHEAD @ PUPPY POUND : BLUEDUDE SAID IT SO WHAT. Tood Haley and the Chiefs are brewing up a mean coffee over in BBQ land. That Monday Night win over Bolts wasn't a fluke you will see. As for the BROWNIES WORD AROUND THE WATER COOLER IS JAKEY IS HURTEY and they have to start Seneca Wallace. Well if we go back about 7 years and Ames, Iowa advantage Wallace. But this is SUNDAY NOT SATURDAY. WALLACE #2 QB tells me another reason Mangini is gonzo. Holmgren put Wallace in his U Haul n brought him over from Seattle.

4. WINDY CITY @ JERRY'S WORLD : Man Redskins got lucky but will take it. America's team is doing some bonehead S*** FOR REAL. What call was that before halftime. And you want to represent the NFC in Your Building for all the marbles well then act like it JEEEEEEEZZZZ......the Mike martz experiment will get tested for sure as will LOVIE and MARINELLI'S new defense. This is a tough one because you don't know what team your getting. Going the safe route 'BOYS at home and Bears have a Career under .500 QB as their starter.

5. DESERT SWARM ( OH SORRY U OF A TUSCON) @ THE 404 : Cards looked like what I had suspected losing all those key components. They are an average football team on playoff fumes. If you have Larry Fitzgerald starting this week in fantasy don't start him. Birds impressed me in the 'burgh last week. FRONT 7 is a monster. Beanie wells and the other cards RB might want to get a fever coming over because they won't eat this week. QB Matt Ryan and WR Roddy " FROM DOWN INTRASTATE 20" White look like the new Bartkowski to "white shoes".

6. NEW SOMBRERO @ QUEEN CITY : .....................DAMN..................................
WINNER: BUCS Sorry boys can't gather my thought for this one.

7. PHILLY @ MOTOR CITY : NOW SHOWING IN DETROIT "THE MIKE VICK EXPERIENCE" He's baaaaaaaaaaaack. And on that fast track called FORD FIELD...................MUCHAS PROBLEMAS LIONS.............Coach Schwartz has the lions and their fan base very excited as they should be. But the learning curve is just that...........Hey Kevin Kolb stay on the sideline we need entertainment on Sunday.

8. CHARM CITY @ CINCY : THE BLUEDUDE KNEW that one of y'all if not both of y'all would be in a must win situation. The Bengals didn't just lose it was the way they lost that was stunning. Just need to get back to basics run and then pass. Ravens showed up vs jets and physically just thumped them. RAY RAY has the boys playing at a high level and FLACCO TO BOLDIN.......get use to it......GET BIG..... GET BIG....Bengals please do not tweet or say something stupid this week LIL RAY RAY IS PISSED

9. STEEL CURTAIN @ COUNTRY MUSIC BELT : Steelers know they have to contain CJ28 PERIOD. Let HOOKEM' VY throw about 25 times and we have a shot. Titans don't be fooled by no BIG BEN. Steelers are Playing that Dick LeBeau style D again and Rashard Mendenhall is coming full circle...................MY UPSET

4 15PM ET

10. 12TH ZONE @ MILE HIGH : watch out Broncos the new look HAWKS under Pete Carroll are looking like USC on Sunday so don't play the CU Boulder BUFFALOES okay. A team like this needs no confidence and got some by smashing the GOLD RUSH last week. Broncos have an adequate QB and good running game to go with WR combo Royal and Gaffney. Defense looked pretty darn good without last Year's NFL Sack Leader Dumervil.

11. THE ARCH @ THE BLACK HOLE : I JUST DON'T BIG LUTHER VANDROSS' CURL.........IT NEVER LOOKED FULLY CURLED..................QB BRADFORD is a stud write that down. Rams are ever improving under defensive-minded coach Spagnola. Raiders just got lost on CJ28 and then let VY start opening it up last week. They must pressure rookie QB to have a chance.

12. THE H @ CHOCOLATE CITY (D.C. MY BAD) : Just in The TEXANS are taking no prisoners and have figured some S*** OUT and this might be a case of Week ! wasn't a fluke will show 'SKINS. Meanwhile the "SKINS held serve and escaped with a narrow win but in the NFL take them when you can get them because it is " ANY GIVEN SUNDAY" right. Hell no. Look at TB at Carolina who cares. 'Skins have to slow down Arian Foster and hope after last week he got full of himself and will slow himself down. And to Reskins WR's ..............CATCH THE FREAKIN' BALL TO HELP OUT #5 DAMNNNNNNNNNN BUTTERFINGERS.

WINNER: PATS especially after moss had this reply to Revis, " this SLOUCH will be waiting for you on sunday here i go again hahahahahahahahaha i got to go yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

14. JAGS @ THE MURPH : HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..........THEY HAVE JONES-DREW AND THE BOLTS HAVE river, gates, merriman, phillips, and ok u get it. I know NORV and the boys start slow but really ADVANTAGE SAMPRAS OH S*** there I go again.............

8 20ET

15. MANNING @ MANNING : COLTS NEED THIS ONE AND of course its the Sunday Night game what other time slot would it be. I am surprised they didn't do it like a BCS Bowl Game lets play this one on Tuesday. Look not a real fan of neither and I have to pick............................................


16. GOLD RUSH @ BIG EASY : Coach Iron Mike and the niners need this one SUPERBAD CHICKA CHICKA i need to get off the MAC.......... lats week's loss in PUGET SOUND was not good. And they face Drew Brees and the gang who always seem to be playing at home. Like they have an OHIO ST football schedule 10 home games and 1 away game and the one away is in Cleveland lol..............JOKIN JOKIN calm down O H......I O . Singletary needs to put on that 1985 46 ZONE Blitz scheme under Buddy Ryan or the Music Video the " SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE " TO PULL THIS ONE OUT.

That does for the BLUEDUDE'S picks for week 2. Best game on schedule NE@NYJ worst game anyone playing these teams browns, jags, panthers, and bills..........................CRANBERRIES "when you're gone" is in heavy rotation in BLUEDUDE'S IPIZZLE

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WEEK 1 looks like a MASH UNIT.............And the owners want 2 more Regular Season Games and more $$$$$$$

The only negative coming out of a full slate of games on Sunday are the injuries. And I have never seen injuries to so many key people as well as the season-ending ones we are seeing now. And the owners want to go to 18 regular season games because they are in a luxury box with their families and its entertainment. One question. Has anyone out there seen GLADIATOR the movie starring one Russell Crowe? Well if you go to 18 games it will start to look just that, " Are you not entertained?".

Lets cover Week 1 Injuries that are devastating to some early Superbowl picks:

1. KRIS JENKINS JETS : Left Knee torn ACL This one really sucks considering that KJ is coming off the same injury from;last year and this being his 10Th year in the league those knees do not have much tread left. Jets used smoke and mirrors last year in ten games without him and played well. Now lets try 15 games starting with those big bad PATS coming to town on Sunday the 19Th. Rex put a shoe in it and just coach because 0-2 will be a real hole in the AFC.

2. BOB SANDERS COLTS : Poor Mr. Sanders this is 9 games played in the last 2 plus seasons and it looks like a biceps injury which is probably season-ending injury. A once dominant defensive player in the Polamalu-mold just can't stay healthy and it just seems like his career at least with the colts is all but over.

3. RYAN GRANT PACKERS: The waiver line will be blowin' up and the PACK will be looking and looking hard. This back is pretty durable and fits what the pack and rodgers do offensively. It will be tough to replace him and the PACK are a top NFC pick to go to DALLAS . We will see but if any offense can overcome a good starting RB it will be Rodgers and his group. WEAPONS.....WEAPONS......WEAPONS in Green Bay.

4. LEONARD WEAVER EAGLES: A great blocking and running hybrid FB/RB. A punishing hard-nosed i will run through you not around you type. He will be missed blocking, catching the ball out of backfield, and especially short yardage. A big blow to eagles ground attack and offense as a whole.

5. MAX STARKS STEELERS : the one constant on the Steelers O-Line is Tackle Starks. It looks like a hign-ankle sprain and probably 4-6 weeks. Steelers are real thin up-front and lucky they have elusive type QB's in Dixon and BIG BEN when he gets back from suspension.

The first three teams I mentioned Colts, Jets, and Packers all have irreplaceable guys that went out. I know that's what the depth Chart is for but these guys are leaders as well. Injuries are part of the game but to see season-ending ones to key players this early in the season is devestating to say the least.

I hope the owners are taking note to trying to play 2 more regular season games. The game is so physically demanding and violent I can't see them going to 18. The owners and players are fighting over $$$$$$$$$ and the owners want 2 more regular season games .................doesn't make sense from a players perspective to take a pay cut and two more weeks of can't have your cake and eat it to.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

November 20, 2010 KINNICK STADIUM

Yeah the BLUEDUDE has to start off his first college segment with what appears to be A ONE GAME SHOWDOWN IN THE GREAT STATE OF IOWA. Looking at the Big Ten schedule barring any surprises and there will be some, THE BUCKEYES AND HAWKEYES are on a collision course to represent the Big Ten in the BCS National Championship Game.

Could you imagine The best Big Ten Coach in Mr. Jim Tressel (TALKING BIG TEN WINNING %) going against Kirk " A lot of NFL teams want my services" Ferentz for all the marbles. The forecast in IOWA CITY that day 37 degrees cold and rainy, winds out of the NW at 18 mph. All this means is tighten your chin strap up and the two best run defenses in the Big Ten swill have to make a play or two in the air or special teams.

Both teams have Sunday Top 10 picks in Bucks DT Cameron Heyward, the son of the late Graig "IRON HEAD" Heyward and All -World stronger than two Combines in a Corn field DE Adrian Clayborn from the LOU ( HEY ASK THE MIAMI HURRICANES AND THE GA TECH YELLOW JACKETS ABOUT THESE TWO MONSTERS THEY WILL BE THE FIRST TO TELL YOU HOW DOMINANT THESE GUYS ARE). This will be a good old fashion donnybrook with the team winning making the plays down the stretch to pull it off. I can't wait to see how this one plays out. We all know there is work to be done but from a distance this is the one.

BLUEDUDE'S Prediction: IOWA VS ALABAMA for all the marbles in January 2011 and Hawks Fans XMAS will arrive early in IOWA CITY.

BOLTS, JETS, COLTS,'BOYS, 9ERS, AND BENGALS all losers week 1 and how many analysts had these teams going to ..............

It was week 1 in the NFL and none of the losers surprised me at all. Every year analysts make these picks based on the givens, TV Shows( YEAH IMAGINE THAT LIKE HARDKNOCKS HBO), and last years stats which at this point mean absolutely hog wash. Did anyone out there think the New Bengals were going to go to Foxboro and beat the Brady-led Pats hell no. I know Philly, McNabb didn't take you to the promise land but things will get dicey in the CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE this year, OH and did JAWS take you there ? Yeah I didn't think so but hell y'all treat him like he is ROCKY.

The biggest surprise all weekend was the BOLTS and 9ers losing to teams that on paper had no real shot of winning these games but that's why we lineup and get down. Todd Haley has NEW ARROWHEAD rockin' and watching the game i was looking for the Late Great DT Derrick Thomas #58, Neil Smith #90, #31 Priest Holmes, Tony Gonzalez #88, and just a host of other Chiefs there doing it Like It's 1999.

Then Mike Singletary led his group to the Great Northwest and got ambushed literally. Didn't see that coming but it looks like Hawks Coach Pete Carroll learned something from USC and Stints in the NFL with the Pats and Jets and has things looking up for the the 12th Zone.

The BLUEDUDE saw the Texans taking it to the Colts but not so much on the ground to the tune of Practice Squad non-drafted Rocky Top back Arian Foster. He looked like The Baltimore Raven Jamal Lewis. What a MAN-SIZED effort against a very small but quick Colts Defense led by Bookends Freeney and Mathis, MLB Gary Brackett, and S Bob Sanders. But Texans don't forget this is 1/16th of the season still a lot of football and don't think you will surprise teams the cat is out the bag.

This brings me to the JETS AND COWBOYS..............just thinkin.............................thinking a little more...................................OK a couple of things. When does Coach Wade Phillips lose his job? When does Jason "IT NEVER LOOKS LIKE I HAVE CONTROL OF ANYTHING" Garrett get the job? Be Careful Jerry and I play a lot of MADDEN 2011 why don't yall just RUN THE BALL? I know you have Tony Romo and good recievers but just run the ball and the passing game will open up even more. DAMN Dallas you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself who are we before you are at the Superbowl Parties instead of hearing about them on game week.

REALITY SHOWS. What are they? Are they real people acting or being themselves because the camera is rolling. DAMN you see what you started MTV REAL WORLD. Steve Sabol and NFL Films came up with a great idea of HARDKNOCKS but it's like the MADDEN CURSE has anyone on this reality show won a superbowl? I Think not. Styling and Profiling gets you Nothin. Buyer beware. And who and the F*** annointed the JETS a top the AFC? JOE WILLY SANCHEZ threw 11 td's and 22 picks last year. The Colts let you in the front door when yall had the U-Hauls backed up at the meadowlands to end the season. And then the JETS add guys like this: WR Santonio Holmes, CB Antonio " WHAT ARE JIMMY'S " Cromartie ( THEY AINT DONUTS AND SURE AND THE HELL AIN'T A SANDWICH), WR Braylon " I COULD BE WR ROY WILLIAMS OF DALLAS ..........YOU ARE" Edwards, La Danian " I am with a better Organization Now" and "Sanchez reminds me of a young Drew Brees" Tomlinson. Then someone says the 2010-2011 Jets Roster is the most talented in the league. You Look at that list these are Superstars and grant it LT was a couple of years ago but most of these guys are CASTOFFS for better words. And JETS quit makin reality shows because the season has started and this is REAL S***.

To Coach rex Ryan I know this is week one , BUT YOUR JETS RESIDE IN THE BIG APPLE so word to the wise don't talk so much expectations are just playing in NYC don't add to the pot or stir it. Is the BLUEDUDE counting these teams out? no. But the HOTSeat Is burnin, I mean smokin , I mean HOTTIE HOT.

Monday, September 13, 2010

This is the list every owner and player wants to be on..............$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Recently I was given a FORBES MAGAZINE that had the richest teams and players in professional sports around the world in it. The issue was the AUGUST 9, 2010 issue titled THE WAY TO WIN ON WALL STREET NOW with a top caption of SPORTSMONEY 50*50 RICHEST TEAMS AND ATHLETES. Every hardcore sports fan or BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK BLOGGER must get this issue or check it out online its fascinating to say the least. You think you know and you have no idea that some of these teams or sports bank like this. I was probably right on a little over half the list but European Soccer and Nascar teams blew me away.

The list from the FORBES MAGAZINE ISSUE AUGUST 9,2010 TOP 10 only reads as this:

Teams Sport Value($bil/$mil)
1. Manchester United Soccer 1.835
2. Dallas Cowboys Football 1.650
3. Bronx Bombers Baseball 1.600
4. Washington Redskins Football 1.550
5. NE Pats Football 1.361
6. Real Madrid Soccer 1.323
7. NY Football Giants Football 1.183
8. Arsenal Soccer 1.181
9. New York Jets Football 1.170
10. Houston Texans Football 1.150

An incredible list and Manchester United owned by the Glazer Family also owns the TB Buccaneers who are #12 on this list. 6 NFL teams and 4 European Soccer clubs are just amazing. This also goes to show you why the NFL TV deal is so huge and that soccer is the world's most popular sport. New York being the largest City in the US has not shockingly by any stretch #3 Bombers, #7 G-men, #9 J-E-T-S, #38 Amazins', and #50 Knickerbockers of the NBA. That is some serious Cheddar in GOTHAM CITY.

Now the top 10 Richest Athletes in FORBES MAGAZINES AUGUST 9, 2010 ISSUE TITLED THE WAY TO WIN ON WALL STREET NOW. After looking at the list one name surprised me but consider how the UpFRONT money in this PARTICULAR to make deals work didn't surprise so much as how much to whose name is on the list. Here are the Top 10 Athletes:

Athlete Sport Income ($mil)


What surprises THE BLUEDUDE about this list is not the money but whose getting the money. For starters Pretty Boy Floyd claims he doesn't even bank his money its all under his mattress. David Beckham has changed the views on soccer in this country since he arrived LOL FOOLS. Forget Cleveland but OHIO needed King James be fore he needed them. And Terrell Suggs man RAY RAY has made a lot of guys look really happy and not taking anything away from suggs but DAMN. Flacco will get $200 million and part of the Chesapeake Bay.

*** OF NOTE Suggs now you have all that scrilla go get your mouthpeice fixed.............. GO STEELERS...................You ever seen him, WOW, him and SAM I AM CASSELL GOT TO BE RELATED............Checkout this FORBES ISSUE and the rest of the 40 Teams and Players it is a cool list and read it with your debit/check card because we all need a little luck in our lives

***** NOTE If you are reading this list it means you ain't on it.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saints in the left column in week 1......... who will join them?

The BLUEDUDE starts his weekly pick'ems on Sunday with a lot of BIG TIME GAMES ON TAP. Sorry missed the thursday tilt in NAWLINS with the SAINTS AND BREES putting a W up for the defending SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. Now lets get onto the predictions for week #1...............REMEMBER YOU ALWAYS WANT TO START OFF ON THE RIGHT FOOT WITH PUTTING ONE UP IN THE LEFT COLUMN.

Sunday September 11

1. BRONCOS @ JAGS : Denver QB Orton much improved and having a year under his belt in Coach McDaniels' offense will help. Banged up on Defense and the loss of Dumervil is huge. Jags have average at best defense and MO JONES-DREW needs to have a big week every week .

2.RAIDERS @ TITANS : The Jason Campbell Experiment is on tap with the raiders much improved. The Defense is turning the corner and the raiders should be above average on offense. CJ28 will get a heavy dose with VY controlling the passing game. Still not sold on Titans D without Big Albert in the middle.

3. LIONS @ DA BEARS : Interesting game here. Bears looked anything but improved in the pre-season and Jay Cutler looks like the same guy. He is below .500 as an NFL starter and numbers don't lie. Scwartz has these boys moving in the right direction starting with the mentality of we can win every game we play. Recent #1's STAFFORD, JOHNSON, AND SUH have them buzzing in Motown.

4. CINCY @ NE : Marvin Lewis might have the best defense he has ever had and QB Carson Palmer the best O he has had in the Queen city and only time will tell or what they do tomorrow in Beantown. PATS doing same old thing on offense but the D is not looking or playing the part. This is a duel and we will see if PATS horrible loss to RAY RAY and dem was not as bad as it looked.

5. BROWNS @ TB : "THE BATTLE OF PAPER BAGS" no not really but if you tune into this game one of three things are going on. Browns fan, Bucs fan, and/or your local network put you onto this game and this game only. Watch BUCS rookie DT's and CB Haden for "Mistake on the lake"( WOULD HAVE SAID "DAWG POUND" BUT YOU DON'T GET THAT NAME BACK TILL Y'ALL START WINNING FOR REAL).

6. DIRTY BIRDS @ STEEL CITY : QB Matt Ryan will have to throw the ball and they must move the ball on the ground to keep Steelers D honest. With a healthy Polamalu and a Running QB in D Squared the steelers will rely on ball control running game and Dixon's feet to help the D who will be back to form starting Week 1.

7. 305 @ BISON CITY: BACK in the day an excellent tilt but of late just another game on the schedule. Bills rookie CJ Spiller worth price of admission until week 5 and Chad Henne has full reins of Dolphins offense. A lot of fools picking Fins to do damage this year not I .
PICK : 305

8. CAROLINA @ G-MEN : Man poor WR Steve Smith doesn't have a chance this year and either does john fox. Giants staying low-key and D-line looks like it is getting back to form. With Eli at the offensive controls they will be solid and this looks like a homecoming game.

9.CIRCLE CITY @ H-TOWN : This is the best tilt of the early games. Texans trying to get that bully off their block and show them that this is our house now. #18 enough said. Texans Defense should be in the top 5-8 defenses in the league in every category. Tough one to pick but rolling with..................................................DAMNNNNN
PICK: IND/TEX can I do that?


10. THE PACK @ THE LINC : The Aaron Rodgers Show starts in Philly and they looked like it was week 12 all pre-season. The Kevin Kolb show is also on tap and Check Your Local Listings might be on PBS. This one won't be close and THE PACK won't lose until week 9 or something like that. Desean Jackson aka LONG BEACH POLY...sniff sniff...... is that hummus your eating?

11. RED ZONE @ THE ARCH : The Kurt Warner Bowl and the winner is...................Man I think The Rookie QB Bradford will be on early and often. Cards let Rolle, Boldin, and Dansby go, with Warner Retiring. NOT GOOD and the coach Wisenhunt Gets more Over the Hill STEELERS in the desert. C'mon Man. Coach Spagnola has something brewing in the pot and it might be some of that good 89 octane.

12. 9ERS @ 12TH ZONE : NO BRAINER AND new Hawks Coach Pete Carroll left USC because of what?.................After Coach Mike and the Gang get through with him on week 1 he will wish he was at Hawaii last week and hosting San Jose St this week. The BLUEDUDE can't wait to see "CRAB" that is Mike Crabtree from Dallas Carter HS.


13. 'BOYS @ NATIONS CAPITAL : #5 will come out firing with something to prove I just wish it was those DAMN Eagles he was playing but I have to wait for that one. BIG D WR Mile Austin went from undrafted to $$$$$$$$$$$$ and KIM KARDASHIAN. Tony Romo is one helluva................ Golfer! Huh? And the search for a new Cowboys coach starts week 1. The MIKE SHANAHAN ERA stars in DC with a bang literally.

September 12
Monday NIGHT 7ET

14. B'MORE @ J-E-T-S : RAY RAY says the jets have no excuses now that Revis Island is back. Wow Imagine a surefire HOF to be LB running his mouth and not challenging the JETS but His Own team that's how Ray Ray works. Jets must get Sanchez very comfortable in game plan but I think problem is at the guard position and no Alan Faneca. The Jets are talented but don't get their best offensive weapon back until week 5 Wr Santonio Holmes. And Uh OHhhhhhh JOE FLACCO( and DOUBLE R RAY RICE) is in the building. Will the real QB in this Game stand up?

15. BOLTS @ ARROWHEAD : TODD HALEY has his group believing until they see the chargers. The Chiefs are heading in the right direction just not IN THIS GAME. The chargers minus #83 who seems to be killing fantasy lineups more than his own team will not be missed and Defensive Coordinator RON RIVERA might be back home on lake Michigan next season COACHING .............. and COACH FITZ at NORTHWESTERN AIN'T LEAVIN.


Next weeks TOP 5 GAMES :

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Every GM, Personnel Director , Head Coach , Scouting Department starts off with the philosophy of we have to build from the inside out. Which to the the average football fan means u need the big boys up front to start to dominate at all the other positions. There is a reason so many LINEBACKERS look like they drink from the fountain of youth. This is a direct correlation to the big bodies that play in front of them. If the guy is doing his job in front of you, then you are free to move around the cabin right (well the field sorry SOUTHWEST AIRLINES YOUR THE BEST THOUGH) to make play after play. Though always seen but never heard defenses prepare to block them first to have any shot in moving the ball successfully. So let's take a look at the BLUEDUDE's 2010 TOP 10 LARGE ONES upfront:

1. HALOTI NGATA BMORE: A massive human being from the city of Eugene by way of the "QUACK ATTACK". A one man run stopper, a powerful " i am coming straight up the middle" pass rusher, and makes a number of plays down field for a man of his size. Fans wonder how the great Ray Lewis is still very effective on the field and in the middle for the Ravens well it's simple. About 700 lbs or so of ASS starting with Ngata that's how you stay playing middle linebacker forever. Built for either 4-3 or 3-4 defense

2. KEVIN WILLIAMS TWIN CITIES: 1/2 of the William's Buffet and neither part is really better than the other except KEV has more range as a pass rusher and BOTH ARE excellent run stoppers. He is the main reason why the VIKES get so many sacks on the outside because you can't run in the middle on the William's boys. Maybe starting to lose a half a step or so but very effective still in all aspects of an NFL Defensive Lineman. Versatile enough to go 3-4 or 4-3

3. JAY RATLIFF DOLLAS,TEXAS: The man from THE PLAINS is a non-stop motor and teamed up with fellow tackle spears and DE Ware, an unstoppable force in the run and and in the passing game.Very strong at the point of attack and a student of the game. The COWBOYS defense wouldn't be where it is without RATLIFF. A definite 4-3 guy.

4. DARNELL DOCKETT CACTUS LEAGUE: Just awarded nice size and deserving contract from cardinals. But the let LB Dansby go and Safety Rolle Hmmmmmmmmmmm Well ok can't pay them all but can't lose them all neither. Almost unblockable at times. Singlehandeky kept the Cards in the hunt in the SUPERBOWL vs STEELERS with his dominant defensive line play. More comfortable in 4-3 than a 3-4. Very Good Pass rusher as well.

5. CASEY "HUMPTY DUMPTY HEAD" HAMPTON IRON CITY: Could you imagine it was Casey and Shaun Rogers playing side by side at UT Austin for HOOKE' HORNS NATION. A perfect fit for what the steelers do with their linebackers and secondary in Coach LeBeau Zone blitz scheme. A definite 3-4 who can still dominate at the point of attack .

6. KRIS JENKINS JET JETS: Very violent -type DT with a lot of strength at the point of attack.A typical 3-4 guy who demands double teams routinely and if you leave him singled out KJ will be a disruption throughout. LB's David Harris and Bart Scoot are able to make plays because of KJ. Jets "D" still a factor with Jenks out last year because of teammate DE Shaun Ellis.

7. ALBERT HAYNESWORTH HAIL TO THE REDSKINS: Man #1 DT Near OPRYLAND and away from it has struggled a lot. The man is so strong an powerful but has a little bit of a problem with taking instructions. He is a prime example of taking a lot of money and deservedly so , but like the always say ," SOMETIMES THE GRASS IS GREEN ON THE OTHER SIDE" . A VERY Dominant 4-3 and if you put him a 3-4 defense he will not PRACTICE OR PASS CONDITIONING TESTS.

A list of very strong and powerful football players. These guys make it easy for linebackers, defensive ends, and box safeties to being open to make the play instead of shedding a would-be blocker. In my late 30's, I, the BLUEDUDE, COULD PLAY AT A HIGH LEVEL LINEBACKER behind most of these BOYZ. SO THERE IS A FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH and it is behind their behinds.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Why is it when a human being gets on their soapbox they just let it fly offending everyone in their sit. You probably wondering by now why would people go to such low blows to compare the greatest tragedy I have ever seen to a FU***** FOOTBALL GAME. And yes I am guilty of the football part BEACAUSE I love SPORTS BECAUSE IT TRANSCENDS RACE, SEX, RELIGION, and so on and so forth. Watching sports also gives you an outlet to forget about certain things in life for that moment. Whether it be just getting fired on your job, a death in the family, and/or a loss of a childhood friend. Just so many areas of impact that signifies Sports as the ultimate equalizer in all aspects of life.

All this brings me to what a former all-pro football player on a weekly NFL TALK SHOW said in comparing this weeks game of the VIKES AT THE SAINTS TO THE WORST THING YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE IN WHATS CALLED THE FREE WORLD . YARDBARKER.COM explains that the panel was picking who was going to win the game and the pick of THE SAINTS never go to DAN HAMPTON. SO he says this", IF YOU WATCHED THE VIKES PLAYOFF GAME DOWN THERE LAST YEAR THE VIKES NEED TO HIT THAT TOWN LIKE KATRINA. I THINK THE VIKINGS GO DOWN THERE AND GET IT DONE". LOL.......WTF!....................................WHAT?......COMO SE DICE IN INGLES INCOMPETENT..........................................................DID HE THINK KATRINA WAS SOME PLAYED OUT FU**** JOKE..............WHY DOES GUYS LIKE HIM GET TO THAT SPOT ANYWAY ...OH ENTITLEMENT............ NOW WE ARE ON A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL OF WAX.................................WAS HE ENTITLED TO SAY WTF HE WANTS TO BECAUSE HE IS DAN HAMPTON AND LOOKS THE PART........................................


REMEMBER WHEN DAN PATRICK ON "THE DAN PATRICK SHOW" powered by ENTITLEMENT (WITH THE NASTY BOY ROB DIBBLE) HAD BEARS KR/WR DEVIN HESTER ON AND HESTER DID THE INTERVIEW AND RIGHT AFTER HE GOT OFF THE AIR DAN PATRICK SAYS SOMETHING TO THIS EFFECT," see dibs another ONE wow he cannot talk at all. did you understand any of what he was saying" ................The BLUEDUDE was a huge DAN PATRICK Fan until that S***........excuse me...... JUST BACK TO ENTITLEMENT...............I don't care how many friends he has of color OR WHATEVER HE MEANT BY THAT STATEMENT...............THAT'S THE BULL**** IN THE GAME ......REALLY .....


Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010 NFL'S BEST OFFENSIVE LINEMAN never notice them but defenses are locked in on them.

Watching an NFL game on TV or even live you never notice what's going on in the interior. Let the BLUEDUDE explain to you that all the dirty work goes on in the trenches believe me. Teams that have 1,000 yd rushers and receivers routinely it's a benefit from the boys up front. Remember the HOGS in Washington JOE JACOBY, RUSS GRIMM, MARK MAY, JEFF BOSTIC, and the gang. or Newly inducted HOF RB EMMITT SMITH cowboys line of ERIC WILLIAMS, MARK STEPNOWSKI, NATE NEWTON, THE LATE MARK TUNIEI, and that group. A good reason Mr. Smith is ALL-TIME leading NFL rusher. Coaches, GM's, Scouts, and Player Personnel people know to keep Franchise QB's upright, a sound running/passing game, teams have to take care of that positon. It's funny the three top positions every year in draft's with high value are what?.................. QB, Offensive Tackle, and Defensive Ends. So without further talking about the NASTIES that get no Monday morning headlines or even on SPORTSCENTER here is the BLUEDUDE's Top 10 Offensive Lineman:

1. JOE THOMAS MISTAKE ON THE ..............OK BROWNS: This guy is no mistake by any stretch. The picks he has been protecting were though. Those mistakes will be no more with Mike "MAN HE HAS A LOT OF THE LATE BILL WALSH IN HIM" Holmgren. I remember on draft day this guy is so no frills he told the NFL he wasn't coming to the draft because he had a fishing trip planned. Now all the BROWNIES have to do is start planning to put something together on offense.

2. STEVE HUTCHISON VIKES: HE AND NOW AZ Cardinal ALAN FANECA are the two most dominant Guards in the past 10 years. Permanent fixtures on pro bowl teams every season. It's funny every team "BIG HUTCH" has played on they have been dominant in the run game. Seattle Seahawks were dominant in the running game with HUtch and Walter Jones. Then Hutch left and Shawn Alexander became non-existent and then coach/gm Mike Holmgren tried everything to get him to stay realizing if he leaves I am leaving and did.

3. NICK MANGOLD J-E-T-S JETS JETS ..............OK: Move over Kevin Mawae, there is a new sheriff in town and he is from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. The keys to that car in NEW YORK start with Mangold and the line. He is the prototype center in that most centers are either fast and not strong or strong and not fast and he has a balanced mixture of both. There is a reason why the JETS lead the league in rushing the last few years or at the top. Ask Thomas Jones (who played with the cardinal in St Louis and QB was Neil Lomax and wr Roy Green LOL) had back to back 1,000 yd campaigns in NY.

4. LOGAN "I NEED A DEAL IN PLACE BEFORE THE LOCKOUT IN 2011" MANKINS THE HUB: then GM Scott Pioli knew what he was doing 5 years ago when he drafted this stud. Easy Pioli said to self," I NEED TO KEEP TOM BRADY UPRIGHT SO HE CAN KILL THE LEAGUE INTO HIS LATE 30'S". The pats know have a bigger problem with the lockout looming do you pay him cuz they ain't trading him. But the whole situation in Beantown is not looking good for both sides. If they trade him PATS looking for probably a couple of #1's or a 1 and a 2.

5. RYAN "I HAVE THE LOVE OF THE GAME CLAUSE IN MY CONTRACT" CLADY MILE HIGH: OK I KNOW he hurt his knee playing basketball but all that tells me is that big fella is HELLA ATHLETIC. H e will be back and boy do,the broncos need this stud on their line. Broncos and Coach Daniels looks like a mash unit this pre-season. But BIG CLADY will be back and QB Orton or whoever is back there can order room service and eat because he or they will have time with CLADY holding it down.

6. KRIS DIELMAN BORDER PATROL(BOLTS): That's exactly what this guy is. And when the chargers were on the board at this past year's NFL Draft I knew they were going to get a running back now that the 2nd LT was on the move. Fresno States'RB Ryan Mathews will easily be in the top 5 in yards, rookie of the year on offense all because of the BOLTS line and Dielman,. remember this guy was undrafted WHAT? So College seniors that didn;t get drafted here is a guy showing you that if u keep plugging away anything can happen. Don't let No or being cut or on practice squads kill your dream.............HUSTLE OR STARVE is the BLUEDUDE's approach.

7. JAKE "MAIZE & BLUE" LONG AQUA MEN: With "DOUBLE R" in the backfield no not THE BELL BIV DEVOE RONNIE AND RICKY, THE plains and hookem' horns RONNIE AND RICKY. Mr. Long has become a dominant run blocker for the FINS. And now he also is blocking for fellow ANN ARBOR teammate and QB Chad Henne also the sky is the limit. Now all the Dolphins have to do is plug one or two more guys in and they will look like the JETS Dominant Offensive line.

8. LEONARD "HOT PLATE" DAVIS 'BOYS: This former Arizona Cardinal is finally living up to his billing after being so highly-touted coming out of UT Austin. A massive HUMAN Being really ( I bet you he wears an 8 3/4 fitted cap) Offensive Coordinator Jason whatever his name is needs to start using this offensive line more by running more. Davis is an excellent run blocker and so is Marc " THIS IS MY LAST YEAR" COLUMBO on the other side of the line is as well. QB Tony Romo is happy "HOT PLATE" IS ON HIS SIDE.

9. D'BRICKASHAW FERGUSON GOTHAM CITY GREEN: Another reason why the JETS are the top offensive line. This guy has been nothing but what they drafted in the top 10 a few years ago from CHARLOTTSVILLE VA.. A dominant Tackle in either running or passing, he and mangold, faneca, and woodey were the best put together offensive line since the cowboys dominant line in the 90's.

10. JEFF SATURDAY INDY: The anchor of the Peyton Manning ERA in Naptown. Same class of Kevin Mawae for all these years without the press clippings. A versatile center who obviously has pass blocking down as his strength. But also blocked for Edgerrin "EDGE" James for the years he was very productive wearing the Blue Horseshoe.

There you have it from the BLUEDUDE's perspective the guys that do all the work. Like A successful TV show for years, one never knows or cares about the director, camera man, and so on and really doesn't care. But the performance side knows who makes it run smooth and in this case the skilled guys on offense knows who makes that engine go................RIGHT